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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 8, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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23-foot rowboat the 29-year-old began her trip yesterday leaving from tokyo and hopes to finish her journey by late september. gregg: we wish her the very best. heather: "happening now" starts right now. jon: we begin with the latest on a manhunt for two killers who escaped from a maximum security prison in upstate new york. patti ann: a manhunt searching for what is called an he lab rant extraordinary escape. they are look at whether someone inside the prison helped the men break out. david sweat and richard matt are both in prison for murder and officials say they are very
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dangerous. jon: the prison is just 25 miles from the canadian border. >> reporter: the two men were discovered mission at 5:30 saturday morning. that means they have now been on the run for more than 48 hours. and in the past few hours we have seen a great deal of activity at the clinton correctional facility. we have seen dozens and dozens of corrections officers boarding buses, those buses traveling to near by areas that are now being searched. also there are multiple roadblocks set up in the area surrounding the prisons traveling 12 miles 12 miles we had to pass through three separate roadblocks. authorities are not commenting
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on reports that a female employee at prison might have been an accomplice. the men made to it freedom crawling through a 24-inch steam pipe and surfacing a block from the prison after removing a manhole cover. somehow they were able to obtain power tools that made it possible for them to cut through a steel wall. those who work at the prison are speculating the inmates who escaped must have had blueprints otherwise they would not have been able to find their way to freedom. new york governor says it was an elaborate escape plan. >> this was and i elaborate plot. if it was in a movie script would you have said it was overdone in a movie script. there are a lot of the questions about how they got the equipment primarily and that's something we are going to look into. >> reporter: new york state is
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now offering an unprecedented $100,000 reward for information leading to the apprehension of richard matt and david sweat. both men are considered extremely dangerous. as you said just a moment ago making this search even more difficult is the proximity of the prison to the canadian border. we are about 22 miles to the border and there is concern the two men may have tried to cross the border. but authorities made it clear by their words and actions that they really have no idea where these men are. perhaps we'll learn more when a news conference takes place at noon today. jon: a news conference regarding the shooting after man in suburban boston on a terrorism charge. let's listen in as police release the video of that
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shooting. >> from the ongoing federal probe led to last week's fatal encounter. massachusetts law places responsibility for all death investigations with the district attorney. especially after events in other jurisdictions around the country, there always growing public interest in transparency and accountability when local state and federal law enforcement offices use lethal force. as a result, we have put in place a series of policies that far exceed what's required by law. few of them are in place in other cities around the country and put them up against any other jurisdiction in the united states. this investigation is assigned to district attorney patrick hagan. together they will work with the boston police firearms discharge
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investigation team which draws senior investigators from the boston police department homicide unit and other specialized units as well as the shooting team from the f.b.i. which came in from around the country after these events occurred. they also have similar specialized training. all the exacting steps we take in a traditional homicide investigation are brought to bear when police in boston and in suffolk county use lethal force. every scene is processed carefully and canvassed repeatedly. every piece of evidence is documented and analyzed. every witness is interviewed. interviews are recorded. every step investigators take is memorialized. if at the end of the investigation when we meet with the family of the deceased if they think more witnesses need to be interviewed we'll do that
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as well. the file typically runs to more than 1,000 pages with hours of recorded interviews, radio transmissions and video evidence. as prosecutors we then apply the relevant case law and a tiewts to this evidence and i determine whether criminal charges are required against the force involved or whether their actions were justified according to the law. this investigation is impartial and is based solely on the facts and the law. my office is independent the investigation is independent and the charging decision is independent. in every fatal police shooting for more than a decade i have met with the family of the deceased to explain my charging decision in advance much it being released to the media then
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released the entire investigative file to them and their attorneys. i'll take that step in this case as well. as i have common in the past i meet with meters in boston's clergy and youth working communities, civil rights advocates and other community leadsers to explain the facts and evidence behind my charging decisions. again i expect to take that step in this case. i opened the entire investigative file after the case is resolved for you the news media. i'll take that step in this case as well when this investigation is conclude. every recorded interview every second relevant interview will be open for inspection. this policy of transparency is unparalleled elsewhere in the country. as those of you from boston know when we release this evidence at conclusion of an investigation rather than doing it piecemeal.
