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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  February 12, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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hour, "outnumbered" fins right now. ♪ >> this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today is andrea tantaros. katie pavlich is here, host of brand new show, "kennedy," fox business, kennedy herself. fox news contributor tony saying. -- tony sayegh. he worked on number of campaigns. our whole resume' in the prompter. >> great to be with you. >> you guys have storied history. you have known each other a long time. >> about a decade. we worked on political campaigns together. >> in the trenches. >> long time ago he was political director. i was press secretary. we have been in the trenches. like a brother to me. so i'm pretty happy. >> andrea is the best. >> let's get rolling. trouble is brewing in washington already. just one day after president obama asked for new war powers to fight savages of terror army
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isis. democrats and republicans expressing concerns almost immediately what they say is vague language how our military will fight, specifically what we will do on the if needed. the president defending his plan. watch. >> i'm convinced the united states should not get dragged back into another prolonged ground war in the middle east. that is not in our national security interest. it is not necessary already foust to defeat isil. this resolution strikes the necessary balance by giving us the flexibility we need for unforeseen circumstances. for example, if we had actionable intelligence about a gathering of isil leaders, and our partners didn't have the capacity to get them, i would be prepared to order our special forces to take action because i will not allow these terrorists to have a safe haven. >> but democrats want that authorization to be more narrowly tailored while republicans say the president needs even more flexibility.
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senator john mccain chairman of the armed services committee weighing in earlier today. >> this was a study in obama incoherency. of course we're grad to know they will be defeated but i will tell you an ugly truth, martha, that is we're going to have to have boots on the ground. unless they can articulate a strategy that will convince us will work in order to do what the president said our goal was to degrade and defeat isis. i believe is it must have something to do with bashar al-assad as well. i don't think it will go anywhere to tell you the. >> >> 73% of americans according to a fox news poll believe obama administration does not have a clear strategy for defeating isis. katy, i will start with you. this is actually how it is supposed to work right? >> right. >> you've got the president boeing through congress.
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what might look on blush as something new the president hasn't always gone through congress. >> i do want to give the president credit for going to congress to ask for more author have been asking for at the beginning but i fear he is not doing it because he thinks congress should have a say. he is doing it so congress fights with each other over what they should and should not do. as we've seen, the president's plan he is supposed to be presenting. it isn't really a plan. kind of same thing he has been saying over and over again which by the way hasn't degraded or defeated isil or isis as he said they claim they want to do. certainly hasn't pushed them back concerns territory. the president lays out plan with no specifics. now democrats are fighting and republicans are fighting how to move forward how actually to defeat isis. >> it is interesting. congressman ed royce, california elliot engle new york democrat both issued a costatement yesterday saying the president needs to take his case to the people. if what you're saying though is true, and the kind of motive behind this, that makes it
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difficult. >> what's the strategy? i mean really he is all over the place. i think if he came to congress with a clear strategy, this a is not a substitute for one of those, then not just the american public but congress would have better idea what to do. katy is absolutely right. he wants them fighting. >> why? >> harris, one political party denies him boots on the ground i would have done it but they stopped me. if they green light boots on the ground, he jumped in, they wanted to put boots on the ground, i had no say in this matter, it starts to spiral out of control he can blame congress. if you want to take out isis, you wipe them out with two weeks, u.s. military. turn their territory into a ice rink or do nothing. needs to do one or the other. very wise man said, halfhearted measures in war are madness and that's exactly what we're doing. >> military leaders corroborated much of what andrea said. take the handcuffs off the military and strategy, let them
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do what has to be done, isis is solvable problem not manageable one, like the president said back in the summer he wants to do. the problem he is waging political battle when he should be waging a battle against islamic tear terror. the problem i think is most significant, sending our epmies wrong message showing it is all on the table. he is willing to compromise defeating something we all know is a major existential threat. that is why our allies are not are supporting us. president obama constantly sent mixed signals to our allies he lacks resolve to really go in there and taking pressure after assad which turkey wants's well. >> what you're say is kind of a disconnect. you're saying everything is on the table but previously, kennedy, he said everything is not on the table because u.s. military would not have boots oned ground. >> he doesn't know where the table is. that is what is scary about it. he wants republicans to have
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unlimited power. the wise people here are the american public 7% of them saying the -- 73% says the president has no idea. why would you give so much power to someone with no idea what they're doing? if they have no strategy and absolutely no confines with geography or timeline or anything else that is terrifying. >> actually that is what the point is from the democrats. they're saying, look you've got to narrow this. we want to know what it is. that is interesting in his own party. the other part is the territory. not just the timeline of three years. which will bring everybody kind of back where they are talking about this which is a healthy debate because this is how it is supposed to work but puts everybody, pitches us back here in 36 months. the other thing the war is now changing. senator mccain talked about this yesterday as well. you've got new fighters. guess where they are? afghanistan. roll that, talk about. >> in afghanistan we've seen an initial emergence of isis. the threats are real and the stakes are high.
