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tv   Killing Kennedy  FOX News  November 30, 2014 6:00pm-8:01pm PST

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book "killing kennedy nominated for best tv movie. i am bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. ♪ ee oo you wa >> you want to leaf? >> what's in the baggage? >> kurt tcurtain rods. >> morning. >> hello?
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(cheers) >> here is the president of the united states. what a welcome he is getting now. there is jackie. he's going to get a bigger welcome. the crowd is absolutely going wild. this is a great crowd. (gun shot)
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>> thank you for seeing me mr. snyder. my name is lee oswald. i have come to renounce my american citizenship? >> why would you do that? >> you were a marine. marines don't defect. >> i have seen enough of capitalistic society. they push you down and they never appreciate who you are. >> how old are you?
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>> 20. 20-years and 13 days. >> you are young. you are confused. you are angry, you are hurt. >> this is not an emotional decision. i have studied marx. >> you don't even know what life is like here. >> i told the soviets i know things. i w i have a high security clearance i was a technicians for the united states government. i am valuable. >> you would be a traitor. >> i believe what i am doing is right. now the soviets will see that i am serious. this will show them. >> mr. oswald once something like this is done it can't be undone. >> no one ever listens to me. nobody believes me. i made my decision. >> look, if you are serious you come back. (laughter) a reporter. a young woman.
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asked me senator kennedy how did you get to be a war hero? i told her it was completely voluntary. >> they are ready for you, jack. clu >> it was supposed to be joe. he's the oldest. i always thought it would be joe. he was shot down and we were all stunned. that isn't the way things were supposed to go. it was supposed to be me. >> it was always supposed to be
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you. are you ready? >> i am today announcing my candidacy for the president of the united states. >> they are beginning to pour in substantially. those in just a moment. >> got lyndon on the phone for you. >> how is it going there, kennedy? >> it's close. >> we knew it would be. it will come down to illinois, texas and california. >> we are going to need texas. >> how is he? is he jolly? >> it's lyndon. >> hello, lyndon.
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>> we are winning in pennsylvania. >> what the hell happened to you in ohio? >> how is it going down there? >> i have to tell you texas is going to be close. >> all right. thank you. thank you very much. >> swear to god, jack. swear to god. if that's all it takes to make you president is to make son of a pitch lyndon johnson president so be it. -- vice president, so be it. >> best choice we ever made. >> in connecticut, kennedy took that state by 9:00. he... >> look at that. you have won connecticut. you are president now. >> but look at the lead you have got. >> yeah, sure in the northeast. we wait for the midwest then the west. it will be all night.
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well, tell me in the morning who wins, mr. president. >> don't say that. >> ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.
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♪ ♪ (indistinct chatter) (speaking foreign language)
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♪ >> no i am not chinese. i am american. >> american? >> my co-workers at the factory call me alec. >> alec, american. >> beautiful russian girl. ♪ >> i wanted to study in moscow not this horrible place. >> i like it better now.
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may i kiss you? ♪ >> mr. president, i am sorry but we have a major problem in cuba. >> the invasion in cuba has created a highly difficult position for the united states. cuba said the invasion was mounted from florida and from guatemala. the united states denied this,
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so has guatemala. >> castro knew this ahead of time prepared an ambush and gave himself a prominent role in the fight. right now the rebels are pinned down here on the beach. castro himself is there. a a castro on the beach? i speak for the joint chiefs and i think cia agrees as well it is imperative that the united states provide air support. >> well, i don't want the united states involved in this. >> we are involved in this. >> we train these men. you approved the mission. >> you told me the plan would work. you told me they would be met by anti apiccapital forces. are they there? >> are you aware there will be significant casualties? we need to act and we need to act now. >> they were not prepared by air or ar till ray bam barredment. they were in swamps and high
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growth the fire forced them out one by one into the hands of castro's forces prisoners of war duped by the united states government. >> jack? jack, what is it? jack. you can talk to me. >> it's a catastrophe. the one hour of air support i ordered got screwed up. two units xincompetent son of a pitches couldn't tell time. >> you couldn't have known. >> the president should know. how could i be so stupid. >> jack you are too hard on yourself. >> they said it. they said i was too young, too
6:13 pm
soft. i told them i was ready. they trusted me. >> there are men dying on those beaches right now. supposed to be the most powerful man in the world and i -- i am impotent. i tell you what, this is the last time any one is going to make a decision like that for me. >> here on the beaches around the bay of pigs the invasion flounders. the search for scape goats again. the issue has been sharpened further by disclosure of the president behind the scenes. >> the record will reflect it is a grave mistake. >> that's the meanest i have ever heard. you people are so anxious to cover your own ass all you want to to do is dump this on the
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president. only three months into office and now thanks to you the president of the united states is hated by the russians. >> well, there's an old saying that victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan. the responsibility is mine. i am the president. >> he is going to need somebody. >> i didn't do nothing to you.
