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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 27, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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the line of the country. leland: we will see that here in an hour. "outnumbered" is up next and they start now. >> a solemn and emotional day in french as that nation honors the 130 victims of the paris attacks. this is "outnumbered". here with us today is harris' father, a democratic strategist and fox news contributed julie m majonsk majonski, catherine tim is here for the first time. and today's hash tag one lucky guy senior managing editor of foxnewsheld stock, and a team member dr. manny alvarez and you are "outnumbered" aunt this day when all of us are overeating and could use advice from you. >> i love to over eat myself but everyone had a great thanksgiving i hope. had a wonderful time yesterday
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with the family, this is a good time of year to remind ourselves how lucky we are and what a great country we live in. >> let's get right to the news, two week to the day after the horrific assault on the city of lights, french president francois hollande reading the names of the dead, promising families of the victims he would do everything to enjoy what des army of fanatics. the french leader met with vladimir putin. securing an agreement to share in tel in the fight against isis. also possibly stepping up involvement, great britain, prime minister david cameron makes an urgent appeal to lawmakers in the uk to support airstrikes against isis in syria. in the meantime syndicated columnist charles krauthammer
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saying isis has created a terror trading state bigger than anything world has ever seen on president obama's watch. >> we are not asking a lot of the president. we are asking what the french president asked for, a modicum that has never been there and it isn't there now and won't happen when he leaves office. >> will president obama listen to that advice? is it about showing urgency or is it about doing something and showing it? >> in terms of the story because it has been so bad judged by this particular white house over the last year and a half it is necessary, if you are going to show urgency and also do urgency the two go hand-in-hand. i will say it was interesting. french president francois hollande met with vladimir putin and president obama making the
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rounds starting the new coalition because according to president obama already have it. he is making the rounds. our response similar to russia's and if you look at the commentary about the body language and so forth with vladimir putin and francois hollande not a lot of my contacts made in those bilaterals, a difficult spot for everybody. the thing that is "happening now," the toxic thing between turkey and russia with that fighter jet flouted everything. france got support but not that new coalition. >> vladimir putin saying he is willing to work with the coalition defeating isis, vladimir putin has been ahead of this listing what you want about him that he has been active in syria, he does identify isis as an enemy and some in the united states say why doesn't the united states join a that began back on that?
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>> i am a little older than you and i remember the time in american history the leadership of america was always there. the u. s president, the u.s. government created the agenda to the table, and big issues throughout the history of this country. if you look at what is going on today you have all these presidents like to different cities trying to come up with some sort of agenda. our president is now landfall it. he is nowhere to be found. he should have been in paris showing the american leadership, understanding of the problem. right now there -- nobody is in charge of anything and you see the chaos this is creating a round world. >> the russians have stepped up into this region, elevated their presence and it looks like the french president is willing to take that held. should the united states, even if president obama doesn't want to put.
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on the ground, should he join in a more realistic way with words like we're going to work in a? >> we are bombing and could do more on that front but there's always a price to be paid in terms of the russians which means we have to forgo getting rid of bashar al-assad, forgo any sanctions of the ukrainian crisis which is a real crisis, we have to forgo the fact that our nato ally turkey just shot down a russian plane which was in syrian territory, the turks claim it was in their territory, and brings back facilities of the cold war. this brings me back to the house invasive the cold war where anything that happened was automatically america's fault, vladimir putin having that playbook again. there's a price to be paid to joining with the russians but that means everything engine is off the table and foreign policy -- >> working on some sort of
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solution in syria which if bashar al-assad goes whoever fills his place will be his evil twin and will be ideologically aligned with him. about this turkish airplane is a sticky situation and i think president obama knows that because they are a member of nato. over the weekend, over the holiday which felt like a weekend there are reports the united states shared at light at and the plane was in syrian airspace, the turks had no right to shoot the plane down but because of nato we are obliged to get involved. turkey should be thrown out of nato. >> i think even if we are obliged to get involved we won't and obama wants to make it clear that he won't and he is trying to minimize what he is doing in terms of air strikes and those things because he came in saying he was going to be an anti-war president, a peaceful president and no matter what happens a picture his fingers in his years, we are good, fine, don't worry about it because you wants his legacy to be what he
