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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 18, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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the middle, #oneluckyguy. really living in your world. >> ref gees i'm well coming you. harris: we'll talk about it more in "outnumbered" overtime. click on the over time tab. now "happening now." "happening now". syrian refugee crisis front and from in washington after the paris terrorist attacks. republicans and some democrats warn the program holds dangers we don't know. rand paul joins us live to discuss his plan to keep some refugees out of the u.s. plus. it is massive flooding hitting the pacific northwest. a fierce storm leaves two people dead and hundreds of thousands
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without power. and a tour bus veers out of control, all caught on camera and what happened here? it is all "happening now". >> we begin with a police raid on an apartment in paris where a suspected mastermined may have been held up. i am jenna lee. >> and i am jon scott. two more terrorist are dead including a woman who blew herself up. they are determining to see if the terrorist was inside of the apartment. the french president hollande said that france is at war with the islamic state.
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catherine herridge. we begin with benjamin in belgium. >> reporter: jon, we are learning an awfully lot about the dark under belly of the under ground here. there are others we have spoke to who seek to justify and condone them. we spoke to young muslims in the district of mazambique. they told us in no uncertain terms it was in retaliation for bombings and they understood why they were committed and sought to blame west for the killings and telling me, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. and europe had never accepted muslims and the government ignored them and they didn't feel belgium and it was a duty
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to fight jihad. we tried to trace the family of the man on the run here and thought to be hiding near by armed and dangerous and protected by his friends. someone answered the bell and refused to speak to us. neighbors said they only had kept to themselves. his brother called on him to hand himself in. and adding they are thinking of him but refused to condemn him. he is still presumed innocent. >> police are searching for him. they await confirmation of who was killed in the attacks. the police are on edge and uncertain if more attacks may come. it is another wake- up call. and the police said the government is not helping them
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enough. we hope that the help comes soon. >> reporting live from belgium. thank you. i sis is releasing a new issue of the magazine. there is a picture of the bomb that took down the russian passenger jet over egypt. catherine, i know you are looking at the magazine, what did you learn? >> reporter: jenna, this is the new edition of the islamic state magazine. it claims responsibility for the downing of the russian metro jet in sinai, egypt saying it was a explosive device that killed all on board. the original target was a jet from one of the nations bombing isis, but the plot was modified when launcha launched its own
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strikes. the target was charged with the russian. and the bomb was smuggled on to the plane. it is only after a month after russia's thoughtless decision. the magazine takes credit for the attacks in terrorist is part of a media roll out including video threats to russia and the u.s. it started a year ago. paris has been brought down to its knees. a nationwide state of emergency was result with the actions of men armed with rifles and explosive belts. the chairman of the homeland security said the number of isis cases in the u.s. has expanded. >> including 18 in the united states, here at home, we have arrested more than 70 isis
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supporters over the last year, that's on average more than one a week. and the fbi said that it has 1000 isis- related investigations in all 50 states. if this is not a war, then i don't know what is. >> reporter: the final point of the magazine is photos of two executed hostages. there is no way to independently confirm those images or the bomb shown brought down the jet. most of the magazine i want to emphasize was clearly produced in advance and used the images to fill the black holes and empty spaces before they pushed it out on the web, jenna. >> catherine, thank you. the attack in paris causing a ripple effect. president obama's comment that
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isis is contained is looked as out on of touch and causing dissension. david is author of the clinton ink. and betsy is a political reporter for the daily beast. welcome to both of you. even chuck schummer who is a leading democrat in the senate is saying we ought to slow down or alter the syrian refugee program, president obama seems to have a problem within his own party, betsy? >> absolute slee. and schummer is not the only one making the case. the governor of massachusetts is challenging kelly a yotte thinks that new hampshire shouldn't be accepting more syrian refugee because of a potential terrorist threat. there is a media narrative that the republicans are only concerned about the possibility of the syrian refugees, but that
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is not the case. there are democrats that hold the same view. >>÷8/ daniel, the president suggestses that the opposition is coming from the republican side of the aisle. >> that is false. and a lot of the reaction is lack of confidence in the president's plan. republicans and now increasingly democrats are not only concerned about syrian refugees, but concerned that we are not dealing with isis adequately and there is a gut reaction to anything that has to do with the plan and suggesting that we are not on the right path. let's change course. we'll see that amongst the republicans and it is going to be a huge issue in the 2016 presidential election. people are concerned that isis is growing and that america is not dealing with it adequately. >> so betsy, what is the
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argument to let in the syrian refugees. >> the argument is that they don't pose threat. all refugees go through a rigorous screening process before they enter our country. thanks for geograpy it is more difficult to get to the u.s. it takes two years. syrian refugees it is three years and there are hardly any cases of refugees that went through the vetting process that were involved in the terrorist plots. but given what happened in paris and increasing concerns about isis is changing the game in this case, there is a lot of room for democrats to make a compelling case that bringing in a significant number of refugees is unsafe and irresponsible. >> jeb bush is out on record
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saying we need more boots on the the ground in syria to deal with isis threat. and jenna will talk to rand paul and i am sure she will ask. and what about the hillary clinton side. >> she will give a speech in new york city and where she will lay out the isis plan. you would think if she agreed she would not to have give out a speech laying out her own plan. she will try to get distance on foreign policy and tweak president obama and separate herself from's failed strategy. and we'll see that probably tomorrow in new york city. >> we'll se daniel and betsy, thank you both. >> you're welcome, jon. >> in france, the lead prosecutor in the terrorism attack case is speaking. arrested in the raid?
