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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 3, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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see you back here in an hour. jenna: "outnumbered" starts right now. harris: this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faller. host of lou dobbs tonight is here, he's out numbered but that's not really true. temperature. great to be with you guys. harris: for the second time from two weeks ben carson is leading in the a presidential poll. the retired neurosurgeon is leading in the donald trump 29% to 23% nationally. this is the first time anyone
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has been ahead of trump. among the university poll shows rubio tripled his support in new hampshire the past two months. he's pulling in 13% in this one behind donald trump and ben carson. >> what i think is interesting is carson moving to the forefront in two of these polls. we haven't heard the instantaneous reflex twhribs something wrong with the polls. it's been an he entirely different media and political reaction. trump scares the dickens out of people, particularly the establishment in the republican party and that's why there is a different reaction. >> all of a sudden trump and ben
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carson was doing well. >> trump was saying car signs a seventh day adventist. he didn't go into the methodology. harris: they are the quintessential outsiders. they own 45% to 50% of any polling you look at it's these two guys splitting it. andrea: one is rough around the edges and the other is the sweet were, softer, donald trump. after this last debate ben carsons continue to stay high and go up a little bit. he was the one candidate on that stage that didn't filet one of the moderators. he didn't say he wasn't going to filet the debaters.
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and he still was able to go up. i would keep my eye on carson next week and especially keep my eye on trump. he just had a preston forensic in new york, and nobody handles the -- he just had a press conference in new york. and nobody handles the media better than donald trump. sandra: carson is leading in the polls, his numbers tripled since july. but donald trump the focuses on marco rubio. harris: it's not a line of understanding between truck and carson. i don't know if he saw carson as politically dangerous as marco rubio. but rubio tripling himself in a key state might be getting trump's team attention. >> the implicit partnership between carson and trump also, i
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think that same sort of synergy exists between the cruz cam and trump. going after the rubio takes on the principal threat. harris: we saw that alliance. i guess you can put it in quotes because they haven't endorsed one another. but we say the with religious freedom. you saw cruz and trump get together on that. andrea: cruz is sort of waiting in the wings behind donald trump and rubio is waiting in the wings behind jeb bush hoping both those indy cars will burn out and they can speed past. but donald trump was able to look at the way jeb bush attacked marco rubio and failed. he says i'll take on rubio on that propels me to the number one spot and that's immigration. that's the achilles heel of marco rubio.
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it's not his finance or any of that stuff jeb tried to hit him on. trump gets bert than anyone. harris: i'm reading what donald trump said. he said he's different than gop candidate ben carson. sandra: if you believe this race is going come down to rubio versus cruz. he's bank on getting trump supporters. he believes truck lp not stay in the race. he wants those supporters. rubio is bank on getting bush's supporters. i think marco rubio is in good shape and i think trump knows he's in good shape. i would rather not face rubio. i think rubio is the strongest fern they could put up and i think the hillary camp agrees. >> it will be the best example we have seen in long-term
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thinking in the republican party in a long time. an rrp ouch! more fallout from last week's presidential debate. even more candidates breaking ranks from what was suppose to be a joint effort to negotiate with the tv networks. reps from all the campaigns except fiorina's met to craft demand. but now that evident may be falling apart. chris christie, fiorina and donald trump refusing to sign the letter. >> one thing i would like to see, it shouldn't be more than two hours. we could stand there for 30 hours, who is going to want to watch it. i always say "gone with the
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wind" is three hours. andrea: be ben girks ns berks rg asks the candidates to raise their hands to answer a question or leave their myio phones on during breaks. and there are outlandish diva-like demand allowing them to have preapproval on-screen graphics and be informed of instructions given to audiences about cheering during a debate. and keep the temperature in the haul below 67 degrees. they they asked information white lilies or white candles in the room. oh, that's j-lo's demand. >> this is a big mistake. you have got cnbc on a rotisserie and these folks get together for the specific
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purpose of deflecting the heat on themselves. this looks like amateur hour. this is nonsense. then they get a bush lawyer to represent their demand which i guess could probably come down in favor of jeb. dose use one exclamation mark or two. it's a racket. whenever i negotiate debates and people do this, you negotiate certain things. the room temperature is acceptable to negotiate. that's not inconsistent. >> you want your candidate involved in the room temperature? >> yes. you don't want them to look sweaty. >> you eliminate another trump line. andrea: some of this is ridiculous. i'm going to say something nice about chris christie.