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>> >> you are back, like a bad penny. do you regret it? >> it's not what i thought it would be. it is so damn cold. i don't think i can take another winter here. can you guarantee me there will be no legal proceedings against me? >> i don't think so. because you never returned you didn't renounce your citizenship. >> my wife marina? >> the russian. she will require a visa. >> i want to bring my wife back to the united states.
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>> you are going to love america. i promise you. >> english no good. >> you are going to be fine. they will love you there. we will be happier there. i promise. >> alix. >> a wife belongs with her husband and a baby with her father. come to papa. >> fine job, fine job. i get to walk to work and the pay is nice. you look so beautiful. would you tell ms. baldridge we are on our way down? >> yes.
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>> mr. oswald, are you a communist? >> yes, basically. although i hate the ussr i believe markixism can exist. >> why did you go there? >> as a protest against the american political policies. >> i am working. go finish packing. (speaking russian) >> go mind the baby then. go. >> mr. oswald, are you a communist? >> no, of course not. >> why have you chosen to come back to america? >> i lived under both. i have the answer. >> you are a true patriot. holidays
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i've never felt so alive. get the future of phone and the phones are free. comcast business. built for business. >> his name is oswald? >> lee harvey oswald. >> how did he end up in dallas? >> mother is here. i interviewed her two years ago after you left. poor misunderstood boy and all of that. >> did he change his name to oswaldovich? >> mr. oswald. i am john pain agent with the fbi. >> i was told there were to be no charges against me. >> there are no charges. i am just asking you a few questions. >> i expected questions from reporters. there weren't any reporters. >> why did you go to russia in the first place?
6:23 pm
>> mr. oswald? >> just something i did. >> did you go to russia because you were a communist? >> i don't want to talk about the past. the i am here now. >> have you ever been a communist? >> i have never had a card. >> when you are in russia wrur mother told the state department you were some sort of secret agent? are you? >> a secret agent? >> are you involved with any intelligence agency? >> fbi? >> yes. >> you don't know?
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>> mrs. kennedy. i am sorry, the pool is closed. >> closed? >> yes, closed mr. kennedy. >> i see. >> you have a woman problem. >> judas campbell? >> he had car gels me in my capacity as attorney general as much as my capacity as your brother you are having an affair with judas campbell who is also having an affair with a mobster. >> jesus christ, i am investigating him for racketeering. >> the press has been very good
6:25 pm
about looking the other way when it comes to it, but this is dangerous. >> right. is there anything else? >> no, judith campbell, no connor, no mob. >> mr. oswald? >> i have already answered your questions. >> you mind telling us again? it is a few minutes. >> my wife and daughter is inside. >> we don't need to disturb them. we will just talk here.
6:26 pm
>> we heard you contacted the russian embassy in washington. you want to tell us why? >> my wife is a russian citizen. she is supposed to tell the russian embassy where she is. >> is that all? >> what do you mean is that all? did you talk to soviet officers. >> about what? american imperialism about inequality for negroes, what? >> what i want to know is are they asking you to spy on us? is that why they let you come back with marina and your daughter? are you a russian spy? >> why would any one excuse me. shouldn't the fbi know? think about the state our country is at the moment. you come and harass me in front of my home? look where i live.
