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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 30, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. make it a great weekend. enjoy the super bowl. here comes greta "on the record" right now. republicans furious at president obama. they are calling the obama administration swap of the taliban five for sergeant bo bergdahl a bad deal. the republicans anger fueled by news that one member of the taliban five has been intercepted making phone calls to the taliban. but today pentagon press secretary rear admiral again making trade insisting the taliban five under control. >> we had reason to believe that there was some activities by at least
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potential reengagement. we communicated with the government of qatar and again steps are being put in place to further limit it. i would haven hasten to remind it is because of the process we have in place and the strong relationship that we have with the government of qatar that we were able to identify this particular activity. >> senator john mccain joins us. nice to see you sir. what about what the admiral has to say? >> he is really quick isn't he? >> stunning how he kept her. ming and hawing. >> trying to return to the fight. these people are free to go anywhere in three months. let me just mention this to you about this aspect. when i was in hanoi with my
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fellow pomplet p.o.w.s was home with honor. we didn't want anything our country might do which would impair our ability to defeat the enemy on our behalf. that's why we called it home with honor. this business of saying well it was a great idea to swap. we didn't want to be swapped when i was there in hanoi. we wanted the united states to win this whole swap idea puts the lives of men and women serving in the military in danger. 30% of those released from guantanamo already have entered the fight. they have reentered the fight at high levels because it's a badge of honor and this is further proof that it was a bad bad idea. >> well, if you sort of read between the lines of what is being said, it sounds like we found out that he was -- had some sort of conversation with the taliban. and then we notified qatar but they're the ones supposed to be watching them. of course they will stop watching them at the end of may.
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what in the world is qatar too long? >> doesn't it raise the question what is it that we don't know what they have been doing? >> how many times have they made calls that we didn't catch? >> sure. it's obvious that these people are the hardest of the hard core. they are the worst of the worst. to expect them not to go back in the fight, to somehow undergo some conversion is just damned foolishness. and so again i repeat. additional american lives will be threatened because these people which they most likely will as 30% of the others have been released will pose a direct danger to american men and women who are serving. that is not acceptable. >> all right. where is this bergdahl decision? this is a -- makes the court system look fast. what's with the military not telling us what they decided with bergdahl? >> we are asking questions about that now the white house is saying no, there is no pressure. et cetera. why in the world is this taking so long in the armed services committee is going to ask questions. why did it take so long?
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what are the conclusions? and what will be the judicial proceedings? it's been investigated and now sitting with one general to make a decision? >> yes. >> so what's the problem? either he desserted or he didn't dessert? >> something is wrong. the system should not have taken that long. the investigation was too long and obviously -- we are going to be demanding answers. ash carter is going to be up before the armed services committee in a week for his confirmation. that's one of the questions that is going to be asked of him. >> what do you make that the white house doesn't want to call the taliban terrorists? >> the authorization for the use of military force that we passed after 9/11 directly refers to the taliban as committing acts of terror. >> why won't the white house doing it? >> i do not understand.
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it's part of this whole idea they have of not calling things what they're and withdrawing and everything is going to be okay. and the president's obliviousness to the things that are happening in the world is -- we are write ago shameful chapter in american history. by the way we had hearings before the armed services committee. henry kissinger george schultz, madeleine albright. all of them said the world is in more turmoil that it has been at any time in their lifetime. and they have served long and honorably. >> of course you said something when henry kissinger, dr. kissinger got protested? >> it wasn't protesters it. it was people who were physically threatening a 91-year-old man with a broken shoulder. that's what that was about disgraceful. >> senator nice to see you as always. >> thank you greta. >> the white house in the hot seat defending the controversial trade the taliban five for sergeant bergdahl. white house press secretary
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josh earnst insisting the former gitmo detainee who reached out to the taliban has not returned to the fight. >> none of these individuals has returned to the battlefield. none of them is allowed to travel outside of qatar and none has engaged in physical violence. >> the fact that this contact happened in the first place will it make the administration -- has it made the administration re-think the effort to essentially close guantanamo to step up the release of the prisoners. >> no, it does not. simply because keeping the prison open undermines our national security. >> lt. colonel oliver north joins us. good evening sir. and your thought to what the press secretary josh earnst has said and even the whole discussion about this -- about the gitmo detainee contacting the taliban'? >> well, let's start with the gitmo five back to what senator mccain was just saying. first of all, the reason they were in gitmo, and that they were there for so long is because they are
