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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  June 3, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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i'm from minnesota. i have to say, go twins. sorry, tampa fans, i won't do it again the question of the day, have you eat an doughnut today? not a lot of people have. you have to get with it. have a great week. >> donald trump apparently looking to make peace. what he is now saying about fellow republicans, including former presidential candidate ted cruz. as the g.o.p. comes together the democrats are still divided. days away from the california primary, bernie sanders supporters claim he could still become the nominee. and word of a stem cell treatment that has stroke victims making dramatic recoveries. how the results stunned the researchers and what it means for treating other patients. that's all ahead this hour. >> i'm john scott. donald trump has changed his mind about his old republican rival ted cruz after calling the senator, lyin' ted over and over
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again of here's what trump told supporters last night. >> ted cruz is no longer a liar. we don't say lyin' ted anymore. we love ted. right? we love him. now we don't want to say lyin' ted. i'd love to pull it out and just use it on lyin', crooked hillary. >> trump is apparently also having second thoughts about new mexico governor susannah martinez, a republican and nation's first hispanic governor. at rally in new mexico last night trump blasted -- last week i should say, trump blasted martinez, saying she is not doing the job and also suggested he might run for governor of new mexico, but yesterday trump told the santa fe newspaper, quote, respect her. i have always liked her. trump gave the interview just after the governor suggested she still might endorse him. martinez previously criticized donald trump for calling mexican
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immigrants rapists and drug dealers and for his plan to built a wall along the mexico border. we have team fox coverage of the race for the white house. jennifer griffin on the hillary clinton campaign, mike ean mall in bernie sanders, and then john roberts in california where trump is about to hold a rally. >> reporter: a big crowd to see donald trump in redding where the therm mome at the is expected to hit 102 degrees by the time he takes the stage. looking bat what you said about susanna martinez and ted cruz and the way that truck truck is talking about them, obviously when you're in a presidential general election campaign and one that is tough as this one you want to have as many friends as possible. that's why despite all the things said on at the campaign trail about ted crews and by ted cruz about donald trump, trump now reaching out with an olive branch to ted cruz. love to have his support and love to have the support of new mexico governor martinez. hispanic woman, governor of an
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important state. like to have her on your side, and also got paul ryan, who yesterday said that he is going to site for donald trump. ryan said today he is at odds with donald trump about what trump said regarding the judge who is overseeing the trump university case that he has an absolute conflict of interest because he is of mexican heritage. but the reason why trump needs to have all this support. look at what hillary clinton said about him yesterday, in that foreign policy speech in san diego, where she just ripped him up one side and down the other. that was a big topic of donald trump's rally last night in san jose. here's just a little bit of what he said. >> i watched hillary's thing, which was hard. it's like taking sominex. ever hear of that? sleep all night. bing. it's hard to stay awake. i'm not a big sleeper. i think she could make more money if she made speeches and sold them for people that can't sleep.
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>> donald trump said he thought that hillary clinton's speech yesterday in san diego wag pathetic and wasn't a speech about foreign policy, a political speech, aimed to do nothing but hit him. john? >> and there were more violent protests last night. huh? >> there were. these were probably about the worst so far of the election campaign. costa mesa california is something we talked about a month ago. last night was really kind of beyond the pale there. it started after the crowd began filing out of the trump campaign rally. you saw one guy who was sucker-punched on the side of the head. he went down hard. that's when the police moved in the police had not been intervening much at that point. we saw another man hit from behind with a bag of something, heavy, that opened up a cut above his ear. he had bloody face, blood running down his shirt. then there was the woman who was trading opportunities with -- taunts with the crowd but the crowd pressed her up against the glass at the hotel. she was doing her best to give
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it back as good as she was getting from them. then she started getting hit by eggs and when one hit her in the face, the previously shut doors of the mariott hotel opened up and she was able to go inside. so donald trump's probably going to talk about that during his rally today as well. talked to some folks here and they say you don't see donald trump supporters going to hillary clinton or by any sanders recall -- bernie sanders' rallies going to trump rally. >> hillary clinton's campaign manager is telling supporters she could lock up the nomination in a few days. bernie sanders says it's not over until the convention and his supporters say california could change everything. clinton is 70 delegates away from clinching see so she could wrap it up in new jersey before the polls close in california. sanders says if he wins the biggest primary prize it will help make his case that the super delegates should switch sides. polls show the race in california is neck and neck so
