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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 6, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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lifetime ban from skating. after a low blow 21 years ago today. when news breaks out, we'll break in, breaking news changes everything around here. down almost 502 days on the dow. here's neil. thank you, shep. meanwhile the deep freeze is on and the cancellations are off as an arctic blast shows no signs at all of letting up. welcome everybody i'm neil cavuto, and just to give you an idea of how big this storm is, it stretches nearly 300,000 square miles across 22 states. involves 72% of the u.s. population. parts of wyoming getting socked with 46 inches of snow, nearly 35 inches in columbia falls montana. washington, the temperature, i'm not talking about the windchill, hitting a mind numbing minus 24 today. it is so cold that much of lake
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michigan is now a sheet of ice. in chicago where the windchill is making it feel like a balmy minus six degrees. >> and it's only going to get worse, neil. we are out in front of the famous water tower here in chicago. this is a magnificent mile, i found this earlier on the street. somebody's t-shirt out here, look at this. listen, that's what that feels like negative six, 12 dwreezegrees. look at the windchills tomorrow. international falls, nation's icebox, minus 49 they say. milwaukee could be around minus 30. about the same here in chicago. could be as low as minus 16 as far south as st. louis it gets colder in the south as well. we had snow today we're going to get more snow tomorrow, much of it lake effect here around chicago. could be as much as another foot here, that made a mess of travel, not only here, but across the midwest and around the nation this morning as far
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to the east as washington, delays up to three and a half thousand today delays, cancellations now, latest number i had was 720. you can see people out on the street here all bundled up against it. well, they all got their gloves and hats on. happy to still be moving here along the magnificent mile in chicago, neil. >> you know, jeff, you are throughout, but do they cancel schools knowing it was coming? >> they are considering it for tomorrow because tomorrow is going to be the real bad day. actually,s rebit today worst of the week tomorrow. so, chicago schools considering it right now. >> all right jeff, stay warm, or try to. jeff locke in chicago. oil sliding below. now we're down more than 400 points on the year and it is looking like even the coldest snap won't be able to snap us out of the spiral. what is really going on?
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cheap, cheap oil is supposed to be the wind at our backs not so now, what's going on jim? >> it'll be the wind of our backs eventually, neil. right now what's happening, saudi arabians are pressing their bat here. they're not going to cut production because they want to squeeze u.s. production down. they really want u.s. producers to stop spending, which they've started to do. they want the rig count lower which has started to happen. they're going to outlast us. and we really cut into their global position from an oil standpoint, and now they want less production out of the u.s. i think it's going to work. there's a littleless less demand, there's more supply around the world. prices come down and they say nope, we're not cutting production. it's coming and in the u.s., we have it going. i think prices remain low for at least a while here neil. >> well, jimmy, you're one of the smartest market guys i know, all the market myths and lore
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like the first few days of the year, the rest of the year, year's ending in five are supposedly great years never down years. i can't keep track, but the consensus was going into this year after the gains last year, that was going to be an up year again this year do you buy that? >> i do buy it. you're right there's a lot of seasonality here that plays at the tail end for the market, the third year of the presidential cycle and the fifth year of the decade, that's good. the bottom line, interest rates remain very low. right now, you could go out ten years and buy treasury bond and get less than 2% that means stocks look relatively good. and you get nice dividends out of stocks. you get paid to hold the stocks, and companies were earning money this year than last year. so stocks may not look great, but they're the tallest munchkin in the room right now, and look around the world, interest rates are low there as well. >> one thing that's odd, the president tipped his hand today
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at least if the republicans do what they say they will and submit a bill to open keystone up, short order, he will veto it. no ifs, ands or buts about it. this time they say a lot of drillers are opting out because oil has got son cheap that it's costly -- so cheap that it's gotten costly. >> snapshot as if oil prices were going to stay low forever. they have done the poorest job of selling this deal that i've ever seen. this deal should have been easier than selling ice water in haiti. you have 42,000 jobs that would have been created by the state department's own estimation you have jobs in north dakota, jobs in montana and it would have helped put our place as an energy, self-contained energy provider, it would have helped to cement that. all we've had is rhetoric, and it's really been mindless retd ring, we don't know the impact
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on the ecology. compare that to a bad deal that we did pass, like the health care law. they brought out hollywood, they brought out the clintons. they had all the fanfare, and that was a deal that by its own architect's creation was disingenuous to begin with it's costing us more money. they sold that. we can't sell this deal which should be the easiest thing we've ever had. >> they're getting the paperwork up to the president, but it's clear he'll reject it. i don't think they have a veto override in the works there. jim, thank you very much my friend. stay warm. all right. you think the president is moving wedding so he can play around the golf look bad? then don't even look where he's headed tomorrow. i'm telling you, his optics people fire them.
