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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 1, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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everything. but they say jody lee hunt died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. it's believed he killed four people in separate shootings, one victim had filed a domestic violence case against hunt last month. and eric holder planning to announcees to help end racial profiling by law enforcement. holder meeting monday with community leaders and officials in atlanta. they discuss ways to build trust between police and community members following the shooting death of unarmed black teenager michael brown. meantime, president obama wants more cops wearing body cameras. he is proposing spending $75 million for 50,000 cameras nationwide. i'm kelly wright. "hannity" starts now. this is "the kelly file." welcome to "hannity." this is a fox news alert, residents and store owners in ferguson, missouri are trying to rebuild tonight after violent protesters have left dozens of businesses completely destroyed. and tonight in a special
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"hannity" investigation we want the destructive demonstrators brought to justice. now, take a look at the faces right there on your screen. our producers have obtained this from the st. louis county police department. they are the mugshots of the men and women over the age of 18 who were arrested last monday and tuesday in ferguson, missouri. now, the crimes they are accused of range widely. they include unlawful assembly, arson, burglary, possession of stolen property, trespassing and interfering among others. to be clear none of these people have been convicted of any crime. now, last week we also showed you this "hannity" exclusive surveillance footage. this was taken from inside the ferguson market after the grand jury announced its decision not to indict officer darren wilson in the shooting death of michael brown. look in that video. as you can see looters rushed into the store. they literally stealing, destroying property, also caught one of the demonstrators lighting the store on fire. as you can see right there that guy is spreading accelerant.
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if youf%cc recognize that arson the tip number is at the bottom of the screen. here with much more is ferguson, missouri police chief. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> let me start with all those faces. i want to roll this video again. you've got all these people rushing into the ferguson market. now, the question i have for you for all of these people looting and all these people that were trying to put the place on fire, are you going to try and use this video and track these guys down? >> absolutely. and every single one we can identify we hope to identify every one of them will be charged with at least burglary. >> so you are going to follow-up and that goes for the cell phone store, the liquor store. do you have footage from both those places as well? >> yes, we do.
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everything that we've had burglarized or burnt, we intend to prosecute to the full extent of the law. >> why hasn't -- dorian johnson in the robbery of the store, why hasn't he been brought up on any charges for his part in that rob roy? >> my recollection of the tape is that he put that box back on the counter. and didn't actually leave the store with it. >> well, i have to go back and look at it. what about perjury? what about the people that testified like dorian johnson who said michael brown had his hands up, oh, we were just minding our own business. all he did was lie when he made those reports. do you think you could pursue perjury charges in this case? >> i'm not sure. that would be -- obviously that's going to be up to the prosecuting attorneys office to look into that. we're very focused on getting
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all the violent criminals that went through our community the other night. >> yeah. a lot of other comments were made that i would argue and even lieutenant governor peter kinder is going to join us later had to do with the stepfather of michael brown saying burn this -- down leading into the events of last week. my question is, do you believe those comments should be pursued? is that inciting a riot? >> we are pursuing those comments. and there's a lot of discussion going on about that right now. i real ri can't get into that at this time. >> is there an atmosphere or maybe a group in law enforcement, maybe in the prosecutor's office arguing that we should just let it die, but wouldn't that just encourage people in the future to act the same way and feel they could get away with it? >> we can't let all that happened in ferguson and delwood and the community die.
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everyone who was responsible for taking away people's property, their livelihoods, their jobs, their businesses, every single one of them needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. >> what about back in august when this happened, chief? did you use the videotape then to go after people? >> we did. >> yeah. okay. chief jackson, thank you for being with us as always. appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. and joining us now with more reaction is former lapd detective mark furhman and former nypd detective. bo, start with you. so you got looters, arsonists, you got people that have committed perjury and you have people inciting to riot. >> yeah. >> how big a mistake would it be go after every one of them? i want to show that videotape. every one of those kids, every one of those young people breaking into that store, i think -- we'll roll the tape, they need to be arrested. >> you know, sean, i hope that this chief is going to follow through on what he just said.
