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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  October 31, 2015 3:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning, it's t. is saturday, the 1st of october, 2015. breaking right now, a commercial plane goes down in egypt with over 200 people on board. what the pilot is said right before that plane vanished from radar reportedly. we are live in cairo with the very latest. >> brand new fallout from the nnbc this week. remember this. >> we have $19 trillion in debt. we have people out of work. we have isis and al qaeda attacking us and we are talking about fantasy football? >> yeah! talk about frivolous now the nbc network suspended by the republican national committee. we will bring you the latest. >> breaking overnight brand
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new hillary clinton emails released who had direct access to her. guess who? ben affleck and lady gaga. and what our ambassador who was begging from help from benghazi at the time. "fox & friends" begins right now. ♪ welcome in to fox news on this saturday morning. getting breaking news overnight as the egyptian ministry of civil aviation said this aircraft carrying 217 passengers were going down. shah march shake at the very top of the red sea of a very well known vacation spot for europeans and especially for russians. 200 people have apparently gone missing at least 17 of them, we believe, are children. >> reportedly went missing from radar screens after traveling about 31,000 feet and some of the wreckage has reportedly been found in the
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hasan hasna area. >> there are no indications from authorities there in the area that there was any sort of terrorist activity or shot down out of the sky. >> that is the question, of course, is a very volatile region. russia, it goes without saying, suddenly involved in the syrian civil war in a very direct way. all of that suggests perhaps there could have been foul play. this plane was almost at the apex of this assent. 23 minutes total in the air. landing.mergency at that point the plane made a very rapid dissent 6,000 feet per minute way out of the normal parameter's for a plane dissent and disappeared out of radar. >> some of the reasoning behind the reports that it could not have been struck down from the ground is because of the aircraft's altitude. >> that's right.
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32,000 feet bay out of the range. this follows a decade's long string of air disasters for russian commercial aviation. >> this is a massive aircraft, not one that an amateur pilot would pilot, of course, that we had an official on the show just a little while ago here on fox news channel overnight as this was happening. saying in this is not an aircraft that you pilot just out of pilot training school. this is a massive aircraft. it takes a lot of training and that the reason a craft like this would come down would be massive, catastrophic technical difficulties where descending that quickly something went terribly wrong. >> 217 passengers on board that flight. 7 crew members. >> 17 of them children. >> heart breaking. >> interesting despite all the turmoil in the middle east and in egypt specifically over the past five years, scharmel sheikh remains an inintensely popular. this is a every single we
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are hearing a center has been set up to help the relatives of the passengers on board already. >> where this aircraft went down was in a desert region. we understand authorities have now arrived. rescue crews are on the scene looking and going through the wreckage and at this hour we don't have any reports of any survivors. once again, if you are just waking up, this aircraft took off at a:51 a.m. so. one of the first flights of the morning from that airport on it way back to st. petersburg. and 217 individuals. 224 individuals on board. 17 of them of them children and seven crew members at this hour. no reports of foul play although technical difficulties were reported upon liftoff. >> we should also add the caveat there is a lot we don't know and these stories tend to change as information comes in. we will bring it to you.
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aviation expert on the phone with us this morning perhaps to fill in some of the blanks here. mike, thanks for joining us this morning. from the data you have received so far on this flight. what kind of conclusion cans do you think we are going to end up reaching? >> the last thing conclusions why have some indications if it really wasn't a 6,000-foot a minute dissent that means something catastrophic took place in terms of the control of the airplane. it's a very sophisticated airplane very safe probably looking at mechanical failure of some kind. >> what kind of mechanical failure, mike to those of us who are ignorant to those kind of member call failures you say catastrophic all engines stop working on the aircraft? what might have caused that? >> you might have had a catastrophic like the engine could have come apart. the engine could have stopped very suddenly. any number of things. there could have been a fire on board the aircraft, those kind of things could happen very rapidly, very rarely
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but that's something like that probably is what caused this. >> when you think of a massive jetliner like this though with hundreds of people on b think that when one system fails, another one takes its place how good is the technology. >> the atlantic nothing on the airplane is the best make. advanced airplane in the world. there is backup systems all over the place. again, remember, these are made by humans, maintained by humans and flown by humans. mistakes can be made and machinery does break from time to time. >> there has been a long string of accidents in russian aviation you normally associate them with russian-made aircraft. this is a european made aircraft. english and french wooted air bus company be involved in the maintenance of the aircraft? >> absolutely.
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depending on which manufacturer made the engine. the engine manufacturer, component manufacture plus air bus will be there. very likely the ntsb the u.s. might be on a peripheral basis. anyone who had anything to do with the design or manufacture of that airplane will be involved in some way. >> and, mike, we understand that wreckage of the plane has been found in a desert region. authorities have arrived on the scene right now no word of any survivors. i'm about the takeoff and landing. ii iii minutes it lost contact with a -- disappeared from radar about 23 minutes after takeoff. so this was not just on takeoff. this was a while afterwards. what do you make of that? >> the airplane was probably pretty much almost at cruising altitude. all the critical things that go -- that take place on takeoff are already handled. is there was something he else
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that happened. the pilot radioed back that he wanted to come back. that was the case and that something happened with the airplane. yeah, this is something that i have rare to happen. we will know somethinged in the next 12 hours. we will know something about this in the next three days. >> the pilot would have been cleared for takeoff, what do we know about the conditions, the weather conditions can on the ground when the pilot took off and also went when it went down. >> i see no indication of bad weather there that doesn't mean anything. i have seen no indication i have seen any of that in the news stories. ened t. indicates if it was falling or descending at 6,000 feet per minute. that airplane was literally falling out of the sky for some reason. there is other things. they will look at the debris field and find out very closely how out airplane hit. >> you just said that it's very rare for an aircraft to fall out of the sky at or
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near altitude. how rare is it for a plane to crash not on takeoff or landing? lottery odds are better. you can't get them any safer but, you any, it depends on how well they are maintained. this is an entity, a company called metro -- they fly under the name metro jet. they were in bankruptcy a couple of years ago. they have come out based in some very small place in russia. they come into the investigation about what this airline is. it could be a very fine airline. again, we will know more the next couple days. >> so after 23 minutes, this plane has a catastrophic failure of some kind and then plummets rapidly. what kind of controls do pilots have during that situation to level the plane out and land safely when it's just not attackoff. you are up in the sky is there any cruising or coasting you can do to be able to come down safely? >> no. it depends on what kind of an event took place.
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if part of the airplane came off, that changes the picture. if they there was a fire on board the aircraft, and, again, there could have been some security issue here. i mean, there is no indication of that. but they will know very clearly about that almost immediately. my thought is with the passengers and what they were going through. would they have had any idea when this was going hun. was it happening too fast or too early to tell. >> sway o. way too early to tell. they were on vacation to sharm he sharm mel sheikh. if it's a rapid decompression, you kill
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somebody. usually if it decome presses in a normal manner, if you want to call it normal, they will stay in this mask drop down, nose and throat and breathe normally. but if it's something where the integrity of the airplane fuselage is affected, it could be very rapid. >> what about the landing procedures? we know he tried to radio the tower reporting for an emergency landing. what would have transpired during that radio transmission and then that moment trying to land at an airport? you know that region. where would he have tried to turn or land safely? the big issue we have is his weight. he is flying all the way to st. petersburg, russia. he had a whole lot of fuel on board. which meant his plane could not land safely with all that fuel. it depends on the gravity of his emergency. probably want to get rid of that fuel so the airplane could land safely. >> once again, to update our viewers a russian airliner
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carrying 217 224 passengers and 17 children and 7 crew members. wreckage has been found. >> 17 of them children. rescue crews on the ground in a desert reasoning where this aircraft has done gown trying to assess the damage. mike, you talk about the debris field from this landing or this crash, excuse me, what would investigators be looking for in this debris field to tell them anything? >> well, they would like at what the angle of attack was when it hit the ground. they would look at where the various parts of the airplane ended up. they certainly would be looking for orange flash black boxes immediately. those are the kind of things they would be looking at. again, part of it is there is a back room issue here where people probably combing through the records of that airplane, where it was maintained, how it was maintained. how the pilots were trained. all of that is in process at
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well. not just at the crash site. >> mike, we don't want to draw premature conclusions here there does seem to be a pattern of russian plane crashes. why do you think that is? is there a pattern? >> probably unfair to say but, yes, we have had several issues with russian airplanes, even u.s.-made airplanes there. it's how they are maintained. just last week or this week transarrow, the second biggest russian airline was basically went out of business financially and now been shut down completely. that's the past week. dozens of airplanes grounded. there san issue in russia. let's be blunt. as a result of that, you have to look at it very circumspect of how russians overlook -- oversee their aviation industry. >> it seems that way. mike, we want to thank you this morning for getting up early with us and analyzing what has happened with this airline crash. much more to come here on "fox & friends."
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good morning, friends. we will get to the fox news alert. complete destruction. overnight a passenger plane traveling from egypt to russia crashes in a remote area of the sinai desert after vanishing from the radar. 224 people on board are including 17 children rescue crews are on the scene in hopes of finding any survivors. investigators are headed to the remote area to determine what went wrong there are reports the pilot called a technical issue on board shortly after taking off from the read sea resort of scharmel shake bound for the wution city.
3:18 am
>> good morning. >> what does it tell you 23 men's after takeoff and being at 31,000 feet. what does it tell you normally we see these tragedies happen close to takeoff or landing. >> well, it's probably the most dangerous point is takeoff and landing, 75% of accidents occur below 10,000 feet. that's fine. but this was almost atop a climb if not exactly at its climb time. he reported a technical issue. that's very important. so what was the technical issue that caused this aircraft to disintegrate in flight and it appears that's what it did. >> so, j.p., obviously the imimmediate question that was it foul play? if the pilot the is reporting quote a technical issue, that suggests it probably wasn't an explosion on the plane, doesn't it. >> yes. exactly. because obviously the explosion speaks for itself. if someone had planted a
3:19 am
bomb on board the aircraft, there would have been no transmissions whatsoever. a technical issue, an aircraft engine, something wrong with the controls again the very fact that something occurred that presented -- prevented the clients from issuing a may day. aircraft disappears from the screen. there is explosion. what do we have? that's very unusual, tucker. that doesn't normally happen on board an aircraft that it would blow up so quickly. >> j.p., talk about this aircraft. air bus 321. one of the most sophisticated aircrafts in the world. take us behind the scenes. this wouldn't have been amateur pilot piloting the craft, you would have to be an sleuth expert, right? >> not an sleuth ex -- salute expert. the air bus is. the pilot is going to be skillful. the aircraft is designed really to with inputs ply
3:20 am
itself. reliable aircraft. one of the first fly by wire aircraft's that they put out way, way back now. we are talking 15, 20 years ago. maybe more that air bus put this aircraft. a totally reliable aircraft. and i would suspect that the pilots are adequately trained in the aircraft. it's that last -- 9 5% of these aircraft, such as the arabs fly -- air bus felony by wire can be felony -- flown in a safe mode. there may be confusion with conflicting amounts of information being fed the pilots in a short space of time. >> all right, j.p. tristany thank you for that information this morning. appreciate your time. coming up on the show a female police officer caught in the middle of an out-of-control brawl. students dragging her to the ground. now cheers on. listen. former washington, d.c. detective rod wheeler is here next with that. you total your brand new car.
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in a different way.
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good morning, friends. 24 minutes after the hour on saturday. four police officers injured attempting to break up a major brawl outside of a high school in pennsylvania. watch as a female police officer is dragged to the ground and beaten. [shouting] [bleep] >> well, that crowd was actually students, seemingly cheering it on. how on earth can something like this happen here. fox news contributor and former d.c. homicide detective rod wheeler. thanks for joining us on "fox & friends."
3:25 am
>> good morning, anna. >> this happened in allen town and apparently it was a few blocks away from the school. when i first heard about this where are the school officials or where are the parents? this happened a few blocks away. describe initially how the scene went down in the first place. >> the police officers were responding to several calls for service because there was a number of gang fights in the area. let me just go back a little bit. when i look at this video. you know what comes to mind, anna, two years when i was in ferguson. parents were telling their children police are bad people. guess what? this is the children. these are the children of those parents. so, you know, it's ridiculous that we have to go through. this but, you know, we look at this situation. we look at the situation that happened in texas, at the pool party where the police officer was throne under the -- was thrown unenned the bus. look at the situation in south carolina where the police officer again tried to enforce the law. deal with this young girl and then police officers thrown under the bus. i think overall when we look at the big picture here. look at what we are creating
3:26 am
with our children. >> all right. well, also what we are hearing is that one with of the officers was actually diagnosed with a concussion and then the female officer that we saw there in the beginning being dragged to the ground may also have a concussion. this is super serious stuff here. but where do you think -- what do you think the root cause of all of this is? why is it that these young people do not respect authority? where are they seeing this. >> they see where police officers are disrespected by politicians, by elected officials. so they see that and they know they can get away with certain behavior. the common denominator with all of these cases, anna, is that the parents are absent. you don't see the parents involved in any of these case. let me tell you, until the parents are held accountable for the actions of their children, this will continue to happen. >> well, one parent of a hollywood alister quinton tarantino's father is speaking out you know that disgusting thing that was going on in new york city last week that anti-cop
3:27 am
rally as many called it. >> right. >> he is actually speaking out against what his son was doing. i want to remind everybody of what that was. listen. >> i am a human being with a conscience. and when i see murder, i cannot stand by and i have to call the murdererred the murdererred. and i have to call the murder hes murderers. >> we have a quote from quinton tarantino sr. i love my son. he is dead wrong in calling police officers in new york city where i grew up murderers. what's your take on this. >> this happened last week, anna. i was right there at the stage when he was saying these things. and what was really unfortunate, i got the sense that tarantino thinks this is a movie or something. this is real life. this is reality. and he says that he has a conscience. police officers have a conscience as well. and, you know, there is real people behind that uniform
3:28 am
which fails to realize. why don't we put on blasts these so-called victims' leaves. the people that the police officer have to deal with nobody is talking about them. we always make it seem like it's the police officers. so i think it's unfortunate that this happened and i encourage the police to continue to boycott this guy's film. >> and we are seeing that across the country. a lot of police organizations are saying we are not going to watch pock fiction. what do you make of his dad coming out and speaking against him? >> i think it's good. his dad should have come out and speak against it because it's wrong. everybody should speak out against this guy. i don't know, like i said, i think this guy is living in some unreal abstract world, anna. >> he has made a lot of money on very violent story lines. >> guess who protects him in the police? the police protects this guy. he is calling the police murderers. >> rod wheeler, thank you for your time today. >> you too, anna. >> coming up on "fox & friends," right now the search for survivors after a
3:29 am
passenger plane goes down on the way from egypt to russia with over 200 people on board. live in cairo next. and breaking overnight, brand new hillary clinton emails released. who had direct access to her? ben affleck and lady gaga, possibly? a live report from washington straight ahead. [ male announcer ] whether it takes 200,000 parts, ♪ 800,000 hours of supercomputing time, 3 million lines of code, 40,000 sets of eyes, or a million sleepless nights. whether it's building the world's most advanced satellite, the space station, or the next leap in unmanned systems. at boeing, one thing never changes.
