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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 27, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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jon: we're back in an hour. "outnumbered" starts now. ♪ ♪ sandra: this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today, host of kennedy on fox business, kennedy. also from fbn, dagen mcdowell is here. democratic strategist julie roginsky, and today's #oneluckyguy, we welcome back the host of geraldo rivera reports, geraldo is here and -- >> yes, ma'am. sandra: please, with all due respect, you are outnumbered. >> i love it. kennedy: you're wearing a snazzy lapel pen. >> oh, thanks.
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the fleet is in town -- dagen: you don't need to tell any woman that. [laughter] >> that's right. well, i have company when i'm wolf whistling. this from an amphibious assault vessel, kind of the flagship of the fleet in the harbor, and it was a delight to be with the sailors and the marines this morning. >> anchors away. >> i love the water. have my own boat on the harbor, and i'll be out there over the weekend. sandra: excellent. all right, well, thanks for being here. let's get right to it, and let's begin with history and controversy. president obama becoming the first commander in chief to visit and pay his respects at hiroshima, the site where america dropped the first atomic bomb in 1945. before laying a wreath at the city's peace memorial park, the president saying the world has a moral responsibility to ask how to prevent the suffering that took place there more than 70 years ago from happening again. listen. >> technological progress
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without an equivalent progress in human institutions can doom us. scientific revolution that led to the splitting of an atom requires a moral revolution as well. that is why we come to this place. sandra: president obama did not apologize for the decision to drop the bomb which led to an abrupt end to world war ii, but to his critics, the president's visit and his words surely appeared like an apology. here's former ambassador john bolton. >> he is a very subtle speaker. he didn't use the words "i apologize," but most of his apology tour stops in the last seven years he hasn't said that either. he essentially said harry truman missed the moral point about using nuclear weapons as if barack obama thought that there was an alternative. let's be clear, what truman did,
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in my view, was not just militarily correct, but it was morally correct as well. sandra: yeah. so i also spoke to ambassador john bolton this morning, and he said he wasn't opposed to the president's visit there, but surely his words in his speech were in line with the apology tour. your take. >> well, i respectfully disagree with the entire tone of what ambassador bolton just said. let me just say as background my dad was a staff sergeant in the united states army in world war ii the, my late father-in-law was a commander in the united states coast guard and was slated for the big invasion flotilla of japan. and they were absolutely overjoyed that president truman decided to use the atomic bombs which were top secret. no one knew what they were when they happened. but they were, my dad and late father-in-law, of the opinion that hundreds of lives -- i mean, not hundreds, as many as a million lives were saved by the atomic bombs being dropped.
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so that was very, very important from that regard. but to have any kind of misgivings about the president of the united states going and paying his respect to the awesome power of that bomb, to the peril that it created that the world still lives under that shadow, how anyone can politicize this act is, to me, beyond the pale. i really, i have no patience for it. it is, it's taking, you know, partisan politics to a degree that i think is extremely distasteful. who can be against the president of the united states honoring the war dead of a country that is now one of our firmest allies? sandra: so there were some very emotional moments. after president obama's speech, he embraced, shook hands with some of the aged survivors of the attack. it was an emotional moment, and we did listen to the words of the speech. dagen, you were on with me this morning. anything you object to here?
