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tv   Strange Inheritance  FOX News  February 21, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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jamie colby is coming up next. >> a sailor who was with jfk aboard pt-109. >> the young man's mother begins killed.young man's mother begins >> the young man's mother begins a correspondence with the futuro president. >> they're tucked away for vç >> these documents could be of n significant historical value and also be worth a lot of money. >> one of those treasures that surfaces that nobody knew existed. >> a treasure, all >>right. t if they can prove they're real.u >>th signature is authentic. >> this is a real -- >> real jfk signature. >> you're 100% sure. >> will bidders open their
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wallets? >> looking for 100 bid. now, 110. now, 120. jamie: i am jamie colby, i am on i'm jamie colby and today, n i'm on my way to fall river, massachusetts. i'm dpoik to meet a man whose strange inheritance beginses with his family's strong connection to a future president. >> i'm dennis. k571990. she left us with correspondence regarding our uncle herald, who was lost inó+zxñ the south paci during world war ii. >> i'm jamie. >> nice to meet you. >> what is this place? >> this has to do with our inheritance. >> these ships. the battleship here in fall river has two of the last
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remaining pt boats from world war ii. dennis' uncle herald joined the brother. i think it was probably exciting >> then, a month later, pearl harbor.néñ with the u.s. at war, herald is shipped to the south pacific. he puts in a request to join a pt boat crew. pt is is navy lingo for patrol torpedo. they were armed with machine gun tourettes, including just one to the right of the captain's helm. >> they could lay low in the r(s to pass and then attack with the torpedos. >> the museum's pt boat cure
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rater shows me around. wow, tight quarters. why are they called the mosquito fleet? >> they could infect you with they were small and fast. >> by the summer of 1943, hesitation to board a boat like this one near the solomon islands. captain, 2. kennedy. >> so, s> correct. >> right here. could barely see over and they operated in the dark of night. >> yes.)fun >> four feet away is where herald was operating that tourette. this really puts it ini@ perspective. >> the idea was to go out and attack the destroyers and sink them. >> but no radar. >> the 109 did not have radar. try driving down the headlight at nightúv with your headlight
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off. >> on one such night, august 1st, 1943, out of the darkness comes the omgeri, a japanese destroyer. 19-year-old herald isl5ç statio in that gun carry. >> herald gave the alarm, the 2:00. >> it slices right through pt 109. >> and right here where you're standing, his wing tank actually exploded. >> it's hard to imagine anyone could have survived. >> things=pí happened to fast. he probably got sucked into the weight of the ship. >> herald and the second sailor, andrew, didn't have a chance. the surviving sailors swam to a #>i. distraught over the loss of his men, lieutenant kennedy writes to herald's3pdq mother.iñ&jh what did jfk tell her?