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we can't let afghanistan become a sanctuary for al qaeda or isis. >> all right. how do we know this? because the pentagon confirmed it when they conducted that drone strike in afghanistan's helmond province. they killed the former taliban leader. held at gitmo guantanamo bay. he skipped over to isis to lead and recruit for them. >> that is the problem with the territory thing right? islamic terrorism doesn't exist in one place or the other. it is truly a global war on terror whether the president will admit that or not. essential problem is not what republicans want what democrats want president obama not putting together a coherent plan listening to commanders, strategy you continue to lay out to congress is one that isn't working. comes back to the president refusing to identify the enemy which is islamic terror. >> let me ask about this too because this is really a sticky wicket. we're leaving afghanistan right now. we have 10,000 combat troops. we're going back down to 1,000
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by end of this year. how will you ramp up fight of isis in new territory of afghanistan if taliban rebrands themself as isis? >> this is one thing that concerns me i guess as limited bought person here, so what do you want to do? want to keep 10,000 troops in afghanistan? want to send 10,000 troops to iraq? 10,000 troops to syria. >> even limited government people, i'm one of them, believes one of the most premiums thing we have to do as government is national security and military. so your strategy, kennedy, i agree with it, i know where you're coming from if they would have confidence in our president i agree where it is coming from, the problem that also leads to defeat. not only tie president obama's hands but tie hands of military generals. disconnect, harris you're right. the president doesn't want to send american ground forces but not doing what he needs to be done give confidence to the moderate sunni states like iraq like turkey, that they will put
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boots on ground. >> i think we need to get over this fantasy we'll let iraqis fight isis, syrians fight isis. we spent billions of dollars -- >> kurds are doing it. >> to train 190,000 iraqi forces ran away with their hands up and let the cities go to isis after we trained them. we shouldn't train them. if we stop isis we get the job done ourselves and leave. >> american boots on the ground, nothing else? >> absolutely. >> okay one problem with that is once we leave, they pop up again, right? >> they're already there. >> that happened this iraq. that happened in afghanistan. it will happen in syria and everywhere else. once we leave there is a new isis. it will have a different name. same kind of people with the same motivation. no one has appropriately addressed the problem of what you do about recidivism? even president obama said -- >> if i could jump in, even president obama said last fall he didn't have a strategy. remember he stood up at the podium, and said, i don't have a
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strategy. admitted it to the world. who would do something like that? the department of defense went crazy. again either we go in and flatten them with the full power of the u.s. military and get out, no democracy building, no ink fingers and hearts and mind. think about harris what he is doing. provoking jihadists without doing anything. if i were republicans i would make this point. this is his war. he had opportunity to defeat isis a long time ago he didn't do it. this is obama's war. he made it worse. he is asking to go to war the republicans need to hammer the point home. >> one thing i would say, taliban rebranding themselves to attract resources what we're reading. what is kennedy saying is true not only fill the gap but they're already there too kennedy. >> proliferate. >> with two years left in the obama presidency one of the lost at thissest promises of hope and change campaign could be slipping away.
