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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 14, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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>> we've got to go. set your dvr so you don't ever miss an episode. that's it for invited me to my anniversary party in oklahoma but i committed to the basketball game. happy valentine's day. welcome to "hannity." iraqi security forces successfully repelled an attack by isis militants on a key air base in the anbar province in iraq, but not before the jihadists came within several kilometers of 320 u.s. marines stationed at that base training members of the iraqi military. i'm tucker carlson in tonight for sean. we turn to catherine herridge for what's going on. >> thank you, tucker. while military officials here in washington are putting the best possible face on the incursion this is the first time numbers of isis fighters penetrated and today we learned they used
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stolen uniforms as a disguise. >> early indications are that, yes, some of them did detonate their vests, detonate themselves. and then they were followed by roughly something on the order of 15 or so other fighters. it does appear now that most, if not all of them were wearing iraqi uniforms. >> but a former intelligence officer who was stationed at al asad in 2006 says the base is gigantic and the terrain offers no natural defenses. and the idea 320 marines can hold a 13-mile perimeter 24/7 and at the same time train the iraqi military is simply not credible. this morning one of the most authoritative voices on the threat, the former head of the defense intelligence agency general michael flynn testified the threat has expanded in every possible way in the last year.
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and the administration has not done enough to stop it. >> i have the unhappy task of informing you that according to every metric of significance islamic extremism has grown over the last year. >> and another witness testified that isis is now gaining a foothold in libya, which is awash with weapons many reportedly dumped in the region by qatar. those described by the administration as an ally. >> you are seeing the emergence of what looks like an islamic state affiliate in libya. it's a completely ungoverned space. and complete now civil war total polarization and that's having destabilizing effects on both east and west. >> and flynn warned the so-called u.s. allies support terrorism and dump weapons in the region have to be reigned in and counciled as part of an effort to bring the arab nations together in a body that offers collective defense, something similar to what we have with nato, tucker. >> catherine herridge thanks
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for that. >> you're welcome. "new york times" reported the obama administration enhance enhancing a "secret war" against al qaeda in afghanistan. james rosen standing by with details on that. james. >> tucker good evening from the pentagon where officials wouldn't comment on what they are categorizeing as intelligence matters. privately however on background a senior u.s. defense official has confirmed to fox news as first reported by "new york times" that u.s. special ops forces and afghan commandos conducting a joint counterterrorism raid in the mountainous terrain between afghanistan and pakistan last fall killed an al qaeda leader named abu al kuwati and receive -- however, our source disputed the times account in one respect. while there has indeed been an uptick with u.s. personnel participating, such upticks the source said are cyclical and not
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the result of the intel gleaned in that laptop. a pentagon spokesman declined to comment. but he did speak in general terms about the counterterrorism mission. >> it is a fact that as we conduct operations be they counterterrorism operations or otherwise that we try to assess and evaluate whatever resources and information might come across battlefield operations. and that's just a fact. we do that. and sometimes when we do that we gain insight and information that could lead to further on operations. >> admiral kirby also confirmed that as has been widely reported that an interagency group across the government is considering changes to the president's timetable for the withdrawal of all the remaining u.s. troops from afghanistan, but kirby added no decision has been made. >> james rosen in washington. thanks a lot, james. >> thank you. joining me with reaction to all this fast moving story fox news military analyst colonel
