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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  October 25, 2015 3:00am-7:01am PDT

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hello, friends, good morning. today is sunday, 259th of october, 2015, i'm anna kooiman and it's a fox news alert. horror at a homecoming parade. >> we need a bunch of help. we got a car in the crowd up here. >> drunk driver crashes into a crowd at the oklahoma state parade, killing four people, and injuring dozens more. what we've just learned about the victims, and the woman behind the wheel. a man hundreds of thousands of veterans have died while waiting for care at the veteran's administration. but hillary clinton says the v.a. scandal, no big deal. >> overall, veterans who do get treated are satisfied with their treatment.
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>> because the government is always good, even when it's not. who does she blame for the scandal? republicans, of course. we've got details. and just days after a new york city cop is gunned down in cold blood, this message to the police. protesters giving cops the middle finger, telling them to quote, stop the terror. the disgusting images you have to see to believe. "fox & friends" right now. ♪ it's exciting to sleep in a little bit late this morning. have a bed on set. sleep week today. how to train yourself to control your dreams is what we are tackling today. >> and if you can control your dreams, you can control anything. and it would have been nice to just stay there, slept in a little bit longer. >> yes.
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>> commercial break, pete hegseth, great to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> got little sleep last night. >> we need to get right to this, though. we are going to talk about this fox news alert. during the oklahoma state university homecoming parade. four people dead, and 44 injured. when a suspected drunk driver plowed through a crowd, full of family trying to enjoy that parade. >> witnesses say people went flying into the air like rag dolls. 25-year-old adacia chambers was taken into custody for dui. cops say her sedan hopped the curb and slammed into scores of people. >> among those killed was 65-year-old marvin and bonnie stone, an mba student nikita mccall. 2-year-old nash lucas died later at the hospital. at least five people are still in critical condition this morning in area hospitals.
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joining us now on the phone is paul sims, a grad student at osu who was attending the parade with his 10-year-old daughter when the tragedy unfolded. thanks a lot for joining us this morning. tell us what you saw yesterday, where you were and what happened. >> okay. well, i was standing near the intersection, opposite where the collision happened. and, out of the north coming from the exact opposite direction of the parade was, was this gray sedan. and it just literally went driving into the crowd, and then you could see people flying. into the air. and the car stopped -- there's been many images of where it stopped. it didn't take long to stop, but
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it there was all this -- these mass of people lying on the ground in varying forms. my daughter and i walked towards the scene, and the first person we saw was a young woman in her late teens, early 20s, who was you know, lying on the ground, blood coming -- pouring from her head, major laceration on her -- one of her legs. people standing over her trying to figure out what to do. you know, we initially, like i said, attempted to try to mentally process how to help. but emergency personnel stepped in and tried to -- if you've got kids, step away, i kind of decided to -- i wanted to keep moving in and see what we could do to help, and then i saw my daughter was crying and decided that maybe that was not a good idea and we kind of got out of the scene.
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but, i've never seen anything like it. >> yeah, i can imagine. >> this car flying in, and, it -- by processing how does this happen? i have still -- am still working on that. haven't gotten to how did this happen. i don't know. >> yes, the images are terrible. and we hate that you and your daughter had to go through this, like so many other families did there. was there any time for the crowd to react? how fast was this car moving? >> my best estimate was that it was definitely over the posted limit. but even then it shouldn't have been going that fast because there were, you know, there were -- it was clear that there were things ahead of the driver. it had to be -- it would have normally been, obviously, i would think. i don't know, can't speak for the person's condition, but
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under normal driving conditions you go, okay, wait a minute, i've got to slow down significantly or stop. but, anyway, sorry, what's your question again? >> no, just about the speed of the car >> very fast. much faster than the foposted speed limit. >> thank you for joining us this morning. a tragic story out of stillwater, oklahoma. certainly everyone there affected. >> sounds like the crowd really didn't have much time to react at all. paul, thank you. six minutes after the hour. we're following a lot of news this morning. right now we're going to talk about the extreme weather. overnight remnants of patricia moved into the united states sparking more flooding here. parts of southern texas already hit by storms this week, up to a foot of rain expected to fall throughout the day today. >> storms ahead of patricia introducing a small tornado, tearing roofs and fences apart and leaving behind mangled metal.
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>> rick has been following this from the very beginning. >> we had a few tornadoes yesterday across texas. all part of the rotation as this storm moved onshore. complex system across the area. one end of the energy moving across parts of the northeast today. be prepared for that. there's also some cooler air that's eventually going to move in across a lot of the eastern part of the country. the rain is still a little bit in towards central texas. now moving though a little bit in towards parts of southeast texas. houston overnight, actual flooding going on across here. in around galveston you get an idea of the very heavy rain that fell there. they saw four to five inches. and one wind gust off of corpus christi, far away from here, but one brief wind gust of 56 miles an hour. not just the rain there, but also very, very heavy winds. you can see the waves battering that area right there. rainfall totals were pretty extreme across the area. you see this just to the south of dallas, 16 inches were
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actually, compared to amounts of 20 inches, and then 8 to maybe another 10 to 12 inches towards brownsville. a lot of rain guys. we're not done with it yet. today a little bit more targeting louisiana and mississippi. so we are still watching the storm. >> thanks a lot. >> you bet. >> thanks, rick. eight minutes after the hour. now with some other stories making headlines on a sunday 237 two georgia deputies are injured and a suspect dead after a shoot-out. police were called to a home 70 miles north of atlanta. as soon as they got to the scene the suspect returned fire, forcing deputies to fire back and kill him, we're told. both officer expected to recover from their injuries. and a potentially deadly plan at a virginia high school is stopped. and now two students are behind bars. officials say the 17 and 15-year-olds planned to call in a bomb threat to river bend high school in fredricksburg, then shoot people as they evacuated the building. those teenagers are being
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charged with conspiracy to commit murder. they will be arraigned tomorrow. actress maureen o'hara has died. >> a bold one you are! >> so you can talk? >> yes, i can, i will, and i do! >> known as the queen of technicolor for her fiery red hair, o'hara often played strong and courageous women on the big screen. she got her hollywood start in the 1939 movie "the hunchback of notre dame." she's also known for "miracle on 34th street." she died in her sleep surrounded by her family at her home in boise, idaho. she was 95 years old. well, if anybody has been following the series of scandals coming out of the veteran's administration and the hospitals, all of which are sad, it may come as a surprise that there are some who doubt it's a scandal at all. we learned the other day, during a conversation between hillary clinton and a cable news host on another channel, that hillary clinton is a doubter.
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she's a v.a. denier. judge for yourself. here's her conversation with rachel mad dough. >> i don't understand why we have such a problem. because, there have been a number of surveys of veterans, and overall, veterans who do get treated are satisfied with their treatment. >> much more so than people in the regular -- >> that's exactly right. now nobody would believe that from the coverage that you see. and the constant berating of the v.a. that comes from the republicans in part in pursuit of this ideological agenda -- >> but in part because there has been -- >> there has been. but it's not been as widespread as it has been made out to be. >> wow. okay. so want to break down some numbers for you. 7 million veterans that the v.a. serves and according to "the new york times" they're saying they've expanded their access of care over the last year, nearly 3 million more appointments in the last year. some numbers we have, 57,000 veterans waited 90 days last year alone.
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do they see changes happening or not? >> no, they've seen the system only get worse. there's been recent reporting that since the scandal wait times have gone up across the country. this after billions more spent, thousands more employees. i think that's why hillary clinton, may be the rachel maddow has to interrupt and remind her this is a real scandal. >> rachel maddow was bringing you back to reality, you strayed far. >> you strayed quite far. she has, because they're invested in government-run solutions. single-payer top-down government-run health care. they feel more money is the answer, more doctors, more hospitals. and when that's not working they don't know what to do. she later in the interview said we don't really know why this doesn't work. >> have you noticed people most enthusiastic about government don't spend a lot of time getting their services. they don't send their kids to public schools, they don't use public hospitals, they don't use public transportation. she doesn't even drive her own car. but it's good enough for everybody else. >> in this case, veterans dying while they are waiting for care and hillary clinton is saying we need to just give the -- the -- the system some time to fikt
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itself. how long do we have to wait? >> can you imagine if hillary clinton had to wait 90 days for an appointment from a doctor? and hillary clinton didn't serve her country. she said she was once shot at but she wasn't. there's no fresh ideas from her. thankfully my organization has done town halls across the country with policymakers. we did one yesterday in south carolina with senator rubio and i asked him the question, is hillary clinton out of touch on this? this is what he had to say. >> it is a top issue that we deal with on the constituent level on a regular basis. and so, these -- i don't know where she's getting her information from, but she's completely out of touch if she believes that this is an isolated issue. this is a widespread issue. and again, it is a combination of a lack of accountability, but also a system that needs to be modernized because it is not designed to deal with the 21st century issues our vaet rans are facing. >> what are the real solutions? accountability, choice, empowering veterans to go out to the private sector if they can't be seen in a timely manner. those are fresh, new ideas. >> choice. you only get choice on one question, hillary clinton's
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world. >> it's true. >> we'd love to hear from you. if you're a vet, are you satisfied with the care you get from the v.a.? hillary clinton said you are. polling i've seen said not so much. we're interested in what you had to say about that. >> facebook, twitter, e-mail us at dramatic video the moment u.s. forces freed dozens of isis hostages. we will take you inside the daring raid. and the donald trump/ben carson dust-up gets more intense after the doctor from baltimore takes the lead in two more iowa polls. >> carson, i don't understand the whole deal. i don't know what's going on. carson is lower energy than bush. >> so what is going on? why is ben carson rising in the polls? evangelicals play a role. we'll tell you what that's about, coming up. hi.
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by the way, carson, i don't understand the whole deal. i don't know what's going on. carson is lower energy than bush. i don't understand what's going on. for the first time in 100 days, i had a poll that said i'm in second place. in iowa! >> i don't understand the whole deal, says donald trump. why is ben carson rising to the top of the polls? at least in two of them in the state of iowa. it's a very good question. one reason for carson's jump could be support from evangelical voters. just last month, dr. carson's lead over trump among iowa evangelicals jumped from seven points to 19 points. why is that? here to discuss is pastor of first baptist dallas and fox news contributor dr. robert jeffers. >> good morning, tucker. >> good morning.
3:18 am
>> so why exactly are evangelicals in the state of iowa, anyway, moving in pretty big numbers, it looks like, to ben carson? >> well, this is a part of a back and forth we're going to continue to see. trump and carson still remain tied nationally for the evangelical vote. but here's what's going on. each candidate, carson and trump, represents one half of the equation of what evangelicals are looking for. a strong leader, and a committed christian. people who think being a committed christian is most important may be gravitating to carson. because people see his face as being sincere and central to his life. but when they look at trump, many see a strong leader. and although nobody's going to accuse trump of being overly pious, when he says things like he said last week, that if i'm elected president, we'll bring back saying merry christmas, evangelicals get that, tucker. they understand he's saying although i may not be exactly like you, i like you. and i'm sympathetic to what you believe. and so the context between trump
3:19 am
and carson is really a contest between qualification. which is more impoant. a candidate's faith, or their competency as a leader? >> it's interesting. i think a lot of people were really surprised that trump is getting any evangelical support at all, much less more than anybody for a long time given his life, which is not, i think by even his own description, not a model of piety. he sort of weighed into theology just a little bit the other day, talking about his own faith versus that of ben carson. i want to play the sound bite for you. watch this. >> i don't have to say it. i'm presbyterian. can you believe it? nobody believes i'm presbyterian. i'm presbyterian. i'm presbyterian! i'm presbyterian. boy. that's down the middle of the road, folks, in all fairness. i mean, seventh day adventists, i don't know about. i just don't know about. >> first of all, i've never seen anybody brag to evangelicals that he's a presbyterian.
3:20 am
>> never seen that. >> and the seventh day adventist thing. is this meaningful to voters? >> no. it's not meaningful. if people want to know about what seventh day adventists believe they should google it. but really, the differences between presbyterianism and seventh day adventism are not that great. it's certainly not like the difference between say presbyterianism and mormonism. so i don't think it's going to be an issue at all. >> it's certainly interesting. we appreciate having you come on as a guide to these tangled web of theology and politics. thanks a lot, doctor. it's good to see you. >> thank you, tucker. well, screams of terror as a teenager fights off a would-be kidnapper. watch this. [ screams ] oh, my god! >> we'll have more of that chilling surveillance video and tell you how it ended. plus the scariest part of halloween could be your child's costume. it could be toxic, and even deadly. should you be afraid? oh, very, very afraid. we'll tell you why. ♪
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quick headlines here. caught on camera edition. now this is definitely no joke. whatpy goldberg cutting a canadian comedy show short because her tour bus became engulfed in flames. members of the audience filed out of the new brunswick casino when they smelled smoke. no one was injured but no word on how that fire broke out. hmm. and sparks fly midflight on a southwest airlines jet. passengers recording flames shooting out of one of the engines. exactly what you don't want to see midair. the plane quickly returned to dallas love field, where the
3:25 am
airline, well, took it out of service. i don't know that they had another choice. and over to you. >> thank you so much. the scariest part of halloween may not be the guests or goblins or ghouls. it may actually be part of your child's costume. the fake blood or face paint you picked up could be toxic to skin. so what tricks do you need to know to be safe this hal even? physician dr. kelly towers is here to break it all down. good morning. >> good morning, anna. >> we always hear about kids and sometimes it's not good for them to wear masks out trick-or-treating, whether they can't breathe or they're not going to be able to see properly. we think face paint is a better option. but it can be toxic to us? >> absolutely. all of those makeups, the halloween makeups, artificial dye, waxes, oils, heavy waxes, even sometimes heavy mettle aand carcinogens. it can cause rashes, hepatitis and more. >> when we're trying to get all spooky we like to put fake blood on ourselves. the stuff we buy at the stores is a problem? so you have --
3:26 am
>> yes. so some home -- >> some home remedies here. >> if your child has an allergy or just to avoid some of those exposures you can make your own fake blood at home, believe it or not. fun, safe for kids. no flame involved. just mix all of this in a bowl. first we have flour, regular baking flour, and some corn syrup here, and some vegetable-based food dye. red preferably, mix equal parts. a bit of food dye, mix it until it's a bright blood consistency and there you go. >> i feel like every time i use food coloring, though, it gets all over me and has a hard time coming off. >> is this going to stain? >> it's vegetable based so it should wash off. but it's meant to stay on a little bit longer. supervise for sure. >> next up adhesives and glue. >> my main point is just don't use anything from home. every year we've got those e.r. cases where people put glue and super glue and sealing their eyes shut. warnings to everyone. don't use all that stuff at home. buy theater grade. that's the best.
