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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  August 24, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> governor jerry brown declaring a state of emergency for parts of northern california. this after the powerful 6.0 earthquake struck in pre-dawn darkness in the heart of napa valley wine country. welcome to america news headquarters. >> the strongest earthquake to hit the bay area in a quarter century striking six miles sweat of napa early oranges hours and jolted millions from their beds from sacramento to san jose which is in the south bay. it injured dozens and three are critical. roads buckled, gas lines, water lines ruptured and multiple fires were triggered.
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they had to fight hard to put them out. dozens of broken watermains. napa officials say at least 15 buildings are no longer inhabitable. though are asking people to be careful if you see a hit building. though need to check things out. they are limiting access to many buildings. adam is in napa. you know that area well and what it takes when after shocks come. you have to take them seriously? >> you do. we have had a number of them, small ones this hour. first, we will talk about the aftershocks. see that beam? this building, the corner has come down. that beam was installed to help secure the building as part of the earthquake retrofitting and the older buildings have done across california and the let tremendous fitting did the best it could but the bricks crumbled down and you can see the ply
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wood nasa was holding up the roof. if there is a good-sized after shock, the rest could come down. obviously, i grew up here but six days ago my wife and i were standing on this corner with coffees in our hand. at 3:30 this morning you can see what came down. if it was four or five hours later there would have been a number of tables and people walking there. a lot of the old buildings would have had a lot of people here but at 3:30 in the morning there were few injuries. a lost. ings have to be examined. i have then in place since i was born, a lot of buildings that looked bowed and they have not reached them. there will be significant damage. it will not be inhabitable for some time. >> i see you standing there and i know what is above you.
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that is frightening, with a gust of win or an after shock...a couple things struck me, the time of day, a blessing it happened at 3:30 in the morning. also, i can hear machines in the background. people are trying to bring the businesses back. it and wine country. they depend on tourism. what is the next fall season going to look like? how bad is it? >> you are right. a lot of viewers have been sending e-mails and tweets to fox. they have roles in the area. this is the height of tourist season. the crush of the wines is until november, so everything is booked. people across the country are visiting at this time. the christians are fine but we are still getting reports from the wineries. a lot of wineries have not been
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checked yet. if one barrel goes down, that is 25 cases and you are talking thousands and thousands. the cleanup at my family's grocery store, i walked through the businesses i know here, including taco place and everything is off the shelves. a lot of the businesses have a lot of damage. the exterior could be okay, but they have last every beer, soda, food, power is out, you lose the food that has spoiled and the businesses that do not have earthquake insurance. it is hard to get. if you get it, it is $35,000 or $40,000 a year so it does not make sense for a business to deal with that. as for the tourism, tourists are here taking photographs. they are still going to the wineries that are open because there was in damage. the significant damage is downtown napa. like a lot of towns cross the
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country they have redone the downtown. the old buildings five years ago were empty have restaurants and wine stores, imagine those downtowns this have finally been revitalized now look like this. >> my twitter are line and someone said they could feel it in marin county. how far away is that? >> marin county is 25 or 30 miles as the crow flies. i have a lot of friends in the east bay, a couple play for the giants. they sent a text and they said did you feel that? we were not, we were in los angeles, but we drove up and it is back to normal but the bridges are being checked. no damage there but as you got closer to napa you can see the cracks. reach downtown, and then you see this.
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>> thank you, adam, for the first look of the building that looks ready to be fall over with a gust of wind. scary stuff. >> the earthquake is the largest to shake the bay area in nearly 25 years. the last big one was 1989 at 6.9 earthquake that struck santa cruz mountain area which is on the richter scale 22 times stronger than the one that hit in the early hours this morning, the loma prieta earthquake killed 63 and 4,000 were injured and caused $6 billion in damage! there are no reports of fatalities from the earthquake this morning that injuredded 90 people. >> california could be one one f the frequently making states getting headlines but alaska is number one with the mostics, half of all united states earthquakes happen there.
