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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  May 23, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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night, 10:00 eastern, we'll be live, covering the washington g.o.p. primary, that, and more, tomorrow night here on "hannity". thanks for joining us. we'll see you here tomorrow night. ererererererererere comes. >> this is a fox news alert. is this a case of a prosecutor gone wild? why did baltimore city states attorney marilyn mosby indict officer edward nero and drag him to trial? personal vendetta? personal gain? just hours ago officer found officer edward nero not guilty on every count in connection with with the death of freddie grey. ted and katie are standing by. griff jenkins on the ground and taking you inside court today, griff? >> that's right. judge berry williams finding officer not guilty on all four charges. stating the state failed to meet the burden of proof on
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each count. reckless enendangerment and two counts of misconduct in office. in his finding, judge williams said that nero was legally justified his actions with regards to the assault charge and he was not criminally liable in the reckless enendangerment for failing to seat belt freddie gray. at the center of this child, greta, is whether or not a lawful stop evolved as the state alleged into an unlawful arrest. key testimony came from officer garrett miller who testified that he alone detained and arrested freddie gray. so earlier today ted williams and i returned to the scene of the original arrest to walk through the facts. the testimony in court by officer miller is where this location is where officer miller stopped freddie gray, handcuffed freddie may and
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arrested freddie gray. he walked freddie gray up the street where the van was awaiting him. so nero went to get the bicycle. miller walked him up here to the van. and it was in this location, in this area that officer miller testified that he put freddie gray in the van on the right side of the van. the only thing that nero did in this case was to go and to get miller's bulk kel because miller had left it in a location as he was chasing freddie gray. >> and once they are putting freddie in the van, that's the first physical contact that officer nero has with gray; is that correct? >> when they are putting him in the van, there is some contact with him because they believe that freddie gray needed an inhaler. and so at that stage, nero had some physical contact with him to try to help him if he needed an inhaler.
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they did not find inhaler. they closed the van's door and they left and they went up the street. as for the scene outside the courtroom there have been no protesters or riots over by the courthouse or western baltimore where this all took place. we have the next trial coming up in just two weeks, greta, that will be that of caesar goodson, the van driver in early june. greta? >> griff, thank you. and joining me, the lawyer for the freddie gray family, billie murphy goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> hi, greta. how are you? >> very well. so what do you think of the judge's decision? he was the fact finder. he was the jury in this case. >> well, judge williams is known far and wide contrary to some earlier opinions on your network as an extraordinarily fair jurist who spent the last five or six years of his career
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cops. i'm not surprised that is he a scrupulously fair jurist who called it the way he saw it those of us who didn't sit through the trial, however, have no further comment on the evidence because that is irresponsible you can miss a key piece of evidence. >> hold on, greta. let's talk one at a time, if you don't mind. >> okay. >> if you miss any part of this trial, you can miss critical evidence that would make all the difference in the world about the outcome. so, nobody should be discussing opinions whether this was an fair outcome on either side. >> i don't disagree with you. tell me this, is there any evidence that officer nero did anything other than retrieve the bicycle and help locate an inhaler? that you have heard of, that you have read about? >> well, i heard the summation of the evidence by judge williams and i didn't hear the evidence at trial,
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so i'm not prepared to answer that question. >> but, based on what the judge said in summation, did he say that the officer did anything but retrieve the bicycle and help with the inhaler? >> i think judge williams' ruling will be available in total, i hope. he wrote it out before he gave it that will educate us much more than i could do on the entire basis for his ruling. >> i know, you were listening. >> ask me a question. >> you are a lawyer in the courtroom. you are listening to the judge tell the decision. you represent the family. i'm sure you are concentrating on the facts of the judge's ruling. did the judge say anything at all that said that the officer did anything but fetch the bicycle and get the inhaler or try to help with the inhaler? did he say anything? >> i think he said he was at the scene where the van was emptied the first time one block away. and he also mentioned that he had some role in putting freddie gray into the van.