3:27 am
if you go to a theater grade website you can get some glue at home. >> okay. if they're sold out at the costume stores near you. face makeup and prosthetic skin? >> okay so again if your child has an allergy, they might be sensitive to a lot of the face makeup. same thing, artificial dyes, we've got those heavy oils that are going to clog the skin, give you potential acne prone skin. so we've got some, again, some home recipes. not a cooking show but here we go. >> i mean chocolate? we're using chocolate? >> all edible stuff here. so first we've got face makeup which is the foundation, the powder. you're going to use equal parts calcium bentonite, cocoa, beet sugar and turmeric. if you want more red you add more tumor ig. if you want more red you add more beets. >> that's not going to cause irritation? >> no, it's all natural. most you purchase in grocery stores. over here we have glycerine oil
3:28 am
and gelatin which they make jell-o out of. mix it up in the bowl, put it in the microwave, it melts a little bit. mix it some more. you can make fake wounds, lacerations. the biggest problem with this is latex allergies. could cause an topical inflammation, edema, can cause systemic anaphylactic issues. we want to do it at home. >> 28 minutes after the hour on a sunday morning, coming up on "fox & friends" weekend just days after a new york city police officer is murdered in cold blood, protesters hit the streets again. this time chanting expletives at cops and giving them the finger. reportedly. and the disrespect did not end there. plus, do you hate it when your coffee gets cold in the morning? you're about to meet the mug of your dreams. coming up. phil!
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friends, good morning. we have a fox news alert. overnight brand-new dramatic footage showing the moments joint u.s. and kurdish forces raided an isis prison in iraq, freeing dozens of hostages. >> it's the same raid that killed highly decorated special ops master joshua wheeler.
3:33 am
>> live for us in washington this morning with more on this unfolding story. good morning, garrett. >> good morning. this raid on an isis compound in northern iraq saved the lives of around 70 hostages who were facing imminent mass execution by the terrorist group according to the defense department. you can see in this new helmet cam video of the raid, many of those freed prisoners running through the compound to safety led by dozens of u.s. special operations troops and kurdish forces. you can see the isis flag on the wall as soldiers worked their way through the compound. and hear the sound of constant gunfire throughout the rescue operation. [ gunfire ] the defense department tells us those isis forces had already prepared graves for those prisoners. and were set to film the mass execution for propaganda video. a number of terrorists were killed. five were captured. and we're told u.s. forces recovered important intelligence about isis. the raid also claimed the life of one u.s. commando, master
3:34 am
sergeant joshua wheeler was shot by isis forces and later died, becoming the first american to die in combat since the u.s. launched its campaign against the islamic state a year ago. defense secretary ash carter, along with wheeler's family, received the body yesterday at dover air force base in what's called a dignified transfer. back to you. >> thanks a lot, garrett. >> garrett tenney in washington. can you imagine if you were waiting in an isis prison to be tortured to death and all of a sudden you hear the wall breach, gunfire, and delta force shows up and springs you? i mean that's just unbelievable. >> it's absolutely unbelievable. we need more videos like that to show that isis, they're not eight feet tall, they're not unstoppable. they're short guys in flip-flops scared out of their minds, and if we come after them -- >> the pictures of them on the beach, they're green screen. they're not really giants. that way we can have our own propaganda to put out there online. like they've become masterminds of social media. >> speaking of propaganda.
3:35 am
just four days after a new york city officer was killed in the line of duty, protesters descended throughout manhattan to attack the police. we've got a picture of "the new york post" cover this morning which kind of sums it up perfectly. disgrace. same week a cop is killed, protesters' f-you to the nypd. >> and partly leading the crowd was director quentin tarantino, pulp fiction fame. a lot of people are saying this is so insensitive to have hundreds of protesters out there before this poor officer -- this officer's family has ear been able to bury him. he apparently says to "the post," it's like this, it's unfortunate timing, but we've flown in all these families to go and tell their stories. that cop that was killed, that's a tragedy, too. >> that's a tragedy too? >> to watch a trending idiot celebrity like this take part in it. there's police brutality. i'm against it. every person is.
3:36 am
people like quentin tarantino and hillary clinton and the president, they're surrounded by bodyguards. they don't have to deal with it. the rest of us are dealing with a crime rate going up, for this reason, politicizing crime. >> as you said the worst year for new york city cops unfortunately since 1989. but it hasn't just been new york city. in chicago there were even more protests against the police. an american flag was actually pulled down and replaced by a flag that read, unapologetically black. they were actually booed when they brought in a fire truck to bring that flag down as part of a protest of stop the cops in chicago. with the same exact sentiment of what we saw in new york city. the cops are to blame -- >> and rather than talking about the black-on-black crime that's going on in chicago, and the gun violence in chicago, president obama on thursday was giving merit to the black lives matter movement. listen. >> there is a specific problem that is happening in the african-american community that's not happening in other communities. and that is air legitimate issue
3:37 am
that we've got to address. we as a society, particularly given our history, have to take this seriously. >> no. that's totally wrong. i mean, it's way more complex than this. yes, there are lots of incidents of police brutality, some against black people, also white people and hispanic people. we cast this in explicitly black-white race terms. why did it happen? because he is getting the political benefit of this racial division. that's appalling. >> and totally disingenuous. calling it, these are just a few dumb people when one of the black lives matter protesters recently gave an interview, union organizers, immigrants, liberations coming to the to say hey, let's build this movement, reagitate what they call radical politics in our community and that's when you're seeing. when cops are killed as a result, man, there should be truth telling from the white house, not apologizing. >> the problem is their argument
3:38 am
is delegitimized when you have this nastiness. when the protesters are shouting what do we want? dead cops. some of them say they have viable grievances that need to be heard, they're being silenced by these disgusting remarks. >> the only reason you have a society where you can walk to the grocery store at night without getting killed. crime makes everything fall apart. maybe i'm just old enough to remember when it was dangerous to walk around new york city. you don't want that again. you don't want it again. it's a tragedy. it's a preventable tragedy. >> if you see a cop today, tip your hat. 38 minutes after the hour. heart-stopping screams from a teenage girl as she fights off a kidnapper, all caught on home surveillance video. n screaming ] oh, my gosh! >> the attack happened off camera but the 17-year-old, as a man grabs her on her way to school. this all happened friday in stockton, california. police say he then tried to drag her into his car, but she fought back, and escaped.
3:39 am
our victim did exactly what you're supposed to do. make a lot of noise, and fight off your assailant. >> the attempted kidnapper drove off. police are still searching for him. and a daring jump 40 feet down. a police officer making a leap to get a suspect in a crime spree. the man allegedly armed with a knife stole a police car and led officers on a dangerous high speed chase throughout san francisco hitting multiple cars along the way. officers barricaded the roadway, stopping the chase. the officers, suspect and another driver are being treated for non-life-threatening injuries. and smartphones, smart cars, smart homes. what's next? the smart mug. the new mug keeps coffee at the perfect temperature all day and it's all controlled by a smartphone. you can remotely adjust the temperature and even store presets for your favorite drinks. the mug can be preordered online. it's going to cost you though, $130. and it's not going to be available for about six months. it's the new thermos.
3:40 am
>> they're going to start conspiring against you. the coffeemaker and the microwave are going to overthrow you. >> i'm serious, man. three years from now we'll be doing that story. >> one of them makes the coffee, one of them puts the milk in, they do all of it for you. >> that's how a revolution starts. >> i'm ready for that revolution. >> okay. guys, obviously so much weather -- want to show in the next couple hours some of the pictures out of mexico. because yesterday morning we weren't seeing it yet. took awhile to get in to where the hurricane made landfall and there's a lot of damage right in that area that we want to show this morning. now, what is left of that storm, meeting up with the other storm that we've been dealing with. you see all this rain continuing to be funneled in across parts of eastern texas. now into louisiana. and arkansas. and it's been such a slow-moving storm that we're going to continue to see this for a number of days. and the flooding concerns are going to begin to move out of texas, and at least the majority of texas, but still across
3:41 am
houston area, and then in towards the central gulf, get ready for a lot of rain here. in fact some of these rainfall totals are going to be extreme here. take a look at this. parts of louisiana, still maybe another 6 to 8 inches of rain. and we potentially across areas of southern mississippi and alabama and the panhandle of florida, might be a couple spots there, eight to ten inches of rain and that's going to cause some flooding over the next couple of days. want to show you one last thing, cooler air coming in behind all of the system. overnight we have some freeze watches in effect across parts of the southern plains. so, behind all of this fall kind of comes in for a lot of people. >> sorry about that. >> some might be happy. >> i love fall. >> yeah, pumpkin space latte. >> all right, thanks, rick. a teen charged with assault for throwing a baby carrot at a teacher. does the punishment fit the crime? we debate it next. >> and do you wish there was a way to change your dreams? while you're still sleeping?
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and lung cancer have been reported. tell your doctor if you're prone to or have any infection like an open sore, the flu, or a history of copd, a chronic lung disease. orencia may worsen your copd. if you're not getting the relief you need... ask your doctor about orencia. orencia. see your ra in a different way. well you probably heard everything but assault by baby carrot? a virginia teen facing assault and battery charges for throwing a baby carrot at a teacher. 14-year-old alia may said she threw it in the hallway as a joke. after the snack sized vegetable hit the teacher in the forehead, school officials claimed the two inch carrot was used as a weapon. should the 14-year-old really be charged with a crime? here to debate is defense attorney david schwartz and former prosecutor david boone. thank you very much. >> good morning. >> all right so baby carrot in the hallway.
3:46 am
your take? is this assault? >> it is. it technically does fit the definition. this is a juvenile allegation. this is not the crime of the century. but it is set up where, when you throw something at a teacher, when you intend to cause injury, it fits the definition of assault. we're not going to be hitting sledge hammers here. there's going to be programs and other options, but yes, it should be prosecuted. >> is this an instance of sort of zero tolerance gone too far? i mean, really a carrot as a weapon? >> i don't know where we've gone in society here but schools should be able to govern themselves. there's an administrative remedy here. not everything is a police matter. everything has become a police matter in society. this is a school -- this is a child needs to be disciplined, needs to be suspended. but certainly not charged with assault by the state. >> why was it brought to the police, do you believe? >> well, deterrence. we certainly can't have this happening in schools -- >> couldn't the school deter it?
3:47 am
a principal? >> you know, it's being handled with the school, as well. but certainly there's a juvenile system set up for rehabilitation. and you see this individual needs some counseling. yeah, it's appropriate. >> it's appropriate? baby carrot, appropriate criminal charge is assault? we already have an overcrowded criminal justice system. now we're going to take resources for the baby carrot case? no it's ridiculous. the school should handle it and that's it. >> we have another story i want to ask you two gentlemen about. we have a teacher in utah, she's under fire right now for building -- for posting bod by building bikini shots on facebook. should there be a limit on what you can post online without employer punishment? for the school there was significant back lash as students and parents reported the photos were up. but a teacher had posted these as a body builder. we have photos up on the screen, that some thought were inappropriate. should the school be taking action in this case? >> no, they shouldn't. generally speaking, if it's not
3:48 am
employment, a school situation, where there's a collective bargaining agreement. but specifically here, there's a contract that's at play and she has rights. she hasn't committed a crime and there's no reason to terminate her. >> it all depends on the community in which you live. i'm a product of the new york city school system. it wouldn't be offensive here. but in utah it may be offensive to that community and you have to protect the other teachers, you have to protect the students. you have to protect the parents in this world. and certainly, there should be some sort of discipline if it's an offensive act to the community. >> both of you as lawyers, we see more and more of this, schools and blurred lines, online postings, things like that? briefly. >> yeah, but listen for teachers, we're talking about teachers, and because there's a contract here, if they're not committing a crime, there should be no reason to seek discipline. >> just on that, there's too much protection for teachers. you know, if you're just an employee somewhere else, you could be fired for something like that. but we have all these protections for teachers. >> sure. >> because it's another -- >> a lot of sensitivities with kids and others on subjects.
3:49 am
she ended up keeping her job. gentlemen, thanks a lot for being here. up next, could jeb bush be getting ready to drop out of the race? the meeting he's holding today that could determine his campaign's future. did you know you can control your dreams while you sleep? we'll show you how and when when we kick off our series, next.
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
good morning. ever wish you could change what you're dreaming about while you're still asleep?
3:53 am
yes, that was bizarre. do not be alarmed. it was a dream sequence from a movie of some kind. do you have dreams like that? if you do, you can turn them off like a television set. here to tell us how and kick off sleep week, the sleep expert, dr. michael bruce. doctor, great to see you this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> let's say i dream about german shepherds like the woman in the video we just showed. how can i turn that off? >> well, when we talk about dreams and sort of the themes that go on in dreams, usually it has to do with whatever you were thinking about earlier in that day or sometimes maybe a couple of days before. dreaming turns out that it's sort of acog any tiff processing of information because during
3:54 am
r.e.m. sleep we remove thichx to our long-term memory. we want to turn off a topic or a dream. the best thing to do is think about it while you're awake and process through it and kind of get through it. >> let's jump into it. how do you do this? it's elusive dreaming. how does one recall it and be cognizant of it? >> if you want to become a lucid dreamer and recognize you're inside a dream state and you can do things like fly like superman or hang out with a super model or something like that, there's a couple ways to do it. the first thing is constantly be recognizing your own reality. during the daytime, looking down at your watch quite frequently, looking at the time, because when you look at your watch during a dream, time stands still. when you were looking at the sky, you'll see that there's a change in light. more light at noon and kind of when it hits dusk and evening. during a dream sequence, that actually doesn't happen. usually it's one form of light.
