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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 15, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> right now three developing stories we are following on "happening now". prime minister al- maliki stepping douvenlt the national guard is now patrolling parts of our southern border and polls show what the americans think of the border crisis. and a new analysis show something bigger than the president's sagging popularity could have the biggest impact in november. new details on a fatal shooting that tore a missouri
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town apart. i am heather childers in for jenna lee. and i am ed henry in for jon scott. the riots were in the st. louis suburb of ferguson. the officer was dispatched after a strong arm robbery in a convenience store saturday. the officer got in a struggle with the teen and that fight spilled in to the street. there was all of the latest developments. and police released surveillance video and what is it telling us about the case? >> reporter: it changes the tone of the investigation and narrative away from the michael brown, innocent teen gunned down by police. you see him named as a suspect in a strong- arm robbery captured on surveillance video. and the narrative that goods along with the robbery, that
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michael brown a considerably large man 292 pounds taking a stack of che cigars and heading for the door and the clerk who is the older told him to pay for those and he roughed up the clerk a bit. he shoves him out of the way. and there was an accomplice, someone named johnson. and then a call went out to be on the look out for this individual. officer darren wilson left a sick call to look for this individual and he stopped the individual who we know to be michael brown and that's when the scuffle occurred. that's what he heard in the narratives and that led to the back of the cruiser and brown went to the the officer's gun and following that was shots and the shooting incident stretched over 35 yards and changing the
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narrative and black activist call it a smear campaign against michael brown. >> you saw a change of command and who is in charge here and the new's conference seemed to see a new official taking command and had a different tone, what are you seeing on the ground? >> reporter: he clearly took command last night. captain ron johnson and receiving a lot of accolades for changing the dynamics and he walked in the crowd and hugged people and from here. he's acted like a poll cision and changed it away from cop versus crowd and black versus white. >> i agree it is not a black and white issue. we all have sons and daughters. and we do need to communicate better. you saw what communication did yesterday. we need to communicate better and we are going to do that.
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>> reporter: for the first time since august '99, all of the tension here in ferguson and they made it throughout the night without violence and arrest, ed. >> mike to bin on the ground. thank you. images from ferguson, critics say we need to demilitarize our police omp!÷n%t. anotheriúñr story, politica change coming to myyz(pt myñr maliki stepping down and giving in toe1 growing pressure fromok inside of his country andñr arod the world. and infá the meantime theokxdxd nations set to weaken isisñit(w terrorist and threatenedçó sanctions against those who givy
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hi, greg? i] >> reporter: the siege of mount singj!áe might beñr overc but t flood of > hundreds ofçó thousands of refugeesñi flowing the isis militants, these desperate people are looking for anywhere to stay incly$ng a half finished office building. a roof. >> those sheltered there werelp christian jn3refugees. fá they haveçó set up 25 refugee centers. up. the u.n. and u.s. air lifting
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supplies in europe and pledging new shipments of food. meanwhile there is hope here after theok hated a l- maliki decided to give up power. qi] the prime minister al- badi integrity. heather we heard that thereñi wp misgivings about whether president obama and thefá unite states areym completely commit to dealing with the problems hereñi as ó[well. one person described the president as hesitant. andñi another said we should remember the legacy of theçóu american soldiers lost trying to place. national guard troops taking their place int( the border. rio grande valley to stopok the stream of illegal
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immigrants. handle the issue. but vastxd majority of american believe they should be given a legalñi pathway to citizenshi bob, to see you. august recess and the healthñi care issue debated out andq we saw thei]xd emotional town hall meetings and peopleñi upset abo the health care law. and what are you seeing? you coveredxd the hill closely  anyone. in terms of immigration, are>ok republicansfá feeling pressure the hill about our polling showing and other people want to it 3'á a path tojf citizenship. >> i don't think there is that much pressure. but it is interesting that people rather congress do something on immigration reform instead of nothing including the tea party. over all, house republicans are saying wew3 passed a border bil andi] preside' obama didn't lik that bill and he vowed to veto q
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it. and the senate couldn't act on one thing to w that a lot of kidsi] are enrollg in public schools()q next couple of weeks and i think tha that is going toi] pute1 the is back on the front page, andw3 that's when you!u can see majo major controversy and whether thatt( benefits the republicansr seen. >> people signing up for school and particularly kid cansu com] from central america and whether they will get benefits right now even if they areñi not citizens and look at the president's handling of the kidsnbkxcoming across from central i]america, right now. approving of theu president's handling 31 percent. and disapproving ñi57%. and 13 percent unsure. that numberq 57 percent unsure f how the presidentñie1t( handled recent crisis. çójf what does that tell us or not tell us about the potential
