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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 1, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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nfl game or was that out of line? vote in our gretawire poll and follow me on twitter at greta. so simple. good night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> five rams players came out on to the field don't shoot movement. weigh in on a very controversial divisive issue? juan and mary katharine will analyze. >> i'm very concerned about the obama ageneral da. i think it's hurt us immeasurably here in the united states. >> a new poll says mitt romney would defeat hillary clinton in the presidential election if it were held today. will the governor take notice? brit hume on that. >> what boat did the pilgrims come over in. >> the nina, santa maria. >> that was christopher columbus. >> how much do you know about the pilgrims? >> what are you thankful
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for? >> thankful for me? >> yeah. >> you sure? >> not at the moment. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now hi i'm bill o'reilly. tanks author watching us tunt. what protesters accomplished. that is the subject of this talking points memo. by rampaging through the streets of ferguson, missouri last week those who believe police officer darren wilson should have been charged with murder for shooting michael brown brought worldwide attention to their cause. the looters and arsonists sent a strong message that anarchy and destruction are tools to be used in protests. some national tv networks reported most of the demonstrators were not violent. but that is false. once you see crimes being committed in any situation, you must away or you become
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part of the violent mob. part of the criminal activity. the protesters did not loot or burn or assault the police but who remained in the fray are guilty of aiding and aweing those who did. by providing them cover and support. the mob, also did something else. it set back race relations in america years. the violent protests actually created more bias against blacks. most americans deplore the tactics of violence even if they agree with the protest cause. i know many americans who are appalled at the display. well understanding the violent images in ferguson, missouri alien nateed good people who are sympathetic to the concept of equal justice for awesome talking points has documented how rare police killings of americans really are no matter what the color. 99.9% of all police arrests do not result in a fatality. but the racial agitators are having none of that.
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write not guilty "new york times" g.e.d., georgetown university professor and nbc analyst michael eric dyson says, quote: as for the plague of white cops who kill unarmed black youth, the facts of which are tediously and sickenly repeative and impose a psychological tariff on black minds the president was vegas haunting and noncommittal. dyson went on to call president obama a traitor to his race for not siding with the violent demonstrators who in dyson's view have a legitimate right to destroy at will. let's take a good look at the this plague of white cops acting violently against blacks as dyson puts it. in the past 50 years, the rate of black americans killed by police has dropped 70%. in 2012, 123 african-americans were shot
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dead by police. there are currently more than 43 million blacks living in the u.s.a. same year? 326 whites were killed by police bullets, those are the latest stats available. in 2013, blacks committed 5375 murders in america. whites committed 4,396. whites comprise 63% of the population. blacks 13%. so, anyone, anyone thinking clearly can see that the homicide rate among blacks way out of proportion. thus, the police intrusion into black precincts. since, in a whopping 90% of black homicides, the dead person is another black. or the offender himself. michael eric dyson and his soul mates will tell you it
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is white america's fault. the black homicide rate is so high. he will call you racist if you cite the statistic its. he will label you a white supremacist as he did to rudy giuliani if you suggest that law abiding black americans organize against black on black crime. the grand jury in missouri, regular folks examined the evidence, decided against indicting officer wilson. maybe they made a mistake. it's possible. human beings are are value fallible. the lynch mob al sharpton and other demagogues advocate is a far more obvious mistake. that mistake should be clear to everyone. and that's the memo. now for the top story, reaction. joining us from tallahassee, florida. benjamin crump, a lawyer representing the family of michael brown. so where am i going wrong here, counselor.
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>> well, you said a lot there, bill. and the one thing i think about when you are talking about the people were protesting and the aftermath of the decision, who were nonviolent and peaceful, well, they have every right to exercise their first amendment rights. nobody condones violence and nobody should condone violence in any way, faption, or form. >> michael eric dyson did in his column he basically said those protest errors had the perfect right and president obama was a traitor to his race for not stick up for him. that's number one, and number two. if you, no, no, no, counselor. you are an officer of the court and i believe he a very honest man. if you're protesting, you, benjamin crump, and you see somebody torch a store. set a store on fire, you don't stay there. you walk away from that protest. i know you walk away. >> well, and i sail this, mr. o'reilly. i think everybody has a
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responsibility to try to uphold the law and tell the police to uphold the law as well as people who are protesting you can't break the law and think that's right. just like in the bundy case in nevada. a lot of people said him breaking the law they called him a hero. >> and they were wrong. >> you yourself would not have stayed. once the first match was tossed into the store or the first window broken. that's the way to stop. this the good protesters, they leave right away. they see police around, we had to assemble law enforcement for missouri.