6:27 pm
>> the verdict? >> i don't know. he's a jerk. insol lant, arrogant. >> do you think this guy is a spy? >> i say we close it. >> this could be your last case, john. >> lee oswald then i am done. 20 and out. >> ffsbi. russia kbg. >> where did you get the money from that? >> i told you not to let her in this house. >> how can i say no? >> you just do what i say. you understand? that's it. you just do what i say. i am the man in this house. >> you are not a man. you are a little boy. >> the fbi, they are afraid of
6:28 pm
me. >> everyone afraid of alix. >> we will see people. it's good for baby. you go out there, you don't open that door and you don't let them in. you understand? >> i am the man of this house. there will be no peace. you are watching me. i am watching you, too. than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm... amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. but the comfort it provides is it's justimmeasurable.ece the america red cross brings hope and help to people in need every 8 minutes, every day.
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>> hello. isn't this a nice surprise. >> i just wanted to hear your voice. >> jack, is something the matter? >> jackie, why don't you come back to the white house? >> yes, of course. >> yes, of course. >> at a pentagon briefing we were shown pictures taken by a high flying plane two types of missiles some already installed pointed at the hard line. ranges up to 2500 miles. there was a broad hint they have nuclear war heads. we have increased the number of planes in our air defense. we have placed forces around the world on alert status. >> we launch b-52s. >> start a war with russia?
6:34 pm
you want to risk an all out num layer war? in a matter of days the missiles in operation. >> it will not p pushed. >> not by khruschev not by you. >> military option we want to see something out of state. >> i want options, 40 minutes. >> what's happening? 40 minutes before i start again. i keep thinking about khruschev in the kremlin. he's in the same position as i am. a oo he doesn't want to back
6:35 pm
down. i don't want to back down. >> you have to find a way for him to back down. >> testosterone? >> and now lose based. >> you will find a way. you will find a way. >> what if i don't? >> men and women the world over hang on the news as it is uncertain what the future holds. all the western members fear from hudson bay to lima peru are in the range of the missiles in cuba. america braces for disaster. >> please don't lsend me away t camp david. i just want to be thewith you. even if there isn't room in a bomb shelter i just want to be with you.
6:36 pm
>> everybody is russian. all of your nose see russian friends. you are the one they invited not me. >> i will be good. >> the president is about to start his speech. hurry. >> ready and. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. >> good evening. my fellow citizens. this government as promised has maintained the closest surveillance of the soviet military build up on the island
6:37 pm
of cuba. within the fast week unmistakable evidence has established the back in a series of ov offensive missile strikes is now in preparation on that imprisoned island. >> the purpose of the invasion can be none other than to provide nuclear strike capabilities against the western hemisphere. to halt this build up is strict quarantine on all offensive military equipment under ship iment to cuba. all ships of any kind bound for cuba from whatever port will contain cargos of offensive weapons be turned back. >> the soviets have every right to be there. they have every right to defend itself against the united states. >> why would russia be so stupid. >> kennedy is provoking this.
6:38 pm
>> he's doing a good job. >> on civil rights, yes. >> not in cuba. >> you fled one for another. >> cuba is the last great hope for marxism unless dkennedy destroys it. >> your hero fidel is the underdog and i like him. this is why i like you. >> kennedy needs to keep out of cuba. >> or what? what will you and your under dogs do to him? i am serious. something has to be done to protect cuba. >> cuba has to be the point of the crisis. there might be shooting among the ships at sea if invasion is under taken. the russians said they would retaliate. we have said if there's rocket fire from cuba we will retaliate then the shooting war could
6:39 pm
start tomorrow over cuba. >> how did cruikhruschev do tha? >> now this demanding we pull out of turkey. >> he has already given in. now he wants to make deals? >> why did you just ignore this? >> under pressure. won't let him back down. i will be goddamned if i am not to engage in a quid pro quo. >> you, just you, you go to the soviet bastard and you tell him i have accept the khruschev's original offer. >> it just might work, jack. >> hope to god it does.