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we are back with a fox news alert. complete destruction. overnight a passenger plane traveling from egypt to russia crashes after vanishing from the radar 224 people on board. 17 of them children. rescue crews are now on the scene in search of survivors. >> so what do we know and what exactly might have gone wrong? joining us is pilot and aviation expert. >> great to see you this morning. >> good to be back with you. >> this aircraft contrast to most planes that crash is not taking off or landing is cruising altitude according to radar. what are the spectrum of possibilities here? what might have done with wrong with this plane? >> that's not the first thing that jumps out at you a. '11,000 feet. there is really very little that can go wrong up there. we have seen it before. so it's not, you know, not uncalled for, but, very rare that any cruise area of
3:34 am
flight. the crews stage of flight that we would have a problem that would be so disastrous, remember, this airplane, according to the initial reports, at least, fell from the sky at 6,000 feet per minute. >> how fast is that? >> that's extremely fast. normal dissent for an aircraft is anywhere from 500 to 700 feet per minute. >> what happens in the cabin to tucker's point? going down 6,000 feet a second is. what's happening in a cabin and what's happened to the passengers at that time? >> depending on what's going on with that aircraft. there is an explosion in this case no one knows what's going on at that point. or is it something that the aircraft just lost part of its service or something like that that would make it not be able to fly. remember, remember with one engine that aircraft can continue to fly. with no engines it would come down at least control rate and here we are not at control rate. >> that's fascinating. even with no engines it would still come down at controlled rate. not at this rate we saw in this crash. >> absolutely right. and at the rate we are
3:35 am
seeing in this crash so far again from the preliminary reports, we are talking about a rate that would have actually started to destroy the aircraft. >> county airplane handle that rate of dissent. >> it can't. >> it could be nefarious acts of a bomb on board. aircraft. hijacking or some major malfunction on aircraft has caused total failure. it wouldn't have been to your mind. >> so russian authorities are saying because of the aircraft missile it could have been 3-6r7b8g9s 1,000 feet missile have certainly taken down aircraft. we have had had the aircraft over the ukraine flight 17 that went down. >> what altitude was that. >> 3 is 1,000 feed. the same altitude as this one. those missiles don't actually pierce the aircraft. they explode outside the aircraft.
3:36 am
they put shrapnel into the airframe and cause it to drop quickly. >> talk about this region, scharm el sheikh flying over the mediterranean sea would have been the flight path there but also close to israel there are plenty of places to land. would water have been a concern as he was trying to make an emergency landing? >> no, not necessarily. he had enough altitude if he was under control, he had enough altitude to get to alternative area to land the aircraft. there was one report that he probably was going -- looking at landing at cairo. >> so what's the glide range at 31,000 feet? >> you have got the to figure he has got at least 15, 20 miles to be able to modify laterally which way. again it, depends on the controllability of the aircraft at the time and depends on the rate of dissent. the rate of dissent here was extremely high. >> look at this crash and debris field. on the ground in this desert region where he ended up crashing. what are they going to be looking for? given your point that it probably was something catastrophic. something breaking apart in the aircraft, what will
3:37 am
investigators be looking for? >> obviously the first two things are the black boxes. cockpit voice recorder. they will tell us a lot very quickly. will we get a lot of information from that region? that's another issue. we have political issues in that region all the time. but, if we can get those two pieces of evidence right off the bat, that would be something that would give us a great deal of information. the other thing will be the radar traces because they were in radar contact at the time. and they fell off that radar in a very rapid dissent. >> what would cause them to fall off radar that fast? >> again, major malfunction on board the aircraft or an explosion on board the aircraft. >> and then the human side of, this you imagine all these families having to pick up the pieces, it 24 people on board and 17 of them children. we have heard that there is already a support center that's being set up for the passenger's families. what would that look like? >> well, the airlines are going to have to deal with that the russian government is going to have to deal with that. they are going to have to put support items in place.
3:38 am
and the biggest thing i think in most of these crashes is trying to get as much information to the families as quickly as possible. we saw that in the first malaysian aircraft, the 370 that wept missing. there was so little information going to the families that the families got frustrated. and when they got frustrated. it became even worse of a disaster for them personally than it would have been otherwise. >> right. that's when you are grateful to live in the west where authorities are at least clear and prompt in their answers. thank you very much for joining us this morning. >> my pleasure. >> great to see you. get to this now, emails sent between hillary clinton and president barack obama will not be made public any time soon. >> the state department did release a new watch of messages from clinton's private server, 7,000 emails. the white house is saying exchanges with the commander and chief will be kept private until after the president leaves office. >> chief washington correspondent james rosen is live with all the details. good morning, james. >> good morning, layton, anna, and tucker. aka cat.
3:39 am
aids to only talking about a handful of emails here they describe as mostly non-substantive. that's because the president in his first term as secretary of state conducted business in person or by telephone. white house communications are not subject to the freedom of information act. a position also taken by the bush cheney administration. tasking her aids with finding addresses for celebrities like actor ben affleck and singer song writer lady gaga so that the secretary of state could write them personal notes. 200 to 300 emails in latest batch contained information classified after the fact. one of them featured secretary clinton remarking to top advisors, jake sullivan, jake feltman and yuma abedin that her husband former president bill clinton quote knows the crown prince of saudi arabia very well and wants to call and offer support, is that okay? unquote. the state department is a
3:40 am
5,000 emails. yesterday was the largest release thus far with 7,000 emails. mrs. clinton said she deleted 30,000 before turning the rest over. the fbi is investigating whether any laws were broken. back to you in new york. >> james rosen, the best. good to see you, james. >> happening new overnight, 27 people are dead and more than 180 are injured after a fire breaks out at a nightclub in romania. about 400 people running for their lives when the club fills up with smoke during a rock concert that featured prior row techniques. an investigation into the incident says that the cause is -- they are still trying to figure out the cause. an emergency meeting of cabinet ministers is set for later this morning to assess the incident. and, developing this morning, an isis jihadi with an american accent is seen in a new revenge video. the masked man sends a warning president obama -- to president obama before executing one of the
3:41 am
prisoners. three other kurdish person member go fighters were also beheaded. the killings are in retaliation for the u.s. special forces raid in northern iraq last week where they rescued 70 hostages and killed terrorists. joshua wheeler also killed in that raid. new overnight, two men rushed to the hospital after being stabbed on the campus of rutgers university. a witness describing the scene of a violent attack like a knife fight. one of the men believed to be the attacker are is now in custody after being found inside a dorm. it's not clear if the men were students or what led to the fight. and the mets are back in it after their first win of the world series. >> high fly ball to the evident left. back to the wall and the catch has gone deep. >> did you watch this last night. >> i watched a little bit of it, yeah. >> david wright, he got them back. the electricity was there he homered and drove in four
3:42 am
more runs. helped the mets nab a 9-3 victory. trims new deficit 2 to 1. trying to claw their way out of it. it was electorate last night. >> music to their ears. i was just out at citifield yesterday doing a report on this. 80% of teams that win the first two games go on the entire world series. two teams that have actually done it the kansas city royals in '8 a and new york mets in '86. >> anything can happen. and across the country anything is extreme soaking through the rain soaked south. destruction and mass flooding. more than a foot of rain falling in central and southeast texas. >> fast rising waters catching drivers off guard leading to dozens of water rescues. two people dead and a woman missing. >> a suspected tornado dropping a flatbed trailer on the roof of a hotel. a high school was also damaged. no serious injuries
3:43 am
reported. rick reichmuth has the forecast. we will check in with him. good morning. >> crazy stuff. third flood they have had this year since may. we talked about last weekend. >> locus on the way? >> temperatures are going to feel like that. 15 inches of rain in austin airport. 15 inches in one day. certainly breaking a record for that area. tornado concerns still going on. rain almost done around austin. one tornado watch 10:00 a.m. this morning and couple tornado warnings we are watching just around the houston area. be very careful this morning from that. have you rain in store for much of the day. see a few spots seeing maybe up to 4 to 5 inches of rain and today moves over towards louisiana a little bit more. >> what about baseball time tonight? >> it is going to be a nice night for baseball. going to be great. >> thank you, rick, for that good weather. >> and all those trick or treaters. >> cnbc versus the g.o.p. >> when they say you act like you hate your job, do you? >> now the republican national committee pulling out of the next nbc debate
3:44 am
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3:47 am
welcome back, the rnc pulls out of a nbc debate after cnbc debate. >> this is something appealing to a lot of voters i have had a tough time trying to make the math work on this. >> you want to bring the 70,000 pages to 3. >> is that using small type? so when the sun sent no says rubio should resign, not rip us off. when they say floridaians sent to you washington to do a job. when they say you act like you hate your job, do you? >> rnc chairman reince priebus saying it it was dumb questions like those that led to his decision. so is the rnc making the right choice? here to debate danielle hall per. sarah westward investigating
3:48 am
reporter for the washington examiner. good morning to you both. daniel, is this a smart idea? was the cnbc debate actually bad for republicans door it give them a chance to unite around their common hatred of the press. >> yeah, actually it was probably good for republicans because the big loser of the night was cnbc therefore none of the candidates really lost. can you argue jeb bush lost not because of the moderators and not because of the questions. it was clear that the cnbc lost and republicans seem to have won. it was actually good for them. the rnc is trying to overcompensate. they made a huge mistake going into this process by micromanaging it from the get-go. used to be candidates could debate whoever, wherever they wanted to. now, they can't do that because republican national committee wants to micromanage how their campaigns are run and wants to control the process. now it's coming back to bite them. they are trying to cover up. they are trying to block and they are trying to prevent any sort of criticism by going on the offense against nbc. >> so, sarah, if you are the rnc and cnbc comes to you
3:49 am
and says i have an idea. let's make john harwood a debate moderator. shouldn't you say you know what? we have standards, no. >> exactly there have been a lot of problems with the debate schedule so far. not just with the choice of moderators in the cnbc debate but there were complaints that the last debate was too long. the criteria for selecting candidates to go on the main stage versus the undercard debate was unfair. the fact there was undercard debate was controversial among the candidates who got stuck in it so now the rnc is sort of having a rift with the candidates and there is a revolt on their hands. a lot of people have said this was a knee jerk reaction for reince priebus to pull the nbc debate. if you look at the language the way he did it, this might not actually be a permanent cancellation of the nbc debate. really in a way this was a way for the chairman to save face given the problems and the problems that the campaigns had with the way he has handled it. >> daniel, very quickly. so what extent to the rn have control over this process? >> they shouldn't. the candidates can make them not have control by
3:50 am
boycotting the process. they gained control and they staked their control on basically if you don't -- if you don't follow our rules then you can't participate in any of the debates. it's silly and phony and candidates should reject it. >> sarah, daniel, i wish we had more time. we are unfortunately out of it thanks so much for getting up and enlightening us. we appreciate it. >> thank you, tucker. >> a fox news alert. we are staying on top that plane crash in he egypt. a russian aircraft goes down. 217 people on board. did you wake up feeling groggy this morning? of course you did. blame the person you slept next to. the secrets to wake up on the right side of the bed, just like clayton. ♪ ♪
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hey, everybody, happy halloween. are you looking forward of the time change and are you tired of feeling tired. a lack of sleep isn't the only thing that that's sapping your energy. >> here are the other stuff that can make you sleepy. plus tricks to put the pep back in your step with the nyu school of medicine. nice to see you, doc. >> nice to see you, clayton. work and school obligations, how does that effect our sleep. >> they go against our internal clock, right? each of our bodies have a natural clock a sir is i sir indicated yum rhythm. active hormones from adrenal gland. that's what wakes you up. during the day those levels dip down and go to sleep. work and school obligations go in line with the interrible clock. you have to wake up so early in the middle of the night that causes a stress against what your body expects. >> does this mean that mom and dad should let their teenager sleep until noon on saturday? >> pediatricians think they
3:55 am
should let them sleep in later if we could change the school times. that's not practical. most of us that's not practical. actually calculate what time do you have to wake up to get to work or get to school and then subtract back 2079 hours that you get enough sleep. >> if it's still not working you say it is possible to blame the person you are sleeping with? >> that is true. if they are snoring or something else going on. that's a reason why a lot of people can't sleep. >> i don't believe that for a second. my wife has said that for 20 years. i don't believe that. >> there is not that much you might be able to do. if someone is actually having sleep apnea or medical problem that can happen. it's better to get that checked out you or your partner to make sure you are not interfering. >> my girl is nervous because of halloween. 1:00 in the morning she has been crawling into bed with us. she does the jimmy legs all the time. hitting that rem sleep and my wife and i are walking around like frankenstein. >> it's interesting you mention rem sleep. devices, lights and sounds that can interfere with stages of sleep there are
3:56 am
several. even if it doesn't wake you up completely put new a lighter stage of sleep where you don't get the rest that you need. >> we heard we ought to cover up the blue light. even if it's just on the dvr or something? >> the light actually simulates sunlight. so it can wake up your body even if you don't realize. so it might be harder to actually go to sleep. if you get those activating hormones than how do you sleep with those? you need those at different times. >> doc, everyone. thanks for bringing me a bed. tucker and anna are going to be doing the show. >> this bed is too small for two people. i think we all agree on that. >> nice to see you. >> we have a fox news alert. we have brand new images coming in showing the family members of those passengers on board the russian flight that went down in egypt. we have a lot of details live cairo next. ls. ls. holds stronger than the leading paste all day... without the ooze.
