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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  June 5, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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data breach. good morning. >> reporter: this is a massive data breach. perhaps the biggest cyberattack in american history. the fbi is investigating but u.s. officials are already saying that they believe chinese hackers are behind it 4 million federal employees have had their identifying information compromised. we're talking names, addresses and social security numbers of the entire federal workforce. almost every single federal agency could be affected. now, almost as soon as the news broke u.s. officials pointed fingers at hackers based in china perhaps with ties up to the chinese government but they say the -- the chinese government says they had nothing to do with it and a spokesman said "jumping to conclusions and making hypothetical accusations is not responsible and counterproductive." if that proves to be false this would be the second major breach by beijing in less than a year. many analysts say now is the time to strike back. >> i think the thing to do is to
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be extremely aggressive and go on the offense. our defense is obviously inadequate. what we need to do is send our add ser varies a message, the same as when the north koreans hacked into sony. >> but going on the offensive, that comes with some risks including the chance of starting an all out cyberwar with the chinese. heather. >> kristin, what do u.s. officials think the hackers will do with this. >> they could use it to steal people's identities open up credit cards, but the big fear with this breach these hackers could use the stolen information to blackmail federal employees, especially those with high-level security clearances. >> a whole lot of people affected. thank you so much. >> you're welcome. the boston terror suspect who plotted to behead police officers is said to be stunned he's been connected to isis. >> that comes as an absolute surprise to the family.
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they had not perceived any conduct or change in demeanor with usaama rahim. >> but the fbi says usaama rahim's radicalization has been years in the making. he's been tracked since 2012 visiting isis-related websites and ranting on facebook by getting a call from the feds. he was shot and killed when he lunged at police with a knife. his nephew under arrest now. they look for more suspects and try to figure out how extensive the network is. >> rahim reportedly had plotted to kill pam geller who organized the draw muhammad cartoon contest in garland, texas. the president of the american freedom defense initiative says that she will not back down to the threats. >> the idea that my work in defense of freedom would warrant cutting off my head is deeply disturbing and, of course it's scary, but to me it's scarier to do nothing.
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i'm critical of jihad and i'm critical of the sharia. i don't care if you worship a stone, just don't stone me with it. the jidahist made the cartoons a flash point and is this a fundamental -- he will mention tall right of every american. the idea we would bridge off freedoms not to offend savages goes against every fiber of my being. of course i'll continue. my resolve is even strengthened in light of the past few weeks. >> well geller is now under 24-hour guard since those reports surfaced she was a target. frjts the d.c. mansion murder or murders i should say this morning the focus of the investigation, the family's personal assistant. police are now looking for any evidence to determine if he was involved in the killings. we have the breaking details this morning from jackie. >> jordan wallace came under
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scrutiny after police said he changed his story about how he delivered the ransom the morning savvas savopoulos his wife amy, their son and the housekeeper were brutally killed. wallace telling police that the money was delivered to him in a manila envelope. he later changed his story saying he received the cash in bundles then put it in the envelope. days afterwards they searched his bmw, found a block from the savopoulos' home looking for cash bank money wrappers or banking documents but couldn't find any of those items. the 28-year-old also turning over his phone records after it was revealed he sent photos of the ransom money to a female friend while the family was being tortured to death. police also seizing receipts backpacks, a gopro camera and macbook air laptop. wallace an amateur race car driver had been hered by savopoulos' company just months before the killings.
