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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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sure you follow me or like me on facebook. we'll see you tomorrow night. 7:00 p.m. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> jesus help me. >> pope francis condemning the behiddings of 21 christians in strong terms. president obama will not even use the world -- the word christian describing the slaughter. tonight the holy war begins. >> when you say that barack obama as commander and chief has had a positive impact on the morale of the men and women of the united states armed forces? >> i -- i have to really take issue with the question. >> the pentagon caught between a reluctant president and true jihadist evil. we'll have a special report on that. >> eddie ray ravel -- ralph in his own words at times
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confusing. rasm bling to investigators talking about the wolf saying people were eating his soul. >> also ahead the man who allegedly murdered the "american sniper" chris kyle closer to judgment day. >> i just want to get the bad guys. if i can't see them i can't shoot them. >> caution, you are about to severe the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ paragraph prafer hi i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the holy war begins. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the on camera beheadings of 2 1 poor christian workers by egypt by isis jihadists in libya has shocked apathetic world which has largely accepted middle tant behavior by jihadist muslims. would not call the victims christian. even though the killers openly said they were murdered because of their
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faith. the white house called them egyptians. >> wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall in the room where the white house is he semanticists. he you think the phrase they should come up with is non-islamic randomness. >> sarcasm aside president obama's unwillingness to engage the on the ground. it may define his entire presidency if the terror group continues its expansion and the tailly horrors that follow low. according to a new cnn poll 57% american adults now disapprove of the way the president is handling isis. 40% approve. when asked if they should send ground forces: if the ground action is defined as raids and not occupation, that number would go up quickly. reaction to the beheadings in libya was swift.
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hope francis saying, quote: their only words were "jesus help me." they were killed simply for the fact that they were christians. of the blood of our christian brothers and sisters is a testimony which cries out to be heard. leading catholic cardinal in america timothy dollan said this is part of fanaticism, religion of peace as the enemy. fanatics want to take over and we can't let that happen. they threaten civilization, everything that is decent and noble about humanity. it is a worldwide crisis that cannot, must not be ignored. this week there will be some meetings at the white house about the growing terror threat. we can expect a lot of speeches. talking points well understands that the wars in iraq and afghanistan have hurt america's ability to confront evil around the world. president obama and many americans do not have the heart for another global conflict after the intense loss of blood and treasure since the attack on 9/11.
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but the utter brutality that faces this country and the world today has to be confronted. and somebody has to lead that effort. it certainly won't be the chinese leader or putin or merkel or david cammeron in great britain. the first three don't have the will cammeron doesn't have the power. there is only one leader with the cachet to lead the fight. that reluctant warrior barack obama. this is now a so-called holy war between radical jihadists and everybody else. including peaceful muslims. isis has murdered thousands of innocent people who follow the teachings of allah. the terror savages will kill anyone at any time. what is especially frightening is the continuing nonsense we see from washington. >> we're killing a lot of them and we're going to keep killing more of them. so are the egyptians and jordanians, they are in this fight with us. we cannot win this war by killing them. we cannot kill our way out of this war. we need, in the longer term,
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medium and longer term to go after the root causes that lead people to join these groups, whether it's lack of opportunity for jobs. >> so ms. harf who spooks for the state department, john kerry is telling the isis killers themselves and the world that organized military opposition cannot defeat the terror group. that's just nonsense. if the world united against the jihad it would be defeated. but, again, there is no effort to do that and so the cross cities continue. history will show that president obama made enormous mistake by failing to leave a residual force behind in iraq that could have quickly mobilized against the isis savages when they begin infiltrating that country. the president was slow in recognizing the threat initially jay vee, junior varsity. president obama told the world yemen was bulldog against al qaeda. overrun by jihadists.