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california is number two. between 1974 and 2003 there were 163 earthquakes a year. hawaii is third for the state with the most earthquakes. 4-10: nevada, washington, idaho, wyoming, montana, utah and oregon. >> a 6.9 claims 63 lives 25 years ago why were we so fortunate this time? we have the director of the california institute for hazard research and professor of physics and geology at uc davis. professor, authorities brand this as a disaster but it was certainly not so bad as it could have been. >> certainly not as bad as it could have been. it could have been worse. i mentioned the loma prieta earthquake there was a similar earthquake in 1838 in the same area the same size followed 30
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years later by the hayward earthquake in 1868 a magnitude 7. we are concerned that the loma prieta, it has been 25 years, that could have been a recursor to a set that culminated in 1906 in the famous san francisco earthquake so that is what we are worried about. >> you are talking about warning shots that mother earth is giving us every 30 years leading up to the san francisco earthquake in 2006 that killed 3,000. do you feel or is there a possible that this could be history repeating? >> history never repeats but it arrives. we don't expect the exact same sequence of events but it is in the window of possibility that the hayward earthquake could happen. the recurrence interval on that fault is something like 1 70
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years plus or minus 30. we are entering that window and it is a warning shot. >> based on your forecast do you know or could we forecast potentially when the next big one could hit? >> we have a website that tries to do that called www. and one you can download for your iphone. we look at the smaller earthquakes as a way to forecast the big earthquakes. this is a relationship, an equation that relates the small ones to the big one. if we traffic the small ones we thing we can forecast the big one. >> we certainly hope history does not repeat itself but it is a fact of life in california. thank you, sir, from uc
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california. >> an american journalist has been freed. peter theo curtis was captured by al qaeda affiliate two years ago and held inside syria and secretary of state john kerry is headed home. dominic, before we get started, this is coming from the white house deputy press secretary, a couple of you have asked, this morning the president was briefed by assistant to the president for homeland security in counterterrorism on the release of peter theo curtis. dom? >> absolutely. the white house feeling pressure after the execution we saw this week of james foley how the white house should protect journalists held in syria. remember, islamic state is holding up to 20 journalists with continued we threats to murder journalists, american public is alarmed. the good news in the case of
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peter curtis. he is out of syria. he is safe. he is originally from boston, massachusetts, and the video was released in june. the family releasing this statement, his mother saying this, to media "my heart is full of the extraordinary and dedicated incredible people, too many to name individually, who have become my friends who have helped us over these many months. please necessity we are it eternally grateful and appeal to the captors to release the remaining hostage in the same humanitarian spirit that prompted theo's release." he was released in the golan heights. we don't know exactly where he is now. he could be anywhere in israel or lebanon or jordan where the golan heights crosses.
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there have been quite a few hostage releases including a payment of ransoms. john kerry, secretary of state, in the united states issued this statement. "the united states reached tout two dozen countries asking for urgent help from anyone who could have tools, influence, or leverage to secure the release of theo and the release of any americans held hostage in syria ." and we know that a journalist working for "time" magazine is list on who is to be executed we and time is of the excess whether he could already have been executed. no video has appeared and i a not meaning to speculate because of the attacks the united states and air raids the united states has had on isis positions it will be difficult to communicate what, exactly, the situation is with any of the journalists that
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it is holding. >> we pray for all of these journalists. if you watch the tape, and i did because i didn't want to speak without knowing and report open it, it was tough to watch but after the death on the tape of james foley, you can see them march out and you could see 9 threat against america and the threat open his life and the other journalists. >> president obama is headed home from the vacation from martha's vineyard and well look into tbal problems he faces. >> the latest on the earthquake in california, too, and what emergency crews are doing right now on the ground. k time takes o one.
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>> we are getting close to the identity of the killer behind the horrifying execution of american journalist james foley. sources saying united states and british intelligence officials are close to naming this man a british born rapper who went to might in syria as the isis terrorist they believe murdered foley in cold blood and seen putting the nice to his neck in the gruesome video. polly has the latest. >> it could havev5ññy2 been the, the london action sent and the online rap videos that gave him away. a senior western intelligence official tells fox that a 23-year-old british man, abdel majed abdel bary, is the one who beheaded united states journalist james foley leaving britain in 2013 to go to syria and fight with isis terrorists. british for thes, however, are not confirming the name publicly. just yet. >> we are close.
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>> we not yet in the position to say exactly who it is but there is very sophisticated voice technology and other measures we have that will allow us to be clear who this person is before long. >> intelligence officials will able to compare the voice on the execution video with his voice in online rap videos. in 2012 he rapped of the egyptian born father who was a close associate of osama bin laden and who was extradicted to the united states in 2012 on terrorism charges. part of the lyrics include this part "give me the ride and the honor like my father, i swear the day they took my dad i could have killed a cop or two. picture what i do now with a leaded victim, like boom, bam, fine i'm wishing you were dead, violate my brothers and i am filling you with lead." he post add picture of himself on his twitter account holding a
2:19 pm
severed head. thanks very much. >> >> five daze after the murder of james foley family and friends on his life. standing room only during a memorial mass in his home town church in rochester, new hampshire, thoughts and prayers as hundreds gather. loved ones saying they want him remembered if telling the world about the suffering of syrian people. more airstrikes against isis. is that enough? the white house now is. coming under increasing pressure to widen the military campaign against the radical islamist terrorist group and what it will take to reduce them and can we nail the terrorist killer who slit the throat of james foley? >> america must lead.
