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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 14, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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all 122 passengers and crew are presumed dead. thank you for being with us tonight. see you tomorrow night. 7:00 p.m. go to greta wire there is a new poll. i want to know what you think. go to and vote in my new poll. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> i think that foolish waste of time. >> wow what a provocative statement that is. bob beckel seems to leave the anti-terror demonstration in paris doesn't matter. mr. beckel will be here to explain. the reason you don't want to call it radical islam or use the word war because you are afraid of playing into the extremist desires to insight a religious war on islam. >> the obama administration still struggling to explain why it will not use the words islamic terrorism. we will tell you tonight exactly why. >> the biggest story in hollywood this year was when north korea threatened an attack if sony pictures released the interview
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force us all to pretend we wanted to see it. >> also ahead, do american men and women see humor differently? martha maccallum will assess tina fey and amy polar tonight. >> girl, i thought you were gone. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the real reason the obama administration will not define the islamic jihad. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. this is day four of the jihad controversy. whereby the president and his acolytes will not say the world is threatened by, quote: islamic terrorism. >> these terrorists are individuals who would like to cloak themselves in the veil of a particular religion. based upon the fact that
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they are religious leaders of that religion have roundly condemned their actions, those religious leaders have indicated that their actions are entirely inconsistent with islam. >> but what mr. ernst and his boss, the president refused to acknowledge is that there are thousands of muslim imams all over the world who do support the violent jihad and some of them are considered leaders in their communities. but let's get right down to it. here's the real reason the he bama administration avoids the islamic jihad label. >> i think the white house and attorney general holder are right to caution about that kind of rhetoric and whole mind set that goes with it it you need to be smarter this time around and understand much of the work is not military. it's not even going to be done by government. it's going to be done by people in these communities and the question is how do you facilitate them without delegitimizing or stigmatizing them. >> wow. mr. ignatius is generally
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very sympathetic to president obama and apparently believes that only the folks who believe in allah can stop the jihad. the military can't do it. the government can't could it according to mr. ignatius. that point is naive and somewhat frightening. we are now in year 14 on the war on terror. if the so-called muslim were going to take action against the jihadists they would have done so a long time ago. what's it going to take. the world saw 9/11. the beheadings of innocent people on the net. we have seen thousands of innocent muslims murdered by jihadists? what else do you need to see in the truth is while many muslims don't like the jihad, there is not an organized effort to combat it in the muslim world. some nations like egypt jordan armor rocco help the west in fighting jihad but they do so very quietly. they don't want to stir up the radical muslim element in their countries. president obama, david egg narks, all the other people who think the jihad will be defeated from within are
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putting the rest of nufs grave danger. the muslim world is as frightened of the jihad as the western world and they have fewer protections. if you are a poor muslim sitting in yemen and you say something against al qaeda, you are a dead man or a woman. so let's stop the nonsense. radical jihadists threaten the world, much like the nazis did in the 1930s. responsible nations not individuals must confront in worldwide campaign. do you get that mr. ignatius. more importantly, do you get that, president obama? and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, bob beckel from the five says the protest march in paris last sunday was a foolish waste of time. here now is mr. beckel. so, explain this so even i can understand it. that means talk slowly, don't use big words. >> yes, i think that probably is right. i'm glad you said it that way. i will put it very simply. you actually had in your talking point memo those 40
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leaders of that country marching there. how many are actually fighting jihadists. how many have airplanes in the air against jihadists. how many have boots on the ground. how many provide intelligence? not many. why is the protest against vietnam war we used to love the fact that people that favored the vietnam war politicians would come after we did our demonstration and stand up and say this is ridiculous. you murder a bunch of people and worldwide community shows up and does a march like selma? it's ridiculous. >> why? why not. >> because what they should be doing is spending their time fighting the jihadists. >> i don't disagree with that but i think you can walk and chew gum at the same time. just today france announced they are going to send aircraft. >> france did, that's true. >> so that's something. and sending a message to the world, which deeply divided over the jihad, that now maybe we're starting to come together here. maybe germany and holland and all the countries, italy, spain that have been, as you rightly put it, not really engaged, maybe they will start to mobilize. france is, britain has been.