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david hunt, author of foreign and domestic tony tata and former green beret benjamin collins. welcome to all three of you. colonel hunt, i want to put up on the screen the overview the picture as it stands at this hour of iraq and syria. here are the areas. they're in red. our viewers can see them. in those two countries controlled or strongly influenced by isis. if you can see it it looks like me metastasizing cancer. it's all over areas controlled until recently by the united states. how did this happen? what's the overview? >> quick overview is that qatar and syria helped form isis to put a wedge in the insurgency in syria. qatar is rather duplicitous. and at the same time maliki the prime minister of iraq, fired all of the general officers and led down a major level in the army we trained. and a few isis soldiers --
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terrorists came across the syrian border. and five divisions with iraqi military ran and left everything from tanks to drones to unit bombs to everything $17 billion worth of gear was left. and then the towns that isis took were full of money and banks. and they control, as you pointed out, a territory that's as big as jordan. and iraqi military that's not capable and now we're fighting again back there for the 26th year we're back in bombing iraq. >> so, ben collins here you have 320 marines at this 25-mile-square base. and they're basically surrounded by isis who are within close to striking distance. i mean, how can we rescue these guys if it came down to it? are they as endangered as they seem to be? >> certainly. look, i think we've got an issue here seems like this administration we seem to wait
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to a point of crisis before we generate a plan and get to this. the reality is 320 surrounded by what? 1,000, 2,000, 3,000 how quickly? it only takes about 20 to 30 minutes of these guys from al baghdadi to actually get to this area. >> exactly. >> so in terms of an actual rescue, i think at this point if those plans haven't been put into place i think it's a bit too late for us to actually start moving things in quick order. so hopefully we do have that capability on standby. >> general, we're hearing from the pentagon that plans are in place, the extraction methods have been devised and these guys are safe these 320 marines. do you think that's true? it seems like a perilous situation by definition. >> i'm sure general terry has plans in place and they've rehearsed those plans. i'm quite confident that our forces have extraction plans. the bigger issue here is a complete lack of engagement of this administration throughout the region that has resulted in
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this kind of thing. isis is going after every means of nation state capability that they can leveraging their elements of power. and they're growing rapidly across the region around the world they're recruiting heavily. and they're being successful at it. and they've shown a very sophisticated strategic capability as well as very sophisticated tactical capability to be able to train man, equip and field an army that can breach the wire with sophisticated tactics on one of the air bases that we're using in this campaign. and so it's not really a discussion about rescue. it's a discussion about what's our campaign to destroy this enemy. >> but i mean, the picture, colonel hunt, if you take three steps back, is one of awesome and profound weakness. here the united states controlled this entire country influenced the region overwhelmingly up until really recently and now we're worried about the fate of 320 men american marines, on a lowly
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outpost. the picture to the rest of the world is one of american impotence, isn't it? >> no it's not. that's not true. look, the united states of america has been leading a fight on terrorism for 14 years. >> right. >> 14 years. nobody in the world has done what we have in this. and everybody's now yelling to do more in iraq. and my problem is what do you want to do? because we got 3,000 soldiers on the ground, which is not enough. if you want to go out to a win that's another 20,000 to 30,000 guys. and there's only one other military that could get close to this and that's israel and they're not coming in. so all the noise they're not doing enough -- >> whoa, wait -- let me ask one simple question. i'm with -- i'm with you entirely. >> how do you do it without it? >> what happens when baghdad is in imminent danger -- >> what do you want to do? >> i don't know. i'm asking you. >> that's 30000 soldiers, that's invading iraq.