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4:00 am
morning, today is saturday, october 31st, 200015. this is a breaking news. break being right now, the search for survivors after a plane goes down in egypt with over 200 people on board. we are live in cairo with the very latest. >> did you hear what quinton tarantino said about cops? he called them murderers, all of them. >> i have to call the murdered the murdered. and i have to call the murderers the murderers. >> now his father is slamming him. he says his son is dead wrong. we will tell you the context coming up. >> thanksgiving will be interesting in that house. >> breaking overnight, brand new hillary clinton emails released. who had direct access to her? ben affleck did. so did lady gaga. so why didn't our ambassadors begging for help from benghazi? get the answers to that and more "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. ♪ ♪ hello, friends, we will
4:01 am
get right to that fox news alert. heart breaking pictures coming into your newsroom. moments ago showing devastated families waiting for news of any survivors after a passenger plane carrying 224 people vanishes from varied and apparently crash it. grn reporter joins us by phone in cairo with the very latest. what you can tell us? >> so, so far, egyptian authorities have sent over 40 ambulances on seat to try to retrieve any bodies or survivors. so far there have been reports coming out that they have started retrieving bodies. also that five bodies of children have been found. and there is also some hopeful news of reports coming out that voices are heard inside a section of the plane that hasn't been
4:02 am
searched. >> so voices inside of the wreckage -- we were reading some of these reports online as well that there might be reports of possible survivors. 40 ambulances heading to that region. what do they know if anything yet about what caused this crash? are they giving you any details about what might have brought this down? >> so what we know so far is a couple minutes after takeoff, the pilot reported some technical issues and requested a change of route, we also know the office of the prime minister has issued a statement saying that so far there is no reports of the airline being shot down. >> what you can tell us about the area? give us some insight? many solve our viewers are not familiar at all with scharm el sheikh a resort area along the red sea, tell us about that.
4:03 am
>> close to israeli border. an area that has been a source of trouble for the egyptian government where it's fighting an islamic militant insurgency. and i mean the reports are coming in the plane crashed in a mountain area, which is quite difficult to access. >> so, there is militant activity in this area? have from there been concerns about commercial aviation that you are aware of? >> i'm not aware of any concerns. because flights have been coming in and out of that area very often on ground they have closed off an area completely there has been search declared in that part for some time now. >> how difficult is it going to be for authorities, rescue efforts to get into that region with certainly
4:04 am
the mountains and the militant activity in that region? >> it's hard to say, really. because, like you correctly mentioned, it's the mountain area, so they will need to use all sources available for them. but there are also some reports of israeli military helping them out, you know, with surveillance, air surveillance to try to locate the different areas of the wreckage. >> in saint petersburg city officials are saying they set up this area to help out the pass jerusalem'' families as they wait for information at the airport. what has that been like? have you been speaking with any of the relatives of these passengers? >> so far what we know is the relatives arrived at the airport. transported by busses to a nearby hotel and are awaiting news from those, you know, the russian authorities and egyptian authorities.
4:05 am
remarkable. hearing now there may be voices coming out of the wreckage and survivors giving some of these families hope this their loved one, at least some of them may be alive. again for us, do we know how many people have been recovered at this point by authorities and taken away? >> so far they have recovered around 100 bodies that are all being taken to the hospital and the morgue. but, yeah, these are the only reports coming out so far. >> this sounds like this aircraft essentially crashed in one piece then. it wasn't spread over a very large piece of land then? >> no. so far what we're hearing, again, is that the airplane split into two parts. so, the wreckage is quite -- i mean the diameter of the wreckage shouldn't be too big. >> all right. we appreciate joining us this morning and bringing us the latest from hasna where
4:06 am
the crash happened. >> what exactly did happen? what do we know. joining us is pilot and aviation attorney sal there is precedent from people surviving a drop from altitude. how could a person survive a drop from 31,000 feet? >> they couldn't at least at some point they regained control of the aircraft and pancaked it into where the landing site was. it is not unusual, especially early in the stages of an investigation to have a lot of information that is just not accurate. >> right. >> what we are hearing now there might be voices inside. you know, you get something that's transmitted 14 different times in 14 different people it's going to change. i am wondering how real the veracity of those kind of reports are. >> especially hearing this broke in to as f. that's the case you said something catastrophic might must have happened for aircraft to plummet that quickly it
4:07 am
wouldn't have been intact. had the engine been intact they might have been able to come in for softer landing. what do you make of her reporting that it sounds like it broke into? what would have caused that? breaking in two tells me it might have been under some kind of control before it impacted the earth. if this aircraft dropped 31,000 feet at the rate we are being told it initially started down. it would be in piece. it would be shattered. >> by the time it hit the ground? >> very similar to what we saw in the germanwings crash tiny pieces and we couldn't find anything larger than a soapbox. but here you have a report at least that it is in two pieces and they already have 100 bodies. tells you that there was some slowing of this aircraft as it impacted the earth. >> according to the russian state owned television station there this air bus was on its suspectth flight of the week does that say anything to you? does that sound like a lot? does that sound like a little? does that matter?
4:08 am
>> no, not at all. that's not unusual for an air bus to be used that wait a minute remember, annual air bus is a medium to long range airliner. it's used in service everywhere. in uranium, in the united states. we certainly have quite a few of them here. very good aircraft it's been very reliable. it is one of those aircraft that's what's called a fly by wire. it take its a lot of the decision-making away from pilots and puts it into the mechanics of the aircraft. >> yet, we know from reports that the pilot had radioed the ground asking for, perhaps, a change in route, trying to perhaps land in cairo. what does that tell you? especially it's 23 minutes after takeoff? >> it means he saw something going wrong. we don't know what it is though. the fact that he didn't say it was a may day or at least not reporting that yet. >> right. >> the fact that what was that technical difficulty? he would have been more specific about that because, what i pilot's' to do right off the bat when he sees something wrong, he wants to get some help from the ground. he wants to get help from mechanics on the ground or air traffic controllers. here he probably would have been more specific.
4:09 am
we are just not being told that yet. >> sal, thank you for joining us this morning. >> my pleasure. >> now to extreme weather alert. deadly storms sweeping through the rain-soaked south leaving behind a trail of destruction and mass flooding. more than than a foot of rain fell in central and southwest texas overnight. >> look at your screen. fast rising waters catching divers off guard. at least two people dead and woman missing. and a suspected tornado dropping a flatbed trailer on the roof of a hotel. a high school also damaged. no serious injuries reported though. rick reichmuth has the forecast. we are going it check with him now. >> it's amazing stuff when you think of last weekend because partially what was hurricane patricia. all that rain coming in and causing record flooding. back in may we had record flooding and now here we are. two kind of bulls eye populated areas around the austin area. take a look at some of these numbers here and austin area.
4:10 am
austin itself yesterday 14.99 inches of rain just in the one day peter. some estimates in the wide swath here is 14 irvelg range. take a look at some of the videos in the area. hardest hit area yesterday. san marcos area right there you go. some of these waters rose so quickly causing incredible flash flooding some of these rivers rising '0 feet in a matter of hours. take a look at that school completely surrounded by water. incredibly dangerous conditions there see more rain overnight across the austin area. now we are going to see it a little bit heavier around houston. already some spots there have seen up to is inches of rain as well. here is the storm. we have flash flood warnings still on along this i-35 year and then in towards the houston area. we are going to watch this shift off towards the east today, guys as that storm pulls toward the east places like louisiana, southern louisiana is going to be under the gun. >> thanks a million, rick.
4:11 am
>> 10 minutes after the hour now. a fox news alert. 27 people are dead and more than 180 are injured after a fire breaks out at a nightclub in romania. about 400 people running for their lives when the club filled up with smoke during a rock concert that featured pyrotechnique uniques. investigation into the cause of the incident is already underway. an emergency meeting of cabinet ministers is set for later this morning to assess the incident. and stepping up the fight against isis. president obama is sending up to 50 troops to syria to help local opposition and coalition efforts take down the terror group. this will be the first time special operations force forces will be on the ground in syria following thousands of air strikes over the past year. the plan comes as republican lawmakers urge the obama administration to get more involved in the anti-ease sis campaign. and the mets are back in it. after their first win of the world series. high fly ball to the left.
4:12 am
back to the wall and the catch has gone deep. >> david wright doing really well there clayton, i know you were up late last night watching. this that's the first time they had been up and then began derson also launched one over the wall to help the mets nab a 9-3 victory over the royals. trimmed the mets deficit 2 to 1. back. good weather there. they have gone undefeated in the post season. so they finally were actually up you early in the game last neat and needed that. >> how did thor do on the mound last night? >> he has the long hair. he didn't have his thor hammer out though. >> i want to get out of studio alive. let me just say go mets. >> even yankee fans are wearing mets hats these days. >> coming up. jeb bush says don't count him out yet. >> this time 8 years ago, john mccain was traveling through the atlanta airport. i saw him.
4:13 am
and he was -- had no aid. no person, by himself because his campaign was supposed to be ended. >> that's the argument. what do the history books say? we will tell you coming up. >> thousands of convicted drug offenders about to be released to reduce sentences for nonviolent offenders. are we really just releasing career criminals back to the streets? a fair and balanced debate coming up. ♪ ♪ plaque psoriasis... ...isn't it time to let the... ...real you shine... ...through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring.
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i really like this organic soup. yeah. at least we know what he's eating. campbell's organic soups. made for real, real life.
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4:17 am
senator barack obama of illinois and senator john mccain of arizona trailed their party's leading candidate by a lot. is jeb bush looking at the mccain campaign for inspiration doesn't suggest he has a chance or he or any of the other candidates running behind. here to discuss it with us this s. lee carter. >> good to see. >> you jeb bush is absolutely right. that was real. mccain fired his entire staff almost all of them. he was an object of derision and he won. should this give the jeb campaign hope? >> it should give the jeb campaign hope it should give all the candidates hope. essentially, if you think about it, rudy giuliani was on the cover of "time" magazine as the next president of the united states. he was ahead in double digits. look who came out, member contain. when we were up in new
4:18 am
hampshire, nobody was around mccain. he would go on stump speeches. three people around him and everybody was following everybody else. it was a completely different game. what that suggests to me there is a long game and wide open field it could be anybody. is it going to be bush? i'm not sure. it should give all the candidates who aren't in the number one spot hope. >> you often hear candidates in the media say why don't you drop out you? are pathetic. let's took at a quinnipiac poll in 2007 at this moment in the race. rudy giuliani at 27. fred thompson 14. mccain 13. huckabee at 6. ron paul 2. duncan hunter 1. tom tancredo of colorado 1. why is this cycle so much different from the 2007 cycle? >> there are a lot more this time than that time. except if you look at that rudy giuliani and fred thompson were the leaders and everybody was saying look, we want something different. we want want something new. and yet ultimately that's not the direction the country went. the country went with
4:19 am
somebody else that had a different narrative. a different story. right now what we are see something people really running on a story. running on different policies. nothing mastered to hold on to. i don't know what america looks like under any one of these candidates. i know what individual policies might be. i'm sort of trying to figure out if i trust them. there is not a bigger story yet to tell. they have got to make that pivot. we will see that more as we get into new hampshire and all of that. >> what's so interesting if you look at that poll. these are not french candidates. giuliani is one the most impressive people i have ever met in my life. fred thompson absolutely impressive guy, well regarded senator from tennessee. and neither one of them kind of went anywhere that year. i mean, this stuff is very hard to predict. >> it's, very, very hard to predict. because i think what happens as people start to get to know the candidates, as they start to see the decisions that they make, as they go on, they start to change their minds. i mean, when you look at support of the different candidates right now. it's soft. it can change day to day. so marco had a big, big night this week. and everybody is saying oh marco for president. if marco makes a mistake and
4:20 am
falls on his face next book. everybody is going to be running away from him. >> that's true, the money sings to be moving toward rubio. we learned a big republican funder decided to back marco rubio. >> i think it's interesting to see that i think things can change. think about howard dean years ago too. everybody said he is it he had one moment of screaming and that was it it he was dropped like a dead weight. you have to think things can change so quickly right now. people love certain candidates. the trump support that is there for trump is strong. the other can -- candidates, it's soft. i like this one, i think i'm going to go for him, i'm not sure. anything can happen. >> it f. trump was a sitting senator this wouldn't be a contest. he has already got it. it must drive him crazy. great to he so you this morning. >> great goode to see you. thank you so much. >> the search for survivors in egypt continues after that plane crashed with more than 200 people on board. registered in sigh beeria, a russian aircraft has gone down. how did it happen?
4:21 am
aviation joins us next. drug offenders about be released for sentences. are we releasing career are we releasing career criminals back in the debate. chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you have these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have heart or blood vessel problems, or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke.
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decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side effect is nausea. man, i love being a non-smoker. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you.
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4:24 am
good morning, friends, the department of justice making good on a vow you to reduce the prison sentences of nonviolent drug offenders under new sentencing rules. over 6,000 federal inmates will be released in just days. and while it might deal with the problems of prison's overcrowding. does the move put americans' safety at risk? we will ask our legal panel. trial attorney and jonah spilbore is a criminal defense attorney. both join us for a fair and balanced debate. good morning, ladies. >> good morning. >> heather, i will start with you. you are outraged.
