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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  February 4, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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sorry. we're past that. >> we're past that. fully inflated balls, winning game, done. >> cool. you know, it could be 70 degrees below zero and they would still pull out the stops. god -- good to have you back martha. >> fox news alert on two catastrophes at home and overseas. deadly crash of a trans asia plane in taiwan caught in tape as we get reaction from witnesses who saw the disaster as it happened. jon: the terrifying dash cam video showing the turbo prop, clipping a taxi and then cartwheeling into the river. the crash killing at least 25 people with the death toll expected to rise. just north of new york city at the height of rush hour a dead l deadly accident. the train going as fast as 60
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miles an hour when it slammed into a jeep cherokee on the tracks. the impact so powerful it tore up the third rail which normally powers the train motors with hundreds of volts of electricity. that rail then pierced the front car and set off a fiery blast. we'll have much more on two developing stories with reporters and analysis straight ahead. >> and a certainly big news day. jordan taking swift action after the brutal murder of their captured pilot by the terrorists of isis. two convicted terrorists executed at dawn today as jordan bows to press on with the u.s.-led fight against the islamic state. welcome to "happening now." i'm jenna lee. >> and i'm jon scott. 26-year-old pilot was burned alive in a page. jordanian military believes he was actually killed a month ago but king abdullah a close u.s.
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ally, was in washington, d.c. when that video was released online yesterday. the king then cut short his trip to rush home and rally support for an even tougher line against the terrorists. we've got live fox team coverage on all of these developments with kevin corke at the white house. go ahead. >> as you can imagine, white house is pledging continued support for the jordanian people and their leader in the wake of that despicable act committed by isis. of course we're talking about the death of the jordanian pilot who was burned alive. yesterday here at the white house, as you pointed out, king abdullah did stop by spending a bit of time with president barack obama. the president offering condolences on the behalf of the american people. now, today on capitol hill it is opening statement at the confirmation hearing for ash carter to be the new secretary of defense arizona senator john mccain chairman of the armed services committee criticized the white house for having no strategy to deal with isis.
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>> i hope this heinous crime finally leads us to put in place what thus far has been lacking. a comprehensive strategy to achieve the president's stated goal to destroy isil. we still do not have a viable strategy to counter isil and if you're not winning in the war, you are losing. >> jenna of course it's day one of the confirmation hearings. if confirmed, carter would replace the outgoing secretary of defense chuck hagel and we'll cover that story throughout the day here on fox news. for now back to you. jon: he's going to have a very big job on his hands assuming ekts it. kevin, thank you. jenna: shepard smith is in aman, jordan right now. he'll be reporting there throughout the day and we'll hopefully bring him to you shortly for the very latest on the ground there. in the meantime we want to move back to capitol hill. the president's choice for the
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next secretary of defense is answering very tough questions today there. ashton carter is widely expected to be confirmed by the senate to replace outgoing secretary chuck hagel. we're following this hearing at the capitol. mike? >> so far lawmakers have been very respectful of dr. carter and wondering how he'll handle president obama and his political advisers. carter says that if confirmed, he'll give the president the best probably military advice but as kevin alluded to earlier in his report, there have been early questions about whether carter believes that the administration has an effective strategy to deal with defeating isis. >> we believe we have a strategy at this time. i believe i understand our strategy at this time mr. chairman. i also have the intention, again, if confirmed, to make it my first priority to go there to talk to our leaders, military
