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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 8, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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the massive traffic jam was caused by a checkpoint after a toll booth. it reduced the a.m. of lanes from 50 to 20. >> just 20? come on. >> not smart to put a checkpoint after you go through the -- >> right. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, we'll see you tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. fox and friends starts now. bye. good morning to you. today is thursday, october 8th. i'm elisabeth hassle back. the raging flood waters in south carolina are no match for one woman's fate. crediting god for keeping her alive as she clings to a cross for five hours. >> wow. >> before rescuers arrive. her incredible story of survival coming your way. >> what a story. meanwhile, the mainstream media poungss on dr. ben carson about the oregon shooting. meanwhile, "people" magazine makes an unprecedented push in favor of more gun control. are they no longer hiding their left wing bias? we're going to report and you
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will decide. >> "people" magazine, i think it's the new song. and a judge under fire for sentencing a domestic abuse victim to jail. >> you think you have anxiety now. >> i sentence you to three days in the county jail. >> wow. did she go too far? hear both sides of the story so you can decide yourself amongst you and your family. mornings are better with friends. live in the studio in the heart of mid town manhattan, kind of a quiet morning on this thursday. >> i asked you to keep it down today. >> really? >> so nice of them to respect your wishes. >> so far. >> in about 15 minutes you can go about your business. >> did you hear him? >> right. thank you. >> anyway, we're glad that you're up at your house and you've joined us for this. we have three busy hours and we start with heather and a fox news alert. >> yes. good morning. this is such an incredible
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story. we touched on it a moment ago. a fox news alert. a real divine intervention. an elderly woman and her grandson desperately cling to a cross for five hours as the south carolina flood waters rush around them. claire agant is her name and she was on her way to church when her car was washed off the road there. she will though be okay. in the meantime, there are more flooding fears today as that state keeps a close eye on more than 60 dams around south carolina fearing that those dams could break. thirteen have already failed. we'll keep following the developments there throughout the morning. the u.s. coast guard officially ending its search for the 33 crew members who are missing after the el faro cargo ship sinks. it's recovering the ship's data recorder. 28 americans were on the ship when it sank on thursday during a category 4 hurricane. searchers saw one body in the
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water. they were unable to recover it. they also found life rings and other debris. well, in washington today the republican conference will hold closed door meetings to volt for a new speaker of the house. this comes after john boehner announced his resignation last month. in the running kevin mccarthy and jason chaffetz and david webster. this is a great story to tell you about. billboards honoring our brave police officers now popping up around the country. there's a tennessee advertising agency. it started the blue lives matter campaign in memphis. shortly after a louisiana company then got on board and donated more than 150 billboards. how fantastic is that? those are the headlines. i'll see you back here in a bit. >> that's terrific. i'm sure more than people at dunkin donuts are upset about that. they have their markers. let's talk a little bit
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about this. it got started on this program. ben carson reacting to what happened at oregon community college last week essentially said if he was in that room he would have charged the gunman. when you think about it if you're in that situation you have three options, one, you can stand there. two, you could fire back if you were armed or three you could do something. he was advocating, do something. >> but he wasn't retrospectively going back. brian, you asked him, you said, now, if tomorrow, if in the future this happened to you, what would you do? not what would you do in that situation? it was a brand-new situation because this is our new normal that we're experiencing now. so dr. ben carson said he would do exactly what you said, steve. the morning shows went off on him. they went on attack. >> another news cycle. >> mainstream media went crazy over dr. ben carson. here's the proof. >> welcome to cbs this morning. ben carson is lighting up the gun control debate with
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controversial comments on mass shootings, the gop presidential candidate says he would sacrifice his life if he were face to face with a gunman. he said he'd rather see a body with bullet holes than gun control. >> republican presidential candidate doesn't want gun control. >> i think as a rule, don't explain what you would have done in a moment none of us could imagine. >> oh, really? >> that's why you watch this show. >> right. >> just say it. >> here's the thing, it is the most -- i don't remember a time where everyone has -- we lived it. everyone has gotten it wrong. he's being blamed and having to explain something he never said. in generic fashion, if i walk up to anyone on the street and i said, if you were in a crowded room and one person had a gun, what would you do? i might charge, i might run, i have a gun on me. everyone has a hypothetical. that was a question about if you were in that room what would you
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have done? just like unfortunately we might have to deal with it sometime whether you're in a train going through europe or if you're in that classroom or if you're in the other dozen of school shootings we've had. he just gave his opinion. you know what he also did. last week when there were floods coming if you were president of the united states what would you order everyone to do? if he answered that question was he going to be under fire? >> sure. >> so yesterday -- in fact, yesterday i asked him, i had a chance to see him, he was over at sirius. i said, how are you handling the backlash? he said, i don't care about it. i have my facebook and social media. i'm able to explain myself to the people that want to be spoken to. >> the thing is he is one of the leading republicans so you know how it works. mainstream media is going to try to take him down and take something that he said even though there is a logical explanation. donald trump came to his defense yesterday. i know they're rivals. donald j. trump said this on twitter. ben carson was speaking in general terms as to what he would do if confronted with a
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gunman and was not criticizing the victims. not fair. he's right. so while the morning shows that you're not watching on the other channels are blowing that up without the context, why is it all the networks yesterday for some reason missed this? joe biden says something really insensitive to ay latino group. he said, quote, people walked in like literally down because of the beating. the beatings hispanics are taking at the hands of the republican caucus -- i mean the republican presidential race. how come they have plenty of time to beat up ben carson but no time, the main street media, to simply report what joe biden said? >> they seemed to miss the other comments he's been making about accusing republicans on the ticket of being homophobes and threatening that if he wasn't going to get the nominee he'd be demoted to secretary of state taking a shot at hillary clinton. some of the women's groups. >> did you say take a shot? >> did i? >> you did.
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perfect transition. "people" magazine. >> you tune to it in the grocery store checkout line to see what people are wearing out in hollywood. well, now it looks like they've become advocacy journalism because now they are pushing for people who read it to contact their congressman or their senator and do something about gun violence by publishing all 535 addresses and phone numbers and twitter handles for your members of congress. >> urging -- urging everyone to take action right there. you know, it's interesting that the discussion hasn't opened up as well about gun free zones and how they are such a target. you know who's been a target? one of the pope's buddies. he's actually being asked to be fired. archbishop carlo bagano. they're asking for 10 to 15,000 signatures. liberals are. they're asking pope francis to fire the guy who set up a meeting between the pope and
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kentucky council clerk kim davis. >> it was hardly a one on one. it was a group meeting. >> they said inviting her to a reception with the pope undermined the pope's message to the united states. number two, it was mean spirited insult to the kentucky couples whose marriage licenses she tried to deny. for the good of the church please have him resign immediately and allow the pope to appoint a new person in his position. the interesting thing is, he's 75. so he's at the age where bishops are required to resign. they're going to try to take credit for what is naturally going to occur. >> everybody loved the pope when he was here. >> yes. >> particularly the mainstream and the left because, oh, look he's talking about immigrants, he's talking about climate, we love that. then on the plane ride over back to rome we heard he had met with her and made some comments about religious liberty. suddenly they don't like him. >> he did weigh in and say i am not taking a position when he realized there was some uproar about it. i met with a bunch of people.
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there's an excellent chance he didn't know who he was talking to. >> who are you to tell the pope who he should meet with and who he shouldn't speak to. that's ridiculous. >> one final thing, the group pushing to get this guy fired funded by george soares. >> this group is particularly interested in anybody opposing same-sex marriage and fracking. >> george tores, when he calls everyone snaps to attention. i hope you're happy with the administration. >> meanwhile, ten minutes after the top of the hour on this thursday, and a florida judge is being accused of taking the law too far. that woman. >> she's under fire for sentencing a domestic violence victim to jail after she failed to show up at her accused abuser's trial. >> so critics say this punishment could have serious consequences. we have a look at how and what unfolded. >> it is dramatic video that we have to show you.