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american marines having to flee that country without their weapons. so, on the president's watch. of the countries have become safe havens. syria, iraq northern pakistan eastern nigeria, libya, somalia, iran parts of algeria and parts of afghanistan. that is quite a resume. we in america have been fortunate that our intelligence agencies and fbi as well as local police have prevented another big attack like 9/11. instead, we and other countries continue to sosh small blows from fanatical individuals with isis expanding its territory and recruiting thousands of fanatical killers from all over the world, no one is safe. they're, it is imperative that president obama stop living in a theoretical, even fictional world. america is not able to fix economies in third world nations. we are not able to force
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islamic despots to respect human rights. we are not able to convince the iranian mullahs to stop supporting and harboring terrorists and to cease with the nukes. we simply cannot do those things and to waste time throwing them out as possible solutions to dismantling the jihad is insulting and dangerous to the american people. -- the holy war is here. and unfortunately unfortunately it seems the president of united states will be the last one to acknowledge it that's the memo. next on the rundown reaction from a catholic priest and protestant pastor. then is it legal: also stossel major university debating banning military from the campus on the face of the growing jihad. factor is coming right back.
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continuing with lead story holy bamplet joining us in new york murray. >> pastor of the holy family church from. dallas pastor robert jeffress, author of the new book countdown to the apock lick lips why isis and ebola are only the beginning. pastor begin with you. why do you think the white house failed to mention the men were christian? >> we are in religious war against islam. while that's true it's time for this president to get off of his high horse and acknowledge that radical islam is in a representing just war against us. and until we understand that, we won't understand where this is headed. these islamists will not rest until they have exterminated every just and every christian from the face of the earth. if you think that is hyperbole, just listen to what they said on that libyan beach after they butchered those 21 christians. they said we are headed to rome next. and while rome may be their
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next stop i guarantee you it won't be their final stop. they are coming after every one of us as well if we don't stop them now. >> all right. the president doesn't want to overreact to this crew isis and behind the scenes is he telling the american people look, we are doing what we can to dismantle them. we are bombing them. we are using drones against terrorists. you know, we have an active alliance with 60 other nations to fight them. so, he is not ignoring the threat but he seems to be down playing it. and, again, i'm not sure why he is doing it. do you have the why pastor? >> well, i think part of it is the influence of islam on his own life. he sees radical islam as a tiny minority. while that's true, powerful minority is much more potent than a passive majority. and i just don't think he can acknowledge the branch of islam and i think the
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neville became berlin auto approach if we can contain or ignore this threat it will go away. going away. >> the pope is not generally an activist, a political activist comes out and looked to me like he was angry about what happened. as he should be. i mean these people -- they were poor people, father. these weren't activists or soldiers or anything like that. poor people who went from egypt to libya to try to make a buck for their family and they rounded them up and cut their heads off. i mean it doesn't get worse than that is do you believe that the pope will start to lead in the holy war? will he take an active leadership as the secular leaders are receding? >> i think the pope will continue to say that the west has a duty to protect the innocent and fight this. and we have to recognize martyrdom is when you die for religious reasons. the pope is saying quite clearly isis is killing people because they think that's what god wants them to do. the pope is saying the truth is god does not want this
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kind of murderous criminal behavior. it's up to the leaders with armies like our president to get out there and fight them. >> i wish he would say that. see, he doesn't say that. again, i'm being unfair to the pope because it's not his job to control the world and run the world. if he would say something like that, father, imagine the headlines if he would say that america and the rest has a moral obligation to neutralize or destroy the jihad that book enormous story. i don't see him doing that. >> he did say back in the summer that we have to stop isis in reference to what's
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this is unmitigated evil. >> no doubt about that. >> that's why tonight i am calling on christians everywhere. catholics and protestants together to join with our jewish friends and demand that this president do whatever is necessary including boots on the ground to eradicate this cancer of isis and radical islam before it destroys us. >> i think that's a good
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idea. all christians jews and seq. could i larrists who love their countries and want to protect humanity should email and call the white house and say enough wouldn't that be a good idea? you would get behind that. >> we don't maintain a military so they can stay in barracks. they are supposed to go out and defend us. people are killed all the time by isis. we get complaints. i'm very happy that the egyptians and jordanians take action. we need to take action. >> we are not talking about occupation or anything like that. but i'm going to also make a call gentlemen, i hope you will be with me on this for every cleric in the country saturday sunday, friday in the mosques with the imams to address this with their conscious and to -- congregation to address this say enough. we people of good faith have to till our leader to get in gear. i would like to see every cleric in this country do that. you guys agree? >> i'm going to talk about
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it. >> pastor you agree? >> i'm with you, bill. >> let's make that bill. i want every pastor, every priest every rabbi and imam to email me personally and tell me you are going to do that. i will read as many on the air as i can. gentlemen, thanks very much. directly ahead, powers and crowley on the terror threat. as kirsten changed her mind? stossel on campus debating rotc. this is unbelievable up ahead. ducolax provides gentle overnight relief, unlike miralax that can take up to 3 days. dulcolax, for relief you can count on.