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we come by almost every day to deliver your mail so if you have any packages you want to return you should just give them to us i mean, we're going to be there anyway why don't you just leave it for us to pick up? or you could always get in your car and take it back yourself yeah, us picking it up is probably your easiest option it's kind of a no brainer ok, well, good talk
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this is an optics update. it does sound like the score
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from birds, doesn't it? anyway anyway, another case of the optics. tomorrow the president who's talking, that's fine. but it's at a ford plant that's shutting down, why? because it makes hybrids and they're not selling well. it doesn't look that great. the town hall says i'm not alone, but katie apparently the white house was given a head's up by ford we welcome you, mr. president, we think it's a great idea. the autoboom is on, that particular fact have i shutting down because hybrid sales ain't measuring up what do you make of that? >> considering that 400,000 new workers have been added to the auto industries, since the bailout in 2009 i'm not sure why the president and his optics team would choose the one ford plant that is going to be shut down this week when they're on a tour trying to highlight american workers resurging in the american auto industry. i mean, the jokes write themselves. it's ridiculous. >> it's the perfect opportunity
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for him to take a battle and say the auto boom is on. thank the lord i rescued that. ironically though, the things selling are not the things he's pitching tomorrow, hybrids aren't hot, maybe drop in gasoline price environment is the gas guzzlers that are hot. maybe that's the fix then. >> there's two things here, you just mentioned gas prices are low, people aren't running tout buy the hybrid cars but the fact is when the gas prices were high, people still weren't running out to the buy these hybrid cars. there was ford or any other brand that was building and selling. chevrolet had the same problem with volt sales. these cars are not something that americans wanted to buy, even when those gas prices were higher. then of course you have this new issue with members of congress actually saying that they might want top increase the gas tax -- to increase the gas tax, why? because they forced us into fuel efficient cars and they don't have money for roads and bridges. they're a product of their own success and punishing americans
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for it. >> now the idea being, we always see things through the prism of the moment, they'll reverse. i've lived through more than a few energy crisis to know that that happens. but i wonder what the president can't seize on this and say hey holy sales are humming, people are buying and go to another factory where, you know it is indicative of that, those job gains, why push this because he is not buyer on the other stuff? >> you know the problem here is that the white house is arguing that the auto bailout is complete, and that it's been a total success. companies like gm actually still owe the american tax payer $9-11 billion. the white house really can't argue that that looks bad as well. >> selling a few cadillac escalades, truth be told. >> this is true. you can, i don't know how many hybrids, but the escalades that'll give them up to the
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figure in no time i'm sure. this is an indicator of what's to come in president obama's state of the union speech, maybe more of the same. it's going to be very difficult to watch tomorrow and when he's standing at a plant that is shut down while he's trying to promote american workers inside the auto industry. doesn't make sense. >> i can't understand he has something to brag about, ford warned him go anywhere else, this particular facility is bad. it would be giving the president a heads up mr. president, we're going to shut down the factory is going to be blank. and his choosing to ignore that. he apparently ignored this or his people did, and they're not serving him well if that's the case. >> it's a product of, you know, bad optics all around with the administration and it's either him ignoring, or not making people accountable. >> which is why keeping the optics alert. can we resurrect that quickly? >> i like it. >> we're on this thing. this will occasionally appear in
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the show that you are watching. and this graphic, which we put it together, here you go. optics update. courtesy with the bird's noise. all right. thank you young lady great seeing you again. katie in the meantime before the president's speech tomorrow he is meeting with the mexican president today. maybe he should have asked his mexican counterpart for tips on how to have mexicans out of the their country. when it comes to mexico they deport more than we do and don't central americans know it? border patrol agent chris on why that is. what do they do chris? >> you know, it's very different the way this works it's a felony for acrossing mexico illegally, and the president of mexico wants us to relax our rules as far as letting mexicans cross in the united states. it's defies logic on his stance on how we should be as strong as they are. >> well, i think it was you
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telling me last time, chris, that they don't get around this whole thing in mexico. when they have a gun at you, they pull the trigger in you're trying to charge through their border, and you don't stop. so they're obviously getting it, and trying to police it. they're a little more loose when it comes to those mexicans or the others who want to come to our country, but, maybe the president should take a cue from that. >> i think they should. they should see what goes on over there and instead of relaxing them and letting people do what they want it's a strain on our society. >> do you think when the president was meeting with the mexican president that the issue came up about the executive orders that republicans hate them, they think he has no right to be just willy nilly for millions of illegals, for all illegals because everything is in a freeze here. no one is being deported, is that true?