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judge jeri collins is accused of revictimizing this woman. she was supposed to testify against her baby's father after he allegedly choked her and threatened her with a knife. the woman never showed up so the charges were downgraded. it shows what happened when the victim was hauled in for a contempt of court hearing. >> your honor, i'm very sorry for not attending. >> why didn't you show up to court? >> i just -- my anxiety and i -- >> you think you have anxiety now? you haven't seen anxiety. >> wow. the woman pleas with the judge saying that she asked for the charges against her attacker to be dropped and she just wanted to move on, but the judge was not accepting that. >> i here by find new contempt of court and i sentence you to three days in the county jail. turn around. >> i have a one-year-old son. i'm trying to take care of him
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by myself. i'm begging you, please, please don't. please. please. >> i've already issued my order. >> back in july the woman has already served her sentence. critics say this was way too harsh. they say she should have been given community service. they worry the punishment will discourage other domestic abuse victims from speaking up. the judge will not comment on the case. steve, elisabeth, brian, what do you think of that? >> we've only seen a little bit of that. the judge is netting out what's in her mind justice and what she did. i don't think it's that bad. it's three days in jail, it's not three months in jail. >> as a mom i think being away from your kid for three days is tough, particularly if it may be at the hands of someone who's used force against you. we don't have the details in this case. was she trying to use tough judgment on her, tough love to get her to go forward on her claim and charge against her alleged abuser. i don't know. meanwhile, coming up straight ahead at 12 minutes
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after the hour. >> the video is terrifying. a teenager forced to jump from a moving car after being abducted by a stranger on the way to school. >> and the federal government at it again with a brand new waste of taxpayer money with a complaint about zombies at the white house. >> of course. the vatican has announced he'll go to new mexico. now that he's met all the catholics in america, he wants to see where they're from. ♪ ♪ just like eddie, the first step to reaching your retirement goals is to visualize them. then, let the principal help you get there. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own. ♪ (male announcer) get the right price, right now on the seasonal items you need with new trophy deals- only at bass pro shops. like this moultrie 5-megapixel ir game camera
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halloween a few weeks away. here's something kind of scary. a play about three zombies identified as speaker, minority and chair whip all living in the basement of the white house. what's even scarier, the washington, d.c., production is funded with $60,000 of your cash. it is part of the reason why arizona senator got up early to react to this. senator, you want to crack down on this. what can we do about it? first off, how did it get this way? >> well, this is money that's going to the national endowment for the arts. a lot of people assumed that when congress got rid of earmark that that was the end of wasteful spending. it certainly isn't. the federal agencies certainly
3:18 am
keep going funding some of these crazy things. this one comes with a warning, this play that you paid $60,000 for of strong sexual content, sexual situations, nudity and fog. anyway, that's a production that went on this year in washington, d.c. >> if there's anything you don't need warning for, it's fog. meanwhile, there's another $210,000 you found to study if plants know when their leaves are being eaten. >> yeah. i for the life of me can't figure a reason to do that. i don't know what they do if they find out they're being eaten. >> right. >> but that's just the beginning. we publish something every week called pork chops where we look at some of this wasteful spending. the program in california, $7.1 million, this is real money, going to help export california wines overseas. i don't think earnest and jul
3:19 am
julio gallo need our help. >> riuniti might. >> $130 million to support the troops. >> that's the entire sports budget for the pentagon. several million of that has been going towards this paid for patriotism. some of the salutes to the hometown heroes you see at the nfl and other sports teams, that's being paid for by the taxpayers. on that one we passed legislation just yesterday, the nbaa, were able to get an amendment in cutting that out. the paid for patriotism and forcing the d.o.d. to actually come to us and explain how their sports marketing is actually generating recruits. so we should have those reports. >> all right, senator. trying to save some money by shedding some light on it. senator jeff flake of arizona. thank you. >> thanks for having me on. >> no problem. meanwhile, coming up ahead, nearly 1/3 of children play with a smartphone when they're still
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in diapers. how young is too young to be introduced to digital devices. dr. marc siegel is here and he'll give advice to parents before their kids have an iphone. moving targets aren't enough for a sharp shooter. he's doing donuts in a ferrari at the same time and he can't miss. vo: today's the day. more and more people with type 2 diabetes are learning about long-acting levemir®. as my diabetes changed, it got harder to control my blood sugar. today, i'm asking about levemir®. vo: levemir® is an injectable insulin that can give you blood sugar control for up to 24 hours. and levemir® helps lower your a1c. levemir® lasts 42 days without refrigeration. that's 50% longer than lantus®, which lasts 28 days. levemir® comes in flextouch, the latest in insulin pen technology from novo nordisk.
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we've got a quick look at your headlines on this thursday morning. president obama has issued a rare apology to doctors without borders for the airstrike that killed 22 people in afghanistan. the u.s. admits it made a mistake when it bombed that hospital in kunduz.
3:24 am
overnight it reiterated its call for an independent investigation. and later today volkswagen ceo will be grilled by congress about the events leading up to the emissions test rigging scandal. software was changed to fool regulators into believing that the volkswagen vehicles were compliant with emission standards. 11 million diesel cars were involved and have been recalled. all right, elisabeth. over to you and the doctor. >> thank you, steve. did you know that 30% of u.s. children first play with a mobile device when they are still in diapers and that 24% of 13 to 17-year-olds admit to using their cell phones almost constantly. kids are spending more time on screens than ever. how should parents manage that. joining us is dr. marc siegel from the fox news medical a team. this is the new frontier. these kids 13 to 17 are on it almost all the time, constantly, what do we do as parents to get the controls back?
3:25 am
>> elisabeth, the american academy of pediatrics is coming out with guidelines. we'll talk about them. i think that they're wimps. have you ever noticed that when your kid goes to camp, there's suddenly no cell phone? how do they go three weeks. or in school. no cell phones. no social media. how come when they're home with us we can't stop them? >> what do we do? a lot of times the kids justify their own use with their kid being on. there's a complex thing going on. what do you do for kids? what are some guidelines that they set up to help parents do it? the first one is, what, be actually a good example, be a role model? >> you just said it. you have to be a role model. how are you a role model? you're there with your cell phone, they're going to be there with their cell phone. as we came on you said, elisabeth, you sometimes using your cell phone because you use them as an excuse. >> right. >> hey, they're on a cell phone, i can be on a cell phone. >> why not? >> it becomes a culture of nobody talking to each other,
3:26 am
nobody interacting and everybody punching into their iphone. that's the problem. if you don't use it, they're not going to use it. >> we've done this and i'm glad to have you create text free zones. living room is text free. >> that's an extension of the first point. have a family dinner. have a family gathering. have your kid put their cell phone out -- charge them outside the bedroom door because you know what, they're going to keep the kid awake at night. have you ever noticed doing facebook message it pings all through the night. how can anybody sleep with this going off all the time. charge it outside and have free weekends. >> it requires a lot of discipline. a lot of parents are talking about time, how much time, how many minutes someone spends on screen time when it comes to their kids. you say and this regulation says it's content that matters. >> i don't agree with them totally. again, we talked about this totally before we came on. i think using the thing is not a great idea for the brain. i think there's studies that show that development is delayed when you spend way too much time on cell phones, on social media, on the computer. but if it's an evil that you're
3:27 am
stuck with, content really does matter. parents need to be involved in that interaction with the child and with what's going on on the internet. i mean, there's predators out there. this's all kinds of bad guys out there. you have to watch what your child is doing but help them choose the programs they're using. where are they going on that iphone? what are they doing on it? you can be part of that. the more you're part of it, the saver it is and better. >> a watchful eye. >> absolutely. >> dr. marc siegel, great to see you. always great to see you. the video is terrifying. a teenager forced to jump from a moving car, take a look at this, after being abducted by a stranger on the way to school. plus, hillary clinton sent a copy of her new book to all the republican candidates, but one of those candidates might be feeling a little bit of a flashback or deja vu. take a look. first, we want to wish happy birthday to zella thorne.
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she sent a copy of her book to most of the republican presidential candidates. ironically giving those candidates a very easy choice. >> so donald trump. >> i love it. >> you think she's always in the wake of what's happening. >> send them a care package. if you didn't buy it -- >> and few did in relation. >> this is what the cover looks like, but you might just have to harken back a bit. if you go to 2006, doesn't that
3:32 am
look a bit like carly fiorina's book. >> "tough choices." >> you're not the first person to say that. carly fiorina's book came out in 2006. hillary clinton's came out in 2014. both of them feature simple photograph. both of them feature a name. both of them featured the word choices and both of them say a memoir. and that's all -- >> yeah. >> they look pretty much identical except carly fiorina's was a "new york times" best seller. >> one signs it, one's block. >> you don't think they're similar? >> one's wearing a round neck, one has a suit. >> one with the hair above the neckline, one slightly below. >> to me it looks like a knockoff. carly fiorina's book was very successful. >> and her book came out first and it sold a lot. i was thinking maybe it's the same publishing company. >> no. >> but it's two different companies. the first one is simon and shuster and the second one was penguin.
3:33 am
it kind of looks like they intended hillary's book to look like carly's book. kind of. that's what twitter said. >> which one looks more presidential to you? >> good question. >> it is 28 minutes before the top of the hour and heather joins us right now with some stern words for parents. >> petting zoos, we have to be careful of that because there is a toddler who is dead this morning and another one is sick just days after visiting a petting zoo in maine. it's believed that the children contracted e. coli bacteria after they touched farm animals. the little boy who died, 20-month-old quote ton guay, his father says he died of the illness. experts are warning to thoroughly wash your children's extremely weak and water. fatigued, those are all strong warning signs to just take them immediately to the doctor. >> i just talked with dr. segel
3:34 am
moments ago about this. he said children don't have the immune system to fight this off. there's another toddler who is sick with e. coli. that child is in stable condition. we'll keep you posted. a dramatic escape caught on camera. a teenage girl jumps out of a car after she was abducted and assaulted on the way to school. the teen rolled to safety. amazingly she was not injured. you can see there in that lit up yellow circle. police now looking for the driver who they say is a hispanic woman in her 40s. she's driving a gray toyota that is missing its rear bumper. well, it's only october but the war on christmas is already in full swing. >> what? >> the aclu filing a lawsuit over a live nativity scripture and reading during an indiana high school play saying it violates separation of church and state. the suit says that the scene would be appropriate in church but not in a public school. student participation in this, by the way, is completely
3:35 am
voluntary. thousands now coming together online to keep it included in this year's play. we'll have to watch that story. then take a look at this guy, he is quite a shot with his shotgun during a really wild ride. five-time champion phillip storrell took his title and decided to do donuts in a ferrari while shooting clay pigeons. he cannot miss. he loaded pellet after pellet -- shell after shell that is hitting the target every single time leaving behind a slew of all the casings. nice job. you know anyone has shot trapper skeet knows how hard that is. that's really tough. way to go. >> he must have had a drone up there, too. great camera work. >> i don't know. nice. we'll show it to you again. >> thanks. >> you ever tried skeet shooting? >> i bet you you could do it. >> how did you do? >> i was great. >> i think you could do that. >> okay. >> no way, that guy was amazing.