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>> dear mrs.aéxnë8dymarnie, thr for the loss of your son. >> he nothing more i can say to make your sorrow less. he fit in quickly and was very well liked. jenny writes back right away, thanking him for his letter and asking if it's possible her son, herald, could still be alive. kennedy responds, when the crew was united around the floating bow, we could find no trace of him, although every effort was made to find him. i am terribly sorry that i can not be of more help to you. >> my grandmother, jenny, was from nova scotia. very english, very proper. >> and shelv feels she's made a friend. in early 1944, mom learns that kennedy will be back in boston
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to get treated for a back injury. she goes to visit him in the hospital. you don't just get in to see jack kennedy. >> no, you don't. >> but somehow, she does. more than once. >> what they talked about, god only knows, but i'm sure they talk talked about herald, his brother, joe. >> jfk's older brother, joe, was a naval aifuater when he was killed in a top secret mission over england, jenny sends her own letter. jfk writes back. it says i want you to know how much i appreciate your cards. standard thank you note, but he goes on to say, i know you know how we all feel, boys like herald and my brother, joe, can never be replaced. incredible. and he says i hope that i shall see you some time again. >> yes. >> in 1946, kennedy is elected to congress. years later, to the senate and
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in november 1960, kent(hz wins the white house.]&pa cf1 o narrowly defeating vice president richard nixon. >> a torch has been passedu;t:ñ new generation of americans born >> just three months after kennedy writes to mum again.t he sent her a photo of a memorial wall in the philippines that's inscribed with harold's name. kennedy closes his letter saying capitol, i would like very much to have the white house and other public places here shown to you. then comes that awful day in >> president kennedy was shot today just as his motorcade left downtown dallas. >> it's the end of the white house camelot year. and the end of mum's
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relationship with the most jenny dies in 1973 and bequeathed her carefully preserved letters from kennedy to her daughter. dennis' mother. elaine gives the letters to her son in 1985, just five years before she dies.ta(í >> when i first looked at them, it was, wow. and promptly put them in ayj s deposit box. >> there they remained for the nec quarter century. but a surprise phone call from a stranger will reignite this family's interest in their unique inheritance. >> i left a strange message. argued to a nephew of harold. >> that's next. harl marney. >> whais >> but first, our quiz question. of presidential memorabilia ever
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what's the most expensive
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piece of presidential memorabilia? it's a. george washington's copy of the constitution. it sold for nearly $10 million in 2012.q9+h >> for years, jenny corresponds they remained friends until his assassination in 1963. neither dennis nor frances, who are half brothers, ever met their uncle harold. >> what i heard5@k about agk un was really just whispers and stuff. l commander. >> but when francis grows up, he catches theuñ genealogy bug an starts posting messages online. >> i came to the realizization that i didn't know much about my family. >> he says he's looking for any
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unknown relatives of ?ñmarney. the message goes unnoticed untit 2013 -- positioned to place a headstone in a veterans cemetery near springfield, massachusetts. >> i could not find him anywhere. honored. and not even in springfield. and he was from east springfield. >> brian comes across frances' post from way back in 2001. >> i left a very strange message. are you the nephew>é#y pt 109 crew member, harold marney? >> it was quite shocking to get a call out of the blue. >> in august 2013, that gravestone for uncle harold is placed at the veteran's cemetery. it gets dennis thinking about (qq ts dennis thinking about to his grandmother he's been years.
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isn't it time he did something with them? but then comes another kind of reckoning for dennis and frances. their brother, john, dies of diabetes at the age of 57. >> it makes you think about what do you want to do with the rest of your life. his death was unexpected. >> they retrieved the letters, which francis has never seen.> and i was shocked when i saw the letters actually detaileded >> why now? >> the driving thing was the loss of our brother, john. like a wake up. like i'm notes s getting any younger. these documents could be of significant historical value and be worth a lot of money. >> you had a big decision to make. give me a number. what did you 1cfzthink? >> 30, $40,000 perhaps.ñx1[ >> dennis didn't pull that number of a hat. the son of andrew, the other sailor who died aboard pt 109 sold his grandmother's letter from kennedy, that single letter
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went for $9,500. >> we had -- was one worth 9500 or 20,000? we have no idea. >> but dennis and frances are authenticating jfk documents for auction is a lot more complicated than they imagined. >> one of the most important things to know if you're going to buy a john f. kennedy letter, autographs. it is. >> is a jfk signature easy or difficult to spot a fake? >> probably the most difficult. >> that's next on strange inheritance. inher/10. >inhe >> here's another quiz question for you. babe ruth is the most forged autograph of all time. the sports world? monroe or elvis presley? the answer in a moment.
