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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 19, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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the police are out enforce tonight. not as many on the streets. we will bring in former homicide detective and fox contributor, rob wheeler. we're in the small hours of the evening here and i'd like to get your perspective from someone who has served what these officers are experiencesing. these are not by and large the bad actors are not local
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citizens at least the past couple of days. >> you're exactly right, robert. i can give you a better perspective. i was there in ferguson over the weekend up until sunday. those same people we are describing as bad actor, i talked to these people. a lot of them are from outside the area. it's important to understand some of them are from the city of ferguson. the thing is this, robert, i talked to these people, they are very bitter. people say why won't they stop? i can tell you why they won't stop, they told me. they are very bitter with law enforcement and government. the only way they feel they can have their voices heard is by revolting. that's why we see what's happening. i asked the question of several of these young guys with the bandanas on their face, i asked them when will this stop? they say this will not stop until this police officer is arrested and charged and until
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the funeral of michael brown is over. i fear, my biggest fear is this weekend in ferguson, they will have almost a repeat of what we saw this past weekend. you know what, because a lot of folks are coming in to town, a lot of people are coming in to town for a funeral. >> you also have some folks coming in riding the coattails. certainly the wheels of justice turning and expedite move right now. you had mark fuhrman on earlier saying to have the grand jury meeting so quickly after a homicide is almost unheard of in the u.s. in your experience, have you seen the wheels of justice turn this quickly for an internal department investigation convening the grand jury this quickly? is this a rush to judgment? obviously we want to find out all the facts and hear from both sides. >> you're right. mark is exactly right. it typically takes anywhere from two to six weeks for an investigation like this. here is the other problem we
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have here. we want to know why all this revolting. the police department, the city has to take part responsibility for what's going on. you do release information as you get it in an investigation like this when it's a police officer shooting. the city has not released it. i want to know what the police officer's version of the shooting is and what was the ballistics report. i don't have that information. until that information comes out you will continue to have what we see on your screen right now. >> typically they have released this in d.c. in the investigation or are they waiting to get all the facts in perhaps until the grand jury convenes? what would be the typicalal kaisen in d.c.? >> the same way anywhere pretty much. they operate on the same protocol. you need to release the autopsy results, not saying release the witness statements, at least the
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autopsy report good, bad or otherwise. if you don't do that what you will have is people speculating and filling in the blanks. let's face facts. the other day the family of michael brown released their version of the autopsy report. guess what. that did not help the situation at all because there was so many unanswered questions left as a result of what they said. i think you have to at least release the autopsy report and give the police officer's statement so people will know both sides of the story here. >> i guess we'll perhaps start to hear that pretty soon depending what happened. what do you make of -- obviously this is a very hot political situation right now, what do you make of the governor weighing in here and state senators weighing in and basically saying if there's not an indictment what we've seen so far will look like a picnic one of them quoted as saying. >> i do agree with them. the only reason i agree, i was out there and going back out
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there this weekend. i know in these people's minds, the vitriol, it's unbelievable. they are really really upset. we have to find a way to communicate with these folks to try to get them to calm down. al sharpton isn't the answer, jesse jackson isn't the answer. i don't know what the answer is. we have to try to communicate with these people. otherwise, these riots will continue. i think they will continue in a different manner and think they will change the strategy, that's the protester i'm talking about. >> for better or worse for the general public there to conduct their lives and run businesses and raise their families there. are you talking about more violence or some other form of protest. >> i think it will be more violence. i think they will change their strategy. a lot of what we're seeing is premeditated. not just spontaneous. you have groups in there, i know for a fact that came out of st. louis. i interviewed a lot of guys
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there from new york. they said they're not going back to new york until justice comes to this police officer for for mike brown for the police officer. i think they will change their tactics and the nights going forward will be this weekend and monday night after the funeral, that's when we will really see the climax of everything we've seen over the past weekend, rober robert. >> what if it does go trial here and a jury finds him not guilty, a jury of his peers and the story turns hit to police version we've heard thus far not very detailed is indeed the correct, is beideemed correct b the jury and find in his favor. what would you expect then? >> if people are going to protest, they're going to protest regardless. let's face facts. this police officer has rights, too. he does. that's being fair. i'm an african-american person. i want justice for everybody in
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this case. if it's found through the facts and circumstances this police officer did what was proper he has the right to be set free. there's no reason for people to protest because this officer is found not guilty or there's no continuing on, he's not indicted. if that's what the findings show that's what the findings show. let's face it, like mark said, mark has been out there like i've been out there, this officer was up against a 294 pound man. come on, this guy was huge, 6'4". what do we expect this officer to do in that situation he was confronted? bottom line here robert we need to wait for the facts, we don't need to jump to conclusions. these people that are protesting, a lot of them are doing it because it's an opportunity. police need to keep doing what they're doing to get this situation under control. i said this past weekend it was really really bad, i can't explain how bad it was out there. they have to continue to do what they're doing there in ferguson. >> some pretty harrowing first
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person accounts from folks who have been out there, media people who ended up on the wrong side of the police line with the tear gas and becoming disoriented. >> one quick thing we're talking to our guests about, what is the one thing you think the police can do or is there anything they can do before we get the facts in to quell this unrest to continue to boil before the funer funeral? >> no. they have to continue to do what they're doing. their strategy is a lot better, meaning the police, than it was this past weekend. i see that. they're a lot more organized now. they need to continue doing what they're doing and make it clear to these protesters they will take action. >> thanks so much for joining us in the wee hours of the night. we'll continue to monitor this situation on fox news for now. i'm robert gray in los angeles.