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but media and technology have take an investigation to an unprecedented level. it becomes easier than ever for rumor and inaccurate information to fill the vacuum if reliable facts aren't put out rapidly. for this reason we agreed to release certain video evident earlier when it can help illuminate the facts and if doing so went compromise the integrity of the investigation. we have already seened this video to a limited audience. primarily limited to these folks up to this reason. we prioritize the accuracy of witnesses and involved officers. we want their accounts to reflect their direct observations. we also want to allow the family of the deceased the opportunity to view the footage at the time of their choosing, not suddenly and without warning on tv or the internet. in this case the critical first
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witness interviews have been completed. we also met with mr. rahim's family and their attorneys thursday evening here at our office and the funeral as you know was friday. we agreed to hold release of this video until sometime over the weekend or monday and obviously today is monday. we'll release this video to you publicly so that they had some time to process the loss that they have suffered. this sort of evidence may not available in every single case. even when it is available its release may not appropriate if critical witnesses have not been interviewed and if identification is an issue or there is a strong likelihood that this evidence will go to granld grand jury. but making video evidence public is something we have done for more than a decade.
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we have done that at the end of the case. but releasing it earlier reflects our intention to make best practices even better. when it can inform the public about what happened and why it's in everyone's best tint share it as soon as it is possible to tamp down rumors and bad information. finally i want to make this clear. this video you are about to see is simply one piece of evidence among many and this investigation is very active. i haven't made any findings yet nor have i come to any legal conclusion. this is an exacting process and it requires careful analysis of all of the evidence in light of state and federal law. a great deal of work needs to be done and it will be done. and this process is too important to rush. i know the commissioner evans and special agent lissi agree on this point and i'll ask them to
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say a few word. we'll play the video and afterwards we'll provide you a link and you can broadcast it as you wish. with that i turn it over to special agent lisi. >> good morning. mr. rahim had been under 24-hours surveillance by the f.b.i. for some period of time. tuesday morning we intercepted a communication that indicate he was about to carry out and i attack that day. not long after that communication was intercepted he left his house and proceeded toward a bus stop. our officers decided for public safety they had to approach him before he got on that bus. as the district attorney said the f.b.i. is carrying out a separate independent investigation of the shooting that day. beginning last tuesday we had a team led by our f.b.i. headquarters arrive here, i
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think 13 people in total showed up to conduct the investigation. their investigation is geared toward looking at the use of deadly force on the part of our agent and whether that was in conjunction with the kept of justice policy. they will complete their report and provide it to the f.b.i., the department of justice and the department of justice civil rights section to determine whether or not the use of deadly force was within the policy and whether our agent violated any civil rights. as the district said his investigation is completely separate. our agents are cooperating fully with his investigation and our investigation. thank you. >> thank you. i just want to thank fbi agent lisi and district attorney dean connelly for all their work. as special agent in charge has said this is a 4/7 surveil --
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this is a 24/7 surveillance by the task force. we were kept in the loop leading up to this and all of us knew the plot as far as what was unfolding. i think no one could have anticipated what happened that particular morning. obviously our officers when you watch the video obviously you will see -- and keep in mind they know in their mind the intent of the individual who is proceeding across the parking lot. when they approach him with having no guns, you are going to see the video unfold and quickly see how they are back up, the threat become imminent and the result are necessary. there is obviously a double intent here. there are questions asked about why didn't the officers use any