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he was known to brag on instagram about driving the family's expensive cars. he has not been arrested or charged. so far, daron wint is the only suspect you see him there but police believe others could be involved. police arresting wint after finding his dna on pizza crust inside the home last month. the 34-year-old previously worked for the savopouloss' company. his former attorney thinks he is innocent. >> inside job, maybe a hit job and i don't think the evidence is there to prove him guilty of anything. >> investigators also believe the suspects entered by force after finding a boot print on a side door. they are now looking for a match. heather. >> thank you very much. jackie ibanez we'll check back with you. the man accused of killing a university of virginia student last year identified by another woman in court as her attacker. jesse matthew jr. is charged
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abducting, raping and murdering the woman back in 2005. prosecutors say they have dna evidence tying matthew to the attack. the same sample that allowed police to link this case to the murder of hannah graham. her remains found more than a month after she was last seen on surveillance video leaving a bar with matthew. his trial in the 2005 case begins monday. the man convicted of killing chandra levy will get a new trial. he was found guilty of murdering the intern but lawyers argued a key witness, his former cell mate lied on the stand. levy disappeared in 2001. her case gained national attention because of the affair she had with a congressman who was first suspected in the case. a view held for beau biden today. a grieving vice president could hardly keep it together at the service at the delaware capitol. he struggled to hole back tears
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before leading his family inside where beau's casket lay in honor. beau died of brain cancer at the age of 46. his funeral will be held tomorrow. president obama will deliver the eulogy. rick perry formally marking his second run for the white house. three-term texas governor saying america needs a president who served in the military. perry announced his campaign surrounded by veterans and the widow of american sniper chris kyle. a plane like the one he flew to the airport sat next to the stage. what he'll do first if he's elected -- >> one thing we will do is put a plan in place to secure the border put the personnel on the border the aviation access so that 1800-mile border is secure and the american people will know it's secure. can you not have national security until you have border security.
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>> perry is set to enter the race. >> yes. >> well we have more severe weather to tell you about moving into the plains. >> but it is getting warm here in the northeast. maria molina is checking the forecast for us. hey, maria. >> good morning. we'll be seeing those temperatures slowly climbing across parts of the northeast but could stay below average for many across parts of new england. the plains out there we have multiple reported tornadoes yesterday and today that storm system is still on the move and woo still have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect across portions of kansas this morning so that's of concern. we could be looking at damaging winds and large hail from some of those storms and even isolated tornadoes. we had a tornado warning earlier this morning across parts of colorado that has been allowed to expire but that risk for severe storms will continue throughout the day and as we head into tomorrow we're still expecting more severe storms across the plains and into the
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midwest. otherwise, the other concern is heavy rain forecast out there. as much as 2 to 3 and even locally 4 inches possible in some of those areas and by the way, eastern pacific ocean still active. hurricane blanca forecast to bring impacts to cabo coming back this weekend. >> maria, thank you. dramatic start to the nba finals golden state warriors beat the cleveland cavaliers in overtime of game one. the warriors rallied in the fourth quarter to force extra time. lebron james had 44 points but it wasn't enough to hold off steph curry's squad. they win 108-100. game two on sunday. i'm pulling for steph curry. >> i'll have to pull for cleveland then i guess. only one more race to win before american pharoah can be declared the triple crown winner. >> ainsley's betting on it. belmont stakeses the longest and most difficult of the three
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races that make up the triple crown runs tomorrow night and "fox & friends first" right in the thick of it where all the action will take place. what are you thinking? >> reporter: hey, ainsley and heather, good morning and to you at home. the horses will start coming out on the crack and start stretching their leg but 90,000 will pack the park for the third leg. many are hoping that american pharoah can end the longest drought in horse racing history since affirmed won in 1978. this is the longest, most grueling leg of the triple crown here at belmont stakes. 1 1/2 miles long and last year if you'll remember california chrome had also won the kentucky derby and preakness in a similar situation. the owner was really complaining after afterwards because he hadn't completed in the derby or preakness and the owner said
