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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 29, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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special edition of "hannity" on the rise of radical is ham we'll continue to shed light on a dangerous situation, even weekend. greta goes "on the record" right now. this is a fox news alert. britain raising its terror threat level to severe. that's the second highest level, meaning a terrorist attack is considered highly likely. david telling the world the threat to isis is a greater threat to our security than we have seen before. hello, everyone, i'm kimberly guilfoyle in for greta van susteren. today's news from britain come less than 24 hours after president obama told the world we don't have a strategy yet what are we hearing from the white house today. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry with the latest. ed? >> kimberly, good to see you as the white house spokesman
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don't have a strategy yesterday to deal with isis military. military strategy in iraq where u.s. air strikes continued today. there has now been 110 since the beginning of this month. josh ernest pushed back by saying the pentagon is not quite ready with the plans. that's interesting because the pentagon spokesman admiral kirby pushed back on that and told reporters, wait a second. the military is always ready if the commander and chief says go, we will have the plans there seems to be a split within the president's administration, maybe with his cabinet. in fact, josh ernest got some questions from reporters today about whether not everybody is singing from the same song sheet. you know, there has has about been various accounts, white house officials about how severe that threat is from isis to the american homeland. you mentioned that british prime minister david cammeron raised a threat level in britain today the white house says they are looking at it but so far have died decided not to raise the terror threat
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level here at home. meanwhile, as all of this was playing out, the president today did some fundraising in new york and rhode island where he currently is right now. i pressed josh ernest on the optics of all of this. listen. >> why is he still raising campaign money, playing golf, when he is acknowledging he doesn't have a strategy to deal with this? >> well, ed, the job of any u.s. president is to be able to handle a lot of different responsibilities at the same time. that's why the president has a national security team in whom he has a lot of confidence. >> interesting, at one of those fundraisers today, the president told campaign donors that, look, the world has always been a bit messy. it's just because of social media, in part. you are seeing a lot of it play out. i'm not sure it's just social media. recently the president's own defense secretary chuck hagel said that the world, in his words, is exploding all over, kimberly. >> all right. ed, thank you for that update from the white house. and today white house press secretary josh ernest insisting the president was
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talking specifically about military options for combating isis in syria when he said we d7 in syria under both the use of force, that happened after 9/11 and then in iraq because of still use of force that exists from the iraq war. he has every right to go after him. the reality is though, he is using coming to congress as an excuse for inaction and for delay. it's what happened a year ago basically right about now in syria when he said hey, you know, look, i have the authority to go into syria but i'm going to consult congress because democracies are stronger
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when we do that and he used congress as the reason that he didn't ultimately do anything. and i think history has shown that that inaction, that continued dithering about what to do has actually led to much bigger problems, not just here but frankly in how putin is analyzing stand against what's going on there in ukraine, even. >> congressman, you bring a unique perspective as a veteran serving in our military and, of course, as a congressman, and i just ask you to take a moment to kind of juxtapose what we saw coming from david cammeron out of the u.k., raising their terror threat level to severe. they seem to have a keen grasp on the situation. and the impending crisis that's coming. they are worried about people coming home to the u.k. who could also then come back in across to the united states. versus president obama saying we are not sure what we are going to do. >> it's unbelievable. i don't care if he cass talking about military action in syria which he should be having a plan for anymore anyway.
