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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 23, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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kennedy: it's going to be very moist. harris: it'll be fine., click on the overtime tab. glad to have you today. >> had a great time. harris: click on the overtime tab when you get to our page, we're back here at noon tomorrow, "happening "happening"
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pastor's pregnant wife? cops say they know. it is all "happening now". we begin with a sweeping counter terrorism operation in belgium. police there detained 21 people. brussels looks like a city under siege as it goes in the third day or night now under lock don. i am jennaly. >> and i am jon scott. slipping through the cracks is the eighth suspect in the paris attack. the crack down continues, belgian and french intelligence agencies are facing questions. >> brussel on high alert over
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what police call an imminent threat. all of this is playing out. french and belgian intelligence agencies are taking heat. they failed to connect the dots leading up to the paris attack. kristin fisher is watching developments in the white house. there are possible threats against the city's water supply. greg? >> reporter: threats all around. first the authorities watching closely over what is happening in brussel and belgium. as you noted 21 people being detained in 30 terror raids in the last 24 hours in and around brussels. we got word that another suspect was officially charged with terror. officials feel there is a paris style attack in the offing and
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we are in a third straight day of lock down on the capitol of europe. no schools, subways or universities. we are still waiting for word on what happens tomorrow. and they haven't come up with the prized suspect. the eighth terrorist suspect in the attacks. reports that he fled this crime scene right after this happen and ten days or see in and around brussels, maybe, and a lot of people are asking how can he be on the run with see much security looking for him. prime minister cameron was here promising to redouble efforts with president hollande going after the death threat of evil.
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>> and next week huge climate conference. 80 world leaders expected including president obama. that has security officials freaking out. concerns, too, when french prime minister said that isis has the capable of the chemical and biological weaponry. we confirmed with paris water authority that they are redrubl doubling their levels the water sploi. they are dosing with chlorine just in case of contamination. they are waiting for possible dosages and close to the emergency officials. as i said in the top, threats all around. back to you, jon. >> thank you, greg in paris.
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a now fox poll show a majority of americans do not take enough pressure against isis. >> reporter: the president just returned from a ten day trip overseas. isis was subjected to enormous scrutiny. and in his time press conference. president obama said his strategy is working and he told americans that we do not succumbb to fear. >> it is not a rolistic goechlt but we will get it done and pursue it with every aspect of mefrp power and all of the coalition partners that we assembled. it will get done. joishgs the president returned to fierce criticismine in --
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criticism is in his own party. the top democrat said. >> i am concerned we don't have the time or years, we need to be aggressive now. because isil will is a qua si state. with 30000 fighters and civil infrastructure and it his funding and spreading in other countries, and it is a big, big problem. >> reporter: it is also a problem for majority of the americans. 56 percent. people think it is likely that islamic terrorist will try to launch an attack on u.s. soil son. and 65 percent of the people polled said the obama administration is not aggressive enough on isis. hollande will meet tomorrow here with obama and then travel to
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putin who is the obstacle that will keep what hollande from coming together. that is a grand coalition of france, russia and u.s. and others to come together to defeat isis. >> kristin, thank you very much. in the race to the white house, donald trump is on upon top of the polls, he is now expanding his lead. third of the responders giving trump the top spot in the poll. he is ten points ahead of ben carson in second place. we'll talk about it with ed o'keefe. were you surprised? >> reporter: not really. trump remains on top. if you look doper in the numbers, there are questions
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about the terrorist attacks and for the republicans think that trump is best equipped to handle this. the idea is that he would be best to deal with the terrorist threat and that is contributing to part of the commanding lead. >> couple of weeks ago he was in second place behind ben carson. and now he's beating carson by ten points, why? >> part of it is how dr. carson struggled on what he would do on national security. and when trump talks about what he would do, that resonates with a lot of republicans. i talked to a florida republican, you know, all of these people think that donald trump is not exactly a politician, i would argue that he is. he's saying what the republican voters want to hear. we can playback the tip of what he would do against isis and
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clearly is resonating. >> some of what he said are not ground in fact but with seem to work. >> and that is what it is. that reflects not only the interest and allegiance with the republicans, frankly people don't seem to care. >> if you, if you, whittle the field and take the other contenders who are the top 5 or 6, they actually beat the support that trump gets, right? >> that's right. if you whittle the field you would see senators ted cruz and marco rubio increase. and perhaps jeb bush's numbers go up. it may be time for a few more time to get out. bobby jindle and rick perer and
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walker gets out. but they think if they do well in a state a match might get lit or allow myself to be on in march. there is two and half months to go and people are raising sufficient is funds. there is no incentive to get out. >> but donald trump comes and cast a chill over the establishment republicans by threatening to run as an independent if he says that he is not treated fairly in the process. he signed a document that said he would not do that and he would support the the eventual nom no. >> that document has no legal standing. that was a vow taken in a vacum. over the weekend he's leaving it open again. and that would take a lot of
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work and get yourself on the ballot in 50 states or most of them. but certainly has the potential to draw away from the republican nom no. we have seen it back in '92 or '93. and mostly draws away from the republicans. not only concerned about the damage day-to-day and the things in his events, but potential long- term affects if he runs as an independent. >> and ed o'keefe, thank you. >> thank you, jon. >> florida senator marco rubio is our guest tomorrow on "happening now". we'll be asking you to provide the questions that you would have tomorrow. >> and i look forward to that. the makers of popular pharmaceuticals and now teaming up for a merger.