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leaders there, to confer with -- >> what do you understand the strategy to be? >> and to -- i think the strategy connects ends and means and our ends with respect to isil needs to be its lasting defeat. >> another related issue is of course, the administration's efforts to get rid of the facility at guantanamo bay holding foreign detainees and the question came up earlier whether or not carter would do something to perhaps slow the rate in terms of the release of those detainees. >> i would ask you to tell us and to make a commitment to this committee that you will not succumb to any pressure by this administration to increase the pace of transfers from guantanamo bay. will you commit to that? >> absolutely. >> while there have been some
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tough questions so far, carter has handled himself well and has gotten positive feedback from lawmakers. they're in a brief timeout right now and we'll keep you posted on developments throughout the day. jenna: these are big, bill issues and a top story of the day. jon: bipartisan group of senators urging the obama administration to provide weapons to ukraine's military to help ukraine in the battle with the russian backed rebels. this as a surge in fighting brings the death toll to more than 5300 there. national security correspondent joins us live from the pentagon. >> you heard madeleine albright and henry kissinger begin beating the drum to begin arming the ukraine government. then eight former top national security advisers issued a report on monday urging the same. now on capitol hill just moments ago the president's choice for defense secretary says the same. >> do you believe we should be
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supplying defensive arms to ukrainians? >> i very much incline in that direction, mr. chairman because i think we need to support the ukrainians in defending themselves. >> there has been today, this week, last week three weeks ago, longer than that discussions about the potential provision for lethal assistance to ukraine. it remains on the table. >> the pentagon state department and white house national security adviser would not say whether a decision has been made yet by the president, suggesting this is an idea being floated through the press to see what if any, reaction there will be from russian president vladmir putin. today a hospital was hit by heavy shelling leaving up to 10 people dead. ukraine blames russian backed rebels for the escalation. just last night a bipartisan group of lawmakers on capitol hill including top democrats, issued the following letter to president obama urging he send
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lethal aid to the ukraine military. quote, we urge the u.s. and nato to rapidly increase military assistance to ukraine to allow it to defend its sovereign borders. the aggression must not be allowed to succeed. the state department nor others would confirm he's bringing a promise of lethal weapons. jon: jennifer thank you. jenna: the latest brutal act of isis, no reaction stronger than in the streets of aman, jordan. shepard smith just arrived there and he joins us live with the latest. >> it is a very quiet night, just past 6:00 here in aman. the sort of demonstrations that we saw yesterday after the killing of the jordanian hero have subsided and really just appears to be a city and a nation very much in mourning. king abdullah met with president obama at the white house and then made his way eventually back here to aman and was
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greeted by crowds of supporters as he did where in jordan there was very much a sense, a divide about whether this war was their fight. that seems to have turned at least in the short time since isis killed their hero pilot. the king welcomed with open arms and the king speaking a very -- taking a very hard line saying that the deaths will be avenged. crown prince saying that the crown prince is no dearer to him than the jordanian hero who has gone on to be a martyr. more than 13 hours ago now, the iraqi woman held as a prisoner of war it hear it from the jordanians until she was offered up as a sort of hostage swap. now we know according to the reporting of the jordanians the person for whom they wanted to swap has been killed for one month. at dawn today the jordanians executed both that woman and another prisoner from iraq who
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had been held captive here for a number of years. what happens next is very much in question. there's some thought that king abdullah may come meet with the family of the pilot who died in hero here but nothing set in stone as most of the government and certainly most shops and markets and the rest have shut down as night has fallen and they're very much in mourning here. what does tomorrow bring? well, there are questions about whether this fight moves on in a very extreme way. the king has insisted we would and with a few people we've been able to speak to there seems to be a sense the deaths must be avenged. overvieding sentiment was these people are murderers. they cannot be allowed to stand and jordan must be in on the fight, whether there's the political will and sort of sentiment that will continue in that way remains to be seen. a dark and chilly night here.