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and we're back at war for the 26th year. the problem with this is we've been doing it for 14 years, killing them. we've been bombing them for 26. it is not working. and now we got some other things to happen and we want to do it again. and we got 320 marines at a base they cannot secure. it's impossible for them to do itd. because we haven't got enough there. >> i want to pull ben collins in here. >> with all due respect to colonel hunt -- >> what is the answer? if baghdad is in danger of falling, what do we do? >> we have a problem, we don't follow through. >> of course not. >> we pulled out of iraq so we don't follow through. the president hasn't come up with a solution for isis because he can't come up with a solution for syria. if you come up with a solution to syria you have to account for iran. the president has made clear more than anything is he wants to sign this deal with iran, which ties our hands with syria and isis. what can we do? we can re-engage with those
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sunni tribes that we had that allow for the great awakening 2007. we can engage countries like turkey. but turkey would be a great -- >> turkey's not coming in. >> why isn't turkey going to come in? >> you know why turkey's not coming in. no -- >> the president told iran he would not take down assad. >> turkey wouldn't help george bush either. turkey was not helping us nine years ago. that's my problem with this. do something. with doing something it means a total effort. i have no problem with killing them. i'm just saying you can't piecemeal this which is what we've been doing for 14 years. >> of course i get that completely. and i think the public is probably on the side of what you just said. but general tata, what is the grand goal here? if you were to describe a picture of where you think that region ought to be two years from now what would it look like? >> well, i think, tucker, what we need to do is leverage every element of power we have economic, military, political,
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diplomatic et cetera throughout the region. and we ought to squeeze nations that are not supporting our efforts to defeat this enemy. the american people see a very real threat in isis. and they see that threat potentially coming to our shores. and so we've got to kill this enemy on his 5 yard line. and we've got to do it by leveraging every element of power that we have. and so what it looks like two years from now is that we have an administration that is able to deftly and swiftly engage with sophistication different nations to leverage their elements of powers. look at jordan and how swiftly they responded. king abdullah set a leadership example there and said he's not going to take this. and so we've got to send a clear message. first you've got to define the enemy. second, you've got to quit apologizing for the enemy. and third you've got to leverage every bit of power that the greatest nation on earth has to kill this enemy and make sure our national interests are taken
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care of. >> well, i sure appreciate all of your views. i can't get past the 320 marines sitting out there on this base. i got to say if my son was one of them, i'd be really, really concerned. >> i got a lot of confidence in our marine corps. >> well, that makes me feel better. coming up next right here on "hannity." ♪ >> president obama put his life on hold running the free world to be part of that buzzfeed video. the left wing blog consumed a good part of our commander in chief's day. was that a wise use of time? and later three muslim students murdered in north carolina. local police say it was probably over a parking dispute, but the president says it might have been racism. are his comments divisive? we'll tell you coming up.
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welcome back to "hannity." earlier this week president obama took a good part of his day to make a video for the left wing blog buzzfeed. here's part of it. ♪ ♪
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>> pretty embarrassing. how embarrassing? well, foreigners are making fun of us. here's the headline from the daily telegraph from great britain. it says, my fellow americans, this is me goofing about the white house. there's a lot going on in the world right now. a lot. parts of it are falling apart completely. is this what the president ought to be spending his time doing. joining us dr. frank luntz, welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> frank this strikes me -- i don't think i'm being a stick in the mud. first of all, it's like embarrassing and lame, out of touch aging baby boomer stuff. but also as kind of like not befitting the office. >> normally i wouldn't care. but look what's been happening over the past few weeks. these isis people are burning human beings alive. they are literally crucifying them throwing them off of seven-story buildings. that video had been done within
2:18 am
24 hour of another american being killed. and it is not only not befitting, but imagine what reagan would have done in this situation. every day he would have gotten up and said what are we going to do to bring these people to justice. what are we going to do to silence them forever? they're trying to kill us -- >> yeah. and i mean, it's not just reagan, it's fdr i don't think would have done it. i can't imagine harry truman doing anything like this. hard to defend this, no? >> no, i can defend it. and to your point i do believe that the president has done it. he went to congress to ask for more authority to fight isis. so it's not that he hasn't done anything. and i don't think it's unbefitting of the office because i think context is important. it's not what he did when james foley was beheaded and go to play golf at martha's vineyard. that was leisure, it's not that. >> a selfie stick in the white house, is that befitting the office? >> this was a very targeted project to try to get folks to
2:19 am
apply for health care coverage which is an important public policy of his. very targeted. this is not him -- >> oh, to dumb people. >> no no -- >> people whom written explanations are too complex. they can only watch a buzzfeed video. >> people that don't have health insurance, young people that really need it. look, if you don't have stock in selfie sticks, now is probably a time to get it. >> you mean young people who we need to subsidize a program who pays for older people -- >> don't take his bait. the fact is -- >> it's propaganda. using the media using willing and come police it -- >> we are losing this international battle. we are losing this war. that this president -- i'll be honest, this segment bothers me because why aren't we talking about the fact he won't call it anti-semitism, that he calls it a random act of terror, the
2:20 am
attack on that store in paris. why won't he call it radical islam when they are citing the quran as they are cutting off the heads of these people? >> because that would be bigoted. >> don't defend him. >> listen i will take issue if i feel the president was wrong. i think he was wrong when he went to play golf after james foley was behead. >> is he wrong not to call it anti-semitism? >> i think he can call it anti-semitism anti-semitism. i don't know why he doesn't. but i would not -- but i will not sit here -- >> is it radical islam? >> -- believe or buy into the notion he hasn't done anything to fight it. he just went to congress -- >> why won't you answer the question? >> because i'm making a point. >> okay. >> i'm making a point. the point he's gone to congress and asked for more power to fight for isis across geographic kal boundaries and it's something democrats and republicans support. >> how long did it take him to?
