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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  February 2, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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thinking about that 90 seconds for the baby to be born. wow. >> 9.9 pounds. >> thanks for joining us. >> shannon bream is in for gretchen on "the real story." that starts now. it is groundhog day all over again as a huge storm hits the northeast and the midwest. with more than 70 million americans now in its path. the president unveils a record budget that's nearly $4 trillion. and an actor who played the red power ranger accused of murder with a sword. i'm shannon bream in for gretchen carlson. and "the real story" starts right now. we begin with a fox weather alert. a blanket of snow and sleet stretching from nebraska to maine. a major storm first slamming the midwest then the northeast. and causing travel nightmares all over the place. parts of new england barely done
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digging out after a huge blizzard they had there last week. boston bracing for another foot of snow on top of what they already have. our senior correspondent is live at laguardia. we're tracking the weather in the weather center. but we begin with garrett tenney from chicago. >> this is actually the fifth largest snowstorm in history. 19.5 inches of snow over about a 36-hour period. folks are still busy digging out. this is how deep it is over here. this is up to my knees on this car. the main roads, they're clear. but this is what people are dealing with on the side. they're trying to dig their way out lots of cars on the side streets have been abandoned throughout the day because they got stuck while they were trying to get out. the main roads are clear.
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there are dangerous driving conditions. outside of chicago more than 60-car pile-up. very dangerous. crews have been out all day since overnight, 500 on the streets here in chicago. trucks and snowplows working to clear the streets after the main roads are clear they're working to get to these side streets. that's what's up next. they hope to have it all clear by the end of the day so folks can return back to the office. dangerous storm, four deaths so far. >> stay safe, garrett. the storm may be hitting the midwest and northeast but it is having a ripple effect across the country with flight delays and cancellations piling up. rick leventhal is live at laguardia airport in new york city. hi, rick. >> shannon more than 3,500 flights canceled nationwide today. add in tomorrow and yesterday's flights canceled over 5,000. the situation here at laguardia among the worst. 604 flights already canceled
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either incoming or outgoing today alone here at laguardia. and the lines here behind me are not to get on planes. these are customer assistance lines at american airlines which has had some of the biggest problems getting flights in and out of airports today. we want to show you the board here, give you another look at all those red canceled flights up there. and if the flights can't get in there's no planes to take people out. pretty bad around the area. weather still pretty bad outside. newark airport 600 flights canceled. jfk, 140. conditions aren't expected to get better tonight. and the ripple effect including in arizona, 80,000 people are trying to get home from the super bowl. that's double the normal traffic at the airport there. hundreds of flights were canceled or delays there light night. a bit better today. 27 cancellations as of about an hour ago. 38 delays. but if you have to be stuck somewhere, shannon, better to be stuck in phoenix than in new
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york because it's 74 and sunny there today. >> absolutely agreed. rick, thank you. we continue now with the storm's track, where it is headed, who's going to be hit the hardest janice is live at our fox weather center. >> this one issed for record books in a lot of cases. garrett said the firefight the biggest in over a century. look at how much snow is covering the midwest. over a foot of snow. chicago, detroit, cleveland. but look at new england. holy smoke, over 24 inches here. how are we going to get the snow out of the way? it's going to be cold for the foreseeable week or week and a half. it is going to remain in place. then we could have another system later on this week. there is the satellite/radar imagery. that pink area is where i'm concerned across the tri-state, new jersey up toward the southern connecticut border here.
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we could see a mix of freezing rain. and look how cold it gets. these are windchills. overnight, winds gusting to 35 miles per hour plus. we'll see rapid freezing of the wet surfaces. my concern is even though we didn't get a lot of snow in this region, we are going to see ice on the roadways, on the power lines, on the bridges. it could be next to impossible to travel overnight tonight and into tomorrow. and, oh, my gosh, look at what happens. this is one of our forecast models we look at ahead of time. thursday, we could be dealing with another system on top of new england. you know that it will be the snow west week on record for boston with this past storm. what happens if this comes on thursday? >> no relief in sight, apparently. let's fast-forward maybe, to april? >> or let's just move to florida. >> amen! thanks, janice. turning now to politics, president obama releasing a massive tax and spending plan setting a record and setting up a battle with the new republican-controlled congress.
