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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 13, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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at noon eastern. "happening now" starts right now. bomber preparing to argue for a new trial. >> a judge set the court hearing for the terrorist convicted of killing three people and wounding more than 260 others. we're covering all the news happening now. a notorious killer identified as an isis butcher after beheading western hostages, now word that an air strike took out the murderer known as jihadi john. details that it's, quote, 99% sure. >> i know they're working with the husband to figure out what may have been taken and that would lead us down a further path. >> a pastor's wife dead after a home invasion.
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now trying to find out if her death is related to a similar crime. and more lasers pointed at a cockpit. it's all happened now. but we begin with a u.s. air strike targeting one of the world's most notorious terrorists, the isis butcher known as jihadi john. welcome in. i'm heather childers. >> and i'm jon scott. an air strike in syria killed british terrorist mohammed emwazi. benjamin hall is live in london with more. what does it mean for the battle against isis, benjamin? >> well, jon, look. this is more of a propaganda victory, to be honest, than it is a tactile one.
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emwazi was an isis celebrity but not one of their leaders. what it says is in the capital of raqqah, you can't hide. the law will find you. he moved to london when he was 6 years old and was raised there before leaving london at the age of 13 for sir ya at the age of 25. the world was stunned by his evil as he stood over journalist jim foley before brutally murdering him. he went on to decapitate six other british, japanese, and american hostages before he was discovered. prior to today david cameron spoke about the operation. >> we've been working with the united states literally around the clock to track him down. this was a combined effort, and the contribution of both of our countries was essential.
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>> details of how he was actually tracked down are still very slim, but we do know he was followed by a drone for some days leading up to this strike and that that drone came through a hell fire missile and that that miss isle hit its intended target which was a clean hit with no collateral damage. we've also been told he was at the time riding in a car close to the islamic court and he was near a roundabout used for isis executions. we've had statements from family members. there's a lot of grief but they're glad he can't kill any more. sadness and despair. >> all right. benjamin hall from london. fox news is your american
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headquarters. donald trump attacking his closest competitor carson, berating carson supporters and questioning carson's religious awakening. carson has written and spoken of overcoming his, quote, pathological youth and temper" and donald trump likens it to a child mow lester. >> he says he's pathological and he's got a packet lock cal disease. if you're pakts logical, there's no cure for that, folks. i said if you're a child mow lester, a sick puppy, there's ' cuno cure for that. >> joining us now -- jamie, i've heard a lot of interesting things come out of
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donald trump's mouth, but i don't know. compared dr. ben carson to a child molester? >> it's hard to compare this to real life seeing what we're seeing on the campaign trial. but donald trump went off on this for 09 minutes. in an everyday world this would destroy the politician, so insane that you would not only see the poll numbers drop but he step down. you would think it would hurt him. you would think it would. the redemption story is a very important story and that's a big vote in iowa, the evangelical vote but donald trump defies political gravity. he may have hurt himself or clinched the knoll natinominati. we'll have to wait and see. >> he defies political gravity, jamie, until he's not. is that what this is all about? >> i mean, clearly, anyone who
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getting in the way of donald trump winning the presidential nomination, whether they vote for trump or not is going to draw his ire. he's going to go after them. that's just the way he's conducted himself over the course of his political career and campaign. this was going to happen eventual lchlt it was just a matter of which candidate passed him in the polls. i think if we thought donald trump was a very outspoken and controversial figure when he was winning the republican presidential race, i think we might see something a little bit more out of the ordinary, shall we say, when he's not winning. >> but, jamie, i mean if you eventually call names of every other candidate in the race, i don't know, a republican ice going to put up with that. >> so far he has. donald trump has successfully branded a whole host of candidates. i think he's probably for all
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practical purposes branded jeb bush as low energy. when you talk about net favorability. so this may hurt him. but, again, donald trump -- we thought it would hurt him when he attacked john mccain not being a war hero. that didn't affect him almost at all. i'm not so quick to write h political obituary. it might hurt him. it might not. >> he also in that same tirade, aaron, seemed to call the people of iowa dumb. if you're trying to win the iowa primary, how good a political idea is that? >> well, probably not a a great idea. on the other hand, you know, i think people who support donald trump will probably look at him as talking about the people who don't support trump. he'll say he's talking about carson supporters, he's not talking about me. still, generally politicians