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expected it to be so he's more worried about doing something to upset his base which will hurt his legacy than joining -- >> scary because i do think the american public sees this as a reaction based on politics and ideology, not based on reality. >> americans also think there is not a clear road ahead. they might be able to get behind anything if they just knew what it was. we started this conversation with the people of france and our hearts go active and after what happened. we have seen a lot of terror after what happened in tunisia. the world is watching as the savages march their way across. a new chapter in the controversy over refugees fleeing syria. we learn the obama administration sent a letter to state agencies warning they did not have legal right to refuse to take refugees and a threatened penalties for those who refuse to. right now governors in 18 states you may now are saying they will
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not take those people in, the chairman of the house judiciary committee is lashing back saying, quote, the american people are rightly concerned about admitting syrian refugees and the impact it could have on the safety of their families and neighbors. it is hypocritical for the obama administration officials to threaten enforcement action against these states when they refuse to enforce the vast majority of our immigration laws. there is this development. in his thanks giving address the president compared the syrian refugees to the pilgrims who came to america centuries ago. watch. >> i have been touched by the generosity of the americans who have written me letters and e-mails offering to open their homes to refugees fleeing the brutality of isil. four centuries after the mayflower set sail world is still full of pilgrims, men and women who want nothing more than the chance for a state better future put themselves and their families. what makes america america is the we offered at a chance.
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>> you have shared your family's legacy, their journey to america. i am curious to get your take. >> i am a refugee. i get the concept that america is the land that promises freedom and beauty to kerri your life in a positive way. however, i know the strategies of refugees when it comes to mass exodus. if you remember when fidel castro opened the port the first thing the cuban government did back then was to empty both jails and they mixed the population that was trying to move back to family members, filled with rapists, thieves, murderers, and this is a fact. that is the small scale exodus, it lasted several months, a couple hundred thousand people,
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this is millions of people coming out of the middle east with no papers and i am sure fidel castro thought about and i am sure the leaders of isis have figured this out, infiltrate people in that group and eventually call upon you to do harm. we have to be careful. right now we have to be careful. >> a beneficiary of people coming to this country which use a closed the doors, what is the answer? >> we have no answer right now because everything is out of control. when you have a president with no foreign policy, things that have no measurable finis, checks and balances you have to take pause, stop for a a minute and say wait a minute this is not the time, this is not the time to take the refugees without better procedures and we don't have those procedures.
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>> the issue of timing, we cannot properly that islam. these the emotional arguments mean nothing. there is no way to of that from. they do not have papers, they will infiltrate, that is what they did in france. they should be kept near the country of origin. how do we vet them? do we said do you know muhamed? do you have any intelligence on him? there is no proper way to do it. this president cannot even get rid of illegal criminals in this country that are killing americans and so i am sick of the emotional arguments and for the president to do it on thanksgiving and compare them to the pilgrims. >> the programs are bad and brought smallpox and kill everybody and heard the indians. >> supposed to be an insult, i am confused. >> i will say of this. we are refugees fleeing communist regimes, you would not want borders shut on you when
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you came here no more than i would have simply because there were a few communist infiltrators coming go for, here's the reality, 13 checkpoints we go through, the united nations go through that the government goes through, multi agency background checks. >> that is not a farce. >> there is no database. you are telling me people like chris christie who said he would turn away 3-year-old orphans, those people like terrorists? people like that are terrorists? >> we will take the young children. >> no -- >> i can't -- >> i can absolutely argue on logic and logic and logic is this. >> are you going to let me finish? >> the vast majority of these
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people -- france -- let me finish my thought, france is a different story, no one -- it takes 18 to 24 months for somebody to set foot in this country leaving refugee camps in jordan, refugee camp in turkey, these are not people with suicide bomb strapped to their vests the way they are in france. you know that. >> the radicalization of the younger ones. >> we took what 90,000 of them coming across the southern border from central america and other places of we have seen what that comply, it is complicated to take them without their parents whether it is their decision or not. the other thing is the vetting process is ridiculous. >> close to 100 forms that still need to be made digital. >> we can't process the people that are in this country. >> there is note vetting process. >> i know the country we live in. we would not be the same. >> they want to shut the door
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and desperate people fleeing -- >> not all immigrants -- >> a lot of beautiful people to get through as well. we will move on. protestors in chicago descending on the city's main retail district this black friday. over the fatal police shooting of 17-year-old, what federal officials are expected to do. we have the latest next. i brought in some protein to get us moving. i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in. just serve classy snacks and bew a gracious host,iday party. no matter who shows up. do you like nuts?