3:55 am
noticing your surroundings is number one. being consistent with that. there's also some evidence to show that if you -- this sounds a little bit interesting. you place an x across your -- one of our hands, the back of your hand and look down at it throughout the day. when you look down at it and don't see an x, you're dreaming. that's how you know you're inside that dream. there are some people who actually developed the skill set to change things around. >> doctor, honestly, who has time to do this? >> there are a lot of people interested and into lucid dreaming. there are entire websites dedicated to that. i have some patients, i'm a practicing sleep specialist. i have some patients, for example, if they have nightmares that are daunting and disruptive and disturbing to them can use this tech peek. >> or maybe someone ptsd and
3:56 am
having horrible nightmares and tremors. >> you say to keep a dream journal. is it important to keep it right there by your bed? >> it is. the second thing you wake up, pour out everything in your head. some use a voice recorder. if you keep a dream journal, you start to remember your dreams and you may or may not want to consistently remember everything that you're dreaming about. >> no. >> or think about yourself that much. this could be a problem. dr. michael bruce, great to see you this morning. >> absolutely. thanks. thanks for being here. this is the seventh high schooler or he is the seventh high schooler to die from a football-related injury this year. is the game getting too dangerous for our youth? we'll debate it. university of kentucky tells a distillery they can't use the word kentucky in their name. the owner of that distillery joins us next.
3:57 am
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that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? hi everyone. good morning. it's sunday, the 25th of october, 2015. i'm anna kooiman. it's a fox news alert. homecoming. >> we've got a car in crowd up here. i need help. >> an alleged drunk driver carbs into a crowd at the oklahoma state parade. four people are dead, dozens injured. we're learning more about the victims and the woman behind the wheel. in just moments, the captain of the stillwater police department joins us live. a man donald trump goes after ben carson for having no energy. so what did the doctor have to say in response? >> not even worthy of getting into that. >> they say i'm low energy. i can't be bothered to respond. we'll bring you the latest from
4:01 am
that campaign and fight. this might be the most epic ad ever. >> someone just called me. >> this is the texas law hawk. he's grabbing headlines and he's flying into "fox and friends." >> this is new york city and mornings are better with "fox and friends." now, right to that fox news alert. a homecoming. >> four dead and 44 injured. a car plows through a crowd that are enjoying the oklahoma state homecoming parade. >> i need a bunch of help. we got a car up in the crowd up here. we need extra help. >> police arresting 25-year-old chambers for dui after they
4:02 am
stopped her sedan after she hopped the curb and slammed into scores of people. >> among those who died, 65-year-olds marvin and bonnie stone, an mba student and a 2-year-old nash lucas who died later at a hospital. the football game, the players knelt in prayer right before kickoff. >> we want to bring in captain kyle gibbs from the stillwater police department with more imt what can you tell us about the driver in this tragedy? >> it's a 25-year-old stillwater woman that's really all we know about her at this point. she was arrested for dui at the scene and the investigation continues. >> what do we know about her record, if any? >> no record. we're doing a preliminary look. there's nothing in her past that we have found at this point to indicate this kind of behavior.
4:03 am
>> captain gibbs, a terrible tragedy. you don't just run into crowds of people. did she -- is there any sense of how this -- i mean, was she so intoxicated couldn't see a crowd. has she said anything at this point? >> no, she has not at this poin representation. she's made no statements to indicate why, why this occurred, why she did this. >> you say she's charged with dui. is that alcohol who drugs and is that the only thing she's charged with so far? >> yes. it is the only charge at this point. although there will be a discussion with the district attorney's office about additional charges. that's typical in cases involving a dui arrest and a fatality accident. there will be some discussion about further charges. >> captain gibbs, you say this is the first time this has happened in the 29 years you've been there. especially when you hear that the youngest victim, a 2-year-old. it's hard to wrap your mind around. what about the other 44 victims,
4:04 am
do you know anything about them, how they're doing? >> well, there are an additional 47 victims. i know 17 of them are still in the hospital. 5 of those are still in critical condition. the others are in good to stable condition. then all of the remainder of the victims, 30 of them, were treated and released yesterday here at stillwater medical center. >> captain, as far as the scene itself, did she drive through barricades? i presume there was barricades on the side of this where it was roped off. >> yes, there was. there were barricades on main street. she drove southbound around or through those barricades. she actually hit -- there was a crowd of people standing across main street watching the parade. she hit several of those people and then a parked police motorcycle and went across the intersection and hit additional people standing on the southwest
4:05 am
curb. >> wow. give us perspective of the distance involved. how far did her car travel hitting people and objects before it stopped? >> well, that intersection, the roadway is probably about 60 or 65 feet wide. so from the time -- from the point of first impact until she came to rest, i'm going to estimate probably 75 feet. >> okay. finally, before we go, we want to hear how the community is doing. we heard that oklahoma state football players took to the field and took a knee and were all in a circle praying together. how is the community reacting? how are they doing? >> well, i think we're all just kind of dumb struck by the whole thing. in 29 years of working here, i've never seen anything of this magnitude. we're a community of about 49,000 permanent residents and an additional 20,000 students throughout the school year. it's just -- it's unimaginable. when i first heard the news this morning, you didn't want to
4:06 am
believe it. >> captain gibbs, your department, the community, the university, stillwater, oklahoma, certainly in our thoughts and prayers this morning. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. i appreciate that very much. >> what a tough story that is. now an extreme weather alert. the remnants of hurricane patricia in southeast texas overnight. the video shows the strong winds and rough surf near galveston island. a small tornado near houston. left behind mangled metal. fortunate fortunately, no one was hurt. >> more rain to fall. sparking more flooding. our meteorologist has been working overtime following in. what can we expect today? >> we want to go back to the storminess. been a lot of headlines about the storm was overhyped. you see that happen when they come ashore because there weren't any fatalities. one of the reasons there are fewer fatalities is because we're talking about it. >> right. >> people are getting out of
4:07 am
tarm harm's way. this was an interesting storm when it came on shore, because we knew it would come on shore near the puerto vallarta, manzanillo area. it threaded the needle there. thankfully it did because there's not a ton of population where this happened. it's about 110 miles between the two cities which isn't that big. it was a small intense hurricane. it was so strong, but it was very, very small and fled tl he hadded the needle. >> this is out of a small population area. but it's also very difficult to get to. you're getting some of these images now that finally we're beginning to see. very scary, we'll see more of these today. the remnants won't be as bad today. it's focused more on louisiana. maybe 8 to 10 inches. causing problems. >> that will do it. on to other stories making headlines this sunday now.
4:08 am
deputies are injured and a suspect dead after a domestic disturbance call turns into a shootout. it was in talking rock, georgia, 70 miles north of atlanta. as soon as they got to the scene, a suspect started shooting forcing deputies to fire back and kill him. both officers are expected to recover from their injuries. now back to the united auto workers threatening general motors. the strike at midnight tonight. no agreement -- if no agreement is met. both sides are still negotiating a four-year contract. if approved, the raises will cost gm $2 billion. the company has stressed it wants to keep labor costs competitive with plants in foreign countries. republican presidential candidate jeb bush is expected to attend a meeting and his family and his donors to look at his campaign's future as he slashes campaign spending. the meeting just a day after a town hall in south carolina. >> i got a lot of really cool things that i could do other
4:09 am
than sit around being miserable listening to people demonize me and me feeling compelled to demonize them. that is a joke. elect trump if you want that. >> the former florida governor has been under pressure from supporters to revamp his campaign. he's been struggling to break out in the polls. those are your news headlines. from the political world, another war of words between donald trump and ben carson. it's pretty unbelievable. we're going to let the sound bite tell the story. first up, this is donald trump expressing amazement that dr. ben carson has surpassed him in the polls in the state of iowa. watch. >> by the way, carson is -- i don't understand the whole deal. i don't know what's going on. carson is lower energy than bush. i don't understand what's going on. for the first time in 100 days i had a poll that said i'm in second place in iowa. >> what's going on?
4:10 am
ben carson was asked that question during an interview and here's his response. >> you know, everybody has their own personality. if he'd like to do that, that's fine. that's not who i am. and i don't get into the mud pit. i'm not going to be talking about people. i will tell you in terms of energy, i'm not sure that there's anybody else running who has spent 18 or 20 hours intently operating on somebody. >> there's no doubt that the energy level outwardly are different. the charisma, they don't both have charisma, they're very different types. i think what's great about ben carson, him saying he's not going to get into the mud. trump, they've had this truce between them where they weren't saying anything bad about each other. trump in an interview last month said i hope he does attack me. because any time they attack me, their poll numbers go down. you would think that the opposite would happen. >> you were talking about a
4:11 am
truce. that's exactly right. you know what happens when truces break up, when poll numbers change and there's new competition, new people. ben carson is surging in iowa. he's leading donald trump in that key state. the question is, what's behind that momentum, is there staying power and do people care how much energy he has? >> people have spent a lot of money backing trump in iowa. probably a lot other things going on. i love the exchange. it does highlight their very different personal styles. the trump saying he's low narj, what the heck is going on. carson responds with his eyes closed much he's so calm. it's okay. >> in talking to carson supporters, that's what they love about him. even-keeled pauses. doesn't allow anyone else to drive the conversation. >> i agree. i like them both to be totally honest. i'm not taking sides. they're so different. >> political outsiders, it appears that's what's resonating with republicans and voters.
4:12 am
pastor there of a big mega church, we asked him about getting the evangelical vote and what's going on with trump and carson. >> this is a part of a back and forth you're going to continue to see. trump and carson remain tied for the evangelical vote. here's what's going on. each candidate, carson and trump, represents one half of the equation of what evangelicals are looking for. a strong leader and a committed christian. >> you know, candidates are looking for wedge issues. if i'm ben carson, whether looking for it or not, he speaks the language of evangelicals and donald trump does not. he probably likes that terrain. >> one thing that pastor brought up is when trump says if i am elected president, if we have a president trump, we're going to bring back married christmas. it resonates with them. you may not be just like that. you do like that. you stand for something. big things.
4:13 am
>> you're fighting political correctness. >> it's a threat to minority groups like evangelical christians. i would say to both of them, i don't think it's calculated. i think they're instinct players. i think trump and carson both go with their gut. i don't think they're planning this out with advisers. i don't think they have any advisers. >> you're right. >> you know who should go with their gut is james bond. after the break, you can look but you can't touch. they'll be wearing tuxedoes making james bond cocktails in a bit. >> always wanted to do that. are you kidding me? >> in about 15 minutes. >> how do you spell ludicrous. >> the high schooler, he's the seventh to die from a football-related injury this year. is the game getting too dangerous for your kids to play? that debate coming up. after a cross-country runner wins his race and goes back to help another runner near the finish line. but instead of being praised, he was disqualified. we'll tell you about this coming up.
4:14 am
boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family. one day, it started to rain and rain. water got inside and ruined everybody's everythings. the house thought she let the family down. but the family just didn't think a flood could ever happen. the reality is, floods do happen. protect what matters. get flood insurance. call the number on your screen to learn more.
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4:17 am
well, another high school is in mourning the death of a student athlete. 17-year-old andre smith from chicago collapsed after the final play of a football game on thursday night. the autopsy blames head injuries. his death is the seventh high school football death this year. many parents and others are asking, is football safe to play? certainly fathers and others and mothers looking at their kids. we've got a couple of guests to talk about it this morning. sports medicine specialist and dr. ron ni and youth sports coach joining us to discuss. if we can get your take. is there something different with equipment now or the way the game is being approached
4:18 am
that is affecting these -- is there an anomaly here? >> there may not be an anomaly. there's always been little groups of a couple years where there have been increased incidents. but certainly, there is a lot more early participation in these high-impact sports. you'll see even on tv there's these teams of 5-year-old that is are really being pushed very hard and getting more impact into their heads earlier on. >> so as a coach, too early, too hard, too soon is that what this is? statistically, it's not that much higher today than it has been in years past as far as head injuries. >> i think with sports a lot of what we see now is a lot of kid and parents specializing in certain sports. we see a lot of arm injuries with baseball players at young ages. that's because if that's your kid's sport, they might be playing baseball in the winter, fall, spring and summer. >> we still have that.
4:19 am
but more people specializing with the dream of getting scholarship. >> we have to protect our kids first. >> helmet technology, sometimes the football players feel that's the saving grace for them. has it actually improved, the effects of concussions and head injuries or is it making the problem worse. >> not yet. certainly the nfl is doing the right thing. funding research to try to come up with better helmets that protect you. the problem is, is when you feel more protected sometimes, you're more likely to hit with your head. they've been teaching kids for the last decade to tackle more properly to reduce the injuries. if you feel like you have protection, you may actually hurt yourself more. >> coach kerr stein, it's difficult to say they're not from head injuries. they're cardiovascular-related. let me channel one side of the spectrum here. every death is tragic.
4:20 am
is this the -- should we stop playing football? >> we shouldn't stop playing football. the majority of deaths are from sudden cardiac arrest, not head injuries. there's about 12 deaths per year as a result of sudden cardiac arrest. that's not an epidemic because the likelihood of dying on the field from sudden cardiac arrest is similar to being struck by lightning. we don't want to create this crazy mind-set for people. >> absolutely. coach, doctor, thank you for your perspectives. we want kids to be save. it's a rough and tumble sport. >> coming up, an incredible first-person look at the moment u.s. special forces freed dozens of hostages. we'll take you inside that daring raid, ahead. trouble brewing in the bluegrass state. the university of kentucky telling a distillery they can't use the word kentucky in their name.
4:21 am
do they own the case? we're joined next with more on that. when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction,
4:22 am
stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use. insurance coverage has expanded nationally and you may now be covered. contact your health plan for the latest information.
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4:24 am
hey everybody. let's get up and moving and grooving. time for your news by the numbers. 40,000. that's how many people are expect today run the 48th annual marine corps marathon beginning in less than an hour. runners range in age from 14 to 82 and are from all 50 states and 59 countries. next, $32,000. that's how much this photograph sold for at an auction. it's believed to be a picture of the iceberg that hit the titanic in 1912.
4:25 am
tucker? >> thanks, anna. well, good morning. trouble brewing in kentucky. a small distillery is called kentuckiness moonshine could be sued by the university of kentucky which owns the trademark of the word kentucky as in the commonwealth of kentucky which is an actual state in this country. the university is demanding the distillery stop selling merchandise that includes the state's name. it could be mistaken for an affiliation with the university. here to react negatively the co-owner of kentuckiness moonshine. did i just misstate that? does the university of kentucky claim by implication anyway that they have control of the word kentucky? >> yeah. it was in the letter we got. they owned the word kentucky. you know, it's trademarked by them. it was. it's in a copy showing that the trademark had been issued to them. i'm not supposed to do anything to use that word.