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dagen: i don't object to it. i think he walked a pretty difficult line, but i understand completely and agree with what ambassador bolton is saying in terms of if you're going to talk about the morality of the decision that harry s. truman made, to achieve unconditional surrender in world war ii. and, geraldo, when people listen to the president, they're going to bring their own history listening to him to the table. and in terms of how he is subtly apologized for america over and over and over again whether you're talking about in cairo in 2009, something that ambassador bolton wrote about, talking about referring to america's fear and anger and how we have acted on that fear rather than using foresight in europe that we safed multiple times -- saved multiple times, he's done the same thing. and even in cuba more recently. we have at times been disengaged, and at times we sought to dictate our terms. that, to people listening to it, sounds like an apology and,
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frankly, they're tired of america being in the backseat. >> i respectfully suggest that if it sounds like an apology to you, you don't like president obama, and you are imprinting your feelings about him, subjective feelings about him onto his message. sandra: okay, but let's talk about something objective. kennedy: let's take his statement apart a little bit, because he's talking about morality and moral systems, and the implication is if you have those weapons, that is, in itself, immoral. and also if you take his statement -- >> well, stop right there -- kennedy: no -- do i think it's immoral to have nuclear weapons? >> do you think the use of nuclear weapons -- i grew up in the '50s and early '60s where kids actually were taught to hide under their desk for fear of a nuclear conflagration. it is a miracle, the miracle of the second half of the 20th century is that these weapons have not been used because of the mutual assured destruction
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of the human race. kennedy: or, perhaps, progression. we haven't blown up the planet 12 times over. we have not been bombed by the former soviet union. we don't deploy nuclear weapons when we have conflicts across the globe. therefore, i think you could make the argument that perhaps they've made us safer. perhaps we have made that moral evolution. julie: the audience for him was actually the saudi arabias of the world and the pakistanis and others whom i, frankly, wouldn't trust with a nuclear weapon. it terrifies the hell out of me that pakistan has nuclear weapons. it's insane that they do but, nevertheless, they do. a failed state has nuclear weapons. what he's essentially saying which i believe he's talking -- and i agree with everything geraldo said, by the way -- he's talking to them. and he's talking to them about the fact that technology has perhaps caught up, but morality has not caught up. governmental institutions in places like pakistan, the fact
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that you have the republican presumptive nominee talking about the fact that he has no problem with saudi arabia going nuclear. that should terrify all of us as well -- sandra: okay, let me -- julie: that, to me, is the audience he's saying this to. it wasn't just japan. dagen: coming up on our memorial day, i want him to acknowledge the reason that we are free. and it's the men and women who have sacrificed for us and our freedom. i thought that the timing with going there and without acknowledging the courageous decision of president truman to save millions of -- sandra: okay. japanese prime minister shinzo abe was actually asked if he would, in turn, visit pearl harbor. his response was -- by the way, he didn't rule it out, but he said at this moment i don't have specific plans to visit hawaii. what do you make of that? >> i would like hip to do that -- him to do that. i think that would be appropriate. sandra: why won't he? he could have easily said yes. >> i don't study his politics, but japan is in a curious place
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right now. japan is one of those allies that we rely on almost automatically, and we never pay a lot of attention until we have to. right now with what's happening in the south china sea with the chinese imperialism and expansion and these fake islands that they're putting everywhere, suddenly we're saying, oh, remember vietnam? let's buttedties. japan, oh, yeah, remember you, japan. south korea, i remember -- now the president with the so-called tilt to the pacific is recognizing the true strategic threat that exists. japan is not our enemy. yes, i'd like him to visit pearl harbor when it suits his domestic agenda. but right now what i'm really concerned about is chinese expansionism and the president rallying these pacific rim countries to help us to contain the true threat which is china. kennedy: he can't visit pearl harbor because in his country, that would be seen as an apology. sandra: i'll leave it there. >> haven't they already apologize?