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>> it is precisely what president kennedy has been asking him to do ever since this crisis began. he ordered the dismantling of soviet bases in cuba and return of the rockets to the soviet union. >> it is night to go to the theater.
6:45 pm
>> marina. marina. i want you to take my picture. i got it in the mail. come here. come here. take this. take my picture. >> (speaking russian) >> i use it for the papers show them i am ready for anything. >> you are going to push this
6:46 pm
lever down. this? >> yes. >> george, you have heard of this general edwin walker? >> of course. he's the crazy racist who caused all of the trouble. >> now he wants the united states to invade cuba now he is going across the country attacking communism. >> you know he lives right here in dallas. >> no. >> yes, he does. >> really? what if someone killed hitler before he came to power? i ask you how many lives could have been saved? >> anybody would blows that bastard off would be doing everybody a favor.
6:47 pm
>> i would betray the confidence of the american people if i didn't tell you about the pearls perils of communism and the perils against this nation today. >> mr. oswald, why did you shoot general walker? general walker wanted to over throw castro. he was the racist with threatening civil rights. mr. oswald what do you say to those who will call you a murderer? in time they have will see i stopped a dangerous man on his rides to power. they will see me as a hero, a hunter, a if assifascist. they will remember this day as the day who changed the world forever. >> thank you. >> alix? >> this is my office. it is late. you can't come in here. leave me alone.
6:48 pm
♪ >> i am going to be president some day. >> president? >> i could be 20-years or so. >> you will be famous? how you be president if you don't do anything? >> how do you think kennedy became president? his daddy bought it for him. oo (speaking russian) >> you are not supposed to say that about other men. if not me then your brother will be president.
6:49 pm
>> i left you as much money as i could, $60 on the second of the month you and the baby can live for 10 months using $10 a week. taken prisoner the city jail is at the end of the bridge we always pass going into the city. this is the key to the mailbox which is located in the main post office in the city. you will find the mailbox in the post office located 4 blocks from the drug store. i paid for the box last month so don't worry about it. send me information as to what happened to me to the embassy should there be anything about me in the newspapers. i believe the embassy will come quickly to your a assistance. i paid the house rent and the two deeds so don't worry about it. i also made the water and gas. the money from work will possibly be coming. my documents are in the small proof. the red cross will also help
6:50 pm
you. red cross in english. you can either throw out or give my clothing, et cetera away. however, i prefer that you hold on to my personal papers. >> i did it. i shot general edward walker. i just killed a very dangerous man. why?
6:51 pm
why you shoot him. >> i showed everyone. now i am a hero. >> now we bring you a special report. we have just learned that there hannan -- an assassination attempt on general walker in dallas. he was sitting at his desk at home when the bullet came through the window. a bullet narrowly missed walker. a neighbor witnessed two men get into their cars and walk away. >> you kidding me? two men? two men? fbi --
6:52 pm
>> alix? >> i had it. must have moved his head at the last minute. my aim was perfect. i know it. the dam it. >> what happened? >> well, the party has been going to hell the last six years. i don't mean to throw any stones at the man but daniels, well, we have no leadership. we have maiden roads with that since the election. >> you have done all right except that they have got a lot of organization on that side of the party. >> this is true. >> the way i see it it could
6:53 pm
come down to texas again. >> what's the plan? >> i will defer to the governor. >> maybe i can host a dinner in austin. >> we do austin, san antonio and dallas. >> not dallas. we lost dallas by 20,000 votes. >> we are going to teach that. >> dallas isn't so. >> housewives came out of their houses to spit on me during the 60's during the campaign. >> november the week before thanksgiving. >> book it. >> >> marina. goddamn it where are my guns?