4:25 am
i think the problem is we are getting the people back on to the streets with no support. who is going to take care of them? the police. our police have enough problems. the people that these people are coming out on the streets they have no parole officers because the budget doesn't allow for it. they may need rehab and mental health issues. they haven't worked in so long. looking for jobs, unable to find them and perhaps more likely to resort to what they did before they went to jail. >> jonah, when we have this awful example on october 20th when we had randolph holder the nypd police officer killed up in harlem by what appears to be a doctoring addicted criminal career able to be out on streets why don't you think this this ♪ that big of a deal. >> this is not the situation we have to lock the doors and hide our children. we sh ted should do this anyway. not because of this. these people were screened for starters. number one, nonviolent criminals with drug histories. most of them have served a substantial portion of their sentence anyway. the problem -- the reason why this law came about is because the federal sentencing guidelines had
4:26 am
exceedingly long prison sentences for people who were nonviolent. this is now going to correct that. at least that's the plan. >> is the system equipped though to it be able to tell? >> that's the problem. i don't disagree with jonna that they are not necessarily violent that they are not going to come out and start attacking people. the problem is there is no support for them on the outside. first of all, anna, the fact of the matter is is, the number of people who are nonviolent drug offenders who are in jail is a small percentage. this ask not like in this going to solve the problem. to be letting people out on the streets without the money to support them really puts all of the onus on our police officers who also don't have the resources to support them. >> they may have mental health issues that go untreated, jonna. >> they could. but not everybody is going to be released without any supervision whatsoever. the probation department can take over. and that's a little bit of a leash on these people as they get released. the other plus, if you want to look at it this way. many of them are going to get out and get deported because they are not here legally. so we won't have to worry about them. >> you say the numbers are misconceiving a little bit anyway because many of these
4:27 am
people are on house arrest and halfway homes? >> you can can actually have a job when you are in halfway houses and you might not know the person next now a halfway house because you don't know where they live. >> they have been in halfway houses for a year. we don't have the resources to truly determine whether these people are violent or not. we are not putting the money in on the back end to make sure we are doing this correctly. all it's going to add to is another problem in the future. >> we need to figure out how to deal with this overcrowding of prisons if this isn't the answer. thank you so much for your time today. >> thank you. >> 27 minutes after the hour on a saturday. coming up on "fox & friends." more on the horrible plane crash in egypt. hundreds of people presumed dead. what the pilot said just before it went down may give us clues as to what happened. an aviation expert is next. breaking overnight. new hillary clinton emails released. who had direct access to her? ben affleck and possibly lady gaga? so why didn't our ambassador, who was begging for help' from benghazi, have direct contact? a live report from washington ahead. but, first, we will check in
4:28 am
with eric bolling for a look what's coming up on "cashin' in." >> hey, guys. it's open season on conservatives. it seems as paul ryan is sworn in, the liberal media is swearing to destroy the tea party and hard work in america. we will explain. plus, way to go, kids. why uncle sam says you are killing the planet by celebrating halloween. i hope you are happy now, kids. don't even try toen joy the holiday "cashin' in" see you at 11:30. just♪ kidding. ge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? ge! check your broker with brokercheck. if legalzoom has your back.s, over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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4:32 am
hi, everyone. we are back with a fox news alert. egyptian rescue team have reportedly found the black box belonging to a passenger plane that vanished from the radar and crashed in a remote area of the sinai desert. >> the aircraft from traveling from egypt to st. petersburg, russia. 224 people on board. including 17 children. the airline is register n. siberia. reports now that up to 100 bodies have been recovered. an investigation into what went wrong is now underway. egyptian aviation official says the pilot called in a technical issue, quote, on board shortly after the plane took off in the red sea resort of scharm el sheikh and wanted to turn back around. >> egypt's prime minister says the wreckage is in an area where egyptian forces are fighting islamic insurgency there. there is no indication the plane was shot down. joining us now is former pilot and aviation consultant j.p. as it tristani. what was going through the
4:33 am
pilot's mind as he was registering with the on board. trying to convert the airport over to cairo. what do we know? >> that's a very unusual callout. technical difficulty. that's not additional call or may day or pan pan pan which is similar to that anyway you can say it over the air i have got a problem within my aircraft. and possibly in the control. now, that's the aftermath. why the silence afterwards? pilots are trained on hot mike to keep talking to atc. now, he stopped talking. what would stop a pilot from talking even more. hot mike even going down to the battery bus it's hot. you have got communication. he stopped communication. that's unusual because pilots will talk right on the way down to impact. >> does that suggest he was incapacitated to you? >> yes. either he was encompass stated or the flighted control was incapacitated. busy fighting it and not
4:34 am
making that call. any one of those scenarios stopped the pilot from communicating or communication systems wiped out. how does that happen? that's unusual. >> what information will be gleaned from the black box? >> first thing is that the aircraft breakout in flight or break up when it hit the ground? that's important consideration. because if it broke up in flight. that is an extremely unusual situation and could only be caused by something catastrophic sharm he will sheikh i have flop that route a thousands times. they said there was thunderstorm activity in the area. that impact on the ground if that aircraft did a spiral dissent there would be quite a bit of debris. >> here is the area where we are looking at where this
4:35 am
thing may have crashed. reports from our reporter there in cairo that this may have crashed in a mountainous region. obviously reports of militant activity so trying to get in there and assess the damage. what will investigators be looking for at the impacted site, information they are trying to glean from how it went down? >> first thing they will look for is any type of he can explosive effect. did they have anything to do with an engine such as fort lauderdale which caused an engine. if you have a fire in flight. one of the problems you have like a blow torch. fire in flight up to 31,000 feet, i don't really buy that. >> a lot of air disasters, they are not evenly distributed. a disproportionate number appear to thoop russian airliners. why is that? >> russia like south america, like asian, and like african are the most dangerous places to fly. because of a lack of a good, infrastructure dealing with aviation matters from training to operations, to
4:36 am
it weather. so, russia is a danger zone. now, who is this airline? >> well, we know it's from owe-it's a siberian airline. >> right. >> they went bankrupt recently. the russians built the space station. the technological know how is there. >> it doesn't matter. yes, they have good pilots, also, they is a lack of discipline also that i have seen in associating with russian pilots when i was based over in europe flying for a foreign carrier. it's not the quality -- not the ability of the russian to fly. it's the fact that the infrastructure does not support them very well. and they don't have a rigid discipline. >> i want to get your take on it you have flown as you said thousands of times out of sharm el-sheikh. what do you make of his quick turn to the left. instead of heading out over the mediterranean sea what do you make of that flight track there. >> he wanted to get back down to the ground quickly. that was theest. basically 21 minutes into his flight plan, maybe is 100 miles out. he wanted to return and get
4:37 am
down fast. so, he had a very serious problem. when he executed that left turn, he wasn't continuing on for pushing a button and seeing the nearest airport there. he was turning around to come back. that tells me he had a very serious situation that was ongoing. >> j.p. we appreciates morning e learn more. we will keep our viewers updated throughout the next fewer hours. >> sad story. thank you. >> thank you. 37 minutes after the hour. brand new surveillance video showing the chaotic scene from an indianapolis mall shooting. this week. the man in white running for his life as a suspect dressed in all black waves a handgun around and begins firing. three people were hit. police think this is a separate suspect running through the parking lot, a the 11 caller helps out one of the wounded. >> there was at least 5 to 10 shots fired. you got shot? okay, come on, sweetheart. >> i have a girl who has been shot in the leg.
4:38 am
>> the gunfire broke out after an argument. the suspect still on the run this morning. and the road rage suspect accused of killing a had-year-old girl on a new mexico highway now faces federal charges in addition to murder. tony tores faces drug trafficking charges after police found marijuana and more than $60,000 worth of cash inside his home. tores was arrested last week for the death of lily garcia. police say he started shooting after getting into a fight with the young girl's father while driving on on an albuquerque highway. those are your news headlines. 38 minutes after the hour. >> rick reichmuth standing by with the latest from the national world. a lot of drama out here. >> a lot of drama out here with this crowd this morning, right? seriously, it's a braatic one. all right, it's also got to change the clocks, guys. one night of the year take a look at the maps. wake up at it:00. turn your clock back. that's how this thing works. door it before you go to bed and get that extra hour of sleep. best night of the year if you work in morning tv on
4:39 am
the weekends. but, tomorrow is going to get dark very, very early. all right. across the east today, northeast in toward the mid-atlantic. cool day. cooler than it's been. warming up throughout the afternoon toward a warming day tomorrow. down across the south we will continue to see very heavy rain across east texas, much of louisiana into mississippi. that flooding threat will continue and a tornado threat throughout today. a tornado watch including houston area until 10:00 a.m. this morning. into the northern plains, same system bringing system across the great lakes. in toward the high plains sunshine and warmer temperatures. finally out across the west and southwest, looking great, the pacific northwest very heavy rain and mountain snow later on today. we will continue to watch that all right, real quickly. headed out tonight to trick or treat, put those maps back up one more full-time for me if you don't mind. >> trick or treat tonight, here is your forecast, cloudy across much of the east. showers in the mississippi river valley in toward the great lakes. and pacific northwest. you better have some good rain gear with your costume.
4:40 am
all right. guys. now. send it back to you inside. >> what about world series? we will check in with that forecast a little bit later. >> thanks, rick. >> go mets. 20 minutes before the top of the hour. fright night on the red carpet. >> midler hosting hula party to which you weren't invited. we weren't either. waffle doppler hotel. >> someone was invited. let's step into the fox light senior vp of marketing micah tamara? how was the party. >> not a party without you guys. bow down to the queen of halloween bette midler. for the past 20 years she has hosted epic and i mean epic halloween bash. this year's theme hell might on halloween island, check it out if you dare. >>
4:41 am
>> tell us about your costume. >> costume? what costume. >> outfit. >> i'm a monday -- monster. i didn't have lay sick surgery. >> you look fabulous. tell me about your costume? >> sure. i'm a hawaiian voodoo dollish. >> i'm a devil, this is a had 0. >> perfect. >> what is it about halloween and that you want to go -- >> -- i will tell you something, when we first started, this i had read about and when i was a kid i used to read about the costume balls in the early days. i always had thought that sounds like so much fun. >> bette did you have a favorite costume growing up.
4:42 am
>> it would give my age away but wonder woman was pretty big when i was a kid. >> i was the unicef box. >> one halloween movie or halloween movie that scares you? >> no, no. i don't really watch horror movies. i love hocus pocus. i will say that. >> i put a spell on you. >> >> well, the party benefits the new york restoration project. a program that just planted its 1 millionth tree right here in new york city. she started this 20 years ago to create more green space in the city with her own money and private funds. we need more green space. >> she was 2444 covington piked up like her character from hocus pocus. >> channeling a little bit. gilligan island thing going on. the professor had his way with her that's what shield look like. i don't know. >> heidi klum's party is tonight. >> matthew morrisson has a big party tomorrow night.
4:43 am
>> everyone is getting in on the plane. >> as if they don't get to dress up enough. >> if you want more and you do, can you log on to in the fox follow michael on twitter at fox light michael. you will be blinded by it you ought to. >> that's a sell. >> come on, that's what we do. >> at the end of the show as always. on halloween, we have a nice little parade of all the killed in their costumes. we will be dressed up too in our first hint for you have to guess. the first hint is hot cereal. >>' the second is. >> will it be humiliating? yes it will. don't miss that brand new batch of email sparking brand new questions for democratic frontrunner hillary clinton. here is one. how did ben affleck and lady gaga fit into that controversy? stay tuned for a live report from washington. >> don't look now, the "fox & friends" control room getting invaded with creepy creatures just in time for halloween. is that a skunk? is that a skunk?
4:44 am
oh my gosh. is that one of our producers? here at td ameritrade, they love innovating.
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4:47 am
manufacturers of the security camera which you never approved or voted on say law enforcement needs to encrypt their software to
4:48 am
avoid hacking like this. we will keep you posted. clayton? >> thank you, tucker. well, president obama sent emails to hillary clinton on her private server but the white house just announced those messages will not be made public until the commander and chief leaves office. >> well, the news coming as the state department releases thousands of pages of new messages. >> we go now to probably the smartest person in the district of columbia. he is our chief washington correspondent james rosen live with the breaking details. good morning, james. >> good morning. that has not been validated by jeopardy but that day awaits us all. god morning to you guys. aids to president obama say we are only talking about a relative handful of emails which they describe as mostly non-substantive the president and secretary of state mostly conducted their business in person or by telephone. the white house says presidential communications are not subject to the freedom of information act. a position also taken by the bush-cheney administration. at one point the secretary, whose private server was running weak and outdated security software joked to
4:49 am
an aide in the state department's office of legal council that the chinese were hacking mrs. clinton's contact list. weird since my address book only has your g mail clinton road the aide in july of 20 11. quote, maybe the chinese hacked it and focused on you, unquote. estimated 268 emails in this latest batch contained information now deemed classified. one of them featured secretary clinton telling her top advisors that her husband, former president bill clinton, quote: knows the crown prince of saudi arabia very well and wants to call and offer support. is that okay, unquote? the state department is processing 55,000 of mrs. clinton's private emails for public release. mrs. clinton has said she deleted 30,000 of them before turning over the rest. the fbi is investigating whether any laws were broken. back to you guys in new york. >> amazing how many schamtion points she used in those emails. that was striking. she also corresponded with a number of celebrities that was kind of striking. >> in fact. in her recent testimony before the house select
4:50 am
benghazi committee the secretary of state acknowledged that the late bamsz to libya chris stevens did not have per personal email address. this latest rounds did reveal to us the people who did the actor ben affleck and the singer song writer lady gaga. indeed at different points we see secretary clinton tasking her aides to get her those individuals' addresses interesting choice of correspondence. >> you know what i have been reading this book cheney one on one which is really interesting out monday. >> it's out monday. i will be on the kelly file with megyn kelly at 9:00 p.m. eastern time on monday to roll it out. we will play some of the actual tapes, what i call the cheney tapes from my 10 hours of interviews with the former vice president and you are good to mention it. thank you, tucker. >> super interesting. thanks a lot, james. >> i didn't get my copy yet, james. >> send them over. >> lady gaga has it, i
4:51 am
believe. >> all right. friends, we usually too cuddly animals. these are adorable. creatures in the wild are invading our set next. ♪ born to be wild ♪ we can fly so high ♪ i never want to die ♪ born to be wild
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
♪ ♪ they are creepy and cookie. ♪ mysterious and spooky. >> i'm not talking about the adam's family cool animals you are about to see. here to tell us about what these animals are the sea world and busch gardens animal ambassador. we are really gadd to have her good morning.
4:55 am
>> good morning, everyone. for over a 50 years sea world and busch gardens park have been inspiring people to learn more about animals. the ones people may associate with the spookiness. they are all very important for the environment. we will discuss that as he well. >> tell us about this raven. >> harbin of death. >> amazing animal. they prey on small mammals and mice and keep that population down. beautiful birds. they can be found throughout the northern hemisphere. very acrobatic fliers. >> do you want to see fly? >> yeah. >> lisa, are you over there? >> all right. >> if she looks you directly in the eye, it's over. thiele. >> she's comes when you call. >> come on, go. >> there we go.
4:56 am
nicely done. so you know what? we brought a few other things. these people really think they are creepy. not this one so much. some people just have eneight fear for lizards. >> irrational. >> here is a chuck wall wala lizard found in the southwest of the united states southwest and arizona where you are from. not harmful to us at all. >> they eat fruits, vegetables, secondarily they eat insects so making them good to have out there as well. >> their defense. they will go into a hole and then they puff up really big and can't get them back out. >> we will move over here. i will put him over here so he can hang out with us. and then in here these definitely inspire fear among people. these have been around they glow in the dark. if can you get in there. >> that's crazy. do they make good pets or no. >> these are actually more
4:57 am
the of of the docile one. the species is now listed as appendix two because they have been taken out of the environment. >> unfortunately we are out of town -- out of time. >> we are out of town with all these great crazy animals. we have got to go. >> that skunk is so cool. >> and a great horned owl. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit a dry mouth can be a common side effect. that's why there's biotene. it comes in oral rinse, spray or gel so there's moisturizing relief for everyone. biotene, for people who suffer from dry mouth.
