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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  December 18, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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tonight. ms. megyn is next. i am bill o'reilly. please remember, the spin stops here cause we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, the white house weighing america's response as fox news confirms that the fbi believes north korea is indeed behind a cyber attack that has targeted hollywood and wounded the first amendment. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. i'm megyn kelly. in a symbolic sign of surrender today, hollywood billboards for the movie "the interview" were torn down. look at this. 24 hours after sony pictures caved to terror threats and canceled the christmas day release of a comedy film involving a plot to assassinate north korean dictator kim jong-un. tonight we are getting word that two more movies set in north korea will not be seen in theaters any time soon. one is stalled before production
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begins. the other is being blocked from the big screen. all because of 31-year-old tyrant in the world's most desperate regime apparently cannot handle anything that even looks like criticism. even if it is meant as a joke in a stupid comedy. the impact of this censorship by cyber attack raises new questions about the strength of our liberty and kwha we are told is the most powerful country in the world and not to mention the land of the free. in moments we will hear from wup of the nation's most passionate free speech defenders on why he thinks this is "pearl harbor" on the first amendment. first late-breaking developments with ed henry at the white house and trace gallagher in los angeles. trace. >> reporter: megyn, because the sony hack was so precise with hackers going directly into sony's internal i.t. system targeting e-mail, payroll and human resources, the company believed it might be an inside
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job, like a disgruntled employee giving hackers access. but now federal investigators reportedly have evidence that hackers stole the computer credentials of a sony system administrator, which would allow them broad access. that information is part of the reasoned the feds believe north korea is behind the attack. and fox news catherine herridge says iran, russia might be involved pointing to sophisticated malware only those countries possess. even though those hackers appear to have achieved their goal shutting down the movie, the hackers may drop the other shoe in the form of another equally embarrassing document dump, which would leave sony trying to prevent more documents from going public while cleaning up the mess from the first round. remember sony chair amy pascal was involved in that e-mail exchange suggesting that president obama's favorite films all had african-american themes. today, pascal sought forgiveness
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of the reverend al sharpton. listen. >> so the jury is still out on where we go with amy. we clearly are willing to deal with an immediate formula to see where we deal with breaking down the walls of inflexible and so far immovable racial exclusion in hollywood. >> reporter: so at least as you heard al sharpton is withholding judgment for now and for sony these days that is a small victory when hackers are the criminals, many have decided the villain is unknown. megyn. >> trace, thank you. hours ago the white house calling this hack a national security matter. and the subject of meetings between the president and his homeland security advisers. our chief white house correspondent ed henry is live at the white house for us tonight. ed. >> reporter: that's right, megyn. josh earnest saying this is a serious national security matter. there's now a daily meeting here at the white house not just with
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cyber security officials but military advisers as well. josh earnest would not say what kind of sanctions against north korea or anyone else that might be considered by the president right now. republican john mccain said part of this is the president's fault. he took a shot at him by saying today "the need for sony pictures to make that decision ultimately arose from the administration's continuing failure to satisfactorily address the use of cyber weapons by our nation's enemies." now, josh earnest said the president did defend sony's art is in this interview with abc news yesterday by saying go to the movies. but i pressed him on that. listen. >> certain about terror threats -- >> it was. i think it was also a show of support for artists and others making films including the artists who made this film. >> reporter: now, adding another wrinkle the daily beast revealed some of the hack e-mails between sony officials and obama administration officials suggest
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back in june at least two administration officials either screened this movie or were briefed on what was in the movie and okayed it. the state department pushed back on that and said there were conversations, but they did not approve this movie. they didn't dictate to a private company about what they were going to do, megyn. >> ed henry, thank you. now to our essential question, does this hack on sony pictures and the u.s. response signal a watershed moment that could determine the future of free speech in america? is it quite that big? alan durs wits, renowned constitutional lawyer and one of the nation's most passionate free speech defenders. how huge is it? >> it's very big. i use the term the pearl harbor attack on the first amendment. you know, the head of north korea did something no american president can do. he censored an american film based on its content. and if you can censor a film by hacking -- what happens when the "new york times" or "the washington post" or fox news does something that disturbs north korea or iran?
