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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  December 19, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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p.m. eastern after the "fox report," and if you miss it, jesse will be back on tomorrow and always on bill o'reilly's show. >> that does it for us. >> jewulie is up next with the "fox report." >> tonight is the final presidential debate of 2015, and tensions are high among the democratic candidates. and their party. good evening, everyone. i'm julie banderas. the candidates gearing up for quite a showdown. right now, the final touches going up on the debate stage in new hampshire. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, martin o'malley will be battling it out for a third time. all eyes will be watching how they handle a nasty foyt between sanders' campaign and the democratic national committee after a computer glitch gave his campaign, sanders' camp pain, access to clinton voter data. the dnc is accusing sanders'
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campaign of taking advantage of that glitch and downloading information. the party suspended the campaign from that system. it was a huge blow, but the party reversed its decision after sander pfz campaign filed a lawsuit. and accused the dnc of trying to help clinton. oh, it's getting interesting. we have team coverage from the 2016 campaign trail. kristen fisher is standing by with the latest, but we begin with ed henry live in the middle of it all in manchester, new hampshire. the sanders camp is all over this. you would expect the data breach will be coming up tonight. >> you're right, gejulie. a debate that was going to be drama free all of a sudden has all this drama going into it. i was talking with a strategist who said he couldn't believe where the sanders took something where they're accused of stealing insider data and have turned this into a situation where the sanders camp believes
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it's the victim for being severely punished by the democratic national committee. this is about a voter database held at the dnc. it's got a section that's shared among all campaigns and each campaign has their own section that's supposed to be eyes only. there's evidence to suggest that the sanders camp dipped into the clintons voter information. the sanders campaign insists to me it was accidental and insists the dnc coming sanders camp fits a pattern of the dnc and democratic party coddling clinton. >> if you look at the debate schedule, a truncated schedule. you have debates scheduled on nights that are likely to have less big attendance. for instance, tonight, the saturday before christmas. if you and i weren't here, we would probably be out shopping, right? >> you can see the point they're trying to make in the sanders camp is if the front-runner, hillary clinton, leading a lot now nationally, has a big
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slip-up tonight on this issue or national security or about the economy, there's likely very few people who are actually watching. julie. >> well, ed, the clinton campaign does say, though, it's a lot worse than the sanders camp is making it out to be. so which is it? >> they basically say inside the clinton camp, this was a dirty trick. that the law may have been broken. i spoke to brian fallen. here's how he explains what went down. >> it's more than just an innocent encounter with that information. they did deliberate searches and then translated the data they found into lists that they tried to copy and off load so they could have the benefit of it. there wasn't another campaign in america that did what they did, even though the data was available to everyone. >> now, the republican super pac america rising today said they found it rich of the clinton camp suggesting the sanders camp may have broken the law over electronic communications when
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it's hillary clinton under fbi investigation over her personal e-mail server. >> interesting how that comes around, right? all right, ed henry, thank you very much. well, that brings us to our twitter question of the day. do you think the dnc is treating the sanders campaign fairly and why? tweet me. i'll try to read some of your answers later in the she. tune in tonight after the debate for the fox news post-debate analysis with shannon bream. she'll be joined by democratic national committee chair debbie wasserman schultz, and spicer. that's coming up right here at 11:00 p.m. only on the fox news channel. now to the gop side and new poll showing donald trump widening his lead in the republican primary race. today, he is campaigning in iowa where he is touting recent compliments from russian president vladimir putin. listen. >> they have problems, we all have problems. russia's got plenty of problems, but i tell you what, if putin
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like s me and thinks i'm a good smart person, which i hope he believes. he's right, i am brilliant. >> kristen fisher is live in washington with the latest. kristen, break down the latest fox news poll. who is up and who is down? >> well, there's only one real winner here. it is donald trump. keep in mind, this poll was taken after he proposed that temporary ban on muslims from entering the u.s. according to this fox news poll out last night, trump is at 39%. that's an 11-point jump in just one month. his closest competitor, ted cruz, is 21 points behind. keep in mind, a month ago, cruz and rubio were essentially tied. now cruz has pulled ahead 18-11. everyone else is in single digits including ben carson. he's down nine points, more than any other candidate, and running out of time because the iowa caucus is now just 44 days away. >> what have the other republican candidates been up to today? the ones that aren't winning, as donald trump likes to say all