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>> fox news alert protestors taking to the streets in chicago. this time targeting the windy city's high end magnificent mile shopping district, trying to put a dent in the local economy on black friday, the busiest shopping day of the year. demonstrators continuing to press their outrage over this week's release of police dashcam video showing the 2014 fatal shooting of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald shot 16 times by officer jason van dyke who is charged with first-degree murder. protesters are calling for the resignation of police superintendent gary mccarthy and if federal investigation into his department. these protests could boil over
9:19 am
today, they want to disrupt the economy, one of the protesters telling mike hoban they want to do it to get the attention of people but is this the right way to go about it? >> no. i support the protest is in terms of that video was disturbing adorable but why do you want to make something worse by saying we want to harm the economy today? everyone knows retail sales are down and that is a problem, we expect more spending and i don't want to go shopping as it is because it is crazy. these people who are still out there shopping good for them but i don't know why making things worse is the way to make anything better. i don't understand that strategy. >> the video was so atrocious on its own you almost louis certain people if you try to do damage, then the argument gets mixed. >> i agree with everything you said and i don't understand -- i am not chicago -- the reality is this video was forced to be
9:20 am
released by a judge and around the same time they invite the addition did the police officer for an entire year they tried to cover this up, nobody wanted to talk about it, suddenly a judge forces release of the video and a measure stands up and makes a statement. our than making a statement before that? >> i think they didn't want to release the video because they're going into an election cycle and the mayor was not doing very well. of course they were holding it back and time passed, he won the election and this also adds fuel to the fire because when you have this type of incident every profession there are bad doctors, bad lawyers, that police officers, they are isolated cases. but the state government and city government everytime the cool one of these things where they roll the evidence and talk to the leaders of the community it creates the whole buildup and this is exactly why they're
9:21 am
paying the price in chicago today. when you have transparency and come out and say this guy may be was not a good guy but this has no reflection because the police nowadays have to do so many other jobs. in 1915 of the stock to a police officer, robbers and murderers and shooting and all that, they have to be -- they have to look at terrorism, so many things. >> this is a distraction from that. we are moving away from the issue at hand which julia outline, the real issue. >> i tell you what the issue is live on screen, what they are seeking is what they are getting, they want attention for their voices to be heard about the injured they feel. i have interviewed attorneys recently who told me there are many reasons there was oppression of the video tape. the investigation they felt they had to get right and i had
9:22 am
attorneys tell me-and have overreached with first-degree murder and may have to walk that back. if and when that happens now the the tape is out the ability maybe very people may get angry at but for right now one of the organizers of what you are watching is reverend jesse jackson who said he promised last that might have been made about civil disobedience he does not anticipate any of that to happen. local religious leaders said damage to the economy has already been done, publicity about doing this, some threatened to block the entrances, these are luxurious shops, which does disturb the flow of cash and the message of you don't want to come down here so that her decision in that sense so they're getting what they want and that is the attention and anticipate according to reverend jackson. >> keeping an eye on all those things and bring you any breaking news. in the meantime donald trump is now firing back after the gop
9:23 am
candidate is accused of mocking a reporter asks disability, trump's campaign so far has been unscathed by the controversies that have faced them but could this change all the? hillary clinton's campaign facing a challenge of its own over what some are calling an enthusiasm gap. what this means and how it could impact her campaign up next. i have asthma...