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jenna: it's great to have you there, shep. great to see you on the show as we continue to follow this developing story. shep will continue his coverage from jordan. tune in at 3:00 p.m. eastern time. his entire show will be anchored from there. he'll be on the reaction reporting ail day today here on fox news. jon: brutality of isis sparking out rage around the world as the white house continues to waffle on calling it a terrorist group. karl rove joins us with the politics and perceptions of terror. and the death toll climbs after this terrifying air crash all caught on dash cam video. plus why a prosecutor wanted to arrest the president of argent who is now dead. and we want to hear from you. is the u.s. doing enough to fight the threat from isis? especially in places like jordan? our live chat up and running. go to fox now
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jenna: new information on a story we've been watching carefully here. a prosecutor investigating the president of argentina was found dead and now there's a new twist to this case. he had drafted a request for the arrest of the president of argentina. according to the lead investigator, the document found in his garage accuses the president of childing iranian officials from responsibility in a deadly terrorist attack back in 1994. his body was found the day before he was scheduled to share his accusations with congress there. the president, who you're seeing on the screen has repeatedly denied any allegations of involvement in his death. >> i don't know the details of the confirmations but should in
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fact, this video be authentic, it's just one more indication of the viciousness and barbarity of this organization. jon: this organization. president obama condemning the horrific killing of a jordanian pilot at the hands of isis. man was burned alive while in a cage. it comes on the heels of a controversy over the white house's definition of terrorism, specifically the refusal to categorize the taliban as just that. joining us is karl rove former senior adviser to president bush and also a fox news contributor. i want to start by playing something that the president said in that youtube video. >> we have ended two wars in a responsible way. but we still have challenges.
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jon: we have ended two wars in a responsible way and yet the terrorists of isis continue to threaten thousands of people and do things like they did to that jordanian pilot yesterday. >> well, first of all, the president is incorrect. we have not ended two wars responsibly. he ended our participation in two wars irresponsibly. he failed to get the status of forces agreement which would have allowed for a stay behind force in iraq. he said he wanted one and he said he understood how valuable it would be to stabilize in iraq, to reducing iranian influence and to protect it against the rise of what eventually became isis another terrorist threat inside iraq. right now he is in negotiations in afghanistan. the new afghan government desperately wants him not to repeat the mistake that the united states made in iraq. they want to stay behind forces in afghanistan in order to help them fight the taliban. he's already unilaterally reduced our foot hold our
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footprint there to one air base so we can't project our power throughout the entire country of afghanistan. they desperately want that not to dwindle down to zero which is apparently what the president's mindset is. if i get out the war, as far as i'm concerned, is over even though the war rages on. jon: the president doesn't want to refer to the taliban as a terrorist group. does that matter? >> could you imagine the republican and democratic presidents over a 50-year period from harry truman through ronald reagan and george h.w. bush fighting the cold war without saying the word communism or soviet communism? the authorization for the use of force passed in the aftermath of 9/11, labels the taliban as a terrorist state and terrorist actors who help participate in the attack on the united states by providing safe haven to al
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qaeda. he's operating under legal authority in afghanistan that says the taliban is a terrorist group so i don't get it. if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck it is a duck and the president does himself no good and more importantly does not do our effort in the glebal war on terror any good by refusing to call these groups out for what they is which is islamic extremists and islamic terrorist groups. jon: it is probably no surprise i mean this pilot apparently was killed back in early january, more than a month ago, probably no surprise that islamic state waited to post the video of his execution until a day when jordan's king was in washington meeting with congressional leaders and meeting with the president. what should the president do now after this horrific act? >> look. this act plus a lot of others this act, as horrific as it was to one individual is just a tip of the iceberg.
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isil has conducted mass murder on a scale that is just astonish astonishing astonishing. he needs to reexamine the strategy in iraq in afghanistan and make the tough decisions necessary to stabilize the situation and then this year, begin to recover the territory lost in iraq. isil will continue to grow in numbers and strength as long as it looks like it's winning and until it begins to have significant losses of territory inside iraq mosul in particular, the second most popular city in the country, it will continue to gain its strength. when the president needs to start from ground zero reexamine the strategy and realize that the american presence is going to be needed on the ground in a limited fashion and tailored in specified ways to make success and victory possible. jon: he chooses his words carefully and obviously words matter when you're the president when you listen to that statement we played at the top there talking about the
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viciousness of this organization. i mean, if you were in the white house, again advising this president what to say and how to respond to what's going on right now with isis, what would you tell him? >> first of all, i disagree. i don't think he chooses his words carefully. i think these are careless choices that underplay the strength of the united states and the necessary role we need to play in helping to find what this is and mobilize in the muslim world against the people that claim to speak up in the name of their religion but are extremists. unless the president speaks with moral clarity, we cannot rally the world to our side. do you think the people inside jordan who are going to the streets in anger and disbelief at how their country has been handled have any idea whatsoever about labelling this as islam i cans ex triemists or muslim extremists people perverting their religion? they don't.
