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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  August 27, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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thank you for starting your day with us. we are going to get right to the chicago news alert. >> brand new information emerging about a man's connection to isis and more americans joining their fight. elizabeth prann live in washington. >> good morning. they were aware of douglas mcarthur mccain one killed in syria and affiliation with isis. it was first reported by the presyrian army fighting against isis for control over eastern syria on twitter in june he told his isis contact he would be meeting them soon. plan knee lawmaker -- many law americas say we should be keeping closer tabs on those who could be a threat for the u.s. >> we should have no more visas from the middle east coming over to this area. we should say stop time-out slow
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things down to make sure we aren't allowing people into this country that are harming us. >> the fbi says it is tracking those moving from the u.s. to syria. the institute security measures would help track people of interest. it cannot flag every person. >> it does bring home to us and it is a stark reminder of the real threat of foreign fighters inside organizations like isil. when we look at the mediacy of isil this is foreign fighters getting over there radicalized and potentially moving their way back to the home land. >> it is one of dozens of jihad 'tises taking up arms with extremist. bar-baric extremism possibility of air strikes into syria. elizabeth prann live in
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washington. thank you. >> republican is speaking out about how he should handle isis. >> the president of the united states commander in chief to show leadership come forward and express to the american people articulate the threat that we as americans face and what he is going to do in a comprehensive way. his military leadership hasn't let congress off the hook. he will be able to and have to stand up because this is a way you interface with voters at home. the president needs to make the case. what is he going to do what is the solution to face the threat. it is a threat to the home land. we can either fight them there for fight them here. i would rather have them fought over there. >> today all eyes on arizona and florida. house retired air force combat
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pilot martha mcsally winning the arizona republican primary with 86 percent of the vote. she will face democrat ron barber in the fall. >> many people in dc are going to make sure those things the government should be doing like protecting americans and securing the border they do well. the things they shun doing stop over reaching so they can try to grow the economy. >> arizona state treasurer goosey taking the primary for governor. winning the democratic primary for governor to face rick scott. florida has not elected a democratic 2k3w06r7b another sin -- governor since 1994. according to irs lawyers low ryes learner's blackberry was deliberately wiped clean after the start of a congressional
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probe. what does this mean for the investigation? >> june of 2012 that's the date to keep in mind. it is significant. it is a date that a crime may have been committed if it is proven evidence was intentionally destroyed. it's the date in a follows lois lerner's first appearance to discuss why the irs should be in tea party. thomas kean the chief council admits that learner's blackberry was removed or wiped clean of any sensitive for proprietary information and scrapped in june of 2012. members of congress want to know why. >> it sure looks suspicious when you follow the time line. this entire ordeal all kinds of suspicious and ridiculous things when you look at the time line.
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like not disclosing for two months when he should have. on and on at some point we to have a special prosecutor. even 26 democrats say we need that. appoint a special prosecutor. >> e-mails are not permanently lost but retrieved through backup material. they hope the court in dc will force them to turn over evidence that is critical to determine if the agency targeted particular groups conservative groups. lea? >> the u.s. turned over new terror suspects to yemen. two prisoners held at the u.s. military prison at bagram air base in afghanistan were transferred to yemen. they have been detained since 2012 when they were arrested in pakistan. it could be seen as a trial run for yemen sus specs being held at guantanamo bay prison in cuba. a five day shooting rampage leaving four people dead.
