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tv   Bulls and Bears  FOX News  August 23, 2014 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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tomorrow the, and bacon. >> when i go to the ihop i get the smily faced pancakes. >> you are 40 years old. >> well, stay with us on fnc. m >> good-bye, everyone. isis, threatening an attack on u.s. soil, and a border c crisis that may be allowing the terrorists to come in through the porders. i'm brenda buttner, and here are the bulls and bears. here they are, jonah max ferris and sasha byrnes and john mayfield. and john, it is time to use e r every resource to seal the border up to keep the terrorists out? >> yes, look at what happened at 9/1 9/11, because "the new york
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times" said it cost us $3.3 trillion and not the mention the loss of life and the soldiers that will have injuries recurring throughout their lifetime, but these guys are not like the taliban who got lucky with the box cutter, because these arec+6÷ well fund ed and trained terrorists, and you have a bunch of people in mexico who are used to coyoting people across the border. we have to security that border. it is not about refugees, but we have to secure it. we should take the military bases,b and we secure the borders in pakistan and afghanistan, and we should do the same in our own country. we should put the bases there and let the guys patrol the borders and sleep in their own country in peace. >> and it is not that they are just so sophisticated, but the whole border crisis going on and the border patrol is stretched. sasha, does it mean that the crisis could really allow the crisis to come in?
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should we secure the borders? >> well, absolutely. with the crisis we have right now, it goes to show where we have gotten in terms of the government not being able to function, because we didn't have emergency funding past, to be used while congress was out on recess. the president asked for funding and the house turned it down, but the bill they voted for the senate has already left. so, you know, it makes no sense how our government is functioning right now. and we have to release these funds so that you can address these issues. >> well, there have been funds -- and this has been going on for a long, long time, but we are now reaching a tipping point, aren't we, gary b, because we have the terrorists on one hand, and if children can get across the border, could a terrorist? >> absolutely. brenda, look, getting across the border is unequivocally the easiest way to enter our country. and on the whole closing the border and sealing it up, i was
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kind of to be honest with you, a little bit on the fence, and mainly because when the government is in the unlimited budget they manage to exceed it, and they are very good at spending other people's money, but when you said that this kind of ticking time bomb has reached a critical mass if you will, i think that you are exactly right. this is an organization that has made a specific threat on the united states. this is a organization that in the simplest form is pure evil with the beheading of an american journalist, and they are the big bully in town, and we have to do whatever we can to not only protect ourself, but to proactively go after them. >> no question, these terrorist s are monsters, but jonas, they are recruiting people in europe, and the executioner we believe had a british accent, and the europeans could get to the u.s. with the passports on an airplane, so, is beefing up the iuimportant? >> absolutely not, because we
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have another border on the no north. the only reason that people don't come through that border is because they have low unemployment in canada compared to here and the high income levels there. is no reason they could not come through the canadian border, because it is not a hard border to cross. so beefing up the southern border would do zero to keep the s1 infiltrating the border. and there is a chance to be having a meteor to hit us, so we don't need a meteor defense. so do we need something to track citizens to know where the people are moving about, yes, but that is not border security, but it is a system that is identification that is not required in the country, and the gps cameras, and the border and having people on the southern border is only going to make people go to the northern border. >> well, tracy, we have a meteor that could hit the u.s., but we have people saying that we are coming through to get us.
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>> and they have called us fools and idiots and laughing all of the way through the border. they have children brainwashed into hating and wanting to kill us, too, and the kids can come with the other kids. look, i think that we have wasted so much time the, and made so many mistakes in the past that it is unfortunate no appetite for this right now amongst the american people, but these guys are the worst of the worst that we have come up games. they are funded. they are smart, they have what it takes to come to make a big, big, big error here in the united states, and we are creating a big one here ourselves by not reacting quickly to isis. >> and john, a report that the president may give 800,000 guest worker visas, and would that just invite more people across the border, because they think that it is going to be a chance to get a job, and they can get benefits, that type of thing? >> well, two separate issues. immigration is one issue, and whether you believe in amnesty,
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and the deportation, and everybody is here illegally, none of it matters untiln(bc yo secure the border. and jonas that example is preposterous, because a meteor did not just decapitate a journallist, and there is a reason that meth, and heroin come through there unlike canada, because they have different laws, and it does not make sense to say that we have a northern border that is not a problem, so let's secure the southern border, too, and if you want mischief and criminal activity, then that is the infrastructure that you have, and it should be shutdown. >> and history shows that criminal criminals and terrorists will come to the together to hit the same goal at the end of the day. so isis and whatever criminals at the southern border may
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actually be in this together. >> and meteors have struck the united states, and people do believe in that, and first of all all, they can make the terrorist passports and what is the mexican fascination? you don't need a coyote to bring you into the country, and make a passport and go through canada. >> you won't bring a dirty bomb by going into baltimore with a dirty passport. >> and if you think that the mexican border is the only way into america -- >> and the issue here is that now we have the border patrol, and they are overwhelmed by so many people coming in, and these issues are not distinct. the idea is that, gary b, we have a crisis going on and it is easier for people to get across the border right now. >> yeah, well, well, it is, but i think that jonas is kind of missing the point, too, that to expand on john's statement, if we found that terrorists were
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coming in through the canadian border, we would beef up that border. if they are coming on to the shores of maryland, for crying out loud, we would beef up the atlantic coast, and if they were coming in from oregon we would beef up that coast, and you go to where the problems are, and that is the mexican border. >> and am i missing the story that we had all of the stories of the terrorists coming through mexico? >> well, criminals and drugs. >> well, the criminals from south america, but they are not terrorists, but criminals and coming across and smuggling the drugs and the fact that we can't keep boatloads of marijuana and cocaine out of the country, it is laughable that we can keep bombs out of the country. >> tracy, do you want to answer that? >> well, the governor rick perry has been approached with this recently, because people are worry i worrying about this and the world sees our southern border as a total mess, and this is an open door into the country.