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when america hasn't been leading a lot of bad things happen.
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>> and now the massive 6.30 earthquake what hit northern california is being dissected, located in the heart of the nation's wine country, napa, in california. here is deputy director of california office of emergency services. i want to talk about this earthquake. we have seen some devastating pictures but from what i am reading we have learned a lot through the years, some of the buildings in downtown napa were historic but as you stand away from there is this what you would expect to see? have we built things better? some of the pinches look bad. >> after the major earthquakes there has been legislation that changed the building codes and required folks to do retrofitting include the state
2:24 pm
with bridges and infrastructure for roads. the earthquakes is a lesson to learn. there are a lot of things to discover. frankly, they are all unique with their own characteristics. this one, particularly, although it was 6.30 in magnitude, because it was shallow it felt as if it was a 7.0 the same magnitude of the loma prieta. >> let's talk about that. i have been studying up what it means to be "shallow," compared to deeper which means it is less than 4 miles down so this would be widespread damage because it is so close to the surface. is that correct? >> yes. the deeper you bury something the less impact it has. that is universal for earthquakes. this is seven miles deep which is relatively shallow and the
2:25 pm
loma prieta earthquake was 12 miles deep. we had over 60 people killed in home let with thousands injured. in this case we are lucky. >> people are asking me on twitter to talk about the fault lane. can you tell us about it? >> i'm not the second guy that knows about the faults. this was the west napa fault. we have had seismic activity in the past but this is not a major fault in california. we are worried about all of them but the ones we anticipate having the next catastrophic earthquake is the hayward fault and san anbreas that goes into los angeles where we have had recent exercises anticipating a major break of that fault line. >> we hear reports of gas lines ruptured, and water lines. talk about what happens
2:26 pm
underground when something this shallow shakes things loose. what are we look at long term? >> the hidden damage yet to be uncovered. we see the immediate damage such as the broken watermains and the buckle, of roads. long term we are concerned about things we cannot see. that is why we have inspectors from the department of transportation, experts that can assess the situation in the field. is there something that is awkward or unusual about a dam or levee or the older infrastructure that is not obvious. >> specifically, what is your greatest concern? they have been checking out the bridges, i know that. >> the big concern is in california although we are, country we still have a lot of people not prepared for the next big earthquake. when they are not prepare they become a burden to the 9-1-1 system and this should be a
2:27 pm
wake-up call that you need to be prepared for the next big earthquake. i necessity have drills and readiness if you live in the area. thank you. the fighting in gaza has been taken up a notch with israel unleashing a new strategy against hamas after the hamas rockets continue to be fired at israel. we will have a report after the break. a stated of emergency declared in state of california and you heard me talking with an emergency services expert and how the businesses are coping. the economy is taking a hit, too. >> i felt like someone was pulling the house from under us. thought it was going down.
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14 hours or so after the earthquake hit in napa valley in northern california and people now are picking up the pieces. the earthquake jolted folks from their beds at 3:30 in the morning. it injured up to 120 people but there have been no fatalities reported. water and gas lines have been ruptured. there have been fires and gas leaks. thousands of people have been left without power. here is the latest from papa. what is going on where you are? right now, there are still 30,000 people without power in the area. three people are in critical condition. many more were sent to thehospi. in downtown napa, this is destruction and damage all over every block. i walked past the post office and the windows blown out during the earthquake and the alarms have been going off all day.
2:32 pm
this building behind me is a restaurant on the bottom floor. the second and third floor are losts and offices. when the earthquake hit the structure could not handle the impact. part of it disintegrating and the roof is teetering on the corner of the building. the damage is widespread through the area. surveillace cameras caught when the earthquake jolted everyone awake at 3:20 this morning. we are six miles from the epicenter and officials are saying a number of the historic buildings were not prepared. >> of those that had major damage the three buildings on brown street addresses 816-820 were unreinforced buildings that were not brought up to standards although we have been working with them for a number of years do bring them up to code.