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you know the pentagon has it on the table. he has got to stand up and start saying what the right thing is to do here when i see david cammeron radical jihadism is the problem we have to take action. when i see the president stand up and say well, we don't have a strategy. i see two very different leaders. i love what david cam rob is saying and i wish our president would say the same thing. that's the kind of commander and chief that the people that i work with and the military would love to hear talk about, you know, of what the real threat is to the united states and get it done, get it taken care of, but, you instead hear from this house, things at looking like options, taking a deep look, talking about diplomacy. those are all words for inaction. we are opportunity to be decisive with military action and whatever means is necessary to get the job
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done you yourself called for air strikes just back january of this year. you are on record saying what needs to be done. >> well, that's right. in january, when isis or at that point it was believed to be al qaeda walked into fallujah and raised the black flag of al qaeda over fallujah, i knew it was the moment where we had to stand against this kind of incursion, this problem. and had we done it then i don't think i would be on your show talking about isis today. i think we would be talking about something is else. the reality is at that point there were maybe 2,000 isis. today there is tens of thousands of them. without decisive action today. we continue to, you know, say that we have to do all these other issues, looking deeply at stuff. until we do this, this problem is going to continue to grow and get worse. we need a president who is going to stand in front of the american people, say what the problem is, define it in very definitive terms and then take action. you know what? isis will tremble in their boots if they see a president who is willing to use the military against them because they don't
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stand a chance against the military of the united states of america. >> all right. you heard it here. >> prime minister david cammeron warning the cause of the security threat is a poisonous ideology of islamic extremism. >> what we are facing in iraq now with isil is a greater and deeper threat to our security than we have known before. >> and drn correspondent sam farmer joins us live from london. thanks for being on the program tonight. tell us how do you shape this up all the events that have been unfolding, the comments by president obama, and the stark contrast with prime minister cammeron? >> well, david cammeron is obviously very concerned about this threat what a
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severe threat means is highly unlikely. when it's critical did means attack is b. to happen brace yourself. we haven't had a threat level like this for three years. people are concerned. they are talking about it i wouldn't say there is fear on the streets but people are certainly concerned about this. >> okay. but usually, you know, the brits aren't one to, you know, raise the flag of alarmment they usually do so with very good reason, sposk that they need to act. i believe that's what we were seeing with the prime minister. >> that's right. i mean, our biggest concern at the moment is that there are 500 british nationals in syria and iraq at the moment fighting with isis. it's incredibly easy to get to sir syria iraq from britain. you hop on a plane, pay $200. you fly to turkey, then you get on a bus and drive to the syrian border and you can just walk across the border. it's very easy to get there what david cammeron is really concerned about is that people will be
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radicalized in syria and iraq. they will learn new skills and they will come back to britain using those skills to attack the british people and attack the british infrastructure. >> all right, sam, thank you for that update. and the british prime minister's speech today was in stark contrast to president obama's speech yesterday. david cammeron announcing a clear strategy to combat isis. and our next guest says that should be a lesson for president obama. now, gardner with a foreign policy researcher for former british prime minister margaret thatcher and he is now director of the thatcher center for freedom. he joins us. a pleasure to have you on the program. what a compelling decisive article that you wrote. how do you see this? and what should the united states be doing about it? >> well, i think that david cammeron's press conference today was a real tort of force. he emphasized that the free world is engaged in epic
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struggle against evil islamic terrorists who seek our destruction. this is exactly the kind of thing that the u.s. president should be saying. unfortunately, barack obama at his press conference yesterday the white house, gave exactly the opposite message. it was confusing, it was muddled. it was hugely embarrassing. and he basically said fat out that the white house has no strategy whatsoever for combating isis. a huge contrast self-assured decisive leadership of the british prime minister compared to the u.s. president, supposedly the leader of the free world, who came across as someone who was hugely confused, unconvincing, and extremely weak kneed. >> why do you think this is? from your vantage point what does the u.s. hope to accomplish by sending mixed messages? doesn't accept like anybody is same page. fbi, national security advisors, even to the press secretary. it's really sending the wrong message.