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don't hit me. >> let me get it out of my system. he's right. stop complaining. sandra: he's not signing the letter. >> he's championing this message that he didn't initially have. let's go out there and stand up to the podium. he was the first one to complain. as of this morning he's right. rubio, all the others came out the next day and they complained except chris christie. even donald trump whined the next day. chris is i took them to task on the tape. there is nothing worse than being on defense when you are a candidate. harris: for chris christie it was a good night. you said you wanted chris
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christie to drop out of the race so he can fix the tax issues in new jersey. harris: rubio had a good night, so he took that good night and moved on. if you look over the last couple of debate before then he was not interjecting and getting those one-liners. people were talking about him which in that sense on social media he had a good night. andrea: the moderators made the candidate shine. especially chris christie on the fand fantasy football question. the president is making fun of republicans. take a listen. he every one of these candidate say, obama is weak. putin is he kicking sand in his case. when i talk to putin he's going to straighten out.
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they can't handle a bunch of cnbc moderators. if you can't handle those guys ... you know, then i don't think the chinese and russians are going to be too worried about you. andrea: you should have seen julie' face through all of this. sandra: i'm cracking up because he dirks sed cnbc. the president of the united states completely slammed the cnbc moderators. >> i would like to see the part where he kicked sand in putin's face. andrea: dent do it with bill o'reilly during the super bowl?
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now he sit down with a lovefest. >> i want to see the putin thing with obama. obama hasn't done a lot. andrea: republicans, stop whining about it. mark your calendars. the next republican debate is one week away. tuesday, november 10. it will be on the fox business network. sandra myth will be moderating with trish regan. then maria bartiromo and neil cavuto and our own one lucky guy lou dobbs will be in milwaukee. fir it was no american boots on the ground in syria. then 50 october ps forces on the ground. now the president is qualifying that move. some critic say just fight isis
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already. sorry, not sorry. that from the co-host of the view. is it about her looks or is carly right that it's so much more. right after the show catch more from the couch. log on to inned.
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sandra: president obama speak out with special operations forced that will assist kurdish and arab forces. apparently he's reversing his pledge not to put boots on the ground but he's insisting he's not putting soldiers on the front lines. >> keep in mind we have run special-ops already. this an extension of what we are continuing to do. we are not putting u.s. troops on the front lines fighting
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firefight with isil. i have been consistent throughout that we'll not be fighting like we did in iraq. sandra: with battalions and occupations as finished that thought. the concern is what this might lead to down the road. >> the up in is something under 50. special operators coming out of the green berets. we are watching the president trying to parse his own language and trying to posture. everything is in direct conflict with what he promised the american people 13 times. he's look for legalistic exceptions to common sense and straightforwardness. the man has at some point got to understand what he is articulating is foreign policy and what he's ordering is an embarrassment to the nation.