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we need to provide moral leadership and the president needs to say what we're facing before we can truly immobilize the world to fight it. >> karl rove joining us. thank you. back with more in a moment.
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jon: u.s. is set to begin destroying a large stockpile of chemical weapons, marking the milestone it eliminate such weapons in the world. depot in colorado will begin neutralizing 2600 tons of aging mustard agent in march. the chemical can kill blister skin, scar eyes and inflame airways. most of the u.s. stockpile of chemical weapons was manufactured during the cold war but the u.s. has never used them. jenna: we're waiting for remarks
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from potential g.o.p. presidential candidate jeb bush. it's a regular stop on the campaign trail for 75 years. "wall street journal" washington editor says this about the former florida governor's strategy going forward writing, quote, for conservatives to win the bush camp believe they have to widen the g.o.p. circle and that can only happen if they're playing offense with the positive message rather than playing defense. implicit in this request is an acknowledgement that republicans have become more defined by what they are against than what they are for. jerry joins us now on this topic and i would like to ask you a question that you raise yourself in the column. is the g.o.p. ready for this? is it a match for the party? >> that's a really good question. i think it's an open question. there's a problem and it's reflected in a lot of public polling that suggests that as the column indicates, i think republicans have come to be seen more by what they're against than what they're for and it's a
8:27 am
drag down effect on the perception of republicans i think to some extent. in our own polling you find that the republican party consistently has a lower image than the democratic party or president obama. i think that jeb bush proposition, which you will see carried out in the speech in detroit, i think in a few minutes, is that republicans need to go on the offense with a positive message that says here's what we're for. we're not just obamacare, for example. we're for an alternative to obamacare. we're not just against the current education system. we want to transform it. i think this reflects what the jeb bush thinks his own personality can bring to the table which is a more positive upbeat image than republicans in the past. >> how does that intersect with you with the familiarity of the bush name? so you have a new message perhaps but an old name and political circle. how does he navigate that? >> i think that's a tricky poppings but i think everybody, when they decide to run for president, gets a fresh look
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even if they're running again. jub beach has never run for president so he's a new candidate but the fact is he's never been a presidential candidate before. when he formally becomes a candidate or when anybody formally becomes a candidate, they get a fresh look from the american public from their own party, from the press and i think jeb bush will have that chance. we have to remember he's not yet. he's somebody who said i'm probably going to be a candidate and who is making the moves necessary to become a candidate but he's not there yet. i think he gets a moment. how long that moment is i don't know. to define himself and maybe redefine himself in the eyes of some people who haven't been paying that much attention. jenna: give everybody a first look, second look or a few chances. the devices of government which you were just talking about, really has catapulted both parties to new lows in the polls and i'm curious whether you think as a country, americans will be receptive and believe in a positive message this time
8:29 am
around. >> i think there's precedence for that. you only have to go to ronald reagan to see mourning in america, when there wasn't much sign of mourning in america. jenna: i don't want to interrupt you but this current administration, that's part of what they sold to the american public. that was the positive message of change. if it's another positive message of change again, do you think americans respond well to it and buy it? >> again, that's an open question. that will be tested on the trail but i think the jeb bush idea, which he articulated when i interviewed him at our "wall street journal." c.e.o. council in december is look. the country is down in the dumps. i can change that. we should all recognize that there are enormous opportunities out there. we have to get past this feeling of gridlock in the sense we're all down in the dumps after a very long and painful economic recession and realize the opportunities that are out there. i think if you look at the fact that public attitudes about the
8:30 am
around, we may be at a moment where people are receptive at looking at optimistic and hopeful messages and we'll find out soon enough. jenna: always great to have you on the program. look forward to having you back. thank you so much. jon: as jordan takes swift action in regard to the murder pilot by isis serious questions about u.s. efforts to free a young american woman still held captive by the terrorists. and dash cam video captures a deadly plane disaster as it happens. it's the very same kind of passenger plane that crashed less than a year ago. is there a link? plus the fiery collision on the tracks as a commuter train plows into an s.u.v. the deadly crash sparking panic as passengers race to make it out alive. >> there was a passenger that ran past me. he had blood on his face and people were pulling the windows