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>> it's a huge problem for the united states because the rest of the world looks to american leadership and there is no real leadership coming from washington at this time. and i think what you have here in washington is a divided obama administration. it doesn't always speak with one voice. you have a president who is really clueless, doesn't know what he is doing a the loft time. and it's very hard to build some sort of international coalition to combat isis to defeat the islamist threat if you have a president who doesn't even recognize the enemy that we are facing and who can't be bothered to come up with a strategy. he is the commander and chief. that's his job. and he simply is failing to do that. >> yeah, well, the concern is, from the military and people who have served and people who are on the ground even there, that this is just really sending, you know, the wrong message, this is actually a severe threat that doesn't seem to be properly heeded by this white house, that in fact, could cause us long-term problems. >> yes, exactly. the british prime minister
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made an excellent point today. we are facing today the biggest terrorist threat of our times. this threat has to be defeated at home and abroad. and when you send mixed messages as president obama has done, this only emboldens america's enemies. it only encourages them to strike against us. so we need to have the leader of the free world taking a robust stance, committed to fighting terrorism across the world and defeating the enemy. at the moment, we're just seeing, frankly, a weak-kneed policy of appeasement which isn't going to get the united states or the free world anywhere. we need real decisive leadership and a determination to take on isis, to crush it, and elm if emphatically defeat it. >> well, we would like to see that certainly here as americans at home and i'm quite certain that as one of our strongest allies, the u.k. would like to feel that they are in a partnership with a leader that is actually is hell bent on the
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destruction of isis and any jihadist terrorist group that bear us ill will here in america or there in the u.k. >> absolutely. i agree. i think that if you have real american leadership, you will find that u.s. allies will come on board and they will stand shoulder to shoulder with the united states. but when you have a u.s. president who disubility really know what he is doing, it's very hard for american allies to stand with the united states. and so i think we need to have really from the white house, a clear sense of direction here. and a clear understanding about the nature of the threat that we are facing. as david cammeron said, we are fighting against a poisonous ideology. we are fighting a vicious islamist extremist terrorists. he they have to be defeated. >> no question. now, thank you for your insight and joining us tonight. >> thank you very much. >> all right. and we have heard for weeks how evil isis really is is it even more outrageous that president obama doesn't have
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a military strategy yet? major general bob scales joins us. >> major general, pleasure to have you here tonight. >> hi, kimberly. >> i just wonder what you trust be thinking, what you really must be thinking about the state of the world today, about the american presidency, and the complete vacuum of leadership. >> well, i guess the one word i would use, kimberly, is embarrassed. the idea that somehow the military is detached from this. that was a signal sent by the president earlier today in the speech, and that he is going to sort of catch up with the military is absolutely faults. -- false. i know incredible sources inside the pentagon have told me time it and time again they have taken options. they have taken a different scenarios. they have taken plans to the white house and the senior leadership. and on every single occasion they were told too soon go home and try again or talk to us later.
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and so when the president said we don't have a strategy you could hear this mutual cringe coming out of the ering of the pentagon saying give us a strategy we'll give you the plan and we will get on with it, kimberly. >> let me ask you, what do you think president obama's best strategic military options are at this point? >> oh, i think first of all you have to translate these pinprick air strikes into an air campaign. >> okay. striking isis in iraq the center from which all power imunited states for isis is not in iraq. it's in syria. that's the heartland. if you are going to kill the snake, you have to cut the head off and the head is in syria. this air campaign that i have mentioned to you has got to be expanded to include the isis heartland followed by, i would argue, eventually, directed strikes by special operating forces who take out high valued
11:16 pm
targets. >> command structure as well. it's not like what we did so successfully with the northern alliance in afghanistan 10 years ago. very little difference in the operational aspects of this. we know how to do. this we have had 11 years worth of experience. what we need is a strategy and a go ahead and campaign plan to get it done. >> general scales with a plan. a man of action. i like it. let's go with it air campaign, thank you, general. >> thank you, kimberly. >> now to a shocking discovery revealing just how diabolical isis really is a laptop computer found in a former isis hideout in syria contains secret isis plans of attack. one of them a plan to weaponize the bubonic plan. and for more details, foreign policy magazine joins us from dubai. this is shocking. when this came across the wires today, i mean, you could hear a gasp from people around here saying they couldn't even believe that this was happening and that this is possible. that this is possible. tell us about when you run a business, you can't settle for slow.
