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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  June 4, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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the cart payment so popular that stores had to wait years to get them. change the way she shopped 78 years ago today. shopping carts. they never would have thought of amazon back then. i'm running to be your president. >> rick perry is in and guess who tweeted him a very nice welcome. the other texan running, ted cruz. who the for told me earlier this week is doing such a great job in the senate that he should stay in the senate. now, too you think do you think that ted cruz will that go? not likely. take another guess who is coming up on this texas two-step day. none other than ted cruz himself, something tells me that this could be fun. but ahead of that the dustup over this. >> we learned during the surge in iraq and the years after it, neil that iraqi forces will
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fight and die for their country. in fact they did just that in far greater numbers than our forces did during -- >> they didn't do that a couple weeks nothing ram madty. >> they did not and the key has been good leadership. >> days after that, on fox business from none other than david petraeus, this today from nancy pelosi. >> general pel trace had the responsibility to train the troops in iraq. irremember going over there on any number of occasion hearing from him that he had trained 175,000 iraqi troops, and personnel. so that they can take over their own effort. so i would ask him about that. i think the number is far smaller than was represented to us. >> forget the president did pelosi just lay this mess up on petraeus? to another general, jack keane who doesn't like white he is hearing but someone is throwing someone under the bus.
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general? >> you don't know whether she is talking about when general petraeus was actually training the iraqi security forces himself, or when he was the overall commander and somebody else had the responsibility. i think the implication there is that general petraeus was somehow heightening the iraqi's capabilities and they were far less. the truth is this, neil. the force that the iraqis put on the battlefield in 2007 and 2008 during the surge -- it was increased to $125,000 that period of time -- that force fought with distinction, side by side with u.s. against the al qaeda, helped defeat al qaeda along with u.s., and then remarkably in 2008 when the iraqis were in the lead, they attacked the iranian-backed shia militia, defeated them, and also defeated muqtada al-sadr. i was on the ground helping
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general petraeus and spent a lot of time with the iraqis because i was concerned before performance and we couldn't succeed unless they could they were never nearly as good as we are to be sure, but that's not the point. they were -- >> but general, i wonder if it's something more. this is general petraeus made the mistake of even in the most casual way of saying, we're not winning, we're losing, if they've got the upper hand, we'll get it back. now, i'm prayer phrasing but to make the point that ticked off the white house no doubt. clearly ticked off nancy pelosi and the talking point is don't hang this on us, this is on you itch don't thick misinterpreted that. >> well, theirs two armies. two security forces. the one that fought with distinction and then in 2011, neil, for a fact, after we left, al-maliki dan just purge the political leaders.
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he pushinged the leader's of the racky army and the police force. he put his cronies in there. they took the training money and tide not train for three years in 2014, three years later ex-a poorly led force people not even qualified to be military loaders, were in charge. the force has nod trained for throw years. totally different than the force that was fighting in '07 and '08 and that force collapsed and it was what the leaders who fled first. this decision was made by al-maliki and that decision was driven by the fact that we pulled out of iraq in 2011. >> you remind me there's no time for finger pointing in battle and to geton that, i'm beginning to wonder -- you were there -- due you took these guys are up to that fight? maple ramadi was a separate incident they hopped on convoys. that when push comes to shove
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they are shoving out and don't want to face this and whether it's a matter of being trained by us or not they're just not up to the fight? >> well, a couple of more facts. they have fought the for 15 months before what we saw on our tv screens when they left, and they had held back repeated attacks before that. so it's unfair to say they hadn't fought. all that said, i'm not convinced they're up to this fight. which is the basis for your question. we need to train far more than we're training. we need the advisers down on the ground at the fighting level general petraeus would be an advocate of that. we also need forward air controllers. this is a weak handthat need bows strengthens in their current state can they stand up against isis and reclaim all that territory that was lost? i dope think -- i don't think so. there's more that needs to be done to be successful. >> general an honor to have you. thank you very much. >> good talking to you neil. >> to get mow and word today more detainees could be released
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in weeks. to senior'll krenz correspondent catherine herridge. >> u.s. officials tell fox news the guantanamo transfers will the month. 57 will be transferred following a lengthy reapprove process. the majority are from yemen and it's understood by the obama administration they knock be sent home. this would be the first group of transfers to leave under the new defense secretary ash carter, who personally sawn off. chuck hagel transferred 44 detainees but said he felt pressure from the white house to clear more, and his predecessor leon panetta transferred only four men. today the army announced the preliminary hearing for sergeant bowe bergdahl has been put back to mid-september as the defense
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team's request. bergdahl was swapped a year ago for the taliban five commanders and their confine independent the gulf nation of qatar has been temporarily extended but a leading republican sauce ail five commanders have reengaged with their old it inworks and will go back to the fight. >> i wish i could tell you i thought the administration understood the threat from these five as well as the threat from al qaeda and assist in the case of these five, the administration continues to underestimate what it means for them to come back. >> the administration for its part has publicly downplayed the risk,. >> catherine, great reporting as all. >> thank you. >> i want to look at the corp over wall and broad something that could happen tomorrow. big concerns that the greeks are just not going to pay up. we are hearing very, very
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belligerent talk out of the greek leader, this 338 million u.s. dollars debt payment we have to make tomorrow? we just might skip it. i'm pair raise fog say the greeks are feeling like they're being strung along with the international monetary fund, bit european regulators and saying enough is enough and they're just not interested in playing ball or at least their kind of ball and making more sacrifices to keep the lenders happy. so he just might miss the payment. that's a big deal because it would be a technical default and a sign that greece is getting further and further removed from the european club. that worries traders because they think europe goeses out we go out and then the world goes out. it's a with overraught. we will folk tuesday on -- focus on this tomorrow as we look look at this.