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and we'll tell you new developments in the murder of a pregnant woman, a pastor's wife shot dead in her own home. police have had a break in the case and who they have arrested, next. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts.
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>> the world's bifth pharmaceutical company is announcing a merger. ph izer and aler gin joining forces in a deal valued at 160 billion. it is met with criticism for using a controversial tax saving strategy. it is in a bid to avoid future irs bills. a lot of candidates are weighing in. clinton is concerned and trump said it highlights the problems with the u.s. tax code. it is not the last we are hear
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about it. new information in the indiana murder case. police say they have a break in the search for a killer of a pregnant woman. 28-year-old amanda blackburn shot to death in a break in. she later died at the hospital. there is a trio of suspects arrested in her death. the suspected triggerman is a teenager. mike tobin has the latest. >> reporter: we'll hear from the indianapolis metro police following the savage murder of a nanda blackburn and the arrest. what is remarkable is what we hear from her husband following the arrest. pastor blackburn released the statement. everything in me wants to hate and slip in despair, i choose the route of forgiveness, grave
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and hope. he is leaning heavily in his kristyen mreef and the prosecutor. the three suspects call themselves the kill gang and connected to another home invasion and rape. the morning that amanda blackburn was killed the throw had burglarized. they determined they had a target of opportunity. two of them took her a tm card and went to make a withdrawal. larry taylor raped and killed her who was pregnant. the toddler was in the house. the charges against taylor were as of this morning. and gored gored and wattson were held on probation violation. the prosecutor will provide information about updating the charges, jon.
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>> mike, thank you. >> and now this is discovered in a trash bin. the homeless plan was rummaged for recycleables. the trash bag had a rifle and pistols and they were from a armory in massachusetts. james walker moralez was arrested there. it is unclear what happened to the rest of the weapons. >> if you are flying for thanksgiving, bring inflight entertainment. your time on board could be extended before your plane takes off. >> a few report ahead. police search for suspects listeninged to the paris attacks. up next, a former top fullback fib director on experience on
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>> right now millions of americans prepare for travel ground delays are on the rise. planes are spending 23.32 on the taxi way before they can take off. it is it the highest percentage or number since they started keep track of those numbers. most flights are still arriving on time. there is also this. iraq is turning the northern air space in a no-fly zone because
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of cruz missiles coming too close. it is it a precaution and affects all domestic and international flights. >> a european capitol remaining at highest level alert. brussels home of nato headquarters in the third day of lock down. pass transit is shut down amid fears of a paris style attack. several suspects thought to be in belgium. and people live nothing fear, are authorities doing the right thing? our next guest served in the fbi 30 years including a job in global counter terrorism. they have taken some stern mergers in belgium. shutting down subway asks
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schools because the attack is imminent. >> they are not telling us what they know and see they have pretty good intelligence that they are due for an attack. in mumbai, india the government had great intelligence even ignoring the targets and people lost their lives. you have to err on the side of being cautious instead of igenering the threat and people getting killed. >> i would do the same thing if it happen here. >> on the raids that took place over the weekend, police in brussels released 15 people who were questioned after raids over the weekend. also in france, an explosive belt without a detonator was found in the southern paris area
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of montrose. they developed intelience in the wake of the attacks from the cell phone that one of the attackers discarded at the scene. >> they did a good crime scene investigation. and one thing to remember that intelligence drives raids and raids also drive intel. and see they probably have a treasure trough of information from that cell. and the french are aggressor interviewers and they were interrogated and got a lot of good leads. it is probably late and should have been on these guys sooner. they have to do what they have an opportunity to do and i applaud their reaction. and the counter terrorism teams