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dagen: john kerry was in hiroshima earlier this year, and in the japanese media they went through every word he said looking for an apology because that's what they wanted. sandra: hillary clinton's former chief of staff cheryl mills being deposed today. this as clinton doubles down on her defense of her use of a private e-mail server. what all this could mean for the white house race. plus, bernie sanders' decision to debate donald trump getting some democrats really mad. they apparently thought he'd have thrown his support behind hillary by now. not so much. [laughter] ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ kennedy: welcome back. new developments in hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. clinton's former chief of staff at the state department, cheryl mills, is being deposed today in a lawsuit related to the former secretary of state's e-mail practices. her testimony under oath coming a day after a federal judge ruled no videos of depositions in the case will be released, but transcripts will be. meantime, live pictures here of clinton campaigning in oakland, california. she's still defending her use of a private server after that highly critical inspector
9:15 am
general report came out finding she broke state department rules on e-mails. but here's her take: >> this report makes clear that personal e-mail use was the practice for other secretaries of state. and i know that because it is well known, it's pointed out in the report. but it was still a mistake, and as i've said many times, if i could go back, i would do it differently. kennedy: all right. here's what donald trump has to say about the report. [laughter] >> she has bad judgment. this was all bad judgment. probably illegal, we'll have to find out what the fbi says about it. but certainly, it was bad judgment. i just read the report. it's devastating, the report. it's devastating. kennedy: all right. how do you feel about this, geraldo? two very different versions of the same what you -- the thing that he said, the only thing that donald
9:16 am
trump just said that i disagree with is that it is probably illegal. kennedy: okay. >> because you have not heard one whisper of an allegation of a crime even in that scathing state department report. there is no grand jury -- kennedy: that we know of. >> -- that we know of. therefore, there will be no indictment. and people that are holding out, i heard charles krauthammer who i think is the smartest guy on television yesterday opining that the real primary will be comey and the fbi and all -- that's a bun of bologna, with all due respect the charles. there's not going to be an indictment. focus on real issues. and this e-mail scandal has succeeded, like benghazi -- which was similarly debunked -- in bringing her down from 60% approval to now barely 40% approval. so it has succeeded in its real intent which was to undermine secretary clinton's popularity.
9:17 am
kennedy: so far you and dagen have been a match made in heaven on the couch today. [laughter] dagen, the problem -- dagen: trying to let him finish! kennedy: and the inspector general's report said the problem wasn't with the e-mail or the use of the private e-mail, it was the fact that she was told to use departmental e-mail and the fact she never met with the inspector general and the fact that she used personal devices that she was specifically and strictly told not to use. dagen: right. they suggested that she get her two phones, one personal and one for work, and the answer was, no. [laughter] but she is going to be interviewed by the fbi. that will happen in the coming weeks. and, again, let's get martha stewart on the horn and find out what happens when you lie to the feds. they can lie to you when they ask questions, but you can't lie to them, and you could go to prison for it. the question with this ig report is did she understand the security risks that she was running, and the answer is clearly, yes, she certainly did. based on this techie, some techies shut down her server
9:18 am
several times due to hacking concerns. and, in fact, the assistant secretary for diplomatic security sent her, hillary clinton, a memorandum that warned of a dramatic increase in attempts by cyber actors to compromise private e-mail and even in referencing google e-mail later on. so she knew. and there was -- and that goes directly -- sandra: i agree. her response is very confusing, because she just keeps pointing to this was common practice at the state department, and the ig report backs that up. condoleezza rice, we know, colin powell used their private e-mail. but, dagen, the private server was put in her home. we have no evidence that ever happened with any previous secretary of state. so that has to continue to be pointed out. but donald trump, very effective -- comets to be -- with make -- continues to be, with making the clear point that there's no good outcome here. either really bad judgment or really bad judgment and an illegal act. it just doesn't end well for her. kennedy: yeah.