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>> i don't know how many are deported, we're having a lot of our counterparts at i.c.e. aren't adoing their job as far as the people who need to be deported there. >> chris, i guess if you're a hatchet murder or robber or racist, but how do they know? >> well you know eventually, eventually hopefully they'll get them. and unfortunately, we're not being releasing the manpower to pretend what's left but that's not stopping people from coming in. >> we're going after sheriff joe arpaio than those who've broken the law and are illegal in here bottom line. >> yeah exactly. >> that's weird. okay chris, thank you, border patrol council joining us on the phone. meantime the bran yaks at harvard, at harvard are pretty smart bunch right? they pushed the health care law. but now they have to pay for it
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um, look who's looking dumb now. >> but sir, at harvard -- >> harvard they taught you, hit the streets. not getting fired. hey egghead sing fair harvard. ♪ >> you sir have the poorest manners.
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now may have to pay more. they're up in arms about it. isn't that hypocriteicalhypocritical, it's a great deal for america, but when i have to pay more, it's terrible, it's awful. >> i can only imagine the question you'd be asking me if the new york times reported that the faculty was getting a great deal. >> apparently ivory leaguers are finding out the health care law is well poison ivy.
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turns out professors are ticking off fellow faculty members who now are stuck with paying for it. small business owner david houston says you really don't have to be a genius to see this one coming. you know i think we've gotten into this before, this notion that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. keep your kids out of the policy and not expect to pay more for it, you're smoking something. at harvard, they don't do that. why should this be a shock what do you think? >> well, it's not a shock to most of us out here in the real world. you know you start with a 2,000 plus page bill that nobody read. it's administrated by the same government that can't balance his checkbook or find it's e-mails, and of course it's going to be a disaster. it was way too conflictmplicated, it was too much.
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>> for guys like you who have a business to run, it is the law of the land you have to hear liberals tell us it's not going anywhere, deal with it what do you think of that? >> well, you know, i think it's going to be tough to get rid of it. i don't see there's any political motivation, even on the republican's side to get rid of it. we may be stuck with it for a long time. it's very tough. i don't, i don't really hear any strong opposition to it other than talk radio and some voices in the media. >> you know david, i've heard from others, liberals in particular saying they love it and say time it our friend. the more time that passes the more it entrenches and weaves its way into our system and you can't, you can't extract it. what do you think? >> i think, i think that's probably a pretty good argument. i think they're right. the longer it goes, i don't think time is on our side.
1:23 pm
we have a new congress now, maybe they can take drastic action quickly. i agree, four years down the line, it's going to be tough to get rid of this law. >> what that has meant for your shop? how has it changed what you have to do, what you have to believe the laws and regulations you have to adhere to, there are tax forms for this now, what? >> there's two big burdens, one is the financial that we're covering a number of people that we were just forced to cover them because they have the hours and they have to be covered. and then the other is the work burden of it the accounting of it preparing all the correct forms to make sure you're in compliance with every aspect because it's a tricky law. we have attorneys that we call regularly to ask them questions about this. what are we doing this, they'll say well, right now this is what we're thinking, although it could be different sometimes the law says this but its been suspended, we don't know for how long. may change in a moment's notice. the unpredictability and the word load are also a huge burden. >> all right.