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but, here's the deal. there is no downside president obama sending anyone over there i don't believe that he himself should have gone if he wanted to, good. if he didn't want to, i don't have a problem with it but certainly eric holder who is sitting having a latte across the street could have come on over. >> does anybody think that's going to stop one more jihadist attack? anybody think for a minute that these demonstrations that they have they feel good shirts and sing we shall overcome. >> it's a heart and minds thing, hearkening back to the vietnam war. you win hearts and minds against the jihad. if the world does unite against it and knocks down the sanctuaries in pakistan and yemen and other places that's the way to defeat the jihad. >> i couldn't agree more. >> you have to unite first. this march, this protest was a uniting effort. >> yes and al qaeda in yemen and isis were sitting back saying look what we pulled off boys. we did that thing and they all showed up. wasn't that great? do you think they are scared by that? >> i don't care what they
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are scared about. i want them defeated. >> exactly. >> i don't believe barack obama is -- has the fire in the belly to do it. maybe the next president will. i think we're just going. >> what do you mean? he first person to put airplanes in the air after isis. >> he had to. >> he had to. >> they behead headed american citizens on camera. he had to put some kind of action in play. and he did. to his credit. i'm not demeaning him for it. use ofs drones once in a while. but does he have the will to defeat this worldwide movement. >> oh, sure. >> no. >> he won't even define it. >> he won't define it. that's a whole another question we can get to. the fact of the matter is dogs he have the will to defeat it. >> yes. does the other countries have the will to defeat it? i think they are scared. the french finally woke up and realized they are allowed ones that allowed muslim come into that country record numbers. 10% of their country. >> you, bob beckel, in this bright orange shirt tonight are sitting there saying you think barack obama has the will and the desire to break
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the islamic jihad when he won't even say the words. let me point to guantanamo bay releases. let me point to cia torture memos, getting agency. let me point to the fact that barack obama himself pulled all of our forces out of iraq when every military person said that would strengthen the jihad. all right, and you sit there and tell me that he is the terror warrior that's going to beat them? come on. >> he is the only one only military doing it. by the way i want to con late you said orange shirt not a -- yellow shirt not orange shirt. >> i said yellow. >> congratulations being one of the most influential people. how did gallup. >> conversation of what he just hit him with. >> how did gallup get your christmas list. >> that was a poll that frightened me. one of the most admired people and this t. should frighten you beckel because i make sense. >> christmas card people
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believe it because frightening to me. >> a poll. >> congratulations. but when you look at the you said orange but it's okay. >> bob beckel, everybody. there he is. next on the rundown radical mosques in the u.s.a. how many of them are there? where are they? we have been investigating. wal tell you what we found out. and later miller on the muslim controversy in europe and president obama's proposal for free college tuition. factor is coming right back.
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the first one is in hancock new york, about 145 miles northwest of manhattan, what's going up in hancock? >> there is actually a place there called islamburg. they have a sign that says welcome to islamburg. it's 60-70-acre compound headquarters for group calls muslims of america follows a radical cleric in pakistan. the vape that's on the screen is something that was given to me by law enforcement stores showing them engaging in guerrilla warfare training at that islamburg compound. >> islamburg upstate new york, they have weapons. it's private property. >> right. >> they are training on the property. county authorities do anything about it?
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>> the beyond monitoring them no. they are not listed as foreign terrorist organization. fbi documents that we have obtained do show that they consider them a threat. because they don't have that division, they are able to to -- devastation they are able to -- designation they are able to operate in the u.s. >> the number they have across the country, they have 22 of these places across the country. somewhere around 3,000. >> training ground. all right. now we have the dar ha rah training center in falls church virginia. >> history of leadership over there. anwar al awlaki went over there before he joined al qaeda. vape of the current imam speaking recently in virginia where he specifically said that muslims should be first in line to get the arms for jihad. >> so at this center in falls church, there is an elm ma'am there presently. >> right. >> who wants to get arms for the jihad?
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>> he preaches that that is a requirement upon muslims. >> wow. >> the third one is is the one i mentioned last night in brooklyn, new york with john stossel. it's the -- mosque. what's going on here? >> that's led by one of the most radical imams in the country. he manages to be a rock star. speaking at muslim events across the country. even at college campuses. >> he is going to be in dallas this weekend in garland, texas for a big camps. i brought that up to the imam we had on last night who didn't think this imam was so radical. >> he didn't address that whether he has been prosecuted whole other thing. preaching sure anti-americanism. turning america into a caliphate. his mosque is suing the nypd because they are conducting surveillance. >> that's right that de blasio pulled off. this is a bad.