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what could that mean for his legacy. >> they won the national little league championship and america's hearts. the scrappy little legal team lost hits title because of decision made by other adults. is it fair to punish the kids? ant r can't get enough of "outnumbered"? we got you covered. after the show go to fox news online,/"outnumbered." we put you via conversation with our live chat. sign on to facing book and twitter. stay with us. it is close.s kn ♪ just sit down and savor. marie callender's. it's time to savor. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer
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with two years left to go in his presidency that central goal may be slipping way out of reach. the "washington examiner" says, quote, obama's path to the white house was paved by selling himself as a transformational figure who would fundamentally change how washington operates. more than six years since he entered the oval office, the american public now has less faith than ever before in federal institutions to get big things done. in fact, according to gallup, public trust in government stood at nearly 50% just before president obama was inaugurated. and by september of last year, it had slipped to just 40%. all right, tony. let's talk legacy. what do you think the president's legacy will be? i'm guessing it is not hope and change. >> two statistics jump out at me, polls i've looked at last several months that are shocking and startling, paint the picture. one you just showed. 40% of number of confidence american people had during watergate, keep that in mind.
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nixon days. those were the dark one, right? other one came out of a "wall street journal" poll came out in the fall 76% of their americans do not believe their children will have as much a bright future and opportunity as they did. destruction of the american dream is unfortunately one of the things happened on this president's watch. lack of confidence that the government can be positive agent of change. the president sold, we're seeing exposed, that government can fix all problems and it can't. thing that worries me about the legacy, he will use this as excuse washington is broken. i have to go through executive orders to fix this myself. his legacy will be overreach in the way of the executive that we've never seen. >> kate at this, even if he does that, people are not satisfied. you follow polls religiously. people have dissatisfaction with the middle east. arab spring. middle east is burning. legacy is how the middle class
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is suffering more than ever. >> i thought the president is not concerned with his legacy with the american people as whole, but his legacy with the far left. the executive orders and way he run washington past six years prove that. based on how overall americans feel about their federal government institution, this is huge indictment of barack obama and liberalism far left ideology as government as you said fixes all problems. the growth of government helps middle class. you see opposite actually occur. that will be a long-term thing that republicans can take advantage of, when we say you're dissatisfied with washington. why is that? government has grown out of control and smothering the american people so they can not achieve american dream. >> kennedy what about the point tony mentioned the generational damage that the president has done? parents aren't feeling that their kids would have the same job they would. he promised change but pretty radical change what the president said. >> thing about things parents pass on to their kids like family businesses. also in gallup we saw the
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statistic that 470,000 small businesses close every year. only 400,000 are created. so we're under water with small businesses. and you know. entrepreneurs in this country live the american dream breathe the american dream. they pass it on. this president is so antigrowth and so anti-corporations he think he is taking on big corporations but he is really destroying the small ones. that is messing up the economy and ultimately families. >> harris, you've been a journalist a long time, the media, how big of a role do you think the media played in this? they certainly amped him up when he came into office. expectations were high. he won a nobel peace prize. how do you think the media will cover his legacy? >> one way the media let everybody down not fox news, about you when you look across the board and look at questions president has been asked, he promised to work together to have us as one nation. i think legacy not having done that really calls into question about what his dynamics of
