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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 23, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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as president of the united states, i pledge to you that i will solve problems. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. >> see you back here an hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. harris: fox news alert. we begin day three. the people of belgium on high alert for a terror attack of the prime minister there saying to the people in the capitol, should brace for an imminent threat. brussels on lockdown. police conducting raids overnight, up to 22 of them we've her, sweeping up more terror suspects as they hunt for one of the suspected terror attackers. still on at run 10 days out. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, andrea tantaros, host of kennedy i on sister network fox business.
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kennedy herself. dagen mcdowell and tony sayegh, is our #oneluckyguy. republican strategist. good to have you here. >> glad to be back. harris: we'll get into the news. take a look quickly at streets of brussels. one of europe's most popular cities stunningly quiet. schools, shopping mall, subway system, shut down. country on terror alert, because of specific and imminent threat. more than 1000 security personnel deployed across that nation. belgium police rounding up 21 people in raids just yesterday. it went on all threw the day. culminating with a news conference by federal prosecutor announcing arrests of all of those people. this person, this guy, this suspect they did not get. his face familiar. salah abdeslam, the key suspect in through police checkpoints apparently wearing a suicide vest before leaving brussels.
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reports he may still be wearing a bomb vest, ready to blow himself up. we have a report we may check in depending on news. we had some drills over the weekend. they were very noticeable on display here in new york, working on anything that could potentially happen here and also letting our enemy know we're ready. >> there are two reasons we need to do things like that. number one, to your point, harris, to show we're prepared. new york city has been a terrorist target for quite some time. let's not forget the world trade center was attacked first time in 1993. 9/11 is also a event puts in pert pet wall state of high alert. number two, to assure american people to go about your lives way you would anyway. unfortunately the way terrorist win, the claiming incident in belgium the fact that france is on state of emergency for three months -- harris: three days.
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>> by altering way we live our lives in democratic and free fashion. it is important we do these things. harris: it is interesting what you say. in belgium, even though telling restaurants and cafes, people to stay way afrom all that, people you could see live on social media, we are going so go about our lives because we're free. andrea: that is exactly what the french said as well. harris, i watched you cover this last night so well, this breaking news. it takes me to a point last week, bill hemmer was live in paris. "america's newsroom" did a special series of interviews with men in cafes in brussels. they were not radical jihadis. they were muslim men. they sympathized with the attacks. they feel that they have been attacked. they feel that the west has tried to break up their caliphate and the way that this men are articulated their anger, it troubles me because the same issues you see in france are the same ones you see in brussels for the same reasons.
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arabic nations were immigrated to these countries. i think they have a real problem on their hands because they can shut down their borders now but we know so many are living in these nations currently. they can flow back and forth as we talked about with these dual passports which makes them even tougher to track. it's a huge warning sign to us about how we handle immigration. >> some of what has breadth unrest and anger among muslim men and muslim population is the fact of multiculturalism. these individuals, these people were allowed -- they were, there is no such thing as a simulation. they're not integrated into the broader populations -- assimilation. we're lucky we have not had to face that here as much. >> you can't project american values even on allies in western europe let alone in the middle east. it's a fool's errand. and it is not going to happen.
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number two, when you are disorged, and caught off-guard you trample on people's civil liberties. that is what is happening in belgium and france. going on total lockdown. it will turn into more authoritarian state than it already has. i feel for those people. i don't want this to happen in this country. harris: you mentioned three months state of emergency in france. clear from officials they can't keep this thing up people feel penalized for trying to protect them. we'll report news as it happens. andrea: meantime back here at home, president obama is ramping up his rhetoric against isis saying the united states will not relent in the fight against the terrorists. listen. >> they are a bunch of killers, with good social media. the overwhelming majority of people who go about their business every day, the americans who are building things and making things and teaching, saving lives as firefighters and as police officers and, they're stronger.