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forget about letting illegals in. no we're letting some of the worst of them out? they're called threat level one criminals and the immigration and customs enforcement released 3700 of them. the agency says they're not a threat, but arizona sheriff paul will disagree. sheriff, what is a level one -- describe the -- >> level one are the worst of the worst. these are the criminals that at one time everybody including
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president obama even agreed that not only when we arrest them and they pay for their crimes we deport them out of the country. they're murderers rapists sexual offenders and they're kidnappers. those are -- >> and all 3700 of these were either aliens engaged in suspected terrorism or appears judge -- espionage activities or those who be part of a larger gang. if they feet these they are considered particularly dangerous, but to add insult to maybe criminal injury here, some of them have rap sheets a while long. >> a mile lock not just in the rap sheet. own the promise that we're going have to deferred action for illegals that are here, but the worst of the worst we'll round up hold them accountable, and send them out of our country. there will be consequences-tis
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is what we call in law enforcement a clearly there is 0 no enforcement when you let 3700 of this threat level one criminals convicted of serious crimes, out into our community. why don't we let them out into the communes which they came from. whenever their country of ore general, not just mexico. these are central americans and people from other countries far from here, and this is the evidence that is what is happening. >> but you know law enforcement more than i do. i am not a sheriff but a dangerous guys, at least 3700 of them, don't way a way to keep track of them and i thick it was on the honor system. you let us know how you're dialing, and they're not doing that. are these guys? >> well you have all the skills and the character to be in law enforcement, neil, can tell you
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that. but here to have all these -- it's not just the 3700. we're talking -- this past year, jehon son testified, the secretary of homeland security, that 30,000 of these criminals were released into the united states the year before 36,000 and where did they go? you pointed out that it's not just some of them are asked to phone back in. some of them actually have ankle bracelets they're supposed to wear almost all of them are breaking the terms of their release, they're not showing up for court surprise, surprise. they're breaking these ankle bracelets or -- >> can't you do something? if you thought one of those guys i know you can't -- what happens if you or your men or women try to send them back? >> the majority of law enforcement are like myself, local, county, state and we're handcuffed. we no longer have a play when it
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comes to immigration law. if they're breaking a law in our communities, yes we can arrest them and take them to our jails they face our criminal justice system but the problem is, once we turn them over to i.c.e., they're theirs, and the supreme court has ruled that that's the role. even if the president doesn't want tone force the law we can't have a play in it. >> well, again i'm not a loft person. i think the -- i'm not a law enforcement person. the term that comes to mind is, nuts. >> thank you neil. >> trying to keep freddie gray's autopsy report under lock and key. the baltimore state attorney says she refuses to try the case in the media. does anyone remember this? >> the youth of this city, i will seek justice on your behalf. this is a moment; this is your moment. you're at the forefront of this cause. and as young people, our time is
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to boston. we're monitoring -- these are family represents for usaama a a -- usaama a shim. they're still trial to find out whether others were involved. family members are saying this is nonsense, never the case, and that a rahim was killed in vain. in the meantime, she talked up the charges but now she is keeping quiet. eerily quiet. baltimore state attorney, marlin
1:21 pm