2:21 am
>> in doing so he's also acknowledged that the path he initially took may not have been enough. >> let me jump in and ask something i'm really interested. i work in the press, always have, i'm really interested in how buzzfeed played this. if -- because i think it's different from what has ever happened before in the history of the media of the united states. if the republican president came to me and said look, i want to promote one of my controversial poli pointless of me -- i would say, no. we have to ask you real questions. but nobody is focusing on buzzfeed is basically an arm of the white house communications office. is this not a big deal? >> where's the seriousness of this? >> this is totally not serious. >> that's the problem. my issue we're spending wasted time talking about pat thetic behavior of this administration at a time when the threat to american lives -- >> i get it. but the only reason this has been allowed to flourish this sort of nonsense is because the
2:22 am
press abets it. that's my point. if the press called the president on this they'd knock it off immediately. >> there's no accountability. >> none. >> i think there's tremendous accountability. let's go back to the fact that this was a video done to get people who are uninsured more insurance. a deadline that's coming up on sunday the 15th. that's important. there's nothing pathetic about that. what i have necessarily done this video? i would have done it a different way because i wanted to get more people engaged. >> poor uninsured people don't watch buzzfeed videos. you know who does? uninsured -- >> the 23 million -- >> rich kids. living on their parents credit card. they're the ones the administration needs to subsidize this -- it's not helping them. >> got 23 million hits on facebook. i imagine there are a good number of them -- >> why wouldn't the president saline up for insurance. why would they couch it up in propaganda? >> because you alluded to it at the beginning of the segment.
2:23 am
it's a different age it's a different time. if this is how they engage, tell the truth. >> tell the truth about the people wlo are now paying more for health care because of this plan. tell truth about the people who lost their health care and were perfectly satisfied. tell the truth about the dropping quality. tell the truth about the number -- >> i can't say that the -- i don't think there's a significant drop in quality. >> talk about the destruction of the health care system -- >> there is no destruction of the health care system. >> why don't you just treat me like an adult and say here are the nine things we're hoping to achieve, here's why we think they're a good idea. why wrap it in this late-night comedy nonsense? >> because we've lost -- >> i agree. >> it's a different time. >> we all have brain damage. okay. >> it's a time to be serious. >> we're out of time tragically. i feel like we're very close to reaching the conclusion, to reaching a solution here. i'm sorry. we have to go to commercial break. coming up next, three muslims killed in north carolina reportedly over a parking space. but for some reason the fbi and the president are now implying
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welcome back to "hannity." funeral services held yesterday for the three muslim north carolina students who were killed earlier this week. the 23-year-old dental student his wife and her sister there on screen. they were killed by this man, craig stephen hicks. some try today label this a hate crime. but the u.s. attorney for that area said there wasn't any evidence of that yet. watch. >> i did want to make sure that folks knew that based on all the information that our office and that law enforcement has at this time that the events of yesterday are not part of a targeted campaign against muslims in north carolina or anything other than an individual event that occurred. we don't have any information.
