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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  August 28, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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identified. this man mohammed was killed in syria. he grew up in minnesota before being killed in battle last week along with another american douglas mccain. >> we are learning shocking information about mccain. those two went to high school together. >> one high school two american terrorists. new details emerging about jihadist douglas mccain. he was killed fighting for isis. he wasn't the only one to come out of robinsville coopers high school in minnesota. it shows mccain with his one time best friend and classmate corey castigar. both loved basketball and were well liked. he died fighting for el shabab in 2009. he was featured in a recruitment
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video. >> if you guys only knew how much fun we have over here. it is a real disney land. >> one man met mccain at as mo can and said 10-minute minutians in the community had been recruited to fight for isis in syria. >> doug mass mccain wasn't the first one and unfort funately h won't be the last. >> there could be another third terrorist. the syrian sniper shows the gunman wearing a sweatshirt saying cooper hawks. isis recruitment goes well beyond minnesota. the terror group has drawn mo people from more than 50 countries. >> thank you very much marianne rafferty. >> chilling threats in al qaeda in their english magazine hinting of a looming attack in america. how to make car bombs.
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how america is handling this latest threat. >> there is a scary hin the in an al qaeda magazine published in english that gives an attack date of being in the year 201 question mark. a strike this time or another year in the decade. it has military colleges, las vegas casinos and oil tankers as we near the 9-11 anniversary. they blame it on a lack of leadership. >> the president needs to tell the american people what our strategy is. they flal from one issue to another reacting rather than acting. >> the white house says isis will be a topic of discussion. in the meantime the administration is trying to convince the public they have what it takes to stop the rising
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tide of terrhe u.s. in their cross hairs. >> what is the strategy? >> for the president to say we are going to root out the cancerment that is more of a slogan than strategy, isn't it? what does that mean, root out the cancer? >> as i have mentioned in answer to roger's question they have a capri hence i strategy to to root out the threat of the isil. >> they gathered sur slains flights over syria while deciding whether or not air strikes could effectively weaken isis militants there. back to you. >> peter doocy live in washington. thanks, peter. >> south carolina senator lindsay graham speaking out about the threat from isil. >> this is not an active nature. isis didn't come about from a hurricane or a storm. they filled in a vacuum created
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three years ago by the president's interaction in syria. he had a chance when he drew a red line with assad and did somethi nothing about it. the commander in chief is daryl elect in h-- derelict in his duty. the goal should be to defeat these guys not contain them. >> now to extreme weather. people in southern california being warned to stay out of the water. monster waves and powerful rip current being fueled by a tropical storm turning 8 miles off the coast. waves as high as 20 feet drawing dozens of surfers to the wedge in the beach. another one died from the swell another rescued. >> he was happy. he was thanksful. his eyes were big and he was
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appreciative he was back on the land. >> the surging surf battling the island. look at the boats that washed up on the rocks. >> an explosion at a bp refinery. a compressor in one of the refinery's units blew up sending large smoke into the air. the nearby fire department felt the blast. a bp spokesman calling it an operational problem. >> a pilot's f-16 fighter jet came crashing down. the massachusetts national guard said the pilot was able to eject and survive. >> traumatic event for everyone here. we are thinking about the family. keep your thoughts and prayers with him. hopefully we get a good outcome.
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>> moments before the crash he made a distress call to report some kind of emergency. >> a grieving father escapes life hined bars after being accused of shooting the drunk driver who killed his two young sons. he hugged his wife after a texas jury acquits him of all charges. >> i give all honor and glory to god. i am thankful he has given me the strength to proceed and keep going. >> prosecutors said he killed a man in a fit of rage after he plowed into that father and their two sons after they were pushing a broken down truck down the road. arrested for making bomb threats. charged 23-year-old after she threatened to blow up her boyfriend's ex.
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she called her and said quote i have people who can go up there and put a bomb on you. they planted the homemade bomb and left three people dead and 260 others in the boston marathon in 2012. >> it is a cyber attack at five major u.s. banks. they are working with the secret service to look at the scope of the reported attacks. possible retaliation against the u.s. government sponsored sanctions against russia. one major target jp morgan chase reports of checking and savings account information possibly being stolen. >> obamacare angst flaring up again. the web site created under the obamacare program is suffering similar symptoms. they have financial ties between doctors and drug companies is already one year behind schedule and might need another extension. there has been all sorts of
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technical issues causing it to be taken off-line the beginning of august. it will be up again september 30th. >> 12 acres of marijuana for research. they are soliciting proposals from pot farmers. the federal business opportunities said they are looking for a successful bidder with a monitored outside facility to analyze process and distribute the drugs. the existing farm contract is set to expire next year. >> the scandal plaguing the va finding another way to hurt our heros. one was just leaked in it a dozen slides depicting disgruntled veterans depicted as oscar the grouch. cranky hanging from pos car's garbage can. another has him along side the phrase 100 percent grouchy.