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the time and remind us he is. >> right, well you know, they have really been all over the place. cruz had campaign event in georgia and alabama. rubio was in south carolina. bush and christie were in new hampshire where today, bush called trump a jerk. at the same time, kasich's campaign launched a new website mocking trump's friendly relationship with vladimir putin as basically a spoof website for trump/putin ticket with a slogan, make tyranny great again. well, trump took on his critics this afternoon in iowa. he went so far as to say the republicans bashing him about putin are simply, quote, jealous as hell. trump also went after ted cruz, but he did it very politely, at least by trump's standards. listen. >> ted cruz has been very nice to me, but yesterday i herd him saying we're going to build a wall. that's the first time i heard. everyone wants to build a wall now. now everyone wants to build a damn wall. unbelievable. >> ted cruz continued to play
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nice with trump, instead. ever since the debate, he's been trading barbs with marco rubio about immigration and their senate voting record. today, both were on the campaign trail and both declined to escalate that feud any further. >> thank you very much. and tomorrow, the republican presidential front-runner will appear on fox news channel. don't miss his interview with howie kurtz on media buzz at 11:00 a.m. and then carly fiorina will sit down with chris wallace on fox news sunday. check your local listings. well, we're seeing a growing number of arrests. targeting suspected isis supporters here in the u.s. quite alarming. federal officials are saying that now nay have taken a 19-year-old pennsylvania man into custody this week. a teenager. they're accusing him of having a backpack, a high-capacity magazine, and a modified kitchen knife. they also say he also used dozens of twitter accounts in
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which he promoted jihadist propaganda, and offered to help people travel overseas. so what's this about? molly is reporting live from our new york city newsroom. this sounds scary. >> right, this pennsylvania man, he's the latest on an expanding list of people who homeland security officials say are trying to help isis from right here in america. 19-year-old jalil amir aziz of harrisburg, now faces two counts related to conspiring and attempting to provide material support to a terrorist organization, namely, isis. he was arrested on thursday. prosecutors allege the teenager used social media to disseminate this isis propaganda, including execution photos and a link to the identifying information of 100 members of the u.s. military, calling for violence against them. documents show he used at least 57 different twitter accounts to spread islamic state propaganda, creating new ones as twitter was trying to shut down his old
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ones. hooe posted about traveling to the islamic state and purchasing a female slave. authorities say the teenager had been on the sites of the joint terrorist task force for a while, but action was taking against him when there was e evidence he had become radicalized. >> how many similar arrests have been made across the nation? i know that number is growing. >> yes, this year alone, 59 people, u.s. citizens and legal non-citizens have been arrested and charged under federal law in connection with the islamic state, with so many dangerous plots hatched across the coun y country, the homeland security secretary jeh johnson is reminding people to stay vigilant and report incidents. >> if someone self-radicalizes, there's someone in their family who saw the signs. by building bridges to community leaders, families, religious leaders, and others, we can
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encourage people to come forward. >> there are currently 1,000 active home-grown extremism investigations under way right now here. >> pretty startling. molly, thank you very much. well, the governor of california declaring a state of emergency in san bernardino as it recovers from the deadly shooting rampage on december 2nd. the move frees up resources for the county. it also suspends fees for disposing remains and getting copies of death certificates. this as federal officials move forward with charges against a former neighbor of the husband and wife responsible. investigators accuse him of buying material used to make a pipe bomb found at the scene. they also say he purchased the guns used by the terrorist couple to kill 14 people before they died in a shootout with police. we're also learning more about the wife seen on the right side of your screen and how she actually got into the u.s. the chairman of the house
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judiciary committee now saying immigration officials did a sloppy job of proving her visa. he says they didn't properly investigate whether the two met in person when they were in saudi arabia, a key requirement for the fiance visa. a scary moment for holiday shoppers in wisconsin as police search for a gunman who opened fire at a mall. it happened in madison at the easttown mall. investigators say there was some kind of fight and a 19-year-old man, another teenager, was shot in the leg. he's at the hospital. he's expected to recover, though. police closed the mall as they searched for the suspect. we'll bring you more on this as the story develops. the international community sending a message of unity on how they plan to fight and end the fighting in syria and put isis on the run. but the resolution also leaving out one key and one controversial detail. we'll explain coming up. plus, the governor of new
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now more than ever
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america's electricity comes from cleaner- burning natural gas. and no one produces more of it than exxonmobil. helping dramatically reduce u.s. emissions. because turning on the lights... isn't as simple as just flipping a switch. energy lives here. may have killed iraqi soldiers seems to be a mistake that involved boat sides. that's a quote. that from defense secretary ash carter. he also adds that it seems to be the kind of mistake, quote, that can happen on a dynamic battlefield. the air strike hit yesterday near the city of fallujah. the iraqi defense minister says it killed one officer and nine soldiers. and the iraqi state is essentially investigating and will punish those responsible. >> well, carter making those remarks during a trip to the persian gulf.