6:54 pm
she is in town i want to have a look. >> promise me you will never shoot people. >> i promise. >> tell me you will get a job. >> every time i get a job they tell me i am a communist. >> it's not good here. why? why you bring us here? dallas no good. >> maybe we will go to new orleans. i will get a job down there. >> okay. alix. (speaking russian) t chest cong.
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are on dialysis, or have bladder cancer. tell your doctor right away if you have blood or red color in your urine or pain while you urinate. farxiga can cause serious side effects, including dehydration, genital yeast infections in women and men, low blood sugar,kidney problems, and increased bad cholesterol. common side effects include urinary tract infections, changes in urination, and runny nose. ♪do the walk of life ♪yeah, you do the walk of life need to lower your blood sugar? ask your doctor about farxiga and visit our website to learn how you may be able to get every month free. >> what do you know about cuba? >> i am recruiting for the fair
6:59 pm
of courses cuba community. >> i am from cuba. >> the cuban people want castro as their leader. >> no, he is a killer. give me those. >> he is an age of tnt of the d. >> >> you fbi? >> i asked specifically to speak to an fbi agent. >> yes, i am agent john quinn. >> this is supposed to be a free country. i was arrested for exercising my right for free speech and i am here all night long. >> i understand you and the three men were charged with disturbing the peace. >> i was attacked for my belief. >> you are pro cuba? >> i belong to this, yes. >> who is aj hidel? >> he issued the membership card. it said hidel is a member of the
7:00 pm
community. >> hidel is a name you picked up. you tell fbi you want name of hidel. all you do is press that paper. no job. still no job. cuba, cuba, cuba. cuba don't care about you. >> marina? >> look at you great man genius. >> going back to texas. you call that friend of yours the one you gave russian lessons. tell them to come and get you and june knee. she will take care of you until the baby comes.
7:01 pm
>> marina as soon as you get back to dallas -- get back to dallas. >> i need to go to cuba immediately. i have to. >> i am sorry. as i explained you will need a soviet visa. >> you are not listening to me. i need you to make an exception. i have proven my support of president castro. >> mr. oswald i am telling you it will take four months. >> i don't have enough money to stay in mexico for four months. >> go back to the united states. >> i am being harassed and
7:02 pm
followed by the fbi for my support of cuba. don't you care about your own country? >> go home, mr. oswald. oh oo>> i don't have a home. this is not my home. >> >> the dramatic miracle of bird takes flight at the hospital on cape cod as mrs. jacquelyn kennedy bears a prema sure son. the baby the first to be born of the white house family during his dramatic fight for life.
7:03 pm
(singing in russian) >> are you all right? >> yes, of course. >> take me to the airport. oh, jackie. >> oh, jack. i already lost two. i wasn't ready to lose another
7:04 pm
one. >> it's not your fault. god called him back. my baby patrick. we had him for two-days. he was a beautiful baby. he fought so hard. >> like a kennedy. >> well, you will go away for two weeks. get out on the water, enjoy the greek islands. i want you to rest.
7:05 pm
and i want you to be very careful around that onassis character, and then i want you to come back to me. >> of course i will. the one thing i could never bear would be to lose you. >> you say you just found a job here in dallas? >> that's right. >> are you married? >> no. i mean, yes, i was. >> well this will be your room mr. -- mr. lee you said? >> that's right. lee. >> make yourself comfortable. >> i contacted the cia said he visited the cuban embassy maybe the soviet embassy as well. >> you think he is some kind of
7:06 pm
a spy? >> i think he may have gone back to dallas i am not sure. >> i will try to find this oswald fella. >> ruth payne? >> yes? can i help you? >> i am special agent federal bureau of investigations. i am looking for lee oswald. you mind if i come in? >> yes, please, come in. >> they are friend george introduced us and marina and i became friends. she and lee had their problems i went down to new orleans brought her back here to have her baby. >> mr. oswald is still in new orleans? >> no, he lost his job there.
