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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  November 10, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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not as many candidates on the two teenages. you'll hear more from your favorites. >> thanks so much for joining us. >> the real story with gretchen carlson starts now. get excited. we're just five hours away from the high stakes republican candidate fighting for the spotlight. this is the real story today. fox business network hosting the fourth gop debate. contenders will take the stage this milwaukee. nothing is off limits. what can we expect from the candidates? donald trump says he has no plans to hammer ben carson. he finds some of the questions raised hard to ignore. >> i've never seen anything like it. people are getting away with
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murder. i've never saw anything like this. no matter what you do. if you try and hit your mother over the head with a hammer, your poll numbers go up. >> joining me now, ben carson's campaign manager. how do you respond back to donald trump saying that about your candidate? >> i don't know if you can. it's just hilarious. he's got a comedy writer working for him now. i expect him to be quite cordial, but you never know. >> it's telling that your laughing at him or with him. this is his appeal to a lot of voters is he tells it like it is. how about this thing he said about your candidate. >> you stab somebody and the
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newspaper say you didn't do it. you said yes i did. i did it. no you didn't. yes, i did. i stabbed him and it hit the belt. they said you didn't do it. if they said i didn't do it, i'd be so happy. this is the only election in history where you're better off in you stab somebody. >> how do you respond to that one? >> it is interesting. dr. carson revealed it in his autobiography 25 years ago. >> he was the top rotc student in the nation when the whole thing came about whether or not he had a discussion about going onto west point, et cetera. it's interesting they are not focusing on his accolades that got him to that meeting.
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tonight, can you candidate, ben carson, handle any potential scrutiny whether it's from the questioners or nor likely from the candidates like trump? >> i spent several hours with him on the way up here. he's hr fire emore fired up tha seen him. i think he'll do just fine. >> i think we've seen a different ben carson over the last five days. before it was trump and carson so different. trump loud, carson outspoken. we've seen carson get pretty fiery. i'm wondering if you think it's his campaign manager that is a good persona to have tonight.
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he's very safe and came. you get all these names called at you. it's laughable. we're going to fight back on all those things. you've seen ben raise his voice. that's what people will see tonight if people come after him. >> all right. simon rosenburg, his pal. >> you're hurting my career.
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>> come on, we're all going to get along today. simon, i'm going to start with you. does ben carson have a bit of a risk tonight with the scrutiny he may face from the other candidates about his personal past or will they go there? >> sure. i think you'll see rubio and carson getting challenged a little more tonight. both have been rising in the polls and questions raised. i expect they will do all right. >> simon is saying good things about those two republicans. check out this latest poll among goppers.
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71% see ben carson favorably. marco rubio seen favorably by 58%. larry, we should point out this poll was taken. it did encompass some of that time and he still comes out on top. >> it was before the hit job by politico mas politico. it's coming not from the moderates but other candidates. i want to say if donald trump goes after ben carson in a similar way he did doing his jimmy fallon stand up last night, he's no real danger. i hear ben carson's story about hearing when he is about to stab someone and a mirror cal high
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pressures. he uses this as a redemption story. that story resonates with people who are believers. they are people who understand why he talks about his sinful past and how he was redeemed. donald trump should not mock that. that is not going to help him. >> in many people's minds that's the american dream for someone to pick themselves up by the boot straps and make it. >> how do candidates do among all americans. carson has a much more higher favorable rating than donald trump on this particular poll. simon, what do you think of that? >> well, i'm not surprised. one of the things i want to say about ben carson is he's been the inexperience of his campaign showed in the last week. i think he's been stumbling a bit about how they respond which is why tonight it's very important to write the ship a little bit. i will say this. democrats feel pretty good about where we are right now. hillary is in recovery. she had a rough patch.