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voters will be seeing a lot of both candidates before the primary. team fox coverage with jennifer griffin live in culver city, where clinton held an event today. jennifer, give us the atmosphere. >> reporter: well, hillary clinton just left the gymnasium here. the songs playing all morning just ended. in fact one of the last ones played was florence in the machine song called the dog days of summer are over. not quite for hillary clinton as she continues next and neck with ber bernie sanders. it was a star-studded affair. female stories spoke on her behalf including sally field and elizabeth banks among others. a lot of jokes at donald trump's expense, women saying they don't want to be part of a reality tv show. clinton will need women not only to win california but also the general election against trump. she does not want women to sit this one out, which polls show they sometimes do when a
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campaign gets ugly. she repeated many of the attacks she made against donald trump yesterday. >> i believe, absolutely, that he is not only unprepared to be president, he is tempermentally unfit to be president. he doesn't really have ideas. he just engages in rants and personal feuds and outright lies. something that our country cannot afford. >> reporter: we talked to many women here, including angela arnold, and her five-year-old daughter, rose. angela left a one, week-old baby at home to bring her daughter to hear hillary clinton speak. >> i think there's not enough female role models in the world and this is one of the best female role models. >> reporter: there are 548 delegates in the democratic primary at stake on tuesday. it's still not clear how they
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will divide. bernie sanders giving clinton a real run for her money here in california. john. >> what about team clinton? anybody saying they're worried about sanders? >> reporter: well, they won't say it publicly but privately, certainly, they are concerned. we understand she will leave to head back east on tuesday, where she hopes to cross the finish line in new jersey. new jersey also votes on tuesday. she is about 70 delegates short, as you mentioned. the latest "los angeles times" poll shows she is only one percent ahead of bernie sanders in terms of all democratic voters here in california. that spreads to about ten percent if you look at likely democratic voters. independents will have a say and bernie sanders said today i if there's large turnout he expects to win. according to the polls they're statistically tied. >> jennifer griffin, thank you. team fox coverage continues. mike emanuel is live in
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fairfield, california. so, mike, bernie sanders, is facing more pressure to get out of the race, but he is not budging so far, is he? >> reporter: john, you're absolutely right. bernie sanders is starting to get some questions about whether he is the one dividing the democratic party. we're seeing some heartburn as there are signs the republicans starting to unite around donald trump about democrats needing to unite around hillary clinton, and bottom line, one reporter confronted sanders saying, there is zero evidence that democratic super delegates are switching to him. >> there is zero evidence that super delegates are starting to switch. at some point is this getting disingenuous. >> i don't think -- do you think we should? i don't think it's disingenuous to say that the people of california have the right to determine who the democratic nominee for president is, nor the people of new jersey. let the people speak. >> reporter: sanders described him as an old-fashioned guy who
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believes that vigorous debate and democracy are good ideas. john? >> and sanders has a mission beyond california. right? >> reporter: no question about that. bernie sanders is taking advantage of his moment in the political potlight, trying to get -- spotlight, trying to get his ideas on the democratic party platform and has taken several opportunities in california to push hillary clinton on environmental issues. >> i urge secretary clinton to be bolder. of course she reask guys the reality of home change but i want her -- climate change but i want her to join me supporting a tax on carbon. i want her to change her views on the important issue of fracking. >> reporter: sanders is also campaigning nonstop in california. you can see supporter lined up behind me for his rally here in fairfield later. he is hoping a win in california will help him make the arguement to those super delegates that he is the stronger democratic candidate heading into november. john?
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>> mike emanuel. thank you. more politics ahead with the anchor of "fox news sunday" chris wallace. we'll break down donald trump's latest change of heart when it comes to ted cruz and the republican governor of new mexico. also, handicapping the hillary clinton fight for california. what would it mean for her campaign if bernie sanders bull pulls off a big win. first, update on news. members of the military from fort carson, colorado, stranded on long's peak in rocky out in national park. a helicopter evacuation effort scheduled to begin soon. we'll bring you there as this unfolds.
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>> back top story, politics 2016. democrats duking out out in california but bernie sanders says he is going all the way to the convention. and on the republican side donald trump is playing nice when it comes to his targets. susana martinez and the no longer lyin' ted cruz. fox -- "fox news sunday" anchor chris wallace. some fence-mending seems to be underway. >> fence-mending today. who knows what will happen tomorrow. the cruz situation is different. they were in a fierce primary battle for months. they were giving it to each
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other. lyin' ted is awfully personal for a presidential campaign but you can kind of explain it away in the heat of battle. the martinez case in new mexico is a little bit weirder. much weirder, as a matter of fact. week, here's susana martinez, popular hispanic female governor, hispanic and female, two groups, voting blocs trump is not doing well if and some rope he chose to go after her and her performance as governor with the economy of new mexico. she is also the head of the republican governors association, so an awful lot of republicans, including trump supporters, like newt gingrich saying why would he pick a fight with center and then you see a week later he says he wants to make nice to her. it will be interesting to see whether governor martinez decides she is going to accept that. >> yeah. of her endorse. he said, i'd like to have it. i respect her.