3:36 am
>> it was. >> let's take a look at the weather conditions across the nation. unfortunately it's not so nice across western texas and southwest new mexico. we have been tracking storms amtd we have the threat of flash flooding. now the watches are in effect through tomorrow morning. you're looking at it for a long period of time here of unsettled weather and heavy rain across that area. as we head farther north across parts of the upper midwest and upper great lakes, you're dealing with a lot of heavy rain. this system is forecasting eastward and widespread throughout the day and across the great lakes. tomorrow across the northeast. here's a quick look at your temperatures across the nation. already on the warm side. very mild across parts of the southern plains with temperatures in the 70s right now. forecasted to climb into the upper 80s and 90s as we head out this afternoon. back inside. >> maria head with the fox cast. >> 23 minutes. this friday the highly anticipated aaron sork kin film steve jobs hits the theater
3:37 am
during just a few tense moments of his life. watch. >> system error. >> fix it. >> fix it. >> yeah? >> we're not a pit crew at daytona. >> this can't be fixed in seconds. >> it's not seconds, you have three weeks. the universe was created in half that time. >> we invite tamara to tell us about it. >> i can't wait. >> this was so good. >> this is the movie -- this is everything the ashton kutcher version was. it looked back to the 2011 walter isaacson's biography. you had to wonder how could they take a 600 plus page book and condense it to tell a story. i asked screen writer aaron sork kin how he did it. >> before i knew what i wanted to do i knew what i didn't want to do. that was write a biopic. there were stories i could tell that would drama advertise to me
3:38 am
what'sing from about steve and the people around steve by telling them in real time. the movie is just three scenes in the minutes leading up to a product launch and set it all backstage. it was one of those it's so crazy it just might work. >> it just worked. >> it just worked. there's been controversy about the movie. jobs' wife hasn't been all that supportive. >> so people wouldn't see it? >> so people wouldn't see it. we asked some of the cast members, people who are not that familiar with the life of steve jobs and what they would take away after seeing this movie. >> i don't think the movie is too judgmental of him either way. i don't think it is telling the audience to think, oh, he's a good guy or a bad guy, which is one of the good things about it. >> he was a great collaborator and also he was a genius. i mean, his vision is only really now i think that we are
3:39 am
all experiencing just how profound that vision really was and joust howust how ahead of h zblefs he was a tough guy in a business like that but he changed the world. >> there's a great line in the movie where he's talking to his daughter kind of making amends. he says to her, i was made poorly. so there was a lot going on. very complicated genius. >> if i read the book and walter isaacson wrote the book at steve jobs' urging. he said, be honest. be true. he said, i'm not going to like a lot of this book and walter said, you're probably not. he started looking at it before he died. he had an idea what is going to happen. if it's true to the book. the book is true steve jobs' vision. i can understand the family being protective, but it must be accurate. >> how aaron sorkin breaks it down to three acts. he tells the lives through three apple presentations, the launch of the mac, the launch of the next computer and the launch of
3:40 am
the imac. >> fascinating. >> all of this stuff is going on before the presentation nkts how young can you be to see this? >> teenage. >> teenage and up. >> yeah. >> going to open up in los angeles to new york zpl wide release october 23rd. it's fantastic. people already talking about it. >> check out his interviews in the fox and you can follow him @foxlightmichael on twitter which we all do. >> michael, thanks. great look. it was a price hike that sparked national outrage. one drug company raising the cost of a life-saving pill by 5,000%. after protests the ceo promised to roll it back. why two weeks later has nothing changed. judge andrew napolitano is here next. >> the agency of a victoria secret model? hold, hold. still can't tell? hold.
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headlines where i'm happiest. former pro wrestler jimmy snuko shows up to court for a hearing that he murdered his girlfriend 32 years ago. the grand jury testimony in the case. actor john stam mows to be charged with driving under the influence. tmz reported that the "full house" star tested positive for the narcotic sedative ghb. stamos claims he was using it as a fitness supplement. victoria secret is out. the lingerie company got caught photo shopping a model's back side.
3:45 am
scandalous. take a real close look. her left cheek, yeah, go ahead and go up on it is small and has no cheek bowl than her right cheek does. it makes no sense. the retailer taking heat. grab your cheeks and make sure they're yours wherever you are in america. steve? >> what have we become, "the new york post"? >> thank you, brian. >> all right. we've got all the news that fits in three hours. >> oh, man. >> meanwhile, in other news, it was the price hike that sparked national outrage on this program and everywhere else. the ceo of a pharmaceutical company raised the price of a pill significantly. it had sold for $13.50 a tablet. he jacked it up to $750 a tablet. that is a 5,000% spike. the bad publicity eventually forced martin scirilli say this to abc news. kweef' agreed to lower the price of daraprim to a point that is
3:46 am
more affordable and is able to make a profit but a very small profit. it's two weeks and two days later. you know what, nothing has changed. senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano is here to weigh in. he ownings the patent. >> yes. >> he can put any price on it. >> yes. >> he can refuse to sell it to anybody as long as his decision on price is not motivated by race, gender, creed, age, anything that's prohibited under the civil rights law. if there's a great demand for this and he doesn't want to meet the demand and no one can enter the market to produce a substitute and people are dying because they can't get the medicine, there is a weapon. the government could condemn his company, technical phrase condemn, basically pay him the fair market value for it and take it from him.
3:47 am
>> whatever he just bought it for. >> correct. >> and then sell it to another company so it would be a wash for the government that is willing to distribute the drugs at a reasonable price. now the government doesn't do that. it condemns property when it needs the property for its own use to widen a road, build a school or build a library, with you the last time the supreme court looked at the condemnation power it gave such a broad interpretation of it that the government can do that. now this can't happen overnight. >> right. >> it would take years for that to occur but it's the only tool short of public opinion and shaming him that would force him to sell the product. >> and see, that's why he immediately came out and said, we'll lower the price. what's taking so long? people need this pill. >> one of our producers called them to give an answer. they gave a very, very, very plab vanilla statement. >> as we previously stated we're committed to lowering the price of daraprim.
3:48 am
to that end we're working with various stakeholders to make sure we find the right time. >> they could change that price tomorrow. i'm a believer in the free market. this guy can do with this what he wants, but there's a lot of innocent suffering human beings relying on that product. at the present time there's no other source for it. this guy won't put it on the market when people can afford it. >> two weeks and two days ago every channel did the story. fast forward to today we're probably the only channel doing the story. >> we probably are. i would hope there are some entrepreneurs there that are reverse engineering this and seeking ways to produce it at a lower rate because they could put him out of business if they could sell a comparable generic product at 1/5000 as what he's selling it for. >> that would be great. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome, steve. coming up on this thursday.
3:49 am
a brand-new bombshell in the boh bergdahl case. the judge would like to weigh in on that. high school students being told to stop praying before football games or get hauled into court. the superintendent fighting for his faith and their faith coming up next. ♪ ♪
3:50 am
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fight for faith in arkansas where students and parents pray before games are now under attack by atheists. >> jason sanders, the arkansas school district superintendent, joins us now. good morning. >> how are you? >> there were two allegations put forward by this atheist group. one that faculty and adults were leading the prayer during school events and it was conducted at the start of school events. your response to that is what? >> first of all, we're going to follow the law. we're not advocating that we not follow u.s. law. just as any personnel matter we checked into allegations of our staff. we handled it in-house and educated them on the law to protect them and taken care of that. as far as prayer over a press
3:54 am
box, we do have a policy that our board approved that allows members of student groups and clubs to do intlead this. student groups went out to the 50 yard line and prayed on their own. we also had a student member during the introduction decided after that introduction because of their freedom of free speech to lead the crowd in a prayer. where the school is, we do ride a fine line between the first amendment which is we're not to be for or against religion but at the same time, we are also to uphold the first amendment which says we're to protect the freedoms of the students for their right to free speech. we feel like we're going to honor that, uphold that and
3:55 am
protect that. >> as long as students lead it and they come up with it, they exercise their first amendment rights and so the school doesn't get in trouble. the freedom from foundation organization, jason, issued this statement. superintendent sanders claims to be interested in protecting the rights of students but allowed the first amendment rights of students to be violated up until receiving our complaint. that's not true, is it? >> we feel very confident in what we're doing. we do not feel like we're violating any rights. what we feel like is that we're to uphold the rights of those students as long as they initiate and direct this. the law is the law. there are also community values and faith and prayer are a big part of the community and the students and as long as it's student led and initiated, it will be a big part of the schools. >> will they pray this friday night before the game? >> we've been told they would and i anticipate an even larger
3:56 am
showing than we had last friday night. we'll not stop them. we'll honor and protect their right to do so. >> i understand the alliance for defending freedom has your back and they're saying if you need any help, anybody start suing you, they'll come and help you, right? >> we've had overwhelming support from many legal groups and we've received information from them, which has been very important to us to help educate our staff on the rights and following the law. >> thank you for your time. courageous bunch of students for sure. >> four minutes before the top of the hour. coming up on this thursday -- >> some say no thanks to president obama's fan to visit the victims of the oregon mass shooting. the brother joins us live with his own message to the president ahead. >> you want to hear that. >> and this heartwarming video sure to make you smile. this little girl so excited to see her father return home just couldn't wait. daddy.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
good morning to you. today is thursday, october 8th. raging floodwaters in south carolina are no match for one woman's fate crediting god for keeping her alive as she clings to a cross for five hours before rescuers arrive. look at that. this morning the danger still not over. we're live straight ahead. bowe bergdahl may be accused of desertion, but the question, will he go to jail? why experts say he could walk away free. a judge under fire for sentencing a domestic abuse victim to three days in jail. >> you think you have anxiety now. >> i'll find you in contempt of court and sentence you to three days in the county jail. >> did the judge go too far here? both sides of the story so you
4:01 am
can decide. live from new york, it's "fox & friends." welcome to studio e. one hour ago we were remarking on how quiet it was outside. >> at your request. >> 7:00. a lot of people on the streets of new york city. >> they can now move about the city. >> they fired up the compressor. >> if you want to get a message to these people, e-mail us and we'll go out and talk to them. we'll relay a message. if you have a message and want to text us, we'll run out and talk to these people. that jogger in the white shirt -- >> she was fast. you have to catch her first. >> we're so glad that you're with us today. >> meanwhile, it's a beautiful day here in new york city. not the case down south. let's get to extreme weather
4:02 am
alert and divine intervention in south carolina. an elderly woman and her grandson desperately cling to a cross for five hours as south carolina floodwaters rushed around them. amazingly they are both okay. >> that is just remarkable. more flooding fears today as swollen rivers move the water down into the lower country there. >> we go to georgetown, south carolina. >> reporter: good morning to you. right now i'm in the small business district in the small town of georgetown, south carolina. you can see that police have closed off this central intersection here as floodwaters are coming in. a lot of this is determined by the tide. if you come here on low tide, you can probably drive through very safely. as the high tide comes in, so do the floodwaters. they anticipate that they'll continue to rise over the next
4:03 am
day or so as floodwaters roll in from the midlands down into the south carolina low country. as a precaution over here, you can see that some businesses have placed sandbags in front of their doors to prevent floodwaters from creeping in. over the next couple days emergency management officials and first responders are going to be keeping a close eye on river levels on the other side of georgetown county, emergency managers and first responders have set up a command post and staging area to assist residents of a small isolated community of about 200 to 250 residents. 30 of those residents chose to evacuate the neighborhood but the rest of them are staying put in their homes. this video is extremely dark because while we were there, the power went out to this neighborhood. most of the homes are on high ground to avoid the flood. water has surrounded this community physically cutting it off from the rest of georgetown
4:04 am
county. >> we've been providing free meals so far for them, medical supplies. there are several infants and small children over there. the salvation army gathered supplies such as baby food, diapers, things like that. >> reporter: so this is a neighborhood that first responders are going to be keeping a very close eye on over the next couple of days. back to you guys. >> jonathan serrie at high tide in georgetown, south carolina. >> heather is here with the headlines. fox news alert you have for us. >> we start out in washington, d.c. this morning where it's a big day on capitol hill. just one hour from now the republican conference will meet behind closed doors to vote on a new speaker for the house of representatives. now, in the running, majority leader kevin mccarthy, and representative daniel webster. a full house vote will take
4:05 am
place at the end of this month. we'll follow that throughout the day. big story. and then a couple hours after this takes place, volkswagen ceo will be on capitol hill grilled by members of congress about events that led to the emissions test rigging scandal. u.s. coast guard ending the search for the 33 crew members missing after the cargo ship sank near the bahamas during hurricane joaquin. 28 americans were onboard when that ship sank last thursday during that hurricane. they found life rings and other debris in the water. a florida judge accused of taking the law simply too far. there's new video that was released from the courtroom showing a confrontation between judge jerry collins and a domestic violence victim that failed to show up at her accused abuser's trial and then ignored
4:06 am
a subpoena. he was accused of choking her and threatening her with a knife. >> why didn't you show up to court? >> my anxiety. >> you think you're going to have anxiety now? i sentence you to three days in the county jail. >> i have a 1-year-old son i'm trying to take care of him by himself. >> this exchange happened over the summer. the woman has already served that three-day sentence but critics condemn that judge saying that judge went way too far. they worry the punishment will discourage other domestic abuse victims from speaking up. a little girl couldn't wait to hug her soldier dad. who can blame her. she runs to her dad during the homecoming ceremony. she dashes across the gym in the red, white, and blue outfit.