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other force. this guy had a malicious intend and our officers were faced with that both the f.b.i. and the boston. the video will speak for itself. but i think we averted a serious tragedy on that day and i can't say enough about the great work the f.b.i. agents and the boston police did that day preventing a tragedy and keeping the city of boston safe. at this point i'm going to turn it over to pat to show the video and i'm sure we'll have some questions afterward. just to give some perspective and context of what we are looking at. this is a surveillance camera at
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the burger king. it's affixed to the burger king. this is washington street. just to give some context and perspective. this is headed inbound upon washington street toward the forest hills station. this direction is street head outbound, the next cross-street the west roxbury parkway. jon: what you are about to see is a videotape surveillance camera capture of the scene that happened last tuesday morning in suburban boston when a 26-year-old man named usaama rahim who had been under surveillance on a terror investigation had an encounter with an f.b.i. officer and boston police officer in a parking lot. his family said he was shot in the back, that he was talk on his cell phone. police say it didn't happen that way. we are about to see the actual
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chain of events that happened that way as this terror suspect who was armed with a knife police say they came at them with the knife, ignored officers' orders to stop. that's the video you are about to see. >> i'm pausing the video here. what you will next see is a series of law enforcement officers, f.b.i. agents as well as one boston police detective
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that have come from this area of parked cars here and approached mr. rahim. i'll stop the video to clarify the yellow circle is around mr. rahim. yellow circle in this video will remain and mr. rahim until the actual shooting takes place. at that point the circle will disappear and reappear after
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mr. rahim is shot. jon: these are the events of last tuesday morning in the cvs parking lot in boston as a man who is the center after terror investigation was shot and killed by an f.b.i. agent and a boston police officer. you are watching the release of this video for the first time. it is grain crane obviously difficult to see exactly what transpired there. police say they pulled their weapons, one fbi agent one boston privilege pulled their weapons on 26-year-old usaama rahim. he had been under police observation and surveillance for quite some time in connection with a terror investigation. we don't know a great deal about
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it other than that. but they got word that morning as we heard the district attorney say they got word that morning that some part of their plan was about to be acted upon, so when they saw usaama rahim when they saw him going to a bus stop they decided to talk to him before he actually board the bus. instead they say he pulled a knife, they pulled their service revolvers. he came at them with that knife two shots were fired one by an f.b.i. agent and one by a police officer and usaama rahim was killed. patti ann: the battle for higher wages is about to take a new turn. as groups push for a higher minimum wage, president obama may be about to make sweeping changes regarding overtime. and that fight is spilling over
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patti ann: some crime headlines we are following. jury selection in another trial of the man accused of killing university of virginia student hannah graham. jesse matthew is accused of killing another woman in north carolina. oscar pistorius could soon be under house arrest. if the parole board agrees he could be released in august.
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a hip hop concert at the meadowlands take a rowdy turn. some fans try to gate crash. police use tear gas to disperse the crowds. they made a number of arrests. jon: there are new reports the obama you administration could increase the salary threshold regarding overtime. so the president is not able to arbitrarily raise the minimum wage by himself but he can issue an executive order that basically says more people will qualify for overtime. do i have that right? >> this is a rule that hasn't been updated since 1975. but the threshold is if you make
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$23,000 a year or more, you don't get overtime if you go over that 40-hour workweek. so the labor department is look at increasing that threshold. if you make $30,000 or $40,000 or $50,000 a year you have basically click into overtime pay. obviously you have a lot of business interests on capitol hill. republicans are using some of the same arguments they used against obamacare that is basically going to be a job killer. jon: an employer has a certain amount of money to spend. if he's going to spends more money paying overtime, the money has to come from somewhere. >> president obama says this hasn't kept up with inflation. this is a rule that hasn't been touched in decades.