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9:28 am
is. what he looks like or his level of intelligence. i don't know if he is muhammad ali in his prime or someone with less athletic or physical ability. despite having one of the all-time great memories i certainly do not remember him. but now all that the porter says he has covered from 3 years and even interviewed him in his office. your thoughts. >> this is that tough one for me because my younger brother was disabled and people make fun of the disabled i become furious. furious. i get tremendously defensive. if that is what he was doing it is despicable. there is no excuse for it. he says he didn't know the reporter was disabled. as a sister of someone who is disabled, it really hits home. i think donald trump should have apologized or clarified it
9:29 am
better because now is a question of credibility. did he really know he was disabled? he also loses his argument because it should be that this guy wrote a hit jobs story and doesn't have credibility and denied writing the story. that is the issue at hand, the disability is he is a liberal. that is the biggest issue i would criticize him on, not his physical one. >> how does he get beyond this? it seems donald trump could have a mist that every now and and and always comes up not just -- gets out stronger. >> doesn't have to do anything, he does not only not apologize that goes on the offensive and says how dare you make this up, you need to apologize to me every single time, he has a delusional level of faith in himself which honestly must be fun to think you have never made a mistake. you walk around being happy all time, must be really fun but yet it is not going to hurt him, he's never going to apologize because he doesn't have to.
9:30 am
>> you love donald trump. what are your thoughts? >> i think this is not miss that. i will call it that. i don't think, i am assuming donald trump would not have the kind of character that would make fun of somebody who is disabled because that is despicable. but i think this is the miss that. one of the problems is sometimes he does things, all of this controversy is taken awa what was the story? was accurate in saying there were people celebrating the fall of the towers? that story has some truth to it. maybe not to the degree he initially expressed, but it should be talked about.
9:31 am
recently there was a soccer game in turkey, they asked for a moment of silence because of the shootings in paris and they didn't quiet down, they started celebrating in the middle of the soccer game. there is precedent to this and unfortunately with this misstep we lost sight of the story. >> first of all, he knocked him exactly the way this reporter has that disability, i won't do it now but it is reprehensible but by sheer coincidence he used the same hand this reporter has the disability, it is not the first time. in mocked charles krauthammer when he said things he didn't consider kind and mocked his disability, not the first time. this is a reprehensible human being. not talking as a political candidate, if he was a democrat -- you do not mock the disabled. it is not the first time in exactly what he was doing, it is disgusting and he apologized but he's not going to because it must always be nice to be always
9:32 am
right. >> you have done professional messaging for candidates. what would you tell him to do? >> move on as quickly as possible and never do it again. it is up to the voters to decide. dr. manny has a child with special needs, and have a brother, will we overlook this if he wins the nomination to vote for him? we will have to see. most folks see hillary clinton as a shoe in for the democratic nomination but recent polling has some democrats concerned about the general election. the young people, independent voters and possibly even blacks and latinos exhibit and enthusiasm gap for hillary clinton. a solid plurality in two recent polls show young people have a negative view of mrs. clinton as to some independent voters. there are also questions whether minorities will turn out to support hillary. the same numbers they did for president obama. hillary is desperate to put together that a obama coalition
9:33 am
which was women, hispanics, blacks but if you look at the numbers they are not where they were. >> she will lead the coalition specifically because she shed so many women in particular. i would say this flow. it boggles the mind of this far into it inevitability for hillary clinton, still talking about that, why does she need so much help? >> turn numbers are pretty good in the democratic primary over all especially among minorities. >> against the gop candidates she is in trouble. >> i will say at this, if the gop were up 20 points, if she were up 20 points, the general election, they are so meaningless because the gop nominee, we don't know who it will be. >> why aren't blacks and hispanics as enthusiastic about her? >> she needs to a better job. if you look at polling in south carolina, places where bernie sanders will never gain
9:34 am
traction, he hits the road block. >> these polls -- nothing to be enthusiastic about. >> the want to make it? >> in terms of enthusiasm anyone who has enthusiasm for this woman must never have had anything exciting happening there lives. i would rather sit and watch paint dry them listen to her talk at all. she is born, she is a criminal. anyone who supports her i judge come. >> don't judge me. i would support her rather than someone getting a lot of enthusiasm among the republican base. >> she has no salsa for me. >> can be seen her dance? >> she is horrible. >> she has and the condo in south america. >> i respect her accomplishments from the past but last night, thanksgiving dinner, had a couple college people among guests and of course in my house you have to talk about politics.