9:19 am
it's incompetence, arrogance or something far worse. julie: i want to thank geraldo because, for once, somebody on couch is speaking for me. look, when there's evidence of a crime, then we can talk about the fact that this was probably a criminal act. so far there's been no evidence -- kennedy: does it just have to be a crime if it's so unethical that she possibly compromised national security? julie: possibly. if she did, that is a crime. until we have evidence that she actually compromised national security, somebody hacked into her e-mail, until then let comey do his job. i think what she did was dumb. there's no excuse for it. she got excoriated for it in the report, as she should have. kennedy: also the foia lawsuits and that federal judge, and she's dealing with the fbi. three different fronts on which she's having to defend herself -- >> there is no evidence that anyone breached her account, there's no evidence --
9:20 am
ken. dagen: there's evidence of one thing over and over and over again in her whole career that she acts in her self-interests -- >> well, that's a different -- kennedy: i am in the mood, i'm getting hungry, and i want a bernie sandwich. [laughter] bernie sanders versus donald trump, it could happen. trump says he's open to the idea which sanders has been pushing pretty, pretty hard. the vermont senator tweeting, quote: i am delighted that donald trump has agreed to debate. let's do it in the biggest stadium possible. like the o2 arena in london? but frustrations seem to be boiling over for many democrats who believe sanders is grasping for any angle against clinton at this point. west virginia senator joe manchin telling politico, quote: that confirms what we've been saying. why would you expect bernie should be contractor or nice or being -- consider rate or nice, he's not a democrat. several networks have reportedly expressed great interest in
9:21 am
hosting a trump/sanders debate. ya think? [laughter] just when you think the election can't get any stranger, just when you think the chaos has perhaps abated a little bit, then we have this. sandra: i don't think there's anybody who wouldn't watch this debate. that would be epic. no, i think you have to acknowledge that hillary clinton is left out of the conversation. she, geraldo, julie, 2008. if you're running for the highest office in the land, you should debate anywhere, anytime. but she said, no, she's left out of the conversation, does not look good for her. kennedy: sanders is that sexist somehow, julie? julie: definitely leaving out the women. [laughter] it's what you say when you're lose, right? you always want to debate when you're losing. i can't tell you how many times i've had candidates that are winning have their loser opponents come up and say let's debate -- kennedy: then why is donald trump interested? julie: because donald trump wants to sit around and trash her for an hour or two and have
9:22 am
bernie sanders join him -- sandra: but he's winning, and he's willing to debate. julie: he's not debating her. kennedy: he's going to have plenty of time to debate her. we're going to see the two of them on stage -- julie: you sure about that? >> bernie sanders is so annoying. he is so annoying. this is a man who doesn't realize that his time has come and gone. let clinton and trump go at it. you have a perfect match-up. you have ideological differences, you have real, clear distinctions. let them have at it and get bernie -- bernie is a burnout. dagen: he's taking a page, jewell will will tell you this, bernie sanders has taken a page from the hillary clinton playbook back in '08. she wouldn't go away east -- >> oh, she went away. dagen: the obama team hated her because she was still out there. julie: she didn't go away until after california. kennedy: joe manchin says bernie's not a democrat. that's one of his greatest
9:23 am
appeals to his independent voters. they love that he's not beholden to the party like the establishment candidate that he's running against. julie: well, that's great, but they've been registered as democrats if they want to vote in a democratic primary. kennedy: i think that's why they're pushing for more open primaries. >> at what point does bernie bail? does he take it to the convention each though he's mathematically eliminated? is it the minute -- kennedy: he's got no reason to bail. >> because he has nothing else to do in life? why? what's his point? dagen: now that larry david isn't on there on saturday night, he's liable to step aside -- sandra: you guys. kennedy: so much more to discuss. this couch is heating up like an omelet pan. [laughter] all right. donald trump lashing back at president obama for saying foreign leaders are, quote, rattled by a possible trump presidency. the presumptive gop nominee now saying that could actually be a good thing. plus, campaigning like it's
9:24 am
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>> they are rattled by it and for good reason. the proposals he has made display either ignorance of world affairs or a cavalier attitude. martha: donald trump responding to that warning from president obama that other world leaders are concerned about the idea of a possible trump presidency.
