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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  November 17, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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we'll continue to watch the breaking news. thank you for joining us. >> real story with gretchen carlson starts now. a lot of breaking news this afternoon. fox news alert because massachusetts state police, the joint terrorism task force and homeland security agents all on the scene after a passenger was restrained. it happened on a british airways flight in boston from london. >> flight 213, we don't know if the passenger was drunk or some other motive. we're being told the passenger is a woman and being described as a disturbed passenger. the motive is unclear.
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at first there were reports she tried to get inside the cockpit. now we're hearing that's not the case. the cockpits are heavily secured. now we're hearing this woman tried to open one of the exit doors as you watch this plane landing here. it did land safely at logan airport. it was flying from heathrow in london. it was coming to boston any way. they clearly tried to get this thing on the ground as quickly as possible. we're being told she tried to open one of the exit doors and just for our edification that would be very difficult for a passenger to do because there are tons of pressure on each of those doors.
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the plane was greeted by the massachusetts state police as well as the joint terrorism task force and homeland security. this woman is going to be thoroughly interviewed. our crew have requested that police meet the flight in boston due to an unruly customer on board. the faa has now backed up that report saying the plane has been met by authorities the woman has been taken off the plane and the flight will now go onto its other destination. the passengers were heading to boston in the meantime. in this climate you can imagine any type of unruly passenger, especially from an airplane coming from the uk, is treated with the highest level of diligence. >> no doubt. high stakes times.
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the other big story we're following, french police searching for a second fugitive because they believe this fugitive directly tied to the deadly terror attacks in paris. let nel you more about this. the search is ramping up as officials say a third suspect, a third suspect now in custody after posing as a refugee. meantime, france and russia striking back. russia now confirming a bomb took down be russian passenger plane in egypt last month. both countries are pounding the islamic state in syria with massive air strikes. >> it was reluctant to reach
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that conclusion itself despite u.s. and british governments receiving early indications this was a terror attack. this aircraft crashed over the sinai desert on october 31st. most were russian tourists heading home. russian investigators say they are been able to conclude what they call as a homemade bomb caused the bomb to break up in midair after finding traces of explosive in that wreckage. russian president is calling this a terrorist act and vowing to track down those behind it in his words to punish them. he called on international support in this effort. also the russian secret service is offering a $50 million reward for any information leading to the detention behind the bombing. in response to this conclusion
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today the russian government is upping its air strike against targets in syria. >> thanks. this comes as investigators examine a third car, a black hatch back. it links to the stadium that was targeted by the three suicide bombers. now we continue our team coverage with rick live in paris. rick, what more do we know about this additional suspect? >> reporter: not a lot. they haven't given us a photo. they'll say there's another person directly involved in the friday 13th terror attacks here in paris. they already knew about the seven who died during the attacks. six of them blew themselves up. the seventh was shot by police. then there was the eighth
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suspect who was detained near the belgium border in france on saturday morning. he's the one who handled logistics. he was detained by police but the local police didn't know he was among the nation's most wanted and they let him go. the two men with him have been caught in brussels and are being questioned. may not be in syria but he's not the other person they are looking for. we've heard there may be as many as 20 people involved. >> we've heard about another frenchman defending the attacks. what do you know about that. >> authorities believe one of the voices on isis propaganda being released is fabian clain.
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he's been supporting the terror group and part of a cell that releases propaganda. >> a growing list of state governors resisting efforts to resettle 10,000 refugees. 30 governors opposing this plan. 18 of them saying they won't lock up it in their states. one of them joining me now, texas governor greg abbott. the white house just announcing they will hold a conference call with u.s. governors about the syrian refugee situation. do now know anything about this call and will you be on it? >> we look forward to speaking with the president's office about this. as you pointed out, more than
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half of the governors of the united states of america are putting the priority on the safety of our fellow citizens as opposed to the president's priority which is to relocate refugees from syria. we're not going to tolerate. we're not going to accept anymore refugees from this dangerous zone of syria into the state of texas or into these other states until the united states of america can ensure the safety and security. the fbi, as well as other federal officials have made clear, they have no ability to ensure the safety and security of the people who are the refugees they are admitting into the united states of america. it's irresponsible for the states to be forced to accept these refugees. >> it's interesting because in doing a lot of research on what states have been accepting them since 2012, texas is number two. over 200 of those syrian refugees have come to the state of texas.