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>> what is the p so, what's the most forged signature outside the sports world? it's c, elvis presley. authentication services. foró,á÷ 25 years, dennis ke an old familyv
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fetch big bucks. >> kennedy's a very important figure in american history. thus collectibles. people really relate it to the family. and pairs of jackie kennedy's shoes sell for $30,000. >>ht the brothers letters hold their own unique value and the reason goes back to that fateful pt 109 mission. >> there are no other letters that we know of from john f kennedy where he gives a personal account of what happened that night. when someoneidynz walks in with f. kennedy letters, letters that no one has seen or read, we get excited. >> but many a collector has been burned after plunking down a fortune for a newly discovered document that turns out to be a fake. >> jfk is ranked by memorabilia dealers as the fourth most forged nonsports signature on the market after elvis, the beatles and neil armstrong.
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authenticator givey-qñ a stamp approval on these letters? >> is a jfk signature easy or difficult to spot a fake? >> jfk is perhaps the most difficult. 80% of the process is does the known -- gpúyjfk's handwriting entire íb down in the 1960s just on kennedy's handwriting. >> why would he change it? >> his personality change and changed more dramatically than any other president and pretty much most famous people. >> the brothers know the handwritten letters to their grandmother going back to 1943 must be real. bobby can't just take their word for it. he compares them to a known jfk
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letter. show me. >> i've got a letter from 1940, three years prior. the similarities, he always had a tendency, even later in life, to when he made a t, he would couldn't, wouldn't be a short he also would break words up. >> bob confirms the letters to jenny also have his unique t, but how do you authenticate the one from the white house? the president can't sign every letter by hand. what about tha45 a secretary? >> most of kennedy's letters from that time period were -- but he had bond with this family. >> and this is a real ka$ñsigna >> that's a real jfkli 'z signa. 110% sure. >> so, how much are they worth? >> we've never seen anything like it from kennedy, so we estimate it to be worth $50,000 or more. >> little more than i had
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jamie: for 25 years dennis for 25 years, dennis has in box. four letters written by jfk to his grandmother. boston.y dennis and his brother, francis, are ready to sell. a small crowd gathers at a hotel while others are bidding by foep and online. >> let's start now. this is our remarkable rarities
5:27 pm
auction. >> starting to get a little maybe some butterflies as to what is this going to do? >> it's a great lot right here. john f. kennedy pt 109 letters. lost crew mate. >> i got 22,000. >> we're start wg a 22,000 bid on the internet, now, 23,000. >> remember, the preliminary >> 45 on the phone now. 47, 500. now, 60,000. >> they had the auction people there and they're hollering and pushing. 90,000. 95,000. looking for 100. now, viem110. now, 120. 130. >> i thought, wow. 140? >> the bidding's not over.
5:28 pm
140. now, 150. 150,000. >> 160 is the high bid. we'll say fair warning. then the final call. cññ6(quadfo >> that's three times more than hoped for. >> i'm glab flabbergasted. it was amazing to watch this unfold. >>,c i would hope that the successful bidder enjoys them. perhaps put them in a museum. a young man ma ultimate sacrifice for freedom. that legacy, he left for all of us. they ; letters his commanding pr writes help lighten his mother's grief and decades later, become a substantial financial boom for
5:29 pm
family he$ ió:éñ : never knew. a strange inheritance indeed. >> how hard to part with them? >> hard,fey but time. like the old pick up truck. you love it, but it's just time to let it go. things become time to move on.'ñ >> and if his mum always relished her special relationship with john f. k kenne kennedy, she wasn't shy about calling in a favor. family:zse legend has it that w  had trouble receiving her social her friend, now president stationery arrived at the social security office, officials there jumped to fix the problem. and from thenv?p on,d!pei mum's got her checks on time. inheritance. )óx watching and remember, you can't take it with
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>> do you have a strange inheritance story you'd like to share with us? we'd love to hear it. website. strangeinheritance,.com. coming up next is "strange inheritance." thank you for joining 100,000 creepy crawlers.?0"s >> spiders will cover your whole face. >> all collected from the far reaches of the world. >> wait, is it alive? talk about a bug -- >> walt disney went into the museum and wanted to buy the collection. >> but there's a bigger story behind this bizarre collection. ♪ ♪ >> i'm jamie colby and right


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