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will they hack and will they force you to close down? this is the beginning of a cyber war that can go on indefinitely and can really place our first amendment in danger. >> it is not the first time we have seen folks censored, even in this country though based on their political speech. and what comes to mind is cartoons about the prophet mohamed. not to mention that guy out in l.a. who did that film bashing the prophet mohammad that they linked to the protests in egypt and elsewhere. he got arrested on a different violation. but that's the only guy who went to jail for a long time in that protest matter. >> the important thing to remember is the only reason we can't go after north korea is because it has nuclear weapons. now, this is a lesson about iran. iran is much more dangerous than north korea. they want to censor everything. they're the ones that put out the fatwa. they're the ones that threaten to kill people in the cartoons. imagine iran with a nuclear weapon what that would do to
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american liberty and american freedom. because we could never do anything to prevent them from flexing their muscle -- >> slippery slope we're starting to go down and this is really the first sort of big launch by another government on not american corporation but american interests in shutting down this movie. so if it's at that level, what if anything should our government be doing? >> first, let me tell you what sony and the motion picture industry should have done. when rus ki was threatened with death, all the publishers got together and said we're going to jointly confront this censorship and jointly publish the book. what should have happened is all the studios in hollywood said we're going to give up our profits, jointly distribute this film on the internet so hundreds of millions of people all over the world can see what north korea doesn't want you to see. that would have really stuck it to the north koreans and would have told them you cannot fool around with american liberty. >> do you know why they're not doing that? because they're worried what happened to sony is going to
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happen to them and then all private e-mails at these other movie companies are going to get released. and there's still a question in this country about whether sony gave the real reason permission not to run it was because of their fear of an attack as threatened in e-mail or fear of this christmas day surprise where they promised the worst e-mails yet that they had unearthed from sony. >> or because they were afraid of financial concerns, that as the movie was going to be a failure without this, their insurance covers it if they cancel the whole thing. if they put it online, the insurance doesn't cover it. >> companies like sony have an obligation not only to stockholders but they are holders of our first amendment freedom. and they have to put first amendment issues and freedom of speech first even if it means that their profits are in danger. >> they have been ham strung. they have their tail between their legs because they have been publicly humiliated with these internal e-mails being released. even though they are embarrassing, they are victims. >> exacerbating the problem. >> of course. got to go -- this woman did say
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racist comments, but kiss his ring? that's a whole other matter. i was surprised to hear the language today out of the government talking about this is a national security member subject of numerous daily meetings at the white house, the homeland security adviser saying senior members of the intelligence agency, law enforcement are meeting about this. >> but it's all talk whachlt can we do? they have nuclear weapons that can reach tokyo, that can reach south korea. what are we going to do? they don't trade with us. >> right. we already don't have diplomatic relations with us. >> they can put officials on lists so they can't travel around the world. they're an isolated small country and they're holding our freedoms hostage. we have to figure out a way of dealing with that. and that's where i think it's very important for the private sector to get involved and say we won't let you have a victory. we're going to send this film out to sea to everybody to see.
