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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  August 9, 2014 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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>> it's like watching crab grass grow. >> that's it for forbes on fox. thanks for watching. keep it here. the number one business block continues now with eric bolling and cashin' in. a smack down over ebola. pitting compassion against safety concerns and who wins could decide how costly this deadly outbreak is for you at home. plus listen up, your tidal wave may be crashing. forcing food stamp beneficiaries to work for their benefits is crashing across america. >> and now restaurant customers are seeing it firsthand. cashin' in firing up your weekend starts right now.
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>> hey, everyone. welcome to cashin' in. the latest on the u.s. ebola scare in a moment. but first, no job, no handouts. new mexico becoming the latest state planning to reverse president obama's halt on health care recipients. they wanted folks to work to get food stamps. >> this was the law. there was a break in the law because of the downturn in 2007. i don't see any reason why not. why shouldn't everybody work a little bit? and part of the law is you can do charitable work. so yeah everybody should work. >> so michelle here's the way it went down. president clinton in '96 passed the personal responsibility and work opportunity reconciliation act to at least work a little
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bit or try to look for work and other things like stricter eligibility requirements or certain things for illegals or immigrants i'm sorry. president obama in 2012 said that's too restrictive. let's lift the restrictions. your thoughts. >> i think every single state should be following the example of new mexico. if you look at new mexico, there are 26,000 able bodied adults on food stamps and do not have dependents. there's no reason why they should be receiving food stamps unless they're actively looking for work have a job or are working in their community. if you want food stamp or taxpayer dollars get off the couch and do something. i don't think that's asking for too much. >> here's what happened. in the wake of president clinton's initiative, welfare and poverty rates declined. it seems like it was a good program. why did president obama decide it was too much. >> well, wayne told you. clearly we went through a terrible recession if you recall
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'07 and '08 that drove people into a terrible situation in terms of their economic viability but remember a lot of the people that get food stamps already have a job, eric. the real outrage here is people that are working hard working american versus to reply on food stamps because they don't make enough to make a go of it. that's the outrage. >> so wait a minute. so juan, so add work requirements, reform the system, welfare and poverty rates gohen decides to lift it and guess what happened after president obama lifted it in 2000 poverty rates started to go back up and welfare spending skyrocketed. >> that's the reason. it wasn't the recession. we missed it. thanks for letting us know. >> i'm glad because the recession started in '07. obama lifted in 2012. >> programs like this, work for food stamps, work for welfare, i disagree with michelle and wayne. i think they're terrible. they legitimize these
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entitlement programs and the welfare is fundamentally flawed and broken. it's not like it can be tweaked with a better excel spreadsheet. let's just try work and you have no right -- if you can't make enough money to eat you have no right to other people's money. >> so before i jump in and the other guys jump in very quickly is there anyone that should get welfare? anybody? >> not by government force. then you are your brother's keeper. we need to provide for medical care and education and everything else? no. >> there ought to be safety nets. there's people that sometimes go through hard times and there should be safety nets for them however it has become out of control. if you look at all the people the households that are on food stamps over half of them have been on food stamps for five
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years or longer so i do agree with you in the sense that this is becoming a way of life and it's unfair but i think we should help people when they're having a hard time but temporarily. >> but that whole notion that we have to help people justifies medicare, medicaid, and that's what justified welfare in the first place. >> allow me to turn the debate a little bit here. juan, here's what happened. president obama, president clinton initiated the right way. he made it a bill and it became a law they did it the right way. in 2012 president obama lifted the law. in other words he signed executive order. he signed to lift the law again. does that not bother you a little bit? >> we had skyrocketing unemployment that we all regretted and knew as a nation we had to do something to save people. to jonathan's point, jonathan, i hope you think that children should not be allowed to starve in our streets. i hope you think that children that get medicare and medicaid
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and our veterans deserve some kind of entitlements. >> i don't agree about anyone besides our veterans juan and your point about people losing jobs. then while we get rid of the welfare state let's get rid of the minimum wage that prevents these people. you roll your eyes but you want to give people hope not entitlements. >> yeah but you want to make sure that you don't have people starving on the streets. >> then you should help them juan. then you should help them. >> should we be providing as michelle points out a safety net for some people and maybe not as extensive as jonathan would like. >> yes, otherwise you have people that are going to riot. if you have almost 47% of the population that is not working in some way or is getting some sort of -- 47% of the people in the united states don't pay taxes. so ultimately -- >> the most prosperous point of this country's history came before any of these safety nets were invented.