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now calling alexander hernandez a serial killer. he's behind bars charged with one murder right now. he could be responsible for at least 7 shootings that began a week ago. the most recent a sunday morning shooting targeting a family as they were heading to church. less than an hour later two more victims were shot. hernandez is set to be arraigned again today. the so-called craig's list killer who claimed she murdered 22 people as part of a satanic cult just dodged the death penalty. they pled guilty to stabbing and strangling a man in pennsylvania after he responded to their on-line ad. they both face life behind bars. >> new fallout from the deadly shooting of unarmed teen michael brown in missouri. a group of activists calling for government to oversee local law enforcement. members of the black caucus want a police czar to help racial
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bias and policing. a group says if police treat low income neighborhoods like war zones. the police czar would monitor local police and promote diversity among officers. a new va report shows there is no conclusive evidence linking death to weight time. that's not stopping the fbi have investigating allegations of obstruction of justice within the agency. 93 healthcare sites are being investigated for making secret waiting lists. families of veterans who die waiting for care say they still blame the va. some will file suit with the agency. (chanting) >> they are demanding the mexican president free our marine sergeant andrew tahmooressi sitting in a tijuana prison. he was arrested in when he
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mistakenly wound up over the border with guns illegally from the u.s. he avoided the topic instead demanding justice for illegal immigrants. jerry brown expressing his approval pledging he will speed up migrant crossings at the border. >> it is being called a death blow for businesses. eric scarseti is proep potioning a plan to hike the minimum wage to 13.25. the current hourly wage is $9 an hourment many business owners are worried it will force them to layoff joshing workers or hire less people. >> 250 wall street high rollers will get to rub elbows with the. at a major fundraising event at labor day. they will pay 32,000 dollars a head to meet president obama. it is a huge cash hall for the democratic national committee
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trying to fight off republican challengers in the off year election. now to a fox business alert. another record broken on wall street. lauren simonetti joins us with more. >> the s&p 500 now closing above that psychological milestone 2,000. it didn't take long it flirted with the 2,000 level monday and sealed the deal yesterday. in fact with 4 percent this month the markets on track since august in 14 years. futures are up. dow up 14 points nasdaq up as well. travelers american airlines tickets no longer available on orbitz. u.s. airways won't be either come september 1st. what went wrong? the fees that pay orbitz they were too expensive. orbitz stocks down almost 5 percent yesterday. >> giant i pads are coming. bloomberg is reporting that
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apple suppliers that's almost 3 inches bigger than the current ipad. to reverse the trend they are courting businesses who might find the large ers screen useful. >> consumer reports crowning chrysler's ram diesel out scoring ford as well as chevrolet. the v6 engine is based substantially on fuel and scored better on road tests. >> talk about a cream codream c. a virginia teen gets a chance to meet her idol tim tebow. after hearing her story he flew she and her family to arizona where he got to spend one-on-one time with her. >> when things get tough and crazy two things really matter that is loving jesus and loving
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people. >> tweeted still can the believe this really happened. thank you tim tebow for everything. you are such a blessing to me. >> he is such a nice guy. does so much charity work, too. >> life coaches. is that fair or file. we report you decide. >> then she has a history of boarding planes without a ticket. why this serial stowaway just landed back hined bars. >> she is back. but first take a look at the weather around the country. ♪ vo: this is the summer.
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>> extreme weather. dueling hurricaneson both
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coasts. winds up to 100 miles an hour. a surfer dead after being warned the ocean was too rough for inexperienced surfers. on the other side of the country hurricane christifal is going from georgia all of the way to maine. rocking northern california one reaching magnitude 3.9. an area recovering from a 6.0 earthquake. one teenager's narrow escape after being buried under bricks from his fireplace. >> i consider myself lucky to be alive. if i hadn't moved i wouldn't be here right now. i should be dead. >> officials estimate losses to be in the 10's of millions of dollars. they expect the final family to top a $51 million threshold in
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order to qualify for federal aid. >> one day a hero the other suspect of an investigation. we told you about the university of southern california star josh shaw jumping from a balcony to save his drowning nephew. he is named in a burglary report on that very same night. a person fitting his description was seen quote shimmying down a building on campus. the trojan coach says they are looking into it but at this point they have no reason to doubt shaw's story. >> shirts or football. one college athlete says this coach forced him to choose between those two. port landed state university student vincent johnson has not been able to play the game since the spring. his church services falling at the same time at his college football practices. that's when playing the sport became a problem. >> there's a lot of people miss practice if they have academics or anything like that.