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this is an about face from you because of the paris attacks? >> exactly. first, one reason why texas is frustrated is because texas is done more than its fair share in receiving refugees. texas has done more than its fair share of accepting people that you've seen stream across or borders. we've had three isis related incidents already and now with the possible connection of one of the syrian refugees being involved in the terrorism attack in paris, texas is saying no more. we will not allow anymore syrian refugees into the state of texas. >> okay. it's going to be interesting to see how many governors join this call tonight and what the white house tries to say. the other interesting point is it's not all republican governors. right now there's three democratic governors who are also very hesitant about this. it's bipartisan at this point, at least in some sort of state,
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right? >> well it's both bipartisan and by the sheer number it shows it is about 60% of the governor's of the united states of america. the president should be receiving a very strong message. the american people are against his position. the speaker of the united states house of representatives is calling on the president to not move forward. this is where all of america is saying you have this wrong. you have an obligation to keep americans safe. >> what would have to change, governor, for you to think it would be safe for texans to allow refugees in? >> as the fbi director has admitted, as other federal official s have admits because f the inability to establish good tracking information about the background of the syrian refugees, i would say it's impossible for them to meet our standard, our criteria to accept any further refugees. >> okay. thanks for being on the real
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story. we'll talk to you again soon. >> thank you. >> we just heard about some governors pushing back, the majority on plans to take in syrian refugees. what about the legality of all of this? some experts are now saying there's little that they can do to stop it from happening. we'll have the real story on that. house speaker paul ryan calls for a pause in the president's refugee program as well saying this is a moment to be safe, not sorry. several presidential candidates weigh in on what they think we should do. >> a friend of mine lives in minnesota and he calls me and say can you imagine, it's 130 degrees in syria and now they want so send some up to minnesota where it's 30 degree below. these people are going to be very, very unhappy. it's cold and beautiful. this is claira.
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want to update you on the british airways flight. a triple 7 coming in from heathrow airport. a 30-year-old woman was intoxicated, was trying to open the exit door, not the cockpit door. she's been detain and was restrained on the plane as it made an emergency landing there in boston. police now saying there's no known nexus to terrorism at this time. we'll keep you updated. strong words from house speaker paul ryan on isis and terrorist attacks as he calls for the u.s. to close the door and evaluate the screening process. >> our nation has always been welcoming, but we cannot let terrorists take advantage of our compassion. this just isn't about refugees.
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this is what congresswoman mcsally said. this is about having a comprehensive strategy for dealing with isis. >> this comes as carly fiorina also ways in on the issue. >> one of the immediate ways we must stop contributing to our problem is we need to stop the flow of syrian refugees into this country. we cannot vet them. we cannot vet them. >> joining me now simon rosenburg and a former clinton campaign adviser and larry o'connor. this is the talk of today five days after the terror attacks. we really pretty much have what every republican candidate, exsent for one who believes it's a bad idea to have these syrian refugees come in. now you have all these governors. the list keeps growing. we're up to 31 now. now the white house says they will have this call with the governors. what's going to happen?