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now of your business owner, who better to talk to on this the argument for this law has been that your expenses health care expenses would have been going up a lot more without it eye popping as they are, they would have been climbing more rapidly without it what do you say to that? >> well, just untrue. we've had to cover a lot more people than we normally covered before. and, you know, i just think this is one of those things, you know, the whole health care debate spins around the idea that health care is this unique part of the economy that can't be handled within normal economic weights and balances. and it seems to me, there are things more important to us on a daily basis than health care like food. and the market seems to take care of that well. market-based solution -- i think there would be a good role for the government in making it comprehensible to the normal citizen, like with the nutrition labels and made made everything easy to understand. they could have done that and mandates here and there. didn't need to be 2300 pages long and so, such elaborate.
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>> who do you think you are, a harvard professor for god's sakes? >> common sense points, david, thank you very very much. >> thank you. all right. that's the ticket. you want to buck the boss? how about stop writing tickets? that's the ticket. he u.s., real estate in hong kong and the optics industry in germany? at t. rowe price we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 70% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing.
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new york police feel they've been written off, so they stopped writing something else, and it's got the mayor ticked off. and your winter wonderland is officially a no-fun zone.
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well who says new york city officers aren't winning their battle with the mayor? just look at the money because the mayor's not getting it. in one week, parking tickets are a big source of revenue are down 93%. other tickets they're down 91%. that is a lot of money not there. those things bring in vital services to the city too, it bodes easily here right now. a lot of money and mate your isn't getting it, but you can argue it's going to boom rang, right? >> of course. i mean you're talking about revenues that go back into the city purse we get numbers here, approximately between 600 and 650 million a year in parking
1:30 pm
tickets. then another 62 to 75 million a year in traffic violations. >> is that right? >> they have another 32 to 35 million in criminal citations, i mean, you have real numbers. say it's $800 million you take 10% off of that, you talk about real dollars. now we add on to all these other people who are demonstrating, i had to catch myself -- >> watch that. >> demonstrating, the cops have been on 12 hour shifts no days off, so now you have an overtime bill that's incuring then mr. big bird de blasio, i'm running against is mayor -- >> why do you call him big bird? why do you keep doing that? >> he acts stupid like a big bird. >> he's stimthe mayor. >> i have no respect for him. >> okay. >> i have no respect because he's taken the heart and soul of my police. >> could they be hurting themselves? we might lay off police. >> yeah but he gave all the sweetheart contracts to the teachers, 1199 hospital
1:31 pm
workers, mr. good boss was there handing the cash away. he can't pay for the [ bleep ] things now, and now -- >> you don't think he will take this out to the police and say look, i'd love to keep you -- >> well excuse me, he's the one that, he's the one that campaigned about taking on the police department, and he did it. he divided he waited for an incident, had no value at all, staten island and used that as his cadillac and he is responsible for that knucklehead punk that i won't mention his name from maryland, our two hero cops, the environment. i just saw from new year's eve, a group down on the lower east side, how they were cursing and spitting at the cops. this is the environment he has now put fire and put more wood on that fire -- >> there's no doubt that he made a situation that was already ten white house. turning your back to the mayor. have they now kind of overplayed
1:32 pm
their part? the sympathy card and the support card? >> i talk to cops all the time, i'll bring you down to it. everyone does not to want get involved. they want to get buy. they don't want to risk. they're going to be fired. and that's the whole thing. they have a job, a pension -- >> do you think that's appropriate? >> right now at first i said no. they showed up to respect that officer liu for his funeral. those cops were there on sunday. they turned their back when mayor de blasio started speaking, that was to him, not to the cop. >> fair enough. >> my whole thing, my whole thing is wants to make it better, he has too really come back, it's not in his dna. >> stop meeting with sharpton, bratton has said, maybe much to the consternation of the mayor that he thought the meetings including sharpton was a mistake. >> do you remember when he was
1:33 pm
condescending to the mayor and the police commissioner -- >> but why is everyone copping to him? starts in the white house. >> 84 times in the white house. i told you i asked congressman king, good friend of mine, intelligence committee, how many times you been to the white house with obama, zero. >> but there are a lot of very prominent and african american ministers and leaders, and this guy gets -- >> you know who i talked to reverend floyd flake, a g man, he takes it makes citizens home, housing -- >> a lot of -- and you know if you're going to meet with prominent african american ministers, fine, but meet with them all. >> this is the whole point why would you go and bed with a race banding guy like sharpton the president, this is all about one thing, it's about dividing this city up and that's what the de blasio wants to do. his whole psychological -- >> but now he's feeling the