5:16 pm
>> origins in pakistan with islamic group over there 2% of muslims say this group represents them. they are one of the most organized. one of the leaders actually indicted on war crimes in bangladesh and we have a copy one of their teaching guides that tells muslims to engage in deception in order to advance the jihadist cause and to implement sharia governance. >> this comes outs of queens right? this mosque? >> that's the headquarters, yes. >> that's the headquarters. all right. finally and this the most controversial one, have you cair the council on america islamic relations, they have been on this program. they do a lot of media what are you saying that they are a dangerous group? >> yes. they are basically a political influence operation of the muslim brotherhood. according to the justice department. not according to me. they specifically listed cair as an entity of the u.s. muslim brotherhood. specifically it's palestine committee secretly set up to advance the hamas agenda. and the fbi wiretapped their leaders in 1993 talking about setting up care, so they could influence the media in their direction.
5:17 pm
>> that's what they do. they come out and say look we are moderates and we just want to give you our point of view. you say that they are directly tied into terrorist groups? >> into the muslim brotherhood, yes. >> which is a terrorist group. >> right. and hamas is the palestinian wing of the muslim brotherhood. >> okay. now, final question is, this is pretty frightening stuff but you would assume the fbi knows about all of this if you know about it. and the justice department is surveilling them and have them under control and in a free and open society we didn't talk about, this is the map -- all of these have radical muslim mosques or operations in all of those towns. and it's amazing. look at them, sacramento outside of l.a. pittsburgh chicago, on and on. so, my question is, should americans be concerned or is this under control? >> it can't be under control just through monitoring them. and again when it comes back
5:18 pm
to the issue of the ideology which president obama refuses to recognize. >> yes. >> that's a problem here not just about the person setting off the bomb. the overall ideology that combines mosques that justifies jihad anywhere. and we need muslim leaders to step up and fight against those interpretations. the most positive news i have seen is the poll that show that these organizations have so little support among muslim americans. >> all right. very interesting, thank you for coming on. >> thank you. >> directly ahead, president obama's job approval rating spikes in one poll not so much in another. we discuss it then later american men and women may see humor differently. martha maccallum on amy polar and tina fey upcoming. if you're taking multiple medications does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene available as an oral rinse toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief
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personal story segment tonight, new poll from cbs news, president obama's approval rating has gone up
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seven points. right now 46% of americans approve of the job mr. obama is doing. 46 disapprove. a did heat at cbs. a new fox news poll just out today, the president does not fair as well. 42% say he is doing a good job. 52% bad job. so the polls see the political landscape differently. joining us now from chicago. tom bevin executive director of real clear politics and from washington james hampton cook. presidential historian author of the book america's star spangled history. okay. so ms. cook, at this point more than six years in, do you believe president obama will go down in history as a success? no in that his policies aren't that successful 37% of americans approve of obamacare. that's terrible. that's his signature piece of legislation. unlike jimmy carter who couldn't get reelected. president obama was smashing success as campaigner and getting himself reelected so
5:23 pm
you have to give him credit there. >> i just wonder what history, mr. bevin is going to say about a very controversial president because yes, he was elected reelected. but his tenure has not been smooth one year. it's always been -- let's say contentious. that's the best word. now with this terrorism stuff, the new fox news poll says that majority of americans, overwhelming majority feel that he is not protecting the nation and that america is weaker under his tenure. how will he go down in history? >> well, look, i don't know that we know that bill. you know how you this goes. it takes a number of years to get the stuff sorted out. obviously obama's place in history is secure as first african-american president. as far as achievements go obamacare is it. the jury is still out on that. the supreme court hearing coming up. we don't know what the future may hold there domestic, internationally, his supporters would say look, he ended a couple wars, got us out of iraq and
5:24 pm
afghanistan. i think right now the consensus is that the president really came in. didn't have any overarching foreign policy strategy and the world has kind of unraveled on his watch. >> that's the threat. i mean, if something happens in the next two years, another attack on the homeland here. by the jihadists and all of that is going it influence. but barack obama right now ms. cook, in your opinion, strong leader? how do you assess his leadership? >> well, you know, it's good to be cool calm, and collected as a president. that is reassuring to people. however, it's back fired against him because he hasn't shown enough passion. not sending someone to paris high rank i think is a good example of that. and so as a leader, you know, his weak -- his best strength has become his weakness and that sometimes happens with presidents. >> i want to just put out in the fox news poll biden does okay. and so does michelle obama. a 7% approval rating.