mossby is saying she will try to block the press from seeing up a sunday photos of freddie gray that she says to assure a fair trial. this judge didn't buying it. you're saying she was free to volunteer to talk about other stuff. >> if a head scratcher i would she won't release the autopsy report, which is central to the prosecution in this case. >> she has that. >> she has the autopsy report now and has an obligation to release it. now, the government in a criminal case must share essentially its entire file with the defense council and they don't have to do it on a rolling basis. they died in one inned a vans of the trial. there may be arope for accumulating all documents but this lady did so much to gin up opposition to the defendants, far more than most prosecutors do when they announce an inenvironment. it is a real head scratcher and causes people to get cop pierer
1:22 pm
toal. why she is holing back this document. suppose, suppose the autopsy shows a manner of death inconsistent with her charges. >> oh, i see. >> she has the duty to reveal that immediately. so -- >> what if it does show that and these why she is not volunteering -- >> can't get a new autopsy report. she is stuck with that one. >> you're arguing she is picking picking and choosing. >> she ginned up the public. why do you gin up the public? you want to get re-election or pollute the jury pool and everybody assume the deaths get and hence the drum beet of turn them into monsters. they're not supposed to talk to the press in an inflammatory way but there's no explanation for that. we tried all a. to try to find out why they want to keep it --
1:23 pm
zip. no reason given. >> when you hear this kind of stuff, as a judge -- she has been very free to volunteer and get information out that would look damaging to the officers involve. clamming up on this means that maybe -- >> if i were the judge, sheet have to give me a very, very, very strong reason going to the integrity of the case why that document is not released. that's a lot of technical information and a lot of 0 explanatory information in there. >> you can start getting into a legal back and forth whether the autopsy report is bad or has problems. >> right. but it's a public document, and she can't keep it from the public much longer. >> interesting. judge can andrew napolitano, making friends left and right in the legal community. we have former texas governor rick perry and his big message to the presidential field. i you're a senator stay home. try telling that to this guy texas senator ted cruz, is here
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everything the kids are doing, you say you're following them online in think again youch might know this guy for rescuing bars now. he is their rescue some presidential candidates. drink up and learn.
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she just came in to address this here. what they're saying is you don't know the whole story police moved too fast. what do they have to do? what happenings next? >> the police moving too fast? obviously they have to have -- they have to be careful about the investigation they're about to engage in. but really, you have a lot of issues here with the media's responsibility, the responses
1:29 pm
we're seeing all around. it is a difficult situation. >> normally when police kill someone, he was under 24 hour surveillance. this guy. and they were keeping track of him. and they monitored enough they knew what his intentions were. they were going to try to take him in and we know what head. the family allergies they moved too soon, didn't investigate this thoroughly enough. he was afraid, the whole nine yard. so this gets to be a propatriot proprotracted legal battle. >> it's a legal battle and we're seeing a lot of pullback in police departments. there's really a lot of oversight, and this is one of those instances where you look at it and say maybe there be this much oversight. we want action sooner. every police department has their own unit to oversee how
1:30 pm
the process information, how they responsibility, and they can go through that panel which is provided with a civil -- a civil panel of citizens that will oversee police officers and you have the whole legal system. the family, will they seek recourse? should they? do they have a lawsuit? can they now push to make the police responsible or -- >> the family is saying, there was nothing going on, nothing untoward, he felt threatened and responded in kind. so they argue the police moved too soon or you could argue it was in the police's interest to get to the bottom of other perpetrators they seemed to think were working with him to behead boston air -- area police. >> you sea people shouldn't act at all and on the other hand you have people saying, they're really damned dis.