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they came before any of these entitlements were invented. people didn't always need them as the panel seems to think they did. >> it's not a question of need my friend. it's a question of having some kind of a sense of balance of what goes on in a democratic society. they are going to be -- >> so you're going to get government to balance that. >> why don't you interrupt me every time, you know. you're so good at that. private sector is going to be charitable. they do a lot of things. we do a lot of things in this country like that. there's sometimes that doesn't reach that far. it shouldn't be called an entitlement. you use that word. >> i can't believe we're all agreeing with juan right now. >> you ran out of time right now. >> it's starting to get heated up. we have to leave it right there. let me show you something extraordinary. cashin' in's social media football exploded. look how they chose us versus meet the press this week and
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do your homework. this was an idiotic comment. that was a stupid comment. >> she's lashing out of donald trump for saying the u.s. cannot allow ebola infected people back into the u.s. well maybe they should do their homework because the centers for disease control just issued the
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highest level alert saying ebola spread to the u.s. is inevitable. i'm going to agree with the donald. how about you. >> i agree with him. what i don't understand is if i'm trying to get on a flight with a normal sized shampoo bottle the government steps in and says you cannot get on the flight but if i have ebola welcome to america. why are we playing russian roulette with a deadly disease that has a 90% mortality rate that does not have a cure and the government and the administration says don't worry trust the cdc. well the u.s. investigation a few months ago found that the cdc had serious security lapses in atlanta. a federal laboratory had anthrax in unrestricted hallways and up to 84 people were unknowingly exposed to anthrax. so sorry if i don't have very much faith in the cdc. >> john what about this, the world health organization calls it an international health risk and they said there's going to be extraordinary event.
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do the ladies of the view know more about ebola than the world health organization and the cdc. >> there is going to be a terrible event but it's going to happen primarily in the area of west africa where they don't have the modern life savings medicines that we have here in the u.s. i do agree it's government's job to protect us from life threatening contagious diseases but they're not going into starbucks. they're being quarinteened. >> how do you know? >> we don't. the border is not secure jonathan. we don't know who is coming over. >> there's up to a 21 someday incubation period for this disease. someone could get on a flight and end up in the united states infected millions of people. remember aids it's almost the
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same type of transmission as aids. >> why is this not the next aids. >> i don't know that it's not but we have the ability to handle it and the ability to contain it. that's what they lack in africa so what we have here is a situation where the donald is spreading fear and panic and a lot of paranoia. >> why couldn't we bring the resources to africa to treat these people? why bring them on u.s. soil? >> because there's no discernable risk. >> because there's no discernable risk. they're our people. they are americans doing a christian mission and helping those -- >> i understand that and that's wonderful. >> wayne let me ask you, let me take a hybrid of michelle's opinion and donald's opinion. don't bring them back to the u.s. mainland soil. let the cdc go treat them, cuba,
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guantanamo, there's a number of places they could be treated. >> put them in an area. the thing that is not being talked about here which is obvious is we have all of these people streaming across the border down in texas. nobody screens them. nobody checks them. the president says let them come on in. how do we know those people aren't infected. how do we know somebody isn't going to be infected on the border and come in. it's crazy. >> john let me get back to you but please address the cdc saying it's inevitable they'll end up in the u.s. that could be counter to what you just said. >> they also said it was not likely to spread in the u.s. here and if you're likening it to hiv and aids it's pretty o outrageous. if you don't want to do something, talk about getting rid of the development of treatments for ebola and these other terrible diseases so
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expensive and so difficult to produce. >> literally that's another segment we want to do. we don't have time to do them both. but juan you want to jump in here because the cdc and who sound the alarm loud and clear but for some reason there's people that say listen nothing to see here. it's going to be all okay. are we sure of that? >> you're never sure of anything but i think jonathan's point is on target. we don't say are we going to sequester anybody in the country with a disease. we treat it and find a way to handle it and contain it. that's what the folks in atlanta have done. >> one question guys. we lost 635,000 americans to aids. there's been tens of millions of people that died globally to aids because we didn't know. i'm simply saying i agree and say we don't really know what ebola is all about. >> we do know what it's all
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about. it's been around for years. >> don't say you know all about it. you don't know all about it. there's all of these things you don't know anything about and in the caribbean right now it's running wild and you don't even know that. >> we'll leave it right there. that was a good one. coming up get ready to freak out when you eat out as food workers protest for higher wages food customers are eating the tab. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know words really can hurt you? what...? jesse don't go!! i'm sorry daisy, but i'm a loner. and a loner gotta be alone. heee yawww! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. jesse?