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are some of the best in the world. i have is had a privilege of training with them. they have the right people but have to have the political well to go after them. >> a lot of americans are nervous. there is a new fox poll shows in the wake of the attack, terrorism is topping the economy as the most important issue facing the country. 24 percent of the issue. and the economy dropped from 30 to 21. and clearly it is it on american's minds and you tell them as your agency has. there are some thing like 200 americans who has gone over to isis and fought long side isis and 40 them are back now in
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this country, that raises an eyebrow, danny. >> it does. and what scares me more than the guys that go are the guys that don't. they have 900 investigations of isis in the united states. i am concerned about the guys who stay here and follow the same philosophy. my phone is ringing off of the wall from private citizens and corporations to know how to protect their self. but one thing the police are minutes away when seconds matter. and see a lot falls to ourselves to protect ourselves. >> give us your best assessment of protecting yourself. >> be alert to where you are. >> a lot of active shooter
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situations people are in total denoil and they find out too late. if it doesn't look right to you. it is probably not right. and if you hear shots, they are not firecrackers. they are likely rifle or pistol shops and get distance between you and the shot ands flea and put space between you and a potential attacker and you have a pretty good chance to survive if you will do that. danny coulson. thank you for your expertise. >> thank you. >> people in several states may get to vote in a topic in the election. how can it turn out voters there. >> new reaction for jason colleagues at the washington post following reports that he was sentenced to an unspec foyed
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term. >> he's depressed and it is cold over in iran. they are depriving him of things like bocks to read and extra warm clothes and things like that.
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>> we heard that the conviction
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included prison time. it doesn't say what he was convicted of or how long it was for. we don't have clarity. we know that iran doesn't feel like they have to release jason. they held him over 400 days and there is no reason he is be held a day let alone 500. >> that is jason rezaian's brother. rezaian's lawyer said they have no other information or details about the sentence. rezaian who is a dual citizen of united states and iran and was arrested and charged on spying on the iranian nuclear program. doug, i have to ask this. we are craving information. do we know anything more about the reports of this sentence? >> we don't.
10:34 am
like almost everything in this case it is opaque and connowsing and outrageous. iran never said why they arrested jason or convicted him of and what his sentence might be or the next steps. >> what can we do in the united states? we the united states government to help get him out of prison? >> it is important that the high elf levels of the u.s. government that iowa ran hear its conduct is outrageous and will not be tolerated and any business or company doing business with iran needs to recognize that jason's case is instructive. >> and the language of the washington post newspaper, this may not be the right word. you are more aggressive and direct on the statements about this court being a sham and outspoken and jason needs to be free. do you want the same language
10:35 am
from the u.s. government and helpful to from the obama administration to have stronger language. >> we are gratified they have raised the matter with the iranians and expressed their concern. more could be done to convey how outrageous it is. >> what would you like to see? >> i think the most important thing is going to be action by iran. the iran supreme leader has the power to intervoen. and this matter works its way through the iriian court system. >> at the same time this news is coming out. the aia tolla said we have a nuclear deal with the united
10:36 am
states but we don't trust them. what is the next step for jason, doug? do you think we need to change our strategy to try to get him out? you know, i don't know and i can't really as a journalist be in advising the u.s. g. i can say it was interesting that iran raised the idea it might be willing to release jason if the united states took steps on its hard to release iranians held in the american jails. it was a clear trial balloon on iran. >> who specifically are they talking about p? can we understand more? we don't have that information. jason's last story was about baseball in iran and not about the nuclear deal. i check the twitter feed.