1:34 pm
pain. >> people don't respond to pride issues, but to money issues. putin is very worried because he's losing money with his oil and why i think de blasio is worried because he's losing money. >> i know he watches, fox, de blasio does. stop it apologize to the cops and say you really didn't know the police department most professional in the world. and if my son has a problem, go see a cop. >> you don't think he's tried to dial 12 it back? >> no. >> you're a hater. you're a hater. >> we got to put up it with it -- >> mayor de blasio. >> sorry. >> whatever. >> he is trying to make overtures, and not enough. >> not enough for the guy us on the street. all i'm saying is mayor de blasio -- >> you don't think he's trying to crawl back a little bit. >> mayor de blasio, do you want to make it better? there is a way. there is a way to make -- and you know what time heals things. he ain't got it in his dna. he's only thinking of doing it over there, and over there in
1:35 pm
nicaragua. that's where his brain power is. >> are you serious when you say you want to run for mayor? >> put it this way, i've gotten a lot of phone calls. it was head on him and i, let's go to the old tape. i've debated him i'll bring him down in a head lock real quick. >> is it true you one time hung a guy up from his leg over the edge -- >> maybe not one time. maybe seven times. it was a cop shooting. >> did you get the information you wanted? >> yes, never dropped him, never killed him and he's okay. >> you are really strong. so was the guy. >> it was a great adventure roller coaster ride. and that was it. up and down. tell me, tell me. and you'd be surprised. better than water boarding. >> thank you very much. no, that's the old boss. >> now they just disappear. all right. bo golden ivy season. meanwhile the young and
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suddenly there, mill they don't want them.
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geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. so far so far not really happy new year for your money. stocks are already off to their worst three day start to a new year since 2008. we all know what happened in that year, right? the whole melt down and all that. is all that to keep them from investing their green in the market right now? don't count on it. we have alexander smith and jason, all young, all have money, but jason, if you're any time, not too keen on the market, why? >> that's correct. much of the market we've seen, they have made money initially lost it. those of us still struggling from the recession don't have money to invest. and many, many saw their parents lose a ton of money. put it altogether and it's a
1:40 pm
perfect storm for us not to put money in the market. i've spoken to over 10,000 financial advisers, and they consistently say they cannot get them to put money in the market. one hit and drag is the student debt. when you're drowning in student debt, you're trying to make a comeback financially the last thing you're thinking about is investing. and while that may not be a great long-term viewpoint, it's something that short term is frankly the only option that they feel. >> do you feel that way, alexander alexander? >> absolutely. the stakes are higher than ever. this generation holds more personal and student loan debt than any in history. 47% use half of their paycheck or more to cover the debt. when the stakes are that high, it's just not a reality for us to invest our money in something to high risk. >> i'm thinking of guys your age, all right, all your worry and angst, the legitimate fears you've missed a rally that over the last six years has
1:41 pm
essentially tripled a -- crippled a lot of folk's money. do you feel like you're missing out? >> no question we missed an opportunity, but we had pretty deep scar tissue. i'm the type that is going to come in of age of the junior and college when the skies fell. and not only do we see our parents lose money. those of us who put in the first money we earned into the stock market saw enormous losses, and frankly it was the first real life lesson that wall street can be greedy and washington more often than not for ten years has been incompetent. >> can you feel the market's a game? experiences you saw from them, you know give you pause? >> well, personally i work in financial services we help a lot of financial services firms understand them. i don't think it's a rigged game, but i believe based on the research that many feel it's a rigged game. and ultimately -- zblb >> you're not keen on it. >> i am more conservative when it comes to investing than you would historically say someone
1:42 pm
my age is. >> did you feel like you were missing a party? >> i think for a lot of people like i said, it's too high risk right now. but i think in general we are trustful of the bigs out there. big government, big banks big wall street, and i think there's a lot of financial literal si out there as well for the generation that absolutely needs to save for retirement and the future because big programs out there won't be there for us. >> i'm sure you guys have been bored to tears by all the numbers that say, you know, when you're young and investing and compounding all of that interest and then, capital, you know, the time is your friend, but if you're conservatively investing too conservatively, you're hurting yourself, does that matter to you weston or do you feel that you'd rather focus on trying to keep your principle than lose than lose it? >> right. i don't that is this is the case where we don't understand compound interest, dave ramsey taught uses that. frankly we don't see eye to eye