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i'm not going to get way want on minimum wage so i'll try to suits powers of the executive that he has been increasingly using during last two years of his presidency. economic inequality is become an issue. you see both sides of the aisle increasingly talking about. jon: governor martin o'malley and bernie sanders both like this idea. has she take and position on it, to your knowledge? >> i don't think she has taken a position on it. it will be hard to extract a position out of her on this, i don't think. this will be one of the issues in the democratic debate now that we have announced candidates like bernie sanders who is attracting big crowds in iowa andn hampshire. martin o'mallly, they are all
8:27 am
talk about higher wages. this will put hillary clinton against the business leaders who do like her and those who want higher wages for employees who do the service jobs and work in fast food restaurants. we'll have to wait and see what she says on this. jon: what about the overall republican response? >> so far they have pointed to this saying it isn't the issue. we should focus on job growth, it's a side issue and the president is usurping congressional authority to enact his agenda. but they haven't been that vocal onon the -- the specifics of the issue. we'll see more when it gets thrown into the light on capitol hill. patti ann: a massive fire at a pennsylvania chemical warehouse.
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we'll tell you what started the inferno. friends and flame say farewell to a -- friends and family say farewell to a woman mauled to death by a lion.
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physically and spiritually throughout your treatment. i feel great today i'm healthy, i have never been in a happier place, i can't imagine being treated anyplace else. fighting cancer has given me opportunities to live. i think i chose extremely well. call or go to cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now. jon: texas police investigating how officers handled the confrontation with teenagers at a pool party in suburban dallas. a u.s. border patrol helicopter
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shot at at the u.s.-mexican border. what's ahead for american pharaoh. the first horse to win the triple crown in almost 40 years. will he ever race again? patti ann: crews are battling a major fire at a chemical warehouse in south central pa. dozens of -- in central pennsylvania. some people reported hearing explosions from the scene. haz-mat crews are telling those who live near by to stay inside with their windows closed until it's all under control. >> reporter: it's been seven hours since this fire broke out at 3:30 this morning and firefighters are still on the scene. it's an hour east of gettysburg.
8:33 am
the company special eyes in manufacturing nutritional agro chemicals used in insecticides and herbcides. they say their products are not hazardous and they are used in organic farming. a thick plume of black smoke can be seen from miles around. reports say authorities are letting the fire burn out by itself as the building is mostly destroyed. officials are saying the smoiks not hazardous. they issued a shelter in placed in for residents within one mile of the warehouse. residents are being told to close their windows shut off their air-conditioning and not drive in the area. haz-mat crews along with local community management teams are on the scene making sure the air there is safe. authorities say the smoke and
8:34 am
fumes are deemed non-toxic. they are not taking chances because of the intensity of this fire. there is no word on what caused this blaze. but thankfully no reports of injuries. patti ann: eric shawn thank you. jon: less than a week from now hillary clinton hold the first big rally of her campaign on new york city's roosevelt island. but she has faced questions about how self scandal -- how several scandals have affected her campaign. joining us is alan colmes and tammy bruce radio talk show host and fox news contributor. welcome to both of you. >> i'm going to win but let's just go. jon: this segment in part comes from a piece that was written on
8:35 am
"politico" which suggested ... >> by a bush speech writer ... jon: that suggested that basically voters collectively roll their eyes at anything that the clintons have done, any shenanigans they may have been involved with. the title of the piece was scandaled only make the clintons stronger. the republican plan to defeat the clintons is doomed. it's time to go easy on her. >> after killing vince foster and bill clinton killed self people in arkansas, what's an email scandal. you can't call everything a scandal and hoping something sticks. she is out there giving positions on key issues like universal voting and opt out. that's what the press should be paying attention to, not some of the stuff the media loves to
8:36 am
glom on to. that open ed piece is very interesting. >> it doesn't seem there is much of anything that sticks to either clinton. >> i saw that piece more as satire. it's probably a way that clintons view themselves which is nothing matters. everything will be fine. we can do of what we want. i'll point to the 2007-2008 season and that did not work out well for them. we know she has lost which independents and democrats double digits in support and trustworthiness. since april she has gone down another 9. whether they are telling themselves this pieces okay. whether that piece is satire or not, it is this absurd. you get to a point where you have to say let's embrace the fact that we are the most awful people in the race. maybe that will win it for us.
