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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 21, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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tomorrow night, 10:00 eastern. hope you'll set your dvr and start your day with fox and friends. thanks for joining us we'll see you back here tomorrow night. the parents for their loss. thanks for being with us, we'll see you tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. the o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> enough of what, al? enough of what? al sharpton has the nerve to insult the american police community. >> the factor calls out the race hustlerslike al sharpton for trying to capitalize on the death of michael browne. >> why is that acceptable? >> this attorney general and this department of justice stands with the people of ferguson. >> his role in the michael browning case could be threatening the integrity of the
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multiple investigation into the shooting. dana pirino will give her analysis. >> we will do what we must do to protect our people. we will be vigilant and we will be relentlessless. >> the obama administration reveals a failed operation to rescue captured americans in syr syria. are leaks like this jeopardy diesing future -- >> caution, i got a man curry, the factor begins right now. >> i'm greg gutfeld in for bill o'reilly. take a listen to some of what bill had to say. >> in 2012, the last stats available from the fbi, there
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were about 12 million arrests in the usa. that averages out to 34,000 arrests per day. in 99.9% of those cases, the perpetrator was not killed by police. in fact, just over 400 fatal police shootings a year are recorded in this country, according to to the fbi. so let me restate. 12 million arrests a year. 400 fatal shootings, many of them justified. and al sharpton has the nerve to insult the american police community, men and women risking their lives to protect us. this sharlton has the gal to do that and nbc news is paying him. my god, why is that acceptable? >> clearly someone needs a nap. joining us now with reaction,
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horace cooper, chairman of the group 21 national advisory board. and also from d.c., hillary shelton, the senior vice president for advocacy. hillary let me go to you first, what do you make of bill's powerful memo last night. i hate to complement him, because he has a big head already, but you have to admit it was very strong. >> there's a problem in ferguson, missouri. certainly lifted issues up in talking about those problems, is the first step towards some solution, towards solving them. so you may disagree with al sharpton, but i think even bill o'reilly would agree that al sharpton has a right to say what's on his mind, as controversial as it might b certainly it's never stopped bill. and we appreciate his comments as well. >> he has a right to say what he wants, even if it's nonsense. let me ask horace, horace, do you get the impression that when al sharpton comes to an area
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where there's crisis, that he might actually hurt it instead of help it. he's got quite a past, with freddie's fashion mart, when he shows up, there's nothing but trouble. >> that's his game plan and in fact even if there wasn't a crisis going on, he brings a can of fuel and pours it all around and then the match and lights it up and watches everyone else. if you're wanting to talk about what america is going to do, so that america addresses how blacks, whites and browns all get along, al sharpton isn't the man to do that. if you want to count up how the problems can be exacerbated and the progress can be denied, he's the man to call. >> hillary, i will admit, there's a certain kind of ping-pong that goes on in this sort of crisis. whenever there's an incident like this, you get two sides,
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you get anger over the initial crime, and then you're saying what about black and black crime that takes place every day and the media doesn't care about that. do you think that's a fair response or a deflection away from the primary problem. >> well, i think it's a deflection. certainly we have issues in this case around policing. it's more of a blue versus black issue than a black on black issue, or white on white issue. as we know, we talk about the murder rate in america, we still know statisically, more crimes committed by the people of same race or other people of the same race they are. those are issues we have to address, and certainly the high homicide rate, particularly the high gun rate in this country should be discussed. but in this case, we want to talk about the issue of police community relations. because what we have is an 18-year-old teenager who was shot to death and was unarmed by a police officer in a very suspicious manner. we have a number of witnesses who have already come forward who are saying this looks like
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an execution than quite frankly him carrying out his responsibilities as a police officer. we have to have that conversation as we talk about ferguson missouri. they have other problems in governance. this is an area that is 67% african-american. but if you look at those who are elected into office, including the police chief and the police department itself, they are 53 police officers, only three are african-american, there's a real issue with that balance and governance from every level in this area, and certainly it is legitimate for us to have this conversation about policing. >> horace, he brings up a good point, the disparity between the police force and the citizens in terms of color. what are the facts behind that? i mean i have talked to police officers and they will say, they would love black applicants. but they can't find them. >> greg, this is entirely an effort at a deflection. if the justice department and the naacp and the other agitators were concerned, they