4:07 am
>> i wonder if it was good practice to break formation. i didn't have the heart not to give my baby a hug so i bent over and gave her a hug and kiss on the forehead. >> good move breaking formation. the 33-year-old father was deployed for the last eight months. his daughter turns 3 years old today. >> what a birthday gift. >> getting your dad home. huge. >> thank you very much. >> you heard this stuff about the bowe bergdahl case. we had the men he served with. they searched for him. they watched him pull away. all of the evidence front and center. the court-martial should be almost complete. >> he could end up not facing jail time due to mitigating circumstances. a put forward in that two-day hearing in san antonio. they say that that's enough.
4:08 am
his defense lawyer said he left his post to file a complaint about what was going on to the taliban. he should after -- because he did that and ended up being tortured that should be enough. he shouldn't be court-martialed. he shouldn't serve additional time. that's what the defense is going to put forward. >> lieutenant colonel tony schaefer was on with o'reilly last night and talked about mitigating circumstances and how he could be off the hook. >> the story is bowe bergdahl deserted his post to go 19 miles to find a general to report the wrongdoing. they say that mitigating circumstance is going to be what is necessary to allow for the deciding official to say he's already suffered enough. nothing more to see here. time to move on. perhaps some sort of discharge, less than honorable, dishonorable, something along those lines.
4:09 am
>> his attorney says he should be retired, medically retired, and then honorably discharged. his attorney says if anything he was awol one day, one day, and then he became a kidnapping victim. >> that's all he's responsible for. recommendation will be provided monday. >> i want the military to handle this within the military. whatever they say is okay with me. not political. the other thing in the big picture is how could they have been so disconnected at the white house to think they were welcoming back a hero that saturday afternoon and what went on between the father and son. they still have not spoken yet. >> that's a good refresher. let's talk politics a little bit. the story out there is hillary clinton's team has assembled a boatload of opposition research so as soon as joe biden gets in next week, they'll try to blow him up. >> you're right.
4:10 am
it was david brock, big supporter of hillary clinton, his super pac according to "new york" magazine is compiling information on joe biden. they're digging deep.preparing. typically candidates don't put th this out themselves. they depend on leaks to put information out there. biden's favorability is pumped up. >> why is joe biden thinking of getting in the race? hillary clinton has come down to earth. her numbers have fallen big-time and the fact is this ongoing investigation into the e-mail and benghazi testimony is just a very small part of it. it's the freedom of information requests that are bringing all these things forward about what she did and a possible co-mingling of what happened with the foundation while she was secretary of state about solicitation that could have taken place. could democrats end up with two
4:11 am
blown up candidates on the side of the road and left with o'malley and webb and lincoln chafy. >> people don't trust her. take a look at this new q poll that came out. in ohio, 60% don't trust her. in pennsylvania, 60% don't trust her. bloomberg with mark halperin did a panel that they ran a clip of on msnbc. they had to cut it down because it was too negative about hillary. here's a snippet of it. >> you know, when she's -- i don't want to use the word but [ bleep ]. >> women need to be equal. i mean, i just -- i don't feel unequal. >> i like hillary. i think she's a strong candidate but she has that -- >> i don't think you have to have that. >> she has that condescending
4:12 am
and i can see that causing gridlock. >> she seems condescending. >> i think it's more like -- >> i'm smarter than you. >> i'm a woman. i deserve it. >> why is she leading in the polls? >> but if you look at this from a personal standpoint, the trust poll comes down to most decisions in every day life. if you pick a doctor to go to. if you'll put your kid with a counselor. if you're going to choose someone you're going to marry, it's the person you trust the most. this could be the most damning poll when it comes to hillary clinton's future in 2016. >> the fbi just took out a device next to her server that proved there was a cloud capturing everything she was doing. this thing could get a lot worse. >> they took out servers from the department of state yesterday. that's extraordinary. the fbi comes in. hi, we're from the fbi. took things out of the state department.
4:13 am
unbelievable. >> it's now out of her control. for another channel to say that -- >> it shouldn't take this long to get to the truth. the longer it takes to get to the truth, the less i'll trust you. >> i like that rule. coming up, president obama plans to visit oregon tomorrow in the wake of the shooting at the community college. some victims are saying no thanks mr. president. the brother of one of those victims joins us live with his own message to barack obama next. senator harry reid looking for a payday after his workout accident. we'll explain it. whatever you're doing,
4:14 am
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to save; but also helped that them to save?sk members that allowed families to keep more of their money; letting them use any atm nationwide for free. and, because every dollar matters, didn't nickel-and-dime its members with monthly fees.
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saving them more than three-hundred forty-five million dollars in one year. that would be a different kind of bank. that would be usaa bank. go online to find out more about our free usaa secure checking account today. we collectively are answerable to those families who lose their loved ones because of our inaction. >> tomorrow president obama will meet with those families who lost loved ones in the oregon college massacre but some already saying no thanks. joining us now with reaction is the brother of one of the survivors of that shooting, jesse at kinson joins me now. your sister made it out with her life but she was shot in the
4:18 am
back, is that correct? >> yes, ma'am. >> what's her condition? >> she's doing better. she's talking getting off the heavy pain meds she was on so i can carry on conversations with her. you can see the spirit in her face now. she's not as down. she's coming through. >> i can see the smile on your face. protective brother you are. i can't imagine how emotional this is for all of you. with the president coming, do you think he should be visiting with your family and the families of the victims? >> he should be putting an effort out after what he did after how he came on and blasted us with his agendas and used us. if i was him, i would make every effort i could to show support. i feel that he's really dropping the ball on all this, on the shooting and he hasn't given proper support where it should have been especially with the
4:19 am
recent one. >> your sister there is really fighting for her recovery right now. if you had a chance to speak to president obama, what would your words be to him specifically? >> personally i would tell him to take a look at the health care in america and mental health goes we need counselors and our families don't have any resources to help our loved ones. i have an uncle who is out there. he's schizophrenic. we can't get him no help. he battles daily. it's a constant stress in our family's life. >> you're so open about all that's going on in your community. first of all, you have our sincere daily prayers for your entire community and your family. would your sister want the president there? >> in the back of her -- i think
4:20 am
she probably does. she's not going to say she does because she's proud and she feels like she's been -- i think she's offended by it, you know. >> offended by what? >> just -- i don't know -- everything. she's just offended by just the president coming out and just using her as an agenda. our whole community is. it is really confusing. i don't understand. it's gotten way big and this is major. it's overwhelming. i don't know what she would say to him. i don't know if she wants to. we talk about family stuff. we haven't even talked about the shooting. we're just trying to support her. >> of course. you have a gofundme page set up for her. we'll put that on our website so everyone can find that. again, you have our prayers for
4:21 am
your entire community and your sister's recovery is quick and she's back to her old every day in a matter of no time. thank you for your time today. >> you're welcome. thank thanks. >> we'll be right back with more "fox & friends." the cold truth is, there's no easy way to do your job when you're sick. tough symptoms need alka-seltzer plus cold & cough it's four cold symptom fighters put you back in control. stay unstoppable. alka-seltzer plus. you grab your 10-gallon jug of coffee, and back out of the garage. right into your wife's car. with your wife watching. she forgives you... eventually. your insurance company, not so much. they say you only have their basic policy.