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>> i think what you saw from speaker ryan was so real leadership. there's no legitimate reason, right now, that we should be opening our borders to these syrian refugees with regard to what's in the best interest of the american people. why is it in the best interest of the american people to welcome these refugees right now in light of what just happened? >> it's a good question, simon. do you care to take a crack at it? >> i think the original idea was there were millions of refugees, syrian refugees and we were taking a very small number, 75,000 over a multi-year period which is something we've been able to do before under the security restrictions we've had in place. i think it was a very modest
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step. the president was criticized for not taking more. >> things have changed now. >> i'm answering your question. i think this is a legitimate debate. the question the administration has to do now to assure the american people that they feel this is a reasonable path forward is we need to understand more about the vetting process. we need to have greater assurances that if we're going to continue this that this isn't going to end upbringing terrorists in the country. >> yesterday president was not backing down. he's not backing down at all in that press conference yesterday. it will be interesting to see what happens on the call. gop presidential candidate donald trump weighing in. he's calling for the establishment of a safe zone. >> what we should have done for a lot less money because on a humane basis you want to do it,
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take in syria, take a big swatch of land, which believe me, you get for the right price. what i like is build a safe zone. build a big, beautiful safe zone. you have whatever it is so people can live. they'll be happier. >> larry. >> well, he's all about the real estate, isn't he? >> he's not alone. marco rubio has said similar things. lindsey graham. hillary clinton want a no fly zone. >> i agree. i'm merely commenting on the delivery. it is a legitimate position to take. i agree. why is the solution to open up the doors of europe and open up the doors of the united states of america. if there's a problem in syria and people need a safe zone so they are not going to be in the cross fire, what's wrong with keeping them there. people do not have the right to live where ever they want in this world. i know that sounds harsh, but it's the reality. >> lots of breaking news going on.
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simon, i owe you a extra question next time. attorney general loretta lynch is on the hill. new question is this, did president obama improperly interfere with the probe when he went on the television show 60 minutes? ed henry has a story you'll see only here. the secret service trying to heal another black eye. what they had to say about an attempt to embarrass one lawmaker. >> i will tell you, i've heard the comments that were made today. they are disturbing, embarrassing. i agree with everything that's been said here today. my work force does as well. ein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in.
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welcome back. secret service director apologizing again for employees who leaked the personal
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information of congressman jason chefetz in retaliation for miss tougher questioning of the agency. joseph clancey said he is cracking down on those responsible. >> as the men and women of the agency traverse these challenging time, culture involves more than an agency's failures and the successes derive from hard work and dedication will prevail as the lasting corporate memory of the secret service. >> this comes after a recent report showed that his info was accessed 60 times and 18 senior officials failed to ever notify the secret service director. tax trouble for the clinton
11:25 am
foundation. ed henry live in washington. tell us about this new focus on hillary clinton's e-mail troubles and republican efforts to name an independent council to investigation. >> they were saying they want special council. they don't trust the white house will stay out of this. they know president obama was on 60 minutes a few weeks ago saying that national security was not compromised by hillary clinton's server even though officials are not supposed to comment on ongoing criminal investigations. republicans were pressing attorney general on the fact that when the president, a couple of years ago, told fox's bill o' reilly that was no corruption at the irs, there was no charges against the irs. here is how they pressed lynch
11:26 am
today. >> does the department allow the president to dictate its efforts? >> they have no influence or bearing on how the department manages these matters. >> lynch said she cannot predict it will end. will it be before iowa and new hampshire, she said i cannot comment. >> back to the tax situation at the clinton family foundation. what do you know? >> big deal because late last night the foundation revealed they have now amended four years of tax returns because of various errors and mistakes. they say this is is all about transparency. in 2014 the family foundation raised $178 million from various donors and that now they
11:27 am
finished last year with the largest cash reserve in its history. $354 million. they also admitted they received about $20 million in funds between 2010 and 2013 mostly from foreign governments that had not been fully disclosed. this is a reminder the foundation has got a way as an issue, but it's still out there and could end up biting hillary clinton in the general election. >> we depend on you with the latest information. we have another alert to tell you about. german media saying police cancelled a friendly soccer match after concrete information about a real bomb threat. we're going to have trace gallagher bringing us the breaking details about this quick break. russian firing cruise missiles in syria. they're pounding isis to be quite honest with you. could this lead to a closer relationship between russia and france.