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we hope to find answers. let's listen in. >> see i want to salute all of the magistrates and all of the police officers in this. november 13th. and has made progress. the raid was a demonstration. everything lead us to think tha. because of their weapons and instruct and you are organization. they could lead another attack. i would like to give you the results of the investigation and surveillance. and it is testimonies. and also all of the intelligence
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information. and they have an important logistic put in place by terrorist. and weapons and also housing. see elements used by three commandos, coordinated to act. 10th and 11th district and restaurants and the investigation demonstrated three vehicles and one saat and another arrived. it arrived from belgium, november 12th. within 12 minutes, all of these vehicle have been rented by the brothers of islam. another was rented by salah.
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and it was discovered in front of the batacian and used by three terrorist seen coming out of the vehicle be just before their eruption in the batacian. and the black saat used by three men shooting at bars and restaurants. it comes from the gps of the vehicle. the search of the vehicle allowed to discover, the print of bes slam that was discovered. also three knives were discovered. the black clu was retrieved in the 18th district. plus el beckan.
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and because of video surveillance arrived on november 13th. and they were coming from batacian at 21- 59 p.m. and a gulf vehicle was used. it was controlled, saturday, november 14th, an individual saying salah. and two other individuals, i want to that during the control on the road. the beslam was not in the attack. we are acting with the belgium authority and police in belgium. a tu have been heard. and have been retained and put
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in jail in belgium. at this point in time, the role of these two individuals remain to be determined. they came during the night to take him to bring him back to belgium. after the vehicle, other logistic telecommunication on this point and the investigation is led and ongoing to determine where the terrorist were before the attacks. and establish the various contact they had. i can confirm a mobile phone was discovered in a garbage can outside of the batacian, text message was sent at 21.42 p.m. indicating we have left, we are
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starting. and see the investigation looking to see who was the recipient of the message. and rafrding the weapons of the commandos, it was military arsenal. it looks like bullets and explosive belts of ta pt. and a caliber seven schowas disclofred. those bullets. and demonstrating shootings inside of the batacian, hundreds of bullets have been seen. and in the three bodies, we have seen batteries and switches to reenforce the affects of the explosives. the quantity and nature of the weapons, show a determined
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action that was confirmed in the night. during the raid undertaken in the night. and see now the housing. there are several. one was located, two room hotel, represented by salah beslam. and another was located in a house. november 17th was represented by behim beslam. and finally there was third housing see it looks like a huge logistic put in place. it was an operational commando striking on three points.