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a nearly $4 trillion budget calling for more spending on domestic programs, infrastructure and defense. along with tax hikes on corporations and the wealthy. it also foresees our $18 trillion debt. growing by another $474 billion. mime emanuel is live on capitol hill. safe to say the president's budget is -- where republicans are in control now on the hill, landing with a very loud thud? >> shannon, as you know, this is just the start of the debate about funding our government's priorities. and top republicans like house speaker john boehner are saying, quote, it's more of the same. it may be groundhog day but the american people can't afford a repeat of the same old top-down policies of the past. the head of the budget committee isn't a fan either. >> it's the same budget eves we've seen in the past.
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increase spending, increase taxes and increase the burden on the middle class of america. it's a repeat. we hoped for better. >> and congressman garrett says his constituents back in the garden state of new jersey say they don't want the government to tax more and spend more. so he thinks the american public may be with members of congress on this one. >> mike democrats down in numbers there on capitol hill. but do they see any areas that they can work together, any common ground? >> the democrats do believe there are two areas of potential agreement. one being national security trying to work with defense hawks to provide more funding for our troops and other key defense priorities. the top democrat on the house budget committee says another area of possible agreement would be upgrading our bridges, roads and transit in hopes that would be an area of common grund. >> one is in the area of investing in infrastructure. the president has a plan to get rid of some of the tax breaks
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that encourage american corporations to send jobs and capital overseas and instead use those funds they've invested in jobs and infrastructure here at home. >> democrats call the president's plan fiscally responsible. republicans call it too much tax and spend. the debate has only begun. >> it has. mike emanuel on capitol hill, thanks, mike. the president calling for tax hikes totalling 2 trillion bucks, including a tax on profits that corporations have stockpiled overseas and high income earners will see a hike in the capital gains tax rate along with the lower cap on their deductions. joining us now from our sister network is charles payne, host of "making money with charles payne." if you make money and a lot of it, the president is coming for you. what do you make of it? >> it's interesting we heard the democrats say there may be common ground with respect to infrastructure spending. no one likes to drive over a pothole.
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that gets everyone's attention. but there are loopholes out there that these corporations are taking advantage of. if i'm apple computer and i sell more iphones in china than america, i made a lot of money in china. no other industrial country in the world would punish apple for that. america does. if apple tried to bring that money back, they've been taxed on it in china and we tax them again. what would you do? you wouldn't want to be taxed twice on the same profit. you leave it in china. if we can just get that money back. there's $2 trillion out there. if we get 20% of that back and say that president obama took half of it for his infrastructure plan, he would get the $200 billion he's talking about but another $250 billion. they would create american jobs. and it would cost no one watching this show a penny. my socks were knocked off when i heard the president take this angle. it's a nonstarter and
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nonsensical. >> and he has to know many of these proposals are good for show but they're not going to become reality. but he gets a chance to fire up the base to take shots at big evil corporations and the rich guys, he says. time to make them pay so i can help the middle class setting them up for 2016 with that message -- >> 2016 is two years from now. all of us agree we'd like to have the potholes patched up before then. >> yeah. >> here's the thing, too. if you look at earned income tax credit. it goes up to $53,000 for a married couple. right now, median household income is $53,000. this is wealth-free distribution that doesn't trigger any real economic gains. maybe it buys votes. but if we're talking about getting something done over the next two years that moves the needle on this economy stop punishing success and put forward smart ideas where
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ultimately you could get real bipartisan solutions. this was way out of left field and ridiculous. >> you think americans should be calling bull on this but that they should be pushing their leaders for more discipline. do you think we as a nation get that? are people ready for that? anytime you try to talk about reforming entitlements those kinds of things, you get the commercial with the republicans pushing granny off the cliff. >> sure. >> it's a tough thing to discuss. >> it really is specifically with the security and the medicare and medicaid. people say, i paid into this. we start doing the math, we've paid a certain amount of money into it. but if we live till we're 85 years old, we'll get a lot more out of it. it takes political courage to pull that off. i'm not sure that exists in washington, d.c. but americans have to look themselves in the mirror and say, $18 trillion and counting -- when the president of the united states can brag the deficit will only be $474
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billion, we're in a lot of trouble. >> and there really is no such thing as a free lunch. we know it. >> we do. >> charles, thank you. don't miss charles. he's over on the fox business network. check it out. logon to a bomb scare in a busy city, hundreds of people evacuated into the streets after a suspect drives up to the european parliament. what weapon police said they found inside his car. and president obama doubling down on his approach to isis in his super bowl interview saying he's using every tool in the box to take down the terror army. but critics are crying foul saying it might be time to reassess the strategy. plus he played a power ranger on tv. now he's in jail accused of killing his roommate. what drama led to the murder charges? shopping online is as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list now it is.