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deal with it. a va spokesman says the agency regrets any misunderstanding. >> got to back to school blues? researchers find dorgs used the play time and fun to get upset when their best bud suddenly disappear on the big yellow bus. 20 percent suffer real separation anxiety. they may bark, howl, refuse to eat or even have accidents. >> poor puppies. >> the time is 9 minutes after the hour the reality show cops getting even more real. how a crew member was shot by police during filming. >> a 7-year-old boy wanted a vanilla milk shake but got something else instead. what was inside his drink that could have killed him. first a look at the weather across the country.
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wondering what that is?
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when police fired on a suspect at fast food. they hit the sound technicians killing him. the robbery suspect also shot and killed. for nearly two weeks they struggled keep the streets as violent protestors hit the streets. last night on the kelly file the mayor of ferguson weighed in on the suit as well as new riots if he isn't indicted for michael brown's death. >> i think the lawsuit is addressing the issue of the use of force on the protestors some of the allegations made as far as the types of weaponry that was used the concern about the militarization. none of that had anything to do with ferguson. i hope as we see the process play out we would be trying to work together in a moss tifr manner and not try to create more concerns of unrest. >> a grand jury is now hearing
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evidence in this case. it could take two months before they reach a decision. >> no more headers for soccer players under 17? a sweeping lawsuit is targeting soccer concussions. parents of players filing suit against fifa and other soccer baseded organizations seeking new safety rules. similar lawsuits have been filed against the nhl, nfl and it says 50,000 high school soccer players suffer concussions in 2010. a 7-year-old colorado boy rushed to the hospital after dairy queen sefbed him a vanilla milk shake tainted with chemical cleaner. he said it tasted gross so his mom tried it. >> when i took a drink of it i tasted something it tasted very chemical and my mouth and throat sort of burned. he said my mouth is pouring. >> he poured vanilla syrup into a bottle with toxic chemicals.
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they are describing this incident as isolated. a woman was left fighting for her life after drinking tea tainted with li. they poured the decreaser into the tea thinking it was sugar. >> a major car recall now being announced over spiders. jolene kemp from the fox news network joins us now. >> a whole bunch ofities see bits see spiert is causing a problem for suzuki. they are recalling sedans because spiders are weaving webs that are blocking vents. this could cause pressure in the fuel tank that could increase the risk of a fire according to the highway national safety administration. no crashes or injuries have been reported. if you are waiting for the new iphone you might get a big bonus this fall. they are preparing a launch to launch a wearable device in september according to repos.
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the i watch may have a fitness tracking app plus a way to control your smart devices in the home like the lights and garage door from your wrist. we are watching samsung today. they released their own smart watch the first to make phone calls without a local phone nearby. a lifetime of taco bell may be $1 away. 11 special dollar bills in 11 u.s. cities. if you find one you could win a 10,000 dollar taco bell gift card. that's $260 a day in tacos and nachos for 36 years according to the "washington post". it started tuesday in los angeles. chicago it is starting in nine other cities until all of the bills are found. here are your odds one in 2.4 billion. opening bell, futures are down slightly. >> the time is now 18 minutes
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a oo welcome back to "fox & friends first" this morning. please release my child. the desperate words of a mother hoping for her son's safety. pleading with isis to release her son. steven sotloff who's life was threatened at the end of the video showing the brutal beheading of james foley. >> as a father i ask you just to be merciful and not punish my son for matters we have no control over. i want what every mother wants to live to see her children's children. i plead with you to grant me that. >> she goes on to say her son is innocent and should not be blamed for the sins of others. >> joerian van der sloot on a hunger strike. he threatened to kill the warden after a smuggled cell phone was taken away. he is serving a 28-year-old
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sentence for murdering a peruvian medical student. >> forced to wait to land at a ohio hospital because there was a drone hovering nearby. drones have to stay at least 400 feet away from hospitals. the man operating it across the street no word if he was charged. another drone only this one getting tanks for flying over an nfl game. the nfl investigating a drone that flew over the stadium as the carolina panthers were flying over. th police questioned him. flying over stadiums is banned by the nfl as well as the of course faa. >> do you have a wild idea? the internet start up quirky is helping you do just that. >> this is for any one who has
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come up with an invention idea then got stuck not having the resources or the right people the right people to help get that idea off the ground. their story started out like many others. >> i had the idea it was flushed out but i didn't know what to do with the next step. you could turn it on remotely with an app. he knew 'tis idea was good but he needed help. that's where quirky came in. they use an on-line community of nearly 1 million members to give feedback on pitched invepgss then takes a vote on which products to make. >> the founder and ceo started the company in 2009 with a plan to make inventions accessible to everyone. >> feels great to see people's ideas come on life have them be on retail shows and know that idea wouldn't be in the world had it not been for the global community and infrastructure and
2:25 am
services we provide as a company. >> once they open the idea they design manufacturer the invepgs taking ownership of the idea and giving inventors perpetual royalties. quirky received up to 5,000 new ideas a week and make 2-3 new products a week. the inventors and on-line community shared $3.8 million. >> ainsley, lia. >> thank you, laura. genius idea. a royal rumble at buckingham palace. why the guards are under investigation for bad behavior. >> a sopranos stunner. is tony really dead or alive? what fans never saw coming. >> this day in history in 1937 toyota was founded in japan. in 1964 the baelts appearing on life magazine.