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don't do that for a reason. i think, though, maybe this is the first hint that donald trump isn't liking his chances so much. maybe he's thinking he's got chances in new hampshire. maybe he wasn't thinking at all, just saying things off the top of his head. but clearly he's saying some very interesting things here. >> as you pointed out, they think he's honest and trustworthy, so trying to tear down that affection people have for him, is trump employed smart politics or tilting the window? >> by every definition of smart politics, this would not be smart politics. again, i would go back to everything he's been doing. he's still essentially tied even though ben carson is right there. he's leading it in a lot of polls in new hampshire and all across the country. so everything we thought was bad
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politics seems to work for donald trump. maybe this will trip him up and be what undoes him. damned if i know. >> there seems to be a policy turnaround, aaron. >> yachl he very much in the past said let's let the russians take care of this, putin take care of this. he said he would be happy to let them do something because the united states wouldn't have to. the tone yesterday was let's bomb them and take their oil. that's a significant shift. he's kind of gone the noninterventionist route to some degree. so we'll see if he continues to talk in these terms, but i think that's a good indication he was talking off the cuff here. he really didn't think too much when he started saying them. >> it's going to be fascinating what happens to his numbers and
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carson's numbers as a result of all this. aaron blake, jamie weinstein. thanks. we have an update on the voelkswagen scandal. they're now offering amnesty to employees who tell what they know, but the offer is only valid through the end of the monday. we're live with the details. >> hey, heather. to put it bluntly, volkswagen is asking each other to blow the whistle on each other, to snitch. they're facing billions of dollars and fines in lawsuits for intentionally rigging tests like this in december. volkswagen had installed software that showed low-e missions when the vehicle was running during the lab test but those emissions were many times higher when the cars ran on the open road. now under pressure of u.s. and
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european authorities, they're trying to find out exactly who was responsible for it. >> deist wrote, quote, every single day counts. we are counting on your cooperation and knowledge. he said, quiet, have nothing to fear from the company in the way of repercussions on the jub such as being fired or held liable for damages. he gave them a deadline of november 30th to tell what they know. now, it's an unusual approach but not without precedent. another german company used a similar method during a bribery scandal in 2008 and dozens of employees then provided information. it's unlikely, of course, to make volkswagen employees any more uncomfortable.
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but they seem to make the decision they need to make as much information as possible available to investigators as soon as possible, presumably, heather, in the hope that some cooperation might lead to some easing in what will inevitably be huge fines and other. >> thank you, jonathan. >> yes. we'll show you the steps taken. the jet crash, possibly the work of terrorists. >> plus, targeting the isis butcher known as jihadi john amid the latest efforts to battle isis. we'll talk with captain chuck nash next. for the millions of americans suffering from ringing in their ears,
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russia is now banning inbound egypt air flights. this is after the october 31st crash of the passenger jet in the sinai peninsula killing all
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224 people on board. the russian aviation industry has not given a reason for the new ban. meantime egypt's aviation civil minister says the voice box will be sent to the country to be able to analyze them. the officials did not identify that country. we continue to await the fate of jihadi john. now the target of a u.s. air strike in syria. iraqi kurds, meantime, are battling to retake the key northern city of raqqah, sinjar. let's get more insight on both of these developments. thank you for joining us today. >> my pleasure, heather. >> let's begin with jihadi john. military officials in the u.s. saying, quote, they're reasonably certain or they have 59% certainty that they have
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killed jihadi john with a hellfire missile gotten with a drawn. do you think it's possible and will we ever know with 100%? >> i think they did get him. otherwise they wouldn't be using a number like 99%. what they did was they had someone narrow down a visual. they had contact with him in a car where he was and had the drone launch it where they could get a clear shot of it and probably took the precaution of waiting until they could also ensure minimal collateral damage because that's just the way we do things. >> and so what's the significance of his death? >> he was the symbol of the nastiness and barbarianism of the entire organization. he was out there with the pistol strap and the bloody knife.