9:35 am
bernie sanders is the guy for these young people because of whatever the social message, haves and have not but also the energy he carries. hillary is not on the radar among college people. i totally agree. >> that is different from obama. >> she had the salsa. >> you don't have a thrill, barack obama back in the day when it comes to hillary? >> no. >> medical condition or something liberals experience when they find somebody -- >> let's break in with breaking news in chicago, the numbers are heavy of these people, 39 degrees and raining, pretty infamous day for protesting and if anybody thought that would take numbers down they are wrong, this is michigan avenue, very luxurious spot for shoppers on this black friday and the message from the protestors is
9:36 am
they take exception to how the investigation into a teenager who was shot in the city, assad, and the video was held back over a year it was held. so they are a angry. we are not exactly sure as a confined group what it is they were seeking from the stack of forward. first-degree murder charges against a police officer who shot, we will look at whether or not those charges will stand based on intent and all of that legality will go forward but right now the economy just may be taking a hit. a little bit along michigan avenue on this black friday. huge shopping day, officials shop--start of the holiday shopping season, promising places online, point the acts of disobedience, blocking doors of stores, we haven't seen any of that, organizers saying that will not happen. we are watching. meanwhile the group of doctors
9:37 am
is calling to an end to high school football. there scathing editorial comes on the heels of the bombshell revelation that nfl legend frank gifford suffered from a degenerative brain disease linked to head trauma. could this be the tipping point in the debate over player safety? in football? stay with us. feel a cold coming on? new zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam. i watch for the perfect moment.a the one nobody else sees. and when i find it- i go for it.
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>> the debate over concussions in football is reaching critical mass with the family of frank gifford announcing the nfl legend suffered a type of degenerative brain disease and head trauma. you may know the nfl admitted its new concussion protocol failed allowing rams quarterback to keep playing after he slammed his head into the field. all this happening in the run up to the christmas day release of the movie concussion starring will smith as the real-life
9:42 am
forensic have apologist who reported the first case linked to pro football. group of doctors saying enough is enough when it comes to young people. and upending editorial in the journal of bioethics reading, quote, health professionals should call for ending public school tackle football programs. we disagree with the perspective of a recent report by the american academy of pediatrics that supports the current organization of reforms. research about the consequences of school football for cognitive function is foreboding and evolving in a disparaging way. the medical community could help students, schools and society to report on which the sun is setting. that indicts all of football. >> i agree with that statement. change the rules of football as it is and make it less traumatic or eliminate it. you have kids, grammar school, playing contact football and get into high school, then college,
9:43 am
looking for a career because parents think they will be a superstar you are damaging the kid's brain from the very beginning. >> somebody more professional and somebody else -- >> repetitive hitting in the head is all it is. boxing at the age of 6, punch in the face and the head, by the time they get to college they have a lot of damage in their brains so now you have the argument everybody wants to live to the age of 100 because no one wants to die anymore. okay, you can live to 100 but at least protect vital organs because you are going to need your brain in your 70s, 80s and 90s at this board right now as it is played doesn't allow you to do that. >> part of the argument not for the young people but professional football, they can make their own decisions. >> they definitely can. it is pretty obvious they are getting repeatedly hit in the head is going to be bad for your head. i don't thing you need a study
9:44 am
to show you that. is also showing football is not going anywhere. people love football. i don't like it. everyone hates me just for saying that. to tell somebody you don't like something they don't take it very well. >> i don't star wars either. >> here we go. >> so many enemies. that it would be going anywhere, that is never ever ever going to happen. >> you think the market will drive this. >> i would rather watch forensic files myself. >> you have all little boys, she is a rough-and-tumble already. >> in all seriousness as you look forward as a mom what is your thought about this? >> i would not like him to play football. he will make is the decision, he lives in new york where i don't think there's any good football. maybe there is but we are not a football city from what i can tell in schools here but i would rather he not. i think we can say series g.i.