1:31 pm
>> what tip is for authorities to make the move, we have been surveilling this guys for quite a while now. we have new to bring him in. what is the trigger point to do that? >> the trigger point is do they have -- can they substantiate the evidence to bring him in and hold him? you don't want to alert somebody to the fact we're investigating you and only be able to interview them for a short per -- period of time and let them out. that's the issue here. you're making a judgment call without all of the information behind it. what did they really know and specifically what was their strategy? there is a strategy, and they are trained to protect -- >> now that will come to light. >> yes. >> thank you very much. lisa, so good, she just came at a moment's notice, but it is not resolved and the family is not
1:32 pm
happy. a lot more after this including ted cruz. the first texan in the race, the other guy the governor, joined it today and have been ribbing each other since. senator cruz next. did you know that meeting your daily protein needs actually helps to support your muscle health? boost® high protein nutritional drink can help you get the protein you need. each serving has 15 grams of protein to help maintain muscle, plus 26 vitamins and minerals including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones. boost® high protein
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now we have a presidential table for ten and that's just now. former texas governor rick perry now part of the growing republican field but listen to what he said to me earlier in the week about his rival and fellow texan ted cruz. >> ted is a brilliant united states senator and we got a great working relationship. i think executive experience incredibly important. when you look at whether you're going to have a major piece of surgery, you want the most experienced surgeon that you can have. >> and i think that's the way of telling his friend and fellow
1:36 pm
texan, center cruz, where you are. good to have you sir. what did you make of that? i don't know if that was a nice ribbing or what? >> well, i'm not sure we're going into surgery but i am certainly glad to welcome hi friend, rick perry into the presidential race. he was a terrific governor of my state of texas. he is a friend and i think his entry into the race will elevate the debate. i'm very glad to have him join us. i think he'll do a good job. >> you're a gentleman but you know what he is saying, senators are not the guys to run for president. governors are. they have a record. senators really are working as a collegial body and you're new at. so been there and done that with the likes of barack obama0. you say what? >> we're going to have a robust debate who is best to be the republican nominee and beat hillary clinton. what republican primary voters are looking for is trust. they want someone who they know will
1:37 pm
tell them the truth and do what they said they would do. what i'm hearing fromgrassroots -- rear seeing enormous enthusiasm in the grassroots. we have had over 1 hon thousand people go to ted and support the campaign. the reason we're getting so much support is that i've tried every day to do what i said i would do and tell the truth, and primary voters are looking for someone who will stand up and fight and defend conservative prims -- principles over and over begin consistently. i think that's what in the whole debate will be about. >> you started this dance coming in and now you have nine others joining you. i wonder if that has in a way lessened your appeal? by that you made a big impression. jack welch. and the widow of the commerce
1:38 pm
secretary under president bush senior. so you won a lot of fanned but you're getting lost in the polls. are you worried? >> well, i tell you i have been astonished at the support we have seen. it's exceeded any and all reasonable expectations. we started the campaign right after the launched, heidi and i went on a tumor of iowa, new hampshire. tapping room only crowds. the crowds one larger and double the size of other candidates in the race. double the size of jeb bush -- >> are they still that way now senator? >> they areful just this weekend i was in new hampshire. we had a rally with 600 people. the next day we wasn't to andover, massachusetts, 650 people come in bright blue massachusetts, and just last night, i was in michigan, and we had again about 600 people come out. people are hungry for someone who will tell them the truth and then i think the second
1:39 pm
component -- it's going to take two things to win the nomination. one, grassroots support, and the energy we're seeing is extraordinary. but it's going to take money. candidates have to raise at least $50 million between now and south carolina. and i think there are only a handful of candidates with a prayer of doing that. right now between our campaign and the super pac we raised over $40 million. we have shattered records -- >> well, well -- i'm sorry. you raised 40 million now. >> in the first week of the campaign the campaign itself raised $4.3 million -- >> i. that. >> 51,000 contributions from all 50 states. 59 asker of the them were $100 or less. just this book the super pac supporting us -- we canned coordinate with them but they announced they have raised over $37 million in the bank, and that -- both of those are
1:40 pm
record-shattering -- >> that an impressive financial haul. jeb bush could have upward offed 100 million before he announces in a couple of weeks. a lot of your opponents have $20 million, $30 million. but a lot of you have a lot more money than you think and more than we saw versus mitt romney four years ago. i'm beginning to wonder if that means, senator we'll have a lot of guys who would otherwise if they have bumpy faring in the beginning say in longer because the have the money and support and to be decided at the convention. in other words we don't have a nominee by the convention. >> you're right, jeb bush will shatter every fundraising number. raising more than hundred million. among donors he is mick jagger and the beatles rolled into one but you have to get actual
1:41 pm
primary votes and my experience grassroots and money will bet more money every day of the week. when you get beyond jeb bush only a couple other counties have the potential to raise the funds to run a nationwide campaign not a hail merry -- hail mary in one or two states but that combination of grassroots and donor supports, small dollar, large dollar, the business community coming together, fed up with the corruption in washington, and wanting to get back to basic free market principles in our constitutional liberties. >> a lot of your colleagues, senator cruz, think your other colleague, rand paul, overplayed his hand and hurt himself on this battle over the patriot act and funding that has been resolve do you think he did? >> i'm a big fan of rand paul. rand and i have agreed on a