11:28 am
heated debate on capitol hill as lawmakers grill the attorney general about the efforts to close gitmo. >> i'm asking you would that be one of those factors. >> i've indicated there would be any -- >> you indicated that you wouldn't answer the question. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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a soccer match cancelled over concrete information about a bomb threat at that stadium. this is the most heavily guarded futbol match ever. england and france getting ready to square off. trace gallagher live with more on the first part of that story. what have you learned? >> this is is soccer stadium in hanover, germany. now they are saying they believe a truck bomb was disguised as an ambulance and the local media is reporting they have found explosives inside this ambulance near the stadiums. german police say they believe a bomb attack was planned and the match between germany and the netherlands has been cancelled. as we get more information on this breaking story, we'll bring
11:33 am
it to you. some of the french players acknowledged that not all of them thought it was appropriate to play in the game in england especially considering the soccer stadium was among the targets of friday's terror attacks. you could hear the explosions from inside the stadium. listen. two of the french players were affected by the attacks. one had a sister inside the concert hall. another player has a cousin who was killed in the attacks. now four days later, both the french and english soccer associations decided the game would go on and the french players and coaches say they fully respect the decision. they also say the french nation is more important than french futbol. these are old rivals but for this game social security about solidarity. the english team has been asked
11:34 am
to sing the french national anthem. the french players moved by the tribute. listen to england's captain. >> we have to try and be respectful as we can and obviously there's a futbol match. it will be tough for the french players. >> yesterday members of the english team played a soccer match against members of the french embassy, also way of showing solidarity. the game begins in about 25 minutes. you can see it on fox sports one. >> that game will still go on. thank you. back to what trace was telling us earlier. we have new video in from germany. all those fans were inside the staid y stadium. you see the outside of the
11:35 am
stadium there. a new video of the evacuations taking place. the game has opinion cancbeen c after a credible bomb threat. they believe it could have been a truck bomb. people were told there will be no game. authorities on the scene. of course, it's nighttime there. russia is pounding the islamic state cooperating with french military on the operations in syria. russian planes attacking raqqa. jen is live at the pentagon. what more can you tell us about the russian air strikes today? >> 12 russian long range bombers including super sonic backfires flew from a base in russia near
11:36 am
the border of georgia. russia launched cruise missiles. the u.s. military is still asaysing the damage. the pentagon says it was given advanced notice but did not coordinate with moscow. russia's defense minister said the russians have carried out 2200 in the past days. the french president will visit washington on tuesday. two days later on thanksgiving day, he will go to moscow to meet vladmir putin. >> the wakes of the paris attacks there's increasing concerns about bringing gitmo detainees to the united states. what do you know? >> yes. increasing questions from capitol hill about security measures not just for new immigrants that the white house wants to bring from syria but also from congressman who don't
11:37 am
want gitmo detainees housed in their districts. >> as the attorney general you do not have opinion whether bringing terrorists would have any capability of all at putting that city on a hit list by isis? you don't even have an opinion on that? >> i think there are any number of factors -- >> i'm asking you would there be one. >> i've indicated would there be any number -- >> you indicated you wouldn't answer the question. i think that's atrocious that you don't have an opinion of that. >> the attorney general agrees there's no legal basis allowing the detain gin ees to u.s. soil.
11:38 am
where do you fall on this? >> it's an odd situation whether the constitution indicates one thing but a statute that president obama signed indicates the other. it says he cannot close it down, and if he's going to move people out of the gitmo camps, he's got to give 30 days. hesitate never complied with that. he doesn't give the 30-day notice. he has attempted to close it down. the constitution, on the other hand, says the prison ners are the executive branch. the executive branch is run by the president. his agents decides what prisons they can go to. i think if he did that, and congress was outraged and went to the courts, the courts would dismiss the lawsuit and the president would have his day. i cannot speculate on what was going through attorney general lynch's mind except she was really upsetting the congressmen
11:39 am
who were questioning. >> it's a very upsetting issue. something else that's upsetting is a growing revolt by state governors. at least 30 now are opposing the federal plans to send syrian refugees into their communities. you can see the state as they grow on the map. legalities are what? >> the governors have no say in this. >> what? >> because of a 2005 statute in which the congress gave the president unlimited authoritaut. ability to bring other people in for humanitarian reasons. let's just say he sends 10,000 people tomorrow to fort dixon in central new jersey, governor christie doesn't want this to happen, he can't stop them. he can't disturb them while they are there. let's say he goes through some
11:40 am
procedure while they are there at the end of which they decide they are safe in the u.s. and let them outside of this military facility. can governor christie stop them? no. does he have to provide -- >> he has said no. >> do they have to provide the social services safety net that they provide for everyone else, the answer is yes. >> we have 31 states saying we're not going to do it. you're telling me the white house has won before they have the call. >> yes, the white house may defer to the overwhelming tide of political opinion against them. the president not only needs the law on his side, which he has, he needs political will on his side which he doesn't have at this very moment. i don't know what will happen at this conference.