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i believe he said something about that. >> all right. this is just one officer with one piece of this whole story. i'm not talking about any of the other officers. would you, if you were prosecutor, i know, bill, you are a smart lawyer, you have been around baltimore for a million years. everybody here knows you. even here in washington, d.c. we know about your work. would you have indicted this man, this officer, i'm not talking about the others but this one. >> greta, that's outrageous question because i wasn't sitting where she was sitting. i didn't get the information she was getting. >> based on what you know. >> have to make the judgment that she made. i'm not going to speculate what i would have done. >> bill, you speculate every single day. we lawyers talk about the evidence every single day. speculation another word for stating the facts. would you have indicted this guy? >> i don't know. i don't know what she had on her plate before she made the decision. >> based on what the judge said today, would you have indicted him? >> now, greta, you know you are not going to get any more of an answer than the one i gave.
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>> you all right. let me talk just briefly and switch gears. i know this was a horrible death freddie gray and very -- i imagine the family is heart broken. how did they respond when they heard the news today? >> the family responded the same way they have always responded including to the hung jury and lead up to the trial and that is let's let the process work if it's going to work fairly and let's stand by the results of a fair process withoutny making any prejudgment about who did to what, whom, and how. they recognize, unless you hear the evidence completely, you don't have the right to express an opinion unless you want to be unfair. that's their -- they are calm about it they are not emotionally overwrought about the decision. they had faith that judge williams made the correct call. and we're bless to do have
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somebody who is not going to be influenced by public opinion. and your station was ripe with speculation whether judge williams was playing to the audience or following. >> i don't know where you get that billy. billy, now stop that, i don't know where you get that. >> now, come on. >> you talk about our show, i'm happy -- i have actually had people in the courtroom. >> i'm talking about your station. >> i know. let's talk about my show. if you have a gripe with me, tell me. if you have a gripe with my show, tell me. we had someone in the courtroom most of this trial if not the entire trial. >> if i think the whole network's approach to the black community is racist and irrelevant to this program i can't say it. >> we were in court every single day, billy. i know you very well. i know the way that you are trying to play this. i got the picture. i wasn't born yesterday. i got that. but, if you have a problem with my show, tell me. i will talk to but that. but. >> i haven't stated a problem with your show.
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>> okay, good. >> if you were listening carefully to me. >> okay, good. i'm just checking that. all right, billy, always nice to talk to you. >> nice to talk to you, too. >> and so tonight, we are asking why did prosecutor marilyn mosby seek an indictment of officer edward nero, in a statement officer edward nero attorney said the states attorney rushed to charge him as well as the five other officers completely disregarding the facts of the case and applicable law. former prosecutor katie phang and criminal defense attorney ted williams. ted was inside the baltimore courthouse during the whole trial. ted, we're only talking about the one officer. i don't know what the evidence is against the other officers or what will be shown or not shown. we are talking about this officer. should this officer edward nero have been indicted and brought to trial, in your opinion? >> this officer should not have been indicted at all, greta. i said -- set in that
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courtroom, i listened to the evidence. and it was shameful that the prosecutors did not have any case whatsoever. and they put this man, nero, through hell. and he should not have been. they got so desperate that they brought another officer, in miller, and they offered him immunity. and miller came in and miller said i arrested. i handcuffed. i led freddie gray to the van. and he said nero had nothing to do with it and, guess what? an african-american judge, barry williams, weighed his credibility and believed everything that officer miller said concerning nero and the fact that nero had nothing to do with the arrest of freddie gray. >> done about officer nero. as i have been listening to this unfold. in fact, let's play a sound bite of what i said the other night on this because,
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loading someone into a van is not criminal conduct. he didn't handcuff him, make a criminal arrested. he didn't put him in the van and had no obligation to seat belt him according to the obligations. katy, there was never any evidence, even, you know, there was nothing that this guy, retrieving a bicycle or doing whatever he was accused of doing, there was never any reason for this prosecutor to charge this officer. do you agree or disagree? i absolutely agree. if you want to talk about billie murphy's comment fair judgment. she didn't give officer nero fair process nor did she allow for judging on her part. he was properly acquitted by judge williams. judge williams during oral pronouncement of the verdict today there was no credible fact that would support the four charges brought against officer nero.