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it could have been arranged. >> he claims his coach would only allow a few absences. the university is investigating but ensures his scholarship is safe. >> now it is time to brew on this. faith under fire. a florida school district deciding to replace chaplains with life coaches. ministers were told they can still talk to players before and after games but they cannot pray mention god or read from the bible. that leads us now to our question of the day. is the move fair or foul? send us your comments on facebook, twitter or send us an e-mail at fox friend >> it is 17 minutes after the top of the hour. a family outraged after the airline loses their elderly mother. >> put me there and left me.
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>> what did you think was going to happen to you? >> that i would sit in newark forever. >> how long that lady had to wait before someone finally noticed her. >> turns out miley cyrus vma date is not someone you would bring home to mom. why did he has a warrant out for his arrest.
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and xfinity on demand movies and shows wherever he wants. have fun, make some friends. alright? did i mention his neck pillow? (blowing) ♪ ♪>> we will see the sun coming
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up in new york. a look at times square. isis demanding a million dollars. an american woman held in syria. the third american hostage is a 26-year-old kidnapped doing humanitarian work in syria. her family doesn't want her identity released. isis demanding $6.6 million after the beheading of james foley and the threat to another journalist steven sotloff. after two years of captivity in syria an american hostage is finally home. journalist curtis was taken by a terrorist group with links to al qaeda. he was abducted near turkey near the syrian border years ago. they negotiated his release. late yesterday he landed in boston and welcomed home by his father. >> she was heading home but never left the ground. southwest airlines forgot about
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her. she sat in her wheelchair at newark new jersey for 11 hours before any one even noticed. >> pushed me there and left me. >> what did you think was going to happen to you? >> that i would sit in newark forever. >> her daughter left her with a sky captain who was supposed to push her to the gate. when she didn't make it to denver other people got worried. >> what are people's jobs? who is supposed to be paying attention? >> she was given $200 in travel vouchers southwest saying a processing error. the serial stowaway arrested for a 10th time. busteded at sky harbor international airport for trespassing near the baggage claims. they had these back-to-back booking photos. she was ordered to spend 117 days in jail but only served three-days because of over crowding. a mental health evaluation has
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been requested. >> one of the big events in charlotte is the jobs fair for our veterans. >> we look at the difficulties many vets finding work. >> the job fair like the one going on behind me are especially porn the for veterans who served after 9-11. this group faces a much higher unemployment rate. last month post 9-11 veterans had an unemployment wait higher than all veterans slightly better than the rate for nonveterans that month. the number of vets leaveling the military during the drawdown following wars in iraq and afghanistan. a cycle that has repeated itself through out history. >> you look back into world war i, they came back with ticker tape parades in november and they were unemployed come
2:25 am
january. >> the american league gone is holding this job fair as a prominent part of this convention. active duty personnel should start researching civilian careers as early as two years before leaving military service. they also want to educate employers about the quality veterans bring to the table such as character and work ethic. >> i have eight years of school i finished my mba masters of business administration. when people asked should they get an mba or go into the military. the 8 years in the marine corps gave me any experience than any mba could ever get you. >> the mba is hosting workshops for veterans with an entrepreneurial flair helping them set up their own businesses. >> thanks, johnathan. the time is 25 minutes after the hour. caught on camera a 9-year-old girl accidentally killed a shooting range instructor during a lesson. what caused her to lose control of that gun. >> and listen to this.
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>> it is wednesday, august 27th. we start with a fox news alert. home grown terror. an american killed fighting for isis.çó experts say he wasn't alone. now new calls for the president to act. >> another irs bombshell. it turns out lois lerner's blackberry deliberately wiped clean after congress launched its investigation. so where is the accountability?