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our waive of life is stronger. we have more to offer. we represent 99.9% of humanity and that's why we should be confident that we'll win. andrea: but mr. obama's strategy to defeat isis is coming under fire from top democrats and former members of his administration. >> i don't think the approach is sufficient to the job. i'm concerned that we don't have the time and we don't have years. we need to be aggressive now because isil is a quasi-state. this has gone on too long now. and it has not gotten better. it has gotten worse. >> the resources applied to that mission frankly have not been sufficient to confront them and for that reason, i think, we've got to be much more aggressive and much more unified in the effort to take on isis. andrea: and it appears that americans agree. a brand new "fox news poll" finds that 65% of voters think
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the obama administration has not been aggressive enough in fighting isis. okay, tony, i want to go to you on this one because we have these abstract discussions about should the president do more? could the president do more? the president seemed unwilling to do what the military says we need to do and just sending in a couple of ground troops and doing some airstrikes doesn't seem to be getting the job done. so isn't our only option, secure borders, beef up homeland security, hold our nose and cross our fingers and pray for the next 14 months? >>number i think you see secretary panetta and senator feinstein using same word, which is shocking, this is not sufficient what we're doing. our role, andrea is to be the global leader. though the stated policy of this administration as far as foreign policy and military affairs last seven years, essentially subordinating american power. this is the time the president needs to rise to meet the challenge.
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the american people want a decisive leader who will unite the country and world behind a common goal. he has not done that. why you see 65% of the american people feeling insecure and rejecting the way he is pursued this global war on terror which he refuses as such. so when you have "the washington post" opinion page calling him petulent, his response, divisive and reluctant, this is reflected also in the opinions of very knowledgeable democrats who are familiar with the intelligence and national security concerns of this country. andrea: but, kennedy, again we're talking about it in the abstract. >> yeah. andrea: he will not change. unless he will get a full frontal lobotomy which i don't think will happen. agitating a president, dragging kicking and screaming into a war with an enemy he refuses to name and half-measures in war are -- >> he is using the same authorization to go about the
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war on terror his predecessor launched back in the early oughts. when dianne feinstein sounds like john mccain you know your party is in trouble. you know your administration is in the middle of a mutiny. many more people opposed using force and robust strategy. a lot of people are looking around and places like paris and belgium, what are we doing? this is sufficient question and deserves a real answer. what are we doing? what is our strategy here. if your strategy is, excuse me, wait until we're attacked, that's okay. be up front with the american people. being so condescending and defensive talking about isis, they're just a bunch of thugs with a good instagram account. that is not acceptable response to the question. >> calling paris a setback shows how detached he has been from reality. i advocated for this many years. i know there is disagreement on this couch where it is.
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america can not retreat and america can not wait. this is situation where the world is united, we're following french, british, in some cases the russians. where is president hollande going? >> harris: in every case, in every case the russians right now because they hoped up their own can much we know what in syria on the ground to help out the president there. we were let known they would be in the skies. in every case hollande is meeting. first he will meet with us. come here, go to the white house on the 24th which is tomorrow and thanksgiving day he will be in russia. set to be there with vladmir putin. you're right. we're not sitting at table but at least he is meeting with us first. i would love to be a fly on the conversation. >> strategic patience are the two words susan rice used to describe our strategy. we will not be held by alarmism of media. i'm paraphrasing. what happened even because we weren't a little tougher in terms of airstrikes on oil
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convoys for example, we completely underestimated how vast this self-sustaining economy is that the islamic state. we underestimated their oil revenue, their annual oil revenue by $400 million every year. it is half a billion dollars. and we were worried about some civilian casualties. that is why you see the strikes on oil, all oil trucks now. you didn't see them, when we were talking about this a year ago. >> not much has changed. andrea: we're talking about a region of world a boiling cauldron of sunni, shias ethnic hatreds. united states is on every single front. we gotten ourselves in proxy wars. we're agitating putin. when you listen to republican candidates, they're fighting with putin, fighting with soup necessary, we're dealing deals with shia. there is argument if we get attacked we go in with 100,000 troops and wipe them out.