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if i were nero, i would go after her office for malicious conduct. >> people don't realize how painful it's been for this officer. i'm sure he is a proud officer. and to be put through this process and to be accused of the most unthinkable things by the prosecutor. gronel she is jv or what her problem is, if that's her best evidence it's appalling that she subjected him to that. i don't know what the evidence will be for the other officers and i do know that someone died in custody i'm very interested in hearing the evidence. to too this to this officer, ted, make me crazy. your thoughts? >> absolutely. a prosecutor is there to seek justice this was injustice to charge this man when there was no evidence. if i was in that prosecutor's office and they asked me to try this case against an officer without any evidence, i would resign before i would do such an act. this was an embarrassment and a sad day in the annals
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of baltimore when you charge an officer. i'm just happy that judge barry williams, no relationship to me, found this officer not guilty on all of the counts and charges. >> ted and katy, stay with us. we'll have more "on the record." and, of course, we are closely watching baltimore. we are monitoring the city for any lawful protests or unlawful trouble. as the sun sets, if anything happens, we will take you back to baltimore live. now to the 2016 election, donald trump is busy. is he busy woulding top republicans. today in trump tower he met with bob corker. chairman of the senate foreign relations committee. his name has been thrown around as a possible vice presidential pick. >> i have no reason to believe i'm being considered. >> would you consider a role in the future trump administration? >> i think any, as i said before, look, i'm doing what i am doing because i care deeply about policy. i want to see our country succeed and solve the big
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problems we have as a nation. i think those kinds of questions, obviously, you want to know what the circumstances were, what the relationship is. >> two brand new national polls show donald trump is inching up overtaking hillary clinton. one poll nbc "wall street journal" poll has secretary clinton narrowly beating donald trump 46-43. abc news, "the washington post" poll has trump on top 46 to 44. the "on the record" political panel is here. nbc political director rick klein and "the washington post" aaron brake. rick, one of those polls is your news organizations. what do these polls mean tia at this stage. >> it's not going to be a blowout. donald trump has the capacity to win this election. whether or not this lasts and i think there is ample reason to question how donald trump can win an election given the way is he view sod negatively and issues. he is in this right now. this is not going to be a wire-to-wire hillary clinton romp. hillary clinton campaign has
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to question its assumptions if they think they are going to beat donald trump just because the country is going to reject him. the one thing he has going for him that she can never lay claim to is a desire for outsider. that's been a theme on the republican side and democratic side this year. >> both of our poll, very good poll. very strong poll. i think that the head-to-head numbers are really interesting. they are very close across all of the polls, not just our poll i think the thing in our poll is if you look at the images of the can it as the. a poll a couple months ago 66% of people had strongly unfavorable view of trump versus 41% for clinton. half the country feel favorably -- unfavorably strongably both candidates. we have a close race now. it's not going to be a blowout. it's going to be a double digit race for the next six
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months. >> i think bernie sanders is trying to get donald trump elected. he is not doing anything to help his party -- it's not his party. he is like. >> he is borrowing it. >> yeah, is he borrowing it. >> one in five supporters in our poll say they would support donald trump instead of hillary clinton. that's the heat of the primary. anything in those numbers alarm bell for democrats. the fact they are going all the way to the end. bernie sanders is running against the democratic party as much as anything else. that's a bad thing for hillary clinton right now. >> senator bob corker going up to the trump tower today. should we read anything in that one. >> corker check as lot of the boxes. he is establishment, good with moderate and conservative wings of the party. not unconceivable. i'm not sure the republican party is in love with the idea that donald trump picking another white man as his vice presidential pick at this point. >> the parlor game? >> i think this would do a lot to solve donald trump's problems inside the republican party with eaching other groups that's
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different. this would be mainstream trump. looking for trump 2.0. it's not him saying different things. choose someone fairly conventional choice. ' establishment would feel comfortable with him in number two spot. >> thank you both. >> thank you, greta. >> not just republican leaders who donald trump is wooing, also hispanic evangelical community and he is not the only one, who so is secretary hillary clinton. over the weekend both secretary clinton and donald trump sent videos to the national hispanic christian leadership conference. >> national hispanic christian, three great words. we're going to take care of you, we're going to work with you, you are going to be very happy. you are going to like president trump. >> you can always count on me to fight for you, your congregants and your communities but i can't do it alone. i respectfully need your support so please let's work together to win the
11:18 pm
election. let's never grow weary to do good for as many people as possible. >> spanish leadership conference reverend samuel rodriguez goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good evening. thank you for having me. >> thank you for coming here. so i went to the two videotapes, i listened to them. secretary clinton talked about immigration, affordable housing and made remark about dismissive and dangerous rhetoric no doubt talking about donald trump and she talked about her faith. donald trump, on the other hand did, not talk about faith but talked about minority unemployment, jobs, trade deals and stopping. he said three words national hispanic christian. those are his word. who is more impressive, do you think, to the audience? >> the common denominators here they both covered education which is arguably the priority for the latino community. educational equality raising the standards, stopping this idea of dumbing down education for latino or kids in the you urban centers.