2:30 am
>> and remember these faces? john stamos. why the guy from full house could be making a big return. "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ >> good wednesday morning. good to see you and your family are halfway there. >> i am ainsley earhardt. >> we begin with the fox news alert. an american jihadist a chicago man killed fighting for a terror group. his connection to the group and
2:31 am
the new threat here at home. doug luzader is live with the latest. >> good morning. the fbi thinks there are 100 americans now fighting in syria. the larger concern is some of them may come back to the united states. that's why the story behind doug mccain is so troubling. a convert to islam he traveled to syria reportedly fighting along side the isis army there, was killed in it doing so. they will come back to the united states to carry out the attack. >> this is one of those factors this idea of foreign fighters getting over there and becoming radicalized. we are not the only government concerned with this but it is on our mind. >> he promised there would be no combat troops on the ground in
2:32 am
iraq saying it would only anger radicals. >> the answer is not to send in large military deployments that over stretch our military and lead for us occupying countries that lend to extremism. >> they were keeping something of an eye on mccain. they knew he was a potential player in all of this. with so many americans over there now it is difficult to keep track of all of them. >> time for "look who is talking. andrew mccarthy says the administration is not taking it slightly. >> they are not the only ones because this is our problem one we cannot delegate to the afghan arm -- afghan army.
2:33 am
they are not materially different than al qaeda. they are al qaeda 2.0. they are made up of al qaeda veterans. their goal has always been to destroy the west. >> back to an arizona shooting range when a young girl on vacation with her family accidentally kills the instructor. >> cell phone video recorded just before the accident. she was firing an ooze sglie machine gun. as she was pulling the trigger the recoil caused her to lose control of the gun accidentally killi shooting him in the head. >> our guys are trained to basically hoover over people when they are shooting. >> no charges will be filed against the shooting range which is licensed and operating legally. >> a search is on for a 23-year-old new jersey student
2:34 am
who vanished in israel. he hasn't been seen since friday when he went hiking in jerusalem in a forest there with his friends. the killing of a young palestinian boy in the same area last month. he searched along an israeli rescue team and hundreds of volunteers. >> coast guard firing a shot. the drama coming out as they had a small vote to investigate a small iranian vessel. as the u.s. boat approached the crew pointed a machine gun at them. they fired a shot to warn them off the iranian vessel then turned away. >> a troubling trend dozens of police departments across the country lost loads of military issued weapons. a new report finds 200 state and local departments have been suspended from a pentagon program that issues the weapons.
2:35 am
this is for failure to comply with the guidelines among the missing m 16 assault rifles shot guns and two humvee vehicles. >> new development for the irs scandal lois lerner's blackberry destroyed. a lawyer said it was deliberately wiped clean. what investigators are saying about this. >> good morning to you. members of congress say june of 2012 is a significant time line to follow. here is why. it's the date that follows the congressional committee to discuss if irs had been targeting conservative groups. her blackberry is wiped clean. thomas cane oh chief council admits learner's blackberry was removed or wiped clean of any sensitive for proprietary information or removed as scrap for proposal in june of 2012.
2:36 am
this follows revelations from judicial watch computer records for learner's e-mails are not permanently lost but can in fact be retrieved. >> i received information from a former department of homeland security official who has security clearances. he just retired in april. he contacted me and contacted judicial watch and members of congress and said there is backup material. >> some members of congress believe the irs include a commissioner is stone walling. >> every time john costin nin comes against a committee he said something. we subsequently learned he wasn't being straight with it. >> some of the congressional members are hoping dc will force the irs to live up to its duty to disclose all of the evidence pertaining to this case. lea? >> thanks, kelly. today all eyes on arizona and
2:37 am
florida. the house retired air force combat martha mcfallon easily winning the republican primary with 68 percent of the vote. she will seek gabriel gifford's aid barber in the fall. doug doocy taking the primary for governor. in florida the primary for governor to face incumbent rick scott. >> the obama residency is a law in california. they are teaching them the historical significance of obama becoming the first african american president. it had overwhelming bipartisan support. some are saying it's unusual and unnecessary to tell students they should include a president in classroom curriculum. >> miley cyruses homeless date to the mtv video awards is in trouble with the law. the 22-year-old has a warrant out for his arrest. he was busted for breaking into
2:38 am