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harris: the family of master sergeant wheeler who died, they freed 70 people being held by their savages. he died doing that. what do you mean there are no boots on the ground. these are special operations forces. they are the most talented in terms of boots on the ground. they weren't on the front lines of that hostage rescue, who knows what might have happened. >> everyone in special forces is saying i didn't realize counterinsurgency were front lines. the combat these men are in is 360 degrees and it's on target. julie: i'm not sure what the mission is. what are these people doing there. we are putting men on ought ground in syria -- on the ground
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in syria to accomplish what? to prop up assad and the rebels of whom there are not many left? is to it work the russians, to fight isis in free hostages? what is the mission and how are 50 men going to accomplish that mission. the answer is we don't know what the mission is, we don't know what the end game is, we don't know what they are here to do. andrea: everything the president did was for political reasons. he foolishly drew the red line he doesn't cross the line. he dillydallies in syria and libya. he's the don't know war mongering president for what? what's the purpose? are we propping up assad? are we repping the rebels are out? we trained $500 million to train
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five freedom fighters that turned over weapons to al-nusra? s very jeb bush rebooting his campaign again. what the republican presidential candidate is vowing to fix and will it breathe new life into his run for the white house? plus the battle between "the view" and carly fiorina. whoopee goldberg firing back after she achewed the show of bias. hi i'm heather cox
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andrea: republican presidential candidate jeb bush is launching
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his jeb can fix it tour. his latest attempt to breathe new line to his campaign. the former nor today governor kick off his campaign with a reboot, vowing to fix washington. this is not first time that bush has hit the reset button. "the weekly standard" pointing out this is jeb's fifth so-called reboot. but whatever you want to call it, bush is telling gretta he's just look to get his campaign back on track. >> this is the time we were launching the book. i have got to get better at the performance side of this. but i know i have the skills to fix these things. i have a proven record to do that and it's always my intent
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to share the with the people. >> i wonder if there would be an uproar and counts the number of times president obama reset with russia, and pivoted to asia. the counts are running about the same. but it's interesting bush gets focus for doing another reboot. at some point you just have to go. you don't need to label it. just do it. harris: don't fix it, do it. andrea: what's the difference in the reboot. sandra you mentioned he needs to talk about the economy. he's been talking about the economy. where is the new screen? sandra: a lot of this -- a lot of this has been about physical appearance. he's pointing out he has gone the advice to ditch his glasses, change ties.
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andrea: his tie was krookd which was a metaphor for his campaign. you are a form campaign consultant. julie: i continue to be one. andrea: what did you think of his staffers shopping temperature stories. julie: fire them all. the problem is hen't have the personality -- he just doesn't have the personality for it. his brother was charismatic and outgoing and a hell raiser and it worked. he was the smart bush but he don't have the personality for it. >> dr. carson, even softer, gentler, kinder. julie: but he's being true to himself. i don't know how many candidates i work with. if you are not true to yourself, people know. the camera doesn't lie.
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he's trying to reinvent himself. you can't reinvent yourself. carson doesn't have a political past. not one he inherited or one he ran for. bush had two terms. he was a governor. he has been through this. he ought to be a well-oiled machine. >> don't find it's interesting nobody is talking about his political past. harris: they are talking about the a millial past. andrea: sandra mentions his past all the time. harris: he's polling fourth in his own home state in some mols. he's spending a lot of time in florida it's a critical time to be in iowa and new hampshire if you don't think you can perform. julie: trump is doing well because it's been donald trump.
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ben carson is doing well because it's ben carson. but who is jeb bush. sandra: whoopi goldberg fanning the flames and defending "the view." carly fiorina says she is tired of being insulted by liberal feminists after the co-host mocked the way she smiled. michelle col lidges said fiorina looked demented. but whoopi goldberg says fiorina is blowing the comments out of proportion. >> we helped raise your profile. you weren't worry about republican backlash. we were respectful and gave you your due. just so we are all clear, you have to know the difference
9:31 am
between when somebody is coming for you or when somebody is paying you a compliment or saying here is my observation. if you get that together maybe you can be president. harris: is she trying to say she is giving her constructive criticism. sandra: i don't know. is that what she is doing? it sounds like she is trying to take credit for carly fiorina's rise in the polls. >> also for feminism in the country. was i inferring too much from her claims? julie: they have to right to say whatever they want. first amendment. what is up with women criticizing the appearance of other women? what is up with that? it's not new and it's not limited to liberals are or conservatives. we all get our tweets telling us how ugly and repulsive we are. at least i do.
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why not judge her based on the merits of her positions. harris: mean girls. sandra: they talked about donald trump's hair on the view. harris: everyone talks about his hair, including him. sandra: carly fiorina is going to go sit on that couch at the end of the week. should she be doing that? andrea: i think so. i can't wait to see what she says. it's not carly who is complaining. she has taken the high road. she can handle that hewlett-packard shareholders meeting she can handle this. men don't bother trying to understand women. women understand women and we hate each other. they epitomize that. it's very sad. they testified other women
9:33 am
before for attacks on their appearance. if you are going criticize someone on their looks are other people allowed to criticize them. does that open the public up to criticize their looks? >> this is a great example whether it's media wars or political wars. this business of being the victim is getting so tiresome. it's one of the reasons are i think first donald trump gets credit for pushing political correct northeast over the ling. we don't know where it stops but we know it's declining and falling quickly. but this business about victimhood and being defended. we talk about defending the first amendment. sandra: hillary clinton is not. >> she is the person who need to go on the view and kick their butts.