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terrorists let's start with that they had had nothing to do with the people who held bergdahl. these are five taliban who are the favorites of the government that everybody thinks is favorable to us and qatar. third, the release of those people and putting them in qatar as you pointed out, greta, it's all over in three more months. their communications will then be completely lost. these guys aren't going to return to the battlefield by strapping on a body bomb or driving a car bomb into an embassy. they are directing other people who do that. and that's the message theyding. the people that they meet with then get on an airplane and go to somewhere in islamabad or pass the messages on one to another. the taliban are terrorists. they just announced here just hours ago they killed three americans. the dancing around the head of the pin and trying to define a terrorist from an
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insurgent who is armed is absolutely loopy. i'm in the country today that was attacked two days ago. i saw it with my own eyes. they didn't call the attack by missiles from lebanon hitting two vehicles with idf soldiers in them, killing two, wounding seven an act of work place violence. they know what terrorism is. the frightening thing is our administration has deceived us on a lot of things. everything from fast and furious to the irs to benghazi to promises to persecute and prosecute. the fact is, the big concern ought to be are they deceiving themselves? because if they are that's dangerous. it's dangerous for us. it's dangerous for our country men. and the idea that our allies are looking at what's happening in the united states and saying what are these people thinking ought to alarm us all. >> well, you know, we are all sort of fussed up about this contact with the taliban by one of the five released. but i actually think the bigger picture you just
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touched on and i spoke to senator mccain about is that as of may 31st, all bets are off. they can travel and do exactly what they want. so while we are a little fussed up now because they had a contact with the taliban on at least we caught them on one occasion. i don't know if there is more. it's like we lose total -- they are gone may 31st gone. >> being able to outcome on the battlefield as he pointed out. put at least at risk the lives of fellow americans. it's absolutely loopy. >> colonel north, nice to see you. thank you for staying up late in israel. thank you, sir. >> and now to the obama administration's refusal to call the taliban terrorists during two white house briefings this week both eric schultz and josh earnst refused to call the taliban terrorists. today pentagon press secretary rear admiral john kerry trying to explain exactly what's up with that. >> i don't think the white house said they are not terrorists. in fact, i think my colleague at the white house
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made it clear that they use terror tactics to some degree to exert their influence. they are not dedesignated a foreign terrorist organization. and for purposes of u.s. -- the u.s. armed forces in afghanistan, they are considered an armed insurgency. nobody is discounting the kind of violence that they are capable of and remain capable of. joining us former ambassador to iraq and iran and almost every other country ryan crocker. good to see you, sir. >> good to see you greta. >> ambassador what do you make -- are we fussing about nothing over whether we call taliban terrorist or not or is this significant in your mind? >> i think it's significant to americans. it's significant to me. we have designated one part of the taliban network the haqqanis as terrorists. the department of the treasury has since 2002 labeled the entire taliban
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terrorists sternly cold blooded act of the murder. whether we label them terrorists or not is not going to change what they do. that's what we need to be focused on. stopping them before it gets worse if they are not called terrorists. if the obama administration wants to call them something else and if they are going to convince the rest of america people trying to kill us in airports are not terrorists does not give them cover to deal with them. we don't deal with terrorists. if we don't call them terrorists even they though they are trying to kill us suddenly do things not able to do. >> i think there is a fair amount of flexibility, greta, who we deal with. whether or not they are labeled terrorists. when i was out as ambassador in iraq in afghanistan, if there was a need to talk to an individual are, if there was something to be gained for u.s. interest, i don't care what label he h we
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would have that contact. >> all right. i'm curious. your ambassador of iran, iraq pakistan, kuwait and lebanon. which country is the biggest mess? they ever all in pretty grim stakes. turmoil inside of pakistan. the ongoing fighting in afghanistan as we draw down. the spillover from syria to lebanon is very dangerous. the only one that's in really good shape is kuwait because clearly what we are seeing in iraq with the surge of isis is deeply disturbing. all i can say greta, is that things were in good shape when i left those countries. >> so, what's the turning point? what changed? >> part of it is nature of conflict in the reason.
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our adversaries don't gear up for the long tight until after we think we have won the war. we lost strategic patience and our adversaries know and count on it our allies fear it what we have to do as a government and as a nation is commit to a long fight against a very tenacious enemy. and i'm concerned quite frankly, that that is not what we are doing. >> ambassador, thank you very much. i have got to say thank you for your service because you sure hit all the hot spots in the world. they should have at least given you a prize for bermuda for one term. anyway, thank you, ambassador. >> thank you, greta. >> and we heard it again and again from democrats. they claim the taliban five would not be a security risk to the united states. we saw an opportunity and we seized it. i make no apologies for that. >> these five guys are not a threat to the united states.