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5:01 am
talking about fantasy football? >> governor mike huckabee was on the stage when that took place. he joins us in just a second. tells us what he thinks ought to happen. >> and did you hear what quinton tarantino said about cops? he called them murderers. >> i have to call the murder murder the murdered and i have to call the murderers the murderers. >> now that director's father is slamming his son saying that his son was dead wrong. "fox & friends" hour three begins right now. good morning, friends, and right to that fox news alert. distraught families wait for any news of survivors. after a passenger jet heading from egypt to russia crashes and a potentially dangerous area of the sinai peninsula. 224 people were on board and there are reports the plane's black box has been found. john huddy is live in jerusalem with the very latest. and that information about the black box potentially
5:02 am
being found just coming in in the last half hour or so, john, what can you tell us? >> well, anna, i mean, that's a crucial thing, the fact that the black box was found because that will be a crucial piece of evidence into what exactly happened here. we know that the pilot according to officials radioed in technical problems. cruising altitude of 30,000 feet. we don't know what exactly happened after that. apparently it went off course. it was enroute to st. petersburg after leaving the egyptian resort of sharm el-sheikh which is a very popular resort. it's actually within eyesight of a lot in southern israel. we know it was heading to st. petersburg as mentioned. 224 people were on board. 217 passengers and seven crew members. along with the black box we are hearing that bodies have been recovered. we don't know anymore than that. we have to be very careful in a situation like this.
5:03 am
right after a crash. a lot of details start coming out. some of those details are true. some are false. others are speculation. so we do need to be very careful. it is a fluid situation. now a little bit, some more bullet points. the plane flight number 7 k 9268 is an air bus 321. we don't know exactly if this airbus. had problems prior to this crash. that will be part of the investigation. as j.p. tristani said earlier also whether the plane broke up mid-air before it actually went down. again, there was information, according to egypt's prime minister that the pilot did radio in that he was having technical problems when contact at that point was lost. now, sharm el-shieik airport, just to give you a little idea, is a along the red sea. it's in the southern part of the sinai peninsula.
5:04 am
the plane went down in mountainous region in the knowledge part of the sinai. as mentioned, it's a dangerous region because egyptian military forces have been battling isis militants. but i also want to be clear about something, tucker, anna and clayton. no evidence at this point that this was any type of terror attack. okay. so we need to be very clear about that again, the pilot radioing in that there were mid-air technical issues. that will all be part of the investigation, the factsed that factsed that the black box was recovered, also a key piece of evidence. family members in st. petersburg do have have ---have been told about the crash. obviously a lot of grieving family members. also according to the a.p. information that just came. in the cripple lynn cripple we are aware of the media
5:05 am
reports. efforts are now going toward assessing the situation. we'll provide nor information as soon as possible in terms of the regional aspect. thed in that israel's defense forces helped with aerial surveillance in the region, in the area where this plane crashed earlier today earlier this morning and a the idea says it will continue to help yution and egyptian officials and crash investigators in needed in any way possible. that's really the latest from here, tucker, anna, and clayton. back to you. >> reporting live to us from jerusalem. bringing us up to date on all of that. >> thanks, john. we want to turn back now to politics. governor huckabee was on the stage the other night during the cnbc debate. that was one of the most compelling things i have seen on television since we know you i kept thinking i wonder what governor huckabee was thinking right now. what are you thinking? >> i was thinking how frustrating it was to be
5:06 am
told that we were going to be talking about the economy, about monetary policy. all economic issues. we thought that was going to be the case because it's cnbc that's their wheel house. we were told there would be algorithms that would be very carefully monitored to make sure every candidate had equal amount of time and it would be balanced. those two things both didn't happen it was a complete disaster. i think cnb utterly embarrassed themselves in the manner which they conducted their debate. they went after us in a way that they never go after democrats. and i do believe this: it united republican candidates on that stage. so, maybe there was a benefit to it after all. >> and the rnc has now pulled out of the nbc debate. and according -- we were just talking about this a second ago which was the letter and agreement between the g.o.p. and and cnbc supposed to be talking about the economy which was in cnbc's wheel house and
5:07 am
opening question was even discussed ahead of time it was supposed to be open-ended, supposed to be talking about freedom or capitalism or the economy instead you got a question about your weaknesses. so did the rnc do the right thing by canceling this next debate? >> he absolutely did. if there is no accountability. and no one gets held responsible for just lying to us and breaking a commitment, then they will keep lying to us and breaking christmas. i want to be very clear. i don't think anybody on that stage expects softball questions. heck, we are running for president. throw your best shot. ask the toughest questions you have. i go on a sunday show, i expect there are going to be tough questions. hey, guy on "fox & friends." i expect you guys are going to ask me tough questions. you are going to make me stand up and account for the things i have said or done, that's perfectly fair. but don't ask me what i think about the moral character of another candidate because it's an irrelevant question to ask me and it is taking away from the substantive issues that really do effect
5:08 am
people. i talked about yesterday in iowa, kathleen, who cleans our building and headquarters. she is working 15 hours a day. i want to talk about her. i want to talk about why somebody has to work 15 hours a day cleaning buildings in order to make a living. that's what we need to be discussing. >> yeah. you wanted to talk about substantive issues like bringing jobs back to america and decreasing the national debt and things like that. also, the healthcare cost crisis is something that was supposed to be addressed. it was some. but you have a plan, you say fix this issue and that's attack diseases. tell us about your plan. >> 8 5% of medicare costs are spent toward chronic diseases. we live longer but we live in a very unhealthy way. now, here is a shocking figure. 85% of a person's lifetime healthcare costs are spent in their last 18 months of life. what we have is overwhelming
5:09 am
cost factor driven by chronic disease. what i say is that the next president and i hope that's me, should do the same thing john kennedy did in declaring that we're going we need to say that decade. cancer heart disease. diabetes and four big cost drivers. >> if we do that we are going to change not only our family's lives because those diseases are so devastating, we will totally change the economy both of medicare but frankly the economy of the country since we are going to be spending trillions, trillions of dollars if we continue the same thing, which is to treat disease at the catastrophic level rather than to prevent it, or cure it which is the only way to have cost control. >> i thought that was the most interesting line. if you solved one of those diseases you would fix the balance. i want to get to foreign policy. i know you are interested and spent a lot of time in the middle east. the president has committed about auto special operators on the ground in syria.
5:10 am
he has given no hint of what the end game is what's the strategy here. who do you believe ought to be running syria? who ought to be the president of syria when all of this is done? >> i'm not sure we have anybody capable of doing the job. assad is a dictator. under assad things were much more stable and much less volatility, not just in syria but in all the middle east. and i don't know that we have anybody to go in there and replace him right now. i thought roger simon had the best tweet. he said president obama commits ground forces to syria. but who are they going to fight with? i mean, it just shows a complete lack of clarity. we don't know. he we spent $500 million to train some rebels and we ended up training four people for $500 million. this policy from this president because he doesn't know who our enemies really are. and he can't identify our friends either. he treats israel like an enemy. he treats iran like a friend. this is not the way thank
5:11 am
you in the middle east when you can't distinguish the good versus the bad. i off said this president couldn't watch a western from the 50's and tell you who the good guys were. >> how do you distinguish though. what forces are supporting isis, what forces are not supporting isis. how would you as president handle that? >> what you have to do is realize not just isis. bigger threat. all of radical islam. includes iran and boko haram and includes all these forces that still believe we ought to be pushed back to the seventh century. we need to see them all as enemies. we need to see them all as threats. we need to take on the ones that are threatening us most which right now may be isis. we haven't had a concentrated effort to bust their supply lines with a-10 wart hog fighters or those planes that could bust their supply capacity. until we start doing that aggressively, we are not going to win this battle. >> all right, governor,
5:12 am
we're celebrating halloween on the show obviously. happy halloween to you. how are you spending it today? >> here is your softball question. >> yeah. i will be going to a trunk or treat event in jefferson, iowa tonight and wishing somehow i was with my five grand kids trick or treating with them back in arkansas. i'm sure i'm going to get lots of pictures of their costumes. one of my grandsons is going to be dressed up as a monkey. and his little brother will be a banana. that will be fun to see those photos. >> outstanding. nice nonpolitical costumes. fantastic. great to see you this morning governor, we appreciate it. >> thanks, you bet. >> he wool be dressing up at the end of the show today because it's halloween, of course. we have had this tradition for many, many years. who are we going to be for halloween? he we are giving you clues clout the show. the earlier with a hot breakfast that's your first clue. the next clue is one of us does not belong. we are outdoorsy and bad things come in threes.
5:13 am
do you know? >> can we get some halloween music? >> i think the first hint the hot breakfast, hot cereal is the biggest clue. >> see if people understand it. >> fox news alert just moments ago rescue crews found a black box in that russian passenger plane that crashed in egypt with it 24 people on board. we will bring you the very latest when we come back. >> video is shocking a female police officer caught in the middle of an out-of-control brawl. and the crowd, students. and they are looking like they are cheering all this on. is this part of a larger trend against police? fox news contributor bo dietl joins us live in the studio to weigh in next. ♪ here i go again on my own ♪
5:14 am
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5:17 am
[bleep] >> the female officer was dragged to the ground while a crowd of up to 200 students gathered to watch. so how could something like this even happen? here to weigh in is is the chairman and ceo of and also fox news contributor our friend bo dietl. good morning, thanks for being with us. >> good morning, thanks for having me. it's very important that someone speaks out as being a former new york city cop and detective he wear this blue lives matter. it's got to the point where disrespect for a cop. you just saw that beat a cop into the ground. people don't understand something now with the advent of these cell phone cameras. every time a cop makes an
5:18 am
arrest. i challenge anybody who is not a cop to go out there and try to arrest 100-pound female and see what it looks like on videotape. what happens is when someone doesn't comply with you and they are resisting arrest. it is not pretty. it's ugly and the person is moving around and when you are videotape it looks like the cop is being so bad. we had had an a arrest over in central park. >> you are talking about with the cop with the student in the chair? >> yeah. i want to get your take on this. away from the school that's why school officials weren't around. cops have been called because of gang fighting. as cops are trying to break up this brawl out of control they turn on the cops and this woman, potentially has a concussion and another police officer does have a concussion. where does this disrespect for authority come from? >> it's now -- it's all over the country now the disrespect that they have for the police. and then what's happening is all these videos, all these cell phone camera videos
5:19 am
they are putting on youtube. now the disrespect is out there. cops pull over a gang of kids. possibly armed. they go to answer them and right away cell phone cameras come out. they are not going to be proactive. what they are going to be doing is taking reports after the fact. this is the disrespect across this country because of the news media publicizing all these videos on tv. everyone says oh well we don't have to respect the cop. used to be when a cop and still now when i get pulled over in my car being retired i say officer, i'm sorry, excused me by the way i'm a retired detective. the respect factor is not out there. i talk to cops every day in new york and around this country whenever i travel. and the same feeling is there. you know what's going to happen is? would don't want a police department when you have a problem and someone is going to try to rob you are you going to call a cop or how are you going to call? we have to bring the respect for the police department out there. we have one of the most diverse police departments in this country. it's not black lives matter
5:20 am
or blue lives matter. look at the cop killed shot in the head. his life doesn't count? he is a man in blue. the people in blue out there we should have the respect for. they are our bottom line between anarchy and having riots in the street. >> bo dietl thank you so much. >> thank you. >> 20 minutes after the hour here is what is coming up on friends. the news no one wanted to hear the word just in that there are no survivors in that horrible plane crash in egypt. what the time line of the crash could say about a possible cause. that's ahead. and do you know what your babysitter is up to while you are gone? some parents are hiring private investigators. we are going to be talking to one of them coming up next.
5:21 am
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5:24 am
well, good morning, ladies and gentlemen, quick headlines for you this saturday morning. first up a suspected church arsonist is behind bars in saint lewis. missouri police say david lopez jackson's car was seen on surveillance video at two separate church fires this month. seven churches were torched in the area since october 8th. police have not described a motive for the attacks. and then a warning this halloween after ohio teen bites into a snicker's bar barely missing a razor blade. authorities think this was isolated incident but telling parents to watch for loose rap wrapperspers with punctures lumps or bulges. bring up update when police
5:25 am
verify it actually happened. >> clayton. >> thanks, tucker. when it comes to the care of your children, you can never be too safe. that is why around the country more parents are turning to private investigators to follow their nannies to make sure they are appropriately caring for their children. really? private investigator barry cruel joins us are now to effectively monitor your thane. nice to see you. >> nice to see you, too. >> this sounds ridiculous to me. you say it's not ridiculous? talk me off of the edge here. >> your children are are your prized possession. the relates of this is, although people have owe and live-in nannies. we are north talking about the babysitter around the corner or teenage girl you have on date night. we are talking about career child care providers. it's a business transaction and should be treated as such. there is nothing wrong with quality assurance. therefore people are turning to private investigators to kind of keep tabernacles on what ---keep tabs on what their babysitters and nannies are doing.