an apartment in oregonianed charge with criminal trespassing. he's repeatedly violated his probation after smoking pot, breaking curfew and failing to report to his probation officer. >> full house could be coming back to television. >> there a word this morning john stamos is heading up this project. bob sag got and candice cameron burr. that show was on the air from 87 to 95. he saw my good looking friend and said mercy. no lie. >> that is a great show. >> 29 minutes after the hour. struck by lightning and lived to tell the stories. two men describing their
2:39 am
explosive meeting with mother nature. >> a major move to dodge taxes. why customers and lawmakers are calling for a boycott. >> tired of standing in long lines, be patient. why waiting could be the trouble with happiness. ♪
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>> that first shot is our building. now to times square. good morning to you. >> the feds treating back to school lunches at the national security concerns. the usda under secretary for food explaining obesity is not just a health issue. it has an economic and national security issue. the obama administration is cracking down beverages like gatorade and crackers and cheese. >> a super size scam after super storm sandy. they are facing three years in prison. after selling useded cars to unsuspecting buyers that were damaged during a hurricane in 2012. the owner of dnd auto sales
2:44 am
pleaded guilty to falsifying kite titles to sell the unsafe cars which sat in corrosive salt water in the storm. they are also facing free charges. >> major layoffs looming at cnn the news network which has been struggling with ratings claims to put 550 employees. workers will be offered buyout packages first if there aren't enough volunteers there will be pink slips. out with the new and in with the old? >> remember the sound of the old fashioned type writers? it is ripping once again in the times u.k. newsroom. a speaker is now standing tall to pump out the audio. they hope to increase productivity and help meet deadlines. type writers disappeared in the newsrooms in the late 1980's.
2:45 am
>> it would ding and go back to the beginning. >> burger king now facing major public backlash ore the new deal to purchase tim horton's. how the public is spontding to this. >> ainsley, it is a whopper of a story. they are building for 11 million and shavering down the u.s. tax bill by moving the headquarters from miami to canada bk will paoloer corporate taxes freeing up money to reinvest in the business or fund diffevidenddiv. it is called a tax inversion popular for countries trying to cut costs. president obama calls it unpatriotic and is considering legislation to punish companies that make a run for the border. ohio's democratic scepter sharon brown is taking it a step further calling for consumers
2:46 am
boycott burger king and eat at wendies and white castle instead. burger king has always said have it your way, my way is to support two ohio companies that haven't abandoned their country or customers, unquote. some analysts say don't blame the company, blame this country's tax system. the u.s. has one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world at 35 percent. burger king is one of a list of u.s. based companies who have looked for relief overseas. a recent study by the way found a total tax cost in canada are 46 percent lower than in the united states. l lea. >> thanks. if you drive in this colorado city we are about to show you here you are among the betts drivers in the country. this is fort collins topping all states annual report for the fourth year in a row. the worst drivers in
2:47 am
massachusetts. the frequency of car crashes. >> it is 46 minutes to tafter te top of the hour. the new hazards you need to learn about. >> why drinking coffee first thing in the morning is a huge mistake. >> we are doomed. >> but first brian kilmeade is here with what's coming up on "fox and friends. >> that should be a news alert about the coffee. it would change the routine of every american. let me tell you what is coming up hopefully lives up to your show. an american was killed fighting for isis in syria. this as the terror group demands $6 million for a me mail american worker will we pay the money? how is the president responding to the growing isis threat. we are going to talk about the pullout and the plan going forward if there is one. live governor scott walker and colonel martha mcsally is here
2:48 am
after last night's congressional primary victory. bobby bowden will inspire you and inform you all coming up on "fox and friends. ♪ ♪here i am. rock you like a hurricane♪ fiber one now makes cookies. find them in the cookie aisle. remind me to tell her happy anniversary. [ cortana ] next time you talk to caroline, i'll remind you. [ siri ] oh no, i cannot do that. oh, and remind me to get roses when i'm near any flower shop. sure thing. remind you when you get to flower shop. i can't do that either. cortana, it's gonna be a great night. [ beep ] oh wow! thanks for the traffic alert.
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welcome back. first a small plane turns into a ball of fire after crashing into a parking lot. the pilot dead. the plane was taking off from an airport in washington when it made a sharp move, crashing and hitting two trucks at a collision center. no one on the ground was hurt. and lightning strikes two men in denver, leaving one in critical condition. it happened as they tried to take cover under a tree during a heavy rainstorm. the lightning hit the tree sending electric current through the wet ground, injuring the men at the base of the stump. >> i heard a big old bang.