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>> it is thursday august 28th. terrorists in our own backyard. a second american killed fighting with isis. just identified as we learn about a high school connection between two other terrorists. >> rio kurr rens from coast to coast as two hurricanes turnout monster swells just ahead of the holiday weekend. >> somewhere over t"somewhere o they were not expecting this. >> the incredible video taking the internet by storm. "fox and friends first starts right now.
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♪ >> it is thursday morning. welcome to "fox & friends first". 30 minutes after the top of the hour. we are going to start with a fox news alert. the second american fighting with isis has been identified. sources telling fox news minnesota native was killedd in syria along with another american douglas mccain. now we are learning shocking new details about mccain and a third terrorist killed in the middle east two years ago. >> one high school two american terrorists. details emerging about douglas
2:31 am
mccain killed fighting for isis over the weekend. he hasn't the only terrorist to come from robins dale cooper high school in minnesota. it shows mccain with his one time best friend and mate. cast gar was killed fighting for the extremist group. he was featured in a recruitment video. >> if you only knew how much fun we had over here. this is reals disney land. >> one man mccain a couple times at a mosque said at least 10-minute minutians in the somalian community has been fighting for isis. >> he wasn't the first one and he won't be the last. >> because there is already a third terrorist from the high school this video shows the gunmen wearing a sweatshirt
2:32 am
wearing the cooper hawks. the same as the mascot for the other men. the terror group has drawn people from more than 50 countries. lia? >> thanks marianne. >> doug luzader is here with how they are handling the threat. >> this is an on-line magazine published by al qaeda but it is written in english. it dozen courage attacks here in the united states. lone wolf attacks. they mention relatively specific targets in the magazine article cass knolls in las vegas, oil tanks, military colleges and given everything we are facing now, it is difficult not to take this seriously. >> our fear here is this notion that if we don't do everythinan everything is going to be okay is galloing to continue.
2:33 am
this is as dangerous as threat matrix that i have seen in ten years. we need to address. >> president obama meantime is expected to meet his national security team today adds the debate plays out within the white house oefrp launching air strikes against isis targets in syria all of this complicated the fact that isis is holding american hostages including sotloff. they are flying surveillance commissions over syria. the white house argue if air strikes if they happen will just be part of the equation. >> military action alone will not sufficiently confront isil and deal with that threat on a sustainable basis. certainly there's a very important role for the american military to play. >> we don't know yet from the administration what that role ultimately will be.
2:34 am
lea? >> thanks, doug. time for look who is talking. nile gardener the director of the margaret thatcher center for freedom warning britain is fast becoming a breeding ground for terrorists. >> there's an ink bait tore for terrorism. the british government says fight hundreds now they are fighting iraq and syria. a figure according to some could be as high as 1500. this is a massive problem for the british government. it is major security issue for britain and for the united states. after all these jihadists could return to the u.k. and travel op to the united states. they have to be dealt with on the ground in syria and iraq. they view president obama as a weak figure. that's a real problem for the white house. >> now extreme weather alert. people of southern california being warned to stay out of the water. monster waves and powerful rip
2:35 am
current being fueled by a tropical storm churning 800 miles off the coast. waves 20 feet drawing surfers to the wedge in new port beach. one person died after he was dragged from the swells. ner rescued laird hamilton. he was thankful. his eyes were big and he was appreciative he was back on the land. >> the surging surf battling catalina island. take a look at this boat it was washed up on the rocks. you can see the bus there as well. >> the sisters of the acus couldn'ted boston bombers arrested for making bomb threats. they charged arlena tsarnaev of harassment after she threatens to break low up her boyfriend's. she called her and said quote i have people who can go up there and put a bomb on you.