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i could be persuaded. we have talking about going into war with half-measures by president i don't know i'm willing to do that. >> in this fight our enemy's enemy is our friend. iran is not our friend. we can not align with tehran to fight syria and isis way some people within my own party are suggesting which is why we need to unite the moderate sunnis and they do exist. the fact that people say they don't i think is ill-informed and not thoughtful. they exist. they have a lot into this game. >> i agree. >> we need to get them to be boots on the ground with our intelligence and our special force. >> in canada attacked us would we expect saudi arabia to come over to our defense? no, absolutely not. >> but we're not that worried about canada, right? >> our foreign policy tent pole according to obama administration getting iran deal done. look what happened. >> what andrea pointed out, false idea we can unite with shiites against the sunnis. no. that is not how we should go.
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>> making a case we shouldn't be there in the first place. >> not at all. i think isis is defeatable enemy. these are thugs who can be beaten. >> if we do it go in and flat len them. >> that is what general jack keane said. harris: strategic patience is strategy. what you're talking about, we need a strategy. andrea: all right. a sentence reportedly handed down for american jason rezaian being held in iran. what us did the white house have to say or not say about this? we were talk about iran a moment ago, about this lengthy imprisonment. facebook's ceo is getting ready to take time off. we'll tell you why he is being hailed for his paternity leave, a long one at that, while others in the tech world are taking as little time off as possible. right after the show we takes a little time off as impossible we spend roughly, ten minutes, harris? harris: could be longer depending how juicy it is. andrea:
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reportedly including espionage. according to state tv, "washington post" reporter jason rezaian was punishment was handed down this beakened. very few details are known including how long the prison term is. even rezaian's lawyer has not been informed of the verdict. white house has remained silent on their push to release the journalist and four other americans believed to be held in iran. this is such a sad story. one of the things so distressing here is jason rezaian, a member of the media. how have the media been covering this, do you think? harris: same letters in the word silent are listen. maybe they're waiting for white house or somebody to say something. we've been reporting the story. they're welcome to listen and watch to us, watch us, rather. i'm curious why more has not been made out of this. he has been there a very long time. he has been there a very long time, just waiting. and now this has come down and
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again the silence. not so much the media, where is the white house on this? media will not get him home. kennedy: media, they were wearing free jason buttons. the white house doesn't have to listen. they can actually say something right now and certainly have new strategic partnership with iran that obviously his release was not part of the deal. i think the white house is embarrassed by this what should the president say and do now, tony? >> i think the president has been very reluctant to use any leverage with iran because was afraid it would get some sort of a deal. a president who literally the day after the paris attacks released prisoners from guantanamo, sent them back to the u.a.e. terrorists engaged in that yet won't stand up for american hostages. talk about the reporter. there is still a pastor there. there is a marine there. an american citizen missing eight years, not having due process or evidence convict them of any crime.
9:20 am
literally living in totalitarian government where our president doesn't have basic idea to suggest during the negotiations have their release being contingent on a deal. >> we'll never get a answer why this was not addressed in the iran deal ever. what does it say about the how the white house values freedom of press? do they really value dissent and don't value ideas when they don't dovetail with their own? i'm begging the question. the language president uses to attack republican foes, to attack people who espouse ideas he doesn't agree with, a lot more heavy-duty than the way he talks about terrorists. >> not so different from the way he treats the press and the way press is frozen out and foia requests and even basic requests for comment are -- andrea: they will stand and defend one of their own on this when his trial started none of the network broadcasts covered his trial. i believe cbs covered it i think one time. on our network, greta
9:21 am
van susteren covers it almost every single night. so where are the media covering one of their own to get him out of this, putting pressure on white house? beyond that there is something called the golden rule. he who has the gold makes the rules. obama has the gold. he has over $150 billion -- harris: some say the white house could do this. kennedy: absolutely at that could be part of the deal. andrea: let me finish. he had $150 billion at his fingerprints. it has not been released. i'm not giving you one penny until you release him and others who stages. this is his moment. again he is failing to do right thing. kennedy: failing even to say it. harris: two different stories, the guantanamo bay transfer to u.a.e. of most recent prisoners and story of jason rezaian. why is that? why is that that? >> well i think, first of all, dagen, i think you're absolutely right, we'll never find out, and
9:22 am
andrea as much as your solution makes total sense it will not become policy of this white house. we've never seen a more nix i don't -- nixonian handling of press. they wanted it -- press revolted. kennedy: 38 press organizations banded together. andrea: setting up a golf match. >> when james rosen was being investigated under espionage act by department of justice the press had visceral reaction. andrea: they were shut out of him golfing and our own ed henry stood up, leading the white house press corps at the time, he said enough of this. we have been shut out too long. that is not happening. kennedy: you know what is happening? way too crowded presidential field. 14 sill in the race. very interesting changes in the polls. how republicans stack up against hillary. it is not good news for the presumptive democratic nominee.