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a man is in custody after a bomb scare at the european parliament in brussels. he was dressed in camouflage. police found a chainsaw and a gun in his car. he told police he wanted to meet the european president. 500 people had to be evacuated from parliament. military explosive experts were called in. but the car did not have any of those. president obama getting asked before the super bowl about his strategy to fight isis. insisting he's doing everything possible to hold them back. >> anything we're doing, anything we could be doing we are doing. the truth of the matter, we're doing exactly what we should be doing to make sure that while we're pushing back isil we are not creating another situation in which we are deploying massive numbers of u.s. troops. >> karl rove served on president
11:17 am
bush's staff. good to see you today. >> good to see you shannon. >> there are members of the presidential administration if we talk about outdoing defense secretary chuck hagel, even he seems to be cracking open the door to the fact we need to do more, there may be ground troops involved at some point despite the president's distaste for having to go down that path. >> yes. look senator dianne feinstein broke with the president on this very thing. the president was being artful and disingenuous in his comment that is you played. there's a lot more that we could be doing. his own vice president had suggested a number of years ago that the proper strategy for america was to withdraw its ground troops but to remain -- to have the ability to project airpower and special operators to take care of problems such as isis. the administration can do a lot more. the problem is the president's disconnected from reality.
11:18 am
he gave an interview this weekend in which he said that isis and terrorists do not represent an existential threat to the united states or the world order. that's simply incorrect. the terrorist movements we see across the middle east do represent an existential threat to our allies and to the world order. look at how much the world has been -- has spent time, energy, effort and manpower and treasure in fighting them over the last decade since 9/11. so the president lacks the strategy and he's tried to cover it up by simply saying we're doing all that we need to do and we're doing it all. >> and it begs the question, too, because the president talked many times about the authorization for use of military force, something he talked about again in the state of the union. and repeatedly we hear from people on both sides of the aisle in both houses of congress saying, we want to give it to you. but the administration has to come to us with a strategy. we need to know what you want. the president's asking for it but will he in having to outline
11:19 am
a specific request be committed to a strategy that maybe the administration is not ready to do that? >> well, probably. and, look this goes back to the question of do you recognize the kind of situation you're in and acknowledge the reality of what you're doing? the president said this weekend that he has responsibly ended two wars. i think the way the united states exited iraq and looks like it might exit afghanistan is irresponsible. imagine what would have happened in 1954-'55 if dwight eisenhower said, i'm responsibly ending two wars, i'm withdrawing u.s. troops from europe and i'm withdrawing u.s. troops from kerry korea and we've responsibly ended two wars. the world would look a lot different than it does today. the president should have maintained a stay-behind force in iraq. he himself said it was necessary in order to keep the country stabilized and maintain the gains we had main there. and he should keep a stay-behind
11:20 am
force in afghanistan. the afghans want it. our allies and partners in the region want it. yet he says now, i ended it responsibley by pulling all u.s. troops and iraq now finds itself in the situation where we lose our gains in afghanistan. >> all about taking the slow approach and not being reactive. we'll see. thank you so much. an actor best known for his role in a popular kids show accused of murder. how police say the red power range killed his roommate allegedly. and a handful of presidential hopefuls speaking candidly about spoking weed. and one character in this picture is trending right now. the shark on the left as he's now known, seems to lose track of his choreography during the halftime show. that brings us to our question of the day. for you, what was the best or
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a former star of the kids tv show power rangers finds himself in serious real-life legal drama after he was just arrested in the death of his roommate. chris trace gallagher is live with this. >> the 36-year-old just moved out to california a few months ago. he played the red lion in the 2002 power rangers wild force.
