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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  February 23, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PST

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the enemy pushes on with a ruthless pursuit and new threats against the west. american shopping malls targeted in a video circulating now but reportedly not from isis but an al qaeda spin off group. we watch a war over words in the united states. today fresh reaction as the head of homeland security doubled down backing president obama, refusing to call out the enemy by name, radical islamist. when asked about it on fox news sunday homeland security secretary jay johnson said this debate only takes away from the fight against terror and linking islam to isis lends them too
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much credit. >> they want to become a state and an islamic state. to call them islamic to call them any form of islamic gives them too much dignity in my view and in the view of a lot of muslims around the world. >> critics argue the president is ignoring a critical discussion about the root cause of laws of savages. doug is live with us for the news in washington. critics say these explanations from the administration ignore what isis leaders say about themselves. >> that is so true. there are really no doubts that millions of muslims world wide reject the teachings of isis. they are also rejecting a medieval interpretation of the q'uran. a lot of knowledgeable people are reading a piece studying the workings of isis and says this
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of the obama administration. we aren't misled by a well intentioned but dishonest campaign. they refer to moderns. they insist that they will not, cannot waiver from governing preceps. speaking earlier today on fox news, chairman of the house homeland committee said the administration is ignoring this important component of the ideology. >> we have to say it is a terrorist movement radical islamist extremism, a terrorist movement to spread this hatred of ideology. to completely ignore that i think is just not being very honest with the american people. >> general jake keen today echoed what many are saying. >> isis itself it draws its
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central belief system from the q'uran and writings of the prophet mohammed. it's a medieval interpretation of it. it is a literal interpretation of it. therefore slavery crucifixion and beheadings are part of their portfolio. >> in that atlantic magazine piece i mentioned says the failure to see isis for what it really is has quote already led the united states to under estimate it and to back foolish schemes to counter it. >> you have to wonder how much precious time is being spent on this as they continue to wage war. state department spokes woman said isis appeals to many alienated young people because they can't find jobs. is there any truth in that? >> obviously there is some truth in that. a lot of alienated people will gravitate to something like isis. that theory ignores that osama
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bin laden came from a wealthy family. bin laden's top deputy was trained as a doctor. one of the 9/11 hijackers was a graduate student. a princeton study found members of terrorist groups were better off monetarily. it is written if there is a link it is in the opposite direction of what one might have expected. >> you take the tsarnaev brothers of the boston bombing. they were well educated in this country. always good to see you. let's go to the terror threat against america's largest shopping mall. al qaeda affiliate warned the mall of america could be their next target. did you know more than 100,000 people shop there in minnesota every day. somali terror group announced a video calling for a new wave of attack on western shopping centers.
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claimed responsibility for the mall in kenya. 60 people were killed, many more injured during a four-day siege. live from our west coast news room. do we know at all at this point if the threat is credible? >> good evening, harris. the department of homeland security just released a statement and i'm quoting here. it says the fbi and dhs have provided local law enforcement and other first responders as well as private sector partners with relevant information regarding the propaganda video. we are not aware of any specific credible plot against the mall of america or any other domestic commercial shopping center but as dhs secretary said this morning just because there isn't a credible threat doesn't mean there won't be an attack. >> given how the threat is evolving, that is becoming a less and less relevant statement
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because you and i won't necessarily know about when the next bad actor is going to strike. >> the mall of america is not the only mall threatened in the propaganda video. also threatening large malls in canada and the united kingdom and targeted the minneapolis area before recruiting people because it has the largest somali population in the united states. >> i lived in that state so i know that that is true. it is also called the mall of america which i read in some reports that that has a lot to do with why it would be considered something that they would want to target. have authorities at that mall in particular ramped up security? >> well they released a statement that says they are very aware of this video and that they are working with both local and federal law enforcement members. they say they have increased security measures, some noticeable and others won't be and federal authorities urging people to go into the malls to be vigilant and particularly
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careful. our junior reporter is on the scene and says there is still a decent amount of people shopping. she says some people have told her they are concerned. others say they are not that concerned. regardless authorities are asking for everyone to keep a close eye out. >> thank you. the new secretary of defense ash carter just met with a group of u.s. troops in afghanistan all part of what he calls a listening tour of the war zone on his first week on the job. he told them their mission as advisers is key to security gains there. >> we are going to be partners for a very long time long after this conflict and the presence that we have here in association with this campaign is over. this will still be an important part of the world. afghanistan can be an important partner for the united states and therefore important part of our overall future. >> secretary carter flew to kandahar after the meeting. carter revealed the u.s. is
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considering slowing down amid concerns of a resurgeant taliban. some 10,000 troops remain in afghanistan and now we are learning many could stay there beyond the end of next year. now to the situation we are watching between russia and neighboring ukraine. the cease fire is showing more signs of unraveling following a deadly bombing in that country's second largest city. so the explosion happened and it rocked a rally that was going on. they were commemorating one year since they kicked out the former pro russian ukrainian president. two people died and many others were hurt in what they are calling a terrorist attack. this appears to be the latest in a series of violations of the cease fire. ukraine's ambassador to the united states spoke to fox news and clearly stated his nation is at war with russia.