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more now on the tensions in more now on the tensions of the ferguson, missouri. the state's governor has criticized how governor nixon has handled the situation. appearing tentative and weak and sometimes confused and says the governor should have called up the national guard several nights earlier than he did.
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in missouri they can vote for governors and lieutenant governors separately. mr. lieutenant governor joins us now. thank you. >> thank you for having me on. >> i'd like to play again what the governor said tonight in a prepared statement he read. listen. >> ten days ago a police officer shot and killed michael brown in broad daylight. we have a responsibility to come together and do everything we can to achieve justice for this family, a vigorous prosecution must now be pursued. the democratically elected st. louis county prosecutor and the attorney general of the united states each have a job to do. their obligation to achieve justice in the shooting death of michael brown must be carried out thoroughly, promptly and correctly. >> justice for the deceased family and the prosecution. isn't it possible there might be
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a need for justice for this police officer? this police officer darren wilson who has said now that he cannot even leave the house? this police officer who's case seems to be that this deceased man at one point went for his gun and then ran and turned and charged him? is it not possible that justice should be for the police officer? or has already been decided and we are not aware? >> well, it is really heartbreaking to see a man elected to an office that high in our state government, the chief executive of the missouri state government, come out with a statement like that that does prejudge the case. i've been asking for everyone to step back from a rush to judgment. our governor is a lawyer now more than 30 years. he went to three years of law school, took ethics, criminal
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law, criminal procedure passed had law and practiced. he was six years our attorney general. twice elected governor. he's taken the oath to uphold the tuition and the including the bill of rights and that means justice for all. for everyone. that means a legal process to ensure that. involves the panelling of a grand jury which will sit for the first time tomorrow. just as you and i and the governor were not there on saturday afternoon, the 9th of august when this awful, awful incident went down. we will not be sitting on that grand jury and it would be wrong for a prosecutor to say what the governor has said here tonight. and it is wrong for the governor of missouri to have said it. >> i want our viewers to understand i spoke with the press secretary for the governor tonight and he said to me among other things, i don't believe
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there is anything to be corrected we stand by the statement. what he meant was justice in the case. what he meant was if there is evidence that it should be presented but on kmov and kti and the rest of the television stations in st. louis tonight the governor's speech will be heard. and what he said was there should be a vigorous prosecution and what the governor said was there should be justice for this deceased man's family. and you are a republican and he is a democrat and is this political feuding between the two of you, you speaking out against him and one speaking out against the other in the midst of this chaos in ferguson. is that helpful? >> we're each -- i'm trying to do my constitutional duties here shep. i took the same oath he took to defend the constitution of the united states and for the state of missouri. and that means justice for all. i have spiked my guns on many of
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things i could have said this week. i do belief that we should have had a curfew earlier. i do believe that it should start earlier in the evening before midnight, when he had the curfew for just those two nights. >> mr. lieutenant governor listen to what a spokesman for the police union had to say today to our megan kelly. listen. >> i'm very disappointed to hear those words coming from governor nixon. we welcome a vigorous investigation. unfortunately justice needs to go both ways. darren's been vilified in the press and by politicians with minimal facts being made public. >> minimal facts public. and hear on the phone tonight regarding governor nixon's statement. it is rare, crude and highly inappropriate. no grand jury should be meeting in the midst of this volatile and dynamic situation. the decision to prosecute must be a sober and not a political
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or reactionary one. is it too soon mr. lieutenant governor? it is very soon and tensions are very high. is there not a great deal of pressure, the men who women whoa heard the governor's statement so far tonight. is it too early for a grand jury to be meeting at this time. >> it is not going to be my call so i am not going to opine on it. it is the call of those duel constituted authorities. right now it is bob mccullough. he is the guy who has the decision on -- i'm not sure you are aware of this. he could have prosecuted on his own. >> i am aware. >> without taking to it a grand jury. missouri differs from some other states. he wisely, in my judgment, elected to take it to a grand jury. that means the people of st. louis county will have a say. the people who are impanelled on
