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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 25, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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north dakota. >> that is. hey, rick, thanks for joining us. outnumber over time on the web. fox and click on the over time tap. here's "happening now" now. >> fox news alert and funeral services for michael brown underway now in st. louis, missouri. crowd is estimated to be in the thousands there to remember the man killed by police. and this is "happening now". and it is a fox news alert that you have, jon. >> funeral services are underway as we said a moment ago. the crowds are in the estimated in the thousands. michael brown unarmed seen killed by the police and reverend a l sharpton taking heat for being a television
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contractor and anchor as well as participating in these services. and garrett teny is outside of the baptist church in st. louis, garrett? >> reporter: al sharpton critized police units for the excessive use of force and government spending on the police forces and to it arm them with weapons is used for war rather than using the money on education and for the poor. before the funeral began we had lines all the way down the building and block as more than 2,000 people filled the sanctuary. people who didn't know brown or his family and wanted to come show support for them. pardon me, a cousin of michael
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brown expressed anger and frustration that many are feeling today and talked about what it is they are planning to do with that anger moving forward tomorrow. >> we are going to hit the streets and yell out for freedom and yell out mike's name and it is going to shake the heavens. we don't say good bye, but say good journey, until we meet again. (applause) >> reporter: several protest scheduled for today despite the brown family asking for peace and calm. and today, after nearly two weeks of violence that we have seen. 11,000 students in st. louis area are returning to school after being cancelled or delayed several times last week.
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>> garrett thank you. we are waiting a new briefing from authorities in napa, california on the recovery efforts. it was in the heart of california wine country and strongest earthquake to hit the bay area and caused significant damage in napa's buildings downtown. water and power cut off to hundreds of homes and gas leaks sparked fires. now the area is bracing for possible aftershocks that could be powerful as the original quake that left folks understandably rattled. >> it was like someone pulled the bed out from beneath us. >> i never felt anything like that before. it felt like you were in a snow
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globe and someone was shaking it hard. >> bare martin was the spokesperson for the city of napa. b bar ry what is the most important need right now. >> reporter: still restoring services. we have 600 homes that do not have water yet. and we have stations where they can go fill up containers. most all electric and gas customers for pg&e have service bavenlth all suspected leaks have been checked out and we are good in that score. we are keeping public away from downtown napa and keeping public away. >> the one flagged off with a yellow ribbon. the fear is that they could collapse if there are more and significant aftershocks?
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>> that is the fear and that's why we don't want people crossing the yellow lines to take photos like they were doing yesterday. we invite people to look around in their neighborhoods and find someone to help closer to home. >> is it my understanding that no one anyhow the fault was existing? >> not completely a surprise. the west napa falls is the culprit here. we had a quake in 2,000. and it is known for sometime but not as prominent in an area like this like the san an degrees. the little faults are damaging as we have seen here. >> we are looking at the video of your beautiful downtown which is obviously been badly damaged.
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what is the long- term economic impact. are you going to be able to get back on your feet quickly? >> yes. napa has been known for the flooding problem for many years. and you can't solve earthquakes, but you can build to a higher standard and what people are coming to downtown napa for is still standing and will be open. in fact, we'll be opening up tonight and tomorrow. and on throughout the week. the damaged buildings are a terrific loss to our heritage and history here and to some degree economically damaging. butel that be back in action soon and we know how to bounce back. >> it is a beautiful downtown. and we wish you well. ba rry martin. thank you. >> and we have this story to bring you.
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an american journalist held hostage is now free. peter who wrote under the by line was captured in syria by al-qaeda. his release comes days after the murder of james feelo. john has more on. this can you tell us anything about peter's condition now? >> reporter: well, he's in tel aviv in the u.s. embassy. his release is good news in the light of the brutal execution of james foley. we'll go over what happened here. curtis was turned over to u.s. and u.n. official in the gola n heights and curtis is in the u.s. embassy and we are waiting for information on his condition. the country of qatar helped to
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secure curtis' release from al-qaeda. they support hamas as we have covered is the at war with israel and hamas spokesman said hamas welcomes the release of curtis and thanked qatar for its work. curtis' release came after isis posted the execution of james foley and in the same threat threatened to kill stephen sola ft a writer for times magazine. it was unclear of the terms agreed on curtis' release. there was no ransom paid. it is a dangerous time for foreign correspondence. and now the execution and release of curtis emphasizes
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that danger and so far, heather 20 journalist remain miss nothing syria. >> so many are still missing. >> thank you so much. we are learning about a key suspect in the murder of james feelo. the former british rapper who is under investigation for that horrific act. we'll have a live report coming up. >> in the meantime, weeks of fight nothing india where islamic militia seized the airport in tripoli and prompting thousands to flee. the stand off between the islamist and anti- islamist group. the country's outgoing parliment agreed to name a new government and can leaving libya with two rival governments. the foreign minister called for
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an international push to disband the militia. >> new developments in ukraine. a column of russian tanks and vehicles in the border southeast away from where the most intense fighting is taking place. the city was shelled overnight and leading some to believe that pro russian rebels is trying to take a major port. russian foreign minister said he has no information. >> and a deadly explosion in a recycling plant in illinois. it is a strange situation. and napa valley, earthquake, raising concerns about the big one in california. we'll talk with a seismologist just ahead. and should the u.s. expand air strikes and target isis in syria. a live chat is up and running.