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really some horrific crimes on film. he was a really sick puppy. the fact that he's gone, that's fine. more oxygen for the rest of us. >> killing american journalist james foley, steven sotloff, all his group believed to be responsible for holding kayla mueller as well. another military official speaking today. i want to make sure i get this right. he says the u.s. has killed one mid to upper level isis leader ever since may but the group's leader is still on the run. do you think we're any closer to getting him? >> we've been close to getting him a couple of times. probably the good news, bad news. congratulations, you're getting a promotion. you're number two in the organization. you eat better fill on your role. you won't rise in the organization without getting a
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bull's-eye on your forehead. we have a tremendous amount offest going into this. if thakt that we know who the number two or three guy is, the fact that we know who their financiers are and the folks not only providing money by raising money, we may not take you out tomorrow because we're interesting in who you're talking with and who you're doing business with. you're essentially going down. the leader of the iraqi kurds claiming victory over the iraqi town sinjar. you say not so fast. >> not so fast. there were anywhere from 200 to 700 isis fighters in there. i think the isis leaders saw the writing on the wall and knew they wouldn't go out pretty. those who remained didn't put up
10:20 am
much of a fight. i think they put mines and ieds around to harass the kurds. just because they got up to the center of town and held up a flag doesn't mean it's safe for the people to return. >> there were 15,000 azyezidis o live there. the significance is it's a thoroughfare. >> right. it goes right into mosul which is the second largest city in iraq. you cut that supply line off. now you can start to force the folks in mosul, the isis people, to -- do you really want to stay
10:21 am
here with your supplies cut off or go back. >> thanks a lot. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. one man who escaped a prison in upstate new york enters a plea in new york. what lawyers for david sweat who was on the run for weeks told the judge. plus democrats plan to duke it out in a second presidential debate. a preview of tomorrow's event coming up.
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welcome back. a convicted killer who broke out with another man pleading guilty. david sweat entering his plea in court today. he'll be sentenced in february. he and fellow inmate richard matt used power tools to cut out
10:25 am
their way from a federal prison back in june. they remained on the run for weeks. matt was track and killed. two days later sweat was recaptured. well, democrats preparing for their second presidential debate. tomorrow night hillary clinton continues to dominate the party's field raising her stakes for the rival hoping to have a breakout performance. in the polls clinton gets 42%. bernie sanders get 3/3% and oh may o'malley gets 5%. is it a race that seems to be a foregone conclusion? >> i think so. bernie sanders tries to take advantage of it. so does martin o'malley.
10:26 am
hillary clinton is on a roll right now and it's going to be tough for them to have a debate. >> is she beatable in any way? does lightning strike? >> i don't this so. as a democrat, we lose the white house and the senate. bernie sanders has to convince democrat they should risk losing the house and the republicans would be gleeful to run against him and that's why i think it's not just hillary clinton's strength but the fear. she's taken the slings and arrows from the republicans for years. can bernie sanders do that? how do you prove that during a debate? winning would help. >> he gave a gift to hillary clinton in the last debate when he said he was tired of hearing about her e-mails and the
10:27 am
suggestion was that he didn't really intend to stop there. he wanted to challenge on it but the moment got away from him. >> that may be true, but i think he made a mistake at the iowa j.j. dinner by making some veiled attacks on her. if he pursues that tonight or this weekend that will be bad thing do because her support likes her so much that attacking her or challenging her or going negative on her only hurts him. and i would flip it the other way. how does hillary clinton attack him snp they like him. he makes a big mistake, i think, by going after her that way and it doesn't prove hi's electable. that's what's holding him back. people don't believe he can win the white house and they're not going to risk a nomination on a guy they don't think can.