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i think they know that it is very difficult to get in via cap d and baltimore, but right now, this is doors wide open, and sneak in a couple of kids with bombs, and this we are good to go, and that is the problem. >> yes, and beheadings are happening on the canadian border, and happening on the southern border right now in mexico, and if you don't call that terrorism. and if it is isis or whatever it is, that is where the criminal activity is and the infrastructure that they can can use. >> okay. that has to be the last point. thank you, guys. more ebola scares in the u.s. as the virus increases in africa. is it time to shutdown flights from the area to stop the outbreak here. and the cavuto gang is looking out for you. and could some of these riots have been diverted in ferguson? some say we should spend whatever it takes to never see this again. you're here to buy a car.
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headquarte headquarters, tensions in ferguson, missouri, are finally cooling off, and more demonstrators last night as they were marching in the spot where michael brown was shot and killed by a police officer. it was the third straight night of relative calm and no arrests. some people were worried that the violence could flair up again if that police offer sice not charged. in hawaii, evacuations are under way and the plane gets closer and now 100 firefighters are getting that fire under kcontro and one of the biggest challenges are gusty winds fans the winds and the red cross set up the emergency shelter, and it is still not clear how and why that fire started. i'm leyland vitter, and now back to bulls and bears. more than 100,000 signing a white house petition they say
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will prevent another ferg sop and it is calling to quote create a law requiring all of the state and the county and the local police to wear a camera. gary v, what is the kors? >> well, normally, brenda, i am the most outspoken because of the government waste, and hardly a time to have evidence that it works. we will throw it into the pile and hope it sticks. in this case, though, it does work. i has been tried out in rialto, california, where the police wore the cameras on the vests, and they saw a decrease in the use of police force by 60%, and on the flipside is, a decrease in the complaints by the citizens against the police by 88%. brenda, i think that the se, and i don't want to spend a zillion dollars, but the prices for the cameras are coming down and i think that it makes sense. >> sasha, the cost is an issue and it has kept some of the departments from deploy iing th
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cameras, and the police departments are already having to fire people, and their budgets are stretched. >> right. well, i think that what gary b said is that the prices are coming down, and they will continue to come down just like the phones have, but i do think that i don't think that it should be nationally funded which is what the petition calls gf , because there are a areas where it would be incredibly effective, and necessary. and others, you know, a smalltown where they are busting underaged college drinking kids, i don't know that it is the best use of the resources when the police, when the police are already stretched thin for resources. >> tracy? >> yeah, but unfortunately the towns that need it the most can't afford the pay for it. and they are doing it in the nfl, and now apparently we can watch how guys tackle, and if we can do that in the country, we should darn well protect the men and women in blue who are out there day and night sacrificing their lives for us, and put a
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camera on their shoulder. >> jonas, you think that we should cut the police some slack? >> first of all, i'm pro -- i like surveillance, but not on an individu individual. you guys are -- what if they made you a camera well, and not on you, but wearing one. look, first of all, this is not going to help and deal with that and forget the costs and pretend that the cameras are free, and one cop is going to be by accident get some powdered doughnut on the button and they are going to say he did it on purpose so they are more evil. look, most cops are not criminals, and maybe they should have criminals on them so we can keep an eye on them, because they are doing the crimes. you need a neutral surveillance system, and wear iing them on tm is an infringement of rights. >> john, go at it. >> look, i disagree with it, and jonas just made a bunch of doughnut-eating cops mad. >> you want the camera on them. >> and what happened in russia a
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lot of the corruption was cleaned bup ti iphone, and citizens were getting shaken down by the cops and take pictures and sent it on the social media or to the government, and in the same way the united states it protects not only the citizens, but the police officers. we have a lot of great police aoff sers in this country, and with the camera, you will root out a lot of the problems that when you get the he said/she said post fact. >> and gary, b, any privacy issues that there are going to be witnesses on the camera as well? >> well, jonas is making good points, and we have seen and points on both sides, but we have seen that going back, i would not be for this if there were not evidence that it worked. and then again in california, it worked. there was more pros to it than minuses. >> gary, putting the cameras on criminals would work, too, and probably better. k
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and what is the best way to stop the barbaric group and how to find their money. and first, call it the russian big mac attack that has
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people saying, we should be fighting back. >> and are the sanctions on him backfiring on us? we will do what is necessary to see that justice is done. >> analysis inside and outside ofin senator jack keane and senator john mccain on fox news sund sunday. aidelity investment professional... or managing your investments on your own. helping you find new ways to plan for retirement. and save on taxes where you can. so you can invest in the life that you want today. tap into the full power of your fidelity greenline. call or come in today for a free one-on-one review.