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executive actions in the days )!9¢ásrght have thought. t(q hr are the american people going td say you haven'tçó handled it we? >> the border crisis doesn't .! we don't know what he will do. r therei] is some type of administration action. republicans feel confident with those numbers. i think it will makeçó it xdtri one way or other, he will z(do. jt isçó t(coming. >> one of the options kicked ñi around, the president coming up withfá executive action to prove ó m illegal immigrants. before the qmidterm, butçó if t president givesi] 5 million imgrans workçó permits before t
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mid- terms does that inflamefá e republican voters whoñi should ( motivated and don't appear to be motivated. is that executive action that could fire upñi republican vote heading i.b7o the midterms? >> i think factions of the republican party will get fired çó agree withfáe1 aspects of what obama xddoes. immigration. not the senate's but another the devil is in the details,u@uq thea#=11m showt( republicans a fired up and this president'sq approval rating in the 40sxd th isñr a bigu edge for the gop. >> bob cusack,q thank you so much. editor in chief of the zvhill. ñrñiu in the meantime,ñi gr speculation about the 2016ñr
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presidential race. jeb bushçó made a campaign appearance with rick scott who sunshine state. that is raising questions of whether it is a okprelude $gx a ñiñipresidentialñiqçóñr runt( 9(y,y
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it willok be on the campaign trail. >> i will not decide that until later this year and certainly after the election. i will be on thejfq campaign tr supporting principle conservatives that i believe that havev'e a qgreat job for reelection and those seeking reelection. >> that will give him attention. governor chrisfá christie. e1 and so the former vice-president are close at nine percent. legal status. a lot of conservativesçó disagr on that.
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it will not keep him out of the race. ? the early primary states. ym he will find himself at odds with him. no indication today he will yrñ so, iraq's prime minister out and the fate of thousands of innocentçójf civilians are far certain. will u.só air strikes be enoug to keep them t(save. >> tony stewart announcing his7 weekend e1plans. will he or won't he raceñi afte he hit thet( car. t( our live chat is up andj. runni and goq to foxfá click on america's asking to join in on the conversation. rrn a natural source of protein d calcium. choose our family's wholesome natural cheese snacks. sargento taste the real difference.
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... ... ... ... test. test. test. test. test. rrn new information. suspected boca haran fighters kidnapped dozens of boys and men
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and burning down homes. the attack comes four months after the terror group abducted more than 200 school girls. in the latest case, nearly 100 people are unaccounted for. >> the resignation of iraq's prime minister plunging the country in uncertainty. some countries will arm kurdish fighters to fight against the isis. we'll go to thomas. thank you for joining us. >> you're welcome. >> so maliki stepped aside. what does that mean for the u.s.? >> it is a positive step from our perspective and the neighbors of iraq. this is something that was necessary to move forward, one of the things we need to do is
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remove some of the sunni tribes and partners with isis right now. and you can only do that in part by bringing in greater inclusion in the local iraqi politics. this is a big step in that direction. >> how do we do that and how do we deal with isis. they are a terrorist army, colonel oliver norlth, described them that way. 10 to 15,000 strong and how do we get it under control. >> to answer your first question is to bring sonies and turks and kurks in the political fold and give them aid. and bring the folks who left the country back and demonstrate it is a partnership there in iraq. i don't know we can get there to be honest. but the effort in that direction counts a lot. to the second direction of isis.
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this is a group that is set themselves in a good position. control of key seccors of local economies and the national economy such that they can sustain their operations for a long time. we need greater intelligence on our ground and eyes and ears to give us a better sense of where they are. once they move from the easy targets over the last week, they will go back in the the city where air strikes are virtually impossible. we need to understand where they are and hit them. >> and fund to the tune of $1 million a day. you mentioned where isis forces are. are they here? >> here as in the united states? >> are they a threat here? >> well, isis has a network that al-qaeda never had. fighters over 80 countries around the world have gone to
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syria and iraq to fight on the behalf of isis and other elements. and so they have a network that is expanded all over the world. could they have individuals here? we know there is a hundred u.s. passport holders that fought. can they be operationalized andf the u.s. it is clearly possible but that takes planning and resources in a safe haven, but that can be as small as someone's bedroom, garage or farm. to answer your question. i think there could be individuals who want to fight on behalf of isis and may strike targets, but it is difficult to do. >> thomas sanderson, thank you for joining us. >> you're welcome. >> an extended seize four in the battle between israel and hamas. how does this all end?