10:37 am
it reminds me who he is. it is my happening that you visited jason in the months leading up to that last publication. and what was that meeting like and who jason is? >> i did deputy see jason in teheran six weeks before he was detained. iran is a place i know well. and i covered it in the 1990s and happy to see jason at the top of his game. and a journalist and bureau chief and understands iran well and able to take me around and see people and get a sense of the hope that people felt that iran's long period of isolation might be over. jason is a garrulous guy. and he loves baseball. he told an interviewer that what he misses most live nothing teheran is burritos and baseball
10:38 am
and what he called beverages. >> that gives a little idea of who he is. we look forward to speaking to hum soon when he gets out of prison in iran. doug, thank you for coming on the program. >> thank you. right now, a dozen states are are looking to make marijuana part of the legislation. advocateses are pushing for a pair of proposals. they have support issing signatures and waiting to see if they can make the ballot. molly line is in boston for us. >> jon, the democrats favor the legalization of marijuana more see than republicans. and advocates believe it may drive out the youth vote that tends to favor democrats as well. >> best way to insure the youth voters hold an election in the
10:39 am
presidential year. >> 63 percent of gop millennials support the legislation. and young democrats are more supporting. >> massachusetts is one of them and one of the main factors. nvoers may see dualing marijuana narcoticives. the campaign to regulate marijuana wants to do just that. and proposal from bay state reveal seeks to legalize recreational use with more government oversight. >> i believe that properly used under a doctor's supervision it is helpful for people battling
10:40 am
cancer and no reason to legalize marijuana and people in the addiction community and health care community they all say the same thing. it is it a bad idea. i am opposed to it. >> several swing states are among those that may see recreational marijuana initiatives on the 2016 ballots. jon? >> molly, thank you. growing attention on the role of women in isis. this woman was killed in raid and partly cloudy of the women who may have been involved. back here at home two women charged with a plot to use a weapon of mass destruction. find out why isis is welcoming women with open arms.
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new zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam. just serve classy snacks and bew a gracious host,iday party. no matter who shows up. do you like nuts? >> israeli forces trying to prevent a stabbing attack.
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they mistakenly thought it was an israeli. and one was killed and the other was wounded. and both attackers were woman. after the paris terrorist attack one or more women were involved in that and raising the role of woman in isis. earlier this year, two women here in new york city approved in court. and both women declaring an allergeance to isis and the other to osama bin laden. they are author of the book. terrorist. are women different than men terrorist? >> basically no. the question is not what
10:45 am
motivates terrorist groups it is the same as men. the role difference is the organization or choose to deploy. and this is isis the way we are now. and what does it tell us about the terrorist group watch withing the way that women are recruited? yeah, see it is interesting you contrast al-qaeda. their vision was they are going to attack the west and pull it out of the middle east. and then establish the caliphate. ieshs sis set up the caliphate. and now are an islamic caliphate. and men and women and children. it is now your duty to come and populate the caliphate. that is the draw and it is pretty attracter and why you can see men and women going to syria
10:46 am
and iraq to be a part of the caliphate that isis established. >> how critical is it that women are supporting. that you are looking at solutions and do we want to 0 in on the woman because that is where their power is from? >> i wouldn't 0 in on the woman particularly. but i do think a recent report from the united nations that 60 percent of the refugees fleeing out of syria are fleeing from isis. you can't have a claim and very few want to live there. that is a weakness. >> are we going to see more attackers in places like the united states? >> you can't discount it. even though isis has used woman. but once you open the dor, woman will push to take the
10:47 am
opportunity. you have seen it in palestinian will groups and in colombia and sri lanka and each the ira, where women wanted a operational role. i don't think you can discount it? >> a lot of us don't envision a woman walking a crowd with a suicide vest. in paris, it seems to be discounselled. but the new york times came out with an interesting piece they interviewed young women in raqqan and doing things that young women in the united states did until isis came in the city and this quote underscored for me at least, the changes. this young girl said to the new york times and since left syria to go to turkey. i had a boyfriend and went to the beach and bikini and had short skirts and tank tops and
10:48 am
even my brothers didn't care and i had no trouble from anyone. and reflected on how much it has changed. we need an accurate perception of what happened in syria before isis came in and the changes for the women. what did you say they were absorbed in isis and had to escape? >> i read the report as well. and it was a nice piece of journalism. i liked it because it humanizes the internal conflict that they experienced. they were residents of syria and not like the outsiders. but isis came in and probably were disappointed with with ah sawed and see they might have been caught up in the fight against ah sawed and favorable for isis because they were
10:49 am
victorious. and you see what it is like when isis steps up the caliphate. that's why refugees are fleeing the isis- controlled territory because they don't want to live under the regime. >> they were not supposed to get pregnant because isis was worried their husbands would not go blow themselves up. and that actually happen to a few of their husband and gives you the idea of the family unit or lack thereof in raqqa. thank you for being on the program see much. >> thank you for having me. >> the number of endangered species is getting smaller and one of the last white rh inos in the world dies. what it means for the vulnerable population. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein.