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impact segment tonight. the beat goes on. listen to attorney generalache holder today. >> if fox didn't talk about this, they would have nothing else to talk about it would seem to me. you know, radical islam
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islamic extremism. you know, i'm not sure an awful lot is gained by saying that. >> i got to get sunglasses like that. with us now monica crowley and kirsten powers. begin with you. have i convinced you finally, after all these months that president obama needs to lead the world in this holy war? i have convinced you finally? >> well, bill, first of all have you misunderstood our agreement. the agreement i have had with both you and monica over and over, i don't believe that president obama doesn't understand the threat nor i do think he doesn't take the threat seriously i think where the disagreement is what should be done about it you have been leading the drum beat for sending troops. in ground troops would probably be what you would suggest. i agree with you that that would be the only thing that we could do. i'm just not at the point of believing we should do it because i haven't heard a
5:22 pm
plan that i think would definitely deal with the problem and not get us into a worse situation we are in right now. >> surely you understand that president obama is not leading in this regard. as i pointed out. >> yes. >> in my opening remarks. >> i don't disagree with you. he is not leading in the way that you want him. >> not leading in anyway. when you put out -- weren't you stunned when the president release comes out of the 21 christians who were beheaded and the white house calls them egyptians? weren't you -- didn't that stun you? >> i wish i could be stunned but i have written about christian persecution which has including a lot of baby headings and crucifixions and babies being cut in half for the last year and a half and written quite a bit about the fact that president obama won't talk about it. in fact, you will remember that he talked about the -- he never talked about christians. >> now i am trying to mobilize the clergy. >> yes. >> do you think that's going to be successful? because, look, we have got a
5:23 pm
lot of people watching this program. but, beyond that whatever i say goes out on the internet, believe me every cleric in this country will know tomorrow what we are doing tonight. do you think that the clergy christian, jewish and muslim in america will rise up and demand that the the leader of this country start to do something to protect innocent life? >> well, i think your call tonight is a very important move. i think it's long overdo. give you kudos for using the term holy war which i first used on this program several weeks ago. as i recall you jumped all over me for it? >> there is a reason though. >> it's not because bill or monica is calling this it a holy war. this is what the enemy is engaged in against the west and the united states. so, as parts of your call to the clergy, i think it's incredibly important because what we are facing here is a violent global movement
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islam not because monica crowley says so but because it is the command of mohammed who is considered the perfect muslim aim supposed to inspire. all in the iranian constitution. that's what iran with a nuclear weapon is all about. so, if we don't all get on the same page here clergy, political leaders the american people the west by and large. we are already losing this war. this is world war iii and we are in it whether we want to see it or not. >> all right. i want to get powers' reaction to this. the reason i call for the clerics to do it is because the politicians have frovment western europe by and large cowardly. they won't confront the jihad. they won't confront putin. they won't do anything, they are cowards. all right? other countries around the world we don't have the power to do anything. china have the the power. putin, he likes all of this. he wants worldwide conflict so it's left to america our
5:25 pm
politicians aren't doing it let led by the clergy. the president would be force to do do it or go down in history as james buchanan. what do you say? >> it's not clear what you want them rising up? rising up about the christians being atamgd takdz. >> as we called for in the last segment ask their congregation to call, email, whatever to the white house. address? what? >> to tell president obama to actively oppose the i jihadists, now whether that means a sum is mitt meeting recollect that's what they should do first of all. organize military action, whatever it may be, all of those things. >> i think the clergy should be speaking out on all issues of human rights. >> this is the biggest one and they should have been speaking up a lot and even frank wolf has criticized a lot of the christian clergy
5:26 pm
about being silent. >> absolutely. >> this has been going on with christians. you know bill, this is not the first christians to to be beheaded over there. you know they were. >> no, but this is now critical mass has been reached. >> so i agree that people should be actually protesting, they should be out in the street. >> absolutely. got to get involved. monica is going to get the last words. >> i do not call it a holy war. go ahead. >> what i think is so important about your point about trying to mobile blis the clergy mobleg bliz. recognition of evil. that's where the clergy, comes in because first you have to recognize that this is an evil force we are in this war. do you fight it now whether you still have an arrange of advantages economic political or do you wait like we did in world war ii and like we constantly do in the west, do you wait until you lose your advantages and it's too late and it ends up being a much bigger