5:26 am
>> sounds crazy to me. you say there are things we can do to make sure we are not making mass stake on hiring. what, checking their background first? how do you do that. >> a lot of these nannies come from very reputable companies that do their own background checks. they do personality interviews and things of that nature. there is no such thing as perfect paperwork background check have they done anything criminal? you know what? sometimes that's less harmful than some of the psychological issues that they use k. use to impair a family. >> we have heard some tragic stories just here in new york, i don't want to go in details of it but there has been a number of terrible stories about this. you say ask some questions. what kind of questions should you be asking especially if you are not a professional interviewer for hr department? >> there should be, like i said a business transaction. this particular arrange wanted there should be some level of comfort. you should be kind of feel comfortable to ask somebody questions about their past times, what they like to do. and if someone seems offended by that then they
5:27 am
might not be the right person for you. >> you say trust your gut, which i think that's your best defense right to know what your gut is telling you. if something seems off with this person. >> right, definitely. your gut is always right. and we have this habit of saying gosh, you know, something was weird. it did feel weird and then something tragic did happen. so your gut is 1200 percent. video, cameras, watching thanes, a level of surveillance here. as you point out, these people become like extensions of the fame. they really become part of the family. so would you be putting cameras in your kid's rooms and surveying the rest of your family this way? >> look, a lot of people ask that what's the legality of doing things like that. the reality is it's perfectly legal to have video surveillance in your homes in areas with there is no eectation to privacy. living areas, kitchen, things of that nature. but, nannies have become wise to that little cameras in all shapes and sizes and
5:28 am
different things like a flower vase, for example or clock radio. they are aware of that what's going on outside of the home? when the nanny takes your child to a playground and it's crowded are they focused? are they paying attention? are they holding their hand in a train station? things like that. >> private investigator before we go have you caught any crazy nannies? >> stealing some clothes. that's about it. >> nice to see you this morning. >> nice to see you as well. thank you. >> new developments coming in by the minute right now on that plane crash in egypt. new reports saying there are no survivors and that the black box was just discovered. that's a huge update. we will have it for you when we come back. if one piece of ke could protect you from diabetes? what if one sit-up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease. pneumococcal pneumonia. if you are 50 or older, one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you from
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hi, everybody, we are back with that fox news alert. no survivors. egyptian officials confirm all it 24 people on board a russian passenger plane, including 17 children have all died. after it crashed in a remote area of egypt's sinai peninsula. the plane was traveling from a popular tourist resort in sharm el-sheikh. it was headed to st. petersburg in russia. an investigative team has now arrived at the crash site to examine the debris and the flight's black box to determine what went wrong. egyptian aviation officials say the pilot called in a technical issue on board despite the plane successfully passing all technical checks before taking off. the kremlin has declared tomorrow a day of
5:33 am
remembering: >> what could have gone wrong in the cockpit? joining us now is pilot and aviation attorney sal. earlier in the show you had hypothesized this catastrophic crash these early rumors coming out that they were hearing voices from maybe wreckage and survivors didn't sound right to you. >> unfortunately i was right. you don't want to be right in that situation. fact that we have got the cockpit voice recorders so early and at least they are reporting one of them has been recovered. we don't know which one that is the flight data recorder. the aircraft came down in some kind of controllable form that it's close by. it wasn't destroyed. it wasn't put deep into the earth where sometimes you have to dig these things out. so, that might give some answers quickly, hopefully. >> now, egyptian authorities are saying almost cattily they don't think this was the product of terrorism.
5:34 am
is it too early to rule that out. >> i think what they are going by was there any radar traces toward the aircraft. >> would that show up on radar. >> that would show up on radar under normal circumstances that doesn't mean there wasn't something near the aircraft. a bomb. something that triggers altitude. could have been a hijacking. what's curious is the fact that the pilot reported some kind of a technical difficulty. it's illinois not pilot speak necessarily. typically you will be much more specific about what's wrong. you want help from the ground. you want them to know what's going on. because sometimes they can help you. that's that third pilot in the cockpit sometimes in the air traffic controller. you tell them much more. you tell them may day or as we say pan even if it's a minor issue j do you think that's something that could have gotten lost in translation in the news reports? maybe the pilot, maybe the captain did report other than a technical issue? >> that very well could be. remember, we are dealing with an area of the world that necessarily is not in
5:35 am
very close communications with the united states. we don't know whether or not that could have happened. but maybe we haven't gotten all that information yet. >> now, there are reports that russia has launched a criminal investigation. is that normal? >> that's normal for the russians. in the united states, we don't do it that way. we want to find out what happened to these crashes and we don't want people's confidential -- you know, just lawyering up and saying look i don't want to talk because you may have a criminal charge against me. he we always want to find out how to fix things. in other countries specially in europe and russia you will see that's exactly what they do. they do simultaneous investigations of the cause and of the criminal investigation. >> unbelievable that this didn't happen right on takeoff or landing. that it happened so far in to the flight. what does that tell you? >> it's the safest part of any flight. most accidents are going to happen on takeoff or landing. here you have an aircraft that's in cruise. reports some kind of unknown problem. stops diverting off its flight path as if they are going to another airport.
5:36 am
and, yet, doesn't tell us why. so, again, if it's a communications issue, then that's fine. that will be explainable. all of this is very explainable once the cockpit voice recorder. >> boy, when that bell goes off at so thousand feet you think i'm safe because you are most the time. >> absolutely. sal, thanks a lot for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> 3 of minutes after the hour. other stories we are following now. brand new batch of hillary clinton's emails have been released and 7,000 pages contain more than 200 pages now classified. actor ben affleck had clinton's personal information and aides help her connect her with lady go diva. the white house says it will not release any email edges changes between president obama and hillary clinton until after the chief leaves office. >> brand new surveillance videoed from a shooting. man dressed in all black wave as handgun around and begins firing. three people were hit.
5:37 am
police think this was a separate suspect running through the parking lot. dramatic 9 is 11 also released these calls. >> >> shots fired. >> you got shot? >> okay. come on, sweetheart. >> i have a girl who has been shot in the leg. >> the gunfire broke out after an argument. the suspect still on the run this morning. the road wage suspect' accused of killing a had-year-old girl on a new mexico highway now faces federal charges in addition to murder. tony tores faces drug trafficking charges after police found marijuana and cash inside his home. police arrested him last month in the death of lily garcia. he started shooting after getting into a fight with the little girl's father while driving on albuquerque highway. five friends now 1 is $06 million richer. -- $106 million richer.
5:38 am
won the new york mega millions general jackpot and thr patience paid off. buying lottery tickets for a decade. each will get a check for $8.5 million after taxes. those are your headlines. rick reichmuth, over to you. >> thank you, anna. we have got a nice crowd out here. they are sticking way behind me because they don't trust me they know i'm going to put a microphone in their face. we have all of this very severe weather across texas. incredible flooding yesterday. austin with 15 inches of rain. the rain is over for you. moving off otoward the east. that's good news. down though a little bit towards southeast texas and southern parts of louisiana. tornado concerns have had some tornadoes this morning around the houston area and now one tornado area headed up just to the southwest of alexandria. stay off the roads. there is going to be a lot of flooding today. continue in areas around houston also potentially seeing up to around 15 inches. at least a couple reports of that send it back to you inside. >> thanks, rick. here is one of -- one of my
5:39 am
favorite segments in the morning. if you think the hotel in the shine something scary. wait until you see the real life american hotels where those who checked in never really checked out. here are the most haunted hotels in the united states expedia travel expert courtney scott. nice to see you this morning. >> nice to see you, clayton. >> let's go down to new orleans for first haunted hotel. >> bourbon or liens hotel. the haunted rooms are two of them. first of all the grand ballroom. this is where a ghost has seen -- has been seen waltzing behe neath the large crystal chandelier alone in the center of the room. now, this property was also an orphanage and up on the sixth floor children's footsteps and voices have also been heard. >> let's go to washington, d.c. the home of our own tucker carlson. the hay adams. >> this is where president obama checked in before he moved into the white house and as the story goes henry adams who is related to president john adams his wife actually took her own life on the property. it is her ghost who is heard crying about the property. even she made contact with some of the housekeepers but not to worry she is a friendly ghost.
5:40 am
>> on the ghost tour when i went through savanna the great town of savannah, georgia we went to the marshall house. this place is unbelievable. tell us about this one. >> a spooky property build in 1851 used as a hospital to treat wounded soldiers at the end of the civil war. there have been reports of one armed roaming about the hallways. faucets turning on and off and body parts found beneath the floor boards during renovations. >> during the am by stations during the civil war they put the body parts below the hotel and they found them down there. the omni mount washington. impressive property. but it is sur rounded by the thick forest of bretton woods. the ghost here is affectionately known as the princess. her real name is caroline foster. she is the wife of the original builder. and she is often seen in her victorian gown walking about the property but most often in room 314. seated at the edge of the bed. the same four post custom
5:41 am
made bed that was used by the couple so many years ago. >> did you see the ghost. >> if i see ya say. yeah. >> well, we are going to get to the bottom of that. courtney scott. great to see you this morning, thanks so much. >> great to see you. happy halloween. >> coming up on the show after wednesday night's debates there were winners and losers. one journalist said that only six candidates are still contenders. who is in and who is out? that's next. the idea was simple. give out free hugs to lonely travelers at the airport. the results brought people to tears. the guys behind the amazing story join us live straight ahead.
5:42 am
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5:45 am
in appear uproar. the greater church of lucifer opened its doors for first meeting in old town spring. many christians don't like the idea of this kind of worship going on in their town and they plan more protests voicing their faith through sunday. a loyal pup is being praised for scaring away a burglar from a home in seattle. despite having large gashes on her paus. peta honored egypt with heroic dog award and seattle police who rescued and bandaged her received a compassionate police department award. tucker? >> fed cruz established himself as a legitimate candidate and so did marco rubio. a lot of people running for president but really there are only six real candidates. senior writer for "the weekly standard" jonathan joins us. he is the man behind the piece. we are glad to have him. great to see you, john than. >> good morning, tucker. >> let's get right to it you say all these guys on the stage pay attention to six is of them.
5:46 am
who are they? >> the six frontrunners the people who have nonzero chances trump, rubio, cruz, carson and then i would stay still an outside shot for chris christie and carly fiorina. >> this is one articulate bunch. they can all talk fluidly and really well. why do you say carly fiorina who has an advantage over the others i would say in a race against hillary only has an outside chance? >> we looked at what happened with her numbers after the second debate she had dominating appearance. she bumped in the polls and disappeared. that suggests she doesn't have a lot of infrastructure. she doesn't have the real big mechanical freezing rain structure you need to modify and win the election. that doesn't mean you can't take off late in the game you can't discount her entirely. >> sort of the inverse of trump who at this moment leads in national polls and
5:47 am
yet almost entirely discounted by everyone calling this race from washington. >> that's totally true stevens held mitt romney campaigns don't hold that against him. what he said is this for donald trump to be the nominee everything we know about politics has to be wrong. it's possible. it could be that this time is really different. i'm always myself a little bit nervous when everybody says this time it's different because usually it isn't. i discounted trump early. i don't discount him as much anymore. i still think he is not the first or second favorite to be the nominee but certainly has a chance. >> i don't think everything we know about politics is wrong but a lot seems to be wrong if trump doesn't become the nominee it doesn't mean he hasn't changed the race. >> i think he has changed the race for the better rnc and republican relets who are anxious about trump ought to be grateful. okay to be negative where
5:48 am
the country actually is. it's good for candidates to be on the news and to be out in front and sort of have a lean, mean and aggressive campaign and highlighted immigration reform as well. >> you can say what you think and not go to prison. nice to be reminded of that once in a while. marco rubio is in the view of pee most people in washington handicapping this already the nominee. do you think people are overvaluing his stock? >> actually if anything i think they are undervaluing it when i look at rubio, the most historical analog is bill clinton in 1992. we had a very large democratic field. a lot of people who were thought to be, you know, serious quality candidates. but then you have this guy bill clinton who was by general acclimation the great political talent of his generation. he didn't actually win a primary until four or five primaries in. he was sort of in position rubio is now. he didn't quite catch fire. everybody knew this guy had the goods. we look back now and bill clinton seems obvious to
5:49 am
have been a two term president. we may say the same thing about marco rubio two years from now. >> living proof that not everyone in washington is out of touch and some know what they're talking about. great to see you this morning. >> great to see you, tuck. >> the idea is pretty simple. give out free hugs to lonely travelers. but the results brought some people to tears. it's an amazing story. the man behind it joins us live next.
5:50 am
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good morning, eight minutes before the top of the hour on a saturday. stressful and exhausting, two words that many may associate with travel. enter generation why not,
5:53 am
though. three millennial video makers settled on a mission to bring happiness to passengers arriving in san francisco with a sign in tow offering free hugs. the trio was successful. reuniting families singing happy birthday and bringing some passengers to tears. joining us are matt and amarah. >> good morning. >> where did you guys get this idea? >> we were traveling to san francisco for a collaboration with a company called blue board. it's a start-up there. it was just us four traveling. we realized there were a lot of passengers alone, who were arriving at the gate with nobody to greet them. so we decided, let's make a sign saying, "welcome to francisco. you deserve a hug." we know what it's like to travel alone and have nobody greet you. so we wanted to shake things up and welcome them to our family. >> maybe it's different on the west coast. i am just thinking what it would be like if i came into jfk or
5:54 am
laguardia or newark around new york city and somebody offered me a hug. people don't make eye contact a lot of times in that situation. so you're in the public place offering free hugs. amar, did anyone think, who is this creep? or did they love it and embrace it? >> some people started off by, people just looking at us. it's like, oh, who are these three? i think some people also thought we were trying to solicit some sort of product or taxis into the city. but it's all about the energy you send out. we have tried this before with a different video where we tried to make mondays better. we did it in the minute of july. from my experience, it's all about the energy you send out. if you have a big smile on your face and you show people that it's all good. just come in for a hug. people will usually be responsive. the thing is, it starts off by us being not very comfortable with it and then we slowly get out of our comfort zone and just like sending the right energy for people to respond back to
5:55 am
this. >> yeah. >> and come in for one. >> i understand, matt, you're trying to change the perception of how your generation is viewed. it's not like you're going against authority or self-absorbed using social media all the time. tell us about your mission. >> what we found just throughout the news and throughout our elders essentially, a lot of people sort of categorize us as being lazy and entitled. and so many of our friends have felt the same way, that their elders see them that way. but the reality is sort of times have changed, millennials nowadays have a different world than their parents had. we have the internet and social media and can grow our ideas much faster. the fact that we took the youtube path and were making videos, a lot of people might see it as being lazy, as avoiding any job at all costs. but for us this is a job, and that's what we're trying to make
5:56 am
people understand, that this is a new form of work essentially. >> maybe it's a random act of kindness that will spread. guys, thank you so much. matt and amar. >> thank you very much. >> friends at home. check out generation why not's youtube channel. they post new videos every monday. four minutes before the top of the hour this saturday. coming up. republican campaigns huddling this weekend after the rnc pulls the plug on the next nbc debate. governor chris christie live next hour. some are cute, some are creepy, but they're all taking over the show! "fox & friends" halloween parade is ahead next hour. and your hosts are dressing up too. what will we be? [ ghoulish laugh ] quiet! mom has a headache! had a headache! but now, i...don't excedrin® is fast. in fact for some, relief starts in just 15 minutes. excedrin®. now available in geltabs.