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don't stay there enabling these people. now, i have gone out of my way to be fair and sympathetic i think you know that i think you know i have. i'm very disturbed by the stepfather, a man named louis head who called for the burning of ferguson, missouri, i'm not going to play the sound bite again. everybody saw it you said he was emotional. i think you are right. absolutely right. than is not an excuse. so now, now i'm looking at mr. head and maybe others around michael brown andsaying e was this teenager given? i don't know whether you know this but louis head had, his stepfather is, a convicted drug dealer twice. did you know that? >> i was not aware of that, no. >> he has got two trafficking in narcotics
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convictions. and he served five years in the penitentiary in st. louis in missouri. i'm worried about this whole story that it's not getting out what happened here, counselor. i don't think we know what the family -- and i don't think we know the pernicious influences on mr. brown and i'm worried about it. i want to hear your side. >> well, mr. o'reilly, it's indefensible what mr. head said that night even though very emotional. he had just heard that the decision the killer, his unarmed stepson was not going to be face trial by jury he was emotional. that's no excuse asking people to do violent acts, violent acts is indefensible. that's a terrible message to send. but michael brown's mother and father have very -- been
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very consistent, mr. o'reilly, in asking for peace and asking people to act responsibly in the face of overwhelming emotion. they can't control what others do, family members or friends. but they have been very consistent and they are the people who, if anybody, would have an emotional outburst, you i would think it was them. they have not done that they, in fact, have been opposite. they have been trying to be calm and say even though it's very painful, it hurts tremendously. and heart is broken. we are still asking people to be peaceful and let's try to find something positive in this terrible situation like how we can be transparent in the future. >> all right, counselor. we always appreciate you coming on. thank you very much. next on the rundown, now the ferguson controversy has slipped into the national football league. we will tell you what that is all about. then, two fox news photographers caught up in the violence last week. they will tell us what they saw on the ground.
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continuing with lead story. tow if i today president obama held a meeting at the white house involving a big group of people. >> to hear young people feeling marginalized and distrustful, even after they have done everything right, that's not who we are. and i don't think that's who the overwhelming majority want us. >> also in st. louis, yesterday, five pro-football players, members of the rams entered the field with their arms raised in tribute to the don't shoot protest movement jointle us now from washington mary katharine ham and juan williams.
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aappropriate. >> apparently they didn't tell the coach. i think you should tell the. sports large platform. john carlos, tommy smith, i think about some people wearing hoodies ever after trayvon martin. donald sterling. nonviolence. nonrioting. and i think pro-athletes should do more of it, i think. >> what do you think mary katharine? >> yeah, it didn't really bother me that the nfl has ruled about political expression or free speech expression on the field they should punish fairly across the board and make that the rule. but, in this case, i thought it was nonviolent and fairly appropriate. and here's the thing. the folk whos who came to the nfl asking for action is a police officer's group. which makes me scweech militia law enforcement can say i have political speech. i think the answer is more
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speech, not less. >> what if, juan, you are a police officer at the st. louis stadium and you are doing crowd control as they have in every stadium and you go out and you see, you know, these guys come out of tunnel with their arms raised, don't shoot, which connotes the fact that they believe, i guess, that white police officers shoot black youths all the time. we just debunked that with statistics. we just showed more than 43 million african-americans are in the country and 123 were shot by police bullets in the latest statistics available. that's not an epidemic. it's not crazy. it's not a hunting down of black youth. so you are a cop, and you are doing your job and you see this. how would you feel, juan? >> well, i think you went a bit too far in making the connection that they think that's all cops, all the time. clearly from your own statistics, that's not true. i will tell you, i mean,. >> juan, if you raise your hand in protest -- >> -- yeah.