2:36 am
tsarnaev's brothers planted the homemade bomb which left three people dead and injured 260 others at the boston marathon in 2012. >> rahm emanuel wants to get city funded jobs and internships to illegal immigrants. 23,000 internship volunteers and job opportunities will be available for undocumented citizens. they are not citizens they are not eligible. he wants to eliminate the administrative barriers to let them in. >> chaos along the border leads to chaos in the courtroom. two top federal judges says immigration courts are so backlogged they have 375,000 cases just for 227 judges. this means it would take a minimum of three years just to get them through. the judges also seeing the defense attorneys president obama promised have never shown up. the president pledged $2 million to supply legal aid.
2:37 am
>> the college football team hasn't begun yet but josh shaw is making headlines. he lied about jumping off the balcony to rescue his nephew. he said i injured myself in a fall i made up a story about the fall that was untrue. i was wrong to not tell the truth. i apologize to usc for my action on my part. the team has suspended him indefinitely. they kicked off their season on saturday. >> they are famous for being stone faced. one buckingham palace guard didn't get the memo. he put on quite a show for tourists cracking smiles and sticking out his tongue while on duty. there's a debate whether he is making a face or trying to adjust his helmet in his hat. >> a brooif broadcast of a panda
2:38 am
giving birth just canceled. the giant panda tricked the staff to receive more bamboo and attention. the 6-year-old showed signs of pregnancy last month after being moved to a room with air-conditioning she began acting normally again. >> she faked her pregnancy? all right. 38 minutes after the top of the hour, government motors, literally. why the feds want to track what you do behind the wheel. >> a fight between two drunk women lead to a fighter jet escort. the mid air melt down. take a look at the high temperatures across the country. turn chrkrsh krsh christofel churning in the atlantic. ♪
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♪ >> look how peaceful new york city looks at this time in the morning. welcome back to "fox and friends first. new information about terrorist group isis and how far from a jv squad it actually is. breaking down a startling new report. >> the terrorist group isis or isil making a systematic approach to the equipment according to analysis. the assessment by the sent of inest with point independent and
2:43 am
privately funded research group isil did not suddenly become effective in early june 2014. it had been steadily strengthening for four years. >> they are very well organized. it is not a bunch of terrorists running around it is a militant army. >> the group's leader rebooted the organization in may 2010 and began a multi year campaign that took specific aim at the iraqi security forces. like a car bomb in july. with iraqi security forces under pressure or in retreat since early 2014 the trained fighters shifted from syria to iraq. >> isil absorbs 4 militants into its raipgs in a mergers and acquisitions approach. >> they have a show of force to
2:44 am
intimidate the opposition. they learned from their mistakes during the burg administration surge. >> we know it is connected to al qaeda and iraq the core of the anbar providence insurgency general petraeus helped to launch. >> the one launched by the u.s. against al qaeda in the tribal areas of pakistan and yemen could have a debilitating effect on the group adding it would struggle to hold ground from the attacks. >> isis is iraqi christians one week to convert, pay tax or die. some of those who managed to escape are sharing their stories. they were told to convert to islam or face the sword. it means the end of christianity in a part of the faith that has been there from the beginning. >> it is a crime against humanity. isis made it tleer what they want to do.