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it will backfire. i once had a client a long time ago who had a very unsuccessful film and he tried to hire me to get it to be censored so more people would want to watch it. that's the answer. if you try to censor our films in america, we're going to send them free so everybody can see them. that's the right way to respond. >> interesting. that will send quite a message and raise questions about some of these other -- >> and worry about my own website having said that. >> don't worry, they're not going to come get you. professor, great to see you. >> thank you. tonight, in our yo pine poll, this is a new feature we're doing, we're asking was sony right to pull this movie? you can go to file. let us know what you think. we'll look at it on the break. and president obama decides to open the door to the repressive regime in cuba on his own without the approval of congress. senator rand paul today said he supported the move. senator marco rubio is here next with a very different take and
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the response to senator paul. plus, a convicted cop killer in one of america's most wanted domestic terrorists has been hiding around havana for years. so are the cubans now going to cough her up as part of this deal? see what we learned up next. and, last night i was on jimmy kimmel live sharing my story about meeting the president and first lady at the white house christmas party. the story behind the story still ahead. >> did you speak to the president and the first lady? >> i had 30 seconds to get in and get out without embarrassing myself. >> uh-huh. >> and i blew it. >> what did you do? i have the worst cold with this runny nose. i better take something. dayquill cold and flu doesn't treat your runny nose. seriously? alka-seltzer plus cold and cough fights your worst cold symptoms
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breaking tonight, just one day after president obama announces a significant policy shift toward communist cuba, it appears he's getting support from what might seem an unlikely source. kentucky republican senator rand paul. listen. >> the 50-year embargo with cuba just hasn't worked. i mean, if the goal was regime change, it sure doesn't seem to be working. and probab punishes the people more in the regime because the regime can blame the people for the hardship. >> my next guest serves in the united states senate with senator paul. senator marco rubio, your thoughts on senator rand paul's comments supporting the president. >> well, like many people he has no idea what he's talking about.
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i'll tell you why. number one, the embargo is an m embargo that -- even with the em bar gee all sorts of -- food stuffs and other things are available in cuba. americans travel there all the time on what they call cultural exchanges. a bunch of americans travel there by the way in violation of the embargo through third countries, cuban-americans can travel as many times as they want. they can send a lot of money back to cuba to their relatives. what's hurting the cuban people is not the embargo. what's hurting the cuban people is the cuban government. venezuela's economy looks like cuban -- you can't even buy toilet paper in -- they have adopted radical socialist policies. i would expect people would understand that if they took a moment to understand that, they would realize the embargo is not hurting the cuban people. it's lack of freedom and competent leaders. >> you say this is going to have
6:16 pm
real negative consequences for the american people. how so? >> well, first of all because the western hemisphere's our own backyard. it is not in the national interest to the united states dictatorships in our region. dictatorships lead to repression. what the president's saying by recognizing cuba's government that in the 22nd century being a communist brutal dictatorship is an acceptable form of government. i think that's going to imperil the security of the united states. >> one question many people are asking is why did we do it? many have said we got nothing for giving up a five-decade embargo, basically, and no diplomatic relations. we got nothing in return because they're even saying the release of alan gross was not in return for what the united states did. today we are being told that in some military circles there is concern that the reason may be something to do with gitmo, guantanamo bay, cuba, the
6:17 pm
detention facility there. i've gone and actually looked at the treaty. the treaty that was struck that allows us to control this portion of cuba and put gitmo there, the detention camp, says it may be modified if both governments, the cuban government and the united states government agree. and when i've gone back and looked at the history of who can do the modification, we've had presidents unilaterally modify treaties without congress. so could it be that president obama and raul castro may be on their way to doing something that will achieve the very first campaign promise barack obama made, which he hasn't been able to do which is close gitmo. >> it would not surprise me in the least bit. this administration is fully capable of doing that. i think that could be a credible report you've come across. i'm against dictatorships. right wing dictatorships. i think one of the big mistakes is standing by right wing dictators, i'm against left wing
6:18 pm
dictatorships. right now the obama administration would be calling for increased sanctions. and i would support them, but because it is a left wing dictatorship they actually find some support in some editorial pages in this country and it's outrageous. the other reason is because they don't know what they're doing. it is unacceptable that you would send an inexperienced speech writer to negotiate this sort of deal with an experienced hardened dictator. the result is what you have, a deal where the cubans get more trade, more commerce, more visits, banking transactions, all sorts of sanctions being lifted. and in exchange cuba agrees to absolutely nothing when it comes to democracy. they give up nothing. raul castro even bragged about that yesterday on television in cuba. >> final question, 68% of the people in the most recent poll out of florida international university say that they support what the president has done. they wanted this prior to it happening. and a poll a couple years ago showed the same, over 60% support it. i know you say you don't care what the polls show. >> right. >> but if it's so bad, why do so