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plus, a new candidate for the u.s. senate. not exactly your typical politician. we'll explain, next. when you run a business, you can't settle for slow.
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the fastest speed dial. the fastest office plant. so why wouldn't i choose the fastest wifi? i would. switch to comcast business internet and get the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. >> welcome back, montana democrats choosing amanda curtis she has a nose piercing and maybe not the mold of what you think of as montana recent politicians including former governor and former senator max ba a cus. amanda curtis replacing walsh on the ticket. he was appointed to fill the seat and bowed out of running for reelection after admitting
10:25 am
he plagerized his masterthesis. >> republicans are hoping to pick up enough seats to take back the senate. if that happens, it may be due to more than president obama's sagging poll numbers. demo graphics could change it in november. good to see you, larry. >> nice to see you, too. >> we'll talk about specific races, what kind of a shift are you seeing that could be pivotal. >> and the map for the senate races, ed, matches up for the republicans nicely with the demographic shifts in states that favor them. we talk about virginia and colorado and other states moving toward the democrats, there is a countermove toward
10:26 am
republicans. west virginia, open senate seat. arkansas hotly contested and louisiana, same thing and kentucky and montana and south dakota. they are all states that are actually becoming more republican over the last 20 years and match up with the senate map this year and that is a big plus for republicans. >> montana is shifting hard against the democrats after the scandal with senator walsh. go beyond those three that are shifting to the republicans, are there enough other seats that are trending republican to give them the six seats they need to foot this? >> oh, sure, you have four seats guaranteed for the republicans and montana is one of them. i don't know about the nose ring. but the democrats are blown in montana and the republicans should win handedly.
10:27 am
you have highly competitive races, arkansas and north carolina and alaska, iowa and colorado. there is more than enough to give the republicans six or more seats. we have them plus four. and they have to find two more and they are in competition in five states, and so the odds favor them. >> and what about the states where there is kentucky, mitch mcconnell is defending his seat and has a tough battle right now. are republicans going to hold the seats they need to hold because if they get the pick ups and lose their seats, they will not take control? >> that's right. they have two seats in jeopardy. kentucky and georgia and look, in both of these cases they are helped by the fact that these are deeply red states. kentucky has moved.
10:28 am
it is an off year election and he will make his opponent to a lison obama grinds in november. it is not a affirmative vote for mcconnell as negative for grimes. >> maybe even noseun rings in november. >> absolutely. politics is endlessly fascinating. >> good to see you. >> still to come, new fallout from the race car driver kevin ward junior. nas-car is implementing a new rule hoping to prevent another tragedy like that one. and car enthusiast turning their attention to california where rare ferraris are up for auction and adam shapiro is well live. you know i am jealous! >> reporter: you should be and if you have 25 million, you would
10:29 am
look good in that thing. when we come back, we'll tell you about the record that was set and the other record that has been broken and get you behind the wheel of that ferrari. ugh. heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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>> right now tension is high with talks ongoing to bring an end to the israeli armed conflict. they are standing guard near the border with gaza as a second day
10:33 am
of extended ceasefire is still holding despite rockets firing from yesterday. hi, john. >> heather, we haven't heard the warning sirens of incoming rockets or mortar attack along the border south of us. this as the ceasefire talks are expected to continue in cairo. and today, take a look. the united nations delivered food and supplies in gaza for the people who are living in the u.n. run schools that are serving as shelters there. and as for the talks. israel's negotiating team is expected to return to cairo tomorrow night. and among the talking points. blockade and easing of restrictions and building of an airport and sea port in gaza. we are hearing that there is
10:34 am
progress toward a long- term agreement that will be discussed in more detail if a ceasefire holds for a month. >> you have done a wonderful job for us. i have watched everything you are doing. >> and the three- time nas-car tony stewart is grieving and up to him to decide when to get behind the while. he is sitting out his second cup race. nas-car added a now rule telling drivers not to approach the track after an accident happens. >> some reporters ended up part of the story in covering the unrest in ferguson, missouri. they released a report from the washington post and they were taken in custody after police
10:35 am
told patrons to leave. >> joining us is host of media buzz. and thank you for joining us. i know you will have a lot to say about it. >> those arrests were ridiculous on trumped up charges like failing to vacate mcdonald. both reporters were slammed by the door and roughed up and tear gassing of an al jazeera news crew. and the equipment was seized. all of this looking like a war on the press and tarnishing the law enforcement image. it reminded us of birmingham in 1963 and teargases and riot gear as people protested the death of michael brown. >> you are part of the switching gears and sunday show change. we have chuck todd who is