4:16 pm
the pentagon chief visiting warships there, including this french aircraft carrier as they show new resolve in the fight against isis. the council looking to loosen the terrorist group's grip on syria. aiming assenting the bloody civil war. >> it is with the notion that everybody understands in january we look and hope to be at the table and be able to implement a full cease-fire. >> national security correspondent jennifer griffin has more. >> this is the first time since the start of syria's civil war five years ago that the world powers have met at the u.n. and agreed to a plan for a cease-fire and peace process. many in washington doubted secretary of state john kerry could pull it off. >> this council is sending a clear message to all concerned that the time is now to stop the killing in syria and lay the groundwork for government. >> the u.n. security council
4:17 pm
voted 15-0 in favor of ending the syrian civil war, agreeing to an ambitious timeline to hold elections in 15 months. it's not clear which groups will be allowed to sit at the table. the government of jordan is charged with determining which syrian opposition groups are also terrorists. a moment of tension emerged at the end of the press conference when kerry accused the russians of killing members of the u.s.-backed opposition. >> 80% are hitting opposition rather than hitting daesh. it's a challenge. we're trying to resolve that. >> the proposal to coordinate remains on the table. >> it's still not clear whether russia or iran will assist bashar al assad stays. the u.s. hopes elections will allow syrian people to vote him out of power. the u.s. position has shifted of late with kerry indicating on a visit to moscow this week, the
4:18 pm
u.s. was not pressing for assad to leave immediately, to which assad joked on television, i was packing my luggage, i had to leave. now i can stay. u.s. officials fear if they push him out now, they will create a vacuum filled by isis. this is an ambitious deal, but implementing it will be very difficult. >> thank you. if you spend a lot of time driving, it turns out you could be saving big bucks this year. with gas prices as new lows, we'll tell you how much you could be pocketing, though you might be inclined to spend it. we'll explain. plus, an nba star performs under some very intense pressure off the court. after making this dramatic 911 call. >> what's your emergency? >> oh, she's having a baby. >> hello? >> hello? hello? >> she's having a baby. coming back
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sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. an nba player called in an assist he will never forget. iman shumpert of the cleveland cavaliers helping deliver his baby daughter on the bathroom floor when his fiancee suddenly went into labor a month before her due date. >> is she awake right now? is she breathing? >> she's breathing, yeah. >> all right. is the baby breathing? >> yeah. >> the baby is breathing? okay, how is the mother? is the mother breathing? >> she's fine. she's fine. >> wow, iman shumpert feeling very emotional, to watch his baby being born. the dispatcher walking shumpert through the process, telling him to use something to tie the
4:23 pm
umbilical cord. wow, the nba star opted for a pair of headphones. the baby, iman shumpert jr., is the couple's very first child together. congratulati congratulations. >> drivers across america saving money across the country thanks to low gas prices. we're talking hundreds of dollars for the average driver. a new report is showing instead of banking the correspondenting savings in gas, most people are turning around and spending the cash. we take a look at the cash flow. >> gas prices dropping so low this year, americans are saving a little extra cash each month. and we're not talking pennies here. the average driver should save about $700 this year alone. just in time for the holidays. what are you doing with that extra money? >> buying christmas presents for everybody. >> we're traditionally savers, but we're spending a little
4:24 pm
extra on him this year. >> according to a recent record by the jpmorgan chase institute, it's not just christmas presents people are spending the extra money on. >> we see twreechbt% of savings went into restaurants. the next is groceries. >> consumers may say they're using this money to pay down debt and save, but after reviewing the spending habits of more than 25 million credit card holders, the results show people are spending 80% of their gas savings. >> people intend to save it. that's what they think they should do. that's what they want to do, but then life gets in the way and next thing they do, they walk by a restaurant and say, oh, i can afford to treat my family because this has been a particularly less expensive gas month. >> those benefitting the most are young adults and low-income adults, as well as people in the south and west of the country, like texas, where gas sits at