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>> in the war with russia. it is not with ukraine. it is of russia. >> the ambassador is calling on the u.s. to provide weapons to ukraine's military, a decision we are told that the president is reportedly still considering. a slight thaw. temperatures climbed a little bit higher today than they were in recent days. lots of melting on the east coast. all of that rain and melting snow, look at it flooding. meanwhile other places like maryland still trying to get a grip on yesterday's heavy snowfall. senior meteorologist live from the fox weather center. i have seen that video before and every time i'm like hit your brakes. >> it is one of the winters where it has been tough to travel on the roadways. we have a little bit of a thaw here in the northeast. don't get used to it because the cold air is on its way again. 37 which feels down right balmy.
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50 in raleigh. that cold air is moving southward. minus 19. the wind chill what it feels like with the wind. here comes the arctic air again on monday dipping as far south as mid south where our next storm system is brewing. i just want to show you the current temperatures. these are actual air temperatures. factor in the wind chill it is dangerous out there. wind chill advisories for over a dozen states where it feels from minus 30 to minus 45 across portions of the upper midwest and great lakes. this is our storm system that we are watching bringing over two feet of snow to the colorado rockies. very tricky weather. you can see where we have the winter weather advisories in the pink winter storm warnings as far south as texas into louisiana. purple is freezing rain advisories into tomorrow morning. the commute is going to be rough for folks in texas as well as the southwest. you see that pink there south of
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the dallas fort worth area where we think we can have accumulating ice moving into louisiana and mississippi on tuesday and then a clipper system across the midwest. precipitation again feet of snow across the rockies which is great news for skiers. that accumulating ice across texas tomorrow morning and afternoon will cause problems. keep advised with your local weather forecast. >> that ice is just the worst. my mom is in that area. every time they hear you say the word clipper that is not good. >> it's been one of those winters. it was a good day for racing weatherwise. nascar rocks. you know i love it. this year's daytona 500 had a first-time winner. >> joey leg ano took the lead. he held off dale earnhardt jr.
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and kevin carter. it is a dramatic turn of events considering in 2012 he was fired from joe gibbs racing. goes to show you don't count a racer out until he is done racing. go joe. right now a major strike is beginning to hit consumers where it hurts. workers are walking off the job at the nation's largest oil refinery and it is already effecting oil prices in some areas. and the race to find anymore survivors in a deadly ferry crash. it caused the boat to sink into the sea. this is the fox report. stay close.
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a massive search and rescue operation. rescuers fear the toll may climb higher. there were about 140 passengers aboard the boat. the ferry capsized.
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one survivor says most people on the deck were able to swim to safety after the collision. those people below deck were trapped ferry disasters are common in bangladesh. union workers walking off the job. a nationwide strike demanding better pay and more jobs be filled with union employees. as the strike is growing it is starting to hit consumers in the wallet. fox news business correspondent has more. >> strike, one that could hit you. it may fuel higher gas prices. workers at the nation's largest refinery walking off jobs this weekend. it alone produces more than 600,000 barrels a day.