10:36 am
replacing david gregory. you heard anything about that behind the scenes? >> nbc has been letting david gregory and refusing to confirm he was out. gregory had a shot six years and struggling in the ratings and it is a bus and he failed. and chuck to theed to is a political junkie. and he's somebody who has a passion for politics and whether he can revive the battered franchise is remaining to be seen. i think if nbc wanted to get rit of david gregory. just let him go and not subject him for the chinese water torteur. >> we look forward to hearing from you on media buzz on sunday, 11:00 eastern. we'll all tune in. >> fast cars and demanding top there. rare ferrari up for auction and
10:37 am
expected to sale for half billion dollars in california. that would be a new world record. and boy, it is nice, adam? >> reporter: it is not a bad assignment at all. half billion in sales, we are talking about all of the cars. but the officialauk house, that ferrari, you could have it for 13 or $15 million. but if you are on a budget. this italian mazraddy millions. and how about this one. 4 million and last night, they blew the record out of the water. a ferrari for sale and commanded a final sale price 31.8 million. you look at this. this car is just one of 36 that
10:38 am
ferrari produced. it is a 250 gto and what they call, the car of cars for the collecto collectors. it is off of the block. will the other cars beat that roar. that is a record price solid at auction. a record price for a ferrari and the question is will any of these boat that. you can look and see what you have here. elot meet to greet and spend a lot of money and if you have a few million i couldthing for >> i am learning about heather, she loves muscle cars and she said they are on a budget. >> muscle cars she likes. >> you know that, come on. >> one and half million in a super berg. >> and 800 or 900,000. >> all right. thank you, adam. >> i have a tucker in the end of
10:39 am
the hall for half a million. good to see you, adam. >> back to our breaking news story. the situation in ferguson, missouri, the debate of the militarization of our police forces. some police officers look like they belong in a war zone. we'll talk about that and plus, you know how many tsa screeners have been fired for stealing? the agencies cracking down on sticky fingers.
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>> hi, everyone. i am gretchen carlson. police in ferguson, missouri release a video of michael brown showing him involved in a robbery in a convenience store. does that revelation change anything in the investigation of his death? and robin williams' daughter quit social media after a slew of remarks. should it be free speech or curtailed and do you take all of
10:43 am
your vacation days? who is it going to be, find out at the top of the hour. >> and thank you, gretchen, the transportation security administration cracking down on stolen goods and it appears to be works. 500 screeners were fired for stealing and prompting officials to make changes. after two years, tsa is using high-tech cameras and bait bags to stop thieves. 56 were fired for stealing january to june. and only 22 fired this year. and during that time frame, the tsa heard 13 percent less luggage related details. >> new details in the killing of a black teen poi police. michael brown was a suspect in
10:44 am
a strong arm robbery. and revealing the name of the officer that fired him. many critics point the finger at our over militarized police department. we need to demilitarized the situation and this kind of response by the police has become a problem instead of the solution. i obviously respect law enforcement's work to provide public safety. but my constituents have a right to peaceful protest. and the police need to respect that right and protect that right. >> thank you for joining us today. i wonder as you look back at 9/11, justifiably so, federal and local and state officials pushed to make sure police departments had better equipment and we are learning that the pentagon is supplying them with this equipment. but has it gone too far? >> here's the thing. the program itself is sound and
10:45 am
it is based on logic and pragmatically viable with these spectacular problems. the difficulty here is policy and not program. it is tightly regulated and slows slowsly monitered. for instance the rodney king riot. that is a context where you respond in this level. context here burning businesses and not so peaceful lewding. it is not peaceful as you know, bunching businesses is a felony arson. and looting is robbery and burglary. they are serious crimes but over kill in this context. >> looting is a crime and needs to be stop and police need to be safe and keep the public peace. and the images on the screen of
10:46 am
the police with the teargas and with these large weapons that you don't normally see and large tanks in the cities, is there a danger for local and state police to go too far in this community and country? >> it goes from a deterrent factor which is excellent to instilling fore. and what you so here is an interesting response and clever response by captain johnson with the state police there. they were assigned by governor nixon to take over in the lead on this case and in the county. he decided to do to get more with honey than vinegar and it is interesting, it is working. he marched in solidarity and whether that is eye idea logical respect. the policy works and so again it is policy and not program. the program works.