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that grand jury. that is a safeguard for all concerned in our legal process. >> a missouri state senator has said if there is no indictment, if there is no indictment the unrest we have seen in the streets of ferguson will pail in comparison to what is coming. is that not another push on this grand jury? i only ask because i -- the farthest thing from what i'm doing is taking sides. i have no idea what happened there. it seems to me the only people no know are the people who were there. one is dead. and the eye witnesses are there. and from my 25 years of reporting eye witness accounts are often wrong. and the other is police officer from whom we have not yet heard. and the senate has come out and said if there is not an indictment the violence in the streets will be worse. i wonder whose is in charge and if any of this serves the public
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good. >> the heated rhetoric does not serve the public good, shep. i tried to shy away interefrom and say look if you are going to institute a curfew it needs to start before midnight. i've made suggestions about that. but the heat of rhetoric about demanding indictment and demanding heat of prosecution is disgraceful. it is not helpful. i am not going make that decision, governor nixon is not going to make that decision. the prosecution is in place. the people have elected him to do that. he's preceded to take it to the grand jury in the proper legal process. more than that, more than that, you and i who are there cannot say at this point. >> indeed. the lieutenant governor on the line with us late tonight. thank you. >> thank you so much, shep. >> i further ask for the press secretary for the governor if he could come on and clarify this
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. a live look, ferguson, missouri. there have been arrests tonight. the crowds are smaller and the atmosphere is calmer. but should that change this particular man aside, we'll take you live there for breaking news. first though islamic state militants claim they have now chopped off the head of an american journalist. and we know it is true because they put the horrific video
11:25 pm
online. they say it is retaliation for u.s. air strikes in iraq. and now we are hearing from the victim's mother. the victim's name is james fo y foley. a freelance journalist who went missing nearly two years ago on thanksgiving day on assignment in northern syria. this is an image from the video. we will not show the video. fox news cannot confirm it is authentic. but, well, it speaks for itself. a person who appears to be foley reads a statement that his c kidnappers obviously prepared and then his killer cuts off his head. the islamic militants threaten to kill another name believed to be another american journalist named steven sotlof. a contributor who went missing in syria last year. the white house says it has seen the video and the intelligence
11:26 pm
community is working to determine whether it is 100% in fact real. the truth is what they are looking for is something that says it is not. and clearly in this late hour they have not found it. james foul foelly's mother writes we have never been prouder of jim. he gave his life for the syrian people. we implore the kidnappers to spare the lives of the remaining hostages. like jim she says they are innocents. they have no control over policy in iraq syria or anywhere else in the world. foley spent years reporting in the middle east. he was teacher before that. back in 2011 in libya. . she spoke to fox news about the experience. >> interrogated me for six hours initially and that was kind of felt like a mind game. one guy would be playing kind of
11:27 pm
good cop. one guy would come in yelling and saying we think you are a spy. and eventually you figured out, look, i just got to stick to my story, make sure i tell the absolute truth that i'm a journalist. that's my only chance. >> he is dead tonight a terrorist cut his head off. friends are asking people to keep the family in their prayers and earlier tonight in the state of hn new hampshire hn we saw yellow ribbon wrapped around the tree of the james foley's parents. unthinkable. >> and very tragic. and reflective of the danger that a lot of reporters are in covering these conflicts. not just in syria, but in iraq, in afghanistan. in pakistan. we lost our own danny pearl in pakistan 12 years ago. these are long ongoing conflicts
11:28 pm
and they are dangerous to cover. and these reporters have been very courageous in bringing out the story of what is going on in these regions. and it is a very dynamic story right now in iraq and a very sad chapter tonight. >> the message in short and without giving specifics to these people, their message is if if you keep bombing in iraq this is going to happen to more people. but you have to wonder, and i think many are tonight, if the reality is that what the united states is doing at least for this moment and at least in that place is working, and that isis is trying to make it stop. >> i think that there is probably some truth to that. that appears to be reflected in the language of their statement that came out with the videotape of mr. foley. that there is consideration tonight -- that what the