2:27 am
this is part of an organized effort against muslims. >> local police and the wife of the alleged shooter both say the shooting seems to have stemmed from a dispute over parking. and yet earlier today president obama released this statement about the case. and it read this way in part "in addition to the ongoing investigation by local authorities, the fbi is taking steps to determine whether federal laws were violated. no one in the united states of america should ever be targeted because of who they are, what they look like or how they worship." joining me now with reaction fox news contributors david webb and tamra holder as well as rebecca rose woodland. nice to see you all. david, the president has, as far as we know, zero evidence that the ethnicity or religion of the victims played any role in their murders. >> right. >> why would he inject that into this conversation? >> simply. and i want everyone to pay attention. this could be the muslim ferguson for the agenda on the
2:28 am
left. look at guys like dino -- on february 11th at:00th at 2:18 a.m. patrick pool grabs the social media page of hicks, the killer thrks guy's a murderer. he's an atheist follows rachel maddow, he loves bbw girls, he's a hater, he has problems with his neighbors. but a muslim who just met with the president and his big council goes out and tweets to the gop right wing and tea party. the police come in, the prosecutor, they're looking at this saying this doesn't have the appearance. it's about driving a narrative when this guy murders three people, he has problems with his neighbors over loud noises over everything. he has two parking spaces. all of this we knew at 2:18 a.m. but yet the president comes out, so does keith ellison -- >> hold on isn't it the most divisive thing you could do in
2:29 am
the middle of people's fears and paranoia that ethnicity played a role? why would the president do that? >> he don't that. he said there would be an investigation. >> he said no one should be targeted for who they are, what they -- >> let me finish. he is doing an investigation just like there should be in ferguson, just like there should be in any kind of hate crime -- potential hate crime. remember, if this were a muslim killer who killed three innocent white christian boys -- >> then it would be workplace violence. >> no, it wouldn't -- >> no no no. you ask me a question -- >> well, you haven't answered it adequately i would say that. >> how so? because it wasn't what you wanted to hear. >> -- >> that's exactly the problem. the president suggested in that
2:30 am
phrase that it was a hate crime without saying it. and that's what he's not supposed to do. he's supposed to remain impartial. the president is supposed to remain impartial. and the facts, that's too far. do not lead us to believe it was a hate crime. >> that's what an investigation does. you're a lawyer -- >> he's not acting as an attorney. he's acting as the leader of america. >> he's acting as a spokesperson to all people who are afraid -- >> no, no. >> if i say to you i'm not accusing you of shooting heroin. i'm just saying and look at you, tamra holder, shooting heroin's bad. i'm implying your a drug addict. >> let's follow a track record with president obama who's very clever at doing this. professor gates harvard i don't have all the facts but the police acted stupidly. his liaison for ferguson, trayvon martin, if i had a son.
2:31 am
what the president does is he cleverly inserts -- >> there were no federal charges. >> let me finish. >> the left agenda really really wanted them it didn't happen. >> and the point is not whether they were charged or not. the fact that they're not charged also shows that they were not a factor in hate crimes. >> but that's why there's an investigation into it. >> the point is we flip it it's injected into the american culture thought now because the president said that. why does he say that? why doesn't he just say there will be an investigation. not that additional no one should be subject to anything based on religion -- that adds to the -- >> i don't understand the obsession with motive. isn't any murder where a guy takes a rifle and kills three innocents a hate crime by definition? so the idea that somehow you should be punished even more you should be executed twice -- >> it's gro tes k. >> people who use it to kill --
2:32 am
[ overlapping speakers ] >> people on the right say killers are doing it out of terrorist -- >> let's -- >> one at a time. >> dean obidalla met with the president -- >> right. >> the unfunny dean of comedy. he's in his stream still going on in this he tries to tie this to the gop right wing the tea party. he is not a right winger. this is dino -- >> because you don't want to take him as a right winger. >> no, because he's a leftist who goes out and pushes a narrative. and it's a lie. >> but shouldn't facts -- let's be totally honest. i actually partly think of the muslim families out there, the immigrants this country were thinking does america accept me or not? they're watching this saying oh, my gosh, i'm under attack. it makes everybody paranoid and makes everybody hate each other. >> subconsciously incites people to dislike each other and add to then racial distinction when we
2:33 am
shouldn't have any in this country. >> by the way muslim is a religion, not a race which is another problem on top of this. how about using these families as a political point which is disgusting to use the tragedy of three people being murdered as a political point. >> tamra, will you at least agree that the president's words carry greater weight than those of any other human being on the planet? >> absolutely. >> so he should choose them carefully when he comments about something like a murder. shouldn't he way to imply anything? this is reckless. >> you think it's reckless. >> how can you not see it as reckless? >> i don't see it as reckless, you just said people are afraid they've come to this country to be american and they may be afraid. so he's saying we will investigate. and we will determine whether or not -- >> no. his words -- >> once there's an investigation. he's concerned about the people who passed away.