11:25 am
he also played decker in power rangers samurai. police say medina got into an argument with his roommate, joshua sutter. medina went back into his room with his girlfriend and that's apparently when sutter came back and forced open the bedroom door. police say medina had a sword by his bed and he used it to stab the victim in the stomach. medina then called 911 and stayed at the scene until authorities arrived. joshua sutter was later pronounced dead at the hospital. medina's girlfriend apparently saw the whole thing but it's unclear what she told police. after interviewing medina investigators booked him on murder charges and is being held on $1 million bond. his agent says the allegations are very hard to believe, issuing a statement, saying, quote, he's been my friend and client for 12 years and he's a great guy, he's great to his dog, he's great to people, he's a really super person.
11:26 am
we don't know if police have responded to that home before this incident but we could not find any criminal history for ricardo medina. his first court appearance is tomorrow. >> trace, thank you very much. the leader of isis sends out a most unusual message a warning about phony social media accounts spreading false messages. plus, president obama's foreign policy coming under fire from members of his own party. and an update on deflategate, why robert craft may be getting that apology he demanded.
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ensure, take life in. a quick look at headlines we're following. a massive winter storm slamming the midwest and northeast. the second blizzard to hit new england in a week could leave some parts with another foot of snow. president obama sending his $4 trillion budget to congress. he wants to hike taxes on the rich and corporations to pay for a public works program. and johnny manziel checking into rehab for unspecified reasons. president obama defending his military strategy against isis in iraq and syria. rejecting calls for a massive deployment of troops on the ground. kevin cork is live at the white house. with so many hot spots in the middle east, why is the president convinced that more boots on the ground is a bad thing, even though a lot of people think it's a good thing? why is it bad for our national security? >> that's a terrific question.
11:31 am
it seems a little counterintuitive when you get down to it. really you figure more overwhelming power would do the job. but the administration is taking more of a long view in essence saying listen, if the people there on the ground themselves don't take the fight to the enemy, it's up to the american people and the military in particular to end up stuck with the casualties and the cost. >> it is entirely possible for us to deploy 200,000 or 300,000 u.s. troops. if we don't have inside of iraq or inside of syria or inside of afghanistan both the capacity and the will of people to fight for themselves, then any gains that are made eventually dissipate. so this takes longer, but it's the right way to do things. >> a slower approach but one that the administration feels very positive about. they say simply if they can continue to lend a hand but not overextend us, that will actually help us and the folks
11:32 am
we're trying to lend a hand to. >> how is all this strategy, do we know, being viewed by the people over at the pentagon? >> well as you might well imagine, not terribly well, at least in some circles. they feel like if you know you can overwhelm an enemy you should certainly take the opportunity to do so. but it's not just sort of that broad strategy. it's specific to some of the hot spots that we've talked a lot about in iraq and yemen and syria. take a listen to former defense secretary robert gates. >> i think that the president has set an ambitious and, i think under current circumstances, unrealistic goal when he talks about our intent being to destroy isis with the means that he has approved so far. i think that's an unattainable objective. >> unattainable, a stinging rebuke from a man who obviously has been at the center of the planning and the execution of our strategy, especially in the middle east.
11:33 am
we'll talk about this on "spe tonight at 6:00. >> we'll see you then. kevin cork, thank you. >> you bet. new questions about how marijuana can play into the 2016 presidential race and the bid to win over voters. after jeb bush admitted to smoking pot in high school, rand paul said quote, he was even opposed to medical marijuana, which is a guy who admits he smoked marijuana but he wants to put people in jail who do i think that's the real hypocrisy, people on our side admit their mistakes but still want to put people in jail for that. julie roginsky is previously on adviser to frank lottenburg and david avella is chairman of gopac. good to see you both. how much will this play in the gop primaries? a lot of candidates seem to say it's a states rights issue it's a tenth amendment thing.