7:07 pm
>> keeps some of his things in the garage he sees his girls but marina doesn't want him. >> why does he work? >> at the texas school book depository. marina this is fbi agent. >> fbi? >> he is not here to harm you. >> our job is to protect you. >> you find oswald? >> sort of. i don't know where he is living but i know where he is working.
7:08 pm
>> i missed you, kid. >> i missed you, too. maybe you will come on the road with me, help me campaign. >> of course i will, jack. >> going back on the 25th in time for john jr.'s birthday. (gun shots)
7:09 pm
>> excuse me, mister, is that a 6.5 italian carby. >> yes. >> is that a four-power scope? >> yes, it is. >> i could use that for more practice. >> alix? >> i will be there in just a minute. >> you know we wouldn't have this problem if you would let me live here. >> mind your business marina. go. for the perfect shave at any angle. go to for savings on shavers and trimmers.
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>> hey, i like kennedy. how can you say something like that? in my own place about our beloved president. the both of them president president and mrs. ken bee de. i love them both. coney, what the hell is wrong with you? don't you see my friends need a drink here. >> i am sorry ruby. >> don't apologize. let's go. >> arrived at 11 scln:40 a.m. the president will be greeted by mrs. ladyburg mr. connelly and
7:15 pm
his wife. few minutes for the receiving line. >> we stay about 30 miles outside of the airport. >> to minutes downtown -- 20 minutes to downtown. >> slow to 15 miles an hour so the crowds can get a good look. >> these tall buildings this is like a canyon. >> more than 20,000 windows. >> we will be sitting ducks. >> assuming the president's car will be open until it's raining. >> we make a right on houston. >> can't we avoid this? there's 120 degree turn it will turn the motorcade down to a crawl. makes me nervous. dallas is a murder capital of the country. >> check with the fbi nothing came up. >> pray for rain. >> the city of dallas is busy preparing for the president and the first lady. we don't know the details yet
7:16 pm
but we know the president and 1 lady will drive downtown. keep you updated as we learn more. ♪>> can i get a ride home with you after work? >> of course. like i told you you can get a
7:17 pm
ride any time you want. >> lee, you don't see your girls until friday. >> it's thursday. >> i have to pick up something. >> hi. (speaking russian) >> i am loan some for my girls. >> you only come weekend. not now. >> please don't be that way. please, i miss you. i miss our girls. i am lonely. >> we can start over. you know. we can. i promise you, i will be so different this time. >> you are never different. >> i can be. for you i can be. >> (speaking russian)
7:18 pm
>> i am begging you. if you say no to me again, this is the last time i will ever ask you. please. >> if rose says yes, you can stay tonight. but i won't return to you.
7:19 pm
♪ >> it's raining, mr. president. >> too bad. thank you, george. >> have you seen this? >> yeah, we are heading into thnut
7:20 pm
country today. >> awe, my favorite. >> those rich texas society women, they are going to eat you up. >> it is so important i look good why do i have to be blowing around in a motorcade with you and governor connelly. >> i am so glad that you are here. so much better when you are here. the one thing i couldn't bear would be to lose you. m>> morning, lee. what's in the package?
7:21 pm
>> curtain rod. >> i wish it would just rain or quitç all together. >> it's raining in dallas. want a bubble pop on the wind . window -- bubble top on the limo. >> they say it will clear up. >> be sure to get that in. >> mr. president? >> the presidential party will leave fort worth on a kwiek flight of dallas where the foet tore kayed will travel downtown to the trademark. >> good morning. >> crowd started gathering quite early this morning to ensure a good vantage point. air force number one, ladies and gentlemen. carrying the president of the united states. >> are you going to watch the parade? >> oh, yeah. i want to see the president.
7:22 pm
>> here is mrs. kennedy. the crowd yells and the president of the united states. the president now partially obscured behind his wife. >> she is beautiful. >> mrs. kennedy coming along behind him grinning all the while. >> boy, aren't you coming down stairs? >> no, sir.