4:25 pm
less than $2 a gallon. this boost to consumer spending could be here to stay or get better as gas prices remain low, something many are predicting will happen. in new york city, abbey huntsman, fox news. >> former defense secretary chuck hagel giving his first in-depth interview since stepping down and he has sharp words for the white house. while he says this damaged u.s. credibility around the world. >> plus, a state governor apologizing after a holiday party gets a bit wild, and for her angry response, which is caught on tape. >> i just wanted to solve it, resolve the problem. i should not have done it. it was my mistake, and i own it. if you have high blood pressure like i do, many cold medicines may raise your blood pressure. that's why there's coricidin® hbp. it relieves cold symptoms
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4:30 pm
investigators saying they found an arsenal of ammunition and homemade bombs inside that apartment after the attack along with baby items, family photos and dirty dishes in the sink. >> plus, china accusing the u.s. of provoking its military an after american b-52 bomber was caught flying over a disputed island in the south china sea. a senior u.s. defense official told the wall street journal bad weather may have contributed to the pilot flying off course. >> president obama kicking off two weeks of holiday vacation with his family in hawaii before commencing his final year in office next month. before jetting off, he made a final stop in san bernardino, california, where he met with family members of the victims murdered when a couple opened fire in a holiday office park. kevin is live in honolulu, hawaii. the white house faced harsh criticism for not going to san bernardino sooner. why did the president decide to
4:31 pm
go friday? >> listen, i think that's a legitimate question, julie. make no mistake about it, a lot of people were wondering, why not get there sooner? why not comfort those impacted by the attack? the white house would keep reminding us along the way, sometimes if you get there too soon, your appearance can end up being a bid of a hindrance, especially when things are still unfolding. from our perspective, it wasn't a matter of if he would go, it was more a matter of when he would get to california? he did get there after wrapping up his year-end news briefing. saying all the right things to the family, spending three hours on the ground with the first lady, addressing not only the families impacted but also the first responders impacted by the devastating attack. the president saying afterwards, he was moved by the love and strength shown by the community. >> even as we are vigilant about
4:32 pm
preventing terrorist attacks from happening, even as we insist that we can't accept the notion of mass shootings in public places and places of work and worship, we have to remind ourselves of the overwhelming good that exists out there. >> and obviously, emotional president obama and mindful of the fact that the emotional healing process takes much longer than the physical healing. the president once again offered all the administration can do to the victims and the community of san bernardino, julie. >> kevin, after the california stop, the president then headed to hawaii. i see you followed him. but he did make some news on climate change before breaking for his winter vacation. what can you tell us about that? >> yeah, he did. i'm glad you mentioned that. interesting, the president vetoed a couple measures that
4:33 pm
would have severely impacted his climate change agenda. the first would have nullified carbon pollution standards set by the epa, and the second, you'll find it interesting, would have erased or voided a national set of standards to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the existing power plant infrastructure. the president releasing a statement, a letter i can share with you, talking to congress about the importance of climate change, once again saying this is something that is a profound threat. he went so far yesterday to compare this ongoing climate change discussion to the old debate about acid rain in the 1970s, and those of us old enough to remember, we know how that turned out. clearly, the white house expects to get a lot of push back, and a great deal of push and shove legislatively on capitol hill. in particular from gop lawmakers, but they continue to be very confident that their climate change agenda will not only help the environment, it will help the economy and ultimately withstand congressional scrutiny.