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protests. >> don't shoot protest movement, the don't shoot protest movement says white cops are hunting down black youth to shoot them. >> could be -- >> -- that's not what i think. i don't think that's what the protest is about. i think it's about the actions of officer wilson shooting unarmed man who was belligerent possibly even criminal in terms of his actions stealing the cigars but they took his life. the protest is about that. not this thing about all cops all the time. i was going to say to you earlier that i'm a black man and i have got to tell you police protect me but i snow about stop and frisk. racial profiling. >> we again we.ed out, go ahead recollected mary katharine. >> i have no doubt some police officersy offended. when you are offended it doesn't necessarily mean that speech on the other side should be shut down. >> i'm not saying it should
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be shut down, i ask appropriate venue coming to see a football game. group believes black police officer hunting down black youths. it's a state belief, juan. >> those football players didn't state that. >> they're sympathizing with the group who has stated it. >> you think anybody who is upset against ferguson? >> if they raise their hands in the don't shoot movement, yes, i do. >> look, have you quote crazy people on all sides, bill. do you think those football players identify and think all cops are bad that is not true. >> quite frankly i don't think they are smart enough to know what they're doing. >> oh my gosh. >> how can i protect you from yourself. >> i'm trying to make a larger point that be careful who you sympathize with last word, mary katharine. >> i think that's a fair, i guess. people like i said are more
5:19 pm
than welcome to be offend od by such things. but i think they are more than welcome to make a political statement. if a conservative comes out of this as well tonight pickup measure him. that's my rules. >> two fox news cameraman. be here to tell us what happened. later, brit hume on hillary clinton. megyn kelly on health benefits for illegal aliens upahead. here's some news you may find surprising.
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we're for an open internet for all.
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we're for creating more innovation and competition. we're for net neutrality protection. now, here's some news you may find even more surprising. we're comcast. the only isp legally bound by full net neutrality rules. cameraman can get very dangerous. last week shooting the riots in ferguson, missouri for us. both tear gassed obviously they were in harm's way.
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joining us from ferguson, mr. yellen and mr. lee. bob, we will begin with you. i understand that this thing started, the violence started so quickly that everybody was caught by surprise; is that true? >> it was a little start that night. took maybe 10 or 15 minutes for it to sort of spread out from where i am now behind me. and then once it started, people started running in all directions, you know, we heard reports of, you know, gunfire down the street, quickly a police car was caught on fire. i was behind where ayouth running and pulled a gun out of his back waistband and fired it in the air from there people scared for their lives and other opportunist that decided this is a great time to live, you know,.
5:24 pm
>> dangerously. >> break some windows, exactly. >> what ignited the violence? did you see what ignited it? as bob said in the beginning after the verdict was handed down they were there, but all the sudden snap, boom. what was the mood of the crowd as well from your vantage point? >> you know, i felt that it was sort of a night where people felt they could just get away with anything. fox news correspondent mike tobin described it best. he said it was 360 degrees of mayhem. everywhere you looked there was something going on. whether somebody starting a fire or looting, you know, breaking windows. it was just all over the place. >> now, you guys, neither of you saw leaders or anybody stirring the crowd up? i mean, you were shooting, trying to get the pictures so it was hard for you to get in context of who was stirring it up however few
5:25 pm
police on the scene. where is the national guard? cops said there was a few police around, you know, police headquarters here. but other than that, very minimal. >> i think they really compared to august they really tried to, you know, step back a little bit and be more reactive, see things going on and not, you know, come out in full force while i think they did a great job this time, maybe they were a little light out there, the evening of the decision. >> do you agree with that mark? do you see the lack of police presence may have encouraged the looters and the bad people? i do. we had issues getting around ourselves. and because we were at an intersection next to a gas station being looted and people were just running it out and the cops were
5:26 pm
actually there, but they couldn't get to it because there were too many cars in the intersection blocking their way by the time they got there. the looters had left. they were right there. and it was -- they couldn't get there. >> bob, were afraid for your physical safety at any time when this all broke down? >> i'm sure whether you have a job to do i'm sure you know, you are doing your your job and not too focused on who is shooting where and what, you know. the tear gas is in our eyes. can you feel it on your skin. you know they are both bottles and rocks. not really too afraid. just trying to get the best footage, you know, on live as you know. and sort of be safe at the same time. >> how about you, mark? go ahead, bob. finish up. >> yeah, what we s were, you know, a lot of opportunists. a lot of, you know, 12 to
5:27 pm
25-year-olds, you know, honestly having the best night of their lives. >> it was a party. >> running around a lot of president being smoked and breaking into stores and knowing they could get away with it. >> mark, did you fear for your physical safety at any point? >> the same like bob said, you know, i was but we do have -- we have security with us, watching our backs because, like bob said, you know, as a cameraman, we are focused on what we are shooting. so you do kind of tune everything out. you know, your heart is beating. you are -- you know, do you do see things happening. and, you are a little worried but you are so concentrated on the job that you are doing. you sort of tune it out. >> well, you will never forget it it, guys. you will never forget those images. i was in two of them. there vivid today as they
5:28 pm
were 20 years ago. you guys did a great job and, you know, i really appreciate your work. thank you for coming on tonight. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. brit hume on mitt romney leading hillary clinton on the latest presidential poll. will the governor take notice? megyn kelly on whether or not the illegal aliens given residency by president obama will get free healthcare. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. ...copd maintenance treatment... ...that helps open my airways for a full 24 hours. you know, spiriva helps me breathe easier. spiriva handihaler tiotropium bromide inhalation powder does not replace rescue inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate. these may worsen with spiriva. discuss all medicines you take, even eye drops.