9:20 am
leadership really are? he likes to divide things by win or lose. terrorists are going to lose. that is what he said yesterday. every time he gives state of the union i think, maybe three out of four i'm not sure, he says, i won. meaning first election right? so i wonder about his dynamics of leadership. does this president have the ability and in last two years to leave a legacy behind that calls for statesmanship in terms of coming to the middle? is it going to be win-lose or can he do a win-win? >> one of the biggest criticisms he talks a lot about himself a lot. i won, i won. when are the united states going to be winning? when we i will try up for us and spike the football for us? president may toot the horn with an improving economy but when it comes to what americans think a new "fox news poll" shows most americans think it is not getting better for themselves. what does this say about the state of the economy. some democrats are uneasy about
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9:26 am
quote, some democrats are concerned if mrs. clinton coasts to the nomination without much of a fight, she might be rusty when she squares off against republican opponents during debates. fund-raisers backing mrs. clinton saying it is tougher to draw large financial commitments from donors until she jumps in. missteps of likely gop candidates are exactly why some supporters say she should sit on the sidelines as much as possible. kentucky senator rand paul and new jersey above chris christie coming under fire on controversial comments on vaccines and scott walker making headlines about refusing to answer questions about evolution and foreign affairs while on a trip to london. andrea i will go to you first. i know you don't think hillary clinton is the best candidate for democrats going forward but why should we jump? why would she get in now when republican perfectly finiting each other and have all the
9:27 am
resources in the world while they're done with their primary process. >> that is what she is thinking. she knows if she jumps in becomes the front-runner which she arguably is. she can stay in the shadows and define the republicans. that is exactly what she is doing. she is waiting for them to implode. he you outlined some of things they said recently. she is giving them rope to hang themselves. it comes to a point where she should define what she believes. not pen fit of being able to criticize republicans. if she gets in she would have to acknowledge the administration she was a part of and does not want to define her stance on anything. >> we saw her book tour which was a bit of a disaster and plenty of fodder for republicans to pick on if she chooses to run in sift is. they don't want to give them
9:28 am
that. on issue of fund-raisers i'm not sure they are that concerned considering there is not a lot of options when supporting other candidates. >> fund-raising will not be hillary's concern or internal process of getting a team. she will have of top talent in the democratic party. what andrea said, "new york times" poll, a month ago, a poll hillary clinton was looked at very popular 71% of respondents said they want their next president to take them in a different direction than barack obama. she has to keep as far away from this administration publicly because at the same time that is when her popularity, at least stays where it is if not increases. funniest thing about hillary we keep talking about -- >> the funniest thing? >> is there a funny thing? >> look her political -- is hilarious. we're talking about how inevitable she is yet ugov poll yesterday she is losing to elizabeth warren in iowa and new hampshire. now look i don't for a moment
9:29 am
think elizabeth warren will primary hillary clinton. think about what is says, the base of the democratic party is dissatisfied with her a corporatist, centrist, someone not populist obama pretends to be at head of the ticket. that is the problem. >> i love hear you use the word primary as a verb. >> i'm a linguist. >> if she jumps in too early i would imagine that she then has barack obama to define her twice. then senator barack obama defined her as someone who is opposite. she had to jump in 2008 because he was stealing headlines and gaining recognition and gaining something else she couldn't get her arms around that was likability. still struggling with likability. >> and a win. >> as many as woeful moments this president had he still has quite a bit of likability in the polls which is interesting. she doesn't want him jump in yet again to define her in any way, shape or form. >> i think elizabeth warren will run. why you would she be developing this whole team? >> longer hillary clinton stays out she keeps other people out.