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education stood highlighted by donald trump and hillary clinton. and the economy. the difference was hillary addressed her faith, donald did not. they both addressed immigration by the buy, hillary clinton about immigration and the valley of the immigrant community and donald trump aboutmenting people to coming in the country illegally. he at the end of the day we prayed for the presidential election and boy does it ever need prayer. so we parade. and there was a chuckle in the audience, our ceo after both videos i believe it's time to pray. entire audience chuckled and then we prayed together. >> was there any straw vote or did you get a sense whether people were swayed in the audience or impressed or unimpressed with either one of them. >> we issued a survey prior about the priorities were education emerged once again, ledge just liberty, life and immigration reform. but then post facto i personally met with several leaders. the response was they were
11:20 pm
gracious enough to say thankful both candidates understand the value of latino faith vote. concerns about both candidates expressed post facto in personal interviews we had. >> what's the biggest concern about hillary clinton and donald trump. >> biggest concern with secretary clinton is if the rhetoric wasapropos. she actually quoted galatians 6. we were grateful for that her concern is more her policies, planned parenthood. issues on religious liberty. we would love her to emerge as a champion in religious liberty and affirmation of our judeo-christian system. with donald trump there was never me mea culpa, olive branch, hey, guys the latino community is wonderful. i want to make america great again and requires engaging the spanish american electorate. that never took place, unfortunately. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me.
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>> nice no tears on this side of the ocean. guess who got taken out by u.s. strike. lieutenant colonel oliver north. here hear what
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afghan taliban killed in the drone strike. the brutal terror leader was specifically targeting u.s. personnel and troops in afghanistan. terrorist car blown up by a missile while driving through southwestern pakistan. lieutenant colonel oliver north is here to go "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta.
11:25 pm
good we got him tcialghts would have been better to capture and gotten intel. we don't capture them anymore we hit them with a hell fire missile from a predator. bad guy. no doubt he was the military head of the sure area, organization plans all the terrorist attacks in afghanistan. he recognized bin laden and zarqawi being his hero. zarqawi being the head of aqi back in iraq. the taliban has been on the march this queer. they have actually captured ground back that was seized with the help of the u.s. out there and particularly northeastern afghanistan. >> which prescription me another issue. fallujah, i think we lost almost 100 soldiers winning fallujah and now iraq is fighting to get fallujah back from isis. how in the world did fallujah end up in isis? >> it was the very first city captured on bar
11:26 pm
province by isis in 2014. january of 2014. it is a sunni city. unfortunately,like, iraqi government has done militia to cordon off the area. something in the neighborhood of a thousand isis fighters left in fallujah. they have laced the city with ieds like they did ramadi. parts of ramadi are still not pacified today. and that operation took six months. now, this operation began last sunday if you can believe the iraqi government. there is no doubt that that city has got something in the neighborhood of auto thousand civilians left in it. isis is keeping the civilians from fleeing. they have actually shot a bunch of people trying to get out of the city. the fact that we don't have personal air controllers with the lead elements. american advisors takata air base to the east and in baghdad. if we don't put joint
11:27 pm
tactical air controllers out there with the lead elements, the accuracy of u.s. aircraft and the ability to strike because of the rules of engagement. they only fired one strike yesterday in fallujah. and around fallujah. that wasn't even in the city. and without those air controllers the americans are going to be very reluck at that particular time to strike at the isis targets inside the city. that doesn't mean the iraqis praying their own f-16s won't strike it. you will not get americans to drop bombs on them because the white house won't allow it. >> colonel north, nice to see you as always. >> good to be with you. >> a key clue black box. how do you find it at the bottom of the sea, it's more than a network and the cloud. it's reliable uptime. and multi-layered security. it's how you stay connected to each other and to your customers. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions, including an industry leading broadband network,
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this is a fox news alert. egyptair crash investigators are desperately trying to piece together the plane's final moments. we are hearing the final nobody recordings between the pilot and international air control. this conversation with swiss traffic controllers before it was switched over to italian control: grn reporter is in cairo, egypt. what are the egyptian authorities are saying is the latest in this investigation? >> so, search teams are in the process of trying to