7:23 pm
>> the president with the first lady and the motorcade begins to move up. >> it is cleared up. >> should be here pretty soon now. >> here comes the first car with the police chief and bill decker. here is the president of the united states. what a crowd. there is jackie. the crowd is absolutely going wild. this is a friendly crowd in downtown dallas as the president and the first lady pass by. there are people looking from every window in downtown dallas. it is a wonderful welcome as the president and jacquelyn kennedy pass our point.
7:24 pm
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7:26 pm
7:27 pm
7:28 pm
>> her they come. >> what a crowd. what a terrific welcome he's getting now. there is jackie. she is getting just as big a welcome. the crowd is absolutely going wild. this is a friendly crowd in downtown dallas. the president and the first lady pass by. (gun shots)
7:29 pm
(sirens) >> i saw him up there. one window from the top. >> can you describe him? >> white, black hair. 160 pounds. >> how old? >> 30 i would say. >> you will excuse the fact that i am out of breath. but about 10 or 15 minutes ago a tragic thing from all indications has happened in the city of dallas. >> mrs. kennedy? mrs. kennedy. please, let us help the
7:30 pm
president. >> you no he can't leave me alone. >> mrs. kennedy. here. >> three loud shots from over my head. >> we have heard from two witnesses we saw a man in the window of the building above the roof holding a gun. (phone rings) >> bobby. this is director high schoole - hooler. the president has been shot.
7:31 pm
(sobbing) ♪ >> here is a bulletin from cbs news. in dallas texas three shots were
7:32 pm
fired at president kennedy's motorcade. the first report say president kennedy has been seriously wounded by this shooting. repeating president kennedy has been shot by a would be assassin in dallas, texas. >> governor connelly has been taken up stairs to surgery. >> how is the president? >> looks bad. he's still alive. how he is still breathing. the doctors are with him. >> i am in your hands. what should i do? >> i will let you know as soon as i hear about the president. >> jackie?
7:33 pm
>> what the hell. i wonder what all of the uproar is. >> i want to be with my husband. >> i am sorry, mrs. kennedy. >> i want to be with my husband. >> the doctors are doing everything they can. >> i am going to get into that room. >> the shooting in houston is reported to be an unknown white male approximately 30, slender build, height 5, 10, weight 165 pounds. >> the first lady is in the emergency room with the
7:34 pm
president. the crowd outside is quiet and waiting for some word of the condition of the president. >> you sure are in a hurry. >> eternal rest grant unto him and let perpetual light shine upon him. may he rest in peace. amen. >> taking a head count. we have one employee missing. his name is lee harvey oswald.
7:35 pm
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7:39 pm
>> they want to perform an autopsy. >> i am not leaving without him, kenny. we have to take him home. they can't have him. i am taking my husband home with me. >> we will call a mortuary. we will get someone to bring you a change of clothes from the plane. >> no. no. i want them to see what they have done to jack. >> he's gone. >> he is gone. >> we need to get you out of here. >> what about mrs. kennedy?
7:40 pm
>> she won't leave the president. >> i won't leave without mrs. kennedy. i will take her back with me on a plane. >> mr. president, can we release the news to the press? >> no. i better get back to the plane before you announce it. >> from dallas, texas, the flash apparently official, president kennedy died at 1:00 p.m. central standard time, some 38 minutes ago. >> vice president johnson has left the hospital. presumably he will be taking the oath of office shortly and become the 36th president of the united states.
7:41 pm
>> excuse me. can you step out of the car, please, sir? >> i am just walking. >> right now. i need you to step to the car.
7:42 pm
>> thank you, sir. where are you headed? >> just walking through the neighborhood. that's all. >> what's your name? >> alix fidel. >> can i see your hands, please. >> all right. sir. i am going to need you to step to the front of the car. >> right here, sir, i need to see your hands. i need to see your hands, sir, right now. >> hello, police operator? >> who is this? >> there has been a shooting.