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can go and look at the racial makeup of communities all across the country, and ask to have meetings with those organizations to come up with some solutions. what they have done instead is try to exploit this situation. and the governor of the state has joined in along with a number of other people, when you race to judgment, and prejudge this, before we know all of the facts, it reminds me of something. the first and most important civil right is the right not to have the government charge you, indict you, incarcerate you, penalize you without the right process, the right investigation, the rush to justice is the kind of thing i would have hoped the naacp and al sharpton would have issued an announcement immediately when those people were making these rush to judgment type statements including the governor of missouri. their silence tells you all you need to know about their real concern about fundamental civil
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rights. >> hillary makes a good point, a lot of people talking without any facts on every side. but could you say, to be fair that maybe everyone is right, there's a problematic relationship between community and the police, and an issue within the community itself that leads to trouble. why can't it be both? >> let's solve those problems, quite frankly that measurement has to be there, and i'm laying out statistics, facts and whatnot. i'm talking about the number of police officers that are reflective of the community they're serving. we're talking about politicians, those who are elected to make decisions on behalf of those communities. again we're talking about that lack of representation, it has led to a very deadly consequence. african-american young people are losing their lives unnecessarily at the hands of police officers. we have got to talk about the real value involved, where we utilize guns to actually gun down unarmed citizens that are
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suspect in some of these cases. >> i don't know if there are other incidents where ferguson police officers gunned down unarmed citizens. >> there is no such thing -- greg, there is no such thing as this idea. >> there are four open cases in which the justice department is investigating the ferguson police department right now for issues like racial profiling. >> let's get this clear, there is no such thing as the idea that every community in america, a free and open society is supposed to have an equal number of black teachers, an equal number of white police officers or brown police officers, that is a social engineering outcome that has nothing to do with equality and civil rights. that's part of the problem. >> i need to wrap this thing up. >> thank you, mr. cooper, mr. shell tong. next on the rundown, why a clash between the local county prosecutor and missouri's
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you cannot demand facts and when they come, say, no, not those facts. sadly we are a media that do not tell the facts we want to tell. it's the media who always remains defind. when you're agenda driven, anything outside that agenda ticks you off. here is a fact that doesn't fit. according to the police, over 90% of those arrested in ferguson earlier this week were not from ferguson, and about a quarter don't even live in missouri. it's no longer cops versus citizens, but a community versuses outside agitators. more about self-serving act
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vichl and trouble making. it's a controversy less romantic than black versus white. that picture will certainly win a pulitzer even if it helps absolutely no one, meanwhile the investigation has its own set of conflicts. in this case prosecutor versus governor, st. louis county prosecutor bob mccullough, who's leading the investigation is bringsing over suggestions that the governor jay nixon may not be the right man for the job, so fire me, he said, but they won't ask the governor to recues himself. now the governor has gone public with his complaints. >> working overseas, as i laid out to people, until i'm told, if i'm told by the governor that i can't. and the most devastating things that can happen is if a week from now, a month from now, he decides that he's taking me off this case, you know, everybody's starting over. so stand up, you know, man up. stand up and say i have this
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story, i am not removing mccullough, i am removing mccullough and let's get on with this. >> radio talk show host who conducted the interview with bob mccullough. so mcgraw, why does the governor want mccullough to step down? >> well, the governor doesn't necessarily want him to step down, the governor created this when he called for the state of emergency. now the political football is right in nixon's office, nixon doesn't want it and he wants to do anything he can to get it off of him. so he kind of put it on mccullough, saying, bob, if you want to, you can resign or yik keep it. nixon doesn't want to make that tough call. >> is it me, you live over there, i don't know justify about jay nixon that most of his reactions have been in regard to the media, that he's reacting to the mob, to outside forces, not to what might be right for that city or even the state? >> listen to this.