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i would. switch to comcast business internet and get the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. well, the world is on edge, bracing for what isis terrorists will do next. and while britain's prime minister just announced his battle plan, the obama administration sending mixed messages on what the u.s. plans to do. >> we don't have a strategy yet. >> we continue to plan and prepare for the potential of military action inside syria. >> the president hasn't yet laid out a specific plan for military action in syria. >> and joining us our political panel talk about all of this. "the weekly standard's" john mccormick, the hill's jessica taylor and the "new york times" louise, thanks for being with us tonight. big news day despite a holiday weekend, there are grave security concerns, national security
11:25 pm
perspective certainly sent a message of weakness. worse than al qaeda. we don't sit on our hands because we don't have some grand silver bullet strategy deal with al qaeda. we bomb them the use of drones or whatever means when they are in pakistan or yemen and i really don't see what the argument is against bombing them whenever we see them out in the open. obviously this is a bigger problem we have fess of them surface to air missiles. they don't know how to fly them but there is really no reason not to bomb them. if al qaeda took over an air base and they took over surface to air missiles. you better believe the president would bomb them. i don't see why he is
11:26 pm
sitting on his hands right now waiting for some grand strategy to develop before we take action. >> somebody should have sent him perhaps, jessica, david cammeron talking points. nailed it. >> differences very stark. had you president obama coming out yesterday afternoon and it seemed like he was ready to announce something big. he was about to go in with the national security team and meet and really more questions and more cleanup for the white house came out of that press conference than answers did. you have the white house trying to clean up this and saying that there is no plan, saying yes, of course, we are monitoring this and everything. i mean, really this is something that the administration has known is coming for a while that they have got to deal with this growing insurgency and n. iraq and syria. maybe one specific concrete threat is isis is that these are british militants and even maybe americans that
11:27 pm
have joined this. it's very alarming. almost deja vu to a year ago, last labor day weekend we were expecting the president to come out and announce syria strikes. he wanted to and backed off once it was clear congress wasn't going to get that approval. you actually have a new polling shows 60% of americans now support these strikes. now that the threat is growing, the danger is imminent. the call is there for them to do something is and a the white house doesn't have a lot of answers. >> this is a missed opportunity on behalf of the administration to really get out there with decisive action and rhetoric to at least make people feel that we are on top of this. >> you know, you really have to distinguish between what they are doing and saying about isis in iraq and isis in syria. so, they have been more decisive in iraq. there have been air strikes but syria is a much more complex situation. >> okay. but to follow up on that, we just had general scales on who said there should be an air campaign.
11:28 pm
you can't talk about strikes in iraq without considering the strikes and in fact implementing them as part of the larger air campaign in syria. you are dealing with the head and leaving the body untouched. >> you are right there. interest a lot of very experienced people saying you can't have different strategies be different things. again, it's really tricky because the u.s. government is not aligned with the leadership of syria. they are not aligned with al assad. they are aligned with the leadership in iraq. it's a trickier situation. i think that's what you are seeing in these kind of mixed messages. >> that, perhaps, is the concern. panel, thank you. stay with us. we're going to be coming back to you. up next, who is lady al qaeda? and why is she the most wanted woman in the world? the answer plus ambassador john bolton is here next. and be sure to tune in tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. eastern for a a greta investigates special, death at the river's edge. that's tomorrow night at 10:00, right here on fox news channel. when folks think about what they get from alaska, they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america.
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11:33 pm
in the butt, it's full blossom. >> deeper threat to our security than we have known before. >> they are training an army of people who could come here to the united states and plan something -- >> president obama takes loss of heat for saying he doesn't have a strategy yet so what should the obama administration be planning to combat isis? former u.n. ambassador john bolton joins us. this is a man, ladies and gentlemen, who always have the answers. ambassador, thanks for being here. >> glad to be with you. >> what should would he be doing? what should we have heard from the president of the united states? >> the first thing we need to hear from the president is what his objective is isis if it's able to control. magnet for terrorists. direct threat to friendly regimes in the region and in the united states and western europe. i think the objective should be destroy it.
11:34 pm
winston churchill speaking of the communist revolution in russia said we should have destroyed at in its cradle. i think that's what we ought to do to isis. that's not where the president is, i don't think. i think he thinks you can contain isis that means he never will have a strategy. >> you are right about that because he seems to said well, we have done something in iraq but yet he seems hesitant, reluctant, even confused about what he should do with respect to syria. and they tried to kind of minimize the damage of him saying that he had no strategy by saying well that was just with respect to syria. what do you think we should do in syria? i think his comment marks a new low you can't separate syria from iraq. if you are going to deal with isis effectively you have to deal with it in both syria and iraq. complicated beyond that because in addition to isis as an adversary, we still have to worry about iran. we have to worry about
11:35 pm
satellite states. baghdad. we have to worry about iran's support for terrorism in the region. we have to worry about iran's nuclear weapons program. this is complicated. it does require some difficult decisions. the president doesn't seem to understand any of, this at least as demonstrated by his press conferences. >> you know, i want to talk to you a little bit about the allies of the united states. you saw such a strong, you know, contrast, leadership coming from david cammeron decisiveness. really rough coming after our president failed to make these comments to kind of ensure us that he knew what he was doing. send a message to our enemies. how is this going tomorrow bolden any of our allies to join forces with us in europe, within the u.k., to be able to combat this kind of terror ideology? thank god for david cammeron.