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we're ahead in party id. she's beating most of the republicans now by three or four points. obama's favorability is way up. >> all right. we'll see how it pans out tonight. you guys can continue the conversation in the elevator. >> oh, yeah. hillary is sitting pretty. >> we'll talk about that next week. the fbi reportedly expanding its probe into her personal e-mail use. politico reporting the fbi putting more resources into the problem making requests for records from people connected to the use of that private server. ed henry live for us from washington. ed, is this fbi probe r expandi expanding? >> sounds like it may be. politico is reporting that fbi has started talking to officials who worked at the state department under hillary clinton and no longer just asking about
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the security of her server. they are asking for documents and conducting interviews according to politico in which they are pressing for information about whether top officials knew that classified information may have been compromised. what is significant about that is so far the clinton campaign is not commenting on this. they are not confirming it or denying it. i'm told they have been telling top fund raisers in recent days that, look, this is an fbi probe of the security of the server. they are trying to find out and make sure no more documents with classified information go out there and hillary clinton and her top officials are not the target. this reporter suggesting it's going beyond the security of the server and looking at whether or not people knew there was classified information. >> we're learning that secret service protection starts tomorrow for donald trump and ben carson. everyone buzzing about their code names. what's the scoop?
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>> agents assigned to trump and carson starting tomorrow is told donald trump's name is mogul. the name being circulated today for ben carson is eli, a reference to the bible. no one greater than god. he's a very spiritual person who talks about the bible a lot. these officials are cautioning that the protection does not start until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. it could change overnight. these are the games that have been given to agents assigned to them. at the cnn debate they were asked what names would you like. >> mr. trump. >> humble. >> that's a good one. >> dr. carson. >> one nation. >> obviously, these would be much different. ronald reagan, rawhide. score card for eisenhower.
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renegade for barack obama. i'm told that was name he picked. he was given the letter r and had a bunch of names. he picked that one. bill clinton was given the letter e. he picked eagle. they want one letter for the entire first family so it's easier for secret service agents to communicate that something is going on with a name that starts with e. there's either a movement, going somewhere or some problem. during the clinton administration hillary clinton was assigned evergreen. she's kept that, senator, secretary of state. >> i'd like know what henry's name would be. send me an e-mail. >> i know yours would be kid. >> i nigh you were going there. >> all right. i'll have to come up with a good one for you. i'll text you later. the court has ruled, it's another roadblock for president obama's immigration plan. now the prez is threatening a possible executive order on
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this. who's going to win this growing battle? the feud between the two former florida friends running for president heating up. a new attack ad. who will come out on top? >> marco has, i think, something that the republican party needs to have which is a hopeful optimistic message based on our principles.
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campaign is quick to respond with this. >> i'm a huge marco fan. probably the most articulate, conservative on the scene today and with fortitude to be a good president. so proud of his high voltage energy. i'm so proud of his enthusiasm and his eloquence. i'm a huge marco fan. >> how will the two act towards one another? joining me is megan mccane. how will they act? >> jeb bush, again, i don't know who is running his campaign right now but he's doing entirely wrong thing. these ads are brilliant. it's exactly the tone i would take. >> about this report. this super pac, not jeb bush but the pac, $20 million in new hampshire to say that marco rubio is too much about pro-life. >> that's bizarre to me. this whole debate that marco rubio is too pro-life. this election will not be lost on won on social issues.
11:17 am
i 100% believe that. >> in the past whoever had the most money really mattered. >> donald trump is running much on press alone. i think jeb bush is running like it's 2005, 2007. it's completely different election right now. >> he was advised last time to do those attacks on marco rubio on the stage pretty much backfired. rubio handled it well. how do you think he's been advised tonight? >> i hope inspire people. why do you think your family legacy would be good. i think it's clearly tone deaf. he has been coached and understands how to debate well. i hope that jeb comes out really
11:18 am
having studied and really coming out looking like a president. right now i'm deeply disappointed with the campaign he's run and the candidate he's presenting himself as. i'm deeply disappointed and i love the bush family. >> i know you do and to hear that for you is profound. >> tonight is make or break for him. >> thank you. time for my take. let's go back to that new washington post abc news poll for a closer look. rubio sits at 58% favorable rating among republicans. one in five republicans have absolutely no opinion of marco rubio. that's good news for the young candidate as it signals possible growth in a positive way. something else in his favor, he's overwhelmingly popular among strong conservatives.