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donald trump once again refusing to rule out running as independent. what it says about the relationship with the republican party right now. intrigue. please stay right there. ♪ what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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9:28 am
>> the fact that hillary clinton is stuck in the low 40s. in one point she drops to 39%. all along we've been saying when you analyze this campaign, it's really difficult to just look and get the whole story from head-to-head polls. her likability, hur honest and trustworthiness and her relate about. people are not come to grips with the idea that she is going to be the inevitable president after barack obama. granted, it's hard for the incumbent party to hold onto power in a third team. it's rarely happened in our history. that being said, hillary clinton does have, in her mind, a historic candidacy that is not well received by the american people, and i think republicans need to realize the only thing that could really mess this up is a really ugly process. andrea: she's not cracking 50%, so there's no cause for celebration on the left.
9:29 am
harris: she's facing her worst nightmare, the gop is aligned against those things, donald trump who has that total relate about. he is a communications genius. he's got that trustworthiness. one of the bigger stories here is dr. ben carson. he's still doing well in that category. he took some incoming over the last couple of weeks with his biography, but he's still among those most trustworthy. and then you have marco rubio who's now releasing some campaign ads, he's got that likability. so they are encircling her on those issues. kennedy: i think rubio absolutely has that likable. the problem is those three young senators all tied together and, obviously, senator rand paul's fortunes have fallen. he's only got 2% in this fox news poll, but rubio and cruz have really surged, you know? and i think they could overtake carson who dropped five points in this poll. the paris attacks, i don't think we can underestimate what they have done to this presidential
9:30 am
race, and i think you're seeing independents and right-leaning democrats looking at trump seriously for the first time. andrea: voters, though, if something happens to carson, dagen, do those voters naturally trickle to a cruz or rubio or someone like a trump? dagen: it's hard for trump to pull those voters away from carson because of his faith-based connection with voters. i think that themed go to somebody -- they would go to somebody who talks about their faith more. kennedy: like a cruz. dagen: but i think with trump what is resonating with people still even though he always seems about this close to, like, a howard idahoan moment -- [laughter] kennedy: i don't think it would matter. dagen: it wouldn't because the way he speaks and communicates, he's get tough, stay strong. it's so diametrically opposed to the way that the president has communicated with us. >> look, and that might very well lead donald trump to a few early primary wins, and if he does, it would make it very difficult to not think he's
9:31 am
going to get the nomination. but just with that said, i will say you want to talk about honesty, rubio has the hat trick. and where you see his number, it's 50%. you know what that means? it means all aspects of the republican base like him. he's not just appealing to the tea party or to the establishment or to the neo-cons or -- kennedy: but cruz is standing in his way. they're similar enough that i think they split a really important part of -- dagen: you know where they split? on the megadata program. kennedy: rubio is part of that -- harris: the advantage the gop has they may have one candidate who can scoop up some of it, but they'ren circling her right now. and that is damaging her. with regard to trump, isn't it his sweet spot what's happening with foreign policy, particularly terrorism, when you drill down into these brand new polls, 67% of all registered voters -- this is not a democrat view, a republican view, this is not necessarily an independent
9:32 am
view -- across the board say now terrorism has crept up as their number one focus and issue above the economy. but look at the two things that are toggling, economy and terrorism. they're in the sweet spot of his messaging, donald trump. andrea: not only that, but terrorism and and immigration. and that was sort of the springboard for donald trump. n policy and the military, he does it in a different way than everyone on the stage. he doesn't want to go to war with everybody, but he still wants the biggest, greatest, most fantastic military in the world which is different from rand paul. so he is in the sweet spot p i think, for the media moment. donald trump once genre fusing to close the door on an independent presidential run. this after a report by "the wall street journal" about a, quote, new guerrilla effort by operative within the republican party to derail his candidacy. that effort reportedly includes uniting donors from rival camps into a single anti-trump force. the donald has this to say about that: >> well, i'm going to have to see what happens.