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because let's face it, peaceful demonstrations is what america's about. one, you don't put a mask on. two, you don't hide your face unless you want to do something and you don't want to get caught. >> look at this. >> this is like animal house over there. and these punks with their hoodies again -- remember the hoodies. they're all wearing hoodies. why are they wearing hoodies? so they don't get identify. >> many are covering their face. that's the sad part. they may end up get away with this. >> we had this in new york, they shut down the -- they threw blood on bratton. yep. setting it on fire. >> he's now throwing accelerant so this fire gets bigger. and watch this woman. >> putting it out. yeah. >> this woman apparently went in there for the one reason. let me bring mark in here. do you agree with the looters, the arsonists, those people robbing setting this place on fire? don't they all have to be arrested here? >> well, they all have to be
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arrested. and they have to be investigated and you have to squeeze them for who else was there. you also have to as the city of ferguson or the county or the state, they need to pass a law that says if you're going to assemble to peacefully demonstrate you cannot conceal your identity. this was all done in los angeles. they passed the los angeles municipal code certain things that you can't have. you can't have certain sticks that are beyond a certain size. you need to do something here to reign-in the bad conduct. >> by the way, i think that's the woman. she's using milk and whatever -- >> look at the message today with our president. he brings all these race baiters into the white house now. and they're just stirring this up. the football players should be fined by the nfl. there's no reason for them to stir up things. now across this country including new york city everyone's having a reason now. this is the wrong reason. the right reason should be the 5-year-old little girl who got
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shot in the head on her daddy's lap. that's what they should be protesting, the violence that's occurring in our african-american communities. that's what we should be protesting. where do you see sharpton? how come he hasn't been in chicago? >> today was his 81nd visit, mark, to the obama white house. the narrative has always been racial in this case. but didn't the evidence show something entirely different? that you have black eyewitnesses from ferguson that corroborated the cop story, that there was in fact michael brown that robbed the store, intimidated the clerk, tried to fight the police officer for the gun, charged at him "like a football player with his head down." it's entirely different story than what people were thinking, but yet it still goes on. they still want to have a narrative related to race when that's not what this case was about, is it? >> no, it's not about race, sean. if it's about race, it's about a black man targeting a white man not the reverse. officer wilson never even got an
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opportunity to utter a word or exit his vehicle before he was savagely attacked. so that's the facts of the case. and al sharpton's not going to address the facts. my question to al sharpton is, please tell us -- any or all the politicians, what is the line? what is the line that law enforcement has to get to before they can protect another person's life or their own? where is that line? they won't address it. the grand jury's wrong. the law's wrong. the use of force of policy's wrong. everything is wrong except for what they want. they sound like a bunch of spoiled children that don't get their way. >> all right. we're going to pick it up. both of you are coming back later in the show, i promise. but first tonight on "hannity" -- [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. also tonight in the wake of the grand jury's decision michael brown's stepfather was caught on tape inciting violence. and a missouri lieutenant governor wants him to be brought
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up on charges. he's here tonight to explain why. and then also later tonight -- >> because we're tired of [ bleep ]. >> new video nation of islam leader emerges. we'll play more of his racially charged speech. is he inciting violence, which leads us by the way to our question of the day, should people like fair khan be arrested for inciting a riot? i'll give you my answer. but first head over to and we'll have that and much more on this busy news night.