5:25 pm
so cynics out there go fox news doesn't like president obama. this is a scientific poll apart from what we do. the spike in the cbs news poll, i believe mr. bevan is due to lower gas prices and job creation even though the jobs don't pay a lot of money. the economy is turning around and that's the big issue for the american people. >> yeah, i think there are two things driving this upward tick, at least in the cbs poll. another pew poll that came out today shows something similar. one is that i think mr. obama shorn up base support after the election with the moves on cuba and executive action on immigration. and then i think it is certainly the positive jobs news is important there. if you look at these numbers, bill. there seems to be a bit of optimism working its way back into the public. they are looking ahead and thinking the economy might actually be getting better. however, at the same time there is still a recognition, majority still say that the big problem with the economy that's been for the last five or six
5:26 pm
years, which is stagnating wages still exists. >> no money. now with the stock market tottering like crazy. so that doesn't bode well for anybody. i don't know, i mean i gave president obama the benefit of the doubt but i think his leadership in the war on terror has beenliking. and i don't think he has a vision for the economy. he is not an economist. his people have fouled it up. obamacare, i think you are right, i mean it's still ill defined. it might turn out okay. but i do think the president is going to lose in the supreme court. they are going to go by the letter of the law, the way it was written. and that says the states don't have to buy in. i will give you the last word ms. cook. >> well, you know, the economy has been up and down. and that's what these polls are showing about president obama's approval. kind of all over the map. some up, some kind of down. so it's just reflective, i think, of confusion on the american population. >> confusion about barack obama. it's confusing when he leaves office how that gets sorted out. >> thank you. plenty more as the factor
5:27 pm
moves along this evening. truth serum reporters looking at the eric holder didn't show up for the anti-terror demonstration even though he was in the french capitol. then miller on free college tuition. also europe getting angry with muslims. we hope you stay tuned tore those reports. so you're looking for a loan? how's your credit? i know i have an 810 fico score, thanks to the tools and help on and your big idea is hot dogs shaped like hamburgers? nope.
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propaganda surrounding that. why attorney general holder did not participate in the anti-terror demonstration even though he was right across the street. with us now fox news correspondents molly line and eric shawn. all right, why didn't eric show up? >> he was conducting television interviews. a round robin four of the sunday morning -- >> -- he didn't do fox, did he? >> no he did not. >> he did the other four on sunday morning. didn't do fox is what he could have done that and hustled on over there. >> they had a bus. put the world leaders on a bus after they this photo op. at the palace and they drove over there. the department of justice brian fallon is the head of public affairs issued a statement saying he had to return to washington sunday afternoon but bill. >> why? >> we don't know. they are not saying. >> how you can issue a statement and not say why in why did he he have to return? watch the games? the football games? >> they are not saying why. i called a variety of people to try to get the answer to that no one is talking -- >> -- what do they say when they say look what we want to know is why he had to go back to washington.
5:32 pm
that's a very simple question. we are not going to tell you? they pass you from office to office. >> gentleman answer the question, talk to this person. i can't answer the question. talk to that that person. >> they send you to the department of justice. valerie jarrett. the white house, the doj. i did the doj yesterday they still haven't called me back. i called them today they said they are not at their desk. they are not available. >> with all these questions. and then they don't get back to me. >> it's wednesday. we still don't know why he had to come back. now, this is what tees me off. we pay these people's salaries. that's about as simple as it gets. why did he have to come back? now they are dodging and won't say. i have to conclude that there is something untoward going on here. all right? he has a public appearance tomorrow in philadelphia. maybe the reporter can ask. >> i hope so. all right, now, keystone pipeline, new fox news poll says about more than 60% of
5:33 pm
americans want the president to approve the keystone pipeline which takes oil from canada and brings it down through the united states to be refined in louisiana. but then we don't know where it goes. and that's president obama's beef. go. >> understand what this project is. it is providing the ability of canada to pump their oil, send it through our land down to the gulf where it will be sold everywhere else. >> is that true, line? >> it's not at all true that all of the cruel that is coming crude oil coming down through america's heart line and sent on ships to some other world market specifically oil from canada. according to the state department's final environmental impact statement. this is our government sharing some of this information. the gulf coast refiners have this significant repetitive advantage in processing it. first it goes to the refineries. after being refined that's the big question. how much goes? >> do we know. >> we can't get an exact
5:34 pm
number on this. >> did you get the same thing sean got call this one, that one? all right, so once again gasoline or usable fuel, the truth serum is we don't know how much goes abroad and how much stays in the u.s.a. >> we own othe commodity and market is constantly changing. 50% or little more but that's based on. >> they should say how much -- congress, if they pass this pipeline should say at least auto% should stay in the u.s.a. that's the way to do it. another controversy here. jobs. how many jobs will keystone create? roll it. >> it is going to be a bellwether decision by the president whether to go with jobs and the economy. his own state department said it's 42,000 new jobs. this is a good infrastructure project supported widely across the united states. >> 42,000 jobs. is that true? >> well, the figure is also included in the state department paperwork. but, there is some caveats here. they say essentially that during construction these jobs will exist.