11:34 am
leave it to the states to decide. that kind of absolves them to say anything. >> we know who's going to use sharp elbows in this primary with senator paul coming out. and i would caution, it's a strategy with pitfalls because the majority of republicans still believe in president reagan's 11th commandment which is not to speak ill of a fellow republican. if julie were running for president, whether she smoked pot or not wouldn't influence my decision on whether to vote for her. the position on this panel would impact my decision. that's how voters will look at where our candidates stand on issues where they stand on issues, not whether they smoke pot or not. >> a lot of times we frame it in the context of courting younger votes. but they care about moving up in life. we can't assume that people who want to sit around and smoke pot are energized voters who can't wait to get to the polls.
11:35 am
>> you'll be happy to know i don't smoke pot. so you can vote for me or not vote for me. just to be clear mom and dad, i don't smoke pot. i want to say this, you're absolutely right. young voters care about jobs and being able to afford a college education. they care about much more than smoking pot or not smoking pot. that's a condescending point, i think. imgoing to compliment senator paul on this which is rare for me to do. he and senator booker from new jersey are sponsoring great legislation to reform -- you have a lot of the younger minority voters in prison for low level drug offenses. what he's saying is you're criminalizing something that people that a lot of affluent people have done and never got penalized for it. and yet there's a segment of our society sitting in prison that are being penalized for it. >> and rand paul said he's not
11:36 am
for legalizing marijuana but saying the penalties might be too harsh. i want to talk about in colorado where this is now legal. the democratic governor out there had something to say about this. he said he wishes they didn't rush into this. there was a lot of talk about the instant windfall that would come from the tax money from this. he said, if i could have waved a wand after the election i would have reversed the election and said, this was a bad idea you don't want to be the first person to do something like this. he continued on there's a whole regulatory environment that really regulates alcohol. we're starting from scratch and we don't have a federal partner because marijuana is still illegal federal ri. ted cruz has said the feds haven't done a good job enforcing this at the federal level. >> not surprised with the governor's comments. president obama made a comment far more impactful to this
11:37 am
debate. states that have approved medical marijuana or approved the legalization of marijuana, we shouldn't use federal resources to enforce it in their state, to enforce federal law. if that's going to be our new principle, what other federal laws are we now going to implement because a state says they're passing a law that says we're not doing that anymore. >> look i think that colorado absolutely should regulate this. this is like alcohol or anything else. you regulate contents of food and the disclaimers on food. we obviously regulate alcohol. we need to do a better job of regulating marijuana. i think it's a good idea to have some sort of regulations that people know what they're ingesting even if they're ingest ingesting it legally. it's a powerful substance. >> it is. you're absolutely right. julie and david, thank you both.
11:38 am
a developing story now, isis scrambling to prevent miscommunication and to unify its message with a warning to followers. a highly unusual statement claims the warning comes directly from the leader, abu bakr al baghdadi and only four online accounts are authorized to speak on behalf of the terror group. catherine herridge is following this story from our washington newsroom. what do you make of the timing here? is it significant? >> the message was posted less than 12 hours before the excuse video of the japanese journalist was released and in the brief message, the writer warns the leader of isis, abu bakr al baghdadi, and the group's spokesman used only four web accounts to release their messages and nothing else could be trusted. the translation reads in part that the two men, quote do not have accounts on social media, no one has the right to speak on behalf of the islamic state or
11:39 am
its emir or its spokesperson. significantly, a tweet eight days ago claimed that the japanese hostages were already dead and analysts note the execution video over the weekend is odd because it makes no reference to the recent negotiations with the al qaeda suicide bomber or that jordanian pilot, once again suggesting it had been recorded some time ago. >> do we know is there any solid evidence about the status of that pilot? >> well, the jordanians are still seeking proof of life for the pilot shot down and captured by isis on december 24th. without that proof of life they were unwilling to swap the al qaeda suicide bomber in their custody. over the weekend, social media accounts linked to isis began re-reporting images from december 24th when the pilot was captured and isis is using the
11:40 am
images to further taunt and antagonize the jordanians. though privately there is discussion the pilot may have died from his injuries from the shootdown or beatings from isis which may explain why the proof of life was never offered. the source also said baghdadi would have to sign off on anything to do with the jordanian pilot because it's so high-profile. >> catherine, thank you very much. the deflategate controversy may be running out of air. the nfl network reports the league's investigation of the alleged ball tampering by the new england patriots found the problem was not nearly as bad as first reported. the network says 10 of the 12 patriots footballs in the afc championship game were just barely under the allowable pressure limits. let's check in with shepard smith reporting live. fully recovered from last night's game. >> police in georgia putting out a nationwide alert today.