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there wasn't a fair flaying field. "in my life of time i will never see another triple crown winner because of the way they do this. if you've got a horse, run him in all three. the 20 horses that start the kentucky evanskye kentucky kyederby should be the only ones run." they have fresh legs and colburn was a sore loser and have to stay true to the rules of horse racing history. the breakdown, american pharoah is number one 3-5, frosted at 5-1. deer at 6-1 and ainsley and heather, post time for the belmont stakes is tomorrow night at 6:50 p.m. back to you. >> anna that's what makes him superior. if he wins all three we know he is the best of the best. >> reporter: yeah that's why it's so coveted. >> we're pulling for him. >> i think they should have to
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run all three. >> you do? >> to be fair. >> thank you, anna. good to see you. the time now, 11 after the top of the hour. in a dangerous standoff caught on surveillance the moment a homeless man attacks a teenager and holes a knife to her neck. and did that serial shooter strike again? the new mysterious shooting putting people on edge in colorado. and paying for patriotism. brand-new numbers about how much taxpayers are shelling out to honor troops at nfl games and the push to put it to an end. ♪ when i see you again ♪ ♪ when i see you again ♪
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grandfather walking near his home is tied to other shootings north of denver. those two nearby cases already connected by police. in april you may remember a driver was shot in the neck but survived then last month a bicyclist shot and killed. >> we don't know if this is related to the other shootings and we don't know if there is somebody or somebodies that is inflicting these crimes. there was an opportunity to feel fear. >> police are encouraging people to travel in pairs. the fbi is now offering a $10,000 reward. newly released surveillance video showing the terrifying moment a homeless man inside a target store in pittsburgh. he grabs a teenage girl and drags her across the floor. you can see it happen there. witnesses say he stabbed her before a group of customers actually finally took him down. the footage of the 2013 attack introduced as evidence in his
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trial. he was found guilty but mentally ill. sabotaged by his own selfie. the u.s. air force destroys an isis headquarters after an extremeist posts a selfie outside the building on social media. 22 hours later our air force tracked down that location using details from the pictures and launched three missiles and destroyed that building. this happened back in february but officials are just now releasing the details about that takedown. the attack comes as new polls show voters all of you want the government to do more to fight isis. a new fox news poll shows 66% favor doing whatever it takes to defete islamic extremeistextremists. 71% feel the administration do not have the clear strategy it needs to defeat isis. good news for those who missed out on southwest airlines' incredible fare sale. this is not too late. we have someone here to explain. >> you have until midnight to
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fly somewhere for less than 100 bucks round trip. southwest airlines now extending its fair sale by an extra day. too many bargain hunters flooded the site. customers trying to use it for other purposes like checking into their flights, they were not able to do so for much of the past two days. you may soon be able to buy a drug to boost the female sex drive. an fda advisory panel recommending the first drug ever for female sexual dysfunction. it's called flibanserin and it's made by sprout pharmaceuticals. full fda approval is expected in august. in the meantime, the agency wants to know point drug's side effects and how it ain't kts with other medicine. if you shonn at heb food stores can you only buy three cartons of eggs per trip because they're having trouble getting eggs as avian flu affected 200 farms, 45 million bird as cross 15 states. as a result the wholesale price
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was melissa mccarthy on target in the brand-new film "spy"? and the boys are back in "entourage" but does the reunion live up to the hype? here now with what we should all know this weekend, what we should see at the movie theater, kevin mccarthy. now, this "spy" movie looks really funny. >> hey, good morning, ainsley and health ir. thank you for having me on. movie was made by the same
2:24 am
person who did "bridesmaids" so clearly you're in good hands but it's more of a spy film than a comedy. there are jokes throughout but it's the spy thriller part that really struck me as a solid, solid effort. paul feig is directing "ghostbusters" so the action gets me excited for what he does with that in 2016. melissa mccarthy is fantastic. action scenes are great and she's fighting with a knife, that scene is unbelievable. that scene is worth the entire price of admission. the action works and comedy was so-so. a better spy film. 3 1/2 out of 5 and do recommend iterated "rvenlt" so don't take the kids but a fun entertaining movie for the weekend. >> another one i don't recommend taking the kids is "entourage." i have seen it. what is your review of "entourage"? >> ainsley, you saw the movie? >> i did on wednesday the night it came out.