4:34 pm
>> thank you very much. love the background. love your shirt. not jealous at all. >> thank you. all right, former secretary of defense chuck hagel accusing the white house of trying to destroy him. he was the third pentagon chief to the obama administration. he stepped down last year. in a new interview, he criticized the president's decision to ignore his own red line on syria military action back in 2013, saying it actually hurt u.s. credibility all around the world. the article goes on to write, quote, the 69-year-old former nebraska senator and vietnam war veteran speaking for the first time about his treatment by the obama administration said the pentagon was subject to debilitating meddling and micromanagement by the white house, echoing criticism made by his predecessors, robert gates and leon panetta. he accuses the white house of still not having a strategy to fix the situation in syria.
4:35 pm
the white house declined to comment on the story. the fbi working to prepare local and state law enforcements for re-enactments. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has more. >> after the sandy hook massacre three years ago where 20 children and 6 staff were shot, catherine was tasked with investigating active shooters and setting a baseline to track a growing number of cases. >> at the end of the study, there were 16.4 incidents per year, which means more than one a month. >> produced by the fbi and called the coming storm, the 27-minute film is being shared with 800,000 law enforcement officers and focuses on what needs to happen after the shooter is taken down, to launch the investigation, aid the families, and reestablish normalcy. >> no single agency can handle this by themselves.
4:36 pm
>> whether the shooting is in san bernardino, california, and tr driven by terrorism, at a planned parenthood in colorado, or a bible study in charleston, south carolina, the film shows lessons learned in departments nationwide so mistakes can be avoided and successful strategies can be amplified. from dwatherring witness statements and preserving the crime scene to establishing a clear path for medical personnel to reach the wounded. >> there are confirmed injuries and confirmed fatalities. >> the day before the mass shooting at umpqua community college, local law enforcement saw the film and later reported to the fbi that some of the strategies were used. >> our goal is to save lives. so any moments you save at the scene potentially can save lives. that's what we want the movie to do. and that's what i think will happen. >> one of the statistics that came out of the study is that local law enforcement is at risk.
4:37 pm
one of two officers who confront a shooter will be wounded or killed. >> new mexico governor apologizing for some rowdy behavior at her staff holiday party. and the way she responded to the situation. now, you can hear governor susana martinez on police dispatch tapes arguing with officers who were called to one. other staffers were complaining about the noise and saying someone was throwing things off the balcony. on the call, you can hear the governor demand to know who ratted them out. >> i'm sorry, ma'am, someone called us out there. bl someone? who is someone? >> i can't give you that information. >> why can you not? it's public record. give it to me. >> well, what else did the governor say on the 911 call? >> hey, there. she kept demanding over and over again to find out who the person was who made the noise complaint in the first place. martinez said she was enjoying a holiday party at the eldorado
4:38 pm
hotel last weekend and that that's when she went upstairs right after that party to the fourth floor to a room there and she said she was quietly enjoying herself with company when she was made aware of the noise complaint. take a listen to the 911 call. >> i'm a governor of the state of new mexico, and we're in there with my sister, who's disabled, along with about six other people who are having pizza. there's no necessary -- no necessity for your office to be here. >> okay. >> thank you. you can call them off. >> you can call them off, she said. she's referring to the police officers who were on their way. three officers did respond. interestingly enough, a report was never filed. now the governor is facing a storm of criticism. >> what is the governor saying now? >> well, you have to keep in mind, she was recently named the chairman of the governors' association.