8:37 am
here is what we have got now. referring back to 10, 20 years aguys one thing. what we have got now is this. we see the numbers she is hurting, and they may be deciding to ignore it, and i think that ignoring of the reality is what cost her the race in twif, 2008 as -- in 2007 and 2008. on cnn she is within the margin of error. she is only beating bush and cruz interestingly, everyone else -- if it were up 10 points it would matter. every other poll she is within the margin of error dynamic. they mattered a minute ago. >> i'm giving you where it is at moment. but it will change of course. >> and it will only get worse for her as she continues to ignore these -- they are not
8:38 am
just scandals. >> what they are doing is putting this stuff out there so long before the election. by the time the election happens ... >> there will be 10 new ones. jon: he says the republicans have rushed to the microphone to attack bill or hillary and it has blown up in their faces. he says it's easy to pile on the clintons. but i'll give them the benefit of the doubt and hope the media does its job. >> not everybody has to keep talking about the clintons. hillary is her own worst enemy. give her a microphone and let her talk. what the republicans need to do is show the american people what they are offering that's
8:39 am
different. >> lower taxes fewer regulations, take food stamps and welfare and medications. jon: marco rubio's speech ... >> just yesterday a leader from yesterday ... began a campaign for president by promising to take us back to yesterday. yesterday is over. jon: in some ways it seems like he almost anticipated the advice latimer was giving in the talk. >> it many important to present a forward-looking vision and it's important to not give too
8:40 am
much power to the clintons by thinking something is inevitable. the american people want the future. they don't want the past. the world has changed. we are looking at a dynamic where hillary clinton is august of does not work. the american people can figure that out for themselves. >> marco rubio can't wait to get into the future. which is why there are so many red lines. jon: we want to hear from you. do you think hillary clinton's candidacy can survive the recent scandals. get your thoughts into the conversation. patti ann: caught on camera. a police officer's actions sparking controversy. did this officer go too far in handling teenager after a disturbance was reported at a community swimming pool?
8:41 am
our legal panel weighs in next.
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patti ann: let's check out ways ahead on outnumbered. >> reporter: top of the hour police set to speak about those escaped murderers on the run in new york state. plus we are getting some idea of how hillary clinton will cam main the coming weeks. it looks very different from the republican field plans. will it work? >> reporter: working women want to be the queen bee. right? well no. according to a new study women actually help other women out. >> reporter: i have got your back. a vegas strip club recruiting high school grads say take off your clothes for strangers is great way to pay for college. >> reporter: all that plus our #one lucky guy.
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jon: friends and family gathered to say good-bye to the new york woman mauled to death by a lion in south africa. the 21-year-old was laid to rest in her hometown. she was at a popular safari park when a lion approached her vehicle. her window was down when a lion approached her vehicle. she was in frik for a mission on a wildlife protection group. patti ann: video of a confrontation at a pool party goes viral. [shouting [bleep]] patti ann: you can see the video appears to show the officer pulling his gun. >> he told me to keep walk.
8:46 am
i kept walk. he thought we were saying rude stuff to him. he grabbed me and twisted my arm and the back of my back and he shoved me in the grass. he started you pulling back on my braids. i told him to get off me because my back was hurting really bad. >> i'm committed to a complete and thorough investigation. patti ann: jonna spilbor and heather hanson, they are our legal panel. we can roll some of the video. the police chief said police got a call from a resident saying non-residents entered the community fool without permission and fights were break out. police arrived private security guards point them to the young people creating a disturbance. the police ordered the teens to
8:47 am
sit on the grass. but they are taking a hard stance against some of those who didn't sit. he's yelling and cuff something of the kids who didn't sit. >> i think this is excessive. i watched the whole individual copy on youtube. the whole video is not the whole video. something happened that aggravated this police officer. something happened beforehand. he didn't have a grim on the crowd and he took the bulk of that anger out on that teenaged girl who clearly could not have been armed or have anything on her, she was in a bathing suit. in terms of being excessive that was mildly excessive. but i don't like is pulling a gun on a teenager when there is obviously no deadly force necessary here. don't pull out your gun unless you are going to use it.