10:28 am
>> that's a tall order. he's been in this race a long time heechls got a surprising amount of support to most people but you're saying that whether he's electable? >> absolutely. i think a lot of people didn't think barack obama was electable last time and what solved that problem for him last time was winning iowa. all of a sudden the fear he couldn't win started to dissipate as he started winning states and showing he could beat someone as strong as clinton. can bernie sanders do that? >> i'm not sure in a debate or in winning iowa. winning would soul that problem. >> nothing succeeds like winning. >> yes. the faa investigating new
10:29 am
issues of laser pointing at cockpits. a live report on what these things are happening. who would murder a pastor's pregnant wife? everybody. >> they've been here ten years or so. it's a pretty safe neighborhood. yeah. and then two weeks later this happe happens. where our next arrival is... red carpet whoa! toenail fungus!? fight it! with jublia. jublia is a prescription medicine
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some disturbing new details on a manhunt for a cold blooded killer in indianapolis. police say the pregnant wife of a pastor was shot in the head in an apparent home invasion robbery. the victim, amanda blackburn, was disconnected from a ventilator yesterday. she was 12 weeks' pregnant with the couple's second child. her husband was not home at the time and police say they have cleared him as a suspect. officers considering whether the murder was linked to other crimes in the neighborhood that day. let's talk about it with steve rogers. retiled lieutenant nutley. and we have a forensic pathologist. when you're investigating a crime like this, it's pretty unusual that a burglar goes to a house with a gun to shoot somebody, isn't it? >> yes. it's very unusual. and it's unusual that a burglar goes to a cul-de-sac because
10:34 am
there's no imminent escape. i would hope before the police clear the husband, and this is the theory, that they learn about his pattern, the times he went to the gym before this day, that they learn about the relationship between him and his wife, that they look at the e-mails and they look at the electronic pattern that may have come into that house via computer. well, they don't even have to go to the social media posts and so forth or the texts between them. he gave a sermon october 27th in which he said my wife and i got married, everything was a great at first and then we went to marital counseling and that kind of thing, but police say he's not a suspect. >> i think they discounted him too soon. there was a burglary prior to that incident in that house, by the way. i'm curious what was the method of entry of that burglary. there was no forced entry into the house where she was found dead in that home. there's a lot of loose ends that police, i would hope before they clear him, tighten up.
10:35 am
>> dr. baden, apparently there was just one shot fired. one of the neighbors said they heard gunshots but will they be able to tell anything? she survived the shooting. she was alive when her husband came home and found her so there's nothing that hens to pinpoint the time of death. >> the time of the shooting. the best pinpoint is the time the neighbor heard the shot. now, because she was still alive, rigor mortis wouldn't have started until after 48 hours when she was disconnected from the ventilator. but there's a lot of evidence on the body that the medical examiner would have already been collecti collecting. any kind of blood, semem, clothing on her body. even after 48 hours there would be material under her fingernails and dna would be
10:36 am
done on all this plus the baby to make sure that the makeup of the dna would normally be tested. so a lot of questions will be able to be answered after the trace evidence from the body is also looked at by the crime lab. >> the dna of the baby she carried. in other words, they're going to want to make sure her husband would be the father of the baby. >> that's routine. if he isn't the dad, then, of course, there are a lot of issues. >> they'll be looking into a break-in a couple of doors away. >> that's very key. i've got to tell you nrk all of my years in law enforcement, not all but most point directly to the victim. i think she knew who shot her and unfortunately she's not around to tell us. >> her husband left for the gym, left the house at 6:11 in the morning. >> 5:30. >> well, authorities said they have video of him going to the
10:37 am