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hume zone segment tonight. new quinnipiac poll has evaluated seven potential contenders against hillary clinton. if the election were held today, mitt romney would defeat hillary clinton 45-44. but mrs. clinton would beat chris christie 43-42. she would also defeat rand paul 46-41. ahead of mike huckabee 46-41 as well. she would defeat jeb bush 46-41. paul ryan, mrs. clinton wins 46-42. again senator ted cruise wins 4837. looks like mitt romney is the g.o.p.'s best chance to catch the white house at least at this moment. brit hume. i keep thinking that mitt romney may run, you know, richard nixon lost to kennedy he came back, he wins in 68. i think romney may do it isz
5:33 pm
specially the polls way out. what say you? >> certain things, there are as a political reporter you watch for whether you are trying to figure out whether some prominent politician is running for office or some other office for that matter. romney is doing for he campaigned for the republican an democrats in midterm election. is he out in public appearing on it v programs enforcing his views and also doing things you would never do. i have had my turn and now it's time for somebody else. of course, mrs. romney has said of the romney family and presidential campaigns that we are done, done, done she was very much eager for her husband to win that election. and deeply disappointed when he didn't. and so she is clued in politically. she wouldn't be saying that if she thought he were running. now, look, i think it's possible to imagine some scenario in which the party kind of turns to him if the infighting is to terrible and no nominee is really
5:34 pm
emerging i think we are a long way away from that. >> okay. as far as the mitt romney saying he has had his turn, by nature is he a humble man. you know him. is he not braggadocio. is he humble. i'm not surprised at that. >> what do you mean? saying he has had his turn is one thing. saying time for somebody else is entirely different, bill. >> yeah. i don't know. you know how politicians are though. >> i do. that's not the way they act when they run for about the. >> heim not going to do it unless you want me to do it. you have got to come to me. i'm not going to campaign like did i last name. i think that's all true. i still think he might pop. in the reason is that the republican party still doesn't have any leadership. it's still all over the place. >> well, parties that are out of power and have been out of power for a couple of cycles the way this one has, at this stage of the proceedings with almost two years to go until the voting. they never have any leadership. it's very unusual for somebody -- unless the
5:35 pm
person has, like ronald reag in 1980, barely lost the nomination battle and was the clear guy and even he, you know, was not the clear frontrunner in the eyes of a a lot of people. it's early to say that just too early for that to be meaning flg when do you think the republican candidates, those who want to run will ramp it up. >> well, you have got as many as two dozen whom you might list as potential candidates. they have got to meet several tests. first thing they have to do is raise money to actually put a campaign together you will notice that mitt romney does not seem, for example, held on to kind of some of the people who work for him. >> that might be a good thing. >> maybe but that's not what you normally do. look, you have to show the ability to raise money. have to raise money have a chance to get early debate get out there this coming
5:36 pm
spring. biggest field i have ever seen and most wide open field i have ever seen. >> all right, brit thanks as always. ms. megyn on healthcare for illegal aliens will it happen? watters world the thanksgiving edition. the. >> the pilgrims, what country did they come from? >> denmark, i believe. am i right? i think it's denmark. >> we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the kelly file segment tonight, healthcare forever the 5 million illegal aliens the president has legalized. >> this action doesn't grant citizenship or the right to stay permanently or receive the same benefits that citizens receive. only congress can do that. all we're saying is we're not going to deport you and separate you from your kids. >> but what does that mean the same benefits that citizens receive? will the illegal aliens get free health care? with us now the anchor of the kelly file seen immediately after the file kelly megan in california i understand the process is underway to give free healthcare to ill lee --
5:41 pm
illegals. the dreamers brought here illegally by parents those kids all now get healthcare under the california system. medical. they can't get medicaid. not federal but state benefits. >> the state can make its own rules. >> correct and they have. so now this whole class of individuals whose related to the dreamers and who are going to get benefits thanks to president obama is going to california saying how about us? we are now in the same position the dreamers were in and they got medical. >> they got residency here. >> advocates saying absolutely right. nothing more needs to be done to give them healthcare under the california system. under giving order of the health department. he is he expected to do that although he wouldn't comment on the record for us. >> california the hispanic population is so huge this is a political thing. are there any other states doing this? >> yes. now we are talking four other states plus dc. d.c. is dyesier it can't be federal money. california, washington state, massachusetts, minnesota, and new york.