2:34 am
>> he didn't say anything timely enough. >> you're not going to like what he says -- >> no, he sees a different country than the one i live in. i live in a very tolerant country actually. he sees a very bigoted country. that's the way i see it. coming up next right here on "hannity". >> i left my patrol car and began walking towards the front door along the pathway. lying in the grass i saw a latex glove that seemed out of place and not normal. >> that's something you don't find on a crime scene every day. >> greta is on the case. the case of a 30-year-old former beauty queen who vanished without a trace a decade ago. there are new clues in her disappearance, next. and later it's the movie women have been anticipating for years, "fifty shades of grey" finally in the theaters. is it sending the wrong message to women? we'll interview someone who says, oh, yeah, it is. i've always loved exploring and looking
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welcome back to "hannity." on october 2, 2005, a 30-year-old schoolteacher went to a dinner party in the small town in georgia. she hasn't been seen since. that was nine years ago now. and fox news's greta van sustren is re-examining this case. >> reporter: during the last week of october 2005, the sleepy town had woken up and sprung into action. 30-year-old tara grinstead, neighbor teacher and loved one vanished without a trace. >> after the day she was declared missing which was on that monday, the whole town immediately, you know, centered around figure out what we can do. we even met at the high school. and we all searched. >> it was crazy. because we all went looking for her.
2:41 am
>> i can't tell you how many places we rode. it's not a huge town, but it's like a large area of country land. >> but what makes it very difficult is the number of bodies of water. >> there are a lot of swamps and ponds and just places that it's difficult to get to. and they searched as best they could. there are a lot of abandoned wells in irwin county. >> countless wells both used and unused in which a body can be deposited. >> we check every well in the county. >> that was a clip from greta investigates vanished without a trace. it airs tomorrow night on fox news channel at 10:00 p.m. joining me now to explain more is our old friend greta. it's amazing to think someone can disappear in modern america. yet tara did. do we have any hunch what
2:42 am
happened to her? >> that's the problem, tucker. she vanished into thin air. beauty queen in the community, went to a barbecue and never seen again. her house was in order, car was undisturb undisturbed, everything there, a handful of people you would maybe look at but still absolutely no clues at all. we were there in 2005. i spent a lot of time i went through the house then. and what we're doing now is that we're going back and re-looking at every single clue hoping that someone remembers something, somebody saw something, this is small town somebody did but there are so many weird things about this story. oddly enough with our pressure the other day they decided to search another pond. so we're putting pressure on the police. this is an incredible mystery. >> i read they put some sort of submerseible in the pond. was there any sign of struggle
2:43 am
in the house at all? >> what was weird is her car seat. there's a lamp knocked over in her house. but that wasn't much. it was in her bedroom. but what was really weird was her car seat. because when you went out to her car it was pushed back farther than someone of her height would have it suggesting maybe someone went into her house nabbed her or something and used her car to do something with her. you know, so it was odd that her seat was pushed back. maybe she took something out of the car and flipped the seat back. i don't do that. my seat stays stationary where it is. that was one of the peculiar things was that car seat. so even things like with the neighbors there were some odd things. but nothing that's been overwhelming to say what happened to her. and certainly nothing to point in any direction to any particular person. >> is there any dna evidence in the case? >> there is but not matched to anything. not dna, there's a glove found in the front yard a blue glove, one of those surgical gloves. and there's, i think there's some dna in there but not matched to anybody.