11:29 pm
militants refer to as the u.s. bombing strikes have been very effective against them. witness the fact that the mosul dam was taken back from the militants, that erbil was essentially saved from what looked like militants moving very quickly into that area. the pentagon is actually thinking now whether they should do the same sort of strikes around the hadifa dam because it too is threatened, at least the central government of iraq says they believe it is threatened. >> who know what is the best thing to do is, but if they are not stopped you are not sure how far they will be able to go. >> correct. and the air strikes have em boldened the iraqis and some of the tribal leaders. they feel two areas of success. one is the air strikes have halted some of the advance of the militants, just some. and the u.s. ability to change
11:30 pm
out the government in baghdad has also encouraged some of those who had been opposing al-maliki. the question now is will the u.s. extend those air strikes even further? and will they resort to a model they used in the past, which is paying directly to the tribes to fight as they did duran the anbar awakening bypassing the central awakening in baghdad whether where the money got stuck, frozen and didn't get to the troops in the field. >> we'll know soon enough. it's 10:30 mm in ferguson, missouri. we'll get an assessment of the unrest and see when if this will end "depreciation" they claim. "how can my car depreciate before it's first oil change?" you ask. maybe the better question is,
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>> special co . ferguson, missouri, the protesters are back in the streets but in much smaller number asks we'll go to our correspondents in a minute. it appears we have a new situation. no significant confrontations with police but some arrests. a live look at the campus there. the protesters have been growing in number throughout the evening but nothing like we've seen in recent days. this comes after cops said they arrested dozens of people last night and pushed back the crowds with tear gas and tactical vehicles. some of the vehicles were on the move earlier in the city as you can see here. and missouri state highway patrol captain ron johnson has
11:35 pm
been directing the police. as we reported the governor jay nixon released a video statement calling for a vigorous prosecution in the death of 18-year-old michael brown. private medical examiners hired by the family say those officers shot him at least 6 times including in the head. lit oix including the head of the state police union spoke out against the governor's statement. a representative of the governor told me what he meant to say was there should be prosecution only if there was enough evidence but he went on to say we stand by the statement and there is no reason for any correction. we have team coverage now on the ground in ferguson tonight. mike, this time last night there was tear gas all over the place. the crowds were large and unruly. it looks different from here tonight. is it? >> reporter: and the numbers are dropping off. you can see the crowd of marches is coming up behind me now. but it's like the police are just letting them walk it off and letting them walk into the
11:36 pm
night as the numbers drop off. the technique what i've got from a police source. you may notice if you look at the crowd. every once in a while you see an adult. someone older than these guys. and these are some of the religious leaders and community leaders marching right now. and the police are using them as mediators. if they spot someone who's causing trouble or getting rield up they will use the older gentlemen to go speak to that person. if the bishop can't calm him down the police will come in and pluck him out of the crowd. but they don't want to do that. every time they do that they get friction and get a crowd that forms up. and what they are trying to do is keep the crowds from forming up. because every time you get a concentration of people that is where the trouble starts, shep. >> mike tobin. thanks. our steve harigan just down the street. steve? >> shep, a police officer on the side lines just turned to me and said you can hear a pin drop
11:37 pm
tonight that. for some reason the air has been sucked out of this protest. as far as the numbers go we are looking probably at about 150, max. we were over a thousand last night and one last point to make, if you look down this street here you can remember we saw riot police there four deep with s.w.a.t. trucks behind them that. road clear tonight. so a real calmer, more relaxed police presence and much reduced numbers of protesters here tonight. this is when the violence happened last night. it doesn't look like that is going to happen tonight shep. >> let's go to a reporter for the daly he's been covering these. i listened all day long to these community leaders and others asking people to stay home at night. go out and protest in the day all you want but at night the good people say go home. and if anybody acts up we'll take care of them.