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4:24 am
time for news by the numbers. first three countries is how many tried to hack hillary clinton's home server. china, south korea and germany were stopped. next, contact information for all 535 members of congress in an unprecedented move the magazine is urging readers to push lawmakers for stronger gun control laws but e-mail
4:25 am
addresses are wrong and will just get forwarded to other companies and e-mails. and 90 seconds. that's how fast you'll able to get an oil change. castro is expected to make an announcement on the breakthrough design. who is doing it, jimmie johnson? a new book out this week encourages people to do seven acts of kindness every day for seven days as a way towards living a more intentional life. here this morning with our better with friends is author of "intentional living." good morning to you. >> great to be with you. >> we've all done random acts of kindness. one here, one there. you say seven a day for seven days does what to you? >> it gets knew a habit. i think that we all care for people. many times we have good intentions but this book is
4:26 am
about going from good intentions to good actions. the moment i put behind my significant acts, it begins to take intentional living to a whole new level. i'm just really trying to encourage people to become intentional in small acts of significance every day. >> for instance, if you're on a toll road and pay for the toll for the person behind you, that's a random act of kindness. but it's intentional. i'm doing this on purpose but how does it affect me? >> well, the moment that i begin to be intentional, it not only brings significance to the person but help me develop a pattern and habit that allows me to be fulfilled. once you taste significance, success doesn't satisfy. and so we really are committed to helping people do this on a daily basis. so intentional living is a book about adding value to people intentionally. what we're really wanting to do is get people in the habit. we're encouraging them to go to
4:27 am
get intentional which is a seven-day experiment as you said where every day i talk to them for two or three mississippi on a video giving them a project, an idea, of that day how to be intentional with their family or by themselves. >> give us a hand right now. here in new york city if i bought the next person in line a cup of coffee, they would think what does he want? what is he doing? >> in fact, one of the things i think that's wonderful is when you do significant acts for people who have no way to repay you or thank you. sometimes if i do something for you but we work together it's kind of like tradeoffs. i think what i'm trying to get people to do is understand that if they're intentional, they'll do more significant acts than if they just have good intentions. >> it builds. it adds up. >> a huge gap between knowing and doing. and so many good people have good intentions but they never move on those intentions. >> there are over a million people watching right now. give us an idea of what we could do today.
4:28 am
one thing we could do today. random act of kindness. >> if you have children, sit down with them and ask them who are you going to be with today? how can we do something that would add value to them. i know of a mother who did this with her two children. she said they literally planned out their day of what they were going to do so that when they came back from school, her son said i opened the door for people today. every time there was somebody -- i was first to open the one thi especially children is the value of being the first to help. in other words, if you get help from other people, the first person that steps forth to help you they stand out above everyone else. so, again, intentional living is just a book to encourage people to begin to think on the front end, which is 10 to 1 more valuable than thinking on the back end. >> john maxwell's new book
4:29 am
"intentional live" came out yesterday. check it out. >> good to be with you. >> coming up, a fox news alert on this thursday morning. david cameron grabbing headlines. what he said about tackling terrorism that has everybody talking on the other side of the pond. plus, they were lined up and ready to rock the peewee football field and then their favorite song came on and i got a feeling some dancing broke out. ♪ nothing artificial. just real roasted turkey. carved thick. that's the right way to make a good turkey sandwich. the right way to eat it? is however you eat it. panera. food as it should be. frequent heartburn brand in america. i hope you like it spicy! get complete protection with the purple pill. the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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4:32 am
vladimir putin celebrated his 63rd birthday today and had a nice party. got awkward when two of his friends got him the same country. it wasn't the country i wanted. >> vladimir putin scored seven
4:33 am
goals yesterday against some professionals -- he was 63 years old. still scored seven goals. >> i'm sure it was on the up and up. >> i wonder if he was wearing a shirt when he was blowing up that game. let's talk about what's going on with the british prime minister. who better to -- first let's talk about what david cameron said yesterday. there he is there at the 2015 party conference. he said essentially that people around the world and obviously the country he leads needs to stop making excuses for terrorists. listen. >> one, tear up the narrative that says muslims are persecuted and the west deserves what it get. never mind that it's britain and america behind the biggest effort to help the victims of syria and who is isis hurting?
4:34 am
muslims. we need to tackle segregation. >> strong words. daniel is the minister of the european parliament with great britain in southeast england. we always love having you on the couch. welcome back. your feelings? >> he's 100% right about this. my guess is that the vast majority of muslim voters in western countries will be saying thank heaven somebody said that. it strengthens our position against extremists who are always the people who grab the airwaves. >> we're not saying that. our president doesn't say that it our vice president doesn't say that. there's no secretary of state making those remarks. >> should they? >> you have to put something better in the place of a bad ideology. there's no more retched way of looking at the world than the islamic state. it's violent. it's the most horrible -- i can't think of anything they could do to go further in a
4:35 am
spectrum of wickedness. is there a better system out there? there should be an easy one to win the battle of hearts and minds. we have to explain. >> why won't the united states take the lead verbally with the language? >> that's not up to me. that's for you to decide. >> what do you guys talk about? when you talk european nation of ministers, do they say what's going on or they like what we're doing? >> yeah. i think what we're seeing in syria to some extent is a reflection of the vacuum that the u.s. has withdrawn under the current administration. putin has seen the vacuum and moved into it. the bad militias have seen the vacuum and moved into it. the world is a dangerous place still. a story today about them trying to get their hands on nuclear material. this is not a time to relax. >> but we are. >> you know, there's a corrective mechanism that comes in the form of elections.
4:36 am
i hope you'll use it. >> to your point, if there's any indication they are excited for someone else to come in and take the lead, it's how excited people are about 2016. what do you think about outsiders taking the lead. we have donald trump. dr. ben carson. all rising in polls against those that have been establishment candidates in the past. >> i met ben carson for the first time in your green room. i'm going to -- >> name dropper. >> i'll let the viewers in on a secret. there is an inverse correlation between how nice people are on screen and how nice they are in the flesh. some people on television are mean. this was everybody bit as charming as he appears. that's a good kind of outsider to have. there's a great wealth of talent. cruz, rand paul, there's a lot of people with interesting ideas coming with new agendas on the republican side. i think the three democrats are not so new and fresh. >> joe biden could be getting
4:37 am
in. >> extraordinary thought that is. >> he's the vice president. >> i don't want to be rude. what an extraordinary comment on this policy that he's seriously being considered. >> that's our impression because we have watched what's happened over the last six years. people think he's a nice guy. he's prone to gaffs. is that your perception overseas, too? >> yes. and also that he's past his peak to be honest. we're not getting the energy that originally propelled him. he's managed to do very well out of that system there. a friend of mine, a labor friend of mine said i loathe ronald reagan. the guy was mad as a box of frogs. at least the russians knew he was mad as a box of frogs. maybe we could do that now. >> so that's biden. what about the thought of hillary clinton? people around the world loved bill clinton and they figure, okay, she's the second act of
4:38 am
him. that's not necessarily true. >> not necessarily true. i don't know. you guys are closer to this. i sense that she's stalling a bit. >> because? >> i think just because there was -- how about this? the one thing that would have horrified the founders of this republic more than anything else is the idea of another clinton and another bush fighting another election as though the whole democratic system is the placing for some great families. you know, i heard her talk a lot about why she wants it. but it's not about her. there's something much bigger. i think the single biggest requirement for anyone seeking that office is that they should have the humility to recognize it's bigger than anyone passing through it. >> barbara bush said it first. isn't there anything but these two families to run for president? great insight. >> great to see you guys. always a pleasure. >> the view from the outside. have a safe trip home.
4:39 am
22 minutes before the top of the hour. heather joins us with the news. >> a couple things to tell you about today. time for a look at your headlines and caught on camera. kids on their hands and knees scrubbing floors at school for punishment. they say the teacher behind that punishment crossed the line and it isn't the first time. >> that's not how you discipline a child. she's hit. she is pinched. times the kids didn't eat lunch. >> here's the other side of it. the school district defending the teacher saying that newly released video actually shows kids cleaning up from a food fight two years ago. an eye for an eye. senate minority leader harry reid suing an exercise company after a workout accident left him blind in his right eye.
4:40 am
he claims that therabands equipment slipped out of his hands. reid announced his retirement. the $50,000 lawsuit claims the injury will prevent him from making money in the future. forget a football face-off. these kids are all about the dance-off. watch. ♪ okay. even when the play starts, they're dancing. peewee football team in massachusetts seems to forget they're in the middle of the game when the hit song "watch me" comes over the speaker. they break out in the whip and nae nae rather than playing. >> at first i thought it was a trick play. they were loving the music. >> trick play. that would have been great. opposing coach with a boom box on the side playing the hustle.
4:41 am
>> the hustle. >> the coaches are on the field. for those that say games are too serious, coaches let this happen. they ran the play any way. >> i love it. coming up, the liberal media slamming ben carson for his comments on this couch about the shooting in oregon at the community college. one law enforcement organization says ben carson got it exactly right. the side of this story you won't hear on other channels next. a veteran owned company with a great cause has a shot at some big-time exposure. they could land a super bowl commercial. they need your help. sisters who founded the company joining us live next. nothing like a good, quick meal to bring two people together. campbell's skillet sauces.
4:42 am
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we ship everything you atcan imagine.n, and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises. dr. ben carson under attacks
4:45 am
by media outlets saying if he was held at gunpoint, he would challenge. dr. carson, if a gunman walks up and puts the gun at you and says what religion are you, that is the ultimate test of your faith. >> i'm glad you asked that question. not only would i probably not cooperate with him, i would not just stand there and let him shoot me. i would say hey guys, everyone attack me. >> what do you think of that? since he's doubled down on his comments and next guest says the presidential candidate is right. joining us right now is the president of the federal law enforcement association, john adler. charge is the right move? >> correct. it's an action verb. it's not the advice that one might be given in terms of a bear attack where playing dead and possum you might increase
4:46 am
chances of survival. you have to move forward. an active shooter is not there to rob a bank. you are left with one choice and one choice only which is to reach deep into your spirit use that and channel it and charge the target and hope others will do the same to minimize and stop the threat. >> they decided to organize and they had let's roll and took the plane down and saved the capitol and white house. your first instinct may be to run and hide but the better instinct is to attack. this is how headlines are reading. abc news says how ben carson appears to beecond-guessing oregon shooting victims. he's not second-guessing the victims. he was asked by me what he would do. >> that's correct. i applaud dr. carson's spirit. i don't wish that situation on anyone. it's a horrible situation.