5:35 pm
proposed project spending would support approximately 342,000 jobs. 2 billion in earnings across the u.s. some of these jobs would be temporary. they would be the construction jobs that are created. >> so what? >> 3900 over a year construction. 1610 jobs would be direct jobs. another 26,000 from indirect. >> so there are jobs. we just don't know how many jobs. >> exactly. >> okay. >> so the bottom line on the keystone pipeline is, jobs would be created money would come to the u.s.a. and if the pinheads in congress can formulate a bill that says of all of the stuff that we refine this much has to stay in the u.s.a. to drive oil prices or keep them down, then we have a good deal right? >> one effort being put forth by senator from massachusetts who wants all of the oil essentially to be refined, petroleum oil the crude that's coming from canada to be entered into domestic commerce. >> i don't know if you can do all. you can certainly do a percentage and that would be worth it. all right, you guys, thank
5:36 pm
you. when you come right back it will be miller time, big lineup tonight. europe getting mad at muslims. president obama proposing free college tuition. miller is next. thanks. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ ♪
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight, the d man has been discussing the obama no show at the paris protest on his syndicated radio program. he joins us now from santa barbara. what is your take on this? >> you know, i would have thought he would have sent sharpton over because, you know, every time i see one of those parades where everybody is linked in, sharpton seems to know that drill but we didn't each send him over. like i said before, billy it's ironic to me that president obama's approach to explaining terrorism to me is torturous. he won't use torture with the actual terrorists but i have got to hear them belabor these points and go around the cape of good hope to not say who is actually doing it. i think obama, quite frankly, didn't go because he thinks charlie hebdo is the slot receiver for the green bay packers. he has gone past on citizen that the. is he creepy.
5:41 pm
terrorists trying harder because they are pissed off they he won't give them the credit they are due. even josh erches would have to tell you is he not benevolent in all these issues he is just hapless. imagine that telling people no no, don't just mistrust him he is hapless. >> i think that's it. i think he doesn't care anymore about it. it's a pain for him. he is not going to get on the plain and fly offer there for 8 hours and hang around with merkel. i mean he would much rather stay in the white house and then go out and give people free college tuition if which we will get to in a moment. >> that shoot up in paris, billy that wasn't islamic terror as brian play a catch. everybody knows what happened here. >> there is the mayor of rotter damn in holland his name is ahmed, a muslim, from morocco, he immigrated to the netherlands when he
5:42 pm
was 15 years old. here is what he has to say. go. he said f off in dutch. so he basically. >> i didn't know f-off in dutch was the same bleep as we used here. i thought they used the netherlands bleep. >> it's the same thing and -- >> -- i think. >> he is mad at his co-ledge -- co-religionous. >> he got into the london hashish cabinet over there. over there, their mayor is saying that about terrorism de blasio says that same thing about the cops for god's sakes. that sounds like de blasio speech about his own police force. by the way billy, speaking of de blasio as we go out on the bolder fresher or as i should say renamed don't be
5:43 pm
a pinhead tour this year i don't think we max out our merchandise opportunities. i come out with a new look, new sports wear where we mike weave the microweave the mayor's face into the fact bring. keep your back on this jerk. >> put the script don't be a pinhead and have him underneath it? >> i think we ought to call it don't be a de blasio. >> he is still in trouble over here. and you know, he has given little id cards to anybody who wants them. the al qaeda guys are lined up broadway to get these things. i don't know whether you know that or not. >> listen you you know when obamacare will break down is when they find out you might need an id card to participate in that. that's when you will see road runner sitting out in the distance. >> miller went to college. i went to college. and i paid, you know, my dad he paid my tuition, i had paid my expenses and i painted houses to do it and all of that.