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we have been able to identify five terrorist. one was dead. and the other was not identified. the investigation is ongoing. and the investigation is trying to determine the component of the three commandos. now, i am going back to the reds this morning. a number of investigation have been undertaken and we could identify, we could identify a building. it could be on the third flow that he was hiding. >> we went to this apartment. after recovering a testimony saying that he was in france. a baoutside is a suspect. and it could be the instigator
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of a number of terrorist attacks for the accounts or on the islamic state. the testimony received november 16th. and taken with a lot of seriousness. this testimony is a number of bank verification and at 4:20 this morning. has been led by the the law enforcements. i would like to salute their dedication and professionalism. and in four days. five police officers were injured. it was a difficult raid. and the door was resisting from
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the apartment. it was allowing the terrorist. to prepare their response. and 5000 cart rages weroused. and see, the operations were extremely difficult. it was complex. it needed a left snipers and needed grenades and the fact that one terrorist exploded herself. and also the destruction of the building because of the explosion. and also the state of the body, that will necessitate a lot of examinations. at 4:45. the red was able to get three individuals, one was injured on the arm. these three men have been put in the retension and in police
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custody. and then an explosion was heard. and then another body was discovered. the state of the body does not allow for identification. the first element of the investigation and also the intervention of the police officer. the explosion was coming from a woman who was actioning her jackets. explosive jacket or belt. we will look at every piece coming from this explosion. and as i was indicating and i was repeating. it is difficult to investigate inside of the building. and at this point in time, i can't give you a presoys update on the actual number or id of
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the people that are dead. at least two are dead. it will take a little bit of time. because the building was going to collapse. and see we need to consolidate the building in order to work inside of it. inside of the building. they discovered two men. one injured and two individuals that were put in redengz. he's supposed to have provided the apartment. several times he was questioned and he was around the apartment.
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i want to tell you that the search. no weapons were discovered. and another individual is supposed to have provided the apartment. right now the idea're id's of the people are not established. salah beslam is not in custody. we are trying to identify the terrorist that are retakened or dead or anybody that is implied or involved in this terrorist attacks. whether it was in syria or in france. and those investigation have the goal to determine the condition under which the terrorist attack
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could be claimed and also the brother could even follow those terrorist attacks. those terrorist, have struck. it is a tragedy for the victim and their families. i would finish, the public powers and the prosecutor's office are mobilized at the service of the victim and their family, thank you. interesting news from the frefrp prosecutor and important news from the raids that happen overnight. you can get a sense of how violent and chaotic this raid became when the terrorist resisted the entry of law enforcement. and a gun battle ensued. we got more information on the terrorist attacks in paris. a key part of this, a text
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message was sent right outside of the concert hall communicating that the attack was ongoing. and there is allegations of encrypted technology. there is a flurry of reports that the architect of the report. and they were arrested and the french prosutor is not going that far. and say issing two most wanted fugitives have not been accounted for. and that can mean a few things. perhaps they are among the dead. one of the dead we upon is a female. but still questions as to where the investigation goes from here. and of course, where are are the commandos. have they all been accounted for. and certainly a big day in paris as we are learning more.
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and a lot said here at home as to what our next steps will be. and we are joined by rand paul, 2016 republican candidate. and you listened along with us from what we know from france and the news we heard. what do we do next here at home? >> i think no one knows. but our sympathies lie with the french and hope we get to the bottom of it quickly as to who instituted the attacks. we have to be prepared and cautious about who visits. in bowling, kentucky. we had two refugee come and attempted to buy stinger missiles. one of them had a finger print from a bomb fragment. and he was on a known list. and two boston bombers came here as refugees, and it is absurd that the women and children are
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no risk. we have many, many examples of refugees coming here and turning out to be a risk to our country. >> there is something immediately and you used the situation in kentucky. you have immediate legislation that you would like the september to consider when it comes to refugee coming in our country. >> the biggest entry for those who attack us is coming to visit and coming as a refugee or visitor or student. we have nearly a million students and 150,000 of them come from the middle east. we have to be concerned about french citizens coming here. and most of the people involved in the attack will turn out to be french citizens. and what we have in place is a visa waiver.
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if you want to come from france you don't need a vis a. i would stop that unless there is a global entry background check. until we get a better handle on it, we need to stop the process and slow down and figure out who is in our country and figure out if anyone here is inclined to attack us. >> post september 11th the bush administration put in affect a program to carefully watch individuals from locations around the world. specifically the area of terrorism. and that program is no longer part of the homeland security. many critics saids it was profiling and it didn't fet. what do you think bringing that program back? >> i have advocated certain aspects of that program. and i don't think you profile based on religion. but on suspicious. and if they
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fit the certain characteristecs and meaning that they have a behavior threat that are a to our nation. we know those coming to attack us is from the middle east. they have siing cant jihaddist movement and we need you to stop that now. we have 11 million people here illegally. and 40 percent visa overstays. and if you apply that to middle eastern. do 40 percent city here and disobey. find out who is here and what they are doing and if they are obeying the law. if we can't count those who are here and apply the law to those who are here, we have no business adding to the problem.