4:47 am
it's unthinkable to be under those circumstances. what dr. carson said is you draw upon the american will and seize upon that and deploy everything within your means to charge that threat. a moving target is more difficult to hit than a stationary one. you charge. you let out a loud verbal stun. you do everything you can do survive. what you also do by charging a target is you prevent them from engaging in reloads so that they would increase their casualty count. there are worse things in life than dying with honor. i applaud dr. carson's spirit. >> you had the veteran that took five shots to protect everyone else and went to the fight. that's how he's been trained. an online magazine he writes this is their headline. ben carson is just this vile. you are the law enforcement expert. sadly, this is going to happen again and it's happened before. what is the way forward here if
4:48 am
i was to tell you to start securing these campuses and these high schools and these grammer schools? >> we have to recognize and you notice the pattern. these instances are happening with greater frequency at places of worship and schools. first thing we have to do is arm ourselves with awareness. be aware of where you are. entrances and exits to a room. you have to be cognizant of what's within your reach. i'm not suggesting that you live a paranoid lifestyle. this is the world we live in. you have two choices. you function in denial and render yourself a victim or you face reality and become better prepared. you structure your mind ahead of time. you won't create this winning mindset when the incident happens. this discussion you and i are having is extremely important. americans need to think about this. we don't function. we don't exist to be victims to anyone but unfortunately we can be confronted with dire odds that jeopardize our life but we have to be strong enough to try. >> i would love to know there
4:49 am
would be an armed guard and experienced person or law enforcement expert like you armed to jump on something like this should it happen. >> i agree. these incidents play out in seconds and having a trained armed professional present to respond will certainly help to sustain and contain the threat. >> john, hopefully we stop the next incident with this conversation. i appreciate it. have a great day. >> my pleasure. coming up, sisters creating an incredible company that recycles military surplus for fashion. they both join us next. on this day in 1956, don larson pitched his first and only perfect game in the world series. in 2004, martha stewart reported to prison. and in 1976, the fifth of beethoven was the number one song in america. i love the lyrics.
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
>> all right. two sisters have created an amazing company. one sister is overseas fighting for her country and the other one joins me fighting with elizabeth. >> betsy is one of the creators of the company and her sister who is supposed to join us is serving in the army. due to technical issues she can't join us. we send her our very best. talk about the passion of this product. i went online and ordered these products. every time i carry the bags, i get questions about them. i love telling people the purpose behind them. what is it? >> so we grew up in a military family. our dad was in the army for over
4:54 am
30 years. and this is a community that we're really passionate about supporting. we're repurposing thousands of pounds of military surplus creating a fashionable product. >> you said, hey, guys, instead of throwing this out. can you give it to me. you are getting old tents and old equipment and what made you look at this material and say i can make something of this? >> it's the most durable materials. my sister was in college, one of the only army rtc cadets on campus. what do i see on a routinely basis that's wasted that could be repurposed with a meaningful mission? >> the meaningful mission is really to connect. what i love is when i get to talk about your mission of connecting service members, veterans with civilians and that happens every time someone asks
4:55 am
about a bag or wears it physically bringing two worlds together. you are up to a super bowl commercial. you're a finalist in this competition. how can people help you earn that spot? >> so there's a voting competition and the winner gets a free commercial in the biggest game of football season. we really need america to vote once day every day between now and november 3rd. >> what happens is you get that commercial. you have old 7,000 different items. right now you have no store to walk into. we have napsacks. >> yes. bags out of repurposed army tents. a range of different products. >> this is one of my favorites. >> i will say great pockets on both the outside and inside. i'm a messy, sloppy person.
4:56 am
everything has a place. i love the purpose behind it. we can't thank you enough. we wish your sister our very best and hopefully will connect. go vote for them. >> let me tell you what's coming up. >> "people" magazine publishing addresses for everyone in congress. wait until you hear where the e-mails and your information are actually going. peter is testing out those numbers and e-mails and he'll join us live from washington at the top of the hour. and an occupational hazard how this guy left out to dry more than 100 feet in the air. ♪ ♪ (charge music) you wouldn't hire an organist without hearing them first.
4:57 am
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good morning to you. raging floodwaters in south carolina no match for one woman's faith crediting god for keeping her alive as she clings to a cross for five hours. this morning the danger is still not over. we are live on the ground. >> unbelievable. meanwhile, the mainstream media pounces on dr. ben carson over his comments on the oregon shooting. >> ben carson feels the heat for comments on gun control. >> it's beyond insensitive. it's hard to hear that. >> i think as a rule don't explain what you would have done in a moment none of us could imagine. >> those tv shows making him the focus of their stories. what happens when our vice president joe biden says republicans are beating up hispanic. yes. crickets. brian? >> that was my first cold open
5:01 am
toss. "people" magazine makes a push in favor of more gun control printing e-mail addresses for everyone in congress so americans can write to them. wait until you hear where the e-mails and your information really do go. let me remind you in case there's a quiz later in your life. mornings are better with friends. welcome to studio e. there's something significant going on in the background. every hour today we've been looking out the window. you know those orange vehicles back there, do you know what those are? those are cherry pickers putting up christmas lights in front of our building. >> that means we have to start. >> it's october 8th. >> ahead of the game. i like that. >> there were guys in the trees all day yesterday. this year the lights in front of our building will be red. >> they were prelit.
5:02 am
>> you put them up and want to make sure they're lit before you hang them on a tree. >> a whole string not lightable. >> it's beginning to look a lot like christmas here on october 8th. >> i love that they are doing that. >> meantime, two minutes after the top of the hour and heather has some news. >> a couple things going on i want to tell you about this morning. we start out with a fox news alert. you are about to take a live look inside the capitol where members of the house republican congress are expected to arrive for the first of two sessions today to vote for a new speaker of the house. it appears that we're watching this live shot and we'll bring it as we get it to you. dull there. nevertheless, an important thing going on. this first meeting formal pitches will be made by three candidates in the running.
5:03 am
the full house won't vote on a new speaker until the end of this month. we'll keep you posted on that meeting today. another fox news alert, nypd searching for two men who opened fire on three officers on patrol overnight. police say that the suspect started shooting officers as the officers drove by in an unmarked patrol car. that car was hit several times but the officers were not injured. a 45 caliber handgun was found nearby underneath a car. a third suspect was shot in the leg by police and is now in custody. dramatic escape caught on camera. a teenage girl jumps out of a moving car while abducted and assaulted on the way to school. she was not injured. thank goodness for that. police are now searching for the driver. they say an hispanic woman in her 40s driving a gray toyota that is missing its rear bumper.
5:04 am
texas firefighters forced to make a daring rescue. a construction worker slips and he's hanging there off a bridge. he's dangling more than 100 feet in the air over the houston ship canal. he waited in that harness for nearly an hour as the crews figured out a way to get him to safety. you can see as they hoist him up there, they couldn't get equipment to him. they figured out a way to open up a manhole and sink that hoist down to pull him up. way to go. nice job, firefighters. brave there. those are your headlines. >> that's whey you wear the safety equipment just in case. let's get to the extreme weather alert for you now and saved by the grace of god in south carolina. an elderly woman and her grandson desperately cling to a cross for five hours as floodwaters rush around them. amazingly they are both okay. >> flooding today as the
5:05 am
storm water is moved down into the low country and that is where we find jonathan serrie in georgetown, south carolina, with the latest. jonathan, it looks like we're approaching high tide behind you. >> reporter: the situation is in constant flux. we noticed the floodwaters recede a little bit in the hour since we last spoke. it's a very different situation in isolated community in the northwestern corner of the county. look at this video overnight. 200 to 250 people live there. first responders have been shoveling food to them and providing evacuations as needed. most of these residents have chosen to remain in their homes which are on relatively high ground. >> at this time there's no imminent danger to residents on the other side of the swamp. just that they are isolated. they are physically cut off. they can't leave unless it's by one of the boats provided by the
5:06 am
first responders. >> reporter: back to our live shot. you can see that businesses in downtown georgetown placed sandbags in front of the doors trying to prevent waters from getting into the business and causing further damage. >> thank you very much, jonathan. a couple days ago on this couch ben carson was sitting here. brian asked a great question about if you would have been in a room with a shooter, what would you do? he said that he would charge the shooter. you have a couple choices. if you were watching other morning shows yesterday and we hope you woereren't, you would e gotten this. ben carson a terrible person. >> welcome to "cbs this
5:07 am
morning." ben carson is lighting up the gun control debate with controversial comments on mass shootings. the gop candidate says he would sacrifice his life if he were face to face with a gunman. he said he wou-- >> it's beyond offensive. >> as a rule, don't explain what you would have done in a moment none of us could imagine. >> when asked what he would have done that nobody could imagine. i think he wanted to say that's the action he would have taken. he does believe that it would be better if there were people in that classroom that were armed. that's crazy according to the president but not according to the doctor running for president. >> this is a person who has devoted his life for four decades saving lives. this is a person who said he would sacrifice his own life for others. what is your problem with that and how dare you twist his words
5:08 am
to indicate that he's somehow saying those victims didn't do enough. he wasn't alluding to that situation. >> hypothetical. >> go back to september 11th, 2001. let's roll in that airplane. he was celebrated for what he did and so ben carson, he made a great point. that was his opinion. we are entitled to our own opinion. donald trump a rival of ben carson said this on twitter. ben trump was speaking in general terms as to what he would do if confronted with a gunman and not criticizing the victims. not fair. >> hillary clinton jumped on him and everybody else jumped on him and even lindsey graham said something negative about his comments. there's a difference. i think the main problem with ben carson right now is that he is surging and in some polls he's leading. it's killed the guy in front. that's what this has been so far for the past four months. >> without a doubt mainstream
5:09 am
media is taking opportunity to attack him over that. somehow they missed. vice president joe biden claiming that republicans beat up hispanics. watch this. >> people walked in like literally down because of the beating, the beating hispanics are taking at the hands of the republican caucus. the republican presidential race. >> we always do this. if roles were reversed and a republican said that about democrats, it would be high on the cover of "the new york times." joe biden has been known to say stuff similar to that in the past. a couple years ago in front of a group where he said republicans would have put americans back in chains. on sunday he said this to lbgt at dinner. there are home phobics left and
5:10 am
most are running for president. >> maybe he'll be there, too. >> plenty of time to attack joe biden for voicing his opinion which he's entitled to. and nobody really covering the joe biden. >> let's see if he gets in. let's see if everything changes. >> from cover to cover "people" magazine known for naming sexiest man alive in their issue. now it's pushing for gun control. >> we lost that year. >> the magazine published contact information for every member of congress urging readers to call or e-mail. there's a problem with those e-mails. >> where do they go? peter is live in d.c. >> we've been calling and e-mailing on this all morning long. as far as we can tell, "people" magazine's list of lawmakers gets everybody's name right and gets everybody's phone number right but the e-mail addresses are not what they seem. so most concerned citizens out there who may feel inspired by this celebrity tabloid call to action probably don't realize
5:11 am
that legitimate senate e-mail addresses and with members last name and then .gov which is note worthy because they send everyone to the name followed by they have no connection to the u.s. congress. it's run by the sunlight foundation which describes itself as a nonpartisan, nonprofit that advocates for open government. the sunlight foundation will not put any message to the lawmaker through until the sender provides lots of personal information including phone number and address. why is that information required? part of the privacy policy on their site explains that we collect analytics about how people use our tools. we use that information to improve them and we sometimes share it with reporters and others. we only share that at an
5:12 am
aggregate level. the editorial team does not explain that readers are really e-mailing a third party. back to you in new york. >> they are. thank you very much, peter. >> what does the third party do with any of that information? it's interesting. peter noted that is a function of sunlight foundation. while they say they are nonpartisan, one of the people on the foundation's advisory board is actually running for president. he's a democrat. >> some of the people went to his birthday party are also part of the board. >> they claim to be nonpartisan but here's the thing. you think that you are e-mailing directly to senator barbara boxer or something like that. you are going to them before they pass it on to her.