gym and then obviously he comes home and finds his wife on the floor, but they're also saying that the suspect, whoever he may be, must have seen him pulling away from the house. >> i spoke to the good doctor earlier and we agree that had we been able to discover the time of death, which we couldn't, right, doc, because she died later, that would have been a key piece of evidence because the question that would be answered is when she died, did she die before he twoenlt the gym? after he went to the gym? i think that would have been answered, right. >> that may have to do with the time the gunshots were fired. at the same time, though, remember, the burglar is seen on the video. it shows you why videos are so important. burglarizing the house two doors away and allegedly the same guy is seen on videos and security cameras in other places and seen by neighbors in the area -- in the vicinity afterward. so he's still a good suspect,
10:38 am
that fellow. and they have fingerprints. they'll be looking for fingerprints in both houses. we don't know if there was a sexual assault or not. >> it's rare for a burglar to return to the same street in a couple of hours in view of the fact he took a television set. >> fascinating. we'll continue to watch this case. thanks for helping us dig into this a little bit. michael badden and steve rogers. heather. speaking of help, the investigators are offering a $2,500 award leading to the arrest and murder of a u.s. social least. 83-year-old coley was found dead due to a blunt force trauma. she's the wife of a mcdonald
10:39 am
millionaire. anyone with information is asked to call the new york crimestoppers hotline, 866-313-8477. lasers are still being pointed at planes across the u.s. it is also a federal crime. we're joined now with the latest from dallas. >> heather, good to see you. for the second night in a row, three additional laser strielks reported by pilots as they were attempting to land here at dallas love field airport. last night a boeings 737 on final approach to the airport blasted with one of these laser lights. two minutes later a private jet reported the same issue. both airliners were at an altitude of 2,000 feet and two hours later, a third incident. the pilot of another calling in
10:40 am
laser strike as well. similar incidents also reported last night in arizona and california. two commercial planes targeted while attempting to land at phoenix sky harbor and another news helicopter hit in los angeles. all aircraft landed safely and no one was hurt. the previous night, as you know 20rks laser strikes reported around the country, including two local news choppers in new york city. officials with the faa say on average 18 strikes now recorded on a daily basis in this country. there have been more than 5,300 incidents from january to mid-october of this year. look at those numbers compared to 3,800 in 2014. that's a 37% increase. to try to combat this growing problem the faa has enacted tougher penalties for those caught aiming a laser at an aircraft and if a person is convicted, they could face up to 20 years behind bars and ordered
10:41 am
to pay $250,000 in penalties. no joke. >> no joke at all. a federal crime. thank you. well, marco rubio might sit at third place in the polls right now on the republican side but could he soon become the candidate to beat? our medial analyst howard kurtz sat down with the florida senator. why rubio may be rising to the top. plus fantasy sports players and employees of daily fantasy sports sites take to the streets of new york city rallying against the state attorney's declaration that the online games are illegal gambling. >> there are over a million people in new york who play on a weekly basis and for one person decide randomly that they're going to take that away makes no sense. ving. i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein.
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i'm gretchen carlson. he hit on just about every candidate but ben carson in particular. plus, did hillary clinton try to join the marines or another military branch. we have new video from her husband claiming it was not the marines. what's the real story there. plus a college dean has resigned again over a dust-up at yet another college campus. so where is it all going and what does it say about political correctness? all at the top of the hour. well, fantasy sports players rallying in new york city. outside wall street. this is in front of the office of eric schneiderman two days before telling fanduel and
10:46 am
draftkings to stop taking bets. >> we want to peacefully tell him how much we love this industry and how much it means to us all. hopefully he gets we're passionate employees and fans. >> the attorney general is standing firm insisting that online fantasy sites are a firm of illegal gambling. each has filed lawsuits asking the court to throw out schneiderman's order. a recent national poll shows that senator marco rubio is in third place in the gop presidential field but he may be emerging as the candidate to beat maybe. as the strong debate performance seems to winning over the media, already picked as the republican presidential nominee. nice to see you. what do you think?