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tonight's debate could especially be a game changer for rubio and bush as we mark now 52 weeks away from election day in 2016. coming up, appeals court says no way to president obama's immigration amnesty order halting deportations of millions. we'll ask a texas congressman what he thinks about that. plus, tonight is the big night. republican presidential candidates square off on the fox business network. that brings us to our question of the day. what economic issues do you want to hear the candidates talk about tonight? tweet me at gretchen carlson. i hope to read your great, insightful questions at the end of the show. diabetes, steady is exciting.
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an appeals court ruling against president obama's immigration plan. it's declared unconstitutional. the department of justice appealing that decision to the supreme court. many on this now is texas congressman jeb hinterling. the fifth circuit says no way to president obama's plan. what do you make of it? >> i think it probably will go to the supreme court. it's a good day for legal immigration. bad day for illegal immigration. good day for the constitution
11:24 am
and rule of law. a bad day for the imperial presidency. thus a bad day for barack obama. as we all know illegal immigration is a huge threat to our national securities and a huge threat to our economic security. the way the president practices it, it's a threat to the rule of law. the fifth circuit says there's constitutions and checks and balances and you cannot rewrite the law. the president managed to persuade the fifth circuit that he didn't do this. he didn't convince himself. >> the white house is considering implementing executive order. >> we know this is a president who has a pen and a phone. he just lacks a copy of the
11:25 am
constitution. the fifth circuit could be no more clear on their injunction. we know this has been the most lawless administration since the nixon administration. i would hope the american people would be outraged. >> what did you find out? >> the obama administratiminista huge impediment to enforcing our laws. they will not allow a border patrol to have access to many federal lands where the illegal immigrants and human traffickers do their business. we know that also there are people from all around the world including nations where we know there's terrorists activity not just mexico and central america. it's a huge problem. something that the administration continues to turn
11:26 am
their back on. they actually phone in it. >> they may take focus now and issue another executive order. we'll have to stay tuned on that. great to see you. >> thank you. a leaf blower prompts a horrifying fight between two neighbors. >> they'll never be able to work again. he's destroyed his life over leaves. >> how the victim's girlfriend was able to save that man's life. plus, donald trump suggesting a starbucks boycott now because of what you're looking at right there on your screen. we're going to ask what he thinks about that. >> i'm the coffee expert. good to see you.
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the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at some headlines for you now. congress is passing a $670 billion defense policy bill. he doesn't like the provisions he's not threatened to veto this. new study shows the u.s. high school drop out rate is on the decline falling from 1 million to about three quarters of a million in 2012. a third lawsuit has been
11:31 am
filed,0 ed now against rolling magazine over its since retracted story of an alleged gang rape. back to politics now. fox business is partnering with facebook for the big debates. we have new insight ahead of the show. breaking it down for fbn. what issues do the voters want to hear about at least when you look at social media. >> taking a look at all the people talking on facebook. take a look at the top five. the top five was government etics wheti ethics. it's slightly more female dominated in that conversation. more women talking about this.
11:32 am
52.5% of the people talking are female. you can see the economy resonates with people all across the board. it's a wide variety of issues. >> donald trump leads in the polls. how is he doing on facebook? >> we have our top five candidates. donald trump, let's take a quick look. 18 of 44 people talking about him the most. look at this heat map across the country. trump very much resonating, california, arizona, new mexico, texas all the way down through florida. immigration is a top issue. economy is a top issue for people talking about trump right now. i want to draw a contrast for you as well. let's take a look at jeb bush who has been known to be struggling ahead of this debate.