6:19 pm
many people support it? why do we see cheering in the streets in cuba today? >> couple points. i think the people of cuba are so desperate i think they're hoping anything is better news they had to do. i wish this would lead to open democracy. but here's my point, we have a poll every two years in florida. it's called elections. every member in congress in south florida is for the embargo. they had elected, we had a governor race where i was elected to the u.s. senate on this platform, my predecessor was elected on this platform. that's a poll that takes place every two years at ballot box. my final point human rights, freedom, democracy, basic human dignities, it doesn't matter what the polls say even if that poll was accurate. we should always be on the right side even if we're not on the politically winning side. >> senator rubio, good to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> all the best. well, one of america's most wanted domestic terrorists has been in hiding in cuba for
6:20 pm
years. up next, see what we learned about her status. plus, the university of michigan taking some heat after a department chair pens a column about republicans described as ugly and full of hatred. they thought that because she actually said i hate republicans. she's getting paid by the tax dollars. we'll show you what the school has done and what it has not just ahead. ♪
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thank you. ordering chinese food is a very predictable experience. i order b14. i get b14. no surprises. buying business internet, on the other hand, can be a roller coaster white knuckle thrill ride. you're promised one speed. but do you consistently get it? you do with comcast business. and often even more. it's reliable. just like kung pao fish. thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $89.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. well, when president obama announced he had decided to unilaterally open the door to the repressive regime in cuba, people wanted to know what was involved. we know cuba has released american alan gross as well as a spy who worked for the united states while the u.s. released three cuban spies. but today people are asking
6:24 pm
what's going to happen with this woman? joanne chesimard, he's a convicted cop killer and one of america's most wanted terrorists. she's been hiding in cuba for years. so is it more likely tonight that this woman is going to be returned to the u.s.? >> we don't know the answer to that question, megyn. i spoke to some members of the new jersey task force right after the cuban news yesterday and they were caught off guard since they had not been consulted about joanne. she's been hiding after escaping prison in 1979 calling herself assad shakur, last year she was the first woman added to the fbi's most wanted terrorist list with both the fbi and new jersey state police each offering a million-dollar reward for her capture. she was convicted of murdering trooper warner forester on may 2nd, 1973. last spring we were given rare access to crime scene photos,
6:25 pm
many too bloody to show on camera. he has arrived as blackup and two members of the black liberation army pulled over all with handguns and extra clips and bullets and fake ids in the trunk. despite the passage of time law enforcement told us they've never given up on the case. >> there wasn't any doubt in the jury's mind, definitely not any doubt in law enforcement's mind. >> new jersey state police will not give up on catching her. >> so she's not being sought for prosecution, she's already been convicted. they want her to serve her sentence. >> what if anything is justice saying about this? >> well, we've asked for an answer and so far the only official statements have been from the heads of the newark office and new jersey state police, they're not aware of any negotiations with her but remain hopeful. the colonel of new jersey police said we view any changes in relations with cuba as an opportunity to bring her back to
6:26 pm
the united states to finish her sentence. we standby the reward money and hope that the total of $2 million will prompt fresh information. the colonel thinks this pushes a door open in a way it hasn't been before. >> this is quite significant and an opportunity for the administration to stand up for law enforcement. >> you would think. >> and a dead victim whose killer is at large in a country that wants our cooperation. >> and there are other cop killers who've sought refuge in cuba. there are 70 fugitives from the u.s. right now. >> be nice if we could get them home for american justice. >> right. >> good to see you. speaking of domestic terrorist, weather underground founder bill ayers was talking to iran today. he thought they had cold eyes too. no, he loved them. he loved iran. wait until you hear what he had to say about the united states. plus, marc thiessen is here next on the president's decision to deal with dictators and how that fits with the rest of his foreign policy. plus, if you missed my
6:27 pm
appearance on jimmy kimmel last night, we've got the highlights for you including what it feels like to be a fox news anchor at the white house christmas party. >> i had never been to the white house christmas party before. this was a first for me. >> is there a separate section for fox news where there's no food and dirty forks or something? >> you mean, there was something other than outside in the rain? others went inside the building? [ female announcer ] hands were made for talking.