10:47 am
too urearly? >> we know the president is never wrong. >> never, ever. >> the media now anointing marco rubio as the nominee in waiting according to slade. "washington post" referring to him as the party's golden boy and the fact that he's well behind donald trump and ben carson, the immediate calculation is rubio could emerge as to the untuned politician or fill the vooacuumf that were to evade. now you see his tough stance on evolving immigration and also reviving stories about his personal finances. i had the chance to sit down with the florida senator when i was in milwaukee. here's a look at that. >> do you sometimes feel you're penalized for not being wealthy? >> yes, absolutely. it's not about being penalized. i think it's absurd.
10:48 am
mitt romney was too rich. i'm not rich enough. the truth is my finances, not anymore but the first 10, 15 years of my marriage looked a lot more like the people i represent than the people i sevened with. >> so rubio is very adept at pivoting to his personal story. son of immigrants, son of bar ternld, trying to get his kids through school when the questions come up, heather, about use of a republican party credit card, buying an $80,000 boat, cashing in, all of that. >> i was listening to a focus group who said they're tired of telling the same story over and over but that's what the politicians do. you also spoke with carson and christie as well, right? >> yeah. it was a great being in milwaukee. all the candidates were there. we were able to get some of these sit-downs. ben carson went the furthest with me than he has in the paste talking about the media and discrepancies and misstatements
10:49 am
about his personal life, not only does he say it's untrue but he think it's a backlash against the medical, he told me they're political and cnn and "wall street journal," he thinks they're deliberately trying to damage him. we'll have that on sunday morning. chris christie receiving lots of 'tings even though he was bumped from the main stage. he took a swipe at carson and trump saying they were too busy complaining about their media scrutiny and debate rules. he said, if you've got to go through it, you have to buck up. each is trying to find a message, a theechl as we start to get through the serious part of this campaign. >> howard kurtz joining us, thank you so much. we'll be watching 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. eastern, right? >> those are the times. thanks for the plug. good to see you. >> thank you. a mystery out west. a dispatcher for a sheriff's department calls a rancher to
10:50 am
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welcome back. a new motion hearing has been set for convicted boston marathon bomber. it will be held on december 1st in boston federal court. the 22-year-old sentenced to death back in june. his lawyers appeal the guilty verdict in a 39-page filing in august blaming the jury pool in boston and media coverage of the case. what happened next has federal investigators trying to
10:54 am
determine if deputies used excessive force. >> now he's dead. why? here's what happened. he own add bull that got loose and got hit by the car. the sheriff's called him out to the scene to put imdown and get rid of the two-on the animal. deputies tried but failed to kill the bull. when he pulled out his own rifle family members say deputies shot him twice. the sheriff will only say that both deputies fired their weapons but gave no details and will not say if dash cam or beside cam video is available. idaho state police and fbi are inn ve
10:55 am
investigating. >> there's a lot of unanswered questions in the community. it's difficult for the police officers and the members of the community who live there to try to understand what went on. it is going to take some time and we would urge patience. >> he's well known in council, idaho. population, 800 people. they refused to say why they didn't call the ambulance and why they refused to let his daughter and wife and daughter come so his aid while dying in the street. >> everybody knows everybody. jack's a well known rancher who has been here for 62 years, born and raised here. >> deputies have not been named and the sheriff has received death threats. from reading about this that the events just spun out of control likely after yantis grabbed his
10:56 am
rifle to put down be bull. >> lot of questions in that case. keep us updated. a california police officer makes a traffic stop but doesn't write a ticket because there's no driver to give it to. we'll explain in the final 30. that's up next. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night.
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11:00 am
who knew david hasslehoff found his name to be such a hassle. he changed his nave to david hoff. >> i wonder if that changes the credits on bay watch. >> probably does. >> have a good weekend. thanks for joining us. he is the evil beheader and one of the most evil men on earth and now he's dead. >> i can congrean firm that a n of families of hostages


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