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welcome back to "hannity." more than 100 arrests were made during the protests last week
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following the grand jury decision. michael brown's stepfather was caught on tape. watch this. >> burn this [ bleep ] down. burn this [ bleep ] down! burn this [ bleep ] down! burn this [ bleep ] down! burn this [ bleep ] down! over the weekend the lieutenant governor condemned the reverend al sharpton said influence over people like new york city mayor de blasio and even president obama is -- peter kinder, thank you for joining us. >> thank you sean. >> we can all understand a parent that is upset over the death of a child. i don't think anybody disputes
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that. but is it inciting a riot when you say burn this [ bleep ] down? >> sean, it sure sounds that way to a lot of folks, but that's a decision for the authorities to make, the prosecuting authorities to make. it's not my decision. sean, i believe it's time for us to move toward healing. and that's why i took time out of my weekend to drive to ferguson yesterday to attend service at an african-american church up in ferguson, the church of reverend tommy pierson, my friend, a democratic state lawmaker in missouri. it was a wonderful service. we worshipped god and we prayed together. >> but you tould laura ingraham in a radio interview that he should be arrested. here's the danger, lieutenant governor, from my perspective. is if people get away with that type of ensind yar language in a moment like that, if people get away with the looting, we've got
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the video, people racing into the ferguson market. they're steal, they're looting, they're trying to set the place on fire. aren't we sending a message that it's a acceptable, we're not gog to do anything and you can get away with it next time? >> well, we have in the words if that happens we've had in the words of former senator moynihan we have defined dooef y ed dooe way down. sean, i was delighted to hear the interview you did with the chief of police, mr. jackson. chief jackson said they have video on these perpetrators and they're going to be pursuing them and seeing that they're prosecuted. they must be. >> i would argue that if we don't do it, then this -- we'd be setting up not only that town but other towns and cities to experience the same type of thing. and remember all of this happened without any facts being known. i said the president now is 0 for 3. he was wrong on the cambridge police acting stupidly, wrong in the trayvon martin case, and
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he's wrong here. he's a three-time loser on high profile race cases. so you mentioned al sharpton, al sharpton met with the president for the 82nd time according to reports. what is your reaction to the president deciding -- >> sean, that's so tragic. i cannot imagine any previous american president of either party welcoming an inciter of mobs like reverend sharpton into the white house, into his inner counsels for sober advice. you're not going to get it from him. and he apparently was there on the day they announced the new nominee for attorney general. it's just wrong to have a man with sharpton's background who owes us $4.5 million in taxes according to "new york times" into such privileged councils. >> after reading the testimony of the eyewitnesses here, do you think anybody that is out there
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that has been saying all of these incendiary things, louis farrakhan, we'll talk about that next, as i read it in my view this case never should have been brought to the grand jury in the first place. politically i understand why it was. there would never be a jury convicting officer wilson in this case. with all the eyewitnesses corroborating his story. >> there were 12 very courageous people on that grand jury. and god bless each and every one of them. and i hoip they're protected from any harm that may come to them for doing their duty as american citizens. >> one last thing -- >> our system. >> go ahead. i'm sorry. >> no, our system works. it isn't perfect. it's the best justice system we have. and we've got to try to affirm it and hold up for praise the
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law enforcement officials who are trying to do their job under incredibly difficult circumstances. >> last question, and this is about the governor jay nixon. you're the lieutenant governor, you never spoke to him at all during this entire crisis. he called up the national guard -- >> no, sir. >> he did nothing to deploy them on the night they were most needed. he was he missing in action and apparently -- wouldn't talk to the mayor of ferguson but was talking to the white house. what do we know about that and ? >> sean, on friday, three days ago, there emerged another mayor in neighboring delwood, this one an african-american, a fine mayor named reggie jones who also said i've been trying to reach the governor since tuesday morning after my town burned on monday night, which the governor assured us would not happen. and the governor this weekend was congratulating himselftqyky
10:19 pm
never mi remember what i said three days ago on friday? we have a governor. >> he is right up there with ray nagin in new orleans. during katrina, missing in action at the time. >> and govern blanco. >> thank you, sir. appreciate your time. and coming up next on this busy news night tonight here on "hannity" -- >> teach your baby. how to throw the bottle if they can. >> louis farrakhan, he is at it again. is he inciting a riot? we'll play you more of his racially charged rant about
10:20 pm
ferguson. that's coming up next. and michael brown's family attorney will join us. what does he think about the civil rights investigation, and what does he think should happen to michael brown's stepfather in light of the comments he made before the incident last week, straight ahead. ♪ (holiday music is playing) hey! i guess we're going to need a new santa ♪(the music builds to a climax.) more people are coming to audi than ever before. see why now is the best time. audi will cover your first month's payment on select models at the season of audi sales event. visit today.