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you think it smells fine, but your passengers smell this... eliminate odors you've gone noseblind to for up to 30 days with the febreze car vent clip. female passenger: wow. smells good in here. vo: so you and your passengers can breathe happy. from the world headquarters of fox news, it's "the kelly file" with megyn kelly. well, there has been 24 hours of debate now over the president's decision to open relations with cuba. and why we have decided to do a deal with the dictators running this repressive regime. critics have pointed out that when vladimir putin and russian government invaded crimea, the government did next to nothing and that iran only now coming
6:31 pm
back to the talking table despite negotiations and missed deadline last month. all this leading folks like charles krauthammer wondering when the administration will finally draw a line. >> is there no tyrant or any anti-american center in the world that obama will not appease for nothing in the world -- >> joining me marc thiessen, an american enterprise fellow and happy to announce he is now officially a fox news contributor. yeah. welcome to the team, marc. great to have you. >> thanks, megyn. very happy to be a part of the team. >> well earned. let's talk about it, charles. charles's actions that this is complete capitulation and sees it happening on multifronts. your thoughts. >> he's absolutely right. this has been a banner week for the world's -- first north korea launches a cyber attack on the united states and gets away with it and forces hollywood to unilaterally withdraw a movie
6:32 pm
and the castro brothers have succeeded to end decades of isolation and get nothing in return. it sends a signal to the world that we can be pushed around. nine u.s. presidents stood up to fidel castro and barack obama blinked. so if you're watching this, in tehran let's say, what are you thinking? are you thinking i better get to the table and make some concessions with obama administration in the nuclear talks. no, you're thinking if the castro brothers can get something for nothing so can i. same thing in russia. >> but these earlier presidents they stood up to the castros. but it was earlier in time. there hadn't been such a long period of time where the embargo was in place and the relations frozen and no progress being made. the obama's defense is that wasn't working. >> what wasn't changing is the castro brothers were there. the problem with the embargo isn't that the embargo wasn't squeezing the regime, unlike burma, the regime wasn't willing
6:33 pm
to negotiate. put aside the efficacy for a second. we've had the embargo in place for five decades. the castro brothers are going to die soon. this is our leverage to negotiate a democratic transition. everybody in cuba inside the regime and outside the regime is waiting for these people to die so they can normalize relations with us. and they were going to negotiate the liberalization just like we negotiate liberalization in burma. we have no leverage anymore. we have given it all away for free. we've gotten nothing for this. >> i don't know if you heard my exchange with marco rubio, but there's some question about in some military circles today about whether this is meant to pave the way for the closure for gitmo. maybe there will be some deal between our president and raul castro saying we no longer have rights to this territory in cuba and barack obama's hands are tied and we got to get out. >> so that's a victory for who? for the castro brothers if that happens. this is one victory after another for these people. the problem is this is not going to improve the lives of the cuban people at all.