11:41 am
they say a murder suspect is on the run and he could be anywhere by now. this is the guy who police say is responsible for the crime. police say the suspect murdered drive people and left their corpses undiscovered for days. by the time they turned up, the suspect was long gone. we'll speak to the reporter who's covered every angle of this gruesome case and we'll hear why folks who knew the suspect say they're so shocked. that's coming up on "shepard smith reporting." >> shep, thanks. the number of measles cases topping 100 in this country. and the controversy over vaccinations is heating up. can parents be legally forced to vaccinate their kids? thousands of flights delayed because of weather. but check this out, a plane taxiing to take off literally gets stuck in the mud. and new york city mayor bill de blasio being told "hands off" at this year's groundhog day ceremony.
11:42 am
you may remember what happened last year.
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boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family. one day, it started to rain. the house tried to keep out all the water, but water got inside and ruined everybody's everythings. the house thought she let the family down.
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they just didn't think it could happen. they told the house they would take better care of her... always. announcer: protect what matters. get flood insurance. here's what america is clickingen o today. a price hike on girl scout cookies. costs jumping from $4 to $5. i'll still pay it. check out this astronaut and his two astro dogs making a splash on social media. melvin was a pro football player before an injury ended that career. as an astronaut he has flown on two shuttle missions. and staten island's chuck disagreeing with punxsutawney phil. last year, the mayor dropped
11:46 am
chuck and the groundhog dies a few days later. this year, the groundhog is inside a plexiglas cage. the measles outbreak keeps on growing with 102 cases now reported across the country and the cdc saying it's only going to get worse. this despite a 92% vaccination rate in the u.s. the cdc says there's growing evidence that more parents are not immunizeing their kids. right now, there are 14 states with reported cases of measles and the recent outbreak leading to calls for the government to legally enforce vaccination requirements. >> what's more important when you think of a parent than what you think as a public official. that's what we do. but i also understand that parents need to have some measure of choice in things as well. so that's the battle that the government has to decide. >> there is every reason to get vaccinated. there aren't reasons to not. >> joining me now, eric guster
11:47 am
criminal defense attorney, to talk about the legal angles here. good to see you. people are talking about suing parents who do not get these vaccinations because a lot of these diseases were eradicated or immobilized decades ago and they say these parents by making a very personal choice are endangering other children. >> you can sue anyone. and everyone loves to throw out lawsuits. but you can't get blood from a turnip. if this person does not have money for you to get from them, then a lawsuit does no good. however, the government can get involved because there are two different types of relief. a person could get monetary relief and equitable relief where they can force someone to do something. that's when the government can get involved to try to prevent the outspread of measles. >> if you're talking about stopping a disease that could actually kill people in some cases, the government i would
11:48 am
think has a very strong argument to make as a state's interest there. >> yes, the government does. the government's job is to protect the health, safety and welfare of its citizens. if you have a disease that can be stopped and eradicated and someone makes a choice to not prevent in their household that disease from being spread among others then the government should get involved whether it's a state government or the federal government. that's to be determined. however, the health, safety and welfare of the citizens is paramount to any other personal choice. >> a satirical news website had a hilarious piece on this last year. and it was an op-ed written by a mom saying, i don't care what happens to your kid, if i make the decision not to vaccinate, that's my choice and i'm free to do that regardless of whether i kill millions of people in the process. >> and that's the idea that a lot of people have. i don't care what happens to you. this is my choice. and with a disease like measles
11:49 am
that will stay airborne or days at a time, looking at the statistics and listening to the doctors discussing this, it is absolutely horrifying to think that this disease could be stopped and people are making a personal choice saying i'm not going to get any vaccination because i just don't want to i don't care what happens to your kid, essentially that's what they're saying by doing that. >> and they have great fears about what may come with the vaccines based on the conclusions they've drawn. balancing test. we'll watch because people love to sue and you can file a lawsuit over anything. eric, great to see you. >> great to see you, too. we have a fox news alert. traffic backed up in downtown atlanta. this for a specific reason. police are investigating a suspicious package. they've closed a bridge dispatched a robot to check it out. this is the downtown connector, very busy part of town. drivers in both directions are backed up quite a ways and you
11:50 am
have to guess they're not happy about it. you see the robot on your screen. we'll keep an eye on this. we'll be right back. 2 hours. and aleve is proven to work better on pain than tylenol arthritis. so why am i still thinking about this? how are ya? good. aleve. proven better on pain.