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since saturday, when he declared a state of emergency, it's what, now thursday, so the state of missouri has been in a state of emergency for almost five days now, he hasn't held one news conference, he goes into hiding, and he released a prepared statement in which he used inflammatory language that showed that he was in favor of michael brown's family. you're the governor, you're in a crisis, stand up, man up, and do the right thing, as bob mccullough said. >> do you think mccullough should have said man up? do you think that might be perceived as unprofession until. >> in this crisis, every political person you see is trying to get the next political office. every single one of them. bob mccullough is the only one who is not running for anything. bob mccullough has dedicated his life to victim's advocacy, and now he has to defend himself because his father was shot in the line of duty 50 years ago?
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they should be ashamed of themselves. he's the only one that doesn't have an agenda and they're trying to tear him down? i applaud him for what he did. >> i know this manu well enough to know that wild horses would drag him from this. and that's why he said if you don't want me in this position, don't call me, call nixon. it's now nixon's call and if nixon thinks he can't do it, then tell the people that he's not qualified. and if he is qualified stand behind him. because as bob mccullough said, it's hurting the entire process. we want transparency, we want justice, not just for michael brown but for the police officers, there are many, many voices that are not being heard. we actually want to really know the truth. and bob mccullough has the backing of the majority of this community to find out what actually happened. >> in my view, and i'm an
8:18 pm
outsider. you've got the media and you have outside sirs and you have bureaucrats and outsiders basically walking all over the community. it's not about the concerns of the community anymore. it's about reputations, it's about making careers. >> not only that, but you're seeing the next mayor's race play out in the county. antonio french wants to be mayor so he goes to down to the county and glams up for the camera. all while the story, the backdrop, but the most important story is that we have a dead teenager and we have a police officer and no one really knows the facts. it's really a sad commentary on life. >> directly ahead, eric holder raises eyebrows with new comments on the death of michael (son) oh no... can you fix it, dad?
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>> in the factor follow-up segment tonight, michael holder and the michael brown invests. he's promised a fair and thorough investigation. but comments like this have some thinking otherwise. >> the national u outcry we have been seeing speaks to mistrust and mutual suspicion that can take hold between law enforcement and certain communities. i wanted the people of ferguson to know that i personally understood that mistrust. i wanted them to know that while so much else may be uncertain, this attorney general and this department of justice stands with the people of ferguson. >> well, shouldn't he be standing for every citizen, including the police officer involved in this case? joining me now with reaction is my fellow co-host from that great show. dana how common is it for a u.s.