2:33 pm
>> the evening destroyed four mobile homes and it started half a dozen large fires throughout the area and the clean up process is just now going. many of the business owners and homeowners did not have, insurance because it is so expensive. some will have to pay hundreds of thousands out pocket and 89 were sent to the hospital. three people were in critical condition, two adults and one child. when i got here everyone has been glued to the story. everyone is talking about the destruction and injuries. what they continue to pints out, amazement more people were not hut or killed. >> that is fortunate. lucky. absolutely thank you from napa. we have been talking about the economy, the small businesses and i have discovered how many co-workers are from that area of the country. they trying to figure out what
2:34 pm
is next for the small companies after so many suffered extensive damage to their businesses. >> we have the younger brother fox' own adam housley, and their family have a business. your brother sent us pictures. tell me about the family store. >> we have two stores one in north napa and one in yountville and i have a restaurant. >> the damage? >> in our homes, not is were. some things fell off the shelves but in the business when we knew it was bad, we came to the business district, specifically in napa it was trashed. >> i want to make sense for our viewers. these are photographs of the family-owned business you have,
2:35 pm
one or two of them. tell me about the economy and the response of this time of the year for tourism. >> this area is the number two destination for tourism in the state of california behind disney. we have a ton of visitors moving through the veil specifically in the high season which is july through october. we are right in the heart of the season. the hotels are packed. restaurants are packed. people are everywhere. it has been tough to tell multiple visitors looking at me, why are you not open and i am not sure if they were awake and realized what happened. >> or if they can see what is in front of them. the pictures are devastating. some of these pictures we have been showing our viewers but the
2:36 pm
ones you and your brother have taken this afternoon we seeing for the first time. i know, eric, people are told that tourism will bounce back immediately and a last places are opening. what are the percentage of places open in the area right now? >> i am not totally sure, i would be guessing. i am about to re-open my businesses in the next hour for the day if i can. i had to make sure it was safe. i know the "french laundry" affiliate will be open tonight and i am hearing one of the three restaurants was hit pretty hard and the other two affiliates got something but not what the other did. it is a hard gauge. >> normally when you get that details of a local areary would say people may not know what you
2:37 pm
are talking about you in the state of california this is the second most visited area next to disneyland for tourism. people are aware of the places you are mentioning and your economy will take a hit but tourism will rebound, i promise, it will stillen popular. i hope you stay safe with all of the buildings and the shaky situation. eric, younger brother of adam housley, part of our own fox family. thank you. we want to hear from you if you have a picture and you want to share it, you can send it to us. please be careful. don't get close to anything dangerous when you take the shots. >> united states airstrike are hitting isis position and this is president obama now considering expanding the airstrikes again the terrorist group in syria.
2:38 pm
military analyst joins us now. first, captain, the despicable suspect, abdel majed abdel bary. authorities suspect abdel majed abdel bary may have been the one to hold the knife to james foley's neck. here is a british rapper and his father is held in new york city for being part of the embassy bombings. >> if we cannot get that gay, we took down the leadership, repeatedly, the leadership of al-qaeda up to and including osama bin laden. this guy if we want him bad enough we can get him. a knucklehold like that will get waxed on the battlefield and that would be okay with me, too. >> drones and syria and yemens drones in somalia and pakistan have taken out terrorist leaders.
2:39 pm
how come we can't get these days? what happened today? they took a syrian airfield that could give them access to war planes and helicopters. come on, they not a country and they could have war planes and helicopters. >> that is occurring across the border between iraq and syria. the airfield was not only had aircraft on it but it was a storage area for ground combat vehicles. for the syrians to lose control of that, it is prettying do -- prettying do gone -- pretty dog gone important. there are 20,000 fighters that are foreign and they are in iraq adapting to what we have been doing with our limited application of air power.
2:40 pm
they are breaking into smaller units where they will be more difficult to target. before we get too much further into this and taking the guys to school and teaching them what we can do we have to come up with an overall comprehensive strategy with the politics and the economics and the military aspect and deal with this in a comprehensive nature. >> it seeps we have not been able to do that. what worries me is the passports, 500 estimated british guys like this guy with british passports would joined them and a dozen are suspected members with united states passports. you know what will happen, they will try to spread it here. >> those guys will come back if you look at the muslim populations in europe and major cities in the united states, it will be easy for them to come in and blend in and travel owe being suspect and sooner or
2:41 pm
later that evil is going to come home. we have to be ready for it not just in the bat emfields there but we have to double down on what we are doing with homeland security as far as who is coming into the country. >> are we prepared? >> look at the southern border with mexico. you tell me. i got chills when you asked that question having planes. like a country. >> they captured the airfield today and hopefully they don't have pilots that necessity how to use them. >> the death toll is rising as we watch in iraq after a series of bombings. a live report from the ground and the latest. continuations briefly flaring last night in ferguson, missouri, again as notely previouses condition. it has been two weeks since a police officer fatally shot michael brown. people in the streets -- some are coming from the outside -- are not protesting, they are