2:45 am
they want to eradicate everybody who doesn't march to the beat of their drum. >> thousands fleed since isis took over in june. >> now to a fox business alert. american banks targeted by cyber terrorists. cheryl casone of the fox business network is here with what we need to know. >> good morning ainsley. the fbi is investigating a sophisticated hacking attack jp morgan chase and at least four other u.s. banks. they tell the new york times the hackers were able to fill gigabytes of data including checking account information. they are behind the cyber attacks and another unnamed bank as well. jp morgan said quote we have multiple layers of defense to counter act any threat. we are constantly monitoring fraud levels. it gives comfort to consumers
2:46 am
out there this morning. signer attacks is nothing new it's the size that has security experts pretty concerned today. it's important to remember they began posing saikss after in -- after they flared up. security experts are warning and always recommending you should reset your pass word every three months. it is not a fun thing to do. consumers should look at your account activity as often as you can to make sure there's no fraud like activity on your account. it's the best we can do for now until we get more details. >> good advice. thank you, cheryl. the government is getting ared to track your car. that's the latest plan for the department of transportation. they want to build a system mandating every car broadcast the speed, direction and location. it's part of a car to car messaging network that would alert drivers to potential accidents. if your kickball game gets a little rough for the company you
2:47 am
can col security workers' comp. they are ruling in flavor of steven wick am who shattered his leg. he wasn't eligible since he wasn't required to be there as a part of his job. since he organized the game it became one of his duties. a hearing will be held to decide how much he will get. >> if you always dreamed about hanging out at the coffee shop where phoebe, ross, chandler and joey spent their days you are in luck. the central perks is opening up in manhattan to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the show friends. it will be open for one month beginning september 17th. there will be perks including free cups of 8:00 coffee. >> the time is 47 minutes after the hour. a man w who was tied to the beheading of american journalist james foley. >> you don't have a choice it's
2:48 am
coming to a place near you. >> sean hannity fiery exchange with a radical imam. >> she set her boy friend's house on fire using a pound of bacon. wait until you hear the best start of the story. >> first let's check in with steve doocy. >> i hope they saved the bacon. sounds like a good story. we will be watching for that. looks like an american killed syria fighting for the bad guys isis is has been identified. we will have the latest details. the white house reaction plus? what is the white house plan for isis? >> when can you ignore the expiration dates on your medication? dr. seigel will tell you what to look for. it is a green fon monster. bob massi dips in his mail bag.
2:49 am
"fox & friends" kicks off. stay with us on this thursday.
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as the world focuses on the isis terror in the middle east, an interview with imam shedding new light on the terror threat closer to home. sean hannity debates with a man with ties. >> it's coming to a place near you. >> you're threatening to come and get me. is that what you're saying? >> i'm saying the whole world --
2:53 am
>> thank you. you want a worldwide islamic caliphate. >> of course we do. >> want to rule the world. an in feddel done with, good-bye. >> liberated by -- >> i don't need to be liberated. i'm a christian. >> as you can hear, several times during the interview chad ri threatened u.s. citizens. two drunk women forced an emergency landing forcing the plane to be escorted by a fighter jet. the woman lit a cigarette in the bathroom setting off a smoke alarm. they began making threats against the aircraft. once on the ground they were taken into custody. a utah woman getting back at her ex-with bacon.
2:54 am
court documents show her blood alcohol level was four times the legal limit. she will stand trial on arson charges. it was one of the most confusing endings in television history. what really happened to tony soprano. when that ending aired seven years ago, it baffled and angered all of us, the viewers. now a new article in fox magazines quotes saying tony soprano is not dead. in another twist, it was taken out of context and whether or not tony soprano is dead isn't the point. he says there's no right or wrong answer. the time is now 54 minutes past the hour. what is the most american city in the country? not d.c. or boston. >> somewhere over the rainbow they were not expecting this.
2:55 am
>> that incredible video taking the internet by storm. ♪ over the rainbow way up high and the dream that you dream of once in a lullaby ♪ , powders may take days to work. for gentle overnight relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. ducolax provides gentle overnight relief, unlike miralax that can take up to 3 days. dulcolax, for relief you can count on.
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. it is 59 minutes after the hour. before you leave the house, here
2:59 am
is what's happening today. chilling threat from al qaeda hints at a looming attack right here in america. this as u.s. officials confirm a significant increase in jihadi chatter before the september 11th anniversary. from clashes on the streets to clashes in the courtroom. protesters filing a $200 million lawsuit against the city of ferguson, missouri. a third day, a huge 30 foot wave and dangerous currents off the california coast. that's thanks to a far off storm. officials warning people to stay out of the water. it is time to take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. the american city nashville, tennessee. the website used demographics to come up rankings. next cincinnati. next, the bad, rainbows don't always bring good luck. a woman in sweden getting the
3:00 am
shock of a lifetime while recording a rainbow that and by the water in her house. finally a sea of red. thousands turning out for tomato battle. that's 120,000 pounds of ripe tomatoes strewn around. "fox & friends" starts right now. good morning, it is thursday august 28th. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. we begin with a fox news alert. a plot against america. just weeks before 9/11, officials confirming an increase of jihadi terror talk. will the president rush to act? maybe. but first he's got another meeting. >> the idea we have to wait for an invitation. what is this, a wedding? this is war. >> this morning a white house response is under fire. >> and if isis goal is not obvious enough, this guy makes it clear.


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