4:26 am
>> like a lot of us, i've used that word a lot in my life. do i owe them royalties it. >> i don't know. if you put it on your shirt, looks like you do, i guess. or so they say now. >> can you do that? why wouldn't i just copyright a prep sigs for example and collect massive fees from everybody who speaks english. can you so copyright a state name? >> they've got it trademarked right now. just like the way we're using it, we're using it as kentucky mist moonshine and it's geographical location. that's how we're using it right now. how can they stop me? i live there. i was important and raised there. how can i not use the word kentucky? nobody would be more entitled to it than me. >> everything you say makes complete sense. is there anything you're leaving out? do you have the school logo on
4:27 am
your booze bottles? are you using their motto, for example? do you have a picture of the university on your product? >> nothing. i have a shared owned, how our logo looks. -- i have a shirt on. how our logo looks. nothing is similar to the university. i don't think they're saying that it's anything that's similar to the university. it's a matter of the fact that i'm writing kentucky on the hats and the shirts and stuff that we're selling in the gift shop. >> i don't want to be presume shus and give you advice. have you sent them a case of the stuff? >> maybe if they had a case -- >> right. >> might calm them down a little bit. >> exactly. >> maybe my attorney will give them -- >> don't overlook the obvious here. if you delivered a pallet of that stuff to university hall, maybe your legal case might go a little faster, if you know what i mean. >> i can't make money giving the stuff away. >> let's talk off air.
4:28 am
>> thanks for joining us this morning. >> all right. >> appreciate it. just the most epic ad ever. >> the texas law hawk. challenge of justice. due process! do wheelies. it's hot out here. >> would you hire that man as your lawyer? of course you would. he's a texas law hawk. he joins us live just ahead. then, do you know what 007 likes to drink?
4:29 am
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hi friends. we're back with extreme weather alert. the remnants of patricia on the move packing strong winds and torrential rain. southeast texas already hit with major flooding could see an additional 12 inches of rain today following storms this week. our dan springer is live in houston with more. dan, what can you tell us? what's it looking like this morning? >> reporter: i tell you, anna, i'm standing in the middle of a major road that goes through downtown houston. memorial drive. it's a four-lane road. i'm in about 4 inches of rainwater. look what drivers are facing as
4:33 am
you push through past me, you can see two cars there that got caught. all of a sudden you're driving along and you're in four feet of water. this is what happened last night as this rain came down heavy. the remnants of hurricane patricia. now a tropical depression. but it dropped up to 9 inches of rain in houston flooding many roads and highways and off ramps and you see cars stranded all over the place. dozens of accidents. the houston fire department told me they responded to 28 calls for rescues over the last 24 hours. a lot of motorists just driving along, minding their own business thinking they were okay and all of a sudden they were in the road turning into a lake. listen to this guy. >> i knew it was raining. i didn't know there was water under there. didn't see it until i hit it. i stood this and watched my car slowly disappear. need a snorkel to get to my car. >> reporter: he's taking a pretty good attitude about this. a lot of people are affected by
4:34 am
storms all over the state of texas. another area of texas had a touchdown of a tornado. we also know there was severe flooding in the dallas area. a river crested its banks and pushed right into a freight train and knocked it over yesterday. no injuries or deaths here in houston. that's the good news. we do know of one person who is missing. he was walking his dog. he was in san antonio. one person missing there. the bulk of the rain has come through here already. the biggest rain actually skirted to the south and the east of this area. so they dodged a bullet. but at lot of rain still coming down and a lot of flooding here in downtown houston. >> anna. >> thank you so much, dan. had so much flooding in may too. deadly there and oklahoma as well. thank you for your time. stay safe out there. 36 minutes after the hour. other stories making headlines. other weapons are seized from one man's south carolina home.
4:35 am
>> there's like 150 chainsaws. probably 250 to 300 taxidermy mounts. somewhere between 7,000 and 10,000 stolen weapons. >> the raid began as part of an ongoing investigation involving multiple agencies. police believe property owner brett nicholson didn't steal all the guns. instead, other people stole them for him. he's been charged with possession of stolen property. for all the things about standardized testing, don't worry. relief is on the way. president obama wanting to limit testing to 2% of class time. kids take too many unnecessary exams. the administration hasn't released specific tests that should be continued or scrapped leaving that decision up to the districts. a high school cross-country runner is disqualified for helping a competitor after he had already won the race. right after finishing first during a district race in iowa.
4:36 am
zack -- he tea sided to help an opponent who fell before the finish line. he was disqualified because rules state runners can't help anyone finish the race. he will still be able to compete for state with his teammates because the school still qualified as a whole. his request for birthdays, christmases, they can be pretty lavish, right? >> what do you want for christmas? >> the bowflex. $1,000 in 50 dollar fresh printed bills. >> glad that wasn't my house. some kids in new york getting more expensive gifts. for getting good grades. the new york post reporting some school kids on long island receiving luxury items like christian lube ton shoes for doing what they're supposed to do. one was getting a week --
4:37 am
>> let me know what you think. hit us up on facebook and twitter. this is the moment i've been waiting for all morning. gentlemen, take it away in tuxedoes. >> thank you. >> if there's one thing we know about james bond, he likes to drink a lot, martinis. >> medium dry martini, lemon peel, shaken not stirred. >> vodka? >> of course. >> shaken, not stirred. >> shaken, not stirred. >> dry martini. >> oui, me schurr. >> a thin slice of lemon peel. >> sure. >> every man wishes they could pull that off. you can. including us. here to show us how to try and recreate some of 007s favorites. bartender brent. >> thank you for having me. >> we're happy you're here. >> the most amazing thing about what's to happen, tucker calls
4:38 am
and made his name -- it made you famous. buy the bow ties. i had assistance this morning. clip-ones. >> you have alcohol to ease the pain. >> i have alcohol to ease the pain. i have the greatest vodka in the world. the first drink, mr. bond referenced before we came on. this is the best for martinis. it came from the movie casino royale. made with a vodka, gin and blank shaken not stirred and twist of lemon on top. >> one shake? >> oh, no. you got to get into it. >> it's an effort. >> bond was almost never sober for any of this stuff. >> the funny thing, if you read the novels by ian fleming, he drank everything. it wasn't just vodka. in the movies they did a good job for a guy like me who works in vodka. we have his immediate yaum dry martini we reimagined with gold flakes for goldfinger.
4:39 am
>> this is a 3-ounce pour. >> three shots in there? >> yeah. >> depending what bar you go to. >> this is a man who knew how to be efficient. that's half a six pack worth of alcohol. >> about. >> how does he run on top of trains over bridges while he's plastered? >> usually imbibes towards the slower parts of the film, with a lady over dinner or playing cards. >> but the hangovers. >> when you drink elite, you're okay. >> the next one from russia with love. i created as an ode to the females, the bond girls. this is a take -- elite again by stole i. a simple syrup and topped rose sparkling wine. this is from russia originally. >> we say -- >> i call it stolish nigh i can't. what do i know? >> tucker, keep buying.
4:40 am
we don't care. >> the last drink i need help with. can you help me out? >> this is from down the street at the russian tea room. it's going to be called the money penny. for james bond's secretary. it's about two parts vodka. >> you don't need to use the measurer. >> that's good. >> do me a solid. >> one more over there. >> parties are good at my place. >> couple of dashes of aromatic bitters. >> bitters. >> about one part of benedictine. it's a french herbal liqueur on top of -- >> spirit on top of it. >> little ice. >> couple cubes, right? >> then the money penny right here on top. >> i love it. >> money penny. >> it's 5:00. >> is it 5:00.
4:41 am
>> thanks for the tuxedoes. thank brept for the booze and for the style and the spirit i've infused in in program. >> gentlemen, you are looking snazzy. i like it. 19 minutes before the top of the hour. here's what's coming up. the video is unbelievable. u.s. special forces raiding an isis stronghold and freeing dozens of hostages in a daring raid. more of the dramatic rescue, next. plus, it's a fight for faith on the gridiron. a high school footballer points to the sky after the touchdown and gets penalized. jonathan moore is up next with why religion is under attack.
4:42 am
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we have a fox news alert. brand new footage showing the moments joint u.s. and kurdish forces raided an isis prison in iraq freeing dozens of hostages. it's the same raid that killed decorated special ops master sergeant josh wheeler. we're live in washington, d.c. with more. good morning, garrett. >> good morning, anna. this raid saved the lives of around 70 hostages who were facing imminent mass execution according to the defense department. that's when dozens of u.s. special operation troops and kurdish forces raided the compound. in in new helmet cam video from the operation, you can see the isis flag on the wall. soldiers worked their way through the building. you can hear the constant gunfire. >> you can see the stream of prisoners fleeing for their lives, escaping graves that had
4:46 am
already been dug by the terrorist group preparing to film the mass execution for another propaganda video. the defense department tells us a number of terrorists were killed in the raid. five were captured and u.s. forces recovered important intelligence about isis. master sergeant joshua wheeler was shot by isis forces and later died becoming the first american to die in combat since the u.s. launched the campaign against the islamic state a year ago. defense secretary ash carter along with wheeler's family skeefd the body yesterday and it was called a dignified transfer. garrett, live in washington, d.c., thank you so much. 46 minutes after the hour. a high school football player runs 73 yard for a touchdown. you got to watch this video. he crosses the kboel ligoal lin points a finger to the sky. within seconds a referee tosses a penalty flag. he ex plapd to us what he was
4:47 am
trying to do when he talked to us on thursday. >> pointing up to god is kind of -- i guess it's an international signal of giving praise to jesus. that's all i was trying to do. >> guess what happened? he ended up being cited for unsportsmanlike conduct. he did the same thing in this weekend's game and not flagged. the question becomes, when does it stop being okay to show simple signs of faith? religion contributor father john monday morris joins us now. he said he was acting in a manner celebrating excessively or taunting the other team or at least that's what he could have violated in the rule book. penalized 15 yards, the team goes on to lose the game. was there anything wrong with him going like this? it lasted a second. >> those rules are good ones. he shouldn't be taunting other players or excessive celebration. that's about being a good sport. those should be protected. this was a major mistake by the
4:48 am
referee, like he didn't understand it, trying to think best of him or else it was eye dealing, trying to push something that isn't rational. clearly, this was not taunting and that's not excessive celebration. we've seen both of those before. >> to me taunting is getting up in the face of the other players on the opposite team and saying look what i did, you can't touch -- saying something like that. >> he points to this guy and acting in a humble fashion. the other question, is christianity under attack? when teams want to put a cross on a helmet or a teammate that maybe has passed away or a coach that wants to pray with the team ahead of the game and they're not allowed to anymore. is christianity under attack? >> of course, it is. the good news for all of this, and this is what we can do. sometimes we watch the news and gosh, all this bad news. what can i do? here's what you can do. you live in the united states of america with the greatest judicial system in the world. we can take these particular cases in local areas and win them because this does not go
4:49 am
against our constitution or our founding documents. in this case the referee association needs to come out and say we made a mistake or the head of the referee association needs to say, our guy made a mistake and he did it for this reason or for that reason. but it doesn't matter why. what this football did was not only acceptable, it's the type of sportsman like conduct that we want for our kids and for adults. >> so often when i do these interviews and i ask in this case dant a and his father, but in other situations, was your faith strengthened or weakened after this. every time they say they come out of it stronger. >> every one of these cases is an opportunity for us as a country and locally to make sure that we don't let the name and the voice of god be wiped off from the face of the earth. some people would like to do it. i don't know if this referee was doing it. but he should just come out and say i made a mistake. >> thank you, father jonathan
4:50 am
moore. this is no joke. comedian whoopi goldberg's tour bus goes up in flames. what on earth happened? >> the texas law hawk and he's the man with the most epic ads ever. your buddy ron is always
4:51 am
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4:53 am
the texas law hawk! challenge of justice! due process?
4:54 am
>> and you thought you didn't like lawyers. i bet you do now. a man who has done more for the legal profession than anyone in the history of jurisprudence. he's the internet's favorite lawyer and ours, too. >> joining us from dallas is the texas law hawk himself, brian wilson. law hawk, thanks for being here. >> how are y'all doing? >> due process? do wheelies. did you hurt yourself in the making of any of these videos? >> did i what? >> did you hurt yourself? >> oh, hurt -- oh, a lot. i do all my own stunts, and there's a lot of falls that happen, especially learning how to wheelie that tiny little motorcycle. yeah, there's plenty of falls that happen. >> the best thing is you could represent yourself if there's someone responsible for that. how did you come up with the persona texas law hawk? how and when?
4:55 am
>> i happened in my mock trial my first year of law school, we had a mock trial competition, we were a little overtired and we thought let's come up with power animals. someone said legal eagle and didn't roll off the tongue the way i liked it and i replied with law hawk, and that's kind of where it went from there, and it kind of spread around and was my nickname in law school and since then i opened up my own firm and i said i'm going to keep using this as a plan. >> so two questions, first, how is business? and second, do you assume this posture in court? >> so business is doing very well. i have got more calls, e-mails, phone calls, text messages. so many that it actually broke my phone. i had to go to the store to have it fixed after my first interview. as soon as i sort through that, i think business is going to be pretty okay. and, yeah, do i assume this
4:56 am
persona in court? no. unless i need to. if somebody is really -- i mean, if i have to channel that anger, but i'm just real in court. if i do get that angry at a police officer, i'm going to let him know and i'll be that way, but for the most part i'm very respectful of the court, of judges, of prosecutors until i have to get that way. >> well, sometimes you just have to find a way to stand out. you were mowing lawns working your way through law school and you found a way to stand out. we have to see you do it one more time. >> brian wilson, the texas law hawk! >> the talons of justice right there. >> fantastic. if i'm in texas and i'm in trouble, you're the call i'm making. >> thank you. i hope you never need me, but if you do, i'm there. >> thanks, brian. well, speaking of trouble, unfortunately, veterans have died waiting for care at va
4:57 am
hospitals but hillary clinton says it's no big deal. >> there has been real scandal. >> there has been but it's not been as widespread as it has been made out to be. >> wait until you hear who she blames for the va scandal. if you're running a business, legalzoom has your back. over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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hi, friends. good morning. today is sunday the 25th of october, 2015. i'm anna kooiman and a fox news alert. mayhem at a homecoming parade. >> we have a car in this crowd up here. >> four people dead and dozens more injured after an erratic car plows through the crowd at the oklahoma state parade. the breaking details about the woman behind the wheel. an extreme weather alert. overnight remnants of hurricane patricia moved into this country sparking more flooding. this is a live look at two cars under water in the city of houston. we'll have live team coverage for you throughout the hour. and we know veterans have dade waiting for care at va
5:01 am
hospitals but hillary clinton says it's no dbig deal. >> there has been real scandal. >> there has been but it has not been as widespread as it's been made out to be. >> wait until you hear who she blames. we have the boy scouts in studio. mornings are better with them and they're better with "friends." ♪ i'm a soul man >> boy scouts getting buzz cuts all for a great cause. we'll tell you why later this hour. come on in and welcome into "fox and friends." >> buzz cuts means thousand of dollars for vets and free haircuts with our military with the you can thank a veteran promotion. >> as a veteran, it's great to see you. >> get your hair cut over there? >> i need one. i'm way out of crazy. >> literally i spit on you and called you a hippie this morning.