10:47 am
and it works in a vacumn, here it is controlled and johnson is doing a great job. >> i asked you about the dangers for ah because. and how you make sure they are protected to do their job. it seems like there is always a danger of overreacting over 9/11 and maybe they got too much equipment and over militarized. is there a danger as in this case, we see images and coverage that it is over reaction and we pull it away and we'll be first to jump on them when there is a attempted terror attack outside of st. louis and new york city. and they need this equipment to do their jobs? it is a great point. the balancing act of what is too much and what is too little is difficult element of policing. they are right now reacting and they were proactive and
10:48 am
somewhere in the middle is a balance and it is it a constantly revolving response. de- escalating. and it is seeming to work but it is a case by case, case. >> thank you for your service previously. and thank you for bringing clarity to a difficult debate. >> switching gears, iran probably will not reach a nuclear agreement before the deadline this fall. they are long suspected of working on a secret nuclear weapon's program. the government denied it and talks were extended to november. iran's foreign minister said the two sides will need more time to finalize a deal. >> a violence erupts in
10:49 am
pakistan. both groups were headed to the capitol for rallies when stones and shoes were thrown. they are speaking out about the current prime minister who is facing allegations to resign amid allegations of rigging elections. >> what was inside? a new research suggest salt may not be so bad for you. and doctor is in with what you need to know. ...
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take a look at incredible dash cam video of a suspect desperate for prescription drugs. you can see him dragging this 100-pound safe behind his car. police say he broke into a pharmacy. he tied a nylon rope around the safe and tied it to his vehicle. he traveled several miles before an officer spotted him. he was arrested after a brief chase. for years we've been told take it easy on the salt. new research suggests it's really not so bad for you. in fact, a low salt diet, this study claims, could do more harm than good. how much is too much? who better to go to than the chair of urology. i can have all the salt i want? >> i want everyone to delete and forget about this study. what they have done is for years, you're right, we talked about that to cutdown on the
10:54 am
amount of salt. we want to be less than 3 grams. too much salt, you know already, high blood pressure, risk of heart failure, stroke and on and on. this is a study looking at about 100,000 people following them for three years and what they did is observational study meaning there's no proof that lower salt reduces the number of heart attacks. >> they were having diets with low amounts of salt. >> a very low number. 2,300 milligrams of salt. they followed them for three years. out of 17 different countries. the problem with this study is that they looked at this spot urine test. they brought a guy and checked urine and said, okay, next. that's not a good study. that doesn't indicate how much salt you have in your system. there are shortcomings with this. >> you say salt can be good for you. obviously in moderation. so where do you get -- we know cold cuts and things like that. a lot of sodium. way too much.
10:55 am
where do you get salt you need without going overboard? where do you find that balance? >> it's in all of our food. bread has the highest number of soda. pizza. cold cuts. processed foods. hot dogs. most of us get about 3.5 grams of sodium. only about 4% of the country lives around 2.5, 2.3 grams of sodium. i don't want you to add salt to your diet because you get a lot of it. 1.6 million people die as a result of high sodium, high blood pressure. >> what are two or three things that would give a moderate amount of salt than french fries and cold cuts. >> i would leave it alone. no salt on the table. you get plenty of it. the american heart association is not very happy about this study. there's a lot of shortcomings. don't add salt to your diet. sorry to disappoint you. moderation is key. we need some salt in order to function. our heart, our muscles, all
10:56 am
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liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. switch to liberty mutual insurance and you could save up to $423 dollars. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. taking legos to the new level. the ultimate playhouse unveiled today. fans of all ages can take part in lego related activities. there will be several rooftop gardens, a large public square and 250,000 people are expected annually. the center is due to enter in denmark in 2016. >> if you plan to drop by denmark -- >> legoland in california had
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new york city built in legos. great working with you. >> you too. have a great weekend. thank you for joining us. >> "the real story" with gretchen carlson starts right now. >> hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. today on "the real story," ferguson police department releasing this surveillance video of what is michael brown involved in a robbery just hours before he was shot by a police officer. does that change anything regard to the investigation of his death. many of us exposed to fraud and identity theft by the irs. today is friday. we have summer sidekick here on "the real story." so today my sidekick will be co-anchor of independence on fox business network. welcome.


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