7:43 pm
an officer has been shot. >> what's your location? >> 10th street. it's a police officer. somebody shot him. >> excuse me, sir. sir. >> they think the shooter is lee oswald. did you hear that? >> quiet down, will you? >> i didn't hear that. >> lee oswald. >> this is it. it's all over now. >> he's got a gun.
7:44 pm
>> i am not resisting. i am not resisting arrest. >> listen up. i need somebody to get a search warrant. go up to this address and pick up a man named oswald. >> he just shot the officer. >> we have got him right next door. there he sits. alka-seltzer plus night rushes relief to eight symptoms of a full blown cold including your stuffy nose. (breath of relief) oh, what a relief it is. thanks. anytime. with contour detect technology that flexes in 8 directions for the perfect shave at any angle. go to for savings on shavers and trimmers.
7:45 pm
innovation and you. philips norelco.
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7:48 pm
>> they are saying i shot a police officer. all i did was bring a gun into a
7:49 pm
theert. >> i asked you where you work. >> this is what your police force did to me. (knock on door) >> this is when your police force did to me. >> special agent james holsteni. >> i know who you are. you are the man who has been talking to my wife. you leaf her alone. you have questions ask me. understand? ask me. >> as a matter of fact, i have a lot of questions for you. >> let's begin with mexico city. >> i don't know what you are talking about. and i am done talking to him. fbi is the reason i lost every job i have ever had. they have been following me around. that is enough boy. >> boss says you left the building without permission.
7:50 pm
>> there was so much excitement that i didn't think there was going to be any more work today so i left. i went to the movies. (doorbell rings? . ( >> we are with the dallas county sheriff's department. mind if we have a look around? last time you saw your husband was yesterday? >> yeah. >> what time was that? >> he came in the evening and he stayed last night. the kids are sleeping in there. >> does she speak english. oo a does your husband own a rifle? >> no. he doesn't. that is personal property. >> yes. >> in the garage? >> in the garage.
7:51 pm
>> hey, jack, i was headed over to the carousel. >> i keep thinking of poor mrs. kennedy. the woman will have to go through a trial. >> you okay, jack? >> yeah. yeah. you get a look at that creep yet? >> no, but i think they are bringing him out for the press pretty soon. >> i would like the legal representation the police officers haven't allowed me to have any. i don't know what this is all about. >> did you kill the president? >> no, sir. >> did you shoot the president? >> i work in it the building. >> were you working at the time?
7:52 pm
>> naturally. i work in the building, too. >> did you kill the president? >> no they are taking me in because of the fact that i lived in the soviet union. >> they are treating me fine. (speaking russian) >> why would you do this? >> this is a mistake. this is all a mistake. i have a trial. i am going to show them all. >> you muss ant worry about me any more. i am going to be fine.
7:53 pm
give this to rachel for me? >> oswald is being transported to the county jail. here he comes now. is this the man you believe killed president kennedy? >> i think we have the right man. >> okay. you wait right here, sheba.
7:54 pm
7:55 pm
>> here comes owes walled. he is ash enand. >> officer tippet 24-year-old lee harvey oswald also went to his grave today in a secret almost unattended funeral in fort worth. >> the shooting which forever sealed his lips and may have prevented the police from ever getting the full story of what was behind the assassination of the president of the united states. >> we have any pall bearers? is come on, boys.
7:56 pm
♪ >> now he is a legend. he would have preferred to be a man. jackie still loved to listen to the album from the broadway musical camelot, king ar thor and lady guinevere. he would listen to it at night before falling asleep. he loved the final line, don't let it be forgotten that once
7:57 pm
there was a spot for one brief shining moment that was known as camelot. ♪ ♪
7:58 pm
7:59 pm
8:00 pm
♪ we'll take you behind the scenes as we review the star studded movie. >> as you study him, you realize the tremendous amount of pain he was in. playing a man in that kind of pain, was a really significant part of it. >> plus you learn all about the creative process and how the co-author turned our idea into a "new york times" megaseller. >> we knocked down all the spea conspiracy theories, we just debunked them. >> jesse hits the


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