1:42 pm
great anyone issues. i disagreed on this. i was an only sponsor of the u.s.a. freedom act which i think is the right policy solution. it does two thing. number one ends the federal goes are bulk collection of phone metta data. i was wrong for the federal government to seize your and mine metadata in bulk. the u.s.a. freedom act abolishes that and secondly, preserves the tools of national security and law enforcement to stop acts of terrorism to seize the communications of specific individuals with connections to radical islamic terrorism. we have to do both, protect civil liberties and keep -- >> he says it doesn't do that and i'm wondering whether there's been a divide between -- a lot of people put you two in that camp. you were in a different cam than he and i'm wondering if this is your way of saying, this is the
1:43 pm
right balance of privacy and security and rand paul doesn't get it. >> when it comes to legislating solving problems, i was proud to join with my very good friend, senator mike lee in crafting this bipartisan legislation. the u.s.a. freedom act which mike lee and i fought for passed overwhelmingly in the house of representatives and the senate, and as a result of that leadership we're ending the federal government's bulk collection of phone metadata and protecting the fourth and fifth amendment. that exactly what we should do. but also protecting our national security. we have a responsibility to keep american citizens safe from radical islamic terroristment it's where the american people are. >> do you share rand paul's view that some of the republicans who have been championing this and right toker restrictions for make can sure we protect our security have -- are the same reaction areas who brought us to
1:44 pm
these brinks, to these wars and everything else. >> i recognize there is a heated war of words between some republicans and other republicans and i would note that there are a lot of media outlet who would love nothing more than republican on republican violence. i'm a big fan of rand paul. we agree on a lot of issues, but on this one the right balance was the bipartisan legislation that ended the bulk collection of phone metadata and that protects or national security. >> senator, as you're speaking, hillary clinton is in texas today she was in texas but has been getting a lot of financial interest and she has a lot of money. her negatives are driving up but in poll after poll, with each and every one of the republican candidates the is still leading. what do you make of that? >> oh, look, i think early polls right now don't make a whole lot
1:45 pm
of difference. she has universal name i.d. and all the democrats are unified behind us. we have a robust field. i'm thrilled with the field. all of the senators, governors young dynamic candidates, a reflection of diversity reflex people are hungry for a change. i will note, it's curious she is going to texas. i guess there's some trial lawyers there but last i checked there aren't any foreign nations in texas to write her million dollar checks to the campaign or to give her husband speaking fees and that is -- >> they call that a zinger, senator. i want to get back to this idea that to obviously get a chance to meet her assuming she is the nominee and other people are saying given these latest academycrat entrants not such a sure thing but the idea that on economic matters how will ted cruz differentiate himself from the battle 0 about social security. i want you to listen to a clips of a chat i had with mike huckabee who doesn't want to church social security. this is earlier this week.
1:46 pm
>> if all the other republicans candidates for president want to stand on one side of the stage and say they're going to cut people's social security and medicare benefits they're paid in for 50 years of work and i'm the only one on the other side saying i won't doing that -- >> that isn't politically lieutenant. >> mean is believe the government ought to honor its promises to people. >> chris christie said the opposite, raise the retirement age, be honest to the american people can't keep going and then you have governor huckabee says don't touch it. what do you think? >> i like governor huckabee. i think it's possible to do both. i think the responsible thing is to step in and preserve and reform social security and medicare. what politicians in washington are doing right now allowing it to careen towards ill solvency is fundamentally irresponsible -- >> does that mean you would raise the retirement age or
1:47 pm
means test is. >> means you do both. for seniors and those who are near retirement, you make no changes whatsoever. i think governor huckabee is exactly right in that regard, we need honor the commitments that have been made to our seniors who -- >> what do you mean by close to retirement those who are five, ten years away? >> those within a few years and let me contrast it to people my age. i'm 44. it's hard to find someone my generation who believes social security will be there for them, and i think that gives us an opportunity for common sense reforms. the reforms i'd like to see -- i'm campaigning on fundamental reform to preserve entitlements. we ought to gradually inacross retirement age. change the rate of increase in benefits so it matches inflation rather than exceeding inflation both for younger workers people my age and third -- this is critical -- we taught allow younger works -- we ought to allow younger worked worked to keep a portion of their tax payments in
1:48 pm
a personal account that can grow at market race and they can pass on to their kids and grandkids. that's the kind of bipartisan leadership we need and it's what if i'm elected in november 2016, i hope to lead the effort to make it happen and preserve and strengthen social security and met okay for decades. >> you know, running for president, also a lot ofes tow sew take feature -- esoteric features some say say cosmetic features. >> the country needs more truth and trust. ted cruz says what he is going to do and he does it. accomplish he -- and he is as smart as a whip and a good bet. i want ted cruz to smile more because he is a good guy. >> smile more. what did you think of that? >> i think it's great advice. i'm a big fan of jack welch.