8:31 am
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resources to try to secure the release of our citizens that are being held against their will. jenna: white house press secretary responding to questions yesterday about american citizens under threat of isis. today jordan taking swift action executing two convicted al qaeda terrorists. joining me now is tom johnson senior fellow. you see we're not doing enough to defeat isis. how do we defeat them? >> the fact of the matter is in fact, yesterday the head of the defense intelligence agency came with testimony before the house armed services committee and he said the air strikes that the coalition is launching is doing something to contain isis a little bit at the perimeter but not enough to take them out of the strongholds and launching offensive maneuvers across syria and iraq. there is no strategy in place to really defeat, to take this organization down. it's really all about containing it. jenna: how could that be? >> it's about ground troops right?
8:36 am
big fear in the american elite and the american politicians is about sending in ground troops into iraq and syria because there's a big taboo given the iraq war and everything to say that that's a big mistake but the problem is this is a new stage in the fight and without the commitment of ground forces on the troops nobody is going to turn out isis. jenna: that segues nicely to a conversation i was having with my husband last night who has extensive combat experience in iraq and we were talking about the act by isis and he said listen. these same guys have been burning alive american soldiers for years through the use of i.e.d.'s. they've been disfiguring american soldiers who come back with horrific burns, thousands of them. they're the same people that have done the exact same thing to us. yet we seem shocked and don't have a strategy and that's confusing, tom. why? >> we do know the enemy and we know how to defeat the enemy.
8:37 am
what happened with the american sources in iraq, we partnered with our allies in iraq to roll back their advances and it worked very effectively. we actually pushed them back from being a full blown insurgency organization to carry out bombings and protect attacks here and there but they weren't challenging for two nation states as they are today. jenna: you had to kill a lot of bad people and you also had to have partnerships on the ground with the good guys on the ground so we know how to do it. right? >> we do but there's no political will right now to do it. the issue is that nobody wants to say we have to send in ground forces. we have to have more of a committment to iraq and potentially syria to roll them back. jenna: do you think this changes that at all, the brutal ilt as it gets worse and worse? >> we've seen some pretty awful stuff already. this is just the latest episode from them. it's not something really all that new. it's just a new way to shock us in terms of how they go about the execution but the brutality is not new. jenna: what about the
8:38 am
partnerships from the air world? now that we see the execution of the al qaeda terrorists, an eye for an eye will that be effective? what do you think will be effective on the ground amongst the communities that could be recruited from isis? >> i think jordan in particular they have best intelligence in the region. they're doing their part to figure out who is who in the rebels and try to get intelligence and they're taking part in the air campaign and stuff like that but the problem is, without a strong international leadership meaning us without that strong international leader to take charge and say, we're going to clear these guys out, there's really only so much the nations can do. jenna: let me finish with an opinion. you have said we don't have the political will. do you think that we need it? do you think it is time for real american leadership to go in there, perhaps that means ground troops and get these guys out of there? kill them before they kill american citizens. >> i think we need that will. the problem is this gets worse
8:39 am
and worse as more time goes on and the problem gets bigger and bigger and requires more and more forces in the end to get rid of these guys. that's the problem. look what happened here. they went from controlling territory in syria to mushrooming throughout iraq to now where they have probably more control of the territory in history. this has metastasized very quickly. jenna: and it gets bigger and bigger. nice to have you. tough topics. we appreciate it. jon: some new details are emerging of a deadly crash as it happened. the dramatic dash cam footage showing the turbo prop turning on its side in mid air moments before it careened into a river. 58 people on board while rescue crews pulled 15 from the water, at least 25 others are dead 20 more still missing. it's the second disaster in the past year linked to the same type of aircraft flown by that
8:40 am