5:27 pm
cataclysm? >> that's a good analysis but you are leaving out one more thing every day the west waits or the world waits, thousands more people die. that's right. that's where leadership comes in. >> leadership is what is taking unpopular legislating and rallying the american people to do what's right. >> let's see if the clergy gets involved or if they talk about the mustard seed on sunday. okay? let's see if they can kind of make it a little bit more relevant, good vs. evil. you are exactly right. >> very relevant bill. >> it's about evil. that's what it's about. thank you very much. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. stossel debated on ivy league school. should be banned. this may be insane. is it legal on a judge stopping president obama's immigration order close to judgment day for the "american sniper" killer. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer, that's what i'd like to do. personal story segment tonight. got very personal last friday between fox news correspondent james rosen and pentagon spokesman admiral john kirby. >> would you say that barack obama as commander and chief on the morale of the men and women of the united states armed forces? >> i think -- look i have to really take issue with the question. the commander and chief is
5:32 pm
the commander and chief. it doesn't matter. >> so you discount the proposition that the top officer some impact on the morale rank and file i didn't say that leadership is devoid from morale. >> just let the record reflect i didn't ask you a political question he. >> yes you did. >> oh, joining us from washington is rosen. why did you ask the question in the first place? i asked with the morale with the the command commander and chief. people have told me that it has not been a positive impact impact. i thought it was important for the record of this very
5:33 pm
tumultuous time that somebody at the meningioma have that question put to them "on the record." >> describe what you have heard. people don't know what the problem is if there is a problem. >> i think by and large recognize that a the loft things have factor into the morale rank and file. pay and benefits, the access to combat the willingness to -- their ability to get in and fight and do their jobs and that sort of thing knack tore is the commander and chief and i have heard pretty uniformly but informally i should stress that they don't believe in this commander and chief. that they don't think he is willing to take the fight as you have been suggesting on the program up until now. you heard in the briefing room at the pentagon where i am not a regular, at this timers the admiral whom i respect deeply for his 28 years of service in the navy
5:34 pm
said that i had asked a political question. and i told him to no, i hadn't. i had asked a question about the relationship between the commander and chief and the morale of the rank and file. in our exchange he acknowledged that is a appropriate question. the problem for rear admiral it was a political question real political implications from which he rather sensibly shrank: >> i agree with you it was a provocative question but i didn't see it as a political question. but i am interested to know about the dissatisfaction that you say is apparent in the american military is it because barack obama won't take the fight to isis? is that what's causing it? rise of isis on the american radar screen this is not a
5:35 pm
systematic survey i have ever taken. just my formal soundings of people in the military as i go about my travels in washington many years time. the sent i pick up is the rank and file and some measure of the officer corps don't regard barack obama as the type of commander and chief they would like to see. they would like to see somebody who perhaps is more aggressive in combating islamic extremism around the world. that includes isis. >> there was nobody more aggressive than vice president cheney and i think everybody would admit. even military people that there were plenty of mistakes made for overreacting the way we did in iraq i don't think afghanistan was overreaction but iraq was and proved to be. maybe the military is a little too hawkish is that possible? >> that's like saying comedians are too funny
5:36 pm
bill. we want our pentagon and military to be hawkish. who whole vice president laid out about vice president cheney in iraq and time doesn't permitted me here to deacon structure them all. i would say to you that i covered the 2004 presidential campaign. i was out on the road with president bush when he was running for re-election against senator john kerry the democratic nominee. president bush's military record was not extensive or sterling. and, yet, we went to a lot of military bases, not for campaign purposes, but just across his presidency, and the military, the rank and file loved george w. bush they do. john kerry was seen as not one of those. >> medals and all of that i got it i thought it was a good question of kirby. and, you know, you do what you always do rosen, cause rubble -- cause trouble. is it legal on a federal
5:37 pm
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princess cruises. come back new. would you be willing to give up sharing your moments? sacrifice streaming all night long? is it okay to drop a connection, when you need it most? if you're not on the largest, most reliable network, what are you giving up? verizon. thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the is it legal segment tonight. top pibs, lis wiehl and