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coming up, is mickey d's taking a hit because of the tit-for-tat with russia, and why the golden
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mcdonalds in moscow them and mcdonald mcdonalds in moscow now. russia is citing sanitary violation violations. but they are saying it is just a backfire of what we are doing to them. is this backfiring?
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>> every dollar coming out of the country is a bad thing. we are on a shaky ground. just about everybody in this country has mcdonald's in their 401 portfolio. and in is not just mcdonald's, but talking about 35,000 employees affected here. they are making a huge, huge shot at the united states by doing this. >> and gary b, you agree? >> well, i don't know if it is a huge shot, but it is four mcdonald's, tracy. >> well, they are not done, gary. they are not dope. >> and next week, they double it to eight. oh, my god. >> and you are telling me that they are really just about four mcdonald's? >> well, you think that we should or should not have sanctions and the point is that the sanctions are obviously working, and if they were not working, russia would not do anything, and so this is a tit-for-tat thing. and so should we do the sanctions? well, you can argue it both ways, because if it is working, you have to pay the price.
7:24 am
>> and, you know, russia is banning vodka from ukraine and no telling where this could go. >> yes. >> vodka. >> and as gary b says, it is banks and not tanks. we are not putting sanctions on them, and we have a president golfing on the days of leaders staring down are over. we are a 5'0" guy in 10 foot of water in dealing with this russian guy. it is an embarrassment. >> and if this is hurting europe, who is this going to hurt? >> well, it is putin and the more retaliatory actions that he takes, and the people who are hurt by this are the russians, and so he has put a year-long ban on all kinds of food from europe and from us as well, and it hurts the people, the consumers in russia, and the 35,000 workers that tracy is talking about at mcdonald's, and those are russian workers, and the more that he does is
7:25 am
actually the better for us, and it is going to make his countrym country's economy work. >> and i'm pretty sure in moscow as with we saw in the olympics, the bottom line is that the empire they are building there is financed by the energy sales. the government took it over, and we have to cut into that somehow with europe to limit their ability to grow into the territories that they could not afford the run as a soviet union when they were broke, and the people don't want to go behind the iron curtain and not have the juicy big mac, and hopefully it is going to backfire and lead to more sanctions. >> my thanks to all of you and sascha. >> thank you, brenda. >> and now 40% of americans are planning a getaway vacation, and the name that could help pay for your vaca and then some.
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labor day traffic is supposed supposed to be up 10%, and companies like orbitz is going to be up i believe 20% in the stocks over the year. >> and gary b. >> i'm a bear. it needs to dip before it goes back up. >> and your predictions? >> and despite what jonas says, police officers are going to be wearing cameras and taser stocks are up 50%. >> and don't tase my portfolio, bro. >> all right. and jonas, your predk shun? >> we found out who is the hamburglar behind the big mac, and it is not from moscow, but it is good for russians, because they are going to flock to the old ones. >> and are you a bear, because you could eat about ten big macs, john? >> well, jonas always picks the food stocks. i have to be a bear. >> tracy? >> well, a new report shows that the millenniums gets out there and start to pay for taxes and
7:30 am
health insurance, and they don't like the wealth distribution stuff anymore, and you are going to see more and more me lineals going from there to republicans really quickly. >> and taxes are the fastest track. thank you. >> and now lawmakers are set to hold special hearings over the militarization of the police forces. so far $5 billion of military equipment going to police departments from humvees like the ones that we saw in ferguson to helicopters in night vision goggles. is demilitarization a bad move or a smarter investment for the e economy? i'm charles payne in for neil cavu cavuto. ben stein is off this week, and so joining us is gary k. is this too much of a look? >> well, the police should be


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