airline. another turbo prop also operated by the same airline, trans asia airways crashed last july. joining us now, oliver, an aviation expert. thank you very much for being with us. the pilot of this particular plane, the one that crashed in taipei had issued three may day calls just before it went down. obviously it's always early to speculate as to the cause but what does it look like to you? >> these are spectacular pictures, jon, and the aircraft looks like it's stalling. basically there are some reports of it coming in and saying that the aircraft was basically suffering from engine flight mal and that's a really really problem in keeping the mobility of the aircraft. this is unstable flight mode that you see happening on these spectacular pictures of the aircraft so it really kind of looks like there was a may day
8:41 am
call associated with the engine mal and the pilots are trying to get control of the aircraft and trying to get the engines back on. jon: minimal control velocity the twin-engine pilots have to deal with have to know. you want to be able to get -- you want enough speed on the aircraft to control it even if there's just one engine working, right? >> that's right. these planes are designed to fly with one engine working and still have controllability of the air flight. jon: but the pilot has to do the right thing immediately upon losing one engine. >> absolutely. they have to really get into crash avoidance mode and they have to really do something to try to control that aircraft under one engine and hopefully safely land the aircraft. this aircraft's pictures look like there was no controllability. jon: there was another of the same type of aircraft that
8:42 am
crashed from the same airline last year. that cause has not been determined but authorities are taking a look at that one. i want to switch topics to another plane crash. this one happened in colorado last year. a cessna 150, a two passenger, you know private plane went down but now the ntsb has come out and said that it appears the pilot and his passenger were taking selfies of the flight and they believe that contributed to the action -- i'm sorry, to the accident. tell us about what went on here. >> what we're facing right now, jon, is human factors error associated with overconfidence and really what we might call a complacency that's taking place in the cockpit. when we have pilots taking selfies and doing other things other than looking at the flight management systems and
8:43 am
performances of both the pilot and the copilot as working with automated flying systems we have to really be careful about what we're looking at associated with complacency over serviceconfidence overconfidence, bias and how do we get the pilots to be more attentive to flying a very complex machine? taking selfies while a plane is flying, although some planes can fly on their own, that's doesn't mean we can be non attentive. jon: it's an unbelievable tragedy and stupid move, apparently, on the move of the pilot. >> condolences to the families in the area. jenna: new england patriots are celebrating a super bowl win today. a switch of topic here but live pictures from boston in celebration of the champs. we'll take you live to boston's
8:44 am
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jon: let's peek ahead at "outnumbered". >> jordan hangs two al qaeda prisoners after isis burns one of the pilots alive -- or i should say isis hangs a jordanian pilot. where is our president's anger? does jordan's king make president obama look weak in the fight? >> we're hearing the vice president and other democrats may skip the israeli address to congress next month. the president has said the white house will not see the president meeting with netanyahu when he's here. it was planned without white house approval you may know but is it smart to show disrespect to a key middle east ally? >> and will jeb bush and ted cruz get a pass from the conservative base for admitting to smoking a little gondra? all that plus our hashtag -- speaking of hash one lucky guy. "outnumbered" at the top of the
8:48 am
hour. >> look at you, harris, drug pun this morning. jon: let's leave the drug puns behind. thanks very much. jenna: new details emerging on a deadly crash as the ntsb investigates fiery collision between a commuter train and s.u.v. north of new york city. david lee miller live at the scene with more. david lee? >> behind me is what remains of the 5:45 departure of the metro north train that left grand central station and hit an s.u.v. early yesterday evening. it was miraculous that anyone in the first car survived the impact of the collision. the driver of the s.u.v. was killed. five people in the train also died. as you mentioned, the ntsb is now on scene. they are actually touring the site at this very moment. a spokesman a short time ago said that team experts are on
8:49 am
hand expertise and in a number of areas to figure what went wrong here. they're going to try they say and confirm some reports that have already been made public. according to the initial reports, a black s.u.v. tried to cross the railroad tracks yesterday evening. the crossing gate came down on the s.u.v. the driver then left her vehicle. she took a look around returned to the s.u.v. she then tried to move forward and that's when she got stuck on the tracks and the impact took police. the impact so great that the third rail pierced the railcar causing an explosion and fire. in total six dead dozens hurt. some of the still pictures taken moments after the collision gives some idea of the full extent of the horrific nature of this accident. it could have been much worse. we're told that the train operator helped to save lives.