5:13 am
>> interesting how they don't mention that. these people. >> there was a line about it. >> all right. meanwhile, 13 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, a judge under fire for sentencing a domestic abuse victim to jail. >> you think you're going to have anxiety now? i find you to contempt of court and sentence you to three days in the county jail. >> contempt of court because she didn't show up when she was supposed to. did the judge go too far? with political outsiders leading the gop pack, why are politicians in mainstream media trying to convince you to keep them out of washington? peter is taking a close look for you. your allergies bring more than sneezing...
5:14 am
...and itchy eyes. they also bring tough nasal congestion. so you need claritin-d. it starts to work... just 30 minutes. in fact, nothing works faster. so blow away nasal congestion, fast, with claritin-d.
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two minutes for truth. they call themselves political outsiders. i'm talking about donald trump, dr. ben carson and carly fiorina. they are the front runners in the polls for president. it scared mainstream media and the establishment. here to take a closer look is peter johnson, jr. have your ears been burning? i thought so.
5:18 am
the self-proclaimed media genius class has been talking to the political class about you behind your back. apparently many of you supporting one of the outsider candidates. maybe even god forbid a republican outsider. they put out an all-points bulletin to be on the outlook for an angry man who could go off at any moment and shake the party system to its foundation. your known associates include fox news watching flag waving women called wives who attend religious services and military veterans who believe in the second amendment. you have also been caught thanking your local cop on the beat. your suspicious behavior supporting outside the beltway political insurgent, an outsi outsider. you are dangerously patriotic. according to the genius class in america, in the end you're going
5:19 am
to turn your back on trump, carson and fiorina because if they're wrong, it's last call and drink up before the lights come up at the insiders ball. you're not invited there. here's what they refuse to recognize about america. a quiet riot of ideals among the unemployed, underpaid, undervalued on the right and left americans are no longer seeking ideology but an attitude and affirmation that our best days are our destiny. it's about opportunity and not anger. an america that knows you left too many of us behind. we left too many first principles and values, that results matter. that truth matters. that correct and right are not the same thing. that mr. smith goes to washington and not all in the family is what you aspire to be. it's a new american people's
5:20 am
pageant. one in which trump and hillary clinton run neck and neck. that a socialist named sanders can ignite the imagination of democrats. the pundits of the american media and insider political class have it all wrong. they have for a long time. the lobbyists.debt merchants. their time may be up. we'll report and comment but now more than ever it's not up to the geniuses and the political classes. it's up to you, the voter, to decide. and that's two minutes for truth today. >> peter johnson, jr., thank you very much. give me your script. i'll post it on facebook. >> it needs to be said. >> you just did it. thank you. >> i'm going to post it on my facebook. high school students told to stop praying before football games or get hauled into court.
5:21 am
this time the superintendent is standing up to the kids and saying bring it on. hear from him straight ahead. have questions about real estate or fighting off debt? bob is here with the best financial advice money can buy and for you it's free. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ] woman: [laughs] no way! that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro, you just don't know. cfp -- work with the highest standard.
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5:24 am
welcome back. quick headlines. two police officers who mistakenly tackled tennis star james blake should face charges is the recommendation from a review board. blake was thrown to the ground outside a new york city hotel when a police officer thought he resembled a wanted man and billboards honoring police officers will go up around the country starting today. a tennessee advertising agency
5:25 am
started it after 150 billboards were donated. you ask, he answers. bob is dipping into his mail bag to offer advice on your real estate questions. joining us right now, the host of the property man and "fox & friends." let's get to number one. john says there have been unoccupied homes in our neighborhood for years. they are rundown and affecting the neighborhood and values of the other homes. the homeowner's association will do nothing. why? >> they are limited to what they can do because they can't trespass on somebody else's property and of course many of these homes are still in the name of the homeowner themselves. however, if you see any type of thing that comes to health issues, if you see mold, if there's a swimming pool that has algae, go to the county enforcement. they'll come on the property and
5:26 am
secure the property so nobody gets hurt and try to control that. other than that, they are limited to what they can do to protect the other neighbors. >> kids go in there and make it party town on top of that and destroy the neighborhood. >> and also people go in there live in the homes. >> squatters. robert from pennsylvania says, after all these years why does it take so long to foreclose on these homes? don't the lenders want to take them back and sell them? >> it's a question we ask ourselves. we just came back from florida and we actually did some stories on this. the problem is a lot of these lenders, there are still issues with documentation. a lot of them want the values to go back up before they take them back and they don't want to pay hoa dues. what happens is it affects the value of the neighborhoods again because why? they're just sitting there empty handed and they have squatters like you said.
5:27 am
>> lynn from texas says i'm concerned that my son has too much debt. has a job and works hard and credit card companies come after him. should he file for bankruptcy? help. >> he surely should get a consultation from a bankruptcy lawyer to find out if he qualifies for bankruptcy and if that's in his best interest and get credit counseling. you can't garnish somebody's wages. so our viewers understand, it's taking money out of your paycheck unless there's a judgment against you first. but what happens often is people put their head in the ground, served with a lawsuit, do nothing about it, avoid service and they get a default judgment and one day some of the money in their paycheck is gone. don't put your head in the ground. >> if you have a question for bob, head over to his show airs at 12:00 and 3:00 on sundays on fox news channel.
5:28 am
congratulations on the second season. it's a great show. bob, thanks so much. >> thanks, brian. final 33 minutes. let me tell you what's on tap. a judge under fire for sentencing a domestic abuse victim to jail. >> do you think you're going to have anxiety now? i find you in contempt of court and sentence you to three days in the county jail. >> did that judge overreact? and another incredible faith based film. we're joined live this morning. i see her in the hall.