1:43 pm
necessarily with the way cooperate america does -- corporate america does business. in tennessee all sorts of young people some of the most talented young people are starting their own companies cashing life insurance policies to give their company their first bit of capitol. this is more aggressive and requires a whole lot more of a risk-taking mentality than putting money in the stock market, i think you'll see see more take control of their future, building a home or starting a company. >> that means you're going to have to find an alternative. you might be finding that here in tennessee, but i'm wondering and i'll raise it with you, are you seeing that? are you looking at it real estate or something else that's a safer haven for your money? >> you know i think that we are looking to see where they can grow. this is the generation that watch mark start a enterprise out of his dorm room. the spirit is there and they're looking -- >> but he was starting that just
1:44 pm
to hook up with girls, if you think about it. >> and the giants of silicon valley, those are the heroes of our generation. these are the people that have started new innovative ideas that are growing our economy. >> good point. >> we are interested. in finding new ways to do things. >> go ahead. >> yeah, so there's a missing piece here that both hit on but indirectly. they don't understand financial risk. that's fundamentally an issue here. so both of them are right that alternative investing is going through the roof but the understanding of that is they don't see it as risky. to invest in venture capitol versusing it in an index fund, what i'm saying is the risk often times is much greater in a vc or private equity. and in our case we invest in operating businesses, we invest in hedge funds and private equity. we invest in lots of different things. i think on the whole, we interview, they don't know the term alternative investment, when talk about it like that --
1:45 pm
>> the other two did. but you're right. >> term it however you want. >> once burned, more than twice as shy. finish the point. >> you can term it however you want, the most old school, all-american investment you possibly can make is in yourself. in your wife, in a small business you start. i think you're going to see more and more basically go and prepare for their future and their family's future that way. >> well you're talking to dave ramsey, and he's cheap i love him dearly, he's a cheap guy very, very cheap guy. i want to thank you all and very interesting your perspective. something's going on and you guys might be indicative of that. kind of pull back and don't dive in. i appreciate it, happy new year guys. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. look what cities are banning. are you kidding me?
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well say it ain't snow. now if your kid wants to go sledding, you may have to tell them no, growing number of cities are banning it because some kids are getting hurt doing it. now this mom thinks it's all a good idea, but the other mom says it's all downhill from here. why's it bad? >> to ban sledding? >> i mean look, it's a rite of passage for children every child should be sledding down a hill in the snow, and it's a ridiculous law to begin with. you assume the risk you assume the risk when you hop on the sled that there will be snow. it'll be slippery, icy -- >> yeah but government property or something like that, then it's the government's responsibility. >> it's the government's responsibility to protect the property. and the only time they really get sued is if they proved that there was something concealed, unassumed risk or something
1:50 pm
that out of the ordinary. this isn't like, you know, these children that are getting hurt, not everybody is suing the government and collecting millions of dollars, and to say you can ban it -- >> i don't think they bothered with the prospect, right? >> well, every lawsuit that comes in, they're going to have to defend, i mean this town in particular has >> there aren't nearly as many lawyers as then. but when i was a kid, you didn't have to worry about that. so you cracked her skull up a few times. >> if that would have happened, you would have said ---now you became a lawyer and now you're suing. the citizens are only suing for a massive injury. masses of children are not going
1:51 pm
to sue to recover. >> in this letitigious society, you don't think with we do. >> maybe you know what? -- not a lot -- even that sign that we don't allow sledding. no trespassing sunt negate negligence. >> here's what's happening and i could be wrong. but the university of maine during the holiday they took away the christmas tree. even the prospect of someone whining to us a telling inging us it's invading their rights. we don't have time to put someone like you on a retainer you're very pricey so we're not going to bother with it. >> this is the same thing -- >> i don't know what the heck you're saying. i know exactly. >> this is the same thing as when your kids and your mother
1:52 pm
said, when you get hurt don't come crying to me. this is exactly what happened a lot of people got hurt. >> cindy lou became a lawyer. >> that's amazeing. >> she sued the grinch for personal injury. thank you both thank you very much. >> meanwhile you think christie's getting way too much grief for this. apparently, not enough after this.