11:38 pm
based on your reporting how's that worked. >> i think last night it worked pretty well until it got kind of late. really people have been really peaceful during the day and when night fall comes when some of the younger kids come out and they are not only still upset about mike brown but also just have a bone to pick with the police in general they don't have the greatest relationship with the black community mere. >> i listened to the mayor say that racial tensions are not existent. the facts seem to stare right in the face of that. >> reporter: yeah, i hadn't heard that. i -- i don't really know where that's coming from. everyone i've talked to on the ground here has basically said that r this has been going on a long time and mike brown's at the time death was just a example of heavy hitting police
11:39 pm
tactics and the people who live here. >> i know it's hot there tonight and a lot of people have called for more calm tonight. are you seeing the same faces night after night? do you recognize people? i'm just wondering. >> reporter: absolutely. the big thing though between tonight and last night is the presence of these -- heavier presence of these religious leaders. and i think that is really helping to keep people called down. but at the same time, you know, they only stay out there for so long. and like i said before, it is the same thing every day. it's peaceful during the day and then at night it gets late and that is when this younger crowd comes out. and they are the ones who are angry and they are the one who is want answers now. and they really haven't been getting them. >> do you have a sense from your reporting that there has been any reconciliation along the way with this other and larger group that is no long attorney street? or is there just tired and hot in play here? >> reporter: i don't really know. i will say though that, you
11:40 pm
know, the first thing that people wanted out of this when they started protesting was they wanted had officer's name. so it took about a week for that to happen. and then on the day they released had name, ferguson police chief thomas jackson also released had surveillance photos that show mike brown allegedly robbing the store. in one side the protesters got what they wanted but then also got what a lot of people feel is a smear tactic against brown whose no longer here to defend himself. >> daily justin it's nice to talk to you. thank you. >> thank you. >> ahead some police protesters say people are coming into ferguson just to cause trouble and make a mess. as the undertone of racial difficulties remains. in a city of about 21,000, where there is a history of trouble
11:41 pm
between the mostly white police force and the majority black population. and the nation looks at it self and tries to make reconcile.
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11:45 pm
himself in today to face charges on abusing his power. this is the mug shot and they took his fingerprints as well. a jury indicted him after he made good on threat to cut funding to a unit that the democrat democrat democratic district attorney's office if she didn't resign after a drunk driving arrest. the governor says he had every right and insists he did nothing wrong. >> i'm going to enter this courthouse with my head held high knowing the actions i took were not only lawful and legal, but right. >> the travis county da was elected by the voters of the travis county. the governor has neither the authority nor the right to remove her from office. >> this is the first indictment for a texas governor in almost a century. legal analysts say the potential presidential contender could end up facing more than 100 years behind bars if convicted of all
11:46 pm
of this. the governor says, quote, we will prevail. in the meantime this is only a test. emergency workers practicing for a terror attack in a subway in seoul suit south korea. and cops say they have caught a guy who broke into a woman's house and then got into her bed with her wearing only his underwear. happened last month santa ana california. he apparently did not steal a thing but the woman says he gave her one heck of a scare in the morning. >> i wake up in the morning. he's sleeping. i yell. ah. he wake up. oh i'm sorry. >> sorry indeed. he says he jumped out a window and took off. it turns out the suspect is a vietnamese actor. they say he left his pants, phone and driver's license behind. so it was easy to track him
11:47 pm
down. live at 11:46 eastern time. 10:46 in ferguson, missouri. we're watching another night of demonstrations following the shooting death of an 18-year-old black man by a white police officer. still no trouble though some arrests on the ground tonight. many of the protesters accused of causing the trouble at night are actually not from ferguson at all. but there are also volunteers out there cleaning up the streets each morning. and our next guess is one of them. he's fed up and he's matthew ferguson. matthew, it is nice to talk to you. thank you. >> thanks for having me shep. >> you're from a small town. circumstances aren't good. are you trying to do something about it? >> yeah definitely. like, you know, first off i want to say -- give my condolences to
11:48 pm
the brown family. but yes in regards to all the violence and protesting, there's a lot of trash that's been on the ground like the following mornings. and you know it is sad to see. because ferguson is a clean neighborhood. and me and other people are trying to show positive image by helping out and cleaning up. >> what is the talk in your family, in your neighborhood, among your friends and acquaintances regarding all that is happening in your little city? >> it's tough. because a lots of us are saying, like, you know, the situation where w mike brown was the tipping point but a lot of the built up tension has been out here for decades. and it just happened to boil over with the situation. >> have you felt that tension? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> prior to this incident, i mean. and if so, could you tell me about it? >> yes. in regards to growing up in north county st. louis, like,