8:50 am
>> engineer was, you know, trying to do what he could do to save people but at some point, you know, when you can't see and you can't breathe and there's flames, you have to get out. >> the ntsb says they're going to be on scene here for the next five to seven days. the full investigation will take about a year. back to you. jenna: thank you. jon: as whitney houston's daughter fights for her life in an atlanta hospital why bobbi kristina brown's family members are reportedly feuding now.
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jon: all right. now a little snow isn't stopping folks in boston from celebrating their super bowl champions today. m.v.p. tom brady, coach belichick and the entire patriots organization taking part in a parade after an epic victory over the seattle seahawks. rick leventhal joins us live from the big party. rick? >> jon, patriots fans have long demonstrated they can handle rough weather. this parade started 45 minutes late despite the chill and the huge snow banks that line the route, they're here and cheering their four time patriots. this is one of my favorite times. it says deflate this in reference to the potentially underinflated balls. as you see now, the parade passing down -- passing past the
8:55 am
square very close to the finish line of the boston marathon. new england patriots celebrating their fourth super bowl championship. the bostons and celtics, the bruins celebrated one, the red sox, three and now the patriots four. the first winter rally here in 10 years and it cape at a really rough time for the city. 40 inches of snow in seven days. that broke a record and the city has been struggling to clear this parade route and asking people to stay off the snow banks but people climbed up them to watch the 25 duck boats roll by. those are the world war ii style amphibious vehicles popular with tourists and today are holding members of the patriots. biggest cheers for tom brady, the m.v.p. and malcolm butler who intercepted the ball sealing the win for the patriots. big day for boston, big day for new england and it's just getting started here.
8:56 am
jon: i see two lombardi trophies in the lead bus. maybe they broke into the trophy case and brought out one of their old ones? i'm not sure what. >> perhaps. they have plenty of them. jon: they do. rick leventhal, thank you. jenna: look like a fun time. as whitney houston's daughter fights for her life a family dispute. bobbi kristina remains in a coma today and her family is in a bitter feud over visitation after she was moved to another georgia hospital to get the best treatment available. she's been unconscious since being found by nick gordon face down in her bathtub saturday night. nick gordon is not her husband and her dad says the two never married. in addition, e-news is reporting another person may have been in bobbi's home the morning she was found but fled before cops arrived. police are investigating a slew of different reports. jon: a quick look for the second hour of "happening now." with the fighting and death toll reducing in the ukraine will the u.s. send weapons to
8:57 am
government troops there to help them battle pro russian rebels? how would russia react to that? that's next hour. (melodic, calm music) don't miss the princess cruises 50th anniversary sale. our biggest sale ever, across all destinations. save up to $500 per person. everywhere we sail. all around the world. enjoy up to two hundre d dollars free onboard spending money. and a free specialty restaurant dinner for two. call your travel consultant or 1-888-book-now. don't miss our 50th anniversary sale. our biggest sale ever.
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we'll be back an hour with more. >> "outnumbered" starts now. >> this is "outnumbered." i am andrea and here is was is harris faulkner, >> host: of fox and friends first, her snail and you know it. and >> host: of the brand new show. our favorite sister and big sister fox business kennedy. and joe biden -- jonah. >> a lot o


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