6:34 pm
you know, the people say the embargo hasn't worked for five decades. for 25 years since the fall of communist -- it's still as repressive as it was before. people say u.s. investment is going to turn that country into a democracy are kidding themselves. it's not going to work. >> i'm going to send you a little fox news cap now that you're officially a fox news contributor. you can wear it with pride. >> excellent. i will love it. >> thank you, marc. joining me senior fellow at the center for american progress and former assistant defense secretary. larry, good to see you. it's an interesting world where you have rand paul supporting the president. and yet republicans like marco rubio coming out. their contention is whenever new moneys flow into cuba, these castro brothers are going to gobble it up. they don't let it trickle down. the average doctor, do you know what the average doctor makes per month in cuba? $67 per month, larry. >> well, but the thing to keep
6:35 pm
in mind is that the castro brothers have been blaming us for all the problems in cuba. they won't be able to do it anymore. when you normalize relations with a country, doesn't mean you're giving into them. nixon went to china in 1971 in the midst of the cultural revolution. in the '90s senators mccain and -- got us to normalize relations with vietnam. that's no day at the beach there either. so this idea when you normalize relations doesn't mean you're giving in. it means you're going to deal with this country just like we deal with lots of regimes around the world with whom we disagree about the way they run their countries. >> what did we get? what did the united states get out of the deal? >> well, i think what we get, for example, are popularity in latin america has gone up. >> oh. >> because -- >> miss congeniality. i'll take it. what? >> okay. and it also -- okay. and it also, i think, gets us in
6:36 pm
tune with the rest of the world who wanted to know why you're so fixated on this. let's get on with it and let's have normal relations. i mean -- >> why do we care what the rest of the world thinks? i thought we were supposed to be standing up for the repressed people of cuba, the way the castros treat them is horrific. this staunch communist regime which affords no source of living to anybody living in cuba and on and on. aren't we against all that? >> sure we are. we speak out about the way china treats its people. we speak out about -- you know, things that have happened in lots of countries with whom we have relations. we have relations with the soviet union, for heaven sake, after the communists took over. the idea it doesn't mean you agree with them, means you want to deal with them. you were talking earlier about getting back this terrorist. you can now have an extradition treaty if you have normal
6:37 pm
relations. before this you couldn't do it. >> i'm going to send you a fox news hat too. merry christmas. great to see you. >> nice to see you. up next, the university of michigan department chairwoman pens a column on why she "hates republicans." also getting a hat. so what do you think your bosses are doing in response? we'll show you next. plus, also up next, former college professor bill ayers recently shared some interesting thoughts with the iranians about who the worst terrorists are. think you can guess? plus, more from my appearance last night on kimmel and the white house christmas party. >> do you ever feel any like kind of discomfort when you go into a situation like that? >> no, but it was funny because last night we went in and, i mean, the white house looks beautiful. it was spectacular. i was looking for some fox news colleagues because this is for broadcast news. and i saw a couple. i saw bret baier, ed henry, then
6:38 pm
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it's out there somewhere spreading the word about america's favorite potatoes: heart healthy idaho potatoes and the american heart association's go red for women campaign. if you see it i hope you'll let us know. always look for the grown in idaho seal. you say in your book that you can't quite imagine putting a bomb in a building today, but you can't imagine entirely dismissing that possibility either. what would it take to make you bomb this country again? >> i can't completely say, no, i would never ever rise up in opposition in a very militant and serious way.