5:41 pm
kimberly guilfoyle. federal judge south texas, brownville right? >> right. >> he says one federal judge the president of the united states does not have the executive order power to change the immigration law. is that what happened? that's what happened. he franted preliminary injunction which is stopping president obama. like a david and goliath moment in his tracks n. his tracks immigration order. the standard is would the states be likely to succeed and would there be be irreparable harm if he did not step in and grant this injunction. >> the states are suing mr. obama. how many are suing? >> 26 total. >> 26 suing. they went in particular. >> they like this judge. texas. >> so texas led the way here. >> yes. >> they dher were -- cherry picked a judge. rule in our favor. what does the obama administration do. >> the department of justice is going to appeal. probably has done it even as
5:42 pm
we speak tonight. they are going to appeal the fifth circuit there in new orleans. set up a three panel judge. >> probably overturn the south texas judge. >> whatever happens with that three judge panel it's going to go to the supreme court. >> that's interesting that one judge can say hey, mr. president, you can't do that. all right, "american sniper" murder trial going on in texas again. and this guy is going to get convicted. there is no question about that correct? >> yeah. i think it will they convicted the whole issue. the only legal issue at play here is whether he knew at the time of the killing right from wrong. that's the legal standard now post hinckley. >> that's what his lawyer was saying delusional and just didn't know that murdering two human beings is wrong? is that what they are saying? >> trying to say that in his own confession. >> right from wrong. >> he said he knew what he was doing. take out instead of. >> you know what's amazing to me and to all the law enforcement agencies watching tonight all the law enforcement agents tonight.
5:43 pm
they did not take drug test on this guy when they had him in there he said he was zoomed, right? >> here's the thing. he said he smoked pot and took alcohol. >> he tested. >> that's voluntary intoxication. >> that will not negate the specific intent to credit this crime. >> it won't. but to cover all bases. >> i agree right. >> the kind of court system we live in now. >> no, but you are right. that's what the defense is saying. you have want to put way this guy who sought of his mind on drugs, sneaking and drinking beforehand. he didn't know what he was doing. >> he knew. >> even more than that they are saying ptsd. there are a lot of people with ptsd not out there killing people. >> we have been following if you watch the factor often. we are following a story here in new york city where a group put out a very antipolice video showing police officers simulated being killed. all right. roll the tape on this so people can know what we are talking about. okay. now in this video there were a couple of attorneys working attorneys paid by
5:44 pm
the city of new york. they have been fired. but, behind the video was another attorney and wiehl, lis wiehl get those guys off. all right. do we are a v. a picture of the woman? get the woman up there. wiehl. >> robin steinberg. >> she was gonna be honored by harvard university. but wiehl stepped in, guilfoyle. >> i love it. >> wiehl stepped in and did what? >> did i not step in but i did speak to official there at law school. >> stepping in. >> and wheel of justice. these students met yesterday, monday. and they have tromped through all the snow to have a student meeting. no faculty there. the women's law association and international association got together and said we really like this woman. she spent 30 years as a defender. we appreciate that. we wanted to honor her but we don't want in any way to be behind some kind of video like this. >> what did she do guilfoyle, in the video? what did this woman do.
5:45 pm
>> the problem is she is the one that put this video forward and allowed her people to be in it. endorsing. >> she okayed the video? >> she okayed the video. >> what is her job? >> she is the executive director of the bronx defenders. she is in charge of this substantially large criminal justice defender group that provides public defender for indigent defendants. >> she knew about the video. >> right. >> knew it was antipolice. knew it was provocative. >> and then some students at harvard wanted to honor her. >> right. >> but wiehl, shut it down. >> wiehl very scary at times. >> why did you do that? >> they were right in not. >> yes, it does. absolutely. i don't want somebody -- from my alma mater toe a woman who would defend a video like that. >> that's right. because you went to harvard law school but you are usually so wishy washy. >> i'm not wishy washy. >> you very rarely are this
5:46 pm
proactive in doing the right thing. you have been on the show like 50 years. >> i always do the right thing. >> oh. >> but now she is wiehl the terror. >> influence on her? >> i think so. >> i think it's you guilfoyle. i think it's guilfoyle. >> yes. >> i i think it's you. we don't want anybody to be punished unnecessarily but it is certainly not appropriate to honor someone who okayed a cop killing video. they did say she is vindicated later. they might take her nomination up again. >> good move hobbit. >> in my second career i'm going to be -- >> -- no. don't go there. >> stossel on deck to debate at an ivy league college over rotc. amazing in this age of isis, is it not? factor tip of the day a web site that you need to know about. right back. better take something. theraflu severe cold won't treat your runny nose.