11:41 am
the last time the president tried to do this, changed the immigration laws on his own, which would have burdened the states, two federal courts stopped him. >> i remember it. we covered it with you. judge, thank you. time for my take. you've seen the states hesitant to allow any new syrian refugees to cross borders. here are the states that have received the most syrian immigrants since 2012. you might be surprised. california tops the list at 251. they will still allow them in. texas, number two at 242, but now as you heard greg abbott, the governor saying no. michigan at 206 also now saying no as well as arizona, illinois, kentucky, new jersey, ohio, massachusetts and georgia, who all let refugees in for the last three years. new york is at the bottom of the list but has not said if they are in favor of taking more or not. which states said they will
11:42 am
welcome new refugees, at least eight. california, colorado, connecticut, delaware, hawaii, pennsylvania, vermont and washington state. kentucky, missouri and new hampshire are the only states with democratic governors who crossed over to join the other gop run states to not want refugees to come in. his should not be partisan. it should be 100% about what's in the best interest of the people of this country. we have more breaking news on a very busy news day. here is a video of that german soccer stadium being evacuated oaf concrete information there was a bomb threat. some sort of a truck bomb according to authorities. as investigators work around the clock to figure out how attackers slipped through the cracks in france, we're learning about a help desk. a help desk for terrorists that operates 24/7. imagine that.
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. .
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one of the terrorist who is blew himself up in paris never went to mosque. that's according to his ex-wife. she's giving lots of new details about her extremist ex-husband including one vice that isis would punish with death. also our first look inside the filthy room where is the suicide bombers spent their last days. we'll show you the suspicious evidence left behind. that's coming up top of the hour. see you then. all right. the paris terror attacks raising new concerns about the way isis communicates. we'll get to that story in one moment now. first we're going to go to adam housely out in california with the breaking news about charlie sheen. are you there? >> it was quite a day. this rumor has opinion going around hollywood for a couple of weeks that major actor was hiv positi positive. charlie sheen's name was the one it settled on.
11:47 am
today he made the announcement. here is how he said it. take a listen. >> i have to put a stop to this onslaught, this barrage of attacks and of some truths and very harmful stories that are about the threatening the health of so many others. >> threatening the health. he said he did tell everybody he slept with after finding out and said he's paid millions of dollars and ransom money of people saying they would go to the media and tell them about his hiv status. he paid them off. that's why he came out now to finally put that to rest. >> i can't imagine what the reaction is from his former girlfriends or current. what did you learn in. >> there's been some surprise. bree olson was very upset and
11:48 am
said all along she was kept in the dark. take a listen. >> have you since the time of your diagnosis -- >> you were with him while he had hiv and this idea that he told people beforehand, you say it did not happen? >> he never said anything to me. i was his girlfriend. i lived with him. we were together. we had sex almost every day for a year. >> she's obviously very upset. a few other girlfriends said he says he told all the women about his hiv status. take a listen. >> have you since the time of your diagnosis told every one of your sexual partners before you had a sexual encoukountcounter were hiv positive? >> yes, i have. >> no exception? >> no exception. >> there's a rumor that these
11:49 am
women have approached a prominent attorney here in hollywood. >> story far from over. thank you. now back to that breaking news out of germany as local reports say there was a truck found with explosives and outside this soccer stadium. we're working on confirming the reports. what we can tell you is that game has now been cancelled and people are being evacuated. right back with breaking news. good. very good. you see something moving off the shelves and your first thought is to investigate the company. you are type e*. shorten the distance between intuition and action. e*trade. what makesheart healthysalad the becalifornia walnuts.r?