6:42 pm
i can't say i wouldn't. >> still letting it marinade. that was bill ayers, man says he can't rule out bombing america which he's done repeatedly over and over. he was recently telling an iranian news agency saying we are the terrorists. it's also the greatest per va yor of violence on earth and the foremost threat -- saying iran wants to wipe israel off the map whose ayatollah has called the holocaust a myth. country that held our -- that backs terrorism worldwide. that will conclude our professor ayers update. well, the university of michigan is taking heat tonight after a department chair pens a column about republicans described as ugly and full of hatred. the column was headlined "why i hate republicans." so where does the university stand on this one? trace gallagher has more in a kelly file investigation. trace. >> megyn, the communications
6:43 pm
professor is susan douglas and began her article with "i hate republicans," but she now says that's not how she feels. she was simply starting with a rhetorical flourish, you know, to drive home the point how politically divided america has become. other statements are harder to explain away saying "i can't stand the thought of having to spend the next two years watching mitch mcconnell, john boehner, ted cruz, darrell issa or any of the ore legions of blowhards denying climate change, thwarting immigration reform or championing -- she goes onto say may seem biased but history and psychological research bear me out. we, however, had a difficult time finding the psychological research that says republicans are bad. the article as you might imagine didn't sit well with many in the gop, especially the senior republican on the university of michigan's board of regions who says the article "expresses and
6:44 pm
condones hatred toward an entire segment of individuals in our society based solely on their political views." now, the professor acknowledges she once worked for a republican who she adored. and says she hopes her students didn't get the wrong idea saying, quoting again, "i especially regret any suggestion i may have conveyed that some students are not welcome or would find a hostile environment in my classrooms." the college itself simply says, the professor's opinions are not the university's opinions. megyn. >> i don't know how the students could have had that impression. trace, thank you. joining me now for more, former arkansas governor mike huckabee also the host of huckabee right here on the fox news channel. >> great to see you. >> i don't know why any republican students in her class gets any anamist. here it is, it says, i hate republicans. >> she hates republicans, thinks
6:45 pm
their filled with vial and intoleran intolerance. this is what's so funny about the radical left, they can't see themselves in the mirror and recognize what they see. i don't hate her. i don't hate any democrat. i don't hate anybody period, no one can i think of do i hate. i feel sorry for her. >> she says according to researchers -- >> yeah, researchers. >> uncited researchers. it's like paul begala. the two core dimensions of conservative thought, resistance to change and support for inequality. that is you to a "t." she's got your number. >> i tell you what, her research probab consists sitting around sipping lattes deciding they are a research group. >> done. it's so close-minded. and it's ridiculous. the problem is these republican
6:46 pm
students what few may be on campus and sit in her communications class and know that she "hates them." she says it twice, now we hate them back. and she talks about her loathing. >> one of the things she points out she says republicans are hateful people and intolerant because they believe something. i always thought that's what we were supposed to do is have convictions. it's called core values. >> thwarting immigration reform, championing fetal personhood. that's the stupid stuff that makes her hate you. >> i will confess that every human being has intrinsic worth and value. i have respect for -- >> she's sick of hearing that. >> i'm sorry she doesn't elevate every human life to the level of equality. i'm sorry she doesn't feel that way. i do. if that makes me a hater, because i love all people equally and don't pick sides -- >> that is your resistance to change talking.
6:47 pm
>> yes. >> then she goes onto say, a brief review of republican rhetoric that justifies her position. she talks about how fox news, she's a big fan. >> send her a hat. >> she's getting one. rush limbaugh's hate speech. he attempts the gop's endless campaign to smear the clintons over white water and monica lewinsky and goes on and on from there. >> i don't remember it was just the republicans who were saying things about what was going on in the clinton white house. it was a lot of the press. and last time i checked, and believe me i've had more than my share of dealings with the press, they aren't typically republican. they don't wear those fox hats when they go out reporting the story. >> how about the attacks on republicans by some very prominent figures like bill maher and others saying violent things about certain prominent figures. >> some things said about me i can't even discuss -- in fact, i wouldn't discuss with you off camera they're so vile.
6:48 pm
>> are you talking about the way i introduced you to a few weeks ago? >> that was the best publicity i've had in years. thank you. >> great to see you, governor. >> great to see you. >> we're taking your thoughts on that on twitter. just ahead, the highlights from my appearance on jimmy kimmel live on moments right before i was -- in the moments i talk about right before i was about to meet the commander in chief. >> well, i was in line waiting to go see him. and i was talking to tammy hadad with a media company and say he's probably going to kiss you, he always kisses me. get ready. michelle obama she might kiss you, doug, my husband. so we're like getting ready to be kissing and hugging. okay. should i go to her first for that? do i kiss her too? will that be all, sir?