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the port author texas plant joined stopages including 12. oil companies have been using trained temporary workers to try to ease the blow to production but already the biggest strike in more than three decades may have hit you in the wallet. in california which relies on many in-state refineries gas prices are up. parts of the country served by refineries targeted by the strike have already seen higher prices, as well. and the national average for gas is more than 20 cents higher than last month. oil companies have been using temporary workers but the normal yearly refinery schedule could make things worse. right now many are doing maintenance work and normally they would soon ramp up production. that is when the strike could have more of an impact. with oil prices plunging by half since the summer the union has
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less leverage. however, if the negotiations remain stalled and there are no talks scheduled the strike could spread. it covers 30000 workers at 63 refineries that make up 2/3 domestic capacity. the longer and bigger the strike the more you will feel it. >> we were just getting used to low prices. police break up a stand off and man's best friend. he gets in on that action. charity started by former president bill clinton more than a decade ago become a political problem for hillary clinton if she runs for president. fox news political insiders getting ready. we are on twitter and facebook. you can chime in while you tune in. stay close.
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officers regaining control of a prison in south texas after a three-day rebellion. some 300 inmates in raymondville texas are being transterred. the trouble began on friday when prisoners set fires and vandalizing buildings. they were complaining about living conditions. now three officers and inmates with minor injuries. an elderly woman forced to go from bank to bank withdrawing money in a huge scam. it is our top story as we go across america. >> arizona, here are the suspects, two women. they approach the victim who is 81 years old while she was
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shopping at a costco in phoenix. convinced her to quote/unquote invest $30,000 with them so they can share and profit, a total scam according to police. the victim drove the women to the bank and with drew $15,000. she drove to a second bank to withdraw another 15 but an employee advised her against it. when she returned to the car the suspect and her money were gone. california, a dramatic ending to a four-hour long standoff. people in this neighborhood were evacuated as a s.w.a.t. team surrounded an apartment building. officers used tear gas to flush him out. it worked. he tried to get back into the building and that is when the k-9 unit got involved. you can see a police dog biting the suspect's leg. in newark, a beautiful site.
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a frozen fountain in upstate new york. it freezes every winter but rarely reaches this incredible height. park officials say the fountain is becoming its own tourist attraction. well it is hollywood's biggest night. the 87th annual academy awards. he is a luxury wearer with that tux on. from the red carpet in l.a. hello. >> hello. here we are after weeks and weeks and one event after another. all the big stars are here with a mixed bag of movies all competing for the little golden fellow. >> who is this guy? >> in the best picture category is "birdman" leading the pack with nine nominations. it is considered a slight
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favorite. >> you want the bumpers let them get the bumpers. >> another is the coming of age film "boyhood" which one golden globe for best film. >> any of these movies are worthy to win. a lot of people love them. all films have their followers. >> military aged male on a cell phone. >> "american sniper" could be the biggest surprise. the war story made more than $400 million making it the only nominee in best picture category to sit among highest grossing films of 2014. >> this group of best picture nominees really none of them at the time of nominations was a blockbuster. they were all fairly low grossing films. "american sniper" came along and a day after warner brothers added 3,500 theaters and this group of nominees got its
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blockbuster. >> in just a little over an hour we will get to see who takes home the oscar. you can see the excitement building here. i notice that l.a. doesn't handle rain that well. look to my right we are having a little bit of a red carpet malfunction. it's been pouring here over the last 20 minutes. it is spilling out over the red carpet. you never know what will happen out here at the academy awards. >> you know what i love? you can't tell because the show must go on. look at you smooth as ever. i see people getting dripped on behind you. >> perfectly well covered. it's all good. >> do you have a pick for best movie? >> well, going into this it's been neck and neck between birdman and boyhood. i have a gut feeling that "american sniper" may pull it out tonight.
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they go for a consensus. you have to rank the top three movies. there is no clear consensus it opens up for a real dark horse. >> i never thought i would say this to you. stay warm and dry in los angeles on oscar night. >> it's actually damp and chilly. who knew? >> stop already. >> we'll see. >> take care. >> bye my friend. let's move on now with the news. homeland security secretary jay johnson is explaining why president obama refuses to utter the words radical islam when taking on and talking about defeating isis terrorists. if the president did use the term radical islam i wonder what he thinks would happen. what do you think? tell me on facebook. like the page and on twitter. the fox news political insiders are joining me next.