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6:00 am
no survivors. a plane goes down over egypt with over 200 people on board. images coming in of devastated family members. the latest developments live from the middle east in a moment. no debate for nbc after this happened. >> $19 trillion in debt. we have people out of work. we have isis and al qaeda attacking us and we're talking about fantasy football? >> in just a minute that man, governor chris christie, joins us to tell us what it was like on stage and what the rnc ought to do next. did you hear from quinton tarantino said about police officers? he called them murderers. >> i have to call the murderer the murderers and i have to call the murderers the murderers. >> that director's father is slamming him. while he says his son is dead wrong. "fox & friends" hour four begins right now. ♪
6:01 am
good morning, friends. we'll get right to the fox news alert. no survivors. egyptian officials confirm all 224 people on board a russian passenger plane including 17 children have all died after it crashed in a remote area of egypt's sinai peninsula. >> an investigation is under way into what went wrong. john is live in jerusalem with the latest. john, what can you tell us at this hour? >> reporter: one piece of crucial evidence possibly into this investigation almost certainly is the black box. egyptian officials say they've recovered the black box. this is pretty incredible since it happened right after the crash incident. it appears investigators really got to the scene quickly. that will be a crucial, crucial piece of evidence into what went wrong as far as how this plane -- how the flight crashedmecrashed.
6:02 am
eknow that egyptian aviation officials are on the scene. also, russian aviation investigators are heading to the crash site as well, according to russian officials. here is what we know thus far as far as the bullet points. the plane, a metro jet flight number 9268. took off from egypt's sharm pop vacation destination in the red sea in the southern part of the sinai peninsula. the plane went down in the northern part of the sinai. 40 miles outside the city. this is a region where egyptian security forces have been battling isis militants. there is no indication at this point according to egyptian officials that this was in any
6:03 am
way any type of terror attack. that also according to egypt's prime minister. as far as the logistics, as far as what happened in the air, officials say that the pilot reported that he was having mid-air technical issues and requested an emergency landing before contact was lost. and the plane dropped off the radar. this about 23 minutes into the flight. initially egyptian officials said the plane was flying at a cruising altitude of 32,000 feet. but now they're saying, according to the a.p. it was at 36,000 feet. it was an airbus a321, egyptian aviation officials say that the plane was inspected prior to takeoff and there were no issues found. but now russia -- russia's aviation investigators have opened a separate investigation into this. and again, russian aviation investigators are en route to the crash site. as mentioned, 224 people on
6:04 am
board, including, as you said, except children. russia's -- the kremlin has said that november 1st, as we've already said, will be a day of mourning for those passengers that were killed, obviously family members now know of the crash. they are devastated. we've been seeing some of the images coming in from st. petersburg. again, a devastating situation. egyptian officials on the scene. russian investigators also heading there as well. >> john huddy. >> live from jerusalem. extreme weather sweeping the south. deadly storms leaving behind a trail of destruction in parts of texas. two killed and one woman is missing. >> more flooding stranded motorists after more than a foot of rain falling in some areas. check out this video. a suspected tornado dropped a flat-bed trailer on the roof of a hotel.
6:05 am
rick reichmuth as the forecast. >> reminds me of a couple years ago, video of tractor-trailers being thrown up into the air. >> that was in a movie? >> no. it was real life. >> that's unbelievable. >> incredible stuff. significant from tornadoes. we've had tornadoes and so much rain and flooding. remember the storms in may that brought the flooding. that was more localized. this will more widespread, what we saw around the austin area. a large area that got a lot of rain. austin, you're done with it. now eastern texas and across areas of louisiana. it's going to be the focus now. you see this spot around austin. it was a large area that saw over 10 inches of rain. and austin airport, 14.99 inches just yesterday. one day. that kind of a total of the that's brought incredible flooding. you can see the storms moving off towards the east. flash flooding extending into louisiana, through houston and then back towards the austin area. take a look at some more of this video. i believe it's from san marcoma.
6:06 am
the water went up by 30 feet in a matter of an hour or so. that's the definition of flash flooding. and going through, you can see all of the debris pulled away. the school completely surrounded by water. the scenes will be repeated today across houston and in towards parts of louisiana. austin, fortunately you're drying out. flooding last week around corsicana and heavy rain has fallen there, again, from this. today we have a severe threat. we'll continue to see a threat for tornadoes across parts of southern louisiana. little parts of mississippi. tomorrow the threat moves farther towards the east panhandle of florida and alabama. tomorrow i don't think as big of a tornado threat. but a very rough day today again. what about the world series? >> 54, 53 degrees and cloudy skies. winds not bad. other stories making headlines on this saturday. president obama stepping up the fight against isis.
6:07 am
announcing he's sending up to 50 troops to syria to help local opposition and coalition forces. secretary of state john kerry commenting on the change in strategy just moments ago. he says it's all part of president obama's plan. >> it is not a decision to enter into syria's civil war. it is not an action or a choice focused on assad. it is focused exclusively on da'esh. >> a video showing an isis jihadi with an american accent sending a warning to the president before beheading prisoners. another fox news alert. 27 people dead and 180 injured after a fire breaks out at a nightclub in romania during a rock concert. brand-new photos coming into the newsroom showing flames engulfing the roof from a
6:08 am
concert featuring pyrotechnics. the lead singer of the band on stage made a joke about the fire before engulfing the basement club. the prime minister has declared three days of mourning starting immediately for the 17 victims who have still not been identified and more than 140 people remain in the hospital. hundreds of students walking out of classrt the south carolina officer fired for slamming a girl to the ground in that video that went viral. spring valley high schoolers protested the firing of ben fields by wearing these t-shirts. fields was caught on camera tossing an unruly student last week. the principal promised not to suspend students who went back to class adding the scohool has quote, heard their concerns. the mets are back in is it. >> they finally got their first
6:09 am
world series win. >> back at the wall. >> the first home run for david wright in the postseason. he homered -- drove in four more runs, by the way. curtis granderson launched one off the wall to help the mets with the victory. it trimmed new york's deficit 2-1. back at city field tonight. 53 degrees tonight. cloudy skies. see if the mets can tie it up and send it back to kansas city. >> i would hate to think a new york-based television show was taking sides. >> the studio crew is all wearing mets' hats. >> orange and blue. they should be wearing orange and black. quinton tarantino, the famous movie director. the star of meara max. he was at an anti-police rally in new york. a black lives matter rally.
6:10 am
he stood up and basically made a blanket statement that police are murderers. not a couple of them, not the bad ones you see on the videos on youtube but all of them. he kind of painted them with a broad and very unfair brush. >> oh, and it was just outrageous. we haven't been hearing from him. but we are hearing from his father who is condemning his son's words. he says, i love my son and have great respect for him as an artist but he is dead wrong in calling police officers, particularly in new york city where i grew up, murderers. he is a passionate man, and that comes out in his art, but sometimes he lets his passion blind him to the facts and to reality. this coming to us from the new york police patrolman's benevolence association who released the statement from tony tarantino. >> it will be an interesting thanksgiving in the tarantino house. rod wheeler on the show earlier this morning. a former d.c. homicide detective. he says he was at this rally. he was right there, and he did not understand what tarantino was talking about.
6:11 am
listen. >> i was right there at the stage when he was saying these things. what was really unfortunate is the fact that i got the sense that tarantino thinks this is a movie or something. this is real life. this is relate. and he says that he has a conscience. police officers have a conscience as well. there's real people behind that uniform, which he fails to realize. why don't we put on blast these so-called victims lives, the people that the police officers have to deal with. nobody is talking about them. we always make it seem like it's the police officers. so i think it's unfortunate that this happened. i encourage the police to continue to boycott this guy's films. >> seeing that across the country. more police organizations are boycotting his movies. you mentioned him working closely with harvey weinstein. he is also apparently furious with tarantino for doing this as well. >> tarantino is an out of touch celebrity. weinstein is a smart guy.
6:12 am
his reaction is fascinating. he upset because the blow-back from the remarks might affect the chances of his film winning an oscar. >> you hope. i wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't more than that. >> comes down to money. >> let us know your thoughts. you've been weighing in on and voting. my mom texted me. she figured out our clues. she knows who we are. >> she is smart. >> i must admit the clues are easy. who will we be dressing up as for halloween? we gave you the clues. one of us does not belong. we are outdoorsy. and bad things come in threes. we also mentioned that there is a hot breakfast bowl of something involved. here is one thing you know for sure. clayton and i will be humiliat d humiliated. porridge. look at that. >> you just gave it away. >> a broken chair and a comfy
6:13 am
bed. if you don't know that, you don't qualify for american citizenship. >> it's too cold in here. >> don't use google. >> go to our facebook page and see if you figured it out. no debate for nbc after the last one went down like this, in case you missed it. >> we have $19 trillion in debt. we have bepeople out of work. isis and al qaeda attacking us, and we're talking about fantasy football? >> that man, governor chris christie, joins us live next. tell us what it was like on the stage. will our haters hate hate hate? taylor swift getting sued over this song. why she could be in legal trouble over one of her biggest hits. maybe she'll just shake it off. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count.
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6:17 am
right to the fox news alert. no survivors. egyptian officials confirm all 224 people on board a russian passenger plane including 17 children have died after a crash in a remote area of egypt's sinai peninsula. >> it was traveling from sharm el sheikh to st. petersburg, russia. a team has arrived at the crash site to examine the debris and the black box, which has been recovered. >> what could have gone wrong? joining us is former pilot and aviation consultant j.p. tristani. we know that he radioed the ground. he didn't say mayday or pan, as you say. he said there was some sort of technical difficulty. what does that tell you about what happened? >> it's an abnormality. that's not pilot speak. you go with the hot mic. you get intoen an emergency and you're broadcasting for the
6:18 am
world the whole way down. it's gone. something happened between the pilot communications and the world. that's an unusual occurrence. when they say they've recovered one of the black boxes. i would hope it's the cockpit voice recorder because that will tell the story of pilots talking among themselves. >> the faa saying the aircraft was at 36,000 feet. >> not much difference. >> that would be cruising altitude, wouldn't it? >> either one. 31,000 might be the initial level-off altitude because of a gross weight problem or air traffic control and then clear to 36,000 feet. that's not unusual at all. >> what do you know about aviation safety standards in that region? >> russia, south america, asia and africa have the worst records for aviation safety in the world. sometimes the european authorities have a black list, so the first thing you check is to see if that particular
6:19 am
airline was on a black list of aircrafts. >> what does that mean? >> a black list is published where they don't meet the criteria and are not allowed to come into european theater. he was heading for st. petersburg, russia. was the airline vetted to land within the e.u. you have to check that source. it's freely available. international's publication of airlines that are black listed. many asian airlines are not allowed to fly into europe. >> one question about weight. we understand talking off for the flight he would have been filled with fuel. a weight issue. would that have affected anything? >> no. that's not a very long flight going up to st. petersburg. even if it was a max gross weight, the amount of fuel on board, no, that's no criteria. half a fuel load could explode as easily as a full fuel load. the fuel load would only dictated the final altitude. that's all. maybe if he wanted to go to 40,000 feet, he wouldn't be able to make it.
6:20 am
31 initial. get burnoff. climb to 36,000 feet. the issue of the amount of fuel on board, no. >> so much we don't know about why he radioed that way. j.p. thank you. up next, a brand-new batch of emails sparking a brand-new round of questions for hillary clinton. how ben affleck and lady gaga fit into the unfolding scandal. the reason babies are aga gaining weight. some say parents are too distracted by the smartphones. how to make sure you're not overdoing it. >> it's surprising to me that babies want to eat, eat, eat, eat. like my labrador. ♪
6:21 am
6:22 am
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i'i've been an elementary school teacher for 16 years. it is really difficult to afford living here in san francisco. i went into foster care my freshman year of high school. i think there was like 9 people living in a 3-bedroom house. claudia: 40% of the mission rock housing will be for low- and middle-income families. there will even be housing for people like micaela who are coming out of the foster-care system. micaela: after i left the foster-care system, i realized that i just couldn't do it on my own. not knowing where you guys are gonna go that night and just stay, like, it sucked not knowing that. mission rock -- it's completely different from anywhere that i've lived. it looks so much prettier. the atmosphere -- it just gives off possibilities. like, i have a chance. i can print out like six different ways to get to work. i would be proud to have someone like micaela be my neighbor. i would love to have somebody like claudia be my neighbor. claudia: i feel like it's part of what san francisco should be.
6:24 am
welcome back. moms, put down your phone! media distractions could be causing you to yoef feoverfeed baby. here with us is co-founder of baby bundle app and assistant clinical professor of pediatrics at mount sinai school of medicine. what's happening here? the idea that mom is on the phone too much. bottle feeding with formula the kid is getting fat because she is distracted? >> we're all multi-tasking. that's what moms do. we know from studies that babies who are formula-fed gain weight faster than nursing babies. we want to be careful because overweight infants can also become overweight adults and we do have an obesity epidemic. >> the difference between formula and breast milk. more chlorically dense and that's part of the problem? >> babies who are nursing
6:25 am
actually, they can regulate themselves. they stop feeding when they're full. if you have a bottle, an eight or nine-ounce bottle, you feel the need to finish the bottle and control for the baby to get it. that doesn't need to be the case. >> you have tips to not overfeed the baby. i find this interesting. if the kid is fussy, you think that's one of three reasons why they're fussy. you say that doesn't necessarily mean that. >> they may have a diaper that needs to be changed or they may just want to be held. if you're formula feeding and it's less than three hours, try something else first. if you overfeed a baby, it can get fussy too. >> you say here don't force the baby to finish. >> when you are breast-feeding you don't know how much the baby is getting. each feed might be different. don't assume the baby has to finish each bottle each time. >> what about slowing down the feeding? >> be more mindful when you are feeding. hold the baby upright, which is also slow down the feeding, using a nipple that's also slower to feed can also slow
6:26 am
down the feeding. take time, burp the baby and hold them as well too. >> keeping up with the checkups. you get the weigh-in like a little professional wrestler. >> i can't stress that up. weighing the baby, following the baby on the growth chart. if there is any question about the growth speak to your physician about the feeding techniques. >> great to see you. thank you. everyone still talking about this moment from the latest debate. did you see this? >> $19 trillion in debt. we have people out of work. we have isis and al qaeda attacking us, and we're talking about fantasy football? is pull plug on the next nbc debate. governor chris christie joins us live to react, next. and, haters gonna hate. taylor swift being sued over this song. why she could be in big legal trouble over one of her biggest hits. ♪ ♪
6:27 am
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welcome back. the aftermath of wednesday's night cnbc debate/disaster train wreck, the rnc suspended its relationship. they say the moderators broke their agreement and showed bias.