11:33 am
you look at all yellow. that's because his topics, his issues are not really resonating on facebook. people are talking about him, but it really isn't the same level as someone like donald trump. >> all right. could be a game changer for a bunch of candidates. thank you. speaking of donald trump, he's drewing pr starbucks. critics say the holiday themed plain red cups are like a lump of coal. in previous years there were festive ornaments and snow men. donald trump suggesting folks should boycott now. >> did you read about starbucks? no more merry christmas on starbucks. i'm speaking against myself, i have one of the most successful starbucks in trump tower. maybe we should boycott starbucks. i will tell you, lots of big thing, lots of little things, you can call this anything you want. we're all going to be saying merry christmas again, that i
11:34 am
can tell you. good to be back to you on tv. >> absolutely. you've had me moving nine different ways. there's 45 marks on your floor. i have no idea where to stand. >> in the daytime it's a little more complicated. lee let's talk about the starbucks. full disclosure, you decided to order pumpkin spice latte. >> this year they put pumpkin in it. >> what do you make of the controversy? >> i've not slept in three days. it's been overwhelming. they're not saying santa on the cup. they are insisting snow flakes and snow man aren't on that. donald trump is the smartest guy in the history of politics.
11:35 am
he's adjusting to things that resonate and that is the fundamental feeling that people have this is a religious holiday and being ignored. the south carolina polls and the south carolina polls for the first time that i can remember, he went from a 15-point lead to a one-point deficit. he sees what we're talking about here and some other people are writing about and says i'm going to make a big deal of this. even though i have a starbucks in my building, is one of the most successful starbucks in the history. >> he's talking about boycotting it. we're looking at hour the cups used to look. >> life was so simple. >> this will resonate with the american public. specifically, smart, politically for donald trump he needs the evangelical vote. >> he did come back up in iowa.
11:36 am
i still want to win iowa. it's horrendous. >> the aftermath of the revolutionary war. america has won independence from the british. that meant no more royal navy to keep its sailors safe at sea. the united states became vulnerable to a vicious, new enemy. >> who knew that the founding fathering were facing islamic extremism as well. >> you have the same passion for studying history as i do. when i was able to go back in the jefferson library and see these quotes and see i can put them in the washington post or the new york times that jefferson that adams debated, the same thing as clinton, obama and bush.
11:37 am
jefferson the most unlikely one to say we cannot pay. we cannot give in. we have to stand up and fight. we get the war off. our tactics are off in the beginning. we adjust and we do the right thing. that's to show strength and power to our enemy. >> this inspired the future marine corp. it's ironic today that we're celebrating the 240th birthday today. >> amazing. we're not having much success. you're never going to win as much as we have superior air power. ultimately it's boots on the ground. they found after three years of their stalemate. he recruited a hand full of marines. he started in egypt and won 500 miles on camels. it's a gift. they took this two and a half
11:38 am
hours because marines do one thing that most don't when they're outnumbered, they charge. no one could handle that simple tactic. >> you know the history. it's fascinating to watch you put this together. he signed every single book with a page that's already in it. >> thanks for having me on. man in michigan attacked for doing yard work. steve miller was cleaning up weeds when his neighbor accused him of blowing the leaves into his yard so he assaults him, hurting him badly enough to put him in the hospital. trace gallagher live with this story. >> authorities say these two men have no history of problems at
11:39 am
all. 52-year-old steve miller was out in front of his mobile home doing yard work. it's unclear if he was deliberately blowing leaves or if a few leaves just landed there. what is clear is that the 57-year-old allegedly drunk neighbor was infuriated about a leaf coming onto his property. jerry walked over and confronted mr. miller and within seconds thick allegedly knocked steve miller to the ground, got on top of him and started beating him in the head. the beating may have continued but the victim's 68-year-old girlfriend intervened with a gun. listen. >> i straddled by boyfriend and pointed the gun at jerry. >> it's changed his whole life. he's never be able to work again. he's destroyed his life over leaves. >> things got worse. jerry thick was taken to jail, charged with felony assault. steve miller taken to a hospital
11:40 am
and had to undergo four hours of brain surgery. we're told he will live but in for a long recovery and the girlfriend with the gun has a heart condition. she was so stressed out about the whole ordeal she had to go to the hospital as well. they have set up a go fund me page for the victim. so far it's raised about $3600. sounds like there's more to story than a few leaves. apparently that really is what sparked the whole confrontation. the united states soccer federation unveiling new safety measures to prevent head injury. it includes a policy that will set strict limits on young players heading the ball. children ten and under will not be able to hit the ball with their head. children 11-13 will only be allowed to do it during a game.