9:33 am
i will see what happens. i have to be treated fairly. you know when i did this, i said i have to be treated fairly. if i'm treated fairly, i'm fine. all i want to do is a level playing field. andrea: are they running against hillary clinton, dagen, or donald trump? because it seems like they're pouring all their energy and resources, and by "they," i mean the establishment that hasn't had luck to date, on defeating trump. dagen: well, based on that poll, they don't have to run against hillary clinton, because she's going to defeat herself, right? so they're worried about his sustained lead in the polls. buff i think trump needs to put his big boy pants on. this is fair in politics. this is fair. >> that's right. dagen: superpacs have a lot of money. what are they going to spend it on? he can -- because nobody, he's kind of had it easy. nobody's really gone after him. only a few people have gotten good verbal punches in so far, carly fiorina being one of them, and that wasn't lasting. andrew: but the fact that they have to -- andrea: the fact that they have
9:34 am
to rally into one big superpac says they haven't been able to do so thus far. kennedy: and i'm kind of surprised they haven't done it before. i was surprised they didn't use the debates to unite in that sense. but people realize that donald trump is the most capable counterpuncher in politics, and so stepping up and putting your head on the chopping block, you're going to get it lopped off like rick perry and lindsey graham. so if they've got these rich, secret donors who are not identifying themselves who are going to pour all this money into opposition research and ads and, you know, dirty tricks and everything else, that ooh's little bit -- that's a little bit more concerning for him. >> he is also the most capable of offering a self-inflicted wound that blows a lead for most republicans against hillary clinton. and i do agree, you know, with your point, dagen. the idea that donald trump is now somehow this fabber jay egg, he's so delicate that he does not have to live by the rules of fierce politics that every major nominee of our party from george w. bush to mitt romney to john
9:35 am
mccain all endured this dynamic. there is a front runner, so everybody else becomes the anti-front runner. that's just par for the course, and the idea that -- harris: but what andrea's saying is interesting. which front runner should you be running existence? and i lo the fact -- love the fact that you picked an egg, because that's so expensive. dagen: and sometimes he acts like a real egg. harris: the point i want to make about money is this: he has gotten to where he is and stayed on top by spending virtually no cash. these other campaigns are bleeding to the point where they lay people off, they consolidate their payrolls, they tell people, you know, well, we're not going to be able to have this much on the ground. >> sure. harris: i'm learning more and more about donald trump's ground game in places like iowa and new hampshire. he's got one. and from everything i'm hearing, it's pretty fierce. kennedy: that's why rich people are rich, they know how to spend money and how not to spend money. >> that's kind of my point. donald trump has defied the odds
9:36 am
and is on a trajectory where he very well could be the nominee. harris: so what does the party do? andrea: i think they're doing it. >> the fact that he talks about running as an independent, third party candidate will only hurt that chance because republicans ultimately want to beat hillary clinton, and they're not if he runs -- harris: why don't they get behind him, ann andrea? andrea: i am stunned at how poorly the establishment has judged this campaign. i'm stunned. no one ever thought it would happen this way, but the republican electorate is different. it's different than it ever was. and i don't think them going after donald trump, i don't think it helps them at all, actually. i think he has captured the mood of a moment and, unfortunately, trumpism might be here to stay. we'll see. we're going to talk about it here. harris: really popular at halloween. andrea: well, a daughter on the way for facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg, so how long is he able to step away from his other baby? and why another top tech
9:37 am
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and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost. now try new boost® compact and 100 calories. ♪ ♪ harris: we're just playing that for tony. >> thank you. harris: mark zuckerberg is about to become a tadly, and in a -- a daddy, and he says he plans to take an extended time off, posting on his facebook page this. quote: this is a very personal decision, and i've decided to take two months of paternity leave when our daughter arrives. studies show when working parents take time to be with their newborns, outcomes are better for the children and families. meanwhile, yahoo!'s ceo marissa
9:42 am
mayer is due to have twins next month but plans to take just two weeks off. kennedy? kennedy: i worry for her, because be it takes your body six weeks to recover after a c-section, and i want it to be known, i am not a doctor, i am not consulting on this -- harris: what? [laughter] kennedy: but i would -- i know, it's shocking. if she is, in fact, having some surgical procedure to extract the children, i think she should give her body time to rest. harris: thank you, dr. kennedy. [laughter] when you look at the time difference though, andrea, is this more or less about a male versus female thing? i don't know, what do you think? andrea: no. in fact, it seems like the gender roles, at least the traditional gender roles, have swapped, right? marissa mayer is channeling for of a masculine energy, right? going right back to work. and it's funny, zuckerberg's saying i'm going to stay home for two weeks. i applaud him.