11:49 pm
i've personally had situations to where i've been racially profiled. most of my friends who are friends of color, they have actually been profiled as well. so i've definitely seen it in various avenues. >> can you give me an example. is it walking while black? is it driving while black? what is it in. >> driving while black, walking while black. yes all of those things have occurred over time in ferguson and also in different areas in st. louis. whether st. louis county or st. louis city. >> is what is happening tonight and over previous nights in your estimation helpful? hurtful? do we know yet? >> i think it is helpful and hurtful at the same time. the positive protests definitely are helping the cause because a lot of people just need to be heard at this point. however as you mentioned earlier we do have a lot of protesters that aren't even from the city that are purposefully trying to
11:50 pm
cause issues with the police. and in essence a lot of people trying to do positive things in the area are being affected by that. >> it is august in st. louis area. that means hot and humid in the afternoon. tell me what those cleanups are like and what the discussion among you and your friends there is. >> yes, it's definitely certain days have been hot. a couple days during the weekend it did rain so that kind of cooled it down a little for us. but yeah, with it being august in st. louis it is still pretty hot and humidity right now. >> do you think of yourself as taking back the town? trying to send a message? or are you just cleaning up? >> in my opinion, i'm cleaning up. but also i do think that it is a positive image that others driving by and also that live in the neighborhood and also people watching tv to see that there are positive people in the community that want our
11:51 pm
neighborhood to look like it did before last week. >> living, breathing proof with us tonight. matthew thermen, late in st. louis county. nice to talk to you sir. thank you. >> thank you. >> truce broken in the middle east. live coverage next. test test the wonder of summer is that
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comcast business gives you more for your money. why pay more for less? call today for a low price on speeds up to 150mbps. and find out more about our two-year price guarantee. comcast business. built for business. the deadly fighting reignited today in the middle east as talks to bring the month long war to an end fall apart between israeli and hamas. explosions lighting up the gaza city skyline. it all started hours before a temporary truce but set to expire. israeli officials say the say the palestinian militants moved first so israel says it responded with air strikes.
11:55 pm
palestinian officials say at least two died including a toddler? c . in cairo and egypt where they had been trying to work a deal israel withdrew. a hamas said the palestinians would soon follow. so here we are again. ri rick. >> reporter: we had an air strike. and it was a long punishing night with wave after wave after air strikes. the israeli response to those rockets that broke the cease fire into gaza. and our cameras rolling last night when three more rockets launched. so at least 50 rockets fired by hamas. these three intercepted by the iron dome system. the attacks provoked a violent response from air and sea. we saw clouds of smoke lifting
11:56 pm
above the gaza city skyline over and over again. resulting in at least 50 juries and at least three deaths. but with many thousands of the buildings destroyed, many are returning to their flattened homes or stand staying in them on top of them because they prefer it to the shelter. and the wife and daughter of the -- killed last night. we also can't confirm if or when they return to the bargaining table. >> early in the morning in gaza city. our coverage from ferguson kicks off at the top of the ley. megan kelley. this is america's choice for news and information on cable. you are on fox news channel.
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a live look a live look ferguson, missouri as we're quickly approaching the 11:00 p.m. hour. a live midnight edition for the east coast coming right up with complete coverage of what's going on there and around the rest of the world. the political ramifications for all of this and all the rest. this is that time of night where our folks on the ground say they
12:00 am
are about to start clearing the streets, which often is the beginning of the conflict. we can hope not but we'll know shortly. i'm sheppard smith in new york. see you back here tomorrow. breaking tonight, major developments on the crisis in ferguson, missouri as a new night of protests unfolds and the missouri governor ignites a a firestorm with comments sounding like he has decided the guilt of the officer involved in this case. it is long before any investigation is completed welcome to a special midnight hour of the 4* kelly file. we are keeping a close eye on the streets of ferguson. you can see the police presence for yourself. and we are tracking a stunning report that broke just before we went to air at 9:00 p.m. eastern this evening. a democrat released a taped


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