9:30 am
once she jumps in fair for other people to jump in as well. she controls the field from the sideline as long as she please. >> you think she likes to control? >> i absolutely think she likes to control. she is getting the head to toe brazilian -- >> don't go there. >> you can not say head to toe brazilian and hillary clinton in the same sentence at lunchtime. >> i'm saying if i were hillary clinton i would go to brazil to have procedures and look like jennifer aniston. >> don't say it again. >> speaking of which talking about how the administration and mainstream media trumpeted jobs picture in this country unfairly so. as far as what we the people think, most americans don't things are getting better for them. a new fox poll shows 65% of country still thinks the country is in recession. that is down 20 points from 2010 but the number of people who say their family is falling behind financially, it is up a point from six years ago at 18%. and, you know, i have been
9:31 am
saying this all along because the, you know especially the administration, they're saying jobs picture is royce sy. economy is picking up. but if you ask people how hard it is to put food on their table to secure a good job, it is a very different picture isn't it? >> when you listen to the president in the state of the union, essentially say everything is great, right? like lego movie. everything is awesome. that was entire mantra of the state of the union. you had people like chris matthews basically challenge him that saying, what are you talking about? 56% of the american people don't feel any economic recovery in their own personal life. when you hear the administration champion economic growth numbers. jon: it is growing 3%, what good is that if the middle class is shrinking? this president presided over biggest allocation of people from middle income brackets into lower income. people are leaving the job force. we have the lowest labor participation in nearly four decades. so this president really has veil thin economic policy as far
9:32 am
as the middle class. which is why he has gone back to the very old antiquated leftist ideas of redistribution. that is his solution. >> what do you mean gone back to? when did he ever depart from those? >> that is his mantra. that is very old way of thinking. remember bill clinton, john kennedy democrat believed in economic growth. they believed in cutting taxes and reinvestment. >> we both agree president obama is profoundly different from bill clinton. always squarely placed on the left. hillary clinton used to be on the left. she moved to the middle. look at stats. why josh earnest and others talk from the podium, people watching go, i don't feel that way. 30 million out of work. >> he gutted the middle class. >> premiums have gone up. record number of people on food stamps. tried to take away college savings accounts couple weeks ago. everything he is doing is at war primarily with the middle class. >> it goes to barack obama and left's basic philosophy mediocrity is okay.
9:33 am
mediocrity is great. that is why president acts like everything in the state of the union is awesome. they think everyone being lower level and not succeeding and growing into the middle class instead of down to the bottom, that's okay. so they celebrate that when really people aren't feeling it because they're not okay with mediocrity and poll numbers reflect that. >> i think there is another indication. i was looking today, because i was fascinated by this. i knew that american household debt peaked in 2007 and falling ever since. consumer debt, cars, student loans, particularly credit cards, it is at an all-time high of $3.2 trillion. >> that is because -- >> that means people having to take food off the table here to pay for some things over here. and they're doing it on credit. that is very slippery slope. that takes away feeling i feel good about the economy. they see a bill every month and attached 18.2% interest rate on that money. or depending on your credit rating. that can be such a shocker such
9:34 am
a heart scratch, no wonder they don't feel great. >> that is the best point. if you're robbing peter to pay paul playing a shell game with your personal finances your economic outlook has not improved at all. >> hasn't changed. >> that is bottom line for most americans. new concerns that things could be unraveling inside of a major u.s. ally in the war on terror. gains al qaeda is making in yemen. what that could mean for washington. plus little league champions stripped of title. the kids they're ones paying the price for something their coaches did. we'll debate whether that is fair. right after the show, go ahead and head to the web for "outnumbered overtime." make the day you log on to send us your comments, questions. tell us about any topic you want to hear more about. twitter, facebook. jump on the live chat now. get in early. and we are there.
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♪ >> well, they won the little league u.s. championship capturing the nation's hearts and getting honored at the white house but now little league baseball has stripped the title from chicago based jackie robinson west after discovering the team's coaches used players who didn't qualify kids who lived outside the team's local area to build up a super team but the kids on the team claim they didn't even know. >> when you went down there to playseball we weren't involved in anything that could have caused us to be stripped of our championship. >> well the u.s. championship now awarded to mountain ridge little league from las vegas. of the parents there say they feel bad for the other kids but also that there is an important lesson to be learned. >> teaches you have to do it the right way. if you start out with a lie it
9:40 am
just gets worse and worse. better off doing it the right way the first time. >> so, kennedy, one of the kids is mommy why is there 43-year-old man from the dominican republic playing shortstop? no, that didn't happen. kids claim they didn't know. why does he have full-on facial hair. what do you think should happen? really i know it is unfair to the kids but this is not right. >> no, and it is not their fault because you had some bad apples on the coaching staff. i think it is incredibly unfair. if i were one of parents on little league team i would be so upset. if you have adults on the league ban them for life. pete rose them i say get them ought of here! >> i know, tony, you are a little league coach in your spare time when not at fox news channel and doing political consulting. what do you think? should they have held on to the title? >> first i want to be clear if i was brian williams, i was not little league coach i was assistant coach.