5:02 am
>> all right. we've got a fox news alert for you off the top. four people were killed, 47 injured after a car plowed through a crowd enjoying the oklahoma state university homecoming parade yesterday. >> we need a bunch of help. we have a car in the crowd up here. going to need extra help. >> we're live in oklahoma with more on that driver and what the horrified onlookers saw. good morning, casey. >> reporter: homecoming weekends are absolutely huge on college campuses and osu no exception. 80,000 people come into town we're told by the alumni association for homecoming. yesterday's parade in stillwater, hundreds and hundreds of people lining the streets to cheer on their team, and then things took a tragic turn. look at the video coming out, just absolutely unbelievable.
5:03 am
the horrific pictures. 10:30 local time, 11:30 eastern, police say 25-year-old adacia chambers drove her car into an unmanned police motorcycle before slamming into a crowd of people. at least seven in critical condition, nine in serious, three adults died at the scene and then a 2-year-old little boy later died at an area hospital. cops say chambers is under arrest for driving under the influence but they will not elaborate. kalin works for the student newspap newspaper. your thoughts on this terrible tragedy? >> i'm still shocked. yesterday, you know, working for the student newspaper, i was gathering news and everything, and i'm still taking time to process everything that happened. you know, osu homecoming is coined as america's greatest homecoming celebration, and to
5:04 am
have something happen like this at an event with over 100,000 people, you can't even articulate how sad it is. >> you weren't actually at the parade so you did not physically see the accident but you were at the police news conference shortly thereafter. when they say she was driving under the influence, did they elaborate anymore on that? was she drunk? was she using drugs? do we have any idea? >> they did not. all they said was that she was arrested on the charge of driving under the influence. >> how will the student body rally? obviously the game went on yesterday. there was talk of it being canceled. they still played kansas and beat them, kicked their butts really. how will the student body come together to get through this? >> oklahoma state has, unfortunately, been through this before with a couple of plane crashes, and last night i actually attended a student-led vigil. about 100 students gathered on the library lawn just to remember those lives lost and those who are still fighting for
5:05 am
their lives, and i think that i'm so proud to be an osu student. what i have seen, oklahoma as a state we come together. there's been talk about the oklahoma standard and how much oklahoma has come together during tragedy. osu is going to rally and our community and our students, we're going to be there for each other. >> kealynn, our thoughts and prayers with you and the rest of the students and those still fighting for their lives. thank you for joining us. this is a developing story, one that we're on top of, and we'll bring you updates throughout the day, guys. >> all right. thank you very much out there. obviously a tough situation. we're praying for everybody on the the ground and following it closely. we'll keep you updated. now to extreme weather alert, high winds and torrential rains slamming into the southeast today as the remnants of patricia move on. >> more flooding concerns in
5:06 am
parts of texas. the state already soaked with rain following days of storms. >> team coverage but we begin with chief meteorologist rick, but we start with dan springer object ground in houston, texas. dan? >> good morning, guys. i'm in the middle of a six-lane divided highway. it's memorial drive here in downtown houston, and i'm in about four inches of water but here is what the mout itorists been dealing with. you're in four inches of water and then all of a sudden you're in four feet of water as those cars down there can attest to. what's happening is all these cars are getting stuck. we have dozens of vehicles that have been stuck and they've been calling the fire department to get them safely out to dry ground. in fact, talked to the fire department, they said they've had 28 calls for rescues, one of them required them getting a boat to get to a car as people are driving down their streets and all of a sudden they're in the middle of a lake. downtown houston got nine inches
5:07 am
of rain over the last 24 hours. that's just too much for these streets to handle. it's been coming down about an inch an hour. now, people remember that massive flooding that happened on memorial day. that was worse because the flooding, the rain came down a lot harder. four inches of rain per hour. this was a more steady rain. we're at the back end of it right now, but it's still coming down and the water is still rising in parts. we're talking to the oem, the office of emergency management. they say the worst of the rain is behind us and the bayous have been receding. that's the good news. we've had no reports of any injuries or deaths. also good news. but we have one man who is missing. he was walking his dog in san antonio when he was pulled out by some floodwaters and was also in the dallas area there was a freight train that was knocked off the tracks by a river that crested its banks and knocked that train over. so all of texas is dealing with some form of these remnants of that hurricane patricia that
5:08 am
smacked into mexico over the weekend. back to you guys. >> thanks so much. it's a live report from houston, texas. rick is standing by to wrap it up for us. >> it's going to wind down today in houston and going to move to louisiana. we've talked so much texas, but it's also louisiana, it's also mississippi and alabama where they're going to get that rain. you can get a sense here of when the hurricane came onshore, how it gets absorbed to the southeastern u.s. by the other system we've been dealing with, and take a look at some more of the video coming in out of mexico, just to the south of puerto vallarta. gives you a sense of some of the damage done in that area. amazingly no fatalities, which is such great news. people heeded the warnings and coming onshore on a fairly unpopulated area which is great news. we're going continue to see this storm right here and these onshore winds. it's going to increase the rainfall totals across louisiana. we might be seeing maybe eight
5:09 am
inches, pretty widespread across louisiana. they have drought so they need the rain but it will cause flooding for them today. >> and probably prefer it over a longer period of time. >> over an inch here, an inch there. not eight inches in a day. >> good point. anyone who watches this show is pretty familiar with the scandals that have beset the veterans administration system over the past year or so, so you'd think most people would be aware of what's happened there. the shortcomings, they've been widely reported, but not everybody is. take a look at this exchange between hillary clinton, the front run on the democrat side and a host at another network, a fawning interview, but the va comes up. watch mrs. clinton's reaction. >> i don't understand why we have such a problem because there have been a number of surveys of veterans and overall veterans who do get treated or satisfied with their treatment. >> bmuch more so than people in the regular -- >> that's exactly right. nobody would believe that from the coverage you see and the constant berating of the va that
5:10 am
comes from the republicans in part in pursuit of this ideological agenda. >> but in part because there has been real scandal. >> there has but it hasn't been as widespread as it's been made out to be. >> "new york times" is giving numbers that the va has expanded access to care handling nearly 3 million more appointments than they have last year, and they say they're committed to helping 7 million, but we have numbers of 57,000 veterans that waited 90 days last year. pete, it's nice to have you on the couch this morning because you're the ceo of concerned veterans for america. what are you hearing. >> it's only gotten worse. the reporting widespread has been from "the new york times" and others, i know hillary clinton and the elites read "the new york times," they've reported wait times are up yet she still denies it and denies it because she's invested in this top down system that's been failing veteran. imagine if hillary clinton had to wait 90 days for an appointment. veterans are doing it every day and yet she says they like their care. 90% of veterans want reform,
5:11 am
accountability, they want choice. the fact she doesn't know that shows how detached she is from the world the vets live in. >> 90% of people in washington want more power so they want government programs to expand. why is it people are most enthusiastic about government programs are the ones who send their own kids to private school, who don't use the va hospital, who have their -- go to the mayo clinic, and they don't even drive their own cars like hillary clinton, but they're the most unwilling to see any flaws in the government system. it's just right wing noise, really? >> the va tells them they love what they get at the va. those are internal surveys. you ask veterans and we did earlier this morning and this is what we got. >> carey said i'm a veteran and the last time i tried to get an appointment it took over 90 days. it's been that way for a long time. and nancy, a widow of a veteran, there's wonderful va doctors and nurses who are in many cases bound by outdated policies.
5:12 am
jay rights, hillary has no clue what she's talking about. the system is broken. >> tucktucker, that's it. it's the system. there are wonderful people who work there who are stifled by the bureaucracy. >> it's such a matter of faith for them. there are great things that happen at the va but hillary clinton is unwilling to hear the other side. it's all a conspiracy. >> and just how slimy it was when they were cooking the books. they were taking screen grabs and using that as documentation and printing it out yet they were then putting in different times and the veterans were waiting for a long time and some waited to see a doctor and died in the process. >> and they've still seen only three people held accountable and a lot of them are in the appeal process. they see nothing changed and they're outraged but they see leaders who deny it. >> and i bet they all get their pension. how is your pension? private sector doesn't get pension. sorry, forgot. ben carson takes the lead in
5:13 am
two iowa polls. not everybody is impressed by this though. >> for the first time in 100 days, i had a poll that said i'm in second place in iowa. >> donald trump says he doesn't believe the polls, and who is this ben carson guy anyway? chris wallace youjoins us next weigh in. and check out this picture. how the heck did an alligator get struck in a storm drain? we'll find out next.
5:14 am
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5:16 am
by the way, carson, i don't
5:17 am
understand the whole dee. carson is lower energy than bush. i don't understand what's going on than bush. for first time in 100 days, i had a poll that said i'm in second place in iowa. jik confirm tucker is not low energy, near is anna. donald trump continuing to fire shots at carson as the doctor takes the lead in two iowa polls but the donald doesn't bleaelie it saying the polls are just wrong. >> joining us is chris wallace. thanks for being with us. >> thanks guys. >> normally we hear donald trump saying i'm ahead in this poll and this poll and this poll and acting like it's gospel but now they're wrong because he's in second place. what do you think? >> i think on the one hand as always he's entertaining. on the other hand, i think it's an interesting moment for him. not that this is a huge setback but the fact is he has fallen behind apparently in iowa, two very reputable polls show he's
5:18 am
trailing carson by eight or nine points and it seems to me that it's kind of an opportunity for trump to show how he can deal with adversity. it's what happens for every presidential candidate, for every president. ronald reagan ran and lost in 1976 and had a tough race in 1980 before he finally won, and i think one of the things you learn in a presidential campaign is how somebody deals when things are going well and when things are going not so well, and it will be interesting to see how donald trump does in that circumstance stabs. >> you have been around a long time. when you watch trump and carson speak, whether you like them or not, you get the sense they're not reading off a script, pretty much say wag they want to say. they're not channeling the ideas of their advisers. they seem pretty real. is that your impression? >> oh, absolutely, and i think that's one of the appeals of both of them. it's become a cliche now, but four months ago we didn't know this, it's become the year of the outsider, and one of the interesting things i think is whether you like them or not, when you listen to donald trump,
5:19 am
when you listen to ben carson, they speak as people not as politicians, and in a funny way, and i think you see this particularly in debates, when they're talking in the natural authentic way they are and then you hear one of the other officeholders talking like a politician does, i think the contrast particularly if you don't like politics and politicians as usual very much favors trump and carson. >> chris, are the campaigns, do folks think this is just an iowa thing with ben carson surging or do they see a larger trend in this race with him catching wind? >> well, we don't know. this was a surprise that carson -- he'd moved up and he was a steady second but this was a surprise this week when suddenly he passed trump. now, there are reasons to believe that iowa might look particularly favorably on carson because he's a social conservative and social conservatives make up a very big part, about 40%, 50% of the republican caucusgoers in iowa, so this would be a state that would favor him, but whether this now spreads to other
5:20 am
states, we'll have to wait and see. it's a very interesting development. >> chris, we always talk about it being this election for the outsiders. how long will they be able to keep this up? will it be through november of 2016 or will they, you know, fall the victim of the poll-tested lapel win? are they going to have too many aides and advisers coming in and saying you should do this, you should do this? >> you're asking me as if i know. anna, this is such uncharted water. i mean, you know, all of the kind of conventional understanding -- there's an article in the paper that george h.w. bush, the father of jeb bush, is saying he may have lived to long, he doesn't understand it. we'll be talking to ben carson live at the top of the hour so we'll ask him about these very interesting developments and donald trump filing back at him. >> we'll be watching. thanks, chris. check your local listings. 20 minutes after the hour. coming up, just days after a new york city police officer is
5:21 am
murdered in cold blood, protesters hit the streets again. this time chanting expletives at cops and giving them the finger, and the disrespect didn't end there. we have more coming up. boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family. one day, it started to rain and rain. water got inside and ruined everybody's everythings. the house thought she let the family down. but the family just didn't think a flood could ever happen.