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breaking news about a friendly match between the netherlands and germany soccer canceled of a concrete information about a bomb threat just days after the deadly attacks in paris. bill daley is a former fbi investigator and senior vp in practice leader of control risks security consulting. he joins me from d.c. what are we to make of this?
11:53 am
authorities got word that there was some sort of a truck bomb, could have been inside an ambulance there. they evacuate everyone. they call off the game. >> well, gretchen, i think in these days certainly following paris and just generally going forward is that this type of precautionary step, we don't know yet all the details but certainly i would suggest to you the police have a little bit more of a concern about whatever is either in that van, in that truck, or perhaps in around the stadium that required them to really stop the game from going on tonight. i think unfortunately it's not just a matter of panic. i think in this case there's probably something behind it that gave them a level of credibility behind what threat may be. >> they say concrete, concrete evidence that there was some sort of a truck bomb. i mean, now you have to wonder as investigators and quite frankly as lay people in this country, you have to wonder, are these going to be copycat situations or is this part of like a master plan now for isis
11:54 am
to go into all of these european countries? remember, germany is the country that was going the accept the greatest number of refugees from syria. >> sure, gretchen. you talk about things about copycats and master plans. you know, master plans con notes a great person sitting in a control room throwing levers but it is part of the plan of isis and other terrorist groups of the fundamentalist persuasion to encourage various people around the world, even if they're not one they have personally met oregon through their training. encouraging those people to act out in their behalf. they have done it through sophisticated propaganda mechanisms. we talked about on this program they've encouraged people to do that. whether it is a copycat or somebody who has been inspired by what they saw or what they've been told to do, by some virtual radicalization, we don't know. it's too early to say. yet, i think some of the markers are there to suggest it could very well be people who are
11:55 am
doing something by wanting to be known for being associated with the cause. >> okay. it's interesting you bring up the way in which they ch communicate and recruit and inspire other people. it turns out they are tech logically savvy. we've known this for quite some time. now a new report comes out that they have a help desk. 24/7, it operates for isis. i mean, it's like a help desk we have here at fox news. we call them to come up and fix our computers. 000 isis has them to keep them in the loop, to keep them knowing what the latest thing is, to keep them communicating with members of isis across the world. it's scary. >> it certainly is chilling, gretch gretchen. we've known about some of this before. we've seen some of the slick things we've done before between youtubes and horrific things they've put out. it's also the way they've gone through radicalization. but don't forget now, they've been encouraging people to join their kaulgs cause from all over europe and the world. many of these people have advanced degrees, people,
11:56 am
whether they're technologists or other people in college and other degrees to join them. so they are bringing a level of sophistication to their cause. you know, and beyond that, even the way they're communicating these days behind the scenes, using things such as game control consoles, they're using embedded images with encryption behind it. they go into places like for some people may not know this, the it broo side, the dark side soft web. they're taking people from the bright side, bring them to the dark side where there's messages passing. >> all kinds of stuff. what's app, red phone, using all of these ways to try and evade the people who want to get them. bill daley, thank you. >> you're welcome. parisians refusing to stay indoors. even though we keep talking about terrorism here. and they are responding to the terror attacks by going out to eat, drink, and they're still trying to have a good time. how the city is rallying under the message everyone to the bistro. who wants to try? before earning enough cash back from bank of america
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parisians defying islamic state terrorists by returning to paris night spots just days after the attacks. bar and restaurant owners using the slogan, everyone to the bistro. thanks for being part of a very busy real story. i'm gretchen. here's shep. >> it's 3:00 on the east coast. noon on the west coast. 9:00 p.m. in paris. there's double trouble in europe. as investigators reveal they're now search for not one but two terror suspects involved in a paris attack. the hotel room raid that reveals what the terrorists were doing before the attack. we havehow drugs may have been involved which makes sense because one suspect ex-wife is now saying that he was a stoner who had never even went to the mosque. plus, russia and france now reportedly agreeing to work together to target islamic state fighters. ahead, we'll look at america's involvement and you'll hear from a former nato chief who says just bombing isis is not going to solve the problem and that there are five more steps we


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