9:41 am
i've been involved in many levels of kids sports adults are almost every time the problem. kids are never issue. feeding kids wrong idea what these activities should doing for them. that being said, kids become adults. you're absolutely right andrea keep penalty for what it is. devastating and heartbreaking the kids worked their hearts out for this. you have to learn under no circumstances can you break rules to get away. pretty clear what happened here. they gerrymandered for lack of a better expression lines how they could recruit. >> you're such a politician. >> was in the article. >> if you were brian williams, you moonlight as one of the yankees. >> i'm bullpen coach for the yankees. >> katy isn't this more a broader theme a 30,000-foot team of lying chatting stealing in this country. talk about it on this couch every day with story. is tony right shouldn't they be taught a lesson? >> you're absolutely right
9:42 am
tony. if think let this slide it will keep happening, slide no pun intended but actually intended. no, i think they have to take it away and say to the kids, they will learn from this they will never want to cheat again. never want to steal again. maybe in a game want to steal. but never do this again. >> maybe they never want to play baseball again? >> adults need a lesson. you are punishing children because of your bad decisions. they won't make the decision again. >> so kids, kennedy is making her sad face for the children because the children really didn't -- >> have a hanger chief. >> hold on a minute. those who were complicit and parents let them play from outside knew the rules and knew they were breaking rules. those are the kids you're talking about. the other children on the team of course didn't know this was happening reportedly. it is extremely sad for them. the little league international president and ceo said they have to do this to maintain integrity. they attract some private funding. you have to be careful how they handle these things. i'm looking at live chat.
9:43 am
how about fairness to other teams may have one if this team was not loaded? they also would not have advanced without cheating. that is really interesting to look at it from that perspective. >> whole idea of cheat something prevalent in sport culture. a-rod in steroids. roger clemens, great baseball players supposed to be involved with performance-enhancing drugs. >> tom brady big cheater. >> talking about "deflate-gate," that is still to be determined. >> politics, cheating, lyings, stealing. message to the american public. you can do it, and get away with it if we let them get away it. >> as a team you win together and fall together. if they will cheat they -- >> well-said, coach pavlich. time for the president's day weekend. bone-chilling temperatures, yet more snow making its way through central and some northeastern states. how much colder around snowier will it get? we'll have the latest forecast for you. forget about waiting for
9:44 am
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>> more "outnumbered" in just a moment. let's go to jenna lee with what is come up in second hour of "happening now." >> hi, harris. stocks are on a long rally. you have other economic signs suggesting that the economy is healthy, but americans don't feel like that. why the disconnect? we'll ask chris wallace and what it means for 2016 as well. meantime overseas fighting continues to rage in eastern ukraine despite a new cease-fire deal reached in marathon overnight talks. why russia may have the upper hand when it comes to ukraine. we'll get into that. here at home we're watching a dangerous cold front moving into the northeast. current windchills, feeling bad. fargo. 19 degrees below zero. at that point what difference does it make? it is really cold. millions of american face dangerous temperatures. we'll get into that on
9:49 am
"happening now." don't put your coat away. >> put the dog on the bed. stay warm. good to see you. >> that is euphemism. >> what? >> we're told never to settle for less than we deserve but a new study shows it might be settle to settle for mr. or ms. okay than wait for mr. or ms. perfect. researchers say, goes back to primitive humans who were likely forced to either mate with the first potentially inferior companion, or, place a risky bet on finding someone better perhaps from another village with less of an overbite. they say waiting for someone who might be ideal mate puts all of us at risk of being alone and never -- >> really. >> never procreating or even practicing. we hope to find someone who makes 100% happy all the time every day, we should not overlook someone who is mostly compatible. someone pretty good. some shlub who doesn't dress
9:50 am