5:22 am
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5:25 am
it's now happily living at an alligator farm. as they would say, what a croc. >> soon to be a briefcase. could simple saying thank you be the key to a happy marriage. simple showing your partner gratitude will significantly lower your risk of getting a divorce. so how can couples apply this newfound knowledge in, mark meryl president of family first is with us. good morning, mark. great to have you again. >> good morning. always good to be with you guys. thanks so much. >> we hear about having an attitude of gratitude just makes us a happier person all around, but it can actually help our marriage as well? explain this one? >> no question about it. words really are powerful. if you really think about it, the power of the tongue is so incredible that it's capable of discouraging or encouraging, hurting or healing, tearing down or building up. we need to always be continually asking are our words tearing
5:26 am
down or building up? we need to have that attitude of gratitude. i sit here and say to you thanks so much for having me on the air. i really appreciate it. i mean, that's just a word of encouragement. why can't we do the same thing at home. >> that's so true. grateful people are happy, entitled people are miserable. that's a life lesson but how do you apply it in marriage. give us examples of how you can teach yourself to be grateful and express it to your spouse. >> this is something i need to do more in my marriage, don't i, susan? we need to make sure we're showing the words of appreciation. honey, i appreciate so much. i appreciate what you do for our family. i appreciate what you do for our kids. i'm grateful that you're my wife. i'm grateful that you're my husband. those words can really breathe life into somebody and can really impact your marriage. i find in our relationship that sometimes we're nitpicking at each other and having a challenging time in our relationship, those seasons, and just those simple kind words
5:27 am
really can be transforming. >> i think you're absolutely right. gratitude is key. just briefly, what if words are not what your partner relates to. actions, saying thank you through actions work just as well? >> yeah, those love languages are important as dr. gary chapman talks about. whether it's words of affirmation or acts of service. acts of service can be a way to say thank you to your spouse as well, and they can really relate to those things. >> yeah. acts of service. that's my love language. taking out the trash or doing the dishes after i have cooked dinner. thank you so much. what a great concept. >> always great to be with you. >> we're grateful you joined us this morning. >> i'm grateful. >> kind of like everything you need to know you learned in kindergart kindergarten. >> and protesters chanting expletives at cops and giving them the finger.
5:28 am
what impact could have this on the rest of us? we'll tell you. >> and the boy scouts are here. they're helping our veterans just by getting a haircut. you can do it as well. we'll tell you how coming up. i really like this organic soup. yeah. at least we know what he's eating. campbell's organic soups. made for real, real life.
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♪ every girl's crazy about a sharp dressed man ♪ >> your shot of the morning. everybody supposedly like a sharp dressed man. we tried to try it out and see how it worked. here is how it worked. >> medium dry martini, lemon peel, shaken not skired. >> vodka? >> of course. >> would you get the medium dry vodka martini. shaken, not stirred. >> vok mod ka martini. >> we mixed up some vodka early in the morning. here is what we did. >> good, good. >> real heavy. >> one more over there. >> it's why parties are good at my place. >> well, it was a good time. a special thanks to joseph a. bank for providing us the tuxedos and the bartender, brent, for showing us the
5:33 am
bond-inspired drinks to make at the next party. >> pretty impressive. >> ladies, you can look but you can't touch, these guys are married, but the ladies got the eye candy for a change today. i would have thought you brought in the bond girls. >> eye candy is not the first trays that came to mind when i saw myself. >> the bow tie. >> yeah, the bow tie. it reminds me of this guy. it was like a blast from the past with the bow tie there is. >> i had a dorky clip on and a suit coat that doesn't fit. thank you for bucking us up. we want to bring you the latest in the black lives matter saga. protesters descended on the streets of manhattan to march against the cops, scream expletives, and give the finger. there is the "new york post" cover. protesters scream fu to the police and you see a man in lower left giving them the
5:34 am
finger. >> this year is the worst -- has the worst spring of cop depths since 1989. 25 years since we have seen this kind of targeting of police in new york city and we get this kind of protest after this latest officer was killed in the line of duty. >> four officers have died in the line of duty in the last 11 months in new york city and it's heartbreaking to see this happen before the family of randolph wheeler were even -- e to griev. >> the 33-year-old from guyana whose father and grandfather were both in law enforcement were able to bury their son. >> you said since 1989. a lot of the silly decadent hipsters at this protest were living in omaha in 1989. they don't know what new york city was like and who suffered most, black people, poor people, people who couldn't leave. it was a terrible place to live. the city got their act together and it was completely safe. it doesn't help poor people, it
5:35 am
hurts them. >> while this is all happening president obama still says that the black lives matter movement is not anti-police, that it's just a few people popping off. when we see protest after protest, statement after statement, chant after chant targeting the police and talking about them being the problem. >> what do we want? dead cops. what do we want? right now. pigs in blanket. the problem is there is some merit to what president obama is saying, there are groups, hundreds of people, thousands of people in some situations that are protesting and they really believe this to their core, but when you have groups that are saying nasty, vial things like this, it's silencing the people that have a real message, and the leadership needs to speak out against it. >> of course, there are bad cops out there and everyone is against them, especially me. but there's a thin veneer of civilization over this thing, and if crime gets out of control, the whole thing falls apart. it's happened before. >> 35 minutes after the hour and here is what is also making news. overnight brand new dramatic
5:36 am
footage showing the moments joint u.s. and kurdish forces break into a prison in iraq and free dozens of hostages. it's the same raid that killed master sergeant joshua wheeler. he stepped in when the mission unexpectedly turned into a massive fire fight. his death marks the first american soldier casualty in the fight against isis. heart stopping screams from a teenage girl as she fights off a kidnapper all caught on home surveillance video. the attack happened off camera but the 17-year-old's terror can be heard as the man grabs her on her way to school. this all happening friday in stockton, california. police say he then tried to drag her into his car, but she fought back and escaped. >> our victim did exactly what you're supposed to do. make a lot of noise and fight off your assailant. >> the attempted kidnapper drove
5:37 am
off. police are still searching for him. speaking of georgia tech, the yellow jackets stunning florida state in the final seconds of yesterday's game returning a blocked 56-yard field goal for a touchdown to dash the so many knowles national championship hopes. the crimson tide nearly upset the volunteers. it wasn't until the last few minutes when alabama rushed for the winning touchdown for a 19-14 win down in coral gables. miami gets its first loss in the programs's 90-year history. the clemson tigers blowing out the hurricanes 58-0. those are your headlines. speaking of hurricanes, we're going to go to rick reichmuth who has the latest. >> it's raining outside here and i forgot my umbrella. show you what's going on. what is left of what was hurricane patricia, some of that moisture i should say, moving in across parts of texas, obviously bringing all the flooding we saw yesterday. today the target is going to be more towards areas of louisiana and that's where we have flash flood watches that have been
5:38 am
posted across the coastal areas and that also goes all the way over towards areas like mobile and in towards pensacola. we will continue to watch that. rest of the country, however, some scattered showers moving across the northeast today. it's going to be warmer than it's been the last couple days. enjoy it. it will cool down again quickly. coastal areas of the southeast, great. the heavy rain, primarily today louisiana, tomorrow it moves east and chillier air coming in behind that. in towards the northern plains we've got a sunny day and temperatures are looking just fine. and finally out across parts of the west, rain into the pacific northwest. the southwest is looking very, very nice. guys, send it back to you inside. >> thanks so much. these boy scouts are getting buzz cuts that are raising money for our heroes, and you can get involved, too, without having to shave off all of your hair. >> here to explain what it all means and why these boys are about to get shaved, nicole
5:39 am
massey from great clips joining us. it is so great to see you all this morning. tell us what's going on here. >> quite a crowd. >> piece boys are saying good-bye to their hair on behalf of the american legion and great clips is donating $10,000 on behalf of the boy scouts to the american legion to thank veterans for what they do. >> how does it work? >> how does it work? on veterans day on november 11th, everyone can help by getting their hair cut at great clips. and when you come to get a haircut at great clips on november 11th, everyone will receive a free haircut card to give to a veteran or an active military service member. >> are you really going to take that young man's beautiful air off? >> you are the one person who has used a clippers. >> you carry them in your duffel bag in the military. you know things about carrying things in your duffel bag. tell us about this partnership. >> we're so excited that great
5:40 am
clips is going to give us this kind donation and it will help us help veterans, for those men and women who serve donations like this will continue to advocate for veterans, help them navigate through the va system and all kind of things veterans need. we're so grateful for great clips and our relationship with the boy scouts. they've always been there. >> starting the leadership young. >> hey, buddy, what's your name? how old are you? i'm gabriel and i'm 9 years old. >> where are you from? >> i'm from liverpool, uk. >> wow. where do you live right now? >> i live down on 22nd street. i live here. >> you live here in the city. and you have got some beautiful hair on your head. were you planning on getting it shaved off before you found out about this good cause? >> no. >> no? >> is it a coincidence you're from liverpool, uk, and you have that haircut? you look like ringo to the point that it's unbelievable.
5:41 am
>> so folks can go to any great clips on november 11th and donate through this program to the american legion. >> yes. come to any great clips salon throughout the united states, get your hair cut, everyone receives a free hair cut card they can give to a veteran or active military service member. we have given away half a million haircuts in the last three years. >> you boys are going to look great. thank you for doing this. >> good luck, gabriel. >> that's right. >> good looking haircuts and these are high and tights right here. >> we want to thank the american legion and everyone involved, great clips especially, for the good work. >> and the boy scouts, too. >> we'll stick around with some more haircuts. the air force is being punished for encouraging a christmas toy drive. you won't want to miss this upcoming story. and are you taking your pet trick-or-treating? the tips you need to know to have a safe and happy
5:42 am
howl-oween. >> well done. grilled chicken and bush's baked beans. >>they're totally eating their vegetables. i know. it's awesome. >>boo-yah. blow it up. bush's baked beans. the veggie kids love.
5:43 am
test test test test test test test test test test test test test hi.
5:44 am
hi. hi. hello. hi. hi. hi. hi my name's josh. kelly. my name is raph. steve. my name is anne. tom. brian. krystal. and i am definitely not a robot. i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. whether it's for your business
5:45 am
or your personal life, don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up. because we're here. we're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here. well, military activists got wrapped up in a controversy you might say when an air force secretary encouraged christmas toy donations by forwarding this e-mail. here is a portion of it. a simple gift, a shoe box packed and parade frayed for by you coe a child hope and eternal security. legal action could be taken for her, quote inappropriate use of an air force position. joining us is ron cruz. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. good to be with you, pete. >> tell us a little bit more about this story. at firsthand it seems absurd they would go after someone who forwarded an e-mail to give toys
5:46 am
to kids in places they don't have that. am i missing something in this story? jur n >> you are not missing something. the air force is catering to someone who seems to be perpetually offended. the military religious freedom are offended about a sign on a marine base that said god bless our military and our families. thern offended a few months ago when gate guards at an air force base in georgia decided to say have a blessed day and they were offended at an air force academy cadet for writing a verse on his whiteboard on his dorm room. and they're offended because this secretary sent out an e-mail about a volunteer opportunity to help orphans in the poorest of the poor around the world.
5:47 am
i think the air force has better things to do than to cater to someone who seems to be perpetually offended. >> freedom from religion, not freedom of religion is effectively what they're talking about. do you think that the air force will be forced to act? do you believe like this secretary, is she going to get punishment for simply forwarding an e-mail or is this a lot of hot air from this organization? >> well, i certainly hope she will not be punished. she did nothing wrong. the samaritans purse is a recognized charity by the combined federal campaign. military people, including air force personnel, can ask finance to allow a portion of their pay to go to support samaritan's purse. this organization does wonderful work around the world. this secretary should not be punished for what she has done. she just simply provided information, no coercion, she provided information about a volunteer opportunity. >> ron, very briefly, as a
5:48 am
member of the service myself, chaplain's play an indispensable role. is this part of a larger trend and how far is it going? very briefly. >> it is a larger trend of chaplains and all those who serve, and, you know, every american, especially those who wear the uniform should not be denied their ability to express their religious faith even while they're wearing the uniform and willing to die for that faith. >> it's part of why they put that uniform on to defend this country and certainly appeal to the support of a higher being when they're in some of those difficult, dark places. ron crews, thank you very much for bringing us insight this morning. >> thank you. coming up, look who is back on the campaign trail. >> american people in the last six weeks have learned a lot about hillary. >> bill clinton makes his 2016 debut. tucker has been waiting for that for months. will this help or hurt hillary's
5:49 am
campaign? former speaker of the house newt gingrich joins us live at the top of the hour. and look at this, more of our four-legged friends are getting in on the halloween festivity this is year. up next, tips to avoid safety scares for your dogs. with the pain and swelling of my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis... ordinary objects often seemed... intimidating. doing something simple... meant enduring a lot of pain. if ra is changing your view of everyday things orencia may help. orencia works differently by targeting a source of ra early in the inflammation process. for many, orencia provides long-term relief of ra symptoms. will this help or hurt hillary's h by other treatments. do not take orencia with another biologic medicine for ra
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. many pet owners like to take their dogs trick-or-treating believe it or not or help greet children in their costume.
5:53 am
>> here is dr. caddy nelson a veterinarian and the host of "the pet show". >> thank you for coming. >> i'm sorry. >> that's all right. it's happened many times before. >> veterinarian, caddy. >> you're wise. >> might fit in. >> we got a bunch of dogs. >> do people dress up dogs a lot? >> $350 million spent last year, unbelievable. $350 million. >> what a great country. >> right. >> what costumes are comfortable for the dogs? >> just remember this is about us. this is all about what we want them to look like. they don't care they are dressed like a minion. >> i teal like there is humiliation and shame. >> i think it can be fun. you need to make sure they are proper fitting, not constricting around the neck.
5:54 am
make sure they can go to the bathroom, away from the region back there. i'm using sunday morning words. costumes and something reflective because a lot of these costumes can be dark and if you take them out, you want them to have a reflective piece on there. this is a great one to add to the leash. something to keep them healthy. >> when the goings go with the kids or helping mom and dad handout candy, they are around chocolate. it's bad for dogs. >> that's not the only thing bad for them. we try to be more healthy. let's handout a pack of raisins or sugar free candy. those can be as toxic as dark chocolate. >> and sugar free gum, too. >> there is a product they use to sweeten that can cause liver and kidney damage in our pets and raisins can also cause kidney damage, as well. have something, you know, that's actually problemer to handout to the pets, if you want to do that
5:55 am
and remember, we're all in costume, as well. this can be really scary for them. they don't know why we're doing this. they just know there is people in scary outfits and jumping out at them and yelling at their owners. they can believe unusual or get aggressive or scared. the day after halloween is the biggest day for animal control centers around the country and talking about treats here, the number of calls to poison control centers goes up 12% in the days after halloween. >> yeah, a lot of -- >> yeah, not just the halloween, the night of, the days after when you have the candy bags sitting there, as well. >> so you say we need to pay attention because they are not. wonder woman is licking a hot dog and minion stared at me the entire segment, i'm getting creeped out. >> absolutely. you have candles or pumpkin spice, consider using one of
5:56 am
these little things like this that lights up in your pumpkin, led instead of a candle because if you have a happy tail you can knock that over and have a fire hazard. make sure you think about these things and if you need to, get down on your hands and knees and see it from your dog's point of view. you do that when you have a baby, do it for your dog, as well. you can see the dangers they see. >> dr. katy nelson, thanks for bringing along the minion and hot dog. >> and from new york. >> for more information head to and we'll put you in touch to adopt these dogs. newt gingrich warned paul ryan he should be cautious but ryan didn't listen. what does newt think should be the first order of business. the former speaker of house here next. one lawyer is grabbing headlines with his epic ads.