2:44 am
have to be in a database. we're hoping some time someone will end up in a database. but this is a relatively well manicured area. you're likely to find more junk in my front yard than this woman's front yard. that's just one of the dangling clues. >> i bet her family and friends are grateful you're on the case. >> it's not so much grateful. that's what people don't understand. why do you stick to these cases? because when you meet the family and friends, they just want to know. that's all. so they can end this. >> there's nothing worse than a disappearance. greta, thanks a lot. don't forget to tune in tomorrow night. you can watch at 10:00 p.m. eastern, special edition of greta investigates. coming up the highly anticipated movie "fifty shades of grey" now in theaters. coming up, someone who says the movie sends the exact wrong message.
2:45 am
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2:50 am
by storm. my next guest says it sent the wrong message to women. joining us, the president of live action and also clinical psychologist psychologist, why do you say this movie based on a book as far as i can tell from reading the book it was targeted exclusively women? >> it's bad for a number of reasons. first of all this is a story about domestic abuse, about the sexual violence and manipulation and domination of a young girl by a man who was abused himself and then went onto become an abuser. and it's glamourized. it's rowmanticromanticizeed. many people today, and it's a problem all across our country are facing domestic abuse in
2:51 am
their own homes. we have a crisis on our college campuses and yet we're flocking on valentine's weekend to celebrate the romanticization of this abuse along with the fact it promotes depictions of violent pornography. >> well, i tend to agree with you. i thought it was creepy as heck and stupid. >> i'm glad to hear that tucker. >> all the movie does is normalize a very common female sexual fantasy dominance and submission. both men and women exhibit that fantasy all the time.
2:52 am
have that system. and in that way, it sends a message because ate lous women to normize their feelings it's a very common -- >> they want to be dominated but feel guilty? >> no. women -- dr. wilson, women do not want to be dominated we want to see leadership. >> no. no. >> this is not a movie about sexual abuse. this two consenting adults. engaging in a fantasy. she can walk away at any time. iet raises an interesting question about consent if two, you know if adult women find this appealing. i don't get it. you find that embarrassing. but i mean can we say they shouldn't find it appealing? who knows what the heart wants? >> women want to be pursued and
2:53 am
want to be admired and desired. absolutely. but the way that we're being marketed at this by a glitzy film and a multiwri million dollar industry making money off the books and film is in a violent, and the whole cry of the rapist is that women want it the whole cry is that well she wanted it. she had it coming. >> that is being promoted is what we need to stand against. >> right. i'm with you. i found it unattractive and creepy but doctor -- >> i don't see this movie any different from "basic instinct". >> here is the difference. this is only for women. there are no men that read the
2:54 am
book. >> what about "9 and a half weeks"? there have been plenty of movies and books out there. >> the problem is that young girls are being targeted by this. imdb's highest rating came from girls under 18. you can say you're a 40-year-old woman and it's about your choices but this is our culture. we have to protect our young girls and teach respect. >> i'm still confused as to what women want. >> why market to young women? i think it's leadership. >> i think for consulting why do people count on sunsweet amazin prune juice to stay fit on the inside? it's made only from prunes nothing else.
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hello and good morning everyone. today is saturday, february 14th. a fox news alert. isis is dangerously close to u.s. troops in iraq. they are attacking a base where 300 of our marines are stationed and taking over a town just five miles away. >> this enemy must be opposed. they must be killed, they must be destroyed. the islamic ideology must be defeated where ever it rears it's ugly head.


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