9:34 am
she brings more i.q., experience and passion to the enterprise to "the view." sandra: i wonder if she is justifying the comments of these women by appearing on their show. julie: this something that will be working for both side. which is why whoopi goldberg doubled down on what she said. and carly fiorina will get more eyeballs. >> a cage match. julie: guys like you are ... harris: you said something that resonated with me. you cut through everything. if somebody will go to this level to insult you, you don't want to follow them or be where they are. they are in a hurtful moment. sandra: i never go on the attack somebody who attacks you, because they are dealing with
9:35 am
something internally. i just -- carly fiorina -- i agree she is together right thing. andrea: she is going to be pastorful. what do you say, harris? there is very little traffic on the high road. harris: you don't have to honk and anybody on the high road. there is nobody on it. sandra: a stunning report show most toddlers have their own mobile devices by the time they are 4 years old. most of them tart using those devices before their first day. whether that's good for little ones and what it could mean for future generations. [♪] my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. and that in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira
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harris: on any given day, teenagers in the united states spend 9 hours using media for fun with things like tv, video games, social media. the report points out that all that time does not include using media at school or for homework. but it does include reading and watching video, watching movies and playing music. many children the age of 5 have their own smart phones and tablets and often use them with no supervision or help from their parents. and most those toddlers start using those devices before their first birthday. you have two young children under the age of 2. when you balance all that. you have to keep one occupied while you take care of the other.
9:41 am
sandra: i have got two 2 and under. in order to give the 9-month-old a bought while put my ipad in front my daughter and it occupies her solidly for 5-10 minutes while i give the baby a bottle. i see hoist can get out of control really fast. if you it's as a crutch. the kids will sit will and be 0 therein and be thron -- they wie on there forever. harris: love * i know when you and your wife were raising your kids, technology wasn't what it is today. what do you think about this? lou: as a parent who had to take the lead in the family in child
9:42 am
rearing. i make no judgments. i have to tell you. raising kids more than one at a time in particular, everybody has got their own way and i'm not going to be dr. spock here. parents with young children. that is one of the toughest jobs in the world. harris: it's a blessing but it's a tough job. julie: when ways pregnant i was one of those parents, he's never going to watch tv. daniel tiger thank you for saving my life. the problem is he has been punished the last couple weeks for not being well behaved in school so i have taken away his social media, i'm one who has been punished because i have to read harry potter more than
9:43 am
usual. it's a way to allow to you get some work done. mama is trying to be disciplining and i'm the one being punished. harris: kids will lose a couple things, the ability to have more one-on-one conversations and relationships with people. 9 hours doing anything is a lot. that's like a job. if your child is doing that and it doesn't involve eye contact and conversation, are they losing social communication skills. andrea: as you see kids get older, a lot of the kids don't know how to write or how to spell it's a problem. in school they are saying should we get rid of hand writing classes. there are things changing and not for the better. if kids can't give you eye contact and conversation that's
9:44 am
a real world skill they will need. harris: your ability to do that ties in with yourself-esteem. feeling whole in those relationships might be a question. julie: studies snow girls see other people on facebook and it makes them feel insecure it am not real life. it's facebook. harris: you have got to monitor them. there are bullies online. apparently backing republican candidates can be bad tore business. what a local host of "pawn star" says happened to him after he voiced his support for a republican candidate. can a business have a mind?