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homeland security chief jay johnson is explaining why president obama won't use the term radical islam when talking about isis savages. secretary johnson speaking out on why he feels it's important to avoid terms like islamic extremism. >> to refer to isil as occupying
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any part of the islamic theology is playing on a battlefield that they would like us to be on. i think that to call them some form of islam gives the group more dignity than it deserves frankly. >> and they are chomping at the bit on this one. fox news political insiders are here. you can join the conversation on my facebook page and twitter. fox news contributor joining us from obviously hollywood. former republican congressman for new york. former pollster and fox news contributor. doug, i am going to start with you. what if -- this is what we ask on social media tonight, what if the president were to suddenly tomorrow begin using the term radical islamist when it comes to the savages we are taking on?
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>> he would be speaking reality because we are facing a threat from fundamentalests who are speaking in the name of islam and are doing unspeakable acts. we don't have a strategy to deal with them. we don't even call them what they should be called. harris, it is startling to me. i know we will get to it in a second that we are literally disclosing our battle plans and our war plans in advance giving isil a chance to prepare counter plans in a way that just boggles the mind. >> doug doug, don't we think this possible theory? if the president started blasting radical islam he is going to tick off those in the verge of making a big agreement which is really the biggest thing -- >> the biggest sellout. >> and why netanyahu is coming over here. >> you are talking about the
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deal for nuclear. >> they want this agreement more than anything he and john kerry. the whole time enin office seems to be built on this agreement. they don't want to tick off the iranians. they send five campaign workers to work from the obama campaign against netanyahu's campaign. no one in the media has put all of this together. it's a shocking thing. >> what happens if he says radical islam tomorrow? >> i will drop dead. >> he may say it for that reason. the likelihood that this man -- this defies understanding of what he is about. you know he is the most unvetted person in modern times to sit in the presidency. i watch questions to george bush about being a bully. this man was totally unvetted. his views on the world -- i
1:35 am
disagree. i think he is a patriot. i think he believes in an america with lesser power and he believes being nice we must were aabout muslims first and he has supported the muslim brotherhood. he has a vision of the world that does not reality. that is the problem. >> there are a lot of things caught up in what you just said. you are also responding to criticism that he might not be a patriot. i want to make that clear in case people are watching and wondering what you meant. as i'm looking at social media here, we all knew this was going to happen years before we left iraq and before we went to iraq with our war machine. what is your thought about that? >>. >> my feeling is pretty simple that it was going to happen when the president decided that he would not sign or do everything he could to get the iraqis to
1:36 am
sign a status of forces agreement to leave 10000 troops there. right now a third of iraq is held by isil. we don't really have a clear plan to reclaim the territory in iraq or to help the moderates if there be any in syria to liberate the country. what i think we did know is with a president who is rightly described as a patriot but somebody who believes in an antthetical philosophy of leadership certainly of foreign power and its exercise that this is an inevitable result of a failure to protect and project american power in a way that i think we all believe is solidly in the tradition we were educated and brought up in. >> i want to jump in with a couple of things that have happened in the last little while. we learned late last week from the pentagon that this is this
1:37 am
plan to retake mosul and that might not be combat boots on the ground, no troops to fight but to train. i like to look at the latest fox news poll that shows 60% of voters say we need troops to beat isis. so combat troops not just these advisers. as the president looks at this does he wait for the public to tell him what to do? you have been in that inner circle. >> usually you hope they wouldn't. he did that last -- he finally took on what we are already doing which is inadequate because of pressure from the public that took place in the fall summer and fall when americans are being beheaded. problem is when he did the announcement everyone knows if you are going to do something you have to go to mosul. the point he has done is said how many people are coming when they are coming.