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the super bowl hang over setting in after a wild game. the patriots emerged as the champions, intercepting the seahawks in the final seconds of what looked like a game-winning drive. millions saw what critics are describing as the worst call in super bowl history. the halftime show and all of the commercials. will do we know how many people tuned in? it is always a huge hit? >> the official numbers come out a little later today. it looks like more than 100 million people tuned in. the game was so exciting going all the way down to the end.
11:54 am
this morning tom brady and bill belichick addressed the media. both said it is an overwhelm team effort. brady spoke about his future and how much longer he wants to play. >> i love doing it. a lot of the decisions i make in my life are about how to sustain it, you know. that takes a commitment in and of itself. >> tom you know, a lot of things were said about him this morning. they are all true. he has been a great player. it has been a great privilege to coach tom for the last 15 years. >> one of brady a biggest fans actor, mark wahlberg. he was at the game. we asked him what the big win means for all of the hometown fans? >> there are a lot of people that don't have a lot to root for. things like this, good hard working people, it makes it all
11:55 am
worth it for them. >> saying he appreciates all of the support he has gotten from the team over the years. >> i have to ask you about the halftime show. katy perry was supposed to be the star. >> a lot of people are talking about that. the video has gone viral. a shark that some people saw on the left side of the screen while katy perry was doing the halftime show. the shark was out of sync like i might look on the dance floor. i think you have to give the dancer a little slack. you are dancing in a shark outfit. there are more than 100 million people watching. a little out of sync but entertaining nonetheless. >> absolutely. entertaining. will, thanks so much. >> you bet.
11:56 am
back to the fox news alert we brought you before the break. traffic is backed up in downtown atlanta. piece are investigating a suspicious package. they closed off a bridge and dispatched a robot to check out the suspicious package. drivers in both directions are backed up through the downtown connector, 75, 85. the highway, local fox 5 is reporting dogs are being used to search the overpass areas. that is not a sight you see often. not a car in that area. that is because they are backed up way beyond that point. we will keep an eye on it for you coming up. iew. and now angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. you can easily buy and schedule services from top-rated providers. conveniently stay up to date on progress. and effortlessly turn your photos into finished projects with our angie's list app. visit today.
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okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals antioxidants and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™. another city leader that might want to pass on groundhog day. ouch. leading the celebration and the critter decided to bite him. a handler holding on to him at the time let him get really close to the mayor's face.
12:00 pm
the mayor declared there would be an early spring. i don't know. he was traumatized in that moment. thanks for being part of the really story. here is shep. the white house is considering whether to send weapons to ukraine, officially, to fight off the rebels. the goal to get the kremlin to back down. could it trigger all-out war? and the power ranger murder case. this actor who played the red power ranger accused of murdering his roommate with a sword. let's get to it. and good monday afternoon from the deck. police have launched a nationwide man hunt for a guy accused of murdering his entire family, leaving the victims' bodies to rot for days. the sheriff said he has never in 25 years as a cop


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