11:32 pm
retrieve the black box. this box contain as lot of information what happened to the plane before it went down and potentially solve the mystery behind this crash. there are crews from' paris, greece and others hunt for boxes which could have fallen hundred tridz of meters below the sea. they are using advanced methods to search for the plane and just yesterday they had sent in a robo submarine in search for the black box or any other evidence that could still be under water. the submarine they sent down can go under water up to 3,000 meters and used for under water oil rigs. there are conflicting reports about what happened in the last minutes before the crash. egyptian officials have denied any contact with the plane before it went down. the officials have also continue to do caution that it's too early to say what happened to the aircraft. however, a lot of experts have been saying that there is mounting evidence that points towards a sudden dramatic and catastrophic
11:33 pm
event that led to the crash in the eastern mediterranean. also here in egypt families are mourning the death of loved ones and holding funerals across the country. military spokesperson of the wreckage -- from the plane. egyptians have started online campaign to support egyptair, the airline company and use #to show egypt to show understanding of the situation. even gone as far to criticize media outlets for not covering the news correctly and not talking about possible failing in this crash. this is the third big event plagued egypt over the past year and potentially have a very bad outcome for egypt's already struggling tourism and economic sector. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> for more on the search of the back box under water search expert and tim goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> hi, greta. >> so, tell me, i mean, i imagine the
11:34 pm
enormous for starters that it's 10,000 feet employee the surface that the black box is expected. first, you have to find the general location, the pinging. tell me the challenges for this search. >> it's going to be in three stages, the pinger will narrow down the search. then you need to acoustically narrow the area. if it's rough terrain and geographically challenging that could offer own set of issues and then use robotic submersibles that have arms and can manipulate and go down there and actually look for cut, cover, recover the black boxes. this is not something that's going to happen fast there is a procedure in place to do it. if they are sending a robotic gear down, they may be -- sounds like it's -- a little bit ahead of its time acoustically is what they need to be focusing on now. that's not as easy as one would think, either. >> all right. would the ping, once you -- if you have located the
11:35 pm
ping, how big a field then do you have to look at? how far does this ping likely expand out that it can be heard? >> this is the trick. we're in deep water now. we're in 3,000 meters, 10,000 feet of water. when you get to about 1,000 meters, maybe 3,000 feet you get a layer that's throughout every ocean where sound can get up and get trapped and propagate in all different directions. you have to actually get this sonic acoustic pinger hearing device down below that layer to locate the lost plane. that's specialized piece of gear. only a handful of them in the world that people are using that has to be put in place. you can't hang a hydro phone over the side of a boat and pick it up. that's a big piece of the puzzle. and once that's done, which the clock is ticking now. they have 30 days of a pinger life to do, this then you can start mapping the bottom with autonomous
11:36 pm
vehicles or sonar rays. autonomous vehicles more rapidly available and go down and map the vehicle. >> how was it two years after that air france flight went down going from rio to paris long after the ping had ended that they were able to find that black box in the ocean? >> they this debris field. they had some areas that they could narrow it down similar to this. area on air france was not as geographically challenging as the area they are looking at rye now. when you do the sonar search pattern which they took two years to do, when the wreckage did show up it was quite evident it was plane and wreckage. here you can get a lot of geological formations that could hide debris or look like debris. it's going to be, you know, a lot of false hits that they have to go investigate or get closer image thats of. rely -- really doable with
11:37 pm
the technology but it's not going to happen overnight. >> that makes it so much harder. anyway, tim, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> this is a fox news alert. heads are beginning to roll at the t.s.a. kelly hogen, the head of office of security operation for the t.s.a. has just been fired. the agency has been plagued with long lines and allegations of mismanagement. over last 13 months she took home $90,000 in bonuses on top of a base salary of $181,000. and remember when ferguson, missouri went up in flames? were riots erupted following the death of michael brown. there is news tonight in that police department. that police department. that's next.