1:38 am
>> the white house says in early reports it didn't come from them. >> i think it does come from them because they are reacting to all of the criticism that he is unfocused, not pushing the thing. >> i agree with you. >> it is coming from them. it is the unholy trinity who run the white house for obama. the unholy trinity being the dragon lady herself who hits out targets for us to bomb. susan rice who there is not enough to say about her. and a former speech writer about creative speech writing who is also the third party of this. he is the guy that wrote took down the talking points. all of this, these people and they are sending back over, all of this is -- >> she is coming back to help them continue and this is the wall that surrounds the
1:39 am
president that no one can get to. >> by using the term radical islam from the president we would know the president was serious about addressing the problem. you mentioned the number 10,000 in terms of that status agreement that we should have had with iraq to leave that many combat boots behind. that is the number we heard about afghanistan. now we may be from our new defense secretary learn that we may be slowing down. are we learning something from iraq? we are going to slow down our pull out from afghanistan? >> i think we certainly are learning something from iraq. it is sad it has taken this much time and a new defense secretary to understand that when we make a commitment we have to follow through. i think what pat and john are really saying is that we don't project leadership in the world. there is no sense that we, the united states, are going to solve problems. the president of egypt basically
1:40 am
said respond the way i respond to isil after the tragic beheadings. and really we lack any leadership especially at a time when isil has expanded their franchise into libya and potentially into northern nijerria. i think it is a welcome sign that we leave a more robust force. we need a lot more from the white house. >> i don't hate this administration from day to day really knows what they are doing. a year and a half ago he was ready to come to congress to get permission to bomb assad's people in syria. >> only that long ago. >> he violated the red line so i'm going to bomb them. now we are sharing intelligence with assad and at the same time we are working with turkey to train these rebels who have become ivelerant. they have slow, they switch
1:41 am
sides, this is the administration. they don't know what they are doing. >> i want to do one thing about this. you can't -- let me tell you mentioning an academy award film last emperor. peter otool words matter. he says words matter because they allow us to say what we mean and mean what we say. by not doing that which is what we are not doing we have this threat about the mall of america and whatever we have this whole theme of isis is a tentacle spreading everywhere. it is a network of people trying to take over countries. to pretend you are not worried you are going to upset people. who is saying we are at war with islam. >> and that's what we saw coming out of the administration this week. if you call it radical islam then you are saying you are at
1:42 am
war with islam. those are not the same thing. the american people are so much smarter than that. >> it may get us back to where we started which is the iranian nuclear deal and obama is asking the iranians to help in the fight against isis. >> what you just said that quote that you had gave me chills. words matter. >> they matter greatly. >> i want to steal this from twitter. we do not understand the middle east. the solution has to belong to them. any thoughts on that? >> it's high time the leadership of america shouldn't say we are sending american troops back in great numbers. some, yes. the real fighting in arab territory needs to be done by arabs. why can't the egyptians jordans
1:43 am
create a force? >> if the president in terms that make moderate muslims comfortable will it get the coalition of the willing? >> he is not trying. he is not leading and not recognizing they are a threat here. >> if i can weigh in, there is presidential leadership i am certain that what john and pat are speaking of will happen. that is the moderate arab states will rally. in the absence of presidential leadership we will have a disorganized opposition to isil and al qaeda and we will be the losers. >> look at this stupid conference this week. where they invited several radical muslims in america to come. look at the guest list to discuss the fantasy world of extreme violence and what happens the day after? the department of homeland
1:44 am
security sends out a report announcing right wing extremism in america is more dangerous than isil. the reason he
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the political class has all but conceded the nomination to hillary clinton. the special looks at some democrats who hope to stop hillary clinton's quest including an exclusive interview. >> you said a few weeks ago the democratic party has lost its way. what did you mean by that? >> the people who have no voice in the quarters of power could also count on the democratic party to be talking about economic fairness issues particularly. that's kind of up for grabs these days. i think the democratic party needs to get back on that
1:48 am
message. >> reporting election 2016 coronation or confrontation anchored by bret baier tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. our political insiders are back. pat, i'm going to come to you first on this idea that hillary clinton has some people who may not be in her camp although they check the same party box. >> i think jim web could be a potentially strong candidate particularly in a lot of primaries because he represents a major part of the party, basically antiestablish. he is clean as a whistle. we will get to the corruptions later. i think web is an interesting man. he has had military background. he left the senate because he was appalled by the way it worked. he has something to say. so does elizabeth warren. >> this could be a buzz saw. >> i think elizabeth warren is where the passion is against