4:39 pm
her name has been tossed around as a potential vice presidential candidate. now her judgment is called into question. she's been quick to apologize. in fact, listen in her own words. >> i should not have done it. it was my mistake, and i own it. i just wanted to solve it, resolve the problem. i can't emphasize enough my appallies to new mexicans, but my judgment was not impacted by alcohol. >> it did not take long for politics to get into this. the democratic governors' association releasing a statement in part which says we look forward to the nation's republican governors and candidates campaigning with an rga chair who attempted to use her power to intimidate local police. we reached out to the republican governors association. so far, we have not heard back. >> all right. thank you very much, will carr. >> a mudslide in oregon leaves behind more than a mess. the slide prompted by lots of rain, and it's just some of the
4:40 pm
extreme weather folks out west are dealing with. that, plus this. >> they looked at that dog. looked like they touched it. then they went after that, unplugged it and ran off. >> a victim of some christmas decoration theft describing the crime after a grinchy thief swiped some lights with a sentimental value, and it's all caught on their surveillance camera from the family's front lawn. ay party. just serve classy snacks and be a gracious host, no matter who shows up. do you like nuts? whfight back fastts tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums
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while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily... and it may take longer than usual for bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. eliquis treats dvt & pe blood clots. plus had less major bleeding. both made switching to eliquis right for me. ask your doctor if it's right for you. deadly weather out of the northwest. heavy rains in oregon contributing to a mudslide that killed one woman and her dog. dirt sweeping into the 70-year-old's home when she opened her back door to let the dog outside. and in washington, more than a
4:44 pm
foot of snow making for some treacherous driving conditions there. part of interstate i-90 even shutting down after some spin-outs. senior meteorologist is live in the fox weather center. and boy, what a difference a coast makes because certainly we're not seeing any of this on the east side. >> we're not. and it doesn't look like as we head into the months ahead even january, february, we might not get the amount of snow that we could typically see all winter long, but the west, we have been dealing with storm after storm after storm. incredible amounts of rain and wind and snow, and that's going to be ongoing this weekend, and into early next week. the storm track is right there, moving into the northwest, as well as central california. the good news is they need the snow and rain, of course, because we're into a drought situation. the bad news is we're going to see results of flash flooding, potential mudslides as well as heavy mountain snow and treacherous travel, no doubt, as
4:45 pm
we head into the weekend and into early next week. winter weather advisories are posted. forecast precipitation from this next round of not one but three systems, several inches along the coast of rainfall and several feet in the mountains. now, let's switch over to the great lakes in the northeast. we have lake effect snow that's happening. it typically happens this time of year, but we had a deficit of snow in some of these areas. in some cases, this was the major snowfall they have seen so far this winter even though it's not technically winter yet. monday is the first day of winter. current temperatures cool. the typical temperature you would see or feel this time of year. as we head into sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, temperatures rising. record-setting heat across the northeast, as we head into wednesday and thursday, 50s and 60s. julie, we could hit 70 degrees here in new york city as well as d.c. the christmas eve forecast, really could be record shattering across the east
4:46 pm
coast. i know that's not what you want to hear. >> no, not at all. then you just said something about january and february, which is news to me, we may not get as much snow. you just ruined my next year. thanks for that. >> a lot of people were wondering, what's going to happen? >> january, february, long range forecast look to be milder than average, and perhaps not as much snow. but we'll see. >> i hope you're wrong. i would never wish you wrong, but i hope. all right. janice dean, thank you very much. >> a man was killed after a gasoline truck exploezed on the highway. our top story as we go across america. >> texas, a gasoline tanker truck catching fire in the early morning, and sending a massive ball of flames and smoke into the air. the burning fuel pouring down the freeway onto the median. emergency crews arriving on the scene had to shut down the roadway and evacuate a nearby
4:47 pm
hotel until the fuel burned out. the driver was killed. >> arizona, a home security camera catching a thief stealing christmas lights right off a family's front lawn. the video shows the man jumping out of an suv, looking around, then taking off with the decorations. for this family, the lights mean more than just another holiday for their special needs son. >> when he was in surgery last year several times, he had three surgeries last year, we wanted to have a big show for him this year. >> the family says they hope their security camera can help police identify the suspect. >> utah, a desperate father called 911 after his wife goes into labor on the way to the hospital. >> oh, my gosh. >> pulling over right now. >> and the drama didn't end there. >> i pushed once and then the second time i pushed, i'm like,
4:48 pm
oh, there's the head. then i pushed again and she came all the way out. >> with the help of the dispatcher, the parents used a shoelace to unwrap the umbilical cord from the baby's breath. >> the baby is not breathing? >> no. come on, baby. >> did what you had to do. >> baby and mom are doing okay. and california. thousands of star wars fans dressing in costume to celebrate the premiere of "star wars, the force awakens" with a light saber battle in several cities, duels taking place in los angeles, san francisco, and san diego. it is a unique way to celebrate a new era of star wars. that's a fox watch across america. star wars, a force to be reckoned with at the box office. disney says the new film is on target to make $220 million this
4:49 pm
weekend. domestically. wow, taking a death star sized laser to several all-time record holders including harry potter and jurassic world. jedi knights and storm troopers coming out in droves to see episode seven. some financial fraorecasters projecting it will bring in $8 billion. that's billion with a "b" between global ticket sales and merchandise. tweet me, let me know, did you see it? >> all right, rock band iron maiden jetting out on a new world tour and the pilot for their journey is also one of the band. the story next. hi i'm heather cox
4:50 pm
on location with the famous, big idaho potato truck. our truck? it's touring across america telling people about idaho potatoes. farmer: let's go boy. again this year the big idaho potato truck is traveling the country spreading the word about heart healthy idaho potatoes and making donations to local charities. excuse me miss, have you seen our truck? you just missed it. ahhh! aw man are you kiddin' me? we're always looking for ways to speed up your car insurance search. here's the latest.