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>> we believe this is not a security threat to the united states. >> i'm never surprised by controversies that are whipped up in washington. >> perhaps these guys could go back and kill americans again. >> i just think that's a lot of bologna. >> i make absolutely no apologies. joining us our political panel susan father rich choo and byron york. the president says this is controversies whipped up in washington. >> boy, you know, it has been a really bad week for the administration spokesman, you know with eric schultz and josh earnst and now admiral kirby a terrible week for them. >> i felt so terrible for admiral kirby the way he held and. >> i went back and look what you just played there she distanced herself in the summer of last year after this release saying well she doesn't know that she would
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have made a decision. maybe she doesn't agree with all conditions. we talked about there being just a one year travel ban for these guys in qatar. >> which is absurd. almost there. decision made after she left office. >> i think that the president and the administration is sort of caught up in a narrative that started in 2008. he ran on ending the war in afghanistan and iraq. and closing guantanamo bay. here we are in 2015. letting people out of guantanamo bay. they want to close the prison at any cost, it seems. and they want those wars to end. you just heard the ambassador say that there is no patience for long-term strategy. and what that has cost us in the region. i think that is true. it is all because that was an important part of the president's narrative when he was running. the first time and again it played a big role in 2012 when he was run aring for
4:16 pm
re-election. it's playing out now. >> this taliban five deal is even worse. because one, the president made it illegally because he was required to notify congress. >> and he did not. >> which he did not do. >> he did not. >> and we are awaiting the results of the bergdahl investigation. there had been reports that he will be charged with desertion. you just saw senator mccain can't get an answer out of this. if it comes out to be we traded these guys who will return to the fight for a man who is now being charged with desertion. you are going to see a lot of democrats running from that decision. >> wait until the spring when qatar is no longer required to monitor these individuals already making calls trying to get back in the game. does anybody really think once they are completely free of surveillance they are not going to jump right back in? this argument hey none of them are on the battlefield right now that's only going to carry for so long. >> the word is yet.
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when he says they are not -- not one of them has gone to the battlefield i thought yet? >> right. >> does that give you any comfort? does that give anyone here in america any comfort? wait to see what happens after may. >> panel, stay with us. let's all go off the record for a minute. president obama has a fatal flaw and it's clouded his thinking. he thinks the war is over. it's not. he wants the war over. so do i. you do too. we all hate wars. but no matter how much he wants it, i want it, or how much you want the war over once in a war with people still trying to kill you, hoping it is over or unilateral declaration that the war is over does not end it you are fooling yourself if you think it does. war only ends if you annihilate your enemy out of existence. we have not. or if both sides agree that the war is over. like two nations signing a peace agreement. that has not happened either. >> just this week isis threatened to behead president obama and in the white house and yesterday in
4:18 pm
the kabul the taliban murdered three americans. when your enemy is still killing you it's war. and, yes, of course we can debate whether we should have got noon this mess or not in the first place. but that debate is a little late like 14 years late. where we are now we are in a war. right now we need solutions. and that is the president's job as commander and chief. the president needs to get out of his denial. denial is not a strategy. he needs to quit hoping the war is over. hope is not a strategy either. i'm not suggesting this is easy. it's not. but denying reality is dangerously spinning our wheels into a much deeper disaster. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. straight ahead former governor mitt romney making a big announce: sending waves to the republican party. tonight governor romney after making a call to governor scott walker is now dining with new jersey governor chris christie. the intrigue of 2016. that's next. the super bowl just two days away. deflate-gate is still blowing up. if you could ask an nfl
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this. descrump is taking credit for former mitt romney's decision not to make a third run for the white house in 2016. the donald writing up twitter i will take full credit for mitt romney developing out of race. it looks like he won't be endorsing trump any time soon. then a second donald trip when i proclaimed mitt
4:23 pm
choked yeah he is right. donald tweet number three now that he is gone get bush to drop out and trump to rub and we will win. susan father rich choo and byron york. what you do you think, susan, trump to run. >> outside of course he thinks is he responsible for mitt romney. i would have expected nothing else from donald trump. >> who is the big winner with mitt romney dropping out. >> all the punditry. people saying jeb bush. i know that the romney camp was really interested in a christie candidacy if there wasn't going to be a romney candidacy. the question is what value is a romney endorsement or romney backing of chris christie in and might he be the real beneficiary here at least in that regard? i would still lean a little more toward jeb bush at this point because he really is the biggest candidate. he is going to have the donors lining up. christie is nor of a slight underdog there.