8:23 pm
attorney general to get so involved in a local/state issue like this. >> i think it's huge news because it is uncommon. they must have thought the situation warranted it. i don't think there's any situation where the u.s. attorney or the local district attorney would not be able to handle this without department of justice involvement. usually the justice department would get involved if there is some evidence of wrong doing in the investigation. it is true that the police department has had very bad communications and public relations. but you don't necessarily have to come in and indict somebody for that, they actually have to have some sort of wrong doing in the investigation. i think the local district attorney, based on the interviews that i have seen from him, i have never heard about him until the ferguson situation, seems to me like he's a standup guy and should be given a chance to be able to prosecute this case if there is going to be a case. i think that's another thing that i think eric holder, going down there, let's hand it to him. i think by the time he got there, the situation was diffused enough or just even knowing that he was coming
8:24 pm
helped diffuse the situation. okay, so that's good. but do they leave behind raised expectations for a possible trial? based on what jay nixon, the governor has said, eric holder has said, if they have this kind of national attention on a state matter matter, will they also be stepping in at that point? if it were a white teenager that was killed by a black police officer, would eric holder do the same and try to infringe on a local u.s. attorney or a district attorney? i think the answer is probably no. >> everything points so the fact that there's going to be a trial, right? >> they shouldn't necessarily. >> but how can they walk away from this, it seems like they have been pushing in that direction. >> i think the most important thing is to get all the evidence. we still don't even know about the police officers, there's reports that he was injured as
8:25 pm
well. we actually -- we just don't know. i think that's partly the reason that the protesters are starting to slowly fadeaway because until there is more evidence or a reason to have more grievances, i think we have to wait. i don't think anybody should be talking about a trial. until we know more. but yes, i do think they have put themselves in a position that if there is not a trial, there might be even more grievances. >> it is unusual, the chief federal law officer showing up in the middle of a incomplete police investigation, that seems to tell me that there's a bit of bias involved here. and it speaks to your point of if a reverse case, it would been that way. >> one of the things that eric holder himself has said and that people that are watching this case have commented that he has personal experience, as a black man, he brings a different perspective. but if eric holder can weigh? on the case, then why can't the local district attorney whose
8:26 pm
record seems impeccable. just because his father was killed 50 years ago by a black police officer, they're suggesting that he should recuse himself. that actually doesn't make any sense to me. and i think that as cooler heads prevail. i think this will go forward and there's going to be so much scrutiny on it that they're going to try to everything by the book. >> you brought up how the police have handled this, which is i guess not well. but are these small forces capable of dealing with a national magnifying glass? >> companies pay top dollar to have pr executives on retainer so they can have the expertise in the event they might have a crisis. if you're a small local police department, you don't necessarily have that type of training, you can argue that maybe may should. why would you release the video. they didn't give consistent stories but it undermined the confidence in this situation. however, again, that's not an indictable offense. having bad pr is not good, but it's not a crime. >> it's troubling watching kbelt
8:27 pm
way blockers and reporters descending down into a town like it's a war zone, it's basically a small town in trouble. the most symbolic thing for me was a reporter convinced that ear plugs were actually rubber bullets because that shows a disconnect between the environment and the outsider. >> he hoped they were because that would then get him to be more the story, so reporters are trying to make themselves a part of the story do all of us a disservice and certainly the community of ferguson. because as you pointed out, a week from now there won't be as many reporters there. it may be the middle of october before we even have all the information. >> dana, thank you so much, see you on the 5, maybe. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. the white house leaks details about a failed rescue operation to save james foley and other captured americans held in syria. but did he just jeopardize any wait, are you running full adobe photoshop on a tablet?
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in the end result problem segment, confronting the isis terrorists in the middle east. after the beheading of american journalist -- try and rescue foley and other captured americans in syria. it did not succeed.
8:32 pm
earlier today defense secretary chuck hagel addressed the rescue operation and how big a danger isis poses to america. >> think are a serious threat to every interest we have whether it's in iraq or anywhere else. isil is as sophisticated and well funded as any group that we have seen. >> but do these leaks of secret u.s. military actions endanger future missions targeting isis. colonel peters, why -- well, first up, i want to ask you, what did you make of the briefing today? >> it kind of reminded me of stallenist brew bureau cats. it's so clear, the administration disgracefully and we need to talk about it, released the details of this raid unnecessarily except to the degree that it provided some
8:33 pm
fiction of political cover for the administration where they could say oh, we were trying to rescue the hostages, it wasn't our fault that anybody got their head cut off. and you just don't do it. the only real take away, apart from the craven behavior in that news conference, was that we still have nothing that remotely resem bls a strategy. we're dealing with little tactical attacks, which are nice, they help out the local problems. but this -- i mean these guys even said, they have finally woken up to the fact, as the factor has been arguing for over a year, that the islamic state terrorists are a huge threat, worse an al qaeda, but then they frankingly admitted they're not doing much of anything and they have no plans to do much of anything except build a coalition. it was sad. >> you seem pretty depressed over this. you know what's disturbing to me?