6:49 pm
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well, it's been a whirlwind couple of days. on tuesday i attended the white house christmas party with my husband, doug brunt. and thursday i flew to the west coast for an appearance on jimmy kimmel live. jimmy and i talked about the party in washington the night before. >> you were at the white house last night for a party. >> yeah. >> was it fun for you? >> yeah. it was interesting. i had never been to the white house christmas party before. this was the first for me. >> is there a separate section for fox news where there's no food and dirty fork sns. >> you mean there was something other than outside in the rain? others were inside the building? >> do you ever feel discomfort when you go into a situation like that? >> no, the white house looked beautiful. it was spectacular. and i was looking for some fox news colleagues because this was for broadcast news. and then, boy, oh boy, did i see a lot of msnbc anchors. you couldn't take two steps without hitting one. i think they got a few more
6:53 pm
invitations than we got. >> i wonder why that is. >> what i need to say is i'm very grateful to be invited and i had a very lovely time. >> did you speak to the president and first lady? >> i had 30 seconds to get in and get out without embarrassing myself. >> uh-huh. >> and i blew it. >> what did you do? >> well, i was in line waiting to go see him. and i was talking to tammy hadad and she was saying he's probably going to kiss you because he always kisses me. and michelle obama, she might kiss you, doug, my husband. so now we're getting ready to be kissing and hugs and now we're like do i go to her first for that, kiss her too? so i'm thinking about that, kind of threw me off. i get in there, there was no kissing and hugging. i was misled in that regard. but he was very generous. i said to michelle obama, thank you for having us, merry christmas. i turned to him, merry christmas to you, having a good time, yes. he said the white house is a pretty fun place, isn't? i said it is. and speaking about me and my
6:54 pm
husband doug who was next to me, maybe we'll be here in two years. and he looked at me like what? and i was like what did i say? it was like a joke that we were going to run for office and we'd be in the white house in two years. and i think all he was thinking was who is we? oh, she's with fox news. oh, i don't like fox news. oh, that's republicans, she must mean the republicans -- is this a shot at me at my christmas party? and you're like, oh, no, come back. so turn this way and smile. president obama, i apologize. i didn't mean that way. >> we're building bridges and mending fences all over the place right now. >> little awkward. do you ever have that where you just say totally the wrong thing in this moment? you're sort of nervous, you don't know what you're going to say and you're trying to have rapport and they say in improv you're never suppose today say no and it's like a fun place,
6:55 pm
yeah, it's so fun, we're going to move right in. and then downhill, downhill, and then next thing is get out. the next people -- yeah. anyway, it was interesting because we saw a lot of media people. one of whom i will not name, but came up to me from another network and said that this person was on a sinking ship. can you guess who it was? it was definitely not a fox news person. another man came up to me and said it's great to see you. so nice to meet you, to my husband doug, and we had a great exchange and said there's a really nice guy. and there's doug and myself. doug said nice guy and i said, yeah, you should see what that guy says about me on twitter. every night e says the worst things about me because i follow him. anyway, it was an interesting evening i hope the president will accept my apology and i'll just go with, yes, it does seem fun. thank you for having us. we will be right back. but first, coming up on
6:56 pm
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works. it's fiction, but there's sort of a couple nuggets that may seem familiar to you, in particular if you are a fan of "the kelly file." and we can talk about it on twitter after you've read it. thanks for watching everybody. i'm megyn kelly. have a great weekend. welcome to "hannity." this is a fox news alert. tonight new developments regarding two breaking stories. there's major fallout after president obama announced his decision to re-establish relations with cuba. we'll have reaction on the ground in havana coming up, but first, the fbi's pointing a finger at north korea for hacking sony pictures and forcing the cancellation of the december 25th release of the movie titled "the interview." now, fox's own ed henry is standing by at the white house with much more on what we're hearing from the obama administration. ed, how are they going to respond to this cyber terrorism attack? >> that's the big question, sean. white house aides revealing today this is getting more intense behind the scenes here. that they are now having daily white house meetings


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