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you won't see these folks at the post office. that police department. that's next. they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again. a suspected cop killer is dead. four hour standoff is over. killed the suspect accused of murdering rob tarentino. an early morning traffic
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stop. jorge murdered tarentino. he fled and barricaded himself inside an apartment. during the standoff a second officer was shot but is expected to be okay. across the country tensions between police and communities are high. that stress is making it harder for them to do their job and keep us safe. two years ago the tensions spilled over after the shooting death of michael brown. ohio how are police working to heal that divide. first african-american police chief goes "on the record." good evening, chief, congratulations on the new job. >> thank you. good evening. >> so, chief, what do you sees a your first challenge on the job? >> well, i think one of my first challenge has really been to actually go out and introduce myself to the community and work to heal some of the divides that we have seen there are several segments of the community that feel different about police service and feel that everybody knows no matter who you are and what tax base you are, police service
11:43 pm
should be the same across the board. >> why is there that divide? what provoked it? >> >> well, i think there are a number of reasons that there is a divide. i think some of it is historic. some of it has to do with things that were discovered here in the city of ferguson. a lot of this has s. also playing to the back drop of a national narrative that also talks about where one -- an incident happens in miami and has a bearing in ferguson. incident in baltimore and has a bearing on what happens in cincinnati. i think part of this is historic. part it system systemic and part of it has to do with the national back drop. >> part of the police officers i have talked to say they feel like they have been demonized or that they don't have the support, generally of americans. they are feeling a little bit like under the weather and how americans are looking at them. do you understand that? is that true? and is that fair? >> i think i understand it because any time that you are in a profession most
11:44 pm
police officers do this to feel good. you feel like you are availed. of course there is that feeling. i tell them to hearken back to the 1980 when i started. we would pull up to an avenue and take on rocks and bottles. now you take criticism, a little bit of protest and probably get harsh posts on social media i don't think it's gotten worse. but i can understand why in the middle of battle you would feel that way. >> what's the role of race in all of this? race is a big thing. united states has historically issue with race. people see things differently. at the heart of it, we draw from human beings. so he, with that, there is some bias in the way sometimes services are delivered and sometimes in the way services are perceived. >> today in baltimore, the judge in a bench trial found the police officer, one of the police officer in the freddie gray case not guilty on all counts.
11:45 pm
were the police in ferguson watching that verdict? was it talked about in the police station and headquarters today? >> well, i certainly was notified the minute that it happened. and that's because obviously, like i said, if something happens in baltimore, it certainly has a bearing on how police are perceived in ferguson and miami anywhere. yes, that was something that we talked about. >> how about are police treated fairly by the media in general or not or don't we get it? >> that's a difficult question to ask. there are a number of variables that didn't exist 20 years ago, social media, for instance. and media geared toward a particular interest. a lot of things happen now that didn't exist before. and i think so there is a more polarized version. but there are some people in the media who get it. there are some who just don't. >> chief, thank you for joining us and good luck. you got a big job in front of you, sir.