9:43 am
it's his company. he's worth a ton of money. if he feels like it's in a good place, i applaud the man and you know what? he's got a lucky wife. dagen: he's only taken half of the leave that facebook offers. facebook offers four months. all these companies are competing with one another to offer the most generous benefits. netflix offers, i think, a year of paternal leave if you want to take it. harris: to you get free movies too? dagen: and by the way, he has sheryl sand egger work -- sheryl sandberg working there. facebook is near a record high in terms of its stock price, it's up 38%. it is going great guns. yahoo!'s stock price is down 35%. marissa mayer's not doing a good job running the company, so she has to make that personal decision not to be gone. kennedy: it's not a company she created. it's very different. harris: when i read criticism about marisa saying she's in a
9:44 am
less of a position and somehow it's different for men and women, what you're saying is, no, what really matter is the the green. dagen: the jury's still out, but the stock price says no. harris: this reminds me of paul ryan's decision to be saying, no, i want time with my family. >> he gets to go home on the weekend, i think that was the right decision. look, i spent a lot of time with my newborn when he was born. it was one of the most special experiences of your life, and i kind of throw politics to the wind on issues like this because i have experienced it, and i do know how important it is to really do that. but i do think we have to differentiate between the facebooks, the yahoo!st and the netflixs with a lot of employees working and saying that, therefore, should be the standard across the board because that type of policy, let's say it was to be a policy, would devastate a small business, would devastate a --
9:45 am
kennedy: of course it would, and that's why if you're worth, you know, $40 billion, that's fine. it's easy for -- >> it's a luxury. kennedy: -- you to do that. and someone like marissa mayer, i don't begrudge her because there are very few women in that position. if she can do that and balance her life, that's fine. most women can't do that. i do think it's unfair to criticize her for -- andrea: it's her choice. and don't forget, she's got the nursery right next to her office. kennedy: right. andrea: so those twins after two weeks are going to be right next to her which most women don't have. but if that's what she wants to do, bring her nanny and have her three kids right next to her, bravo. harris: girl scouts in one community taking a stand for what they want and why they're getting a lot of pushback for what they want. ♪ ♪ i brought in some protein
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andrea: more "outnumbered" in just a moment, but first to jon scott with what's coming up in hour two of "happening now."