9:29 am
listen. >> talking about donald trump that other countries are very nervous. that is good. that is good. that is good. by the way, i will have a better relationship with other countries than he has except we will do much better and they won't be taking advantage of us anymore and won't be calling us the stupid people anymore. martha: hillary clinton has a different take on the president's comments. >> reported that the leaders of our friends are, and i quote, rattled. rattled by what donald trump is saying, and what he is promoting and what he stands for. i tell you what. the best way to reassure ourselves and the rest of the world is to make sure that donald trump, this loose cannon, never gets close to the white
9:30 am
house. >> she sounds like a water buffalo swallowed an accordion. >> the president put out that warning, world leaders rattled by the possibility of a trump presidency, donald trump says that is not such a bad thing. >> win friends and influence people, scare the be jesus out of all of you, you are my friend whether you like it or not. one thing i disagree with the president on his politics should stop at the water at the edge. he criticized the republican nominee while abroad is an appropriate. that aside, when you have people like prime minister cameron in england and great britain and others who are steadfast allies calling donald trump stupid for his muslim been proposal and essentially saying the mayor of london would not be permitted to come here if donald trump wants to have people like egypt, the king of jordan, they won't come
9:31 am
either because they happen to be muslim. of course they are rattled. martha: one could make the case they are saying things about president obama. this latest gallup poll people were asked to you think leaders around the world respect president obama or not? most recently when asked this question a majority of them said no. 51%. that is up 31 points from february 2009. >> this is american people being pulled? i have to say i agree with donald trump. having an unpredictable approach to these foreign probably -- provocations is not a bad thing. it is okay with me they are rattled. knowing trump is not -- as long as i have known him, he rattles a lot of people and that you meet him and he is not so bad,
9:32 am
actually quite charming. you have a regular normal response. you can be, if elected he will be a relatively normal president but i don't mind his personal style of unpredictability. >> i take issue with the president saying this overseas. he is ashamed of the united states and away and wants to remind us, to paraphrase something he said about christians, we need to get off our high horses and realize we are not so exceptional and it is part of the appeasement, appeasing vladimir putin, you name it, he has a foreign policy and fantasyland. >> he criticizes donald trump for his limited role in the global stage which is fine, but he didn't have any foreign-policy credentials when he was elected. when he was a first-term senator, it betrays the notion he thinks being liked is the most important thing, it is not the most important thing. being liked by other countries
9:33 am
-- i did not say that. >> i thought that was where it was going. >> it is critical, it is paramount to him, to have someone else in complete contrast which is what donald trump is, a reaction to this president. arthel: i want world leaders to underestimate donald trump. >> i want vladimir putin to hang out with donald trump. you could get some good stuff out of it. >> donald trump castigated our closest allies, pretty deep with vladimir putin who is anathema to everything we stand for and said we should sit down with the head of north korea. >> i want trump to be the guy, the only one who could possibly do it. hillary clinton is stuck in the old way. traditional republicans are stuck in the old way, it is real right or wrong, trump bringing people together, you want $40 billion in military aid you
9:34 am
better recognize -- arthel: let's talk about old ways, donald trump bringing some clintonian old ways, might be ramping up his back to the 90s strategy against hillary clinton, donald trump hit the clintons on extramarital affairs and the accusations against him, trump brought up the 1993 suicide of vince foster. politico reports he plans to focus on the whitewater real estate scandal and the washington post writing, quote, the particulates of the controversies trump is dredging up may be beside the.they are aimed at dominating the nano cycles of today's news reinforcing doubts about hillary clinton as character that has taken root and throwing the candidate and her team off their game. hillary clinton says those attacks didn't work before and they won't work now but it
9:35 am
reinforces why she is at a new low in terms of people who find her trustworthy. it is 31% in the latest poll. >> he has three funds, she is fighting donald trump, taking the game back to the 90s where she is comfortable, the clintons have been working from that playbook for some time. she is also fighting bernie sanders although he won't talk about, she has to fight the email scandal as well. do i think it is fair game? yes. in politics if you make public statements -- i am going to qualify that by saying -- there are other things. >> your high school exam. >> to get done. >> you have hillary clinton who arguably gave away north africa to anarchists. that is a real issue. hillary clinton, secretary of state and donald trump wants to
9:36 am