1:49 am
hillary. i think this revelation this week which we will hopefully talk about now about the foundation and how corrupt that is will help fuel this left wing push to get elizabeth warren to run. >> i want to go to doug on this. he is the one with the relationship with the clintons and you know a lot about this charity that was set up. now these corruption charges against them. i'm not seeing illegal. i'm seeing unethical but what do you know? >> here is what i know. a lot of very good work has been done. i helped in ukraine with the health initiative on a major multi year antiaids program that has literally saved thousands of lives. and so i have seen the foundation at work. and president clinton has unique convening power to produce support in coalitions around the world. i was disquieted when i saw they have been taking money from states accused of sponsorship of
1:50 am
terrorism. i would say and it is solid advice for hillary clinton at this point i would shut down the receipt of foreign money especially as it appears likely she is going to announce -- >> how about giving it back? i hear what you are saying. when i say i'm not seeing it being illegal. i'm not seeing reports of it being illegal. pat nearly crawled across the desk when he heard me say that. >> with all due deference to my good friend doug the rest of that place is nothing but a political slushfund in which people are giving millions of dollars, not just foreign governments, some who sponsor terrorism, but huge companies foreign and domestic. people do not give you 20 million or $30 million and not want something in return. this is a history with the clintons. this is where they stick all of their hats. this whole thing -- i would like
1:51 am
to see an accounting of what they have actually done. >> let me say one other point. this, her speeches, hundreds of thousands
1:52 am
in our house, we do just about everything online. and our old internet just wasn't cutting it. so i switched us from u-verse to xfinity. they have the fastest, most reliable internet. which is perfect for me, because i think everything should just work. works? works. works! works? works. works.
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so we were in full rant mode. hillary clinton charity taking money from some countries which support state sponsored terrorism, go. >> $2 billion. this is a pattern. this will all bring us back to selling in the 96 campaign the breakfasts, auctioning off pardons for people. these people are surrounded by hacks with blue hair trying to get their hands on contracts.
1:55 am
all of them exploiting this job. >> the presidential library is related. there is money from china and all sorts of bad guys to fund that. >> that was the information that i said we got from their friends who is with us. >> the clintons have no ethics when it comes to money. anything goes when it comes to money. they get away with it. >> why do they get away with it? >> the media lets them get away with it. >> it's the second largest issue in the country uncovered. david axelrod no scandals in the obama administration. >> the republicans took over the house and senate. where is an investigation now into the irs the lost e-mails? the hard drives benghazi? >> where is it? >> i would like to know. they have the power. are they corrupt, too?
1:56 am
>> i want to see if we can get this in from state department. i want to talk about the connection between lack of jobs and the isis savages doing what they do. >> cannot kill our way out of this war. we need in the medium and longer term to go after the root causes that lead people to join these groups whether lack of opportunity for jobs. >> doug, 15 seconds from you. >> it's outrageous. we do have to kill these people. we have to build coalitions. we have to provide economic support to our friends but let's be clear. we are at war. >> general said he might not be able to kill them all but a good start. >> where do they get clowns like that they let run policies? >> elected twice and that is the people he surrounds himself with. >> i cannot wait for next sunday
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>> it is monday february 23rdrd. this is a fox news lart. one of the lagest malls in the country a terror target. the same group who murdered over
1:59 am
60 people inside a kenyan mall set their sets on america. we are live. >> it was hollywood's biggest night. >> "birdman"." >> bird man slides away with the big win. what happened to american sniper? the oscar moment everyone is talking about this morning. >> daytona 500 the road to voik victory for joe legato. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> you are watching "fox & friends first" monday morning. i am heather childers. >> thank you for starting your week with us. i am ainsley earhardt. isis training young children as soldiers in syria. >> the boys some asppearing as young as 5 stand if formation
2:00 am
and chant. this comes on the heels of different videos calling for attacks on malls in america. >> we are live with the latest on this new warning. >> the mall of america a shopper's paradise it is the latest terror threat. tz no, sir are the will you new. it is happening on-line it is part of a whole government. approach to fighting terrorism. take a listen to jay johnson who is on the sunday talk shows. >> the video that was released by elle sheb bob reflects what i believe is the new phase we have evolved in terms of the new global terrorist threat and what we need to do with counter-terrorism. groups like isil,


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