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welcome back to "hannity." new tape emerged of louis farrakhan to commit violence days before the grand jury announced a decision not to indict officer darren wilson in the shooting death of michael brown. watch this. >> you may not want a fight, but you better get ready. teach your baby how to throw the bottle -- we're going to die any
10:23 pm
way. let's die for something. as long as they kill us and go to wendy's and have a burger and go to sleep, they're going to keep killing us. but when we die and they die, then soon we're going to sit at a table and talk about we're tired. we're [ bleep ]. >> tear this country apart. joining me with reaction to farrakhan's comments as well as the president his meeting with al sharpton and others earlier today, the white house, brown
10:24 pm
family attorney daryl parks. talking about throwing molotov cocktails, is that what he was referring to? we're going to tear this g-d country apart? what's your reaction? >> we have continued to maintain there should be no violence as it relates to the honor of michael brown, his life and what it stood for. without question we don't -- this situation, sean, has become bigger than michael brown, bigger than missouri. this whole situation stands for one better race relations, better police -- >> to me evidence that this is a racial case. give me any evidence this is about race. >> you're misunderstanding. i'm not saying it's a racial case. i'm saying there certainly exists a situation in our country where we have to work toward a better racial relations in our country without question. and that's what we're advocating for. we're not saying racial cases race happens to be one of those issues very tough issue.
10:25 pm
however, it's an issue that we have to work toward to get to the better. >> we get along really well. we've been on the opposite side of issues, but we have to face the truth here. if michael brown didn't rob the store, if michael brown didn't intimidate the clerk, if michael brown didn't shut the door on the officer and struggle for his gun, which put the officer's life in jeopardy, if he didn't as one eyewitness said charge darren wilson like a football player with his head down, none of this would have happened. isn't that the lesson here? isn't that the bigger lesson? there's no evidence of anything racial in the case. >> that's part of the story. when you look at the procedure that happened in this grand jury, right, that led to this gentleman not being indicted, how the evidence was produced. >> the eyewitnesses, they all corroborated the officer's story. >> that is incorrect. >> all right.
10:26 pm
you have three that did completely and -- it all added up between that, the forensics and the autopsy. it all added up. >> you just said the fact that some of them supported, some didn't is grounds of probable cause. >> no, it's not. >> a public trial -- all we want is a public trial. >> the testimony was overwhelmingly ii incontroverti. the grand jury knew that. >> let a jury say it. >> no, that's not the way the system works. >> a real jury, not a grand jury. a trial jury. >> we're showing video of all these people looting, the arsonists, people robbing stores. do you agree with me that everyone who we can identify needs to be arrested and
10:27 pm
charged? >> without question. all of us -- i'm a business owner. if someone burned down my business and created damage, they should go to jail. i'd be the first to go to jail -- to go arrest them. >> we should identify every one of those people robbing and looting those stores? >> for sure. those people are not doing that in the name of michael brown. they're acting on their own and should be accountable for their actions. >> when the father said we got to burn this -- down, again and again, that's inciting a riot. tell me why you think he shouldn't be charged with inciting a riot. >> well, first of all let me say the family and we as attorneys are very apologetic and try to explain the situation in the context of those things, he was mad, michael brown was very -- >> i understand that. i understand that. >> also too now -- >> you can't say -- >> -- that statement also made
10:28 pm
context of causing someone to go do something like that. so there's not a nexus been drawn yet. not just going to say you made a statement, that's a crime. no, where's the other actions -- >> burn this to the -- down. burn it down. >> it was made out of emotion, sean. he loved michael brown to death. he loved michael brown. >> i'm not going to argue with you. >> people don't understand. i'm sorry. but he loved michael brown. that was like his son. if someone killed your son, what would be your emotion? >> all right. we're going to give you the last word. thank you. appreciate it. coming up, mark furhman, bo deitel back. and darren wilson has resigned and will not be receiving a severance package.e.e.e.e.e.