9:45 am
joe twitter him hit over the head, batting of the bought himself on his own, i don't want 20 guys tackling him. >> you come from a place where football, the eagles, they are part of the state of pennsylvania. >> i know better than to criticize but eagles. >> if the game changes the way the doctor says it needs to for young people that is one thing but it changes for the nfl you live in a football area, they love their football. >> we love football and i have to disagree on one thing, i want to ask your advice, the nfl has made certain protocols to lead with your head and demand things, we know that hasn't worked. i believe there's a lot of risky behavior out there. friends love to skydive, pretty risky but there are things people do they won't stop them from doing and a lot of these players, terry bradshaw we had joy and us on "outnumbered," he said i knew what i was getting into. lot of players say i knew it, i wanted the glory and i am
9:46 am
willing to live with it. what do you say to those players? >> you bring technology into the picture, traders look at technology and the hitting commotion and determine take him out, make teams bigger, change the rules of the game, change the whole thing is what needs to happen. >> we ask little kids all the time what do you want to be when you grow up? a lot of times boys and girls give very different answers but a new study has surprising ideas about why that is. spoiler alert. it is about cash. come on in pop pop.
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>> the best things in life are free. can give them to the birds and these. i want money. >> teens are told to pursue a career of their dreams but a new study claims gender may influence those choice is the doctrine university researchers found teenage girls tend to go for jobs they can feel good about and offer the right lifestyle and job security while
9:51 am
teenage boys tend to chase big bucks and big salaries. experts say this trend may be based on old gender stereotypes were men feel they have to be the main breadwinner and girls can be limiting themselves when it comes to better pay and prospects. what about if you want a job that fulfills you and pays big money? that is where my head was. >> i agree and i did it so i am happy i was able to do it. you shouldn't settle for one or the other. i asked my isn't this weekend what he wanted to be when he grew up, he wanted to be a doctor, he told me he went -- between clowns school. both of those are fulfilling in their own way i guess. i am a jewish mom so i am pushing him in a particular direction but i like the doctor one, cardiologists preferably but if you wants to go to clown school that is the cable >> he is not going to pay for
9:52 am
himself. >> that is fine. i am with you on this. you follow your heart you follow your dreams and try to make a paycheck matchup with it but not because there is any end of life plan because we are living longer. i would like to have two or three chapters in my life and i will teach my girls to do that. it isn't all bent on one dream. >> i joked about wanting to buy shoes and love doesn't pay the rent which it doesn't, but it also provides a sense of security. that was the motivator for media won't feel compelled to make a bad decision and be forced to marry an idiot. you have your own independence and you can make wise choices. >> it is empowered to make your own money because you can make your own joyce is the clown school is not a four year program. not like a college. for some reason i know many people who have done it. >> come talk to and. fields il introduced to some
9:53 am
clowns but you might not want that. >> it seems like you picked both. being a doctor must be so fulfilling. what could be more fulfilling? >> i got boys and girls and i pink when are far smarter isn't boys when it comes to choosing education, careerists, especially today, the young woman of today has so much information available to her. this is allowing them if you look at the medical profession, far more women going to the medical profession because it is up long-term commitment and i do agree with the study that women choose these careerists' because they have seen the whole thing, the balance of life, money, economics, but they are smarter than boys. >> is that medical prescription? you heard it here first. >> what really impresses you on a date? is it for hours?
9:54 am
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>> that song doesn't spell romance to my heart but maybe for you. when you want to impress a woman what do you do? flowers? take her to a restaurant? some guys do something many of us do, over eat. for real. researchers at cornell university town. and eat 35% more pizza, an additional slice and half when showering down in front of a woman as opposed to eating with only guys. why is this? >> i have been trying to impress women for 50 years and if this is what it takes to get their attention, i got -- >> is there another reason for this? >> guys are weird. when they get my age, they buy
9:59 am
for oures and things like that but guys have a weird way of communicating. eating is one of them. >> you are single meant the end. is this what you are looking for? >> i am offended you don't think flannel invokes romance. i loved it. i don't care, eating? really? >> i loved it. >> i am one of those women who chowed down on a first date. women don't be a lot on first dates -- >> dipping macaroni and cheese in a casserole and felt gross but if i was with a guy who was doing that and making it into a sandwich it would be i love you. >> i don't want them to be anorexic by any stream it but i do like when they eat a lot but not too much everything in moderation. then they a cold -- the bubbled their pants, so tired, you don't want them to be tied because you
10:00 am
want them to have lots of energy after the meal. >> the purpose. >> head right into the weekend. we are back here on monday at noon eastern, happy thanksgiving week to you, blessing to you, "happening now" starts right now. they are using black friday to draw attention to their


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