2:25 am
>> for me i loved the show and feel like the problem with the film is that if you haven't seen the show you're going to miss almost every joke in the film and for me overall if you haven't seen the show 96-episode television show eight seasons total and the guys are back and follows four friends from new york to l.a. and in this movie vince, the lead is trying to -- he directs a film called "hide" and dealing with production issue and haley joe osment from "the sixth sense" in the film as well. i thought it was great for fans of the show. if you go not see the show you may not love it. i did speak with vince, adrian grenier about the show and, ainsley, since you saw it you know the scene when johnny drama goes in for the awkward audition. what's the worst audition he's had in his career i asked him. >> i actually auditioned for woody allen and i walked into a darkened hotel room and there was a single light on a chair and i sat there and i was doing
2:26 am
a scene with like somebody in the darkness and i could feel woody allen lurking and coming from the darkness into the light. i could barely make out his face and then i stopped -- the scene was over. he scurried away. okay thank you. and then, all right, that's it. >> all right, so i gave the movie a 3 1/2. what did you give it? did you like it? >> i did like it but i agree. if you didn't watch the show you probably wouldn't follow or watch the movie. so many celebrities in it. >> exactly. >> the plot was so-so. >> exactly. >> all the celebrities made up for it. >> but ainsley, what it all comes down to is victory. that line to me that made the movie so solid. i hope you have a great weekend. thanks for having me on your show. >> have a great weekend. >> yeah exactly. i liked it a lot, yeah. thanks guy. >> johnny drama was my favorite and turtle of course as well. the time now is 26 after the top of the hour and a drinking game leads to this college
2:27 am
student's death but police say it's not because she drank too much. >> certification. how this costume cost this pup his job. >> a live look. >> plaza. lighthouse about to take the stage for week three of our all-american summer concert series.
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audible safety beeping audible safety beeping audible safety beeping the nissan rogue with safety shield technologies. the only thing left to fear is you imagination. nissan. innovation that excites. it is friday june 5th. a fox news alert. the government hit by hackers, the massive cyberattack affecting millions. china eyed as the culprit firing back this morning. extreme weather up the plains. the overnight tornadoes destroying dozens of homes and maria molina is tracking new kerrs for your weekend.
2:31 am
>> senate confirmation hearing to be our top cop. >> answering justice. how the "jeopardy" contestants responded to that question. "fox & friends first" continues right now. good friday morning. welcome to "fox & friends first." i'm ainsley earhardt. >> i'm heather childers. it's half past the top of the hour. right to the fox news alert for you. the federal government hit by a massive cyberattack and china may be behind it. information of millions of workers stolen. >> kristin has the latest for us. >> reporter: good morning, this could be the biggest cyberattack in american history. 4 million federal employees have had their personal data compromised talking names, addresses and social security numbers of perhaps the entire federal workforce. >> early indications are that the chinese were behind this. you can just imagine what they
2:32 am
would do with this kind of information. i mean basically a road map for how to blackmail the people in the u.s. government with the highest security clearances. >> reporter: the fbi is now investigating but u.s. officials are already saying that they believe chinese hackers are behind it. prance even the chinese government. but a spokesman for the chinese embassy is denying any responsibility. he released a statement saying "jumping to conclusions and making hypothetical accusations is not response and counterproductive" but if that proves to be false this would be the second major breach by beijing in less than a year. also looking into whether this attack is linked to another attack involving the white house last october. back to you. >> kristin, why wasn't this breach detected before millions of people's information was stolen? >> reporter: well ainsley, that's what's still being investigated. most of the stolen data came from the office of personnel management which is basically human resources for the federal government. they believe it happened
2:33 am