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a day after the israeli air force took down an 11 story apartment building it leveled an office building. they are trying to stop the hamas rockets that are continuing to be fired into the jewish state with no sign of
2:46 pm
hamas stopping attacks. here is the latest from gaza city. both sides have increased the intensity of the attacks trying to wear out the other side. we see that tonight. we have video from an hour ago of an israeli air strike on a target chose to our location. these are three of the six rockets fired by the israelis at this target that was set to have launched rockets toward israel early today. a number of other airstrikes here across gaza, dozens today, killing at least six palestinians today alone and they targeting the israelis and buildings and vehicles used by hamas including the seven story office building lived this morning along with a two-story hopping center severely damaged near the southern border and this is after the take down of
2:47 pm
the 12 story apartment building with 44 farms and one used by hamas as an operations center which is why israel says they warned the residents to get out and destroyed the building. also, today, another targeted assassination of a hamas leader described as a money man for the group killed in his car hit in another missile strike and people gathered around the vehicle and found cash in the wreckage. >> hamas launched over 100 more rockets toward israel, 600 since breaking the cease-fire on tuesday and launched two dozen mortars at the border crossing including the attack that inyou areed several israeli arabs waiting to assist palestinians badly injured in the fighting and needed medical treatment in israel. because of this mortar attack the israels closed the boarder crossing today and not they re-open it, anyone can leave gaza. thanks for the latest on the
2:48 pm
ground in gaza. now in eastbound, a deadly weekend in violence with bombings in baghdad and one explosion at the capital of iraq , and three people were hurt, three cars destroyed and one official says that the explosion appears to have been caused by a "sticky," bomb. what is that? john? they going after the kurd forces as they public for more control and leave a path of death and destruction. as far as the bombings, we will talk about the military base that isis militants took over. this is in northeast syria, the
2:49 pm
last government-held outpost and now the third military base to fall under isis control, a human beings huge concern and the fight for the base started last week and it has been the most bloody so far with reported 150 government troops killed and 300 militants killed. they seized ammunition and artillery and tanks and even a squadron of jet fighters. so far, isis has taken over large areas of syria in northern iraq and now they are pushing close are to the turkish border and as you mentioned today in iraq there are more car bombings that left several people injured adding to those in baghdad and that left dozens dead as the united states military is considering possible airstrikes in syria. the united states has nearly
2:50 pm
100 isis targets in iraq. a lot of concern. not only about the bombings but the other airbase taken over. i posed the question, what is a sticky bomb, and i looked it up, a magnetic explosive device they put on part of the car so you can nature get it off and it blows and there you have it. thank you. back here, a rally is underway in st. louis in support of michael brown the unarmed teen shot dead in ferguson. his family is preparing for the funeral in the morning. bulldog: it's true! i am a bundle of talent!
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tensions in ferguson, missouri are easing and all of those arrested occurred at a protest of 100 people at a mcdonald's when they refused to leave. president obama is sending three white house aides to attend the funeral services for michael brown tomorrow. we are in st. louis at a rally with the latest. the reason the music festival is relevant to the story, in a for the time the parents of trayvon martin will be on stage and it will be an emotional event happening a day before michael brown is finally laid to rest at the large public event.
2:55 pm
>> we steadfastly believe that officer darren wilson's actions were warranted and justified and evidence will continue to validate our position. we are nut just supporters, we one enormous family now. the supporters of the officer are reluctant to use their names or show their faces because they are the subject of threats and harassment. online the supporters of officer wilson have raised over $400,000 . >> tomorrow, the funeral at 10:00 central time will certainly be quite emotional? >> it will. the church can seat 2,500 and 5,000 are expected. the public and allowed. the rest rand harp -- reverend sharpton will give the speech. there will be a packed scene. we will watch to see how it stabilized following the funeral
2:56 pm
of michael brown. >> thank you mike from st. louis at the rally. gunfire broke out before a pair for the video music awards in los angeles. the shooters were targeted the host, singer chris brown who escaped they say unharmed but three other were hit including rapper mogul suge knight and was shot twice and ice tan to the hospital for surgery. the suspected gunman was an prehended. >> the second time that suge knight was shot at a venue. that does it for us. it has been a busy sunday of breaking news and a lot going on. our coverage will continue throughout the night because as the sun sets if california they have to deal with the gas and water lanes that are exposed and broken. chris wall has is ahead.
2:57 pm
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i'm chris wallace. the execution of that american journalist by isis has the obama administration rethinking its strategy. >> oh, this is beyond anything that we've seen, so we must prepare for everything. >> this is an organization that has an apocalyptic end of days strategic vision, which will have to be defeated. >> what will it take to defeat isis? we'll discuss options with jack keane. is washington ready to go back to war? we'll ask senator john mccain. plus, does the president's changing tone on isis signal a change on policy? >> we will be vila