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into one you'll never forget. earn points for every flight and every hotel. expedia plus rewards. welcome back to "hannity." last week the twitter account associated with the white house
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initiative on educational excellence for african-americans tweeted out a link to a "the huffington post" article entitled five ways to teach about michael brown and ferguson in the new school year. among the suggestions is for them to "create a classroom memorial." here with reaction former lapd detective mark furhman, former nypd detective bo dietel. mark, a guy maybe potentially trying to kill a cop gets a memorial, and that's not a rush to judgment along with the three white house representatives that were sent to the funeral? >> well, this whole thing is outrageous. you don't involve children, especially when you're projecting a role model. it would be better to go to death row and find somebody for a role model. michael brown is not a role model. he was a violent thug that already committed a strong armed robbery that attacked an officer. those are the facts. and al sharpton and all the dream weavers can do anything they want, it's not going to
10:35 pm
change the facts. if that's the poster child for a movement, then they don't have any ammunition. they don't have anything to really say that is worthwhile, especially in the school. >> all right. but doesn't this teach the president rushed to judgment, the white house -- they don't even send three white house representatives to the funerals of soldiers or the families lost people beheaded by isis. >> or the hundred cops killed. >> or the 45,000 that were injured. >> right. but my problem with this thing is the kids in the classroom now. they're really putting this asemblance, they're waking up the zombies. i'm surprised, where the hell is jesse jackson? he hasn't been heard from. he'll be popping up next. farrakhan, now the national action network has more fund raising going on right now. they're doing this every day. now you've got kids in the school believe there was substance to this michael brown thing. there was no substance to it. qz xbmkxwz(xím;
10:36 pm
are their rights? >> is that inciting a riot? what do you think, >> is that insighting a riot? >> absolutely. not only that, the first amendment does not allow you to stop commerce, public movement, access to buildings. the first amendment doesn't have anything to do with rocks, mu cars, bombing, burglarizing, these people are nothing but criminals. and they're talking about spending $500 million to educate
10:37 pm
police officers? let's educate the community that can't seem to keep themselves straight. >> well, it seems to me that this is pretty transparent. they're going to have some tough decisions because there's a lot of politics here. i'm sure there's a school at thought, oh, don't touch this. now, the st. louis rams did this whole thing, they come out on the field, hands up, don't shoot. okay. here's a problem with their narrative. michael brown's hands weren't up. according to eyewitnesses he was charging officer wilson like a football player with his head down. >> but now you have kids that are watching the football game in the stadium, all around, they think there's some validity to what was said. this is a lie. it did not happen. now all of a sudden he should come out with the nfl and fine them. fine them for doing that. they can't celebrate at the end zone, they fine them. let's fine them for this. that's garbage. if that did happen that way, that's something else. the facts do not concur with this. >> this is one of the problems,
10:38 pm
mark, bo has read the evidence, i've read the evidence, you've read the evidence that the grand jury -- i'm glad that they let it out. you read the evidence and it's so overwhelming. there was never going to be a guilty conviction here. ever. it probably -- i agree with rudy, wouldn't even have been brought before a grand jury. but that's not the way people played it. go ahead. >> no. it isn't, sean. but let me just kind of go beyond what you said. if a prosecutor in any city in america would have looked at this, they would have said there's not enough evidence to present to a grand jury. and there's no indictment. and if he did charge the officer and he went to trial, once the prosecution got done presenting their case there would be a motion to dismiss because they have not proved the prima facie case and it wouldn't even go -- it'd be gone. >> and i guarantee you that
10:39 pm
nobody from the st. louis rams read the evidence in this case. because if they did, i'd have a hard time believing that any one could come to any other conclusion except the eyewitnesses corroborating officer wilson's story. >> well, you know, sean, maybe football players should understand what their lot in life is. they're playing a game. so stick with that. leave law enforcement and the legal stuff to people that actually know what they're doing. just keep it on the field and play your game. >> you had one of the football players come on here and it was last week when he talked to the kids, the community, telling the kids about violence. that's what we should get from football players into our inner cities, don't carry illegal guns and shoot little 5-year-old little girls, african-american, in the head. that's what they should be producing. they should be producing these commercials -- >> the lesson is don't rob a store, don't intimidate a clerk. >> and don't carry illegal guns. >> don't shut a door on a police officer. don't try and fight for his gun. and don't charge at him when he