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liberty mutual insurance. >> right now, a deadly explosion in southern illinois. a mortar shell exploded in the total recycling plant. there could be more explosions and patty ann brown is live in our newsroom. >> two people are dead and one injured in southern illinois. it happen in greenich city. a mortar shell exploded around 6:30. and a police bomb squad was sent to the plant from scott air force base. the bodies haven't been removed and not clear where the mortar came from.
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it exploded in the outdoor area of the plant. and the injured person was able to communicate with rescuers and taken to the hospital. investigators are looking in the case and fire chief and atf agent. this plant was cited for serious violations in 2011 and 12, jon? >> someone sent metal and it turned out to be a live mortar round? >> that is a good guess. >> thank you. >> we'll watch that one. and talking about other news now. u.s. geological survey is warning folks in the bay area to range for 70 shocks. over the weekend it was a 6.0. this has potential for stronger aftershocks.
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we'll talk on the the phone with theicizeologist and defector of the west end observery department. >> what do they tell us about the aftershocks. ole series of them? >> they are normal after an earthquake like. this it gives us the direction of the fault. >> we have pinpointed it to a smaller fault line, but that doesn't necessarily mean it is not devastating. >> we had a 6.0 earthquake on this fault. in known 92, small faults line up to get strong quakes. small faults can pose a hazard. >> how long could this all last?
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>> aftershocks are dying off even today compared to yesterday. they will be feeling fewer and fewer over time in the area. on the other hand, there could be a resurgence in the aftershocks in the days and weeks to come and a potentially damaging one of five or bigger. >> we talked to a guest in the last hour, you could have one earthquake and follows another earthquake. >> statistically a strong earthquake follows an earthquake like this five times out of a hundred or 7 times out of a hundred. statistically it is not high, but we have to let people know that there is that chance. we can't predict when earthquakes are going to occur. >> earthquakes happen miles beneath the ground.
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does it cause more earthquakes or more aftershocks and are things unstable under the earth's service. >> not very unstable, but there is some evidence that there is a slightly increased chance of earthquakes in other nearby areas following an earthquake like this. it is an increase of only a few percent. i would say, there is a slight increase in instability. >> we know that technology exists, an early warning system and a pilot program in northern california. why doesn't it exist in a broader scale where every person in california has access to it akin to the amber alert. and we get the alerts and hear about it on the news. why doesn't everybody have access? >> we would like to spread access. but be careful not to spread it
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before it is easy. if they are released too early they can cause problems. and the early warning systems are issuing kwarnings when there are none and sometimes there is missing them. we haven't released them widely. >> that noise that they heard was an example of the early warning system. few other countries have access to that where earthquakes are a problem. >> that alarm gets your attention. >> it certainly does. >> and the military is testing a new experimental missile and super sonic weapon designed to protect any point on earth in half an hour. >> and plus, british intelligence coming closer to
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finding the masked man seen in the horrific murder of james foley. details on the key suspect as the foley family said good by. >> and in missouri another son laid to rest. friends and family and supporters of michael brown attending his funeral. we'll give you an update. it's always the same dilemma, who gets the allstate safe driving bonus check. rock beats scissors! wife beats rock. and with two checks a year, everyone wins. switch today and get two safe driving bonus checks a year for driving safely. only from allstate. call 877-218-2500 now. zach really loves his new camera. problem is...this isn't zach. it's a friend of a friend who was at zach's party and stole his camera. but zach's got it covered... with allstate renter's insurance. protect your valuables for as low as $4 a month when you add renter's insurance to your allstate auto policy. call 877-218-2500 now. what are you doing? we're switching car insurance.