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coming up the rage over minimum wage. some customers getting hit with a surcharge to pay for it. plus are u.s. air strikes enough
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hello, everybody. i'm uma pemmaraju in washington. the u.s. continues more humanitarian aid drops and striking isis militant targets in iraq. just a short time ago the president said this will take time. >> i've been very clear that we're not going to have u.s. combat troops in iraq again. >> in just a few minutes, we will talk about how this crisis is affecting the kurds and refugees stranded by isis fighters with the acting representative of the kurdish regional government in the u.s. and governor mike huckabee will talk to us more about the religious persecution of religious minorities there. a senior hamas official said to be among tha series of air s today. israel says militants have fired 70 rockets since the three-day cease-fire collapsed. more on these and rest of your headlines coming your way at the top of the hour right here on "america's news headquarters." join us.
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surprise, surprise, you better take a good look at your next food bill. a restaurant in minneapolis, minnesota, already adding a minimum wage fee to customers' bills and now there's fear it will spread across the country because this is what fast food protesters are demanding. higher pay. john, you called it, myself. >> likewise, we've been talking about this on this show for months now. this is a small business with two dozen employees. the owner is estimating the increase could cost him $10,000. that's after tax. that's more like having to make $15,000 in pretax and preregulation dollars. as we always talk about there's no such thing as a free lunch when it comes to economics. when you use the government gun to force employers to pay more, the customer always pays in the end. >> talk to me a little about that. at least the restaurant is being honest. they're saying, look, this is going to cost us a lot more, i've got to pass it on to you. that's not a bad business decision, is it? >> i think there ought to be a democrats' fee on receipts because it's their policies that
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are leading to the increase in prices for goods and services. good for this business owner for doing that because it shows americans that it is the government that is making things more expensive, not the greedy, evil businessmen. >> juan, are you going to charge us a democrats' fee to appear on the show today? >> why not? i like that. how about a republican fee for all these companies that want to flee the united states. >> oh, come on, juan. >> to avoid our taxes and they put a big burden on every family in terms of income inequality. >> stay on topic. >> no, i'm on talking. this is what's happening to working people. >> because of democrats. they're taxing our thriving businesses away. >> michelle, just a second. you want to demonize working people. 35 cents? >> i'm not demonizing working people. i'm demonizing people like you that make things more expensive. >> hold on. it doesn't matter if it's 35 cents or $35. the bottom line is the minimum
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wage hike is going to cost businesses. what else they going to do? >> it's a free market, you can tell them all your costs. you can say the meat costs x and put it on the bill and here's my profit and here's what it is. if you want to buy it, fine. if you don't want to, you don't have to. the thing i worry about is they always invoke working people. because you don't work, because i wear a tie i don't work. everybody is working. what is this working people thing? working people -- everybody is working, juan, i don't get it. you're working. >> yeah, but you know you're right, wayne. but what i'm talking about is people who are low income workers. you're not one. you're a high income earner and you've earned it and we're all proud of you. but i'm saying there are people in this country who are low income earners and i don't think they should be punished -- >> and all minimum wage does, juan, all it does, it makes it harder to hire them. it makes them harder to get the skills to move up the ladder. >> that is wrong.
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you're talking about teenagers, not adults. in fact it helps our economy if these people have money to spend. >> are you more interested in having -- charging one people one thing and somebody else a different one? in other words, this guy can afford it so charge him double. this guy can't. >> no, no, no. >> we've got to go. >> we're going to say thanks to our crew for joining us this week. if you want to see wayne and johnson's stock picks, go to coming up, wake up, america. radical islam is waging war on christianity in america. their new plan for the white house will make your skin crawl.
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and has driven a million christians out of iraq where muslim brotherhood killed christians an burning down their churches just because they're christians. in israel, islamic jihad teamed up with hamas and is firing rockets at innocent israelis. iran, pakistan, syria, radical islam is a jihad against christianity and anyone who doesn't worship the way they do. there's a common denominator, they're islamic, they're radical, they're extremists and purely intall rantinoleranintol. check out this video who says they will not stop until they raise the flag of mohammed in the white house. really? our white house? i've been pushing back on getting involved in conflicts that aren't ours. this persecution of christians and the new cry of we will not stop until we raise the flag of mohammed at the white house changes everything. you want a holy war? we'll give you one. it just may be time to unleash
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hell on radical islam. don't worry, radical jihadists, your 72 virgins await. i don't think we're going to solve this problem in weeks, if that's what you mean. i think this is going to take some time. >> hello, everybody. president obama says the fight against isis won't end any time soon. u.s. military forces continue with air strikes against the terror group and humanitarian aid is being delivered by -- to thousands of refugees. now that the cease-fire between hamas and israel is over, rocket attacks are resuming with hamas firing a barrage of missiles and israel killing a senior hamas member. what will it take to get both sides to negotiate. and in the aloha state, hawaiians dodge a 1-2 storm punch as a tropical storm dumped heavy rain but little damage with hawaiians now


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