10:40 pm
has his gun drawn. the lessons to learn here. >> as far as we learned -- >> when we heard it, his hands are up, he was surrendering, it's all bologna. >> last word. go ahead, mark. >> sean, you know, when you listen to all the narrative that's been going on for weeks now, you would think that everybody in the community in ferguson basically is in a choir and the police just come in and start thumping, shooting, beating and arresting them. there's no accountability for the conduct of anybody on the street that's been arrested before, during or after this. >> and the grand jury was formed the month before this happened. so had no idea who was going to be in that grand jury. >> all right. guys, thank you both. appreciate it. coming up tonight, darren wilson resigns from the ferguson police department, but he will not receive a severance. is that fair? he wasn't charged. we're going to hear from two of wilson's attorneys. that's coming up next. plus, it's the picture that everybody's talking about. well, there's a cop hugging a little boy at a ferguson protest
10:41 pm
in portland with tears rolling down his eyes. that police officer in that photo will join us tonight straight ahead. you don't think much about it...
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welcome back to "hannity." darren wilson officially resigned from the ferguson police department this weekend just five days after a grand jury decided not to indict him in the shooting death of michael brown. he released a statement on saturday night explaining his decision. it read in part "i've been told that my continued employment may put the residents and police officers of the city of ferguson at risk, which is a circumstance that i cannot allow. it was my hope to continue in police work, but the safety of other police officers and the community is of paramount importance to me." ferguson mayor james knowles released details of the resignation yesterday. take a look. >> the city manager has accepted officer wilson's resignation. and as of yesterday officer wilson is no longer an employee with the city of ferguson. there is no severance agreement with officer wilson and the city of ferguson. the city of ferguson will not be making a severance payment to officer wilson. >> all right. let me repeat, officer wilson will not be getting a severance
10:47 pm
package from the city. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani had some very strong words about the entire case yesterday on fox news sunday. take a watch. >> having read the transcripts now of the grand jury, fbi interviews and all of that and having been a prosecutor for 13 years, i don't see how this case normally would even have been brought to a grand jury. this is the kind of case had it not been -- had the racial overtones and the national publicity where a prosecutor would have come to the conclusion that there's not enough evidence to present to the grand jury. >> here now are darren wilson's attorneys. daniel, let's talk about, is this case really now about an officer assaulted and who needed to use deadly force to protect himself? hasn't the narrative totally changed? >> i think from our perspective from the very beginning the narrative has remained the same, that darren did his job. he did exactly what he was
10:48 pm
supposed to do. the resignation hasn't changed that in the slightest. >> greg, i agree with rudy giuliani. they never would have gotten a guilty verdict having read the evidence, read the testimony, all the eyewitnesses and for çb0nómyçzi b pressure? we're going to allow political pressure, agenda-driven pressure, to determine whether or not a grand jury's convened? >> you know, that's a very good point. like i told you the other night,
10:49 pm
first statement i received from officer wilson, second statement, third statement in front of the detectives, i knew our case was solid. but as i said the other night, the thing that scares me about this case are those politician statements. and, no, i agree with you that political pressure should not run a criminal investigation. >> when you say politicians, you mean barack obama? you mean eric holder? you mean other people? >> well, i mean, quite a few politicians. even politicians from our state. i mean, we had our governor from our state saying, you know, we were going to have a vigorous prosecution of this case. statements such as that. >> but when a president of the united states with all the power of the bully pulpit and his attorney general, the chief law enforcement officer, when the white house sends three representatives to the funeral of michael brown, doesn't that in a sense taint the jury pool? doesn't that create an expectation in the minds of people in ferguson they were