5:44 pm
i was lucky to have a father who would each pay the tuition. but now the president kind of want to give some free tuition and low loans and all that how do you see it? >> well, we are doing too much germ proofing with these kids. i mean, can you make it all the way through to your retirement ceremony inside the amniotic sack now. we might as well just start teaching classes on twitter in 14 o0 characters or less. at some point these kids are going to graduate into the school of hard knocks and i would hope at some point they know how they earn and they know how to pay off debt. doing it t. all for kids great idea. get dumped out at 30 like the boy in the glass bubble, nobody knows what to do. >> there is -- there has to be -- there are opportunities in work study and low cost loans and i -- but i do want as many particularly poor children to have educational as much. i have to look at it. >> billy this is the sort of thing that leads to
5:45 pm
sandra fluke at age 31 asking me to comp her diaphragm. at some point you have got itoint you haveve to pony up and earn your way. dennis miller, everybody. [ laughter ] and the d-man and i are astounded how quickly the don't be a pinhead shows areg out. tonight three new days friday june ath state theater, cleveland ohio. saturday june 6th, or yum theater memphis tennessee. friday august 14th hotel in atlant atlantic city. been there before. it's always a blast. these shows will sell out quickly. premium members get them right now. tomorrow morning the objection office opens for everybody. also tickets left for rio rancho, new mexico on april 11th. martha maccallum on deck. do american women and men laugh at the same things? we'll find out in just a few moments.
5:46 pm
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my name is bret hembree. i am an electric crew foreman out of the cupertino service center. i was born and raised in the cupertino area. it's a fantastic area to work. the new technology that we are installing out in the field is important for the customers because system reliability i believe is number one. pg&e is always trying to plan for the future and we are always trying to build something stronger and bigger and more reliable. i love living here and i love the community i serve. nobody wants to be without power. i don't want my family to be without power. it's much more personal to me for that reason. i don't think there's any place i really would rather be.
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back of the book segment tonight, did you see he that? another horrible video put out by isis, fox news policy is not to air isis atrocities on video. we can show you a couple of still pictures whereby a young boy apparently murders two russians. shoots them to death. all right. the russians are captured by isis and this is really, you know, it doesn't get worse than. this here now to explain further fox news anchor martha maccallum you see her at 9:00 in the morning. what do we know about the kid? do we know anything about him. >> we do know about him. people who follow jihadist groups closely his name is abdullah. appeared in training videos before. part of 150 member family that came from kazakhstan to syria and has appeared in these videos.
5:50 pm
it's chilling. >> how old is he. >> call these boys lion cubs of the caliphate. i believe he is about 11. it's so stunning to watch. >> he did shoot the two russians. who were the russians? >> we russians. who are the russians? >> we don't know for sure. analysts say they're not sure. will not confirm or deny whether or not these two guys are theirs. people who look at the film closely say there's no blood it may be propaganda. but it's a chilling -- i watched this video and it's chilling. >> these isis people will do anything. right now we're going to change mood here because the golden globes, did you watch the golden globes? >> i watched some of it. i did not watch the whole thing. did you? >> tina fey and amy poehler are not fans of mine and vice versa. so it would be wrong of me to comment on their performance.
5:51 pm
but i watched their opening monologue. >> yeah. >> and i wanted to know if you and some other fox ladies thought it was funny? >> so we're comparing the female sense of humor to the male sense of humor to a certain extent? >> sort of. >> so i reached out to my colleagues and said, so tell me what did you think of tina and amy? one was watching dowton abby one watching the packers game but the others all loved tina and amy. they love the buddy comedic sense of humor. they're funny. i watched it again in my office to see if it could make me laugh. i laugh at everything. i have a high bar of what makes me laugh. >> you're working over the morning guy. >> i was laughing out loud in my office. the jokes about north korea i thought was handled very well. it was funny. i loved the line about how unfortunately the hacking situation made everyone in
5:52 pm
hollywood had to pretend they actually wanted to see "the interview". >> so you were in your office laughing out loud? >> could you hear me? >> i couldn't hear you. i'm in the weak office on the corner. >> here's a sample of what she was laughing at. go. >> the biggest story in hollywood this year was when north korea threatened an attack if sony pictures released "the interview," forcing us all to pretend we wanted to see it. [ laughter ] >> north korea referred to "the interview" as absolutely intolerable and a wanton act of terror. even more amazing not the worst review the movie got. >> see, isn't that funny? he's not laughing. i contest to that. >> again i'm not an objective person herere. that wasn't a bad line. the last line. >> there were some pretty funny lines in there. >> the last line wasn't a bad line. but the majority of ladies here at fox. >> yes.