5:42 pm
>> are all going to give. >> similar programs. >> freely healthcare to illegal aliens. >> if they qualify. if they don't make enough money. >> most of them. >> most of them will qualify, i'm sure. now, as far as obamacare is concerned, because it's got tears -- tiers and you can buy insurance at different levels. >> they cannot get that. they can buy state funded health care. california version of obamacare but not federal. they can't get welfare. they can't get food stamps. they can't get any of those federal benefits so the president was correct in saying that. but it's different. >> when you say they can't, does that mean congress would have to pass a special law they can? >> they don't qualify for under what the president has just done. they do qualify for it under these particular state programs or so it would seem j so you would expect a flood of illegals to go to those states because they are going to be a let better off because healthcare is expensive. >> potentially. let me say. this medical no dream.
5:43 pm
like medicaid you get. >> better than paying for state farm or the gecko guy. >> you get insurance but do you get coverage? already if you are illegal immigrant in the state of california, you can get coverage for a pregnancy. can you get coverage for emergency care. as it should be. i mean, what are you going to tell illegal immigrant in the country pregnant with a baby too bad for unborn baby, we have to be decent human beings at some level. >> we do. this is taking to different level incentive to get more healthcare. >> point out in any millimeter room situation it doesn't matter. can you be from venus, you are are going to get treated if you walk into emergency room. >> fascinated by you. you will get the best of care. >> how long do you think this ferguson, missouri story is going to roll. >> i think it's already dwindling. >> you have the hard core occupy wall street people now imbedded into the protest. this is interesting.
5:44 pm
anarchists, anti-american haters those people are embedded and keep it going. i was wondering how much longer, there were a few rinks today the envelope thing. >> the president, i mean, of the president held a big meeting on it today. >> that's not going to amount to anything. >> create a task force crack down oon police departments and militarization. we have all of that at the top of the hour. >> he wants to put cameras on. >> that puts a lot more fuel into it. >> he wants to put cameras on the cops to their interactions are reported. >> that's the least of what he is doing. sharpton. >> sharpton shows up again. >> al sharpton despite you will at controversial does he was the president's liaison for the ferguson issue. is he sitting with the president at the white house. >> unbelievable. >> this guy who came out publicly and said that officer wilson was not in fear for his life. how do you know, al? that is who the president is turning to advice on this and now the president and eric holder getting more
5:45 pm
deeply involved. >> i think the president is playing politics with the issue. you know, they are pounding them as i said in the talking points, dyson crazy by says obama a traitor to his race because he didn't stick up for the guys blowing up the cars. >> you see a couple more days on this maybe this week will be it. >> i think people are interested because it's a creates that grabs the national attention. all sorts of elements. whenever we have a big jury verdict or send of a big case casey anthony or michael peterson people want to see a conclusion to that. >> chokehold case is coming up too,. >> that one is pretty open and shut. >> megyn kelly, everybody, watters worlds goes to plymouth, massachusetts to celebrate thanksgiving next. patented sonic technology with
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back of the book segment tonight, watters world. we hope everybody had a nice thanksgiving. it's a great american holiday in honor of giving thanks, we asked jesse watters to go to plymouth, massachusetts where the pilgrims landed in 1620. ♪ ♪ >> what year was the first thanksgiving? >> 1642. [ buzzer ] >> 1621 somewhere around there. >> around 1821. [ buzzer ] >> last thursday of november, right? >> sure. >> what countries did the pilgrims come from? >> denmark, i believe, am i right? [ buzzer ] >> i think it's denmark. >> what country? i will give you a hint it was in europe. >> i don't know. >> british or something? >> yeah. somewhere in like europe. >> you got it? >> yeah, guy the this. >> how cute. sweet kid. >> how did the first thanksgiving go down? >> i don't even know.