6:31 am
chris christie joins us now to discuss what happens. great to see you this morning. many people are upset about the debate. on the other hand, it seemed like a great opportunity for you. if you are fast on your feet and hard to intimidate, you can shine in a moment like that. wouldn't we want more? >> listen, my view is that the moderators didn't control the debate. their bias was showing and it was despicable. that being said, if you can't handle yourself against three cnbc moderators without crying foul and calling for intervention you don't do well against vladimir putin either. i'm not going to complain about it, tucker. if you can't handle yourself on the debate stage, you have no business running for president of the united states sna john harwood achieved what others couldn't. he brought the field together
6:32 am
and united you all. it looked that way. >> i think what he did was make us understand what i have been saying for the last two debates, that our adversaries are in chappaqua, new york, not on the debate stage. we need to be focused on hillary clinton and barack obama, what they've done to the country and what they want to do to this country. that's what i've been focused on, what i've been talking about throughout the debate and what i'll continue to talk about. my eye is on the ball of winning the election in november. i can't wait to get on the stage with hillary clinton. >> in the meantime, the white house decided to commit ground troops to syria. do have any idea what the purpose of that would be, what the goal of the intervention in syria is? >> no. the president hasn't articulated it to the american people. from what i have read so far, he has committed 50 troops. 5-0. now, you know, i don't know what the intent of that is, what the purpose of it is. the president hasn't said that to the people of the country. once again, this is a president who doesn't communicate to the nation.
6:33 am
he acts unilaterally, don't get buy-in from the american people. this is the same guy who called isis the j.v. the same guy who admitted he had no strategic plan against isis. now he is letting russia and iran go in there and try to bring the fight in syria to help bashar al assad. so i don't know what the president's strategy is. quite frankly, i don't think he has one. >> i mean, that's obvious. it's clear they have no idea what they're doing and they're making it up day to day. should they be admitting that in public? doesn't it devalue the authority of the united states to make it obvious that you're incompetent? >> this president has devalued the authority of the presidency over and over again. he drew a red line in syria and said that he would go in there if assad used chemical weapons against his people. a quarter of a million people are dead and he has done nothing but invite the russians into the middle east, where we've kicked them out for 40 years. they brought the iranians and cubans into syria. the presidents new friends who
6:34 am
he established diplomatic relations with and got nothing in return. this is outrageous. he just doesn't know what he's doing. >> syria is a pretty good country, in the middle of the most volatile region in the world. someone has got to run it. seems to me we should decide who the person is. if you were president, who would you want to run syria? who should be in charge of that country? >> first off i set up a no-fly zone in syria to try to protect the people who are trying to take over their government and al assad. you have to protect them and give them the opportunity to fight. we haven't done that. the no-fly zone of course should apply to everyone. should apply to russia in particular. they're not there to fight isis. nobody believes that. remember, this is a group of folks that hillary clinton hit the reset button with. this is hillary clinton owns this foreign policy. she referred to assad as a reformer, someone who has murdered 250,000 of his own citizens and has millions running for their lives to europe and to the rest of the
6:35 am
middle east. what we need to do is establish a no-fly zone and work with their allies in the region to come to a decision to defeat isis and stabilizes syria. >> who then runs the country? >> i think we have to work with the rebels in syria to find out who is best to be able to bring stability to that country. so i think that's got to be something that's got to come with our help organically from within. if we try to impose it, tucker, from the outside, i don't know that that will work. let's first set up an opportunity for them to fight and defeat assad by setting up a no-fly zone and then we move towards identifying the leaders in the country who can help bring stability to syria. let's not keep our eye off the ball. our number one priority has to be to defeat isis. the president's counter terrorism director said isis is now the number one terrorist threat to american citizens in the world. they're beheading christians around the world because of their faith, tucker. these are folks that need to be defeated. >> that's for sure.
6:36 am
you are in a coffee shop in iowa. it's halloween. we're hosting a morning show here. so i'm going to ask you the question. what are you wearing? >> unfortunately i'm wearing the politician's costume, tucker. a suit and tie. >> you look pretty good. i would have to say. >> no fun for me today. i am here in sioux city, iowa at jitters, a great breakfast place. i'm heading to des moines to a republican party event this afternoon. it's been a good couple days in iowa, off of our debate performance on wednesday night. we're looking to continue to press our advantage and show people that i am the candidate who is tested and mature and ready to take on hillary clinton and defeat her. none of this matters if we don't beat hillary clinton. >> governor christie, going as a politician for halloween. thanks for joining us, governor. >> thank you, tucker. anna kooiman with the
6:37 am
headlines. starting with hillary clinton. brand-new batch of emails have been released. 7,000 pages contain more than 200 messages now considered classified. the new emails show actor ben affleck had clinton's contact information and the former secretary of state asked aides for help contacting lady gaga. the white house just released it will not release any email exchanges between president obama and clinton until after the commander in chief leaves office. also this morning, brand-new surveillance video showing the chaotic scene from an indianapolis mall shooting. the suspect waves a hand gun around and begins firing. three people were hit. police think it's a separate suspect running through the parking lot. dramatic 911 calls also released. >> there was at least five to ten shots fired. you got shot? come on, sweetheart. i have a girl who has been shot in the leg.
6:38 am
the gun fight broke out after an argument, we're told. the suspect still on the run this morning. an oebservant girl says a 2-year-old girl was kidnapped by her father. she disappeared from her home in knoxville. a driver in ohio spotted a car matching the alert description and called police. >> i heard the dispatcher say, oh, my gosh, that's the car, that's the guy. then i started getting excited and nervous. >> that caller followed the car for 20 minutes until police arrived. he was able to see brooklyn was inside and safe. tyler enix was arrested and is accused of killing brooklyn's mother, his ex-wife. haters gonna hate, hate, hate. taylor swift is sued over one of her biggest hit songs. >> ♪ players gonna play play play ♪ ♪ haters gonna hate hate hate hate ♪ ♪ baby.
6:39 am
i'm just going to shake it off ♪ >> song writer jessie graham says he first came up with the phrase for a song he wrote in 2013. legal experts say short phrases are not protected under the copyright act. the songs sound nothing alike. listen. ♪ >> graham is asking for $42 million. i guess he knows she has deep pockets. >> i've heard that saying before. >> it's not like vanilla ice. the vanilla ice song, and queen, "under pressure." they sound like the same thing. rick, you've got kids out there. >> okay, guys. it's halloween. these kids will be in our annual halloween parade in a minute.
6:40 am
did you see yourself? >> yes. >> can you see ghosts. >> no. but i can see my skeleton. >> let's talk weather and clayton, very interested in the game. are you excited about the mets game tonight? >> no. >> no. okay. no. he is a kansas city fan. 52 degrees. light winds. a few clouds in the sky. not that bad. and this is like our garden-variety or our -- what is it -- random graphics here. tonight, you have to set your clocks back. extra hour of sleep tonight. tomorrow it will be dark really, really early. that's not that exciting. reminder of day light saving time. tonight scattered showers across parts of the great lakes, through parts of the mississippi valley. stormy around the southern areas, the central gulf. be careful there if you're out trick-or-treating. in the pacific northwest also troubles with heavy rain. and finally, tomorrow is the new york city marathon. are you running the marathon in
6:41 am
the morning? >> no, but i would like to. >> one day. you have to have goals. perfect temp for running. 50s, 60s. cloudy skies. >> and these kids will be doing a little parade. they're already very excited. as are we. >> i see a couple avengers there. missing hawkeye. thanks, rick. when it comes to arguing the issues, how do you go from insults to influence? greg is here to tell you how you can always be right. >> he has a brand-new book out. as you just saw, our studio is overrun with kids. the most adorable halloween costumes you have ever seen had ahead. plus, we're going to reveal our costumes! first, it wouldn't be halloween without neil cavuto. we'll check with him. >> budget approved, debt limit raised. did the deal guarantee big spending and big debt is here to stay? plus, the economy is slowing.
6:42 am
the republican presidential candidates saying a simpler tax code is the only way to get it moving again. but, are they right? plus, health care cost sticker shock. make sure you're sitting down for this one. see you then. ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life"♪ that's life. you diet. you exercise. and if you still need help lowering your blood sugar... ...this is jardiance. along with diet and exercise, jardiance works around the clock to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. it works by helping your body to get rid of some of the sugar it doesn't need through urination. this can help you lower blood sugar and a1c. and although it's not for weight loss or lowering systolic blood pressure, jardiance could help with both.
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hey, i see you're working on need a little luck? uh... no, i have td ameritrade's investing tools and education, so i'm confident that i'm making smart financial decisions. but thanks! okay... trisha, you need any luck? i do not. eric? i'm all set. nice word play by the way. "my name's luck." thanks, sully. i got it. you don't even work on this floor! you don't work on this floor! td ameritrade. you got this.
6:45 am
conservatives get labeled outli all sorts of things by liberals. crazy, cregreedy, ignorant. how do conservatives fight back and influence people? how to be right, the art of persuasively being correct or being persuasively correct. what a great book it is. i actually read it. it's hilarious. >> i can't believe you read it. >> i am a very literate man, greg. so funny but also interesting and useful. what's the point? sum it up. >> every day on "the five" i try to articulate some idea and make
6:46 am
it simple and memorable. when i go on tours they ask me how i write. i thought that's a great idea for a book. how to simplify your ideas so you can beat liberals in arguments. you use their tactics. they accuse you lacking compassion. turn it back on them and tell them, no, you lack compassion. here is why. you use their strategies. >> breaking the mold you talk about. how do you break the mold? >> the scold mold. >> the scold mold. rhyming is important, clayton. i am not baiting. what i am talking about. the great thing about liberals and they're angry about everything with no sense of priority. mad about gender bathrooms, sexist barbie dolls. about gays being thrown off a roof by isis. they won't be angry about that. the best way to go about liberals is to point out their lack of proportion and priority
6:47 am
when it comes to outrage. honor killings. you don't hear about honor killings from the left but they yell at you about a barbie doll. >> or female mutilation. >> the reason why such barbaric activities are excused is because of cultural diversity. it's like, i can't talk about that stuff because, you know, who is to say which culture is better. it's an old liberal belief. you break it with humor by pointing out the absurdity between their outrage for stupid things versus outrage for real, honest-to-god suffering. >> you say hijack the language. >> they turn things. do the same thing to them. i don't say gun control. i say gun ceiling. when you try to control legal access to guns you're harming women. women have 50% less muscle mass than men, therefore, they require firearms to equalize themselves against rapists who
6:48 am
are generally men. if you limit their guns that's a gun ceiling. that's bad. you shift the language. it makes people who are pro-gun control sexist. limiting guns is a war against women. can we admit that? >> you also say out-compassion them. >> if you get into an argument with a militant animal rights activist. talk about how broccoli feels pain. point out that like, okay, if you actually believe in being sensitive to living creatures, how can you eat vegetables? >> it doesn't detract from the brilliance of the book to ask the basic question, does it matter. even if you win the argument on points, do you persuade a liberal? >> the left are excellent at selling bad ideas. the right is terrible at selling the greatest ideas ever. right now we have a socialist running for president who is cuddly.
6:49 am
people think socialism is cute and wonderful because we have forgotten how to be prior swaysive about free-market economics and capitalism. our ideas won the century, we don't argue. >> the book is called "how to be right." greg gutfield. great to see you. >> kids look him bernie sanders any way. >> greg will be dressing up next, along with the ghouls and goblins ready to find candy in our studio. "fox & friends" halloween parade. we'll reveal what we're wearing and what greg gutfield is wearing. stay tuned. when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right.
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the first costumes we tried on this morning were too small. the second, you guessed it, too big. >> but these costumes were just right. >> they're just right! goldilocks and the three bears. did you guess it? >> if you need a costume, i recommend what clayton is wearing. we have all kinds. it's our annual halloween parade. >> we'd like to draw the attention away from ourselves and to the kids. she is a mommy blogger who brought along adorable kids. >> thank you for having me. you look amazing, you guys. we're going to introduce our tiny trick-or-treaters. they'll come out in their costumes. >> we have over a hundred. >> let's meet them. >> logan is a monster. brian is mickey mouse and luke is a dog. >> hey! is that a dinosaur. >> a dyno.
6:54 am
>> are you under there? t-rex? >> hey, good morning. >> for all the tiny trick-or-treaters. >> go that way. >> there is mickey mouse. >> next up, our syruper heroes. >> is that clark kent? >> we have christopher as the flash and madison as bat girl. >> good morning! >> hi. >> bat man. i love it! >> hi, captain. >> the avengers. >> captain america. brother nate on paw patrol. siblings. emma and jack. alice and wonderland and a pilot. >> hi, jack. >> princesses. everyone loves a disney
6:55 am
princess. waverly is elsa. rapunzel and julia is mulan. >> next, morgan as a skeleton. a spider fairy. leah as maddie. you guys look amazing. for the "star wars" people. edward as luke skywalker. anna as princess leia and edward as a storm trooper. >> then we have lily as miles from tomorrowland. mine craft and a baseball player. >> mine craft? >> everybody come on back! >> the good news is we have candy! >> have you been looking at yourself in the camera? >> i'm not going to. i am a serious journalist.
6:56 am
>> i wish we could see chris christie wearing that. >> i was thinking that. >> how are you? >> look what they've got for you. >> we're not stingy. we give you a lot of skittles. would you like skittles? yeah, you would. who wouldn't want skittles. unbelievable. more halloween when we come back. happy halloween, everyone. >> thanks to party city for kicking up the set and the disney store for the kids' costumes. thanks to lauren jenson and all the kids who will be very hyp hyperhyper hyper in about 45 seconds. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24.
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welcome back, everybody. we hope you have a happy, fun and safe evening with your family trick-or-treating or whatever you're doing. >> send us in your halloween pictures and we'll share them on the show tomorrow. >> we'll see you tomorrow, without costumes. >> bye, everybody. budget deal done. debt deal, done. did anything about this number really get done? hi, everyone. this is bulls and bears. lots of law makers praying the bipartisan budget bill heading for the president's desk. not some here. they say it will never get our spending under control. here they are. the bulls and bears. welcome to everybody. lisa. you say this bipartisan deal is a bad deal for taxpayers. why? >> it continues to kick the can down the road


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