4:24 pm
>> cammeron told me in the halls at fox news, i don't know if that's on the record or not. it is now. >> nobody is listening right? he said that chris christie was passed over by romney as v.p. so that why would he be supporting him now? >> absolutely. a lot of people wondered where the research they did on christie is concerned. i was in iowa over the weekend for that -- >> -- quit bragging. >> out there. and there were a lot of social conservatives out there. really really hard core conservatives who were kind of trauma advertised from the last time around when they were all fighting amongst themselves and romney was the establishment candidate. they were really looking forward to a bloody, ugly fight between mitt and jeb and christie to see the other side divided one time. i have to tell you they are a little bit bummed by what has happened. because they think at least that jeb bush is going to benefit. >> where does the romney money go in the money that would have gone to the romney campaign? who gets that? that. >> will drown out those lesser known candidates.
4:25 pm
and the money, as well, is not -- you know it's going to go to the sure more sure fire candidates like jeb bush and chris christie if he decides to run, the big names. i don't think the smaller candidates are really going to benefit from. this i do think the donors were waiting to see whether mitt romney was going to get in the race and whether they would line up behind christie or bush. >> remember, all the romney donors from 2012, if they had been in the game long enough they were bush donors too in 2000 and 2004. so i look for a lot of them to return to these safe choice. >> but if romney is going to back chris christie, you know, he has got influence among his donors, too. he has his own money. christie could really benefit. again, it surprised me given what christie did right before the election big hug with obama in 2012 during storm sandy. >> let's not forget senator santorum didn't have two nickels to rub together in iowa and he won iowa last time around by going door to
4:26 pm
door. like to be the fly on the wall with romney and christie. who is picking up the bill? >> santorum didn't have the money though. >> no, no. no. >> i'm talking about iowa. >> and you have got to have -- >> -- money was his larger problem, santorum. >> who picks up the bill at dinner time with christie and romney. >> worth $250 million should probably do it. >> indeed. panel, thank you. straight ahead big news about a controversy that "on the record" first told you about back in december. seemed new york city public defenders, that is defense lawyers appeared in a rap video about killing cops. now new evidence about what the lawyers knew and. when our legal panel is here next. and aleve is proven to work better on pain than tylenol arthritis. so why am i still thinking about this? how are ya? good. aleve. proven better on pain.
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welcome back to showdown! jerry rice here with 8 year old andrew hunter debating who will win the big race between the tortoise and the hare. what do you think andrew? rabbits are faster. it's not a rabbit, it's a hare. what's the difference? maybe figure that out before debating the best wide reciever of all time. wait, are you odell beckham jr.?
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tonight he growing calls for the punishment of two new york city lawyers who appeared in a rap video about killing cops. two lawyers work for a taxpayer funded nonprofit called the bronx defenders city investigators have determined that the public defenders knew beforehand that the lyrics in the rap video endorsed killing cops. retaliation for the death of eric garner. >> stuck on stupid thing for them to say well, we didn't know that they were going to do this. >> black males menu. >> what in the hell did you expect them to do? >> this is so profoundly stupid. such bad judgment. >> black boys running from white cops. who are they to determine just. >> don't affiliate yourself with that absolutely not.
4:31 pm
>> greta, i'm not outraged. i'm absolutely pissed off ♪ hands up >> the president's new york city's largest police union calling for the bronx defender to be defunded and two lawyers to be disbarred. joining us our legal panel katie phang and defense lawyer ted williams. ted to you. >> i'm not only calling for them for that officer to be i'm thinking these lawyers as well as their supervisors should be fired. they let the public believe what we did not hear the video. well that -- before they released it. that may be true. but they heard the lyrics. and the lyrics talked about killing cops and one of the lawyers was, according to an investigation said is i love this song and not only that the head of that office is a woman by the name of robin steinberg. now, from all indications of this investigation she fell down on her job.