9:50 am
jon: brussels, belgium, remains on lockdown as terror raids continue across europe. police are still trying to find one of the attackers who might be in belgium as officials there this weekend said an attack was imminent. we're tracking the latest developments from europe. plus, donald trump might be the beneficiary of a renewed focus on terror here in the u.s. he's rising in the polls despite some controversial statements. we'll get boo that. plus, in indianapolis police holding a 2 p.m. news conference as we get new details in the murder of amanda blackburn. police have three men in custody, including her alleged murderer. we'll have a live report ahead on "happening now." andrea: and coming up is that topic that you and i agreed on earlier. jon: all right, i'll be watching. andrea: thanks, jon. kennedy: they are done with just selling cookies. a group of girls in northern california say they want to join the boy scouts. the girls went before local brass recently to make their demands known, one 10-year-old telling "the new york times," quote, because we're girls we
9:51 am
can't participate with boys? we're going to have to work with other people who are, like, not just girls. but it may not be so simple. federal law carves out an exception for boy scouts, making it okay for them to exclude members based on gender. and the national boy scout organization told reporters the cub and boy scouts provide year-round programs that are meant for boys. some parents also having issues with that request. one mom saying she wouldn't want a girl sleeping in her boy's tent. harris: we had to go there? we had so much more territory -- kennedy: there's a lot more before we get to what happens inside the tent. [laughter] we'll have it on overtime -- [inaudible conversations] so these four young women, ages from 10-13, call themselves the unicorns. why not just create your own group? harris: okay, so that's an interesting discussion to have, the kid scouts or something like it. you know, i understand the idea of wanting to compete at different things and maybe
9:52 am
wanting to do the knot tying instead of maybe some of the other activities that the girls were doing. i was a brownie, i went into girl scouts, i loved it. but there were some activities that my dad said i want you to know how to do these things. it's an interesting place for somebody to step up with manager that's more universal -- kennedy: isn't that group the girl scouts? they're losing this pr campaign because people go, oh, what do they do, put on glitter nail polish and sell cookies? >> we allowed to maintain any sort of classic institutions? there is a boy scouts, and there is a girl scouts, i've been involved myself, and let me tell you, we go hiking, we've done overnight camping. i don't see why the girl scouts can't do the same thing. some of the hikes who are sisters come with us. it's not as if they're excluded from participating in some of the more diverse activities, but it really makes me sad in a way
9:53 am
because we talk about this sometimes with a transgender bathrooms. should we have people able to use the same bathroom. there should be a basic, baseline common sense when it comes to our certain traditional values. i think this is one of those instances. dagen: i went to an all girls' school for a few years, and it was the greatest experience of my life because you figure out who you are as an individual without putting boys in the mix which if you're a certain age, it complicates matters. girl scouts are a little different because they're younger, but you worry about rather than your intellectual pursuits, you're worried about how your hair looks. and as long as you can postpone that, the better. in terms of -- i have to, full disclosure, i was in the girl scouts and the brownnys, and i hated it. i hated it because my troop leader took me to hear jimmy carter speak, and i was, like, this man is responsible for runaway inflation in this country, and i dropped out. andrea: you blame the entire girl scouts for jimmy carter?
9:54 am
[laughter] listen, i'm on your side. i just wouldn't want to leave the cookies. dagen: i'm like, we're spending money -- kennedy: if the boys are doing more fun stuff, then the girl scouts should be more accommodating and say look at merida from brave, you know? look at these female superhero icons -- dagen: we get a merit badge in the boy scouts, it's not that cool. andrea: they should absolutely adapt. as you say, tony, why can't boys have anything to themselves anymore? there's all girls' clubs and dorms like i was in freshman year -- ironically, all the boys were hanging out in the all girls' dorm cans. that was a bad idea, sorry, mom. [laughter] just let 'em have their own thing. kennedy: and then man scouts, the next step on our journey. harris: for our single friends. kennedy: the hunt for the most wanted man in europe, police looking for the suspected paris attacker leaving a major city on lockdown. what authorities are saying now in a live report. ♪
9:55 am
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apprentice program with a mission to develop careers inside the television news industry. the ails apprentice program created back in 2003, and this past week latest graduating class was honored right here in new york city. i had the honor of hosting part of that. it's an amazing opportunity for four people each year to get on-the-job experience and mentoring that will help them in ways they probably can't even imagine yet. congratulations to the class of 2015, and we also met the incoming apprentices as well, 2016. we wish them all of the best of luck. they are at the best place to work in the world, i think. and thank you, roger ailes, you keep our dreams moving forward. we're grateful. all right. we have "outnumbered" overtime coming up. i did a periscope. you were going through your bag. we're going to find out what you roll with. andrea: we'll see about that, harris. harris: we're not going to go through -- andrea: that was your idea. >> that could be dicey.
10:00 am
kennedy: it's going to be very moist. harris: it'll be fine., click on the overtime tab. glad to have you today. >> had a great time. harris: click on the overtime tab when you get to our page, we're back here at noon tomorrow, "happening "happening"


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