5:29 am
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call the number on your screen to learn more. former president bill clinton said yesterday that donald trump's campaign has a certain macho appeal. and then trump said whoever this macho is i want him deported. i don't like the sounds of macho. >> from that to heather. >> as long as i'm not a macho man. >> notice the separation i placed. >> let's start out in washington, d.c. where a whole lot of men down there feeling like macho men. fox news alert. you can see it there. just moments ago the three candidates who are hoping to become the new house speaker arriving on capitol hill to make their formal pitches to the
5:33 am
house republican conference. mccarthy moments ago saying he's feeling confident. >> good morning. >> how's it going to go? >> it's going to go great. >> he said it's going to go great. the full house won't vote on that until the end of the month. a big story throughout the day. do you remember the scene from the movie "good fellas." >> funny how? i amuse you. i make you laugh? >> i love that movie. a federal judge ruled that prosecutors won't be allowed to show that famous murder scene during the trial of mobster vincent atharo. four people involved in the robbery were killed. the judge ruled it would be unfair to show the movie scene
5:34 am
because he's not charged with those specific murders. interesting. a fight for faith at an arkansas high school. an atheist group is attacking the school because the band director led students in prayer before a football game. earlier on "fox & friends," the school superintendent said this is what most teenagers there want. >> since we have received this letter from this group, our students have united before our football game last friday night they went out to the 50 yard line and prayed on their own. >> students are planning a similar display at tomorrow night's game. a florida judge accused of taking the law way too far. newly released video shows a courtroom confrontation between the judge and a domestic violence victim that showed up at her accused abuser's trial
5:35 am
and ignored a subpoena. he was accused of choking her and threatening her with a knife. >> why didn't you show up to court? >> my anxiety. >> you think you're going to have anxiety. i sentence you to three days in the county jail. >> i have a 1-year-old son i'm trying ing ting to take care o myself. >> this exchange happened in july. the woman served her sentence. now critics are condemning that judge saying this was way too harsh. they worry that punishment will discourage other domestic abuse victims from speaking up and your comments are pouring in on this. you have some of those to share right now. >> we do. >> donna saying this. the judge was rude and victimized this woman. the judge should hang her head in shame. >> we don't know the whole story but the judge didn't do anything wrong and judge was trying to protect her by making her face reality. >> tammy says other women will see what happened to that poor victim and not report an abuser
5:36 am
out of fear of going to jail. >> just remember the reason she wound up getting the three days in jail is because she was in contempt of court. the judge said you show up here in my court at a certain day and time and never showed up. the judge felt she didn't have a good excuse. that's why she went to jail. >> we have extreme weather to report. >> talk about extreme and divine intervention in one. elderly woman and her grandson desperately cling to a cross for five hours they hugged that cross. the south carolina floodwaters rushed around them. amazing. >> clara was on her way to church when her car washed off the road. amazingly she'll be okay. that's wonderful. >> and we look now at today's forecast coast to coast. >> in south carolina we're expecting dry weather for now. it does look like we can see another round of rain not anywhere near as heavy as what we saw with our last flood
5:37 am
situation out there across south carolina. you are still going to be looking at showers rolling through as we head into this weekend. of course we'll keep a close watch on that. i want to take you to west texas now. we're dealing with a lot of storms out there this morning. we even had flash flood warnings in effect throughout the morning hours and we have one across southwestern texas. watch out for flood conditions that are expected to continue there throughout the day today and also into tomorrow morning as those watches are going to continue to be in place out there. otherwise across parts of the upper great lakes we have a quick moving area of low pressure that should fire more storms across the great lakes today and then tomorrow across parts of the northeast and there's a quick look at your current temperatures across the nation. let's head back inside. >> all right. thank you very much. look who is on the couch. roma downey is joining us. always a pleasure. you have a great new movie and we're delighted you would bring an exclusive clip. takes us back to the days of the 1970s. birmingham, alabama. you have combined god and
5:38 am
football. >> probably two of the things that america loves the most. >> as it happens. >> it's a true story set in the '70s following the life of a wonderful young player, tony nathan. >> grew to be an outstanding miami dolphin. >> we see the story told through his eyes and his experience and how this spiritual awakening came into the school with these kids replacing hatred and fear with love and hope. >> you brought us that exclusive clip. it's never been seen before. watch. >> i'm sorry. i can't. >> what do you mean you can't? are you shy or something? >> i can't. >> of course you can't. stand up. walk up and take a picture. >> he said i couldn't go to alabama. not me or anybody like me. not today. not tomorrow.
5:39 am
not ever. so i came. >> so what happened before that is he was refusing to go and have a picture made with himself and then governor of alabama democrat george wallace, correct? >> he was in support of segregation and this movie really tackles the theme of a quality to bring about healing. there are amazing football sequences in this. it's exciting. you seem like you're in the game. >> where did you film that? >> this young kid in this leading role is exceptional. the movie is created by the irwin brothers. they did a fantastic job. we just feel that this film is an important movie at this time in our nation with everything that happened in ferguson and everything earlier this year to
5:40 am
show another way of being. >> how soon from when you thought when you were approached with this project to when you thought about it to actually doing it. seems like a quick turnaround. >> we got involved when the movie was already up and going. we have been looking at the irwin brothers for some time. they showed us some early cuts on this. it had us standing in the screening room cheering. this movie will bring you to your feet. it will bring you to your knees. some really incredible performances. more importantly because of what we're interested in in our company is that you can go to this and bring the whole family to see "woodlawn." it opens on october 16th. you'll be -- it will give you a very satisfying film experience. >> incredible. i have to say, faith based films are succeeding despite attempts in a secular mind and person to remove god out of schools left and right. >> there is a scene in the film
5:41 am
where 40,000 people came and they tried to shut them down praying and the whole stadium joins in saying the "our father." it's incredible. >> the film opens up next friday. >> october 16th. please go see it. >> we'll go see it. >> important film. >> how is your husband doing?gr. thank you. >> i wish he had some drive. a lot to work on. >> what a pair you guys are. >> paired up with arnold. that's a whole other story. >> don't get me started. >> that's another show. it's 18 before the top of the hour. coming up, this photo lighting up the internet. a police officer holding the baby at a scene of the car crash. the deputy in that photo joins us live with the incredible story of where the mother is while he's holding her. say nice try instead and
5:42 am
recess consultant here to defend her idea of organizing playground play that's supposed to be free play. >> we're going to test it. you're late for work. you grab your 10-gallon jug of coffee, and back out of the garage. right into your wife's car. with your wife watching. she forgives you...
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is this what schools are worried about on the playground you ask? >> now you're all in big trouble. we might be. two minnesota elementary schools are paying big bucks to bring in experts to teach students and teachers the politics of the playground but nearly 200 parents at one of the schools signed a petition in protest
5:46 am
after their kids complained. so is there a need to regulate recess or should we let kids be kids. that's the big question. here to weigh in is the executive director kim mccaul. thank you for joining me. so we keep hearing let the kids do their thing. we hypermanage every aspect of their life. are you the recess police? >> of course not. of course not. at play works we believe in the power of play to bring out the best in every kid. so we simply want to create an environment that is healthy, safe and inclusive for every student to be a part of. what we're seeing more and more on our playgrounds unfortunately is bullying, is violence, is exclusion. and that activity is spilling back into our classrooms and disrupting the learning environment. >> if we are managing every aspect of their lives, how are kids to learn how to solve their own problems if adults are continuing to solve them for them even in recess.
5:47 am
they can't get out there and do it themselves on recess. what do you say to that complaint? >> that's a great question. actually, that's not what play works is about in particular. what we want to do is empower kids to lead their own recess and create their own happy and healthy schools. we work independently with classes and teachers to play the games in a one-on-one smaller environment and then when the kids get out to recess, they already know the rules of the game. they can jump in and lead their own activities. we give them the tools that empower them to create their own activities. >> when you hear this story, you think another area where in a way we were overmanaging these kids. recess was supposed to be free. do you provide this service for schools that couldn't afford the $30,000? >> we subsidize some of the cost for schools and work mostly with low-income schools that have a student population 50% or more
5:48 am
fee or reduced lunch. these are underserved schools that have limited resources. >> why are parents complaining about it? what about the 200? what are they concerned about? what do you say to them? >> i say that the skills that play works imparts on kids is building team work. it's building cooperation. teaching respect and inclusion. those are all really valuable social and emotional schools that will prove useful later in life for kids. play works helps to reduce bullying. we're reducing incidents of violence on the playground and helping kids get more physical active. >> the schools that used the services in minnesota is working and bringing up conversation when it comes to recess police. >> more fun for everybody. >> love to know more about it. thank you so much. this coming up, a photo capturing hearts across america. a sheriff's deputy calming this crying baby after a car crash. meet the officer and hear the remarkable story next.
5:49 am
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don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. joint pain and damage... can go side by side. ask how enbrel can help relieve joint pain and help stop joint damage. enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. >> he says he did nothing special but he's being called a hero. a hero with a heart. >> a big one in fact. the alabama sheriff's deputy capturing hearts all over america in this photo you're looking at on your screen calming a crying baby after a car crash. the photo has gone viral and it's reached more than 1.5 million people on facebook. >> this man in the picture is a sheriff's deputy. rick, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. i really appreciate you allowing
5:53 am
me to be here. >> are you kidding? we saw the picture and wanted to get ahold of you and now you're here. you're at a crash. you saw mom who is hysterical with baby in her arms. >> yes, sir. so i approached the mother and she was emotionally upset and then she got her baby out of the car and the baby was upset. the mother was more upset than the baby i believe. so i asked the mother if i could hold the baby and without telling her i wanted to do this so she could regain her composure and get a handle on her emotions. >> you did that for quite some time. you did it for over an hour, is that correct? >> off and on for about an hour, hour and a half, my partner, deputy tim sanford, and i took turns. when my arms got tired, i would hand the baby to tim and when his got tired, he gave her back
5:54 am
to me. >> deputy, as we look at this image and we remarked on this yesterday. that isn't just a guy holding a baby. that's somebody that knows how to hold a baby. you're doing it right and that's probably your grandpa gene kicking in, isn't it? >> well, i'm still very involved with my three sons as well as my grandchildren. >> incredible. >> it shows. >> when you see this photo has reached 1.5 million people, what do you hope people take away from this moment right here? from a police perspective. >> well, we aren't machines and we aren't computers. we're human beings. and we have feelings. we have to react and make split second decisions to where sometimes it takes attorneys and judges years to decide on a case. but that's our job.
5:55 am
we don't make the rules. we don't make the laws. we don't always like the laws. it's our job to enforce them. in this case, it was -- i guess you're right. it's from being a father and being a grandfather. it had nothing to do with my training, military training. it's the way i was raised by my parents and the way i raised my sons. >> you were in the right place at the right time and you did the right thing. we are delighted, deputy, that you would join us today. thank you very much. >> and the baby is okay, right? >> yes, ma'am. i'm going to meet with the mother and the baby later on today. >> all right. i got a feeling you're going to hold the baby again. >> she may want that hug again. >> yes, ma'am. i'm looking forward to it. >> all right. he's a deputy down there in jefferson county, alabama. ric linley, thank you very much. >> it's my honor. thank you. >> it's our honor. thank you. we'll come back in just a moment and coming up next,
5:56 am
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>> i've been working show long. victoria secret is out. photo shopping a model's backside in an ad. left cheek is smaller and the cheek has a fold in it like her right cheek does. the retailer taking heat because the cheeks are too close to alike. there's no way people's cheeks can be that alike without photo shopping and touching. go ahead.
6:00 am
go into the mirror. drop your pants and take a picture. you'll see your cheeks are different. >> don't send us those pictures. >> please. >> not on twitter. >> just an idea. >> see you tomorrow. bill: breaking news. russia upping the ante, launching cruise missiles from naval ships nearly 1,000 miles from their targets. those missiles flying over iran and iraq taking the war in syria to a whole new level. martha: vladimir putin apparently catching president obama off guard once again with a land, air, sea offensive. all of this power in support of th


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