go back to the 1990s, one need a brodrick? come on. >> is a winning strategy? >> if he has to win like that -- >> let me just add -- >> you are running for the highest office in the land you don't get to clean out your attic and burn all the dirty baggage and start fresh. it doesn't work like that. >> kennedy is right it is fair game. it never worked the first time. don't know why he thinks it will work again. secondly i am an undecided voter which there are not too many anymore sitting around saying who is going to help me? who is going to make my life better? who is going to get me a job? who will send my kids to college? i want to hear from the person who will do that. she will talk about policy. he will talk about whitewater, foster his sister wrote a devastating powerful op-ed in the washington post excoriating donald trump suggesting he was
9:37 am
mentally ill, you want to talk about that kind of stuff? how does that help me as a voter? it doesn't. i recommend donald trump understand the first thing about politics, not just about destroying your opponent but telling people why they should vote for you. i am hearing nothing from him about why i should vote for him. >> young voters are not going to get it, it will go over there head, won't have an impact on their decisions. it is all fair game and donald trump, hasn't been effective. >> i think when he started with bill clinton and said if i am a womanizer, he muted some potential democratic criticism of his own personal -- i grant you that. having lived through, i was on the air every single night during impeachment and having every wild, crazy right-wing person in america getting on board to sink president clinton
9:38 am
for having oral sex in the oval office and then lying about it like every man who has ever been caught having oral sex, from every in turn, forever and ever lies about it, it was between hillary clinton and bill clinton. that is what the american people decided. >> there is a trail of questionable ethics. people who are undecided, independent voters and a lot of people who are undecided because they both have skyhigh unfavorable ratings and 57% of people going i don't want to vote for either of these people but they are going to vote for them. >> that doesn't make you -- >> does he have data? has he been polling? >> let me remind people there were several indictments against hillary clinton drawn up by the justice department and there is still an ongoing lawsuit to compel the release of it. there you go. >> judicial wash and other extremist groups.
9:39 am
>> it doesn't matter. >> not releasing the video depositions because he knows the real purpose is to get those depositions on video. >> clintons can play dirty, they met their matching donald trump. >> moving along. in the wake of anti-police protests, we will talk about this after the break. there is one state now making it a hate crime to target police and first responders and some other states may jump on board. critics say this is a bad idea. what do you think? don't let dust and allergies get between you and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance.
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>> the police officers feel they aren't being allowed to do their job. louisiana is the first state where police, firefighters and other emergency workers are
9:44 am
protected under hate crime laws. the governor signing a blue lives matter bill into law increasing penalties for tax on officers. others are considering similar moves, it came in response to the targeting of police. >> it was necessary to put something in place to protect those that are protecting us. there was a lot of terrorizing going on. and do the things to disrupt them in their day-to-day activities. >> some groups like the anti-defamation league opposed the move saying police have additional protection under other laws, and hate crime statute. all right, what do you make of this. >> i love cops and blue lives do
9:45 am
matter. and this is a stunt. if you commit the same crime against a cop the crime against a cop, same exact that will be treated much more harshly. there are additional incremental punishments involved, death penalty cases, makes you liable to the death penalty. it is like saying black lives matter but blue lives also matter and shut up black lives matter. it is too stunty. >> i agree. anyone -- there should be penalties in place that are harsher than hurting other people because caps -- why cops should be shielded from hate crime laws is a mystery to me. this should be one bad apple in every batch who target somebody based on race, why should they
9:46 am
be protected in ways other people wouldn't be protected, changing gender or sexual orientation or the laws in statute or whatever they may be. i agree it is a stunt. there is no sense to why these people need to be protected from hate crime laws when the rest of us wouldn't be. >> other states milling around, another law like this, trying to do something. >> i agree with geraldo. there are enough laws on the books that when you add to this it doesn't necessarily make cops safer. people this is appealing to won't reconsider their actions. if there is an extra punitive layer tacked onto it when you kill someone it is an inherently hateful act and i don't think you need to tack on that sort of intent to make it worse although it is true in many
9:47 am
municipalities and many states it is an aggravating factor, and the punishment is much worse. >> the so-called ferguson effect we talked about on this couch. there are police and local communities, some way to combat that because it is happening. if louisiana decides, they are choosing to send a message whether it is a stunt or not, sending a message how they stand with first responders and police officers and let them do that even if it layers on top of having crimes against cops, heckling aggravated factors kennedy was pointing out. i'm big on letting states decide what they want to do on a state-by-state basis. it has been decided by the supreme court. we are talking about this issue in louisiana. >> thanks to the republican caucus we will never get the ninth justice to adjudicate from the supreme court.