sometime last month. it was identified shortly thereafter by the department of homeland security's intrusion detection system which is known as einstein. notifications are now being sent out to anyone who may be affected but, you know this was a very big breach. they have to send notifications out to as many as 4 million people. >> yeah. a lot of people affected. kristin fisher live for us, thanks, kristin. the family of the boston terror suspect who plotted to behead police officers said to be stunned that he is being connected to isis but the fbi says usaama rahim's radicalization had been years in the making. he's been tracked since 2012 visiting isis-related websites and ranting on facebook about getting a call from the feds. rahim was shot and killed tuesday when he lunged at police with a knife. his nephew now under arrest. this weekend in ferguson black lives matter protesters are planning a rally to support
2:34 am
rahim. two friends of the boston marathon bomber will be sentenced today for interfering with the 2013 investigation. one was convicted of removing the backpack from the dorm room and another found guilty lying to investigators. a third friend who confessed to destroying evidence was sentenced to six years in prison. tsarnaev was sentenced to death for the attack that killed three and injured more than 260 others. the mystery deepens in the gruesome d.c. mansion murders. the investigation is now focused on the savopoulos family's personal assistant. jackie ibanez is live in the studio with brand-new developments. good morning, jackie. >> reporter: good morning, heather. jordan wallace came under scrutiny after police say he changed his story about how he delivered the 40,000 ransom the morning that savvas savopoulos his wife amy, their son and the family housekeeper was killed and held hostage. they were later just brutally
2:35 am
brutally murdered. wallace initially telling police the money was delivered to him in a manila envelope. he later changed his story saying he received the cash in bundles then put it in the envelope. days after the murders, police searched wallace's 2009 bmw, found a block from the savopouloses' home. they were looking for cash bank money or banking documents but couldn't find any of those items. the 28-year-old also turning over his phone records after it was revealed he sent photos of the ransom money to a female friend while the family was being tortured to death. police also seizing receipts, back backpacks, a gopro camera and laptop. wallace had been hired by savopoulos' company just months before the killings. he was known to brag on instagram about driving the family's expensive cars. he has not been arrested or charged. so far, daron wint you see him there, he is the only suspect but police believe others could
2:36 am
be involved. police arresting went after finding his dna on a pizza crust inside the home last month. the 34-year-old previously worked for the savopoulos company and went's attorney believes he is innocent. >> this was an inside job, maybe a hit job and i don't think the evidence is there to prove him guilty of anything. >> investigators also believe the suspects entered the mansion by force after finding a boot print on a side door. they're now looking for a match. ainsley. >> jackie ibanez in the studio thank you. murdered over beer pong. 19-year-old texas college student, 39-year-old neighbor ronald mcneil crashed a party with some of his friends, a fight breaks out over the rules of the beer pong game and they were asked to leave. that's when police say that neighbor came back with a gun and opened fire in the backyard shooting larose 14 times.
2:37 am
macneill faces murder and aggravate add salt charges. >> senseless. frjts billy flynn is free after murdering pamela smart's husband. he was 15 when he had an affair with smart working at the high school in new hampshire. he says smart threatened to end the relationship if he did not kill her husband greg. flynn pleaded guilty to second degree murder. smart is serving life in prison without the chance of parole. she admitted to seducing flynn but insists she did not plan her husband's murder. the man who inspired an online challenge to stomp on american flags has been booked and jailed. they were searching for eric shepherd since april when a confrontation between eric and a military veteran on the valdosta state campus went viral. he started threatening people carrying a gun on campus and found him last week and brought him back to the state of georgia where he'll face weapons
2:38 am
charges. well first it was michele and jim bob. now two duggar sisters breaking their silence about josh duggar's molestation scandal to defend their brother. >> do you feel like the victim of a molestation? >> i do want to speak up in his defense against people who are calling him a child molester or a pedophile or rapist and people are saying. >> don't miss the exclusive interview with jessa and jill torrent at 9:00 on "the kelly file" only on fox news. extreme weather now twisters ripping through parts of colorado. funnel clouds spotted with at least two confirmed touchdowns. several homes damaged by pounding rains and high winds. >> storms also bringing hail look at that the size of baseballs. this was around denver.