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namong those who say let's pa e pause. the president has said this. i would like your reaction. >> when say only proven christians should be admitted that is offensive and contrary to american values. i cannot think of a more potent recruitment tool to isil than the rhetoric that came out during the course of the debate. >> what is your thought on that? >> i am not interested in being lectured by the president. his administration is making the hv÷ a risk.
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two refugees came to bowl ping, kentucky and tried to buy stinger. and they have gone to syria and some here who are a threat to the country and are being observed. to say that the refugee program is not a potential threat to the united states is willfully close your eyes and put us at risk. this is important. and the first thing we to to protect our home land and people, be cautious about those who come to visit and study and immigrate here. >> here is breaking news. i have to take a commercial break. those who say a genocide is happening in syria and innocents are caught in the cross fires. i would like to know your plan and surveillance, and whether or not we need to consider. we'll have these questions right after the brake.
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sharing. the fact is 20th century laws cannot deal with those threats. >> we are back with senator rand paul. france is reconsidering the antiterrorism legislation and giving police more power. you are a strong voice for liberties and critical in the programs. i wonder whether or not you have reconsidered your positions and what we should do to keep the country safe. >> there will be always those who advocate giving up liberty and getting more security. but we found when we allowed warrantlesses searches, we didn't catch terrorist and many people are mistaken, that is still in place. in france, they have a similar program. and i call it our program on steroids. france has a program that
10:37 am
invades privacy and they didn't stop this. could we give up our liberty and be more secure? perhaps, but what are we fighting for? we are fighting for the right to be left alone and have a government that looks at the aspect of every day. >> what do you do? >> if you spend time spying on americans and french citizens, you get too much information. the psycheicology her better simon said having more information doesn't always lead to understanding. it overwhelms you and maybe you are not doing a better job. target those who want to attack us andous information and by all means, look at all of the records we can get to of terrorist or poterrorist terrorist.
10:38 am
use the constitution. the fourth amendment said you have to name and ask a judge. there is no authorization of looking at everyone's record without suspicion. >> what about the refugees and those whoud would like extra surveillance on. do they not get the same liberties that you are advocating for americans? >> those who are here, should be investigated based on suspicion the same way an american would. those who want to come here don't have a right to be an american citizen is. and most people don't realize that. they are immediately put on welfare. a whole agency set up to put them in government housing and cash assistance and put in our welfare programs. in kentucky a lot of people and coal miners are out of work.
10:39 am
veterans are having trouble surviving on the disability payments and they don't know why we are taking the world's poor and put them on our welfare programs. >> i have three seconds. 10000 is the number that the administration would like to admit to the united states. just a time thought. there are innocent people involved and we know that and see the children. the president mentioned widows and children often when it comes to the debate. they are fleeing the evil in their land. how do we figure out a way to help people that we can? >> one of the biggest supporters of sunni terrorism is quadquadand i would say no more sales of any arms to these countries until they accept the refuge
10:40 am
refugees. the gulf states have pouredegacy and not taken into refugee. and iran has not taken refugees. those who live there need to step up and we need to say we'll not sell the arms if you don't it do your fair share. >> senator, paul, thank you. >> thank you, jenna. >> this fox news alert on another presidential candidate. former governor jeb bush speak nothing charleston about his defense policy and how to move forward. carl came ron is live with more on that. >> reporter: yes, jeb bush was in the citadel in south carolina. south carolina, has one of the biggest retired in the country. he outlined his four- point plan
10:41 am
to rebuild and strengthen the military. and said by contrast, president obama doesn't have a strategy or victory against radical islamic terrorism. >> our forces need to know that support for the military is not just a partisan chief. and the commander in chief is not another politician. radical islamic terrorist declared world on the western world. we can't withdraw or negotiate. we have one choice. to defeat it. >> bush complained that the obama administration has not allowed the vetting process and there should be a way for christian refugee to come to the u.s. >> if you are a christian in the middle east you are beheaded. and who but the united states will proved support for the
10:42 am
persecuted. he needs to explain to the american people what the vetting process is to allow widows and orphans come in and make sure terrorist don't. >> bush said the brutal saveagerie is what is at steak. the republicans are none too pleased when the president said they are scared of widows and orphans. >> and we heard from the prosecutor in paris about the result of the massive raid. and how the fbi is helping the french authorities, next. get fast-acting, long-lasting relief from heartburn with it neutralizes stomach acid and is the only product