5:57 am
>> not even worthy of getting into that. >> yeah, not even, he's not a lawyer but he's running for president. his name is ben carson and he and trump have been brawling. we'll bring you the latest. hey america, still not sure whether to stay or go on that business trip? ♪ should i stay or should i go well this fall stay with choice hotels two times and earn a free night. when it comes to business, you always have a choice. book now at the new
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hand apparently, they also lovee stickers. g. what's up with these things, victor? we decided to give ourselves stickers for each feature we release. we read about 10,000 suggestions a week to create features that as traders we'd want to use, like social signals, a tool that uses social media to help with research.
6:00 am
10,000 suggestions. who reads all those? he does. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. hi, everyone, good morning, it's sunday, october 25th. the remanence of patricia moving into the southeastern part of texas. cars submerged and residents seeking coverage. we have live team coverage. and homecoming horror, a sad story in oklahoma, four dead and dozens more injured after a car plows through a crowd at high speed. people at a oklahoma state homecoming parade. the victims and accused drunk driver. we'll bring it to you in a moment. a bitter battle between donald trump and ben carson. >> carson, i don't understand
6:01 am
the deal. >> not even worthy of getting into that. >> energy feud, former house speaker newt gingrich weighs in on the war of words in just minutes. it's 9:00 a.m., it's new york city and mornings are better with friends. ♪ ♪ ghost busters ♪ something strange in the neighborhood ♪ >> who you going to call? fox and friends the contest we're going to have between pete, tucker carlson and anna coming up in just a bit. >> how cool is that? >> we do this every year and people say power tools? aren't you talk show hosts? isn't that dangerous? the answer is of course it is dangerous and we'll do it anyway. >> it makes for good tv. >> love it. right now we need to get right to the extreme weather
6:02 am
alert. high winds and torrential rains slamming into texas today as the remanence of patricia moves on. >> more flooding concerns after the state has been soaked with rain. >> this morning we have team coverage. rick is tracking the storms but we start with dan springer on the ground in houston. dan? >> reporter: yeah, good morning, guys. the rain is still coming down here in houston. it has have been coming down for the last 24 hours, parts of downtown houston now have received nine inches of rain in the last 24 hours stranding motorists all over the place, a couple behind me on a six-lane divided highway that goes through downtown houston. people driving in the cars and all of a sudden in the middle of lake. we talked to one guy that got trapped. >> i knew it was raining, i didn't know there was water under there. i didn't see it until i hit it and watched my car slowly disappear. got to have a snorkel to get to my car. >> reporter: but really all of
6:03 am
texas is dealing with this remanence of hurricane patricia. yesterday there was a tornado that touched down in pearland, texas causing some damage. there was also flooding that caused a freight train to be knocked off the tracks just south of dallas and one man is missing who was walking his dog near san antonio. the good news in houston, they have no reported deaths of injuries due to the flooding and the waters are starting to reseed. back to you. >> dan springer live from houston, texas. for more what to expect today, rick is tracking that. >> the flash flooding threat there is kind of gone but we'll see the river flooding and then the flash flood threat will increase across parts of louisiana. it's been an interesting number of months across texas because they had incredible drought for a number of years and the drought came back because it was dry after that and we have flooding again unfortunately across that area. obviously, we have damage
6:04 am
pictures we're seeing from mexico, video out of this area around the manzanillo area. not sure, i think this is a different spot much more closer to where the center of the storm came on shore. big problems obviously there. all right. today back towards the u.s. we'll continue to see rainfall here. east texas beginning to wind down by this afternoon and louisiana is going to be under the gun with spots maybe seeing a few isolated areas, eight to 12 inches of rain. all right, guys, back to you. >> you're the best, rick, thank you. >> well, thank you. here's what else is making headlines. two injured and a suspect dead after a domestic disturbance call turns into a shootout. police were called to a home 70 miles north of atlanta and when they got to the scene the suspect started opening fire and deputies fired back and killed him. both officers are expected to
6:05 am
recover from their injuries. imagine looking out the window of your plane and seeing this. passengers on board a jet got the fright of their lives when flames started shooting out one of the engines. the plane was on its way to baltimore but safely returned to dallas. the airline took it out of virs for repair. maureen o'hara has passed away. >> a bold one you are. who gave you lead to be kissing me. >> so you can talk? >> yes, i can, i will and i do. >> known for her fiery red hair, o'hara often played strong and courageous women on the big screen. she played in "miracle on 34th street." she died in her sleep at her home. she was 9 5 years old. >> thank you, anna. we're looking at a change of speaker in the house of
6:06 am
representatives and a lot else going on. we could think of no one better to bring on the show and talk about it with, newt gingrich and joins us live this morning. good to see you. >> good to be with you. it's a dramatic change. >> dramatic, dramatic change. first to the presidential race. donald trump versus ben carson. and ben carson as you saw as sended to the top of two polls and trump decided to take him on directly criticizing him for being low energy. what does this mean? do voters want? it's confusing for people that think of politics from ten years ago. >> look, i admire trump a lot and he's done remarkable things but i think this is a mistake. he played low energy against jeb bush and seemed to work pretty well but you can't be effectively complaining about ben carson being low energy when he led a 70-man team in a 20-hour operation to separate
6:07 am
two conjoined twins at the head. this guy has energy. this particular attack won't work but i do think it's amazing if you said back in january the two front runners fighting it out in late october will be donald trump and ben carson, you would have been laughed out of the room. that's how big the change is. >> so true. amazing change. it has been certainly the year of the outsiders. recently a poll came out in iowa showing ben carson has pushed past donald trump, which is why i think you see the reaction you have. do you see staying power there for ben carson in just iowa or do you see it across the country? >> i think both car scan trump will have staying power and interesting to watch because they may be in a dueling marathon between the two of them for so long. carson has been a big book seller in christian bookstores for well over a decade.
6:08 am
his life was made into a movie "gifted hands" which was a commercially successful film. he has a remarkable strength, much more than i would have guessed. trump is maybe the greatest practitioner of reality politics we've ever seen. everything with him is -- in the age of the kardashians, donald trump is an extraordinary politician. the two of them may be dueling, literally for months. >> yeah, well from outsiders to an insider, somebody whose been in politics for a long time, hillary clinton, we'll talk iowa on this side of the aisle now. bill clinton is back on the trail in iowa campaigning for her on saturday night. let's listen. >> the american people in the last six weeks have learned a lot about hillary, what she's for, why she's running and what kind of president she'd be.
6:09 am
[ cheers ] >> there's been a lot of talk about breaking the glass ceiling and i want to talk about one barrier that has not been broken. i want you to support hillary for me, too, because i want to break a ceiling. i am tired of the strangle hold that women have had on the job of presidential spouse. >> first man he wants to be. >> we know bill clinton is obviously a well versed campaigner. the decision for joe biden to win, were they waiting for this mo moment to introduce him. why now? >> i don't know. somehow he magically turns everything into him. we should vote for hillary so he can be first spouse. do you really want bill clinton back in the white house, even if only in the east wing? he can't help himself.
6:10 am
>> that is such a deep point. paul ryan running for speaker, in the race, only person in the race. if you're paul ryan, what are the first three things you want to accomplish? >> well, i think first of all, consolidate what he's doing. a big shift from being chairman of a committee, which he's done brilliantly to being the leader of the entire conference, so he's got to first of all put his team together and figure out what they are going to do. second, he has to remind the conference despite the gloom and doom, they have been accomplishing a lot of stuff and the senate has been a problem and of course the president will be opposed but the house republicans have moved a lot of legislation and had a lot of very important steps in the right direction and third, he's got to prove, which i think he will rapidly that he is a remarkable communiquer, a has to lead in public with the right language and messages and the you look at his speeches, he's
6:11 am
really been painting a very powerful vision of a prosperous america acheieved by the right kind of reform. >> when they were looking for somebody to take this job, they pointed fingers and paul ryan said no and your name was kicked around, you could be a caretaker. the vote on november the 28th and seems boehner seems confident this is going to go through. are you confident paul ryan will be a unifier? >> i'm confident he's going to work very hard and confident he understands they are at a moment of change. they lost the majority and speaker recently and lost the new majority leader couldn't put together majority to become speaker. that's a lot of signals there's a lot of unhappiness. remember, we just talked about trump and carson. the country on the republican side on the conservative side, the country is very unhappy. >> has ryan called you for
6:12 am
advice? >> he and i have chatted. we're old friends. my wife has known him since he was an intern, a long time ago and obviously with my closeness to jack kemp, we have a lot of ties together. he's a remarkable guy and i'm happy to be helpful anyway i can. he's smart and will work very hard and he understands the importance of creating the kind of positive effort that brings the party together, rather than drives it apart. >> mr. speaker, thank you for joining us this morning. as tucker said, nobody better at this moment to talk presidential politics and the politics of the speaker ship, which you have a great deal of experience with. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. up next a horror at homecoming, details on the deadly crash at the oklahoma state parade. we're live in still water, next. and are cats making you crazy. incredible details ahead.
6:13 am
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it's a highly thercontagious it can be especially serious- even fatal to infants. unfortunately, many people who spread it may not know they have it. it's called whooping cough. and the cdc recommends everyone, including those around babies, make sure their whooping cough vaccination is up to date. understand the danger your new grandchild faces.
6:15 am
talk to your doctor or pharmacist about you and your family getting a whooping cough vaccination today.
6:16 am
well fox news alert, we've been covering this all morning and will continue to. four dead, 47 injured, some badly after a car plowed through a crowd last night of families and fans trying to enjoy an oklahoma state university homecoming parade. >> we need a bunch of help. we got a crowd that went into a crowd here. we need extra help. >> police, they are still trying to figure out what went wrong. fox news correspondent casey segol is live with brand new information for us. casey, this is so hard for us to wrap our mind around, a 2-year-old is the youngest victim. >> reporter: tucker, anna good morning. this is shocking to this community and we'll speak to an
6:17 am
osu student in a moment. this was supposed to be a celebration, as you know, homecoming weekends are huge on college campuses and no exception at osu. yesterday in the morning this parade was going on. hundreds of people lining the streets to cheer their team on, 10:30 local time. 11:to ea 11:30 eastern when it went terribly wrong. 25-year-old chambers drove her car into an unmanned police motorcycle before slamming into a crowd of spectators. five people are in critical condition this morning. three adults died at the scene. and then a 2-year-old little boy later died at an area hospital. cops say chambers is under arrest for driving under the influence but will not elaborate. they are waiting on blood test results to see if drugs and alcohol or one or the other was involved. paul simms is a grad student at osu at the parade yesterday with
6:18 am
his 10-year-old daughter. paul, thank you for joining us. tell me what you saw. >> okay. well, the parade was almost at the end of, at the end. the fire department truck was the last thing in line and it was coming up the road and then to my right from the north, this gray vehicle comes into view and collides with people. >> reporter: some people describe this as seeing bodies fly into the air. is that something you saw? >> exactly what i saw. it was very surreal. and strange to see people, it was a combination of flying and on the ground, as well and -- were i imagined your grabbed your 10-year-old daughter. you don't know what is happening. your reaction is to, i guess, run. >> well, we ran toward it because i want to train myself when i see things like that to
6:19 am
not run away. we went toward it. the first thing we saw was a young woman on the ground, blood coming from her head, severe laceration on her legs. there were people standing over here trying to figure out how to help, whether they could. we were also scanning the scene and turned around and saw my daughter in tears dealing with the situation and i decide in our best interest it was interest to get out of there. >> paul, you're a good guy and i'm so sorry for what you saw. i know it's something you probably can't unsee and know america is praying for you, your student body, victims, a tragic situation. so again, four people dead and a 2-year-old little boy among those who lost their lives here in still water yesterday, guys. >> paul simms from still water, oklahoma with the heavy story. thanks a lot, guys. 20 minutes after the hour coming up on "fox and friends" weekend. they started sending our troops
6:20 am
socks and are helping wounded warriors walk when they thought it would never be possible again. see the incredible device in action helping our bravest, coming up. ancestry has come out now they have lifestory. it literally lays out somebody's life, from birth to death. when i was using lifestory, i discovered my great grandmother. she went through a lot. two sons go to fight in world war ii. she lived through the depression. and she made it through all of that. here i am. just because she survived, and she kept going. bring your family story to life like never before. get started for free at
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6:23 am
a private organize steps up to help victims, originally called soldiers' socks we began to get basics onto the front lines but their mission evolved and they are helping paralyzed veterans take their first steps.
6:24 am
co-founder of the organization called soldier strong here with navy veteran jason and thank you for joining us this morning. >> good morning. >> chris, i want to start with you and your organization. i remember in afghanistan voo receiving boxes of socks, thank you for that. tell us about this. >> we have the most technology advanced country in the planet. because they are home the war is not over. they have the most cutting edge technology. >> how did you come across this? >> the device in a magazine and saw what a great idea to help paralyzed veterans stand and walk again. >> jason, i'm sure you're grateful. what has it meant for you as a veteran yourself paralyzed who can now have this opportunity? >> you know, being able to have the range of mobility is
6:25 am
essential in our lives. we spent our lives sitting after we get in an accident and to have something that not only stands us up but enables us to walk and get the circulation and relief my nerve pain and get that benefit of standing up and having a conservation. >> absolutely. normalcy you want to feel. >> absolutely. >> tell me about your time in the navy. tell me what you did. >> five years on the john f. kennedy as an election trigs and then trained military personnel -- >> live and abide. absolutely. thank you for that training our men and women put to great use and we're honored to have you. chantel, talk about the benefits this has physically. >> absolutely. there is a lot of benefits, one you have improvement in range of motion, reduce in pain and this device is so flexible and you can configure it in many
6:26 am
different ways, you can have that person use strength and provide supplemental power. >> let's show it now. jason, if you wouldn't mind a demonstration, i'd love to see it. >> i'd love to do it. >> how long have you been doing this, jason. >> off and on for the last five years. >> so not your first rodeo but impressive every single time. how long does it take getting used to? >> a good three or four hours of walking. will get you used to -- patients getting in this for the first time will take a couple hundred steps the first go round. >> chantel, tell us what you're doing. >> jason is great and proficient so i don't have to do much. for somebody whose a new user, you help to teach them their balance point and give them specific queues on what to do with their torso. >> he's doing a lot of work but there is a computer on the back
6:27 am
and you're holding it and it's reading body signals. >> absolutely. it goes off your body's place and space. it triggers the next step to happen. >> chris, how many guys have you been able to help? >> rough low 20,000 paralyzed victims have access. >> at v.a. medical centers where vets can do just that. >> exactly. >> to rehabilitate themselves. the v.a. doesn't have this technology? >> no, they don't fund this. >> we won't fund the rehabilitation. thank you for stepping up and filling the gap. chris, thank you for everything you do and for what -- for stepping in and telling the story of this amazing technology and organization. chantel for serving our wound ld warriors. >> appreciate your service, as well. >> martha sits on the board for the military. outstanding story. we're honored to have you.