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things to be. [ male announcer ] go long™. back of the book segment text it, stossel matters at brown university a hot bed of liberal nism rhode island, there is debate over whether to allow the roc on campus. here to tell us all about it another political correct madness john stossel. so you have been following this political correct thing up in brown, there is a student, i guess is he a columnist on the newspaper or something like that. is he leading the way to ban rotc. my question is does it take -- does isis have to come there and behead this kid before he understands what the hell is going on? >> maybe. i mean, what he wrote was that rotc is guilty of state sanctioned violence. >> sanctioned violence? >> defend himself. >> goes on and calls the
5:51 pm
cadets. he's a silly lefty. i went to brown once just to debate students, what's the new definition of rape. because one kid had been driven away from campus because he had sex with a girl when she was drunk. and that was considered rape. just trying to ask the questions, they drown me out screaming rape is not tv hype, and ripped off my microphone. >> how long ago was that. >> that was 15 years ago. but the culture has continued. they now talk about micro aggressions. any white man is committing micro aggression. you have to be very careful not to offend anybody. the way we talk to each other on this show, it's macro aggression. >> we would be thrown out or expelled. >> but you learn through argument. >> they want to ban even lefties, what was it the university of california told maher he couldn't show up there. >> but maher had taken what is not a lefty position.
5:52 pm
he's critical of islam. so he can't -- riian has suffered -- >> she spoke out against the muslim atrocities, and suppression of women. >> who suffered genital mutilation. at brandice university, oh, we can't have her. >> it used to be that colleges were freedom of expression bastions in america. but now they've done a 180 is that what you're telling us? >> yes. the college was supposed to be about the open debate. the answer to hurtful speech, what they ought to teach is more speech. if you don't like it, argue against it. >> but the faculty doesn't want that. they want the monolithic one world point of view. you can see the hiring was it 90% of college professors across the country that were surveyed donated to barack obama? unbelievable stat.
5:53 pm
>> maybe 2% donated to republicans. it's very stacked that way. their argument is well the conservatives aren't very smart. >> that's true. look at -- you expect me to name somebody? i'm not going to do that. i mean i have some people in mind but i wouldn't say it. you're a libertarian so you don't fall into that category correct? >> and i'm not welcome there. you have to believe in big government running our lives. >> here's what you have to believe. not so much big government. you have to believe in white oppression. >> that, too. >> that's what you have to believe in. on american campuses today. john stossel, everybody. see his weekly program now fridays 9:00 p.m. on our sister station. >> why not our brother station. >> we'll have one of those next. a website you need to know about in this age of terror. the tip, moments away. ♪
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5:57 pm
seeing the evidence for that. craig brooks, you believe the usa is the only nation that can defeat isis. britain has been fighting them for years. i know you'd be right with us. mr. o'reilly, i want to thank you for spotlighting the decline declining discipline in new york public schools. you're correct when you say teachers cannot control the classroom when students are allowed to curse at them. here's what's going on in many places, colleen. liberal educators do not want to punish minority students, because they believe that drives those kids away from the system. the result is chaos. and the result of chaos in schools is that parents, with money, take their kids out of public schools. the only way for children to
5:58 pm
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some power here. thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. remember, the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight just one day after we saw the islamic state terrorist executing some 21 christians. we are hearing that not only were another 45 innocents reportedly burned to death by isis, but that a group of u.s. allied soldiers could soon suffer the same fate. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. i'm megyn kelly. we're now seeing video of kurdish soldiers being paraded in cages, that appear eerily similar to one in which a jordanian pilot was recently burned to death. one man per cage. as isis continues its horrific death and propaganda


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