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>> i am gretchen charleson. who was killed this morning's raids in france. and details about a cell phone found outside of the batacian concert hall. how easy is it to get a fake or forged passport in europe. if you have cash not hard. and president obama chastised those who are not wanting to be bring refugee. we'll give you the real story of who exactly is coming here in the top of the hour. back to the paris terrorist attacks. french forces launched a massive raid overnight. the prosecutor held a news conference saying that the terrorist cell was neutralized. ands said the identit of those killed is not yet determined and we know that the fbi is helping the french with that
10:47 am
investigation. and danny colder is a former director and one that founded the fbi anti- terror task force and joins us now. >> danny your first thoughts and having heard what the prosecutors said about that raid last night. >> a very, very difficult operation. all successful raids are based on concepts of speed and surprise of action and didn't have that. they probably saw the police coming. and see what you get, we don't have the initiative. and the french are good. i trained with the counter terrorist teams and they are the best in the world. and they did a great job. and he seemed to suggest that there were 5000 rounds fired. a lot of gunfire in a seven hour period. they don't believe they are at
10:48 am
war. they need to listen to the press conference. it is enormous and i question that a little bit. but it was a major shootout and you have to remember that this is a military operation and there is a rocket in the door and law enforcement they don't do it. it was a terrible operation. and that nightmare in paris is coming to the united states. there are see many similarities between the way they do business and the way the terrorist do business and what they are telling us, they are coming. we have to understand that and get ready for it. >> how to do that, danny is the million dollar question. >> for one thing it is it a war you have to agree. in that regard unloesh our intelligence services see they can do things that they logically do to uncover the guys. we have to remember all
10:49 am
investigations are conducted under the office was of the attorney general and they have guidelines. and they have artificial time frames and bureaucracy to jump through. we need to lighten that up and do their job. and conduct a logical investigation and period of time. and not be see beholding to guidelines to hamper their efforts. that's why they didn't identify the threat of the boston marathon bombers, the fbi had run out of time. and they close the case. and we need to rethink that. we don't need legislation, it would help, but the stroke of a pen by the attorney general can make their job easier. >> and rand paul said, look, the french have onerous surveillance laws than we do, and they can
10:50 am
survey and they missed this attack. what would you do tomorrow if you could with a stroke of a pen change american law and prevent one of >> clearly change those guidelines. the fbi right now is so overwhelmed. look at the number of cases that the director is talking about. they need more resources. they need more task forces. they need more assets. we are at war. we won't admit it. we're at war, so let's act like we're at war. >> danny coulson who founded the fbi's anti-terrorism task force. thanks for talking with us today. >> thank you. always a pleasure. disturbing new report showing that isis is not the deadliest terror group in the world. there are even more dangerous militants out there, perhaps. we'll show them to you, next.
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check out this dramatic video of a tour bus crashing san francisco last week. the out of control bus is seen speeding through city streets. pedestrians scrambling to get out of the way. the crash injured 20 people, six critically. investigators believe faulty brakes may have been to blame. the bus was not properly registered and not being inspected. no comments from the bus company. northern nigeria have left 20 people dead. the attacks come 24 hours after a similar bombing that killed 34 people. both areas a frequent target of boka haram.
10:55 am
they have pledged allegiance to the islamic state pledges a wide swath of territory. the group is steadily expanding its presence in the region. >> this is a copyright attack to the one that killed over 30 yesterday. no one has claimed responsibility but all three bombings bear the hallmark of the terror group. it's been announced that they have overtaken isis as the most deadly terror group in the world at 6,614 killing over 600 more
10:56 am
people than isis. most doefof the deaths have bee the battlefield with isis and yet with with boka haram social security private people in private places. most terrorist activity is highly concentrated. this is all a major problem for nigerian president who came to office on the ticket that he would get rid of boka haram. since he's took office there's been even more attacks than before. we're following a developing situation right now in paris as investigators try to identify those killed in the overnight police raid there. connected to the horrific massacre. jeb bush: leadership means you've got to be all in.
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french president said they are at war with the islamic state. look for more raids like the one overnight. >> it brings to like the conversations with democrats and republicans. thanks for joining us, everybody. >> the real story with gretchen carlson starts now. fox news alert. police fired 5,000 rounds into the hide out in the paris hide out. this is the real story. the paris prosecutor confirmed a short time ago this man, the alleged master mind of the terror attacks is not among those arrested in the raid and his status remains unclear. police are trying to id a second body taken out by grenades during the raid.


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