8:34 pm
when president obama refers to what happened as appalling and i always said that you should never be appalled by evil. i mean evil should never surprise you, you know it's evil, and there's only one recourse which is to destroy it which leads me to my question to you if you were president, what would you do. >> the first thing i would do is fire whoever decided that it was a good idea to release the operational details of that mission. but with isil, it's really just islamic state, it's not isil anymore. it's bigger than isil. we should be using the full extent of our airpower to hammer them to strategic deaths. they're both saying we can't do anything in syria. syria is the heart of darkness here, eastern syria, we should be using strategic airpower to hit their headquarters, their marshaling areas, their training
8:35 pm
camps, their logistics bases, all of that made by the u.s. or the former soviet union, both, that is now in their arsenal, thanks to the iraqi army running away, but you've got to hit them hard, these pin pricks will not make a difference on the strategic level. i have got to address not only disgraceful, but murderous release of details of this raid. you just don't do it. the special operators are furious because the administration rolled them on the bin laden raid. why do i say murderous? not only because detailing which units are involved, tactics, how we did it, not only does that endanger our fighters, if we go in on a future raid, but the administration didn't think about the hostages still being held. they released the data, to the information that we got intelligence from released european hostages.
8:36 pm
do you think islamic state is going to release more hostages? we signed their death warrants by compromising that information. i'm a former intelligence guy. you do not compromise a vital, above top secret national security information for five minutes of political gain. it's un-american. >> you know, is there -- the timing, the timing is everything. it smells. do you buy that the media, that were members of the media about to drop this stuff? or do you think that's just made up? >> even if there's a grain of truth in it. you don't go out and sell the whole farm. >> yeah. >> if to the media had some information, well, you know, in the words of the duke of wellington, publish and be damned. but you don't tell them all the other stuff they didn't know. i'm sick of unnamed pentagon officials which translates as
8:37 pm
administration hacks, strong arming the military, strong arming the intelligence community to roll over on this stuff. they put lives in danger, they guarantee there will be more beheadings, they have made the mission harder. it's like with ma and pa taliban during the bergdahl fiasco, they just didn't know what they were doing. >> that's the scariest part of this whole thing. nobody does. thanks very much. >> thank you, greg. up next, a self-proclaimed jihadist murders four americans reason u.s. soil. how on earth is the national
8:38 pm
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8:41 pm
thanks for staying with us, i'm in for bill o'reilly. and in the personal story segment, murder on american soil in the name of radical islam. the self-proclaimed jihadist is now in custody after going on a murder spree that spanned both coasts of the united states. we are learning about about a man charged with four murders. >> brown hold investigators he was lashing out for american
8:42 pm
acts of evil in iraq, iran and afghanistan. he said innocent muslims are being killed there and his murders are retaliation, in which he is quote, just doing my small part. >> despite the red flags this represents for us right here in the usa, the story has gone almost unnoticed by the national media. joining us now with reaction, lau laura, how come no one seems to be talking about this. you would think that four murders in the name of jihad would get some press? >> i think the immediate where are always quite uncomfortable in covers these types of acts on u.s. soil, committed in the name of ala, because they're worried about the islam phobia charge, there's a lot of politically incorrect fears about how will it be perceivedive there's too much intense sif focus. you don't want to -- i think
8:43 pm
that's part of it. but the media really goes for the drama, in my mind, that forwards the general media's political agenda. and in this case, the ferguson story really bears out witness for them, for all the racial inequities in the country and then it allows them to fill that whole vessel with all sorts of feelings and emotions that i think make them feel better about themselves and probably help -- i think that's part of it. >> it matches the assumptions of the professor who is taut them in their campus life. the interesting thing you bring up to about islamophobia, its seems like radical islam is the only one that has benefitted from the fruits of the politically correct tolerance movement. if this politically correct tolerance movement was there during the years of hitler,