very well but will at least be an excellent provider. >> what? >> is this most depressing news just right before valentine's day? >> i don't understand i not having my needs met helps somebody else? if i hold out for the right guy i'm hurting rest of the population? that makes no sense. >> can you say, i'm not married even your husband, for 40 50 years, at end of your life is perfect in i'm just saying. no one is perfect all the time, right? this is ridiculous notion to say that you will actually find someone perfect. >> would you date a short guy? >> i think that short guys are probably intimidated by me. >> took a big deep breath there. >> it is not me. >> you are writing a book about this very subject. men and women coming together. tell me everything. finding one. >> yes, finding one another. you're bad. okay, my thoughts on this issue one, you can not rely on
9:51 am
somebody else to make you personally happy right? if you expect someone else to make you happy, if you're not happy yourself, forget it, that's gone. everybody has got their stuff as well. that is a nice way of saying what the saying is, right? everyone has their own stuff. whose stuff do you want to put up with? at the end of the day no one's perfect. >> agreed. >> theres is are mr. right, and mr. right now. i think what is wrong with a little mr. right now until you meet mr. right. >> it is all about procreation. if you're settling for someone who is genetically inferior you may not have babies that can survive in the wild. >> where is the wild? >> l.a. >> connecticut. >> creating a bit of a problem but i'm outnumbered may as well. i'm a believer in sliding scale. this is what it is. >> uh-oh. >> if you, i think the younger you are the more idealistic you think and therefore your selection and criteria is a little unrealistic. the older you get, while i do
9:52 am
think your opinions probably harden i think you begin to realize, not everybody is perfect. you have to be happy before you can make someone else happy. no one will do it for you. then you are able to say -- i think of my sister who got marry ad little later. in the beginning my parents say you are the best. you will marry whoever you want. by the end they were putting her on ebay. >> that is not true. >> great guy by the way, just for the record. i love him. >> if your objective is to find love yeah, hold out for as long as it takes. if your objective to have babies clock is ticking for some so you might have to make different choice. >> right down your negotiatables and non-negotiables and things you want and if person meets them. >> what about chemistry. >> maybe that is number one. some people don't need chemistry. >> the second i met my husband i knew i loved him. he thought i was a freaky
9:53 am
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♪ >> wouldn't it be nice if law makers on capitol hill could agree once in a while? many would- be reformers pushed to get rid of the age- old tradition of the two parties sitting on the across the aisle and have them sitting together. sounds like a good idea. in toronto, when they sit together their votes are farther apart. >> familiarity proceeds contempt in having worked in washingto it is more collegial than polls think about. particularly on the staff level there is camaraderie. but the poll teches is more
9:58 am
polar otherwised. and by sitting next to them you don't decide how to reform the tax code. just because you are next to them and friendly on a super official level you are not changing each other's minds. >> kennedy is it a case where you are digging in because you are next to this guy or woman in >> you have to create your political identity and realize why leftest are so back ward. that would turn me in to phillis. >> i find the camaraderie on capitol hill is newseating because they are are supposed to be fighting with each other. >> and hugging each other and how are are you. >> and that is what boehner and nancy pelosi. >> it is like yeah.
9:59 am
you can do with less of this. and john mccain is often seen sitting with the democrats. >> he gets closer to their vote. >> and patrick lehe. >> and dc is like a college campus. and just like a college campus, you have people who you are friends with and not. and members i worked with they had their friends and they would find a partner on the left to have legislation with. it has changed a lot since i was on capitol hill. the camaraderie is not like it used to be. >> i agree if you want to work across the aisle but like in the state of union and pick a democrat and republican to sit together. that is wishful continuing thinking. >> so much more to come. it is on line though.
10:00 am
the tv version of us is wrapping up. go to fox we are back with the tv version of us at noon and right now, "happening now". >> fox news alert. one hour from now, the senate will vote on the nomination of ash carter to be secretary of defense. and then the real challenges begin. >> he will take over as the president asked congress to authorize military force against isis. we cover all of the news "happening now". world leaders reach a high- stakes deal to stop the blood shed in eastern ukraine. will another ceasefire fall apart? >> and heart breaking testimony of the widow of chris kyle cite seated just feet away from the man


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