4:32 pm
i think she should also be gone. >> i will talk about robin steinberg in a moment. katie, your thoughts? >> listen if they are not going it have jobs as lawyers anymore. they are going to have jobs as rap video stars. it's absolutely ridiculous now, the power of the subpoena has come out and it's revealed correspondence showing they knew exactly what they were getting themselves into. that plausible didn't we heard all about greta and ted when it first came out that we didn't know what the video was going to say and we didn't know what the video was going to depict was a complete lie. ethical consideration for lawyers in the state of new york are such that they should not continue to be lawyers in new york. >> all right. and it's in the department investigation who is now inspected this. this was after we did our program. is said that the founder and executive director of the bronx defenders, a woman named robin steinberg approved the organization's involvement and later mislead city officials about her role.
4:33 pm
now, when we first did that first segment i spoke to robin steinberg. and asked her some questions. and the conversation -- she hung up on me. >> now we know why she hung up on. >> you that's how -- i mean, i asked her a few questions and that ended abruptly. >> you were investigation. investigation also spoke about gross mismanagement on the part of steinberg. look, a few weeks ago, i was up in new york and there were two officers, lowe and ramos that were killed. now, i'm not saying that this officer bronx defender had anything to do with that. but that thug uncle murder they knew about him. this isn't the first time he talked about killing cops. i'm very troubled by this office. they need to be fired. all of them. all three of them. >> katie i think they have got to go, too. what's sad is the bronx defender serves about 35 clients a year who have a
4:34 pm
constitutional right to representation if they can't afford a lawyer one will be appointed for them. this group gets $20 million and i don't know how much other money to serve them and yet, you know, they are what they have done is disgraceful in terms of to the system is. >> well, it's a tragedy because exactly what you said they are entrusted to tear their competency as lawyers, to take their trial skills to be able to defend the indigent. you can imagine if you pull funding, 17, $20 million from this particular agency or this office, how many people row healey -- who really need the help are going to be affected. they claimed they did this video on a sunday so it wasn't a big deal. reality is they used positions as lawyers for this office to advocate in this video. >> katie here is the clincher, when they got called on it, they misled the investigators. each if they -- >> -- absolutely. >> even if it were total mistake, inadvertent, bad judgment, when they had time to think about it that's when they decided to be deceitful.
4:35 pm
>> greta, part of that video was filmed inside and outside of the bronx defender's office. >> i know. you could tell when they start lying during the investigation, you know, that shows, you know, consciousness of guilt. >> absolutely. >> anyway, katie and ted, thank you. let's see how fast anyone moves to take care of these lawyers because they need to be taken care of in some fashion, disciplined. anyway, thank you both. and more drama in the real life bonnie and clyde story real life stein couple multiple state crime spree they are back home and facing the music. dalton hayes refused to stay in a kentucky courtroom for a hearing. as soon as he saw reporters and tv cameraness court he jumped up and tried to leave. as he did he had some lawyers for the judge. >> disrespecting your courtroom or not. >> he was allowed to leave the courtroom. but he will be back on february at&t. he has already pleaded not guilty to charges of burglary theft, statutory rape and criminal mischief.
4:36 pm
>> straight ahead, say it so. oh no, more snow son othe way. right now another winter storm sweeping across the nation. the latest on the storm's path is next. plus the super bowl just two days away and deflate-gate is still blowing up. if you could ask an nfl player anything, you what would it be? well now is your chance. chicago bears kicker jay feeley is here. he will answer your questions. right now go to my facebook page and leave your question in the comments section or tweet me your question using #greta bowl and jay may answer your question right here on live tv that's coming up. nasal congestion. it breaks you free from your toughest cold and flu symptoms. theraflu. serious power.
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this is a fox news alert. get ready, here we go again. another winter storm moving across the country and threatening to dump snow on many places. still digging out from the last blast. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is tracking the storm. rick? >> greta, two storms to deal with one right now across parts of new england.