5:53 pm
>> thought that they were amusing. >> a lot of them thought they were hilarious. >> liked the buddy business going on. >> so funny, bill. they're funnier than the guys who've done it in the recent times. >> that's a hard thing to do. but what they're doing is channelling don rickles. >> don't you love don richles. >> of course i do. but they're taking don rickles and femme niezing it. >> what about other comedic women. >> they were not like fey and poehler. >> they were great. >> we'll leave on that note. martha mccallum loving lucy and ethel. "the factor" tip of the day, brand new history project called legends and lies. you're going to like it. it's hip. moments away.
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"the factor" tip of the day, new history series that will debut on the fox news channel in a moment. first the mail, panhandle, texas, bill, if you read sheryl attkisson's book stonewalled, you know why scott pelly -- does not provide the why around scott pelley's editorial decisions. he's not a fan of me investigative reporting on the federal government, otherwise his motives remain unclear. obama's a muslim. when is the media going to wake up and admit it? perhaps when a shred of evidence is produced, keith. so far zero on that front. sherry eureka, illinois. bill, why won't you admit that the reason abc and cbs news
5:57 pm
won't report negative things about obama is the fact that george soros gives them orders not to. i'm sure you know all about him. i do indeed but i'm unaware the radical leftist soros is now calling shots at the two networks. fascinating. please send me more information on this. new york, mr. o, can you explain why there has been so little news coverage of the slaughter in africa by the muslim group boko haram. sure, there are no reporters in the african back waters. these areas are essentially free fire zones, far too dangerous for journalists to injure. so we know there are atrocities but specifics almost impossible to verify. houston, texas. bill, you were rude and arrogant to judge napolitano. you do not know the constitution better than he does. you should apologize. lancaster, california, bill i
5:58 pm
wish to extend kudos the way you stood up to the judge concerning anti-terror drone strikes. you are correct. awesome job. and the debate rolls on. memphis, tennessee. mr. o, you were out of line asking laura ingraham who she supports among the three republicans you featured. that's a question you won't answer. that's correct. i never say because that might taint my analysis. laura was free not to answer the question, but i'm free to ask it. bill, your shirts and ties are the best on tv. thank you. shirts come from skip gambert. i buy most of my ties at saks fifth avenue. great selection. finally tonight, fox news announced today a new history project, it is called legends and lies. and i, your humble correspondent, am the executive producer. because my history books have been so well-received we've decided to expand the history
5:59 pm
franchise to the fox news channel. beginning sunday april 12th at 8:00 p.m. you will see ten episodes about what really happened in the american west. no more fables. you get the straight story about general custer, jesse james, butch cassidy, sun dance kid among others. just like killing patton and other killing books, the facts drive the story. sometimes the facts are astounding. legends and lies is no spin history. and you will like it. "the factor" tip of the day. begins april 12th. and that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website which is different from also, we would like you to spout off about "the factor" from anywhere in the world. name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, please provide some apercus when writing to "the factor." terrific word. again, thanks for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly.
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please always remember the spin stops here cause we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, we have brand new polls that find americans are increasingly worried about the threat of islamic terrorism in this country. and fear that president obama's administration will not do what it takes to keep us safe. we're going to show you those numbers in a moment. welcome everybody to "the kelly file." i'm martha mccallum in tonight for megyn kelly. these polls were conducted in the wake of the paris terror attacks released just hours ago, they were, and they come just days before president obama will deliver his state of the union address. here's a look at the numbers. the polls find 64% of voters think the threat from islamic extremists is increasing. 29% believe it is holding steady. just 4% say that it has gone down. at the same time about half the country think the administration has


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