11:41 am
as the president rm candidates get ready to stake the stage, the venal winner may be at a disadvantage and what states the gop really needs focus on. plus, we're going to have this. >> stop, stop. police body cam catches a woman trying to avoid an arrest. how the officer managed to escape death and still get the job done.
11:42 am
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the republican candidates are not waiting for tonight's debate to start snipping at each other. you've got the front runners, donald trump and benson with secret service names mogul and eli. the most fascinating face off is
11:45 am
happening lower in the polls. marco rubio and jeb bush are hitting each other hard. team rubio is already swinging back using bush's own word against him. we'll get to all of it at the top of the hour. see you then. a woman in oklahoma apparently willing to do just about anything to avoid arrest. that includes ramming a police car. watch this. >> stop, stop. put your hands on your head. >> police releasing this dramatic video. you can see the suspect's car nearly running down the officer. here it is again. the officer managing to get a couple shots off before dodging the truck at the last second. she hit the police cruiser. the officer is not hurt. police also releasing video of her arrest. one officer climbing through the truck's sunroof to try and tase
11:46 am
her. the woman faces a long list of charges including assault of a police officer with a deadly weapon. back politics. the bigger issue is starting to come into focus. whoever wins the nomination will need 270 electoral votes to win the presidency. history shows the gop has a bit of a disadvantage. democratic candidates winning the same 18 states and the district of columbia since 1992 for a total of 242 electoral votes. republican candidates, check out this map, winning the same 13 states since 1992 for a total of 102 electoral votes. what states will the candidates focus on come 2016. it's fascinating. i love to look at historical perspectives like this. you see the republicans are at a disadvantage. there are states that are
11:47 am
incredibly important to both parties but specifically the republicans if they want to have a shot. >> republicans have to win four big states, florida, ohio, north carolina and virginia. there's still a few states like new hampshire, nevada. they also need to break into. bill clinton in 1992 did change the electoral map with his victo victory. >> let's look at those battleground states. some of them tend to go republican. i'm thinking of tennessee, georgia. we still put them in battleground territory. >> democrats have carried them once or twice in recent years. there's right. the message is if they want to break this map, they have to have a bold campaign. democrats have been winning in these core states for so long now. six consecutive elections. that's a long time all the way back to 1992. >> you said the four big states,
11:48 am
virginia really went purple with president obama. he carried that state, right. >> it was stunning because no democrat for president had carried virginia since lbj in 1964 until obama did it in '08. a lot of folks said that's a fluke and it will flip back in '12. it didn't. obama carried that state again. i think it was wake up call to republicans. if they continue to support more government spending, their going to continue losing states if they look too much like the democrats. they have to put forward a bold agenda on economic freedom. >> going back to 1992 when the tide really started to change, president clinton had the ability to flip-flop the states. again, i think people thought that won't happen again and it did. what kinds of things does the republican nominee need to talk about? >> they've got to offer a vision
11:49 am
of genuine economic prosperity that doesn't come from government. it comes from americans. the second thing, government cronism. sea of republican who looks like a democrat or similar to one or economic issues, why change. that's why whether it's ben carson or ted cruz, they've got to put forward a bold agenda. i think this map means they'll lose. >> very interesting and very timely. tonight they're talking about economic policy. >> i hope they actually do it and follow through. >> we'll see if any of them have those bold discussions. great to see you. trial begins for man accused of killing his wife. then he did something even more bizarre. he posted a picture of her body on facebook. how the defense is trying to prove their client actually acted in self-defense.