4:41 pm
it's brought some pretty significant snow today across new england and some lighter flurries across parts of the northeast, upstate new york and stuff. heaviest of the snow across parts of maine where we will see some areas seeing a total of maybe 12 inches of snow. this is on top of that big storm that we saw on monday where a lot of areas got up to 3 feet of snow. winter storm warnings across much of the area here. the snow is almost done with this. down east maine you will see a little bit more snow overnight. look what happens over the next couple of hours, temperaturewise. temps plummet. we are talking about a temp as you wake up tomorrow morning 12 degrees in new york city. mine husband one in syracuse. very windy. much of the area seeing winds up to 40 miles per hour. that means wind chills are going to feel like below zero. a very rough saturday across much of the northeast. then we turn our eyes to the next storm that is brewing across the southwest. we already have winter storm advisories here across much of the midwest for sunday is when we see this storm get into here. this will turn into winter
4:42 pm
storm warning likely tomorrow. the good swath is going to be seeing up to 12 inches of snow. probably the biggest snow of the season for places like chicago. that snow is across parts of the southwest. you notice what happens throughout sunday see this pile up in chicago. just to the north of annapolis. much of ohio and northern parts of philadelphia. a little bit unsure of the storm track a couple days out we are always that way. mostly snow for new york and boston. you go further north into new england we are not dealing with too much. that new york to boston area i i think is where we are going to see the worst of it. we also have this storm it's the one we have been talking about currently aout across the northwest. phoenix with the super bowl the rain will be out of there. temps into the 60's and see plenty of sunshine. that's good news for them but eventually this becomes a snowmaker again across much of the central part of the country for us. >> and to think that i complained about heat waves last summer. >> what was i thinking? >> just to get one of those back right now would be great. >> just an hour would be good rick, thank you.
4:43 pm
thanks rick. >> and a lot of people may be watching watching that snowfall as they watch the super bowl on sunday. just minutes your big chance as to ask an nfl player anything you want. chicago bears kicker jay feeley is here to answer your questions. right now go to my facebook page and leave your question in the comments section or tweet me your question using #greta bowl. jay may answer your question right here on live tv. first, the moment you have all been waiting for. the mystery of deflate-gate may be solved. at least. jimmy kimmel is offering up a solution. take a look. >> when there is a high profile crime, all of a sudden a bunch of people come forward and claim they did it. >> i deflated those balls myself. did i it. i'm the perpetrator. you don't want to believe me, there is nothing i can say to change your mind. i'm turning myself. in i just take it a little bit of air out of most of them like 11 out of 12 of them and it does the trick. it absolutely saves his lung. >> so i let some of the air out of the balls to release
4:44 pm
the jeany. now, in retrospect not smart. >> i many at locker room guy. >> i'm the locker room guy. >> i'm the locker room guy. >> i'm the locker room guy. >> take a good look, america, i'm the locker room guy. >> now, leave tom brady alone. >> tom brady had nothing to do with this because he was too busy being awesome. >> let me ask you a question. how are you going to believe? tom brady the greatest man in all of hume or a bunch of [bleep] on twitter. >> justice has spoken. >> mystery is solved. and up next chicago bulls kicker jay feeley is going to answer your football questions right here "on the record." now is your chance, go to my facebook page. leave your question in the comments section or tweet me your question using #greta bowl. an nfl star tells you what you want to know. that's next. at
4:45 pm
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this is my job, this is my responsibility to protect the integrity of the game. >> i'm comfortable saying nobody did it as far as i know. >> there were pounds per square inch that were lost at halftime. >> the person that needs to be questioned is the center. that's the person who touched the ball every play. >> we take seriously impact play the game. >> you still have to go out and execute. >> it wasn't a close game. they could have been playing with beach balls or bricks and they would have beat the indianapolis colts. >> despite of the deflate-gate scandal blowing up. chicago bears place kicker jay feeley. nice to see you jay. >> thanks for having me. how are you? >> i'm very well. i know you are close to tom brady and i wonder if you had a chance to talk to him as these days get close to
4:50 pm
the super bowl. you have talked to him. >> we have spoke. he has got a little cold kind of like i do. and he is under the weather. is he is hunkered down in his hotel getting ready for the game think he is nervous? >> i think he is excited. fired up ready to play with something to prove. >> do you get nervous when you are getting ready to kick like when you are getting ready to done with 00 field do you get nervous. >> sometimes. you got to get comfortable. you can't let your mind wander. i had to punt one game when i was at the with the jets. i was nervous the first time i went out to punt, no question. >> do you think they will be checking the pressure in the footballs before the game and end of the first, second third fourth quarter. >> there is going to be a lot of focus. the cameras are going to be on the balls. following them in the stadium on the sidelines. that ball boy is going to get more tv time than he ever has in his entire career i'm sure. >> i can't figure out why
4:51 pm