1:53 pm
if you're running a business legalzoom has your back. over the last 10 years we've helped over one million business owners get started. visit us today for legal help you can count on to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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introducing the new philips norelco shaver series 9000 with contour detect technology that flexes in 8 directions for the perfect shave at any angle. go to to save up to
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$40. innovation and you. philips norelco. so ally bank really has no hidden fees on savings accounts? that's right. it's just that i'm worried about you know "hidden things..." ok, why's that? no hidden fees from the bank where no branches equals great rates. you know, we were just having fun with this. but did any of you see this video of chris christy whooping it up with the dallas cowboys owner 124 we were kind of having fun with it. not just because of the sweater. that hugging barack obama is one thing, jerry jones quite another. that's an image that i can't get out of my head. silly yes, but so was due -- wen
1:56 pm
'we were doing a little bit more than ribbing. todd in new york city who cares if christie is a dallas fan, new jerseyites, for one. it shows he's real and a regular guy. if he's -- flown to that game in an owner's regular guy jet, we have different problems. neil you need to take a chill pill christie's having fun and you're being a stick in the mud. >> are you saying grown men grinding on national tv is better? >> yes, that's exactly what i'm saying. then there's dick in the bronx. as if you have never been in an owner's box. well, just my boss's owner's box.
1:57 pm
then there's calvin who writes, you seem pretty emotionally con stiff pated to me. well, i guess you're right, calvin, but this is the dallas cowboys, sorry dalla to wit, i fear the governor is cavorting with the likes of jones, i don't remember him doing this nonsense before his last election? now he's a cowboys fan? i'm an eagles fan. i hope he chokes on that stupid better r sweater too. >> are you saying it's not presidential to belly bust? well pierre i can't imagine lincoln doing it but then again, football wasn't a big thing back then, and neither was grinding so you never know. by the way avon you are written before, you always write me don't you. we're big dallas fans have and
1:58 pm
have no problem with christie being in jerry jones' booth. where we draw the line is with the hug, we almost threw up our chicken wings. and in an owner's box, a friendly rep weighs off a friendly appearance. christie can do many things, officiateing official calls i think that's a stretch. no bridge gate going on here. i think you're jealous of christie. suck it up loser, christie rules, prompter readers drool. what makes you think i read a prompter? then there is this from bondo in atlantic city. governor christie sucking up to obama was the last straw for me but this is an impeachable offense. far worse, jerry jones?
1:59 pm
resign governor cavut o's rights. a little bit extreme all of you. everyone calm down here, but with hundreds of e-mails on this whole issue, and you had a clear point of view chris christie either went too far or i went to far saying he went too far. i know it's silly stuff. but it's the kind of stuff that sticks for some in a good way, and me in a bad way, and not just because i don't like the cowboys, which i don't, or because i don't like the guys who hug. many guys i like hug, i just don't want to be reminded a governor soft who just keeps putting himself in situations that he's got to know look weird. maybe he doesn't care. it's like jamming an ice cream cone in somebody's face after a while the ice cream cones and all those confrontations, they start to pile up. maybe the governor figures fancy
2:00 pm
heat is a different flavor. i am just telling you governor. right now they think you're on a rocky road. some ice cream. all right, i'll see you tonight. hello everyone i'm kimberly, along with dana bob and greg. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is the five. opening day on capitol hill for the 114th congress republicans are now in full control for the first time in eight years. john boehner easily won a third term as speaker of the house today, despite some defections and challenges from members of his party. >> friends, colleagues, countrymen, especially the people of ohio's eighth congressional district. thank you for sending me here. as speaker all i ask and frankly expect is that


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