2:39 am
a flash flood warning remains in effect for much of the state. maria molina tracking the very latest. good morning, maria. >> hi good morning, heather and ainsley. a lot of severe weather across colorado with impressive storms. there's a lot of shear. those storms were off. structured. you can see that pancake stacking but now across kansas. have potential for severe weather and tracking storms across eastern portions of colorado so still on the move even at this early hour but later today through tonight we expect more severe storms to develop across portions of the high plains and also into parts of the central plains and the greatest tornado probability is right in here across portions of colorado also spilling over portions of nebraska and kansas throughout the day today. heavy rain is another concern with these storms. we are tea talking about potentially 2, 3, even 4 inches possible from some storms so watch out for localized flash flooding possible as the storms develop.
2:40 am
otherwise, temperaturewise, you're still very chilly out there across portions of the northeast. at least for this time of year. 60s isn't too bad but talking june 69 degrees for the high in new york city and 62 in boston meanwhile, we head further west feeling more like sumner places like memphis, 90 degrees for the high temperature out there. you're also warm across the gulf coast and portions of the central and southern plains. out west not too bad across the rockies, have you that cool air in place, 71 degrees for your high temperature in denver a hot one in las vegas, at 90 degrees out there and by the way, eastern pacific ocean very active. we have hurricane blanca currently a category 2 hurricane forecast to continue to weaken out there as it enters cooler waters but could bring localized hurricane conditions across cabo coming up this weekend so something else to watch for anyone vacationing out here again, we have a hurricane, could bring tropical storm conditions this weekend to cabo. heather and ainsley, over to you. >> thank you, maria.
2:41 am
the time now is 20 minutes till the top of the hour and a football fight off the field. the new push to have taxpayers stop footing the bill to honor troops at nfl games. the nightmare next door. the reason one woman was putting up that 60-foot fence. ♪ c is for cookie ♪ >> cookie monster. why he might be mad. houston was incorporated by the republic of texas. >> in 1956 elvis played his new song "you ain't nothing but a hound dog." ♪ ♪ they said you was high class well that was just a lie ♪ >> i had no idea this performance of "hound dog" was --
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if you're taking multiple medications does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene available as an oral rinse toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good a dry mouth isn't biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth. dishonorably charged. an nfl team or all the teams
2:45 am
actually under fire for charging the military millions of your tax dollars to honor our troops at nfl games. >> we have the pushback. >> good morning. $7 million over three years. that is the amount of money spent by the military to have servicemen and women honored at nfl football games. that's according to senator john mccain. the arizona senator said he was shocked to find out several nfl teams were taking taxpayer mon to honor our heroes instead of doing it out of pate gottism or the goodness of their art. others argued wealthy teams shouldn't be receiving taxpayer dollars when the military is facing severe budget cuts. they've sponsored a measure that would be the department of defense, would bar the depamentf defensem entering into contracts with teams where paymentme high-profile examples. santa barbara champs. new england patriots got 675,000 from the army national guard for
2:46 am
halftime shows honoring our troops. the falcons got 579,000 and the broncos took $460,000. now, the senate expected to complete work on this measure and that bill next week will we'll be following it for you, ainsley. >> thanks so much. let's keep talking about paying for patriotism. who should foot the bill to honor troops at games? you can logon to the "fox & friends first" facebook page after the show to weigh. #keeptalking. warning to tell you about for parents. before you strap your kids into a car seat thisthis morning, toxic chemicals lurk in 7 3% of the 377 seats tested. bromide and chlorine and heavy metals like lead and chromium. researchers say these chemicals have been linked to thyroid problems learning and memory impairment and even cancer. only use car seats for travel and to find out how your brand might be affected visit
2:47 am a therapy dog loses his certification for wearing a costume while visiting patients. chopper's owner is shocked and he says that costume is part of chopper's persona. pet partners certifying agency says costumes are not allowed for the safety of pets and for patient. >> oh, come on. well the time now is about ten minutes till the top of the hour and they picked the wrong man to mess with. the fearless cashier who turned the tables on a tray joe of masked robbers. off to the races. american pharoah hoping to make history at belmont this weekend. we're live from the track. anna has what oddsmakers are saying? >> we'll hear it but first live on the plaza with what is coming on "fox & friends first." >> good morning. did you realize today is global doughnut day? so today dunkin' donuts is bringing by enough doughnuts for everybody on the planet. stop by 48th and 6th avenue