2:52 am
and i said, that was quick. i seen those firemen doing cpr on that guy. >> both victims are hospitalized. one is in critical condition but is expected to survive. a terrifying turn on an amusement ride park -- on a ride at a park. it's called the sky fire ride. it's at the colorado state fair. it malfunctioned midair. look at that. the overhead safety harness popped loose, tossing a teenage passenger around and injuring his shoulder. >> when we went upside down the first time, the harness snapped up. and so i braced myself and i looked at her and was, like, oh, my god. oh, dear, god, please don't let me die! >> matt was quickly rescued by the ride's operator. he said a faulty latch on his seat was to blame. he's working with the manufacturer now to fix that latch. daredevil swinging from utah's iconic arches could soon find themselves stunted.
2:53 am
federal officials have proposed a two-year ban on the rope swinging and the other high-flying activities there at the arches, citing at least four deaths in the last two years and numerous injuries. all happening in plain sight. plus, they say the thrill seekers' screams are disrupting the peace at that landmark. listen up here. do you drink a cup of joe between 8:00 and 9:00 in the morning? a new study says that is the worst time. the reason, chemistry. your body actually produces a chemical called cortisol. it's designed to make you feel awake. so when you introduce caffeine into the system while that cortisol level is high, you're not experiencing the caffeine at its peak efficiency. it goes up between 8:00 and 9:00. so the best time to drink your first cup is actually between 9:30 and 11:30 a.m. later you can switch to beer. a 99-pack of beer for $99. that's the latest thing from austin beer works. there it is. look how big it is. the texas-based company offering the cans in a massive seven foot
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long cardboard case which obviously requires two people, as you can see, to carry it. the beer is called peacemaker. it goes on sale tomorrow just in time for the labor day weekend. take that to the party. you'll be a big hit. >> i think i'll stick with the coffee. it's 54 minutes after the hour. extreme weather as hurricanes churn off both coasts bringing rough surf and rip currents. what you can expect for the holiday weekend. then a florida school district, is this move fair or foul? your e-mails next. ♪
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it is 58 minutes after the hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening today. isis terrorists demanding a $6.6 million ransom in exchange for a 26-year-old american woman held hostage in syria. as we get ready for the holiday weekend, dueling hurricanes churning, trouble on both coasts. hurricane marie and hurricane cristobal bringing in rough surf and dangerous rip currents. and all eyes on the markets following an s&p record breaker, closing above 2,000 for the first time. it is time to take a look at the "good, the bad and the ugly." first, waiting can hold the key
2:59 am
to happiness. a new study finding you can get the happy effects of a purchase before you even buy it. lining up for an experience can make you happy even more so than queueing or something material. next, the bad. hp recalling 6 million computer power cords because they could overheat, melt and burn you. the company urging consumers to stop using the cords and return them. finally, the ugly. eerie pictures on board a malaysia airlines flight looking more like a ghost town. near empty plane cabins posted to social media following the disappearance of flight 370 and the downing of flight 17. now it's time for your "brew on this" responses. a florida school district replacing football chaplains with life coaches. ministers can still talk to players before and after games but cannot pray, mention god or even read from the bible. we asked is this move fair or foul? susan tweeted, "fair. life coach, chaplain, as long as the message is a positive one
3:00 am
for the players." caleb says, "this is foul! there's no harm for an atheist to hold hands with his gridiron brothers and listen to a prayer." tammy writes "the most positive words i know come from the bible and the most positive person i know is jesus." thank you to everyone who respond responded. "fox & friends" starts right now. good morning. it is wednesday, august 27th. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. he's the face of the newly homegrown terror. this american killed in syria fighting for isis. and this morning the u.s. being warned he is not alone. great. and a big primary night last night but an unlikely candidate steals the spotlight. could the man who captured saddam hussein be one step closer to working in washington? we'll break down all the races on our post-game show. hey, don't mess with this school in texas. they're armed, they're ready and letting everyone know about it. how do you feel a


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