8:44 pm
would they call you naziophobic. when the politically correct mind set gets a hold of especially people on the left, they're just terrified, the idea of reporting on this story in a vigorous way, maybe actually do a broader report about how the fbi has been tracking homegrown terrorists, there was a long time, greg, where the media would blow off the idea of any real threat from homegrown terrorists in the united states. but now we know of course there are dozens if not more than 100 perhaps of american citizens who have joined up fighting the jihad at this point now, currently. they're really worried about this. this is a concern for the fbi, the u.s. authorities are very worried about this, now with the porous border to the south, we don't know really who's coming n we just saw bin laden was resurrected crossing the border last week in costume. so there's a lot of concern by
8:45 pm
the authorities on this and the media does kind of a -- they did kind of a collective yawn, which just speaks to their own biases. >> i think that's the interesting, the problem with this is that they tend to dismiss it, whereas when they take more crystallized actings of crime that has to do with a flaw in our system, like what's happened in ferguson. >> they make sweeping conclusions about american society, the police, the people who live in the middle of the country, who don't happen to be might have been north, they're all racist, they're harboring racial animosity even if they don't verbalize it. but when we're talking about nadal hassan, or any of the other fort dix 6, there was an attempt to as tack fort dix, that happened not too long after 911. again, facts as you side on the five yesterday, i loved what you
8:46 pm
guys were saying on the 5 yesterday. facts sometimes get in the way. in this case, this man was a jihadist, he was carrying out these brutal murders, shooting one individual ten times in the back as he just was walking, you know, in a secluded area. the other victims brutally shot, multiple times and for some reason, we don't want to talk about what this really means, we must talk about this, our lives depend on it. our country's liberties depend on it. and obviously our national security depends on it. we have to have an honest conversation. >> this is isn't the first time there has been a proposed attack on ft. dix, and that involved a may mouse professor named bill ayers. and he gotten your. maybe these guys will get tenure as well. these are not isolated incidents. this seems to be a trend. what draws an american to something like this. >> for him, he had a long
8:47 pm
history of sympathizing with the somali terrorist group. so he had the interest in somalia, the internet obviously allows a lot of these loner terrorists a lot of them are just individuals actsing on their own, to have a sense of community. this is like social net working for terrorists, they get to hook up with other terrorists, air their grievances, maybe their lives aren't going so well here in the united states. they want to lash out, and they blame other people, in this case they take their frustrations and their anger out in a heinous scale and commit mass murder. i think the internet really does help them. we have seen that with other terrorists in pakistan and u.s. citizens, radicalized in u.s. prisons who have gong over to do u.s. training in yemen terror camps. this is a problem we have to have an honest conversation about it and one of the few networks is actually doing this. >> this is one area where an honest conversation will help, but some people don't want to
8:48 pm
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in the pack of the book segment tonight, the meltdown of the obama presidency. that's the argument that bret stevens, foreign affairs columnist for "the wall street journal" is making in a great new commentary piece.
8:52 pm
bret joins me now how it's all come to this. bret, i read this piece this morning. pretentd i didn't read it. it's basically about president obama's foreign policy failures. how would you boil your conclusions down for people like me who can't read? >> first of all, we put it in really big type. >> there you go. >> i don't know if you can see it on the screen. the obama presidency is like the brazilian national soccer squad. they were supposed to be playing the brilliant game, resetting relations with russia, restoring america's good name abroad. and like the brazilians they folded, they collapsed. they just absolutely capitulated. now it's not even in dispute this president's foreign policy is a total failure. you have hillary clinton saying it. you have carter's national security advisor saying it. it's sort of unanimous. the question is why is it failing? there are three schools of thought. what liberals will tell you it's failing because this world is this terribly complicated place. america is in decline. >> right.