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it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. iron maiden, one of the longest running rock 'n' roll bands is about to make aviation
4:53 pm
and touring history for a second time, as lead singer bruce dickinson prepares to fly a boeing 747 for his band's world tour. laura has the high-flying story. >> iron maiden's wildly energetic front man bruce dickinson will pull double duty once again on the band's next world tour, taking the helm onstage -- and in the air. as he pilots a four-engine 747 jumbo jet around the globe with his bandmates, road crew, and equipment all onboard. >> we don't need to stop for gas anywhere, and the belly space in the airplane can just take so much more kit than we took on the last tour. and much easier. and it's just indescribably cool. >> at 232 feet long and 63 feet high, it can haul up to 300 passengers, it's an immense
4:54 pm
upgrade from the last plane they used, a 737. when we tagged along for a ride in 2008, dickinson revealed he was already dreaming of bumping up his ride. >> 747 is starting to look nice. >> you already want an upgrade? >> he has been promoting the band's first double studio album, book of souls, he's also been opening up about a major health scare that could have derailed his singing career. >> halfway through the record. singing away, quite happy and chirpy and i get a lump in the side of my neck. >> he decided not to say anything about the lump. >> head and neck cancer? >> well, that's -- yeah. head and neck cancer. all encompassing term. >> he quietly began seven weeks of aggressive chemotherapy and radiation treatment. now, cancer free, this high flying frontman can focus on completing his flight training
4:55 pm
and getting back to the high octane enthusiasm the band has always had for its music. >> i'm like, wow, look at this. this is my band. i'm in this band. >> in new york, laura ingle, fox news. >> so earlier, we asked you, do you think the dnc is treating the sanders campaign fairly and why? the sanders campaign filed a lawsuit accusing the dnc of trying to help clinton in the wake of a computer glitch that gave his campaign access to clinton voter data. one writes, maybe bernie sanders needs to threaten to run as a third-party candidate. join to conversation, tweet me and hopefully weet rr get more tweets right after the break. the holidays bring many challenges to the feet. by day, they must stay warm. but by night, beautiful, smoother and ready to impress the other party animals. dr. scholl's dreamwalk express pedi
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nope. equity summary score, powered by starmine, will help you execute your ideas with speed and conviction. and it's only on open an account and find more of the expertise you need to be a better investor. the pittsburgh penguins reaching bake 25 years with the holiday's e-card, and remaking "home alone." >> kevin, you're completely helpless.
4:59 pm
>> you're what the french call -- >> kevin, i'm going to feed you to my tarantula. >> stepping into the role of kevin as he fights off the burglars. the clip earning rave reviews from fans online. maybe next year, they'll do "home alone 2, lost in new york." the sanders campaign filed a lawsuit accusing the dnc of trying to help clinton. earlier, we asked you, do you think the dnc is really trying and treating the sanders campaign fairly? one writer -- dnc is doing everything possible to protect hillary. saturday debates make it impossible for others to get their ideas out. another writes -- of course not, dnc is an extension of the hrc's campaign. you can join the conversation by tweeting me and tune in after the debate tonight for the fox
5:00 pm
news post-debate analysis. that's at aven11:00 p.m. easter right here, hosted by shannon bream. that's how fox reports this saturday, december 19th. "watters' world" starts right now. i want to wish you all a very merry christmas. you're in "watters' world" now, and i'm jesse watwatters. donald trump still attacking the system, creating controversy, and leading the polls. >> i'm calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. we have to establish borders, and we have to build a wall. we have to build a wall. we have to. and we will. >> when you get these terrorists, you have to take out ei


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