each team brings its own footballs. i didn't know. i thought the officials brought the balls to the game i didn't know that. >> it's something the officials dropped the ball on. >> literally. >> they have a rule on the kicking balls. those actually get sent to the officials. the quarterback balls each team brought their own balls. that's what led to this fiasco. this game actually the chicago bears they are providing equipment manager, that's who is taking care of the ball and bringing them out and they will be responsible for them during the game vow a neutral guy taking care of the balls. >> being a green bay fan i know we can always trust the bears,. [clearing throat] >> that's right. indeed. all right, jason, throughout the day we have been asking our viewers to use social media and send their questions to you. first i'm going to ask some of those questions. virginia on facebook asking two questions wouldn't you expect that a quarterback would know just by the feel that the football was under
4:52 pm
inflated and what ball boy in his right behind would alter the footballs without the quarterback's consent. >> you would feel the balls. you would know where the pressure is if you like a ball, you are not going to complain about it if it's a little under inflated and you like that, like brady said of course is he not going to complain about that when i get a ball that's perfect. even if it's not exactly what the nfl says this is the way a ball should be, that's exactly what i want. if it's a good kicking ball, of course i want that ball in there. >> when it comes to the ball boys they are not going to do anything on their own. it's not realistic. they don't want to lose their jobs. i think if anything did happen, which i don't believe it did. if something happened somebody told them to do it. they are north going to do that on their own. >> now to twitter, robert from texas asking what's your favorite kick ever? >> my favorite kick goes back to high school. a game winning field goal in
4:53 pm
the state semi-finals against rock ridge and we were a big underdog. i made that kick can. first game winning field goal and went to the state finals. we ended up losing the state finals but biggest kick in the career going all the way up to college and nfl. still that one stands out to me. i actually knocked one of my teammate's tooth out after the game celebrating the game. it was an accident. >> sounds like a good kick. travis from north carolina tweeting new were nfl commissioner what three things would you change in the league? >> travis, that's a tough question. i think one i would have neutral arbitration for all. any time you have penalties for any of the players or the coaches. so it doesn't just go to roger goodell. he makes the decision and then he decides whether or not that decision was the just and right decision. neutral arbitration is the way that it should be it's more fair and seems fair to the players and the fans. i think i would stop eliminating a lot of the special teams plays and
4:54 pm
trying to change kicking. and then thirdly this one is fun. i would allow for more celebrations. i don't understand why they continue to get rid of them. i loved when you could do dances and players could choreograph celebration. i would say you can't do it on your own, i don't like when players go and bring all the attention to themselves and push teammates away. you have to have three or more teammates in the choreographed celebration. you see to see it on the highlights and fans loved it i miss that in our game. >> i like the lambeau leap. one quick question from steve. this is a great question. what food are you having at your super bowl party? >> yet, i have my wife is gluten free and i have a daughter who is gluten free, dairy free and egg free. so we do have to work around that. but i'm kind of mean on the grill, so i will be out there grilling up some steaks and sausages and hamburgers and all that kind of good stuff. we have some great friends coming over. we have got to make sure that we have fluten free
4:55 pm
egg free and dairy free something for everybody else. >> bears and packers in the super bowl next year so i will see you then jay. >> that will be a tough one, greta. maybe nfc championship. >> i know. i realize that coming up a watch mogul who appeared right here on the record nowed a in big trouble. that's and that's why this road warrior rents from national. i can bypass the counter and go straight to my car. and i don't have to talk to any humans, unless i want to. and i don't. and national lets me choose any car in the aisle. control. it's so, what's the word?... sexy. go national. go like a pro.
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tonight a wrap mogul with a rap sheet under arrest for a hit and run. he rammed a truck into two men friend killed and another hurt. lawyer says it was an accident. witnesses tell police an argument between the men led to knight running over the two men. shrug knight was a guest "on the record." at the time he was in a feud with jlo. listen to this. >> i wish her the best just as long as she don't ever get on tv or run an ad and call me a liar. it's not a video. >> is that a threat? >> huh? >> is that a threat?
5:00 pm
>> no it's not a threat. sweetheart. i'm on parole. are you trying to send me back already? >> we will keep you posted on suge knight. keep you posted. see you on monday. paragraph the o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> as the 1940s song jimmy used to sing fame if you win it comes and goes in a minute. >> mitt romney not running he can't raise money because jeb bush took so many of his contributes or so they say. tonight, we will have the inside story of the republican battle. >> ♪ for mike brown and. >> after the factor reported earlier this week that two attorneys paid by new york city participated in a hateful anti-cop video, all hell is breaking loose. we'll have an update tonight. >> big super bowl coming up. you guys jacked up? [cheers] >>


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