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no one on the ground was injured. >> we are learning about the masked man behind of the killing of james feelo a former rapper is one of several british jihaddist now. >> mourners packing a special inro chester new hampshire over the weekend. >> since this moment in our lives and international in scope, crossing all boundaries, get very personal. bound together by a deep sense of human compassion and heart felt remorse, i wish to extend to you in the name of all people of good will our deepest
10:25 am
sympathy. kitty has more from london. >> reporter: there are unconfirmed details emerging from jim foley's killing that we can't verify. the british times paper said they have analyzed the photo. and the among who appears on screen may not be his killer. he fronted it for propaganda purposes is their theory. the daily mail goes further. his father is allegedly linked to al-qaeda and held in u.s. detention. it is thought that u.s. intelligence may be aware of the identity and they have not confirmed this. authorities may be reluctant to release information that could
10:26 am
jappardize others. isis has threatened to kill stephen soloff if the u.s. continues. now, there are real concerns here in the uk about the involvement of british jihaddist. hundreds more have gone to fight with isis. and growing calls here for tougher action and revoking british citizenship. >> back here at home multiple investigations in ferguson, missouri. where will those investigations go from here as now questions are added about a special prosecutor. and strongest earthquake to hit
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the bay area in years. we'll have the latest on the clean up in wine country. will the united states expand the fight against isis terrorist? the united states considering air strikes far beyond iraq, we'll tell you about that. wait, are you running full adobe photoshop on a tablet?
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yep. but it's not just a tablet, it's really a laptop. it's a surface pro 3, with a touchscreen. well it can't be as fast as my mac. sure, it can. and it is. but you probably can't plug anything into it. i have a usb mini display port. plug away. and this is my favorite -- it's the kickstand. so you're saying it does more than my mac? well technically, you said it. ♪ >> a massive crowd packing the st. louis church for michael brown. you can start to see the
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procession coming out of the church right now. the unarmed teen shot and killed by an. and there is multiple investigations taking place. new questions are emerging on how to move forward and including the department of justice will appoint a special prosecutor in the case. they have expressed confident in the st. louis attorney that was overseeing the investigation. we'll talk about that. >> and we'll talk the criminal defense attorney. and we'll start with you right now. the father of michael brown wanted peace today. it so manies to hold right now. is the worst over? >> i don't think the worst is over. i think depending on the outcome of the investigation with the police officer and whether he is indicted or not, that will be
10:32 am
the real answer on as to whether more violence and outcries will result from that. >> jana, the administration sent three staffers to the funeral. does that bis the case in any way. >> i would be concerned if i was officer wilson. it is unusual to have government officials. it is making a statement that the government officials think there is guilt there. we are not close to determining the facts and who will get prosecuted and who will not. that is disconconcerning. >> we don't know the facts. and in all due respect to the passing of this young man. we don't know what happen and we were not there. and so before we jump to judgment we need to take a neutral stance. and it is unfortunate situation.
10:33 am
we don't know if it was justified. >> we don't know if it going to do with race. a lot of people are jumping to that conclusion. >> and so we have sympathy that an 18-year-old man died. he is somebody's son and friend. but we don't know if he died because of his race or his behavior. and if the police officer's conduct was justified. we just don't know yet. >> the department of justice may not only appoint a special prosecutor but stick his hands in the operations of the ferguson police department and may tell them how to handle their own operations. what do you think of that when the fed steps inspect. >> being that there is so much
10:34 am
animositty and tension between the police and community, there needs to be somebody step in to heal the wounds. i can see why it may be necessary. >> that is pretty much unprecedented. it is no other case that came to mind. >> unprecedented. what the heck does the federal government know about local level law enforou want to chang or the way police officers are hired and fired. talk to the community leaders. don't come in and get rid of this and that. and the federal government doing that stuff, i don't think so. >> it may be necessary to find out proper screening is taking place. >> eric holder doesn't need to do that. >> it is the federal government's responsibility to make sure there is consistency
10:35 am
with the police departments in this country. this is a countrywide issue now. >> we know that the ferguson police department had failed to change its mix up of people on the the police force as the demographics change canned. and that should be more paritty when a community reflects a certain race. >> you need to find out why. maybe a lot of african-americans are not applying. >> and that is what we need. >> we know there is a lot to talk about today as michael brown is laid to rest and that funeral service just wrapped up a short time ago. we appreciate the debate. >> and right now, the united nation's human rights chief is condemning widespread crime done by isis in iraq.