5:50 pm
>> and you live in plymouth? >> i know. >> they got here on cape cod at some time and then thanksgiving popped out. >> it's a girl. >> native americans helped us with pilgrims and the pilgrims wanted it thank to thao they all sat down and had a dinner. >> i like it. >> is indian an offensive term? >> it is. >> what did they dine on on the first thanksgiving? >> best i know they dined on venison and corn. >> like chips, like that. >> mashed chips. >> i don't think they had turkey. mainly vegetables. >> the pilgrims were vegetari s vegetarians? >> i'm not sure. >> what boat did the pilgrims come over on? >> the nina, the pinta and the santa maria. >> that was christopher columbus. >> the mayflower.
5:51 pm
>> mayflower. >> excellent. just right over yonder. why did the pilgrims come here to begin with? >> to explore the west. >> they wanted to have religious freedom. >> the pilgrims were catholic? >> i don't know. >> were the pilgrims muslim? >> maybe. they wanted to seek freedom so they could worship as they wish. >> do you have pilgrim blood in you? >> stranger danger. stranger danger. >> no please. >> did the indians and pilgrims get along? >> no. >> why did they eat together? >> i don't even know what you're talking about anymore. >> the indian tribe that the -- >> wompanog. >> you're bananas, do you know that? >> the cherokee. >> who was squanto? >> wait, was he the one helping with the farming?
5:52 pm
>> he was like the mediator between the pilgrims and the wamanago. >> very good. do you ever watch "the factor" on fox news channel? >> oh, my goodness. >> he's on a gluten-free diet. >> gluten-free because wheat bulks you up. >> it's weighted primarily for the cut but also will thrust nicely. >> i'm a big thruster. i'm watters. >> really? >> and this is my world right here. >> are we in your world? >> you're in my world. >> oh, yeah. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> those three kids, they knew. they worked for the town. >> they were the local plymouth guides. a lot of those people were local plymouth people. that's why they did fairly well on that. plymouth rock itself is a little
5:53 pm
rock. >> it looks like a pebble. i don't know how they saw it from the ocean. >> that probably wasn't plymouth rock. >> they found some rock and called -- >> actually, the pilgrims landed and came across buzzard's bay was the name back then. >> and researched the dinner. the the thanksgiving feast. venison, beer, squash, corn. they did have lobster. >> lobster. wow. >> yes. >> crackers at that time? >> bang. >> no bisque. >> here's watters everybody. and "the factor" tip of the day, some things you have to do in the run-up to christmas. the tip moments away.
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5:57 pm
protests. sharon, fresno, california. thank you, mr. obama, for setting back race relations 40 years by your actions you have incited riots. i don't know where this is coming from. i disagree, sharon. the president had nothing to do with the protests. he is a politician. the hard core anti-american people are fueling the protests. the criminals use michael brown's death to loot and destroy. the president had nothing to do with it. rock mart, georgia. bill, killing patton is excellent but the book made me mad because churchill, eisenhower and fdr were so blind about stalin. churchi churchill got it, but washington, d.c. right after was indeed blind to the russian threat. patton was not and it might have gotten him killed. florida, just bought killing patton using my nice premium member discount. i also got 50% off killing kennedy. you are a smart guy, gary.
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word of the day, do not bepedantic. i'm bill o'reilly, ms. megyn is next. the spin stops here cause we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, ferguson on the agenda. the topic of not one, not two but three meetings at the white house today. and the subject of a new promise from the president himself. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone, i'm megyn kelly. president obama summoning leaders from across the country today to discuss last week's grand jury ruling in ferguson, missouri, and the ongoing racial divide in america. included in today's meeting the president's go-to man on race issue, al sharpton. noticeably absent from that meeting, any ferguson city or ferguson police leaders although law enforcement representatives from some national organizations were there. afterwards president obama vowed a new task force


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