6:28 am
we'll toss it back to the folks on the couch. >> thanks, pete. we never seen anything like this. dramatic video of u.s. special delta forces freeing dozens of isis hostages in iraq, amazing video we'll show to you. two new movies at the box office this weekend, is either worth your cash? kevin mccarthy joins us next. nothing like a good, quick meal to bring two people together. campbell's skillet sauces. ready in under 20 minutes. campbell's. made for real, real life. ♪ nothing artificial. just real roasted turkey. carved thick. that's the right way to make a good turkey sandwich. the right way to eat it? is however you eat it.
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6:32 am
see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. now to an extreme weather alert. video out of houston, texas. the remanence of patricia passed through. >> in the southern tip of texas in west waco residents had to evacuate leaving everything they owned behind. >> let's check in with rick tracking patricia's remanence, rick? >> this remanence causing problems across much of texas and today will target towards louisiana. central texas is drying out now and done. east texas will see some of it. look at the maps. i'll show you. this is the amount of rain we'll see over the next few days. it's been such a slow moving system. we've been talking about this system since last friday and now in the central gulf tapping into
6:33 am
the tropical moisture. louisiana seeing rain and tomorrow moves in parts of southern mississippi, alabama and florida. we'll see a lot of problems there. one little front moving across parts of the northeast will bring scattered showers across the south you have heavy rain. a beautiful sunny day. enjoy it. nice fall day and out across the west, more rain in the pacific northwest, which is good news, a lot of sunshine across parts of the northwest. we'll send it back to you guys inside. >> well, through iowa with the help of katy perty and her husband before a pivotal democrats. what is going on? we are joined live from des moines. ed, katy perry. >> good morning, friends. i got to meet katy perry. i'll tell you about that in a moment. this is the political
6:34 am
equivalent, when you got to lead, she's back in the league after struggling. she had a good couple weeks and doesn't want to make a mistake but playing it so safe, sort of flat in the speech last night she really opened the door for bernie sanders, senator to electrify this crowd of over 6,000 iowa democrats to gin up her crowd in the prespeech sort of a rally. bill clinton showed up for his first rally of this entire campaign cycle and brought along the pop star katy perry and joked about how he would be the warmup act for her. the man known as the comeback kid is declaring his wife is coming back now and rough start to the campaign but noted it's been a good couple weeks, strong debate performance and democrats dropping out but the front runner decided in her remarks to focus on hitting donald trump, ben carson, the rest of the republican field as if she's already the general election
6:35 am
nominee, listen. >> i hear donald trump when he says we have to make america great again. well, here is what i say. america is great. we just have to make it fair and just. >> but remember, that cautious approach tripped her up at the 2007 jefferson jackson -- that was the coming out party for barack obama but of course, that was a historic election obama once in a generation candidate. this democratic field is clearly much weaker but bernie sander's point basically was hold off on a clinton coronation. without naming them, it was unmistakable he hit hillary clinton and bill clinton on issues from the iraq war, defense of marriage act saying they have been too far in the middle and he's the only consistent liberal in the race and drew wild applause. listen. >> well, i'm the only democratic candidate for president who does not have a super pact.
6:36 am
[ cheers ] >> and we are going to prove the experts wrong because we're going to win. >> now, one other interesting note about her speech. hillary clinton went out of her way early on in this jefferson jackson dinner to talk how much she cares about military vets and will take care of their benefits. on friday she did this interview on msnbc with rachel maddow and slipped up saying the v.a. scandal was not as wide spread as the media made it to be. suggesting this was partisan attack on the government by republicans when there have been investigative reports saying vets died waiting for care. obviously, there have been disputes how many died still being looked at. interesting she went out of her way to do that and so did bill clinton said she'll take care of military benefits. i think they realize they need
6:37 am
to clean that up, guys. >> i bet they do. ed henry with katy perry on the road. great to see you. >> thanks, ed. other stories making headlines, overnight brand-new dramatic footage showing the moment, raid an isis prison freeing dozens of hostages, the same raid that killed special ops joshua wheeler. wheeler stepped in when the mission unexpectedly turned into a massive fire fight. his death marks the first american soldier casualty in the fight against isis. gun owners in california fired up over a los angeles gun law. the city counsel banned magazines that hold more than ten rounds. they are suing the city arguing the ban violates an existing state law. the nra supporting the lawsuit. and birthday and christmas can be lavish. >> tell me what did you get for
6:38 am
christmas? >> santa brought me the bow flex and $1,000 in fresh $50 bills. >> how about just oranges for being a good little boy and girl? some kids are getting more expensive gifts for getting good grades, good grades. "the new york post" reporting students in long island receiving items like crishoes a cars. one teenager was promised a week-long get away at a posh resort in arizona. what do you think about this? aren't you supposed to be doing that anyway. >> amazing. the new vin diesel movie hit theaters but did it meet the hype? founder of nerd kevin mccarthy joins us now. >> hey, good morning, guys. the vin diesel movie about an 800-year-old witch hunter killing witches. i love vin diesel in action movies but this film really fell
6:39 am
short in the sense that it took itself entirely too seriously. the visual effects looked cool and vin diesel had fun. he's passionate about playing roles like this because he likes dun begans and dragons. 2.5 out of 5. not really worth seeing in theaters, i would wait for dvd or red box but don't waste your money in theaters. t 2.5 out of 5. next up is the bradley cooper and sienna miller movie. he has the best assignments in hollywood. the movie is called "burnt" what did you think? >> i spoke to them, i'll review the film next friday right here on "fox and friends" but i spoke to bradley cooper and sienna miller and we know them from "american sniper." i want to ask whether or not
6:40 am
they miss being chris and taya kyle. >> i'm still in touch with her. we communicate really all the time and i think when you tell a story like that, it has such weight to it and it really resonated with us and obviously, with everybody. it was such a huge movie. but it was a really profound experience making that film and that never leaves you, i don't think. >> i keep in touch with the kids and taya. yeah, i was just texting with them yesterday. so -- but chris left. chris left me for sure. i remember when it sort of happened and it was weeks after the movie and then -- i miss him, actually. i know that sounds crazy. >> yeah, "american sniper" is one of the best films i saw last year and i'll have my review of his film "burnt" next friday and how they trained bradley cooper to cook. he did a lot of cooking scenes himself. very, very cool stuff but thanks for having me on. appreciate it. >> good to see you this sunday morning. >> i love you guys, have a good
6:41 am
day. >> love you, too. donald trump challenged his rivals to return the money. >> i think every candidate running right now for the presidency should get rid of the super pact. >> campaign finance activist and here to talk about how other candidates should respond to the challenge. a new use in the power tools pumpkin carving. how to -- look at rice rick out there tearing it up on that pumpkin. ♪ ♪ i want candy ♪ i want candy ♪ i want candy . stantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right
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we have to stand for the values of freedom. who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? but for the united states, who? who's going to stand up for the dissidents inside of iran that are brutalized each and every day? but for the united states, who? who's going to take care of israel and support them - our greatest ally in the middle east? but for the united states, no one - no one is capable of doing this. the united states has the capability of doing this, and it's in our economic and national security interest that we do it. i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. wake up and ready for sunday morning. quick headlines, can cats make your crazy? researchers say yes.
6:45 am
they can spread a parasite that causes mental problems and seizures and can be avoided by washing your hands. and who are you going to call to decorate your house for halloween? ♪ there is something strange in your neighborhood, who you going to call ♪ ♪ ghost busters >> i'm sure the neighbors aren't loving that. a california family going all out with this display. the judes have been doing the elaborate decoration for the past seven years. >> wow. i think every candidate running right now for the presidency should disocho va their super pact. >> donald trump calling for candidates to drop super pacts. >> $277.8 million has been raised for the candidates since
6:46 am
201. whey have that done to tip the scales in the pacts? >> joining us now, maria. >> good to see you guys. trump's comments once again feed right into basically the way people feel about this subject. the money is ugly. it's a lot. you look at the past years, 2012 super pact spending, obama versus romney. $288.6 million supporting obama, $25.1 million opposing romney, $87.1 million supporting romney. these are huge numbers, obviously and the evidence is still, you know, sketchy in terms whether they are coordinating with the candidates. >> there is some question about that as it relates to why donald trump shut his down. look at the numbers overwhelmingly on the negative side. the ads work. do you think we'll see his call out to other campaigns to get rid of other super pacts? >> i don't think so. this is at the end of the day legal so they can create these
6:47 am
independent groups so long as they are not coordinating. he's once again saying things that play very well into the populous when people feel and unfortunately, we're still yet to hear specifics on what matters to people like jobs and the economy and growth. >> what do you think would happen if donald trump's super pact shuts down and jeb bush about to launch this huge one, he's got all these super pact power behind him and donald trump doesn't, so that going to make numbers go down? >> that's the thing. at this point, look at the money jeb bush has, right and where he is in the polls. that's one push back on this. he's got super pacts and yet still at the bottom of the pact and one debate away from i don't know what will happen. >> over $100 million and look at the money spent against obama by romney. did they work, no. >> i don't think they are going away. >> maybe people will not stop giving to them. >> we're not talking about how
6:48 am
to create jobs and move the needle on economic growth and russia invaded ukraine and has troops in syria. this is all good and i like to hear what, you know, donald trump says in terms of pushing back and playing into the populace but we're not talking about issues with number one and two. >> i have a feeling you'll talk about some of those top picks today in your show. >> we are, we'll talk with the freedom caucus, a member of the freedom caucus mark meadows will join us and i'll ask him specifically if it's a deal breaker to go along with the things that paul ryan is saying like for example get rid of this option to lift and get the speaker out of the chair and give him more family time. we'll talk with the member to see if in fact he's going to vote for paul ryan. >> we'll watch that show 100%, as always. great to see you. >> thank you. the three of us will be on the plaza carving pumpkins with power tools. will somebody lose a finger?
6:49 am
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6:52 am
carving pumpkins has been difficult business but it can be made easy. >> we're going to carve pumpkins with power tools as megan connolly helps us. i think we need safety glasses. can you pass those down. >> always safety first.
6:53 am
>> we are experts with power tools. we are used to using power tools to fix things around the house. today, we're going to have some fun, mix it up and use tools to carve pumpkins. >> all right. >> what do you do here? >> this is a jig shaw. and this is pumpkin carving basic 101. remost lid fir remove the lid first and use a power drill to carve up the pumpkin. >> all right. >> this is something we can do, pick it up and do? >> well, if you got some -- >> like me or you? >> maybe, probably. >> okay. >> now -- >> this has been taking 15 minutes. >> normally takes 15 minutes to get the seeds out. will take two seconds. >> this is the bummer of getting -- carving a pumpkin, getting all of that, like, what do you call that stuff? >> the ooey-gooey center.
6:54 am
>> makes it so easy. just dump that out. >> okay. >> an hour's worth of work. >> what is some other stuff? we'll give it a shot. >> i have a little one at home. i'm not always home to trick-or-treat. i want to be at home. i want to be out trick-or-treating. so -- >> got to leave the candy out. >> got to leave the candy out. this is a fun pumpkin candy dish. we used the jigsaw to cut the mouth out and we're going to finish this one off by using -- this is a coring bit, makes perfectly round holes, it is great for eyes. >> how do you not have one of these in my garage. >> need one. >> straight through. >> there you go. >> look at that. >> great. >> you could do a mignon or something. that's fantastic. >> your candy.
6:55 am
>> thank you. >> the candlestick. >> how does this one work? >> okay, so, pumpkins aren't just for halloween. >> they're not. >> thanksgiving right around the corner. why not use pumpkins for your centerpiece. >> for your mums. >> yeah. i'll change this bit here real quick. >> okay. >> let me have this guy. >> she's the fastest -- >> put ing us to shame here. >> this is a sapade bit. >> spade bit. >> it makes great holes. we'll make awesome candle holders. what you do is take the spade bit, don't have to -- you can paint them if you want. this is my pumpkin. so why don't you go ahead and -- >> hit it, baby. >> okay. >> say a prayer. >> hold this down. go ahead and give it a -- >> is that enough?
6:56 am
>> you're done. >> i guess you make it too big, the candle will fall through. i'll do this one too. >> watch your fingers. >> i like that. >> you could use a smaller bit and work it around. >> you can. >> not everybody. >> i love it. i have -- i lost control. >> look, everyone. >> commercial break. >> i was the destructive child. >> we were going to use this one to make our mum centerpiece. where is my -- there i go. pop this -- >> that is -- look at that. >> beautiful. >> don't go anywhere. >> look at that. >> love it. well done.
6:57 am
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fun with power tools. we're glad you tuned in. stay tuned for the after show and we'll see you next week. >> bye! good morning. the vote for the country's third in command a few days away. hi, everyone. i'm maria bartiromo. welcome to "sunday morning futures." all eyes on wisconsin congressman paul ryan this weekend to become the next speaker of the house. but does he have enough support? a major voice of the critical far right, congressman mark meadows, will join me. new video this morning showing the u.s. special forces raid that rescued 70 iraqis held by isis.


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