10:36 am
and meanwhile, many are wondering if the u.s. should do more to fight the islamic terrorist. some say it is not enough to defeat isis. >> lieutenant colonel bill cowan is our guest now. what dow think about that? can we contain them through air strikes alone? >> no, we can hurt them and cash them and make them feel bad but never defeat them. and all of the time we dither about making more strikes or crossing in syria, isis continues to consolidate the position. and 2 million people under his control. and it will take a campaign where we are in the ground level, we or our iraqi security forces or another multinational
10:37 am
forces going in to the towns and villages and weeding them out. >> what disappoints so many american people we have spent so much effort training the iraqi military. they were supposed to be able to handle the fight and when they were confronted with isis they threw down the weapons and said you caught can us and we are done. >> lack of leadership. i have been to iraq since the u.s. forces and i watched the slow degeneration of the military as maliki moved out qualified and capable leaders most of whom worked alongside u.s. forces and knew the u.s. military and many educated in the u.s. and maliki went out and cleaned them out and put in cronies and people untested and unexperienced and were shiits like him and we'll paying the penalty on.
10:38 am
that our state department in baghdad should have been watching that. and our military and lisons with maliki. key sto and we stad back and paying the penalty. >> are we close to the iraqi military taking over for the fight against isis. >> the white house hopes so. and there is a long ways to go. the new prime minister who will get albadi will have his government put together. and maybe he will get them back in field position and rearm and reequipping the army and security forces. we are a long way for those guys taking the battle forward. what we can do is use air strikes against isis against the
10:39 am
back drop of them moving and taking control of more people. nany time you tell the enemy what you are not doing. you help them. and give them information. we said we are not going to strike inside of syria at least right now. why not go after isis inside of syria and what is the drawback to that? >> i don't think there is any drawback. consider. this we are fighting a war in afghanistan and been effective and i give the president credit for this. we are effective in crossing the border in pakistan and using the drones and we caught bin laden over in pakistan. there is a precedence in this administration to going across the border and i don't see why we are not crossing the border in syria and making the strikes that need to be made and destabilize isis and make them
10:40 am
focus on containing them. >> and lieutenant colonel bill cowan, thank you. >> thanks, jon as always. >> we want to hear from you. >> do you think that america should expand air strikes and target it in syria our live chat is up and running. and click on america's asking and get in on the conversation. >> we are expecting an update on the earthquake recovery efforts taking place in california. as we head to the news briefing. we'll see where adam housely is standing by. we were downtown and going over where the injuries were.
10:41 am
and this is the wine you normally see if the store. and go inside and see what they are dealing with now. it is a game of pick up sticks with barrels. these are barrel upon barrel piled on each other. and inside of these barrels is 25 cases of wine and they are trying to go and pump out and salvage. and they have case loads to the left here. and you can see the case goods they just bottle. it came toppling down and this is millions of dollars. and the smaller wineries. they don't have the infrastructure. and they have one warehouse and now they are left with this. and carren, i know it shook. this is where the fault line that went. they are on the fault line in western napa.
10:42 am
you said it shook at your house and you walked down to the winery what did you being. >> we woke up in the middle the night and though time time 30 and my husband went in and looked at the damage and he was sheet white and he couldn't talk and showed me the picture and our hearts sunk. >> look at that inside. this is a day's process and just try to salvage. >> at least 7 or 10 days. >> you think you lost in the millions of dollars. and like most businesses here, guys. they don't have insurance. the deductible is so high and it is not affordable. >> glad it is wine and not lives that were injured there. adam, thank you. new research shoes american teens are not getting enough sleep. and the change that experts are calling for to reverse the trend
10:43 am
and on the verge of a public health crisis. and a twitter rant. >> and why the pilot was forced to make an emergency landing.
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>> hello, coming up. new developments in the investigation and brutal execution of james foley and what he said in the final letter in captivity and an alarming update on the missing e-mails from lois lerner, irs admits they exist but there is a catch to looking for them. and join us for that. and the latest victim of the war on business. moving their head quarter to canada? find out why in the top of the hour. somebody who has a teenager knows they like to sleep a lot.
10:47 am
doctors say let them sleep. that is the message. teenagers simply need more rest and they are pushing schools to push start times to address the sleep. boy, some of these kids start early and some of them before 8 o'clock in the morning, why is that too early in your view? >> this new study is interesting. it shoes us as we age and enter puberty our sleep psyche and he will rhythm shifts. the amount of mella ton an and sleep hormone decreases and making it difficult for them to go to bed early. >> there is science behind this. mom, i can't go to sleep until 1 o'clock it could be true? >> it really is. reading about this today.