11:36 pm
the other members of our alliances don't respond automatically. they require american leadership. >> yes. >> and we are not seeing it on any of a variety of fronts from ukraine to the middle east. and i think most stunning of all in recent weeks, received not as much attention as it should, was the decision by two other allies of the united states, egypt and the united arab emirates to attack targets in libya without even theing us. structure of our alliances, our ability to effect events broadly in the middle east and beyond is collapsing right in front of us. the president gives no indication maybe is he going to have a character transplant over the weekend. more disarray. i fear what that means is that isis will consolidate its control over much of the territory it now holds, maybe with a few set backs, and if they do that if they erase the border between syria and iraq, we have got
11:37 pm
a threat that will be more profound. isis knows it's a tremendous advantage the more we wait and wonder and miss find what steps to take best. ambassador, thank you imlor your time. >> thank you, kimberly. >> she is known as lady al qaeda. being called the world's most wanted woman. right now she is serving time in a texas prison. more within a one jihadist group has tried to get her freed in exchange for american hostages. so who is this lady al qaeda? foreign policy senior writer shane harris joins us. shane, explain to the american people who lady al qaeda is and why they want her out so badly. she is a pakistani born neuroscientist who lived for many years in the united states and studied here, received a ph.d. at began dies.
11:38 pm
grandice she popped up as being connected to al qaeda. her name came up one of the 9/11 master minds, of course, attorney general john ashcroft announced she was one of the most wanted terrorists that the u.s. was seeking. it took about four years but she suddenly popped up in afghanistan in 2008 and was taken into custody by afghan authorities there and they found on her a number of plans for weaponizing biological agents and a list of supposed startle in the united states. when american authorities went to question her they didn't know that the room she was hiding in afghan cell she jumped out at them. grabbed a rifle from one of the american service members who had been in there to help interrogate her and fired on u.s. officials and nearly killed them. she was shot. she was tackled and taken into custody. and brought back to the united states and tried on attempted murder charges. never tried on the terrorism charges but she continues to
11:39 pm
be, according to u.s. officials, somebody who was closely linked to the core group of al qaeda that did 9/11 and were plotting follow on attacks in the united states. >> unbelievable. this goes to show you how pervasive and real this threat is. even here at home. how diligent we have to be to be able to spot an individual like this before it's too late. shane, thanks for your time. >> and more than 100 americans already fighting for isis and now news that an infamous killer wants to join the terrorists too. the latest next. wait until you see what the soccer star just do d. to his fantasy
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this is a fox news alert. the white house finally responding to the we the people petition requesting president obama's help to free our marine from a mexican prison. sergeant andrew tahmooressi has been held in mexico for five months now.
11:44 pm
you will remember the petition got 100,000 signatures back on april 300th right here with your help during "on the record." the white house promising to respond but it took until today. in a written response the white house says the state department is providing assistance to tahmooressi to make sure he is treated fairly. they say secretary of state john kerry has spoken to mexican officials about the case. and the administration will continue to monitor tahmooressi's case. now to disturbing new sign of isis reaching into the u.s. shooter says he wants to join isis. catherine herridge joins us. >> well, thank you, kimberly, the administration labeled the fort hood massacre in 2009 work place violence in this letter obtained by fox news, the convicted shooter nidal hasan writes to al baghdadi asking to become a citizen of the caliphate formally
11:45 pm
and humbly requests to be made a citizen of the islamic state he writes. it would be an honor for any believer to be obedient citizen soldier to people and its leader to don't compromise the religion to get along with disbelievers. the letter underscores how much hasan's life actions and mental process were drivers of his religious extremism and that the judge should fully explore these issues during his trial last year. in addition to the two young mane from the minneapolis area killed fighting for isis identified this week. the department of justice has brought at least five cases against american citizens in florida, california, virginia, and north carolina for trying to help terrorists in iraq and syria just within the last year, taksim enterally. >> unbelievable. catherine, thank you so much. >> you are welcome. >> two world leaders with two very different styles. did britain's david cammeron
11:46 pm
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the fastest office plant. so why wouldn't i choose the fastest wifi? i would. switch to comcast business internet and get the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. two world leaders making two very different appearances on the world stage. >> appease this ideology, we have to confront it at home and abroad. to do this, we need a tough, intelligent, and patient and comprehensive approach to defeat the terrorist threat at its source. >> i don't want to put the cart before the horse. we don't have a strategy yet. >> so, does prime minister david cammeron show power against isis make president obama look even more blaize than ever? our political panel is back to weigh in on it louise, i will begin with you.