8:48 am
patti ann: it sounds like scuffling is going on an runs over with adrenaline pulling to settle down the situation. but the 14-year-old can be seen just standing there. what prompted him to go after her. >> i think you hit the nail on the head about the adrenaline pumping. at the beginning of the video he seems to trip. but there is no excuse for this. we have so many problems with our good police officers making sure they are respect and safe on the streets. and when you have pane officer who has a good reputation. he was officer of the year in 2008. clear live he needs some training. they need to be trained on de-escalation of these times of situations not making it worse. patti ann: in part of the video he explained to the kids he cuffed. i told you to get on the ground and stay there but you did what everybody else did which was
8:49 am
illegal. at that points you became part of the mob. the kids said we had nothing to do with that. we came from another party. he said i have no problem with that but i asked you to sit until we get this figured out and you didn't. >> on one hand maybe we should pay this officer a little bit of respect. it sounds like he's trying to teach them a lesson. i'm the cop i'm telling you to do something do it. sittings on the ground is not excessive force. to the kids' credit they are saying i'm sorry we are just here for a party. i almost feel he used the 14-year-old as an example to say to the rest of the crowd if you don't do what i say you will be face down on the grass too. >> it was over and above what was necessary and proper in these circumstances. but when an officer gives a
8:50 am
lawful order you have to follow that lawful order. did he have a right to arrest them and do it in the way he did it? he's off work now. there should be some discipline. >> this cop should keep his job. patti ann: only one arrest in the whole thing for interfering with a peace officer. everyone else released. but a lot more investigation to go on. jon jon? jon: the shoopght of a u.s. customs answer border protection helicopter on the u.s.-mexican border. u.s. lawmakers are on the scene. we are live there with that story. what does the future hold for american pharaoh. his owners say his racing days might not be over yet. i vowed to eradicate it from the earth. so he founded huntsman cancer institute.
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patti ann: the future looking bright for the owners of american pharaoh. he made history saturday becoming the first horse to win the triple crown in 37 years. "forbes" estimates he's worth $50,000 mainly from the stud fees. his owners say he will keep racing in the near future. jon: a u.s. customs ann protection helicopter came under fire at u.s.-makes can border. a task force is in laredo today to get a first-hand look at the security situation. william lajeunesse is following
8:55 am
this story. >> reporter: the helicopter was traveling about 50 miles an hour. 500 feet along the u.s.-mexican border near laredo. they were tracking individual they believed had dropped their drug load and were head back to mexico when criminal gangs in things co-fired and hit the chopper. one penetrated the helicopter itself and hit a bullet-proof vested pilot had laying on the seat next to him. the pilot who was a veteran of the iraq and afghanistan. units responded but the suspects headed south. armed confrontations with the cartels are rare considering the amount of drug traffic into the u.s. and shooting at border patrol is bad for business because it
8:56 am
brings more enforcement. agents say what is new is the aggression they are seeing. not long ago one agent could apprehend a dozen immigrants. he would have them sit on the ground and he would put the cuffs on them without incident. there have been 9 shootings along the border from the last three years. if the bullet hadn't hit the bulletproof vest, the pilot likely would have been hit. patti ann: 70 people on a passenger jet get the rrived their life after hitting the ground. >> we want to hear from you. do you think hillary clinton's canadiansy can survive the recent scandals? a live thought is up and running.
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andy levy >> diane, good to have you. now you go go have a cup of soup or a sandwich. >> it is lunch time while you watch "outnumbered." >> two convicted killers who escaped from a maximum security prison in new york city state they have crossed into canada or headed to another state. and there is a lot of talk the fugitives had help likely from inside the prison. david sweat and richard matt used power tools to cut through a steel wall in their adjoining cells before making their way out of the correctional facility. contractors and employees are


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