10:48 am
we know that as teens enter puberty mella tonnian decreases and the cycle shifts. teens need 8 and 9 half-hours to sleep to function and 85 percent don't get that. >> and what about mom and dad, saying turn off the ipad and television and get your butts to bed. >> not 8 o'clock maybe 10:30 or 10. and some of the things we talk about is good sleep hygiene. and the things that are involved, making sure that things are quiet ashes round the house when we are starting to wind down and no activity as video dwams and texting within an hour of going to slope. and avoid eating and caffeine two hours before sleep. and a lot of preparation for the sleep time would be helpful.
10:49 am
>> it is hard for parents. and kids have all of the after school activities and eat a late dinner and mom and dad keep them up later and spend time with them. there is a lot they are trying to put in. will the school district start later in the day? >> some are. i have a 13-year-old daughter, and getting her to bed before 11:00 is tough. and i want to go to bed and waiting on her to go to sleep is a difficult thing. i know cities and districts that are talking about it. it is a good first step. >> thank you for joining us. and i thought teenagers were just lazy and wanted to sleep all of the time. thank you. >> my teen, the youngest does not like to go to bed. i assure you of. that >> and gamers had to put down
10:50 am
controllers over the weekend after the sony play station network was crippled by a massive cyber attack. and a american airlines flight forced to divert after a bomb threat and how these two stories are actually related. next. e. new fiber one streusel. ♪ [music] jackie's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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right now, sony's gaming service, the playstation network swb back up and running after a cyber attack knocked out the service to millions of people over the weekend. sony says no user information was stolen. meantime, a flight carrying a sony executive was diverted over the weekend after a bomb threat via twitter. no bomb found on-board. a group of hackers known as the
10:54 am
l lizard squad claims responsibility for the threat and the attack. >> the president of sony online entertainment, john smedley, was on that american airlines flight from dallas to san diego when his flight was abruptly diverted to phoenix. it was grounded after threats from hackers on twitter claiming there was an explosive aboard. the flight was diverted, as i said, to phoenix and the hacking collecti iviv ivive lizard squa saying at american air we have been receiving reports that j smeddy's plane 362 from dfw to san has explosives on-board, please look into this. the grounding occurred just at the same time the sony president was addressing an ongoing cyber attack on sunday that brought down the entire gaming network. lizard squad was among the groups that took credit for it.
10:55 am
sony is saying the network is back online as of this morning and no personal information was compromised. they are saying the fbi is now investigating the grounded flight and they have no further comment. but it is unclear who exactly is behind lizard squad but they don't really seem to care, that they have essentially committed a felony here. the twitter account laughed off the situation tweeting brbfbi. it also tweeted a video of 9/11 and equated themselves to isis. sony shares right now are trading up about 1%. >> too bad they can't use their expertise for something a little more productive. >> true. >> really terrifying people, then costing companies potentially millions of dollars for that. unbelievable. a news briefing in napa is set to start within minutes. we expect an update on the clean-up there and the efforts to get water turned back on in hundreds of homes in that area. we'll go to california live at the top of the hour.
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then you don't know "aarp". find more surprising possibilities and get to know us at
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a man won $2.4 million at the mgm grand. his wife urged him to play after reading about the game online. the casino says it's been more than ten years since somebody won the jackpot at this notoriously stubborn slot machine. the couple plans to use their winnings to put their grandchildren through college. so what happens in vegas doesn't always stay in vegas. sometimes it comes out and pays for college. >> nice. >> in lots of other cities. >> everybody should encourage their grandparents to go to vegas and spend their money. >> i'm not going to encourage it. but for them, for them it work. >> but it happened. $2.4 million. >> nice to have you here today. >> i'll see you back here tomorrow, john. "the real story" with shannon breem in for gretchen
11:00 am
carlson stars right now. we begin with a fox news alert. northern california continuing to pick up the pieces today after the biggest earthquake in 25 years rattles the bay area. hello, everyone. welcome to "the real story." napa city officials getting set to update us on the 6.0 earthquake that shook awake california wine country early sunday morning. we're keeping a close eye on napa city hall where a news conference is set to begin any minute. quake lasted just 20 seconds. response teams have been working around the clock in the day and a half since stamping out fires, getting lights back on and repairing dozens of broken water mains and gas lines. some 50 aftershocks have been reported so far, and while people are bracing for more, officials say the chances for another major quake are growing slimmer. trace gallagher is live in downtown napa to fill us in. >> reporter: you mentioned


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