1:49 pm
he has been very kind in recognizing we can't keep going with failed business mottle. -- business model. people have been looking for someone who will do what he said he would do, and it's very meaningful -- jack welch may be the most respected former ceo and he recognizes you don't keep pouring money into a business model -- >> he put me on the air so that doesn't mean d. >> for that we can thank him. >> let me get your final sense of where this race goes. you have a lot of money. you do have a lot of passion and support. but i do want to get this motion of iowa, new hampshire, south carolina do you have to win one of those three outright? >> well, listen, if you look historically since world war ii, no one has ever won the nomination without winning at
1:50 pm
least one of those first three. that has certainly been history. i think it's an interesting challenge for a number of other candidates. you look at the media describes for example, jeb bush frequently as the front runner. an interest question when you ask which of those states does he win? i will tell you what we intend to do. i'm competing vigorously in all three of those early states -- >> what about florida, are you competing in that state even though it's a rubio bush deal? >> oh sure. look we're competing nationwide. we're competingda yesterday i was in michigan tonight i'm flying to north carolina. we are competing -- i was in massachusetts. we are competing nationwide we're putting together a team on the ground a grass roots team nationwide and we're raising money this all 50 states over 100,000 people have gone to, supported the gain. that's the strength of it is courageous conservatives saying what we're doing isn't working. >> always a pleasure senator. i see you're smiling a lot more
1:51 pm
so maybe jack welch said some magic. good to have you, senator ted cruz. we will have a lot more after this. how you pick and choose the winners in a very crowded race, stick around. woman: it's been a journey to get where i am. and i didn't get here alone. there were people who listened along the way. people who gave me options. kept me on track. and through it all my retirement never got left behind. so today, i'm prepared for anything we may want tomorrow to be.
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every someday needs a plan. let's talk about your old 401(k) today.
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business it's a science. no one knows more about bar science than john tapper. >> i don't embrace excuses, i embrace sluices. >> john turns money -- >> clean the [ bleep ] place out. >> into money makers. >> i think they covered a nasty word there. now, we know that john can be tough on bar owners, imagine what he would be like on a the campaign trail. we thought we would run through a random pick of candidates and
1:55 pm
how he would rescue them not saying they need rescuing not making any judgments. rick perry, what would you do? >> he is a great politician consummate politician has great presence command, but he made a major gaffe a few years ago and a really challenged his knowledge and credibility. >> that three things and he forgot. >> and he forgot the third agency. he's got to come off more comfortable in a federal capacity. right now he seems disconnected from the presidency. >> what about hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton has a serious credibility problem to me. i don't know of a president or somebody would vote for president they don't trust. trust is a question -- >> we've done that before you know? >> i know which is shocking to me. i'm going to venture to say i'm not sure she's electable. i believe that. >> chris christie. >> big mouth. right -- >> hasn't hurt you. >> hasn't hurt me. >> then again you're not running for the white house. >> years ago there was a candidate paul thomas who said
1:56 pm
that he wasn't santa clause and he laid it out honestly. remember him? >> yeah. you called bill clinton the pan at that bear. >> chris christie is speaking about social security in a honest way, i think hes has a like ability issue but his honesty can get him somewhere. >> if you had to recommend one -- for him to be more of that? >> yes. i think he needs to say the things that other people are scared to say and he can stand out in a crowd that way. >> bernie sanders. >> fringe at best. i mean he's so out of the mainstream that i just don't see him developing the kind of dollars or following to really be a formidable candidate. it's nice to see hillary have some competition and see another player but i'm not sure bernie can really step up and create a mass following. i'm not sure he's marketable. >> but for any of these guys be true to your core focus don't wander all over the map. >> be true to yourself. at the end of the day we're
1:57 pm
voting for a person not just issues. we have to feel good about that person and if they don't project that personality they lose they become the same. there's so many of them fooel -- >> they've got to differentiate. john tapper good sport for helping us out on this. nce company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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hello, everyone i'm eric bolling along with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams dana perino and greg guttfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five".." >> some big 2016 developments today, a tenth republican has entered the contest, a man who tried once already in 2012 but fizzled out following a debate gaffe and other stumbles. rick approximate perry came out swinging earlier in his home state of texas. >> we're at the end of an era of failed leadership. we have been led by a divider who has sliced and diced the electorate pitting american against american for political purposes. >> and then he made


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