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16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in. jeb bushwe have to beave to be tthe world's leader.n. who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? who's going to take care of israel and support them - our greatest ally in the middle east? the united states has the capability of doing this, and it's in our economic and national security interest that we do it. i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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hi everyone, i'm gretchen carlson. breaking news, we expect to hear more about the slew of charges filed against a teen arrested in connection with killing a pastor's wife. plus, do we need a new 911 specifically for terrorism? calls and information that would go to that number? one expert will explain why we need a situational awareness hotline. and donald trump says he would bring back waterboarding and keep certain mosques here in the u.s. under surveillance. those comments and the new power index on "the real story". police in new orleans arresting a suspect in the shooting of a tulane medical school student. this is brand-new information. 21-year-o 21-year-old euric caion is suspecting of killing
10:54 am
25-year-old peter gold. he saw a woman being dragged into a car against her will as he drove by. he slams on his brakes, goes toward the woman. the suspect gets out of the suv and shoots him in the stomach. he tried to go ahead and shoot the victim again in the head, but his gun jammed. gold is a fourth year medical student at tulane university. he's in critical condition. up to this point, there was no suspect or arrest in this case. now that has changed. well, a sad story out of san diego. officials at the city zoo safari park announcing one of the last northern white rhinos lests in the world has died. jonathan hunt is live in los angeles with more. >> jothere were four. now only three worldwide. nola the white rhino died sunday at the age of 41, having battled arthritis and age-related health issues for some time. she had an operation to drain an
10:55 am
abscess in her hip november 13th, but about a week ago her problems became more pronounced and zoo staff could see she was suffering badly. >> our staff made the difficult decision to euthanize her. it was time to get her go. we're all very sad here. it's not just the loss of nola, who was a sweet animal, and we're going to miss her, but for us it's also a step closer to the extinction of a very beautiful species. that's very hard for all of us. >> the three remaining white rhinos in the world are all in kenya. experts say the only way for the species to survive is through assisted methods of reproduction. but in happier endangered species news, a red panda that went missing from a zoo in northern california last week has been found and returned. 1-year-old mesalla ran off from the zoo but was spotted by a member of the public about a half mile from the zoo entrance. that person apparently herded
10:56 am
her up a small fruit tree and stood guard until zoo staff arrived. they lured her down from the tree with food and took her back to the zoo where we're told she is eating and drinking normally in a quarantine area. jon, it is not clear to us whether that quarantine is a normal safety precaution or a punishment for being naughty enough to run away from home. >> at least they got her back. jonathan hunt, thank you. >> indeed. an iconic dress hitting the auction block today, expected to sell for a record-breaking price. how much it cost in the final 30, next.
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iconic dress up for sale with a starting price, a steal at $1.2 million. >> i'm sure your husband will buy it for you. it would make it the world's most expensive costume dress ever. >> wow. a lot of money. thanks for joining us, everybody. >> "the real story" with gretchen starts now. opening with fox news alert. any moment we're expecting a very big news conference with new details on the murder of an indianapolis pastor's wife. happy monday, this is "the real story." here's what we're told. the prosecutor in marion county will step in front of the cameras any moment now. the murder happens about two weeks ago. somebody shot amanda blackburn in the head in what appeared to be a home invasion. she was several months pregnant. her 15-month-old son was home fwhu not hurt at the time. the husband pictured her, davie blackburn, was not home as well. he had gone to the gym that morning early. we're monitoring


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