10:50 pm
expecting a different result because of their input? >> maybe correct. and that's one reason we decided to not address this case in the media until after the decision was reached. because that's one thing we did not want to do is taint that jury pool. >> let me go back to danielle. no severance package. i know a lot's been made about that in the media. where does darren wilson go from here? is there any legal action that might be taken at some point? >> at this point there's no legal action that we would pursue against the city of ferguson. he resigned. and with the resignation he had parted ways with the city of ferguson so that both parties can move on and hopefully hopefl will help heal the community and allow everybody to move forward. darren doesn't know where darren goes next from here. >> does he want to continue to pursue his career in law
10:51 pm
enforcement? >> at this is out of his hands. his concern is safety for himself and other police officers out there. to go back on the streets isn't a possibility because it would put the safety of other officers at risk. >> appreciate you being with us, thank you. when we come back, question of the day. now, a photo of a cop hugging a 12-year-old boy at a ferguson related rally the police officer will explain how it happened as we c c c c cc (woman) the constipation and belly pain feel tight like a vise. how can i ease this pain? (man) when i can't go, it's like rocks piling up. i wish i could find some relief. (announcer) ask your doctor about linzess-- a once-daily capsule for adults with ibs with constipation or chronic idiopathic constipation. linzess is thought to help calm pain-sensing nerves and accelerate bowel movements.
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the photograph that has gone viral, showing a portland, oregon police officer hugging a 12-year-old boy who had tears in his eyes. here to explain is the officer in the foet yes. sargeant, how are you? >> how are you? >> very good. >> are you surprised this has become so big? >> yes. the photograph is amazing. it captures an image that really can be described by many different people, many different ways. but i think it's a great thing for the nation as a whole
10:57 pm
because i think it going viral, spread across the world, i think it says a lot to what people want to hear and see. they want to see good. they want to see peace and feel the peace. >> how did that happen? what happened then? >> we were just assigned to help with a little bit of traffic control at the local rally. and my colleague and i saw devonte with a free hug sign, rather cute we looked closer and he turned towards us, we can sense he was crying and it was just perplexing. so as any good human would do, i just called him over. >> why was he cry something >> well, as he came over to me, i asked him, why are you crying? and he explained to me he was upset about all of the protests
10:58 pm
about all of the inequities that could be coming from his hive. he was just really concerned about what is going on in the world. >> what about those that rush to judgment? including the president of the united states? and all of these meetings with reverend al sharpton at the white house? and a narrative that this is about race. yet it wasn't. it was about someone that didn't respect a police officer and attacked him and tried to get his gun, then charged him. what do you say to those that took that and ran with it? >> i don't have an opinion one way or another. i haven't kept up with the facts in this case. it's a terrible thing what happened to michael brown's family and michael brown. i feel for them as a father of two boys. on the other sense, darren wilson, you know? his career is done. he is now basically fighting fo(
10:59 pm
life. so having those two tragedies happen, simultaneously is terrible. it speaks volumes as a nation now. at how temptuous this situation is and try to affect change in a positive, constructive manner. >> maybe they should start at the white house. thank you for the photo. >> you're we'll come. >> should people like louis farrakhan and michael brown's stepfather are arrested for inciting a riot? my answer is simple f you' you're -- if you're trying to incite violence, you can't yell
11:00 pm
"fire" p a theater. i think if you're inciting a riot, you should be prosecuted. >> well, it's not stopping. in fact, it is growing. there are new protests over ferguson spreading across the nation from new york to los angeles. crowds of protesters are all gathering. officer darren wilson wanted out. over the weekend officer will sob resigning from the the ferguson police department. his refusing -- resignation coming just days after -- mike tobin is live with the latest. mike? >> greta, it looks like darren wilson and his wife will be tied to the ferguson pd for a while. his wife began her maternity leave. now, you know that darren wilson did not


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