9:48 am
that is another issue. >> didn't sound like a divergence at all. >> we have other issues to get to like those that are worried about empty nest syndrome, not so fast. in a report by young adults are more likely to live with their parents now than at any other time in modern history. why that may be and what it says about family values in the year 2016. you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. >> more "outnumbered a moment. john scott has what is coming up in the second hour of "happening now". jon: hillary clinton has had a heck of a week with a strong challenge from bernie sanders still underway and a report from the state department inspector general weighing you down on her campaign. he is in oakland, california. we will bring you any news from that campaign. we are awaiting a rally from donald trump in fresno, california. he is on the offense against hillary and bill clinton. he even hinted he might debate bernie sanders, more on that. as we watch the development of a tropical system off the coast of
9:53 am
florida, the us national atmospheric administration just coming out with its prediction for the hurricane season. they say there likely will be 10 to 16 main storms in 2016, basically considered a normal season. all ahead on "happening now". >> more young adults are living with their parents than at any other point in modern history. the pew research center reporting in 2014 just over 32% of adults age 18 to 34 were still living with mom and/or dad, higher than all other living arrangements including dormitories and prisons. among some of those reasons cited, wage stagnating, higher cost of living, barriers to renting or owning a home and perhaps most eye-opening a decline in marriages. geraldo -- >> declined in marriage, ever.
9:54 am
>> for 15 years. >> and out of the house, herculean task. >> in my generation people looked up right away. i was with someone -- i was married before 21. we see how that turned out. nowadays, one thing, you mentioned student loans, a lot of kids are encumbered and have no money. the entry-level jobs until recently were so modest in terms of what they pay, to sustain an independent lifestyle is extremely difficult. >> what do you chalk that up to? >> people are not willing to move into minimal means, not willing to live in a studio apartment in manhattan anymore. they have to have a penthouse. there is entitlement there. >> i believe that is a large
9:55 am
chunk of this. there is a big difference in women too. women are going into the workforce more than when they look back at this study, women are holding out with more money and a nice a job and a nicer apartment or house to move into and delaying everything. >> judge judy wisdom that people are following, don't shack up with somebody if you are not married to them because if he is not working and the lady has a good job, by himself the tv a nice job -- you got the credit card debt. i was married once before for 11 months. don't shack up. >> they were talking about traditionalists. who wants to live at home with mom and dad? i couldn't wait to get out of the house, parents checking in on with you every 5 minutes. >> people become addicted to the
9:56 am
teleprompter. so overly involved. >> happy birthday to my son. >> get him out. >> if he is not out of the house in 14 years, he has 14 years. arthel: i think parents are saying what is wrong with you that you want your kids living there? i don't know what to talk about. we have more "outnumbered" in just a moment. ♪ ♪ (charge music) you wouldn't hire an organist without hearing them first. charge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. puwith meta appetite control. you and temptation clinically proven to help reduce hunger between meals. new, from metamucil, the #1 doctor recommended brand. ♪ [engine revs] ♪
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>> three presidential candidates barnstorming through california with the primary a week away. >> donald trump appear nothing a rally. hillary clinton participates in a community discussion and bernie sanders holding a rally one hour from now. we are covering all of the news on upon "happening now". >> new hope from the eygptair crash. will a signal lead them to the black boxes. plus, mother nature tearing up the plain


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