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a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive? at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
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andrea: you may know him from reality show "pawn stars." the smash hit on a & e and the shift channel. mark harrison endorsing marco rubio for president and hosting a birthday party. but he says the endorsement hurt
9:49 am
his career. he says i suddenly became famous and i was the one willing to throw my career away to endorse a republican. when you endorse a republican everyone frowns on you. he's not only celebrity who says coming out as a conservative hurts in hollywood. they say their political leanings have cost them in the career department. lou: just as an aside i think with all the financial problems rubio has had and he gets endorsed by a pawn star it struck me as funny. andrea: i think this is going to help his business in florida. lou: maybe it's an economic statement. democrats frequent pawn shops more than republicans. are we going the wrong way here?
9:50 am
sandra: i don't think it's a stretch to talk about the fact that he's a businessman and interesting to see his throw his support behind a republican candidate who says he's going to address tax and regulation. andrea: small business owners tend to align with republicans. but we see it in hollywood and we see it with tv shows. if you come out for a vuch can you are going to get crucified. harris: with rubio, he has a compelling personal story, too. he talks about how hard work higgs parents were and when they arrived in this country how they came up through the ranks and were so hard working. i think he has a story people would key in with anyway. but you pointed this out.
9:51 am
cane lynn jenner getting some blowback. right? andrea: big time it was far more courageous for her to come out as a conservative. and i have never seen hatred that evening watching twitter. the minute she said she was going to come out and transition as a woman, she was celebrated. but the same people online vilified and crucified her for being a conservative when the media and hollywood, it's all dominated by liberals. julie: am i the on one who doesn't care whether celebrities are democrats or republicans? i'm happy for him that he's supporting marco rubio? lou: clooney is supporting clinton? julie: i think so.
9:52 am
it's a huge shock to you that clooney is supporting a democrat. but i don't take direction from people who don't know about politics. most of the celebrities i know don't necessarily reflect what i believe. sandra: you have to know a lot about politics to be decisive on a candidate. julie: you have to know a lot about politics for me to be influenced by who you support. andrea: you are saying celebrity endorse 789s. don't mean much to me. harris: that just makes you mature. that falls under that category. andrea: you saw oprah endorse president obama. i think that helped him. harris: it helped him more than her. she was criticized for that. there were viewers that were
9:53 am
vocal about it. andrea: should business owners endorse candidate? sandra: i would say they should be very informed when choosing their candidate. whoever this that white house will have a huge influence on their business and employees. andrea: we heard of income inequality. now there is apparently a candy gap and it's growing. why chocolate might be more than the best thing ever and what it may be telling us about the middle class in america. [♪] does that mean they have to grow apart from their friends, or from the things they love to do? with right at home, it doesn't. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects caregivers to help with personal care, housekeeping, meals, and most of all, staying engaged in life. oh, thank you, thank you. you're welcome. are you ready to go?
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i don't think so! do you like nuts?
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[♪] sandra: how many of you have chocolate sitting around your house? as you fight off the temptation to raid your kids' halloween candy. hershey's chocolate reporting a dramatic slump in sales. the ceo says it's seen a widening gap from high-income consumers buying fancier
9:58 am
chocolates and middle income families looking for cheaper chocolate. lou: i love nestle's because i have a daughter-in-law to works for her ships. i love hershey's. i love all kind of chocolate. dark chocolate i really love. sandra: i wonder how much of this is the diet craze and recent studies showed dark chocolate is good for you and you can go home and eat it and it will lower your blood pressure and m andrea: the regular sugar in the chocolate was worse than cocaine. so people are scared to eat sugar. the struggle is real.
9:59 am
i don't know which candy bar to choose. julie you said you lining the darker more expensive chocolate. julie: i stole my son's halloween candy when he went to sleep and i don't regret it. i prefer dark chocolate. but i think it's true people buy dark chocolate because it's healthier than they think. i think of hershey kisses that are milk chocolate. but i think people don't buy those so much pass it am not as conclusive to good health. sandra: sometimes i have to look at these companies and say are they make up an excuse. harris: two things. and what are we talking about? we are talking about chocolate. now all i want is some. i don't care how much it costs.
10:00 am
i just want it. n if it's any kind, the answer is yes. andrea: you don't need chocolate, lou, you are sweet enough. lou: i still get that 99% cocoa. sandra: we are staying right here for "outnumbered" overtime. we are back on tv tomorrow.


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