11:50 am
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now to that bizarre trial under way for a man shooting and killing his wife and posting a picture of her body on facebook. derrick medina's lawyers says his actions were all in self-defense, the defense looking to paint the picture of medina's wife as a woman who used drugs. phil keating live outside the court in miami. any bombshells on day one? >> no, gretchen. no big surprises so far, but the gruesome facebook photo, believed to be the first time anyone has used social media to post a photograph of their dead victim on the internet, certainly came up a lot described by the prosecutor as the defendant's trophy. that defendant, 31-year-old derrick medina on trial for first degree murder, now known as the facebook killer, and claiming battered spouse
11:54 am
syndrome and self-defense. the amateur boxer claims his wife jennifer al phon, so was beating him up so badly during a kitchen argument he had it to shoot her in self-defense which the prosecutor dismissed from the start. >> he never lost a fight, ever. 25. and that wasn't going to start on august 8th, 2013. he wasn't going to lose to his wife, he wasn't going to lose by letting her leave. >> reporter: aside from the dead body picture medina also posted this, quote, i'm going to prison or death sentence for killing my wife. love you guys, miss you guys, take care facebook people, you'll see me in the news. the jury also learning today that medina not only shot his wife once or twice but emptied his gun, eight rounds into her body producing 21 bullet holes. >> now, i understand there was some sort of a surprise move right off the bat by the defense team.
11:55 am
what was that? >> very interesting and unusual legal strategy the defense team forgoing making its opening statement not revealing its happened for the trial to the prosecution team. on cross-examination with the mother of the victim on the stand, it became clear that one of the lines of attack for the defense is painting alfonso as a physically abusive and drug abusing wife. >> your wife was a drug user, right? >> objection, relevance. >> sustained. >> this trial is expected to last two to three weeks and at the end of this, that is when we will learn whether derek medina, a social media showboat before the shooting took place, will perhaps try to seek the spotlight one final time, taking the stand in his own defense. grechen. >> >> very interesting to follow. phil keating thank you. a young mom breastfeeding her 4-month-old baby, that's all she was doing, and then two armed men break into her house.
11:56 am
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amazing story here. a mother breastfeeding her instant son gets shot during a home invasion. 21-year-old combat medic in the national guard was in her bedroom when the intruders barge into her charlotte, north carolina home. she puts down the 4-month-old, pulls out her gun, trades fire, defending herself and baby. the intruders ran off but she was shot twice. her son is okay. she's recovering in the hospital. one suspect has been charged in the incident. so what economic issues do you want to hear the candidates talk about during tonight's debate? david asks, will the new president stop allowing congress to steal from social security. marie asks, how will you cut freebies to those that don't deserve them. jamie asks, how would they respond to the demands of the fast food workers who strike for
12:00 pm
$15 an hour wages. watch the debates tonight on the fox business channel. we will have full coverage if and analysis back here again tomorrow on "the real story." thanks for being part of a great show today. i'm gretchen charlson. here's shep. >> it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast, i'm "shepard smith reporting." donald trump versus ben carson, ben carson versus the media, jeb bush versus marco rube whynd as the rest of the republican candidates looking to stand out somehow from all of that in tonight's gop debates on the fox business network. ahead, how the candidates are each attacking each other and why trump is again bringing up carson's past. how carson is getting backup from a former classmate. a report that jeb bush's buddies plan to pour tens of millions of dollars into helping him attack marco rubio and how rubio is using bush's own words against him. i'll speak live with the debate moderor


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