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outside once again, it's a friday in the summer. that means our summer concert series. we got geraldo, chris wallace and the dunkin' donut girls plus you know what our act this week is lifehouse. you hear them on the radio all the time. they're going to do their new hit "hurricane." a busy three hours that kicks off a dozen minutes from now on your channel for doughnuts. what up wheels! mr. auto-mo-deal! hey, it's the wheel deal! hey, hey, the duke of deals! i know a few guys in the rental car biz. let's go, 'wheels'. rental car deals up to 40%
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. a trio of thugs picked the wrong cashier to mess with. the three guys dressed in black decided to knock off this
2:52 am
convenience store in australia. what they didn't realize is the 64-year-old behind the counter is a former boxer. worst neighbor ever? former vermont gubernatorial candidate ruth guyer built this a massive 60-foot screen on her property because he says her 150 farm animals were getting distracted by her neighbor's activities including her children playing outside. she doesn't have a zoning permit for that screen. the city's daily $200 daily fines have added up to $15,000 since march. dwyer maintains that the screen is just livestock control. only one more race to win before american pharoah can be declared the triple crown winner. the belmont stakes runs tomorrow
2:53 am
night. we're right in the middle of the action. hey, anna. >> reporter: hey, good morning to all of you at home. you guys came to me at just the right time. we've got a horse coming by right now. the horses are stretching their legs today and then the big belmont stakes that everybody is watching is tomorrow night when folks are hoping that american pharoah will be able to the triple crown and many folks are hoping that his four hooves will be here in the winner's track. it's a one and a half mile track, the most grueling of the races, the kentucky derby and the preakness. many are wondering should the rules be changed at steve coburn the winner of last year's race thinking this is not a fair playing field. he says in my lifetime i'll never see another triple crown winner because of the way they
2:54 am
do. if you have a horse that runs run them in all three. this is a coward's way course ainsley and 0 coburn supporters say he has a point because the horses have fresh legs. on the other hand critics say hey's a sore loser and should stay true to the rules and history. folks are really going to be watches at 6:50 the belmont stakes >> i saw american pharoah race at the kentucky derby. he is fast. the time now is six minutes to the top of the hour and proof of a higher power. why this woman says that god was listening to her prayers. >> here she is at her senate confirmation hearing to be our top cop. >> how the jeopardy contestants responded to that question.
2:55 am
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here's what's happening today. the fbi investigating a massive cyberattack that compromised the information of 4 million worker pps the government says chinese hackers are responsible for this. china is denying the allegations allegations. the investigation of the mansion murders now focussed on the savopoulos's family assistants. a viewing being held today
2:59 am
for beau biden who died from brain cancer at the age of 46. president obama will deliver the eulogy at his funeral tomorrow. time now for the good the bad and ugly. up first, the good. single moth of three, she received a new car when a kind stranger overheard her pleas at a north carolina car dealership on speakerphone. the lord instructed him to buy her a car. next the bad and some food for thought. >> cookie. >> a new study suggesting eating cookies can make us all depress pd. transfatty acids found if baked goods can less or awareness and control over our emotions. some jeopardy contestants need to brush up on current events. >> here she is at her senate confirmation hearing to be our
3:00 am
top cop. the lady's name is loretta lynch. >> none of them knew who she was even though her photo was shown. that does it for us. don't go anywhere. >> lifehouse performing all morning. watch from home or join us live on the plaza. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. good morning to you. it is friday june 5th 2015. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck and this is a fox news alert. a hack on the united states the large e in history and the private information of 4 million americans now at risk. who is to blame? the clay niece? we're live in washington with the breaking developments for you straight ahead. and he's in it to win it. rick perry makes it official. >> we have the power to make things new again, to project america's strength again and to get our economy going again. and tha


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