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and two snap chatters are two hours away from the top of the world. of the world. griff jenkins talked to them safety doesn't come in a box. it's not a banner that goes on a wall. it's not something you do now and then. or when it's convenient. it's using state-of-the-art simulators to better prepare for any situation. it's giving offshore teams onshore support. and it's empowering anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right. at bp, safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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get ready to speed read the news. police officer sergeant drew peterson. he was convicted in 2012 of killing his third wife while under suspicion disappearance of his fourth wife. now sergeant peterson is on trial accused of hiring someone to kill the prosecutor put behind bars for the murder of wife number they. trouble at the nfl. a congressional investigation finds that nfl officials trying to influence government research on concussion. the league has been plagued with concussion issues and current and former players. the nfl denies it of course, that's tonight's speed read. and, a world's tallest mountain claiming first
11:51 pm
victims of 2016. since last thursday, four people have tragically died on mount everest. meanwhile, despite the often hazardous conditions, two rugged climbers they are about to reach 2 thousand foot summit. two climbers are just hours away from the peak. cory richards and aid drip are documenting entire trip on snap chat. the pair spoke to our own griff jenkins. [cheers] >> we have been here about seven weeks and finally time for the summit push. i couldn't be. >> with little help from oxygen, they are just hours away from reaching the top of mount everest. this past weekend they officially entered what is known as the death zone. >> our goal is to get up and summit and back out of that zone as quickly as we possibly can. cells in your body are being
11:52 pm
destroyed every day that you can regenerate. your body is literally being killed while you are up at these extreme altitudes. pretty painful. more where the margin of error drops to zero. that's rea away. you know, is that you just can't make mistakes up there. >> the two men, battling freezing cold temps and little food are in con stability contact with a doctor. the trek up this more than 29,000-foot peak is dangerous and sometimes even deadly. just this weekend at least three have died. others missing on this treacherous mountain. >> she is in cob distant contact with us through radio. down here it's easier for us to see if we are start toggle do things like slur our words or not be able to put together sentences and she will help us to make our decision if and when we need to turn around. we recognize the risks involved. we both lost friends on this mountain before. and we are very committed to coming home.
11:53 pm
>> these expert climbers prepared for years. but suddenly, out of nowhere, they were hit with a monster storm, the mountain was in control. >> the tent is collapsing on itself. >> unexpected, unpredicted wind storm come in along with a lot of fresh snow. we were already struggling with the altitudes new high point. we finding our tent collapsed and pushed off the side of the hill. >> temperatures dropping to negative 30 degrees, the men struggling just to stay warm. >> i am on the edge of really cold. >> literally there is no one and nothing i would rather sleep with up here from eddie bauer. >> the two men just hours from the top of the tallest mountain in the world already know what they want to do the moment they get back to sea level. >> i really, really, really want to go to a beach. i think we have taken two showers each in the last seven weeks. and so, yeah, flip flops on
11:54 pm
shores sound good to me. >> i want to get the hell out of here as fast as i can. >> as we said, they are just hours away from hitting the summit. track all the action by following them on snap chat with the user name everest, no filter. coming up, one obama cabinet secretary said the dumbest, most insensitive thing. i'll tell you off the record. ♪ ♪ (singing) you wouldn't haul a load without checking your clearance. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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11:59 pm
their encounter with the v.a.? when you go to disney, do they measure the number of hours you wait in line or the number -- you know, what's important? what's important is what's your satisfaction with the experience? >> really? veterans waiting for medical care at the v.a. is like waiting for a ride at disney world? that is so bad. and why so cavalier about the pain that waiting causes the metropolitan and women who didn't make the american people wait when they protected us? many of our vets they are in executioniating pain from serious injuries, ied to permanent traumatic brain injury. desperate for help. we americans promise to do help them and we owe it to them. does the secretary think waiting is not a big deal? note to the secretary the wait is both experience and encounter with the v.a. i want that wait time data that he doesn't want us to get it will show us if secretary macdonald is doing his job to take care of the vets or not. if he doesn't, get him out of there. that's the least you and can i do for our vets. that's my off-the-record
12:00 am
comment tonight. that's all for now. see you 7:00 p.m. eastern. bill o'reilly in the o'reilly factor is up next. good night from washington. ♪ welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levy at the disease desk. >> onlying up on the big show hillary clinton reveals the campaign's new slogan. we'll see if we went with my suggestion, no convictions so far. she work on two levels if you think about it. plus, tom shillue tells you what he thinks of women in the boardroom. consider that your trigger warning, ladies. and the former head of security for the wwe drops by for a no holds bar interests view. interest -- interview. back tow. >> thank you, andy.


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