8:53 pm
>> the president simply can't control events around the world. and obama sometimes likes to explain himself that way. >> right. >> second theory, somewhat more convincing, is this just simply an out of touch president who is not really giving this job his full attention? maybe it's because he won re-election, he feels his legacy is secure. but time and again the president is caught flat footed by events. some of his closest advisors complain he's indifferent to the details of governance. the argument i'm making in this article is it's not simply that. this is a president pursuing an ideological goal, which is reduce america's footprint. environmentalists say reduce, reuse. it's american power and influence shrinks you have all of these groups coming up seeking to fill the void. >> if you had taken your article and instead called it a failure and given it to president obama, he would have taken the whole
8:54 pm
article as a compliment. he's listing all of my successes because these all of these together have slunk this tumor. because he believes our influence detrimental to the world. >> he basically believes wherever america goes in the world problems follow. we always in effect make things worse. and what you're actually seeing around the world is suddenly vladimir putin realizes that no one's really in charge in nato. the iranians understand that they're going to walk through the door in terms of their pursuit in a nuclear weapon. the various groups in iraq saying there's no one going to stop us. same deal in china. so they're rushing out. and people are forgetting that this period of general peace and prosperity that we've enjoyed since the 1940s didn't happen by accident. it happened because of success of american presidents said if not us, there's no u.n., we don't want the chinese or russia running the show.
8:55 pm
so pax america brings huge benefits with it. this ideology is that it's a bad idea. >> this damage that we've seen, is it permanent? is it possible after six years that there's no way back? >> look, i don't think that's true for this simple reason. america's in retreat, but i don't think america is in decline. when people tell you this is a country decline, this is the country we're fracking is happening, this is the country where iphones are being made. in so many ways there's a renaissance of american ingenuity simply being gummed up by a regulatory state by a president who doesn't believe in the very things that make this country great. russia's on the march, but russia's actually in europe is in decline. the chinese, people say the chinese are going to take over the world. when i was growing up japan was going to take over the world. there's always somebody else going to take over the world. the capacity for self-renewal is in this country. the problem is not having an administration that is taking advantage of it. >> right.
8:56 pm
so basically america succeeds despite the leader's failure. that we're going to still pull it through, it's just going to be a little harder. >> one of the things that always amazes me you say a president of a country like colombia and say, this country's life or death succeeds whether it's a good president or not. in a way the miracle of america is we can have terrible presidents and yet here we are. >> yeah. >> basically a powerful, prosperous and confident country that can do things if only we have good leader. >> it's a testament to our system that we can withstand these things, these internal problems. i always feel like what's happening is punishment for our past transgressions. you know what i mean? it's like president obama's like you shouldn't have had iraq, so you shouldn't have invaded iraq so i'm going to keep my hands off. >> yep. henry kissen jer talking about this oscillation between overcommitment and isolationism. and we are oscillating way too far towards isolationism. >> in a moment, it takes a bold
8:57 pm
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ben! nothing says you care like a milk-bone brushing chew. well, that was close! you ain't lying! let quicken loans help you save your money. before we go tonight actor matthew mcconaughey was spotted wearing a not-so-hip fanny pack. look at that thing. at a baseball game earlier this week. and he attempted to defend it. >> i'm not afraid of the fanny pack. you got to kind of put it on the side to make it look a little not as nerdy. i've got so much gear in here. i'm not afraid of a thing. >> heartfelt congratulations to mr. mcconaughey for conquering his fears of the fanny pack. that is it for us tonight.
9:00 pm
thanks for watching. please remember, the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, the obama administration taking new heat for releasing classified details from a failed mission to rescue americans held hostage, and possibly endangering the lives of those hostages still held by the terrorists. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. i'm megyn kelly. in the last 24 hours we have learned specific details of the failed attempt by u.s. special operations to save americans from terrorist forces in syria. critics are calling this disclosure an attempt by the white house to cover itself politically after the world just saw u.s. journalist james foley beheaded by a terror group that the president earlier this year dismissed as junior varsity.