11:51 pm
you see the stark contrast. we are the ones usually taking the lead. out there with the strong rhetoric, decisive action. that is why we have become the world's greatest super power. didn't seem like that yesterday so much but it did when david cammeron spoke. >> you are right. there was a big difference between them. president obama is really weary of seeing like he is he giving a knee jerk reaction. not a given is he going to have congressional support for any prolonged action in iraq or syria. >> is that a problem? we want someone who is going to have some ideas, some principles, some thoughtful action that is proactive to tell us what to do. >> certainly need a plan what david cammeron didn't lay out a 10 step program to solve the problem. he spoke truthfully about the nature of the problem. he identified it he called it islamic extremism. poisonous ideology. the president on the other hand says isis has no ideology. they are a bunch of thugs. david cammeron has said this threat is even greater than
11:52 pm
al qaeda al qaeda cass hosted in afghanistan. isis is trying to get its own state. he pointed out we are in the middle of a generational struggle that might take decades. the president on the other hand has said that the tide of wars are auto creeing. lulled america into a sense of complacency that we get to choose to step back and not realize the enemy has a vote. david cammeron said this problem existed before the iraq war. it existed before 9/11. and it's going to go on for decades we need to grasp that before we defeat them. >> jessica, i don't want some kind of bizarre, you know, childhood lullaby from the president of the united states only to wake up and the monster is at the food food -- foot of my bed. >> the white house knows they need to be if not more forceful on this to appear as though they are sort of formulating something. i think that this rollout
11:53 pm
they they had yesterday was a wakeup call. we will see the president making more statements and laying more action. is he heading to europe for the nato meeting we will see what prime minister david cammeron comes up with. he is supposed to go to parliament monday. i think this is where these british passportsy used. raise the terror level to block those from becoming even more increasing tone. but i think once the president heads to the nato summit and then more importantly once congress comes back the week after next, like they said the question is how much support will he have have within congress for this? he is the commander and chief. is he learn i well within his powers to be able to being a, to make some decisions, to be decisive. i don't get why it's so hard for him why does he struggle so much? i want him to win. i want him to be compelling
11:54 pm
and have the right language and thought process and i want his heart to be in it. >> i think he is a little too obsessed with the idea that he was the president who was elected to end these wars in iraq and afghanistan and that america is going to come home and focus on nation building at home. again, like i said, he doesn't realize the enemy gets a vote and gets to decide whether or not they are going to fight us abroad or here. the former deputy director of the cia said just lackst last week that he wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow an isis terrorist showed up at american mall with ak 47 and began shooting. he said isis has longer term plans to wage 9/11 style attacks against america. kill as many peo can. >> one thing i was struck by is that the president, he came out and he started talking about the economy, actually first of all in the press conference. i was expecting some bold statement about syria, our action we were taking in iraq or updates on the air strikes. this is a president who also, i think, is weary of the fact that we're just a month away from the midterm elections and like john
11:55 pm
said, he doesn't want to be seen as the president who is increasing air strikes and war. >> well, he has got to be the president with the answers and not worry so much about the polls. panel, thank you. and coming up, we are finally hearing from nascar champ tony stuart. that's next.
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tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye" is the world's largest pie key lime pie? that food fight next. and how does president obama feel about a new "dumb and dumber" movie 20 years after the original? >> seems a little over the top, but that's my opinion. >> and finally, how excited was this guy? yes, tennis is still that boring. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> let's welcome our guests. an argument with her is pretty much how i like my


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