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i have always liked her. obviously john roberts was just telling us, when you're playing this kind of politics it's nice to have more friends on your side, as many as possible, and clearly he wants to try to win over some of these skeptical republicans and susana martinez is obviously one of them. >> well, absolutely. which is why people were utterly shocked in the republican camp, as i say even trump supporters, when he decided to go after her last week. now she has been critical of him and she did not go to the rally that -- at which he spoke in new mexico, saying she was really busy with her schedule. he obviously perceived it as a snub, and as he likes to say, when he feels he is getting punched, he punches back even harder, but learned the price of the punch this week, obviously and that's why he is now trying to make nice to her. when you get that personal with people it's hard for them to then turn on a dime just because you can, and say, oh, okay, all
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is forgiven. >> what about paul ryan? he says he is voting for donald trump, but it wasn't exactly a rousing endorsement. he didn't say he will campaign on his behalf or anything like that. >> no. exactly. and in fact he -- what he said he couldn't have minimized it anymore. he didn't appear with trump. he did it to his hometown newspaper in wisconsin. in an op-ed article in which he didn't even use the word "endorse," he said, i'm going to vote for him. and i think most importantly, he didn't subscribe in any way, shape or form to the trump agenda. he simple simply said the best chance for at the getting the house g.o.p. conservative agenda enacted in law was with trump as president as opposed to hillary clinton. that was the endorse: i don't think it's a positive for trump but removes a negative. as long as that was hanging out
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there, the question of whether or not the republican leader here in washington, here on capitol hill, as long as he was refusing to endorse trump, that was going to be a nagging issue for both of them. enough that's done away with. >> chris wallace, anchor of "fox news sunday." see you then. thank you. this weekend "fox news sunday" chris will talk with john podesta, hillary clinton's campaign chair. also, former house speaker newt gingrich, a donald trump supporter. this sunday on your local fox stationment -- station. check your tv listings. >> tragedy at fort hood texas, frantic search for soldiers in the texas flood waters. some are dead, others still missing, and forecasters warn the rushing water is going to rise even more. a live report up next. [ guitar playing ]
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breaking news. checking back on the search and rescue mission for ten members of the u.s. military in colorado. we believe these people are those military members. we have been watching them at the summit of long's peak in rockie mountain national park for nearly an hour now. ten of them left yesterday for some high-altitude climbing training, but apparently, accord to the "denver post" two of the members of the climbing party fell ill with altitude sickness which can strike even healthy people and can in some cases be life-threatening. you're looking at the very summit of long's peak there. 14,259 feet in the air. they've just managed to land a helicopter up there at the summit, and we believe they will
12:23 pm
be extracting two stricken climbers. whether they can do that with the horsepower the chopper has available we don't know. they might put one person on, take them down to the hospital in boulder, fort collins, nearby city, and then come back for the other one. we don't know. this climbing party was not supposed to be out overnight but because 0 couple of the members were having trouble getting up to the summit, they had to overnight on the trail and then the opted to climb all the way to the top of the peak where you can see it's fairly flat and still good snow cover for them to be able to bring that helicopter down. once again, ten climbers, believed to be special forces soldiers from fort carson, colorado, and colorado springs, 100 miles, maybe 130-miles to the south. the rescue is underway. we will certainly let you know how it all goes. in the meantime, five soldiers are dead, four others
12:24 pm
missing after flood waters swept away their truck during a training exercise at fort hood, texas. rescuers saved the other soldiers who went to the hospital and are doing okay. crews have been searching for the missing soldiers by water, air, and land. fort hood spokesperson says officials were closing roads throughout the army post when the accident happened yesterday. folks in other parts of texas also dealing with dangerous flooding caused by days of heavy rain. texas governor greg abbott has declared a state of disaster in 31 counties there. casey stiegel is live in richmond, texas, just outside of houston. what are you seeing there? >> reporter: frankly it is water as far as the eye can see. to give you a sense how high it is, look at this chain-link fence. that water is almost all the way up to the top. if you follow me this way i want to show you a little bit of good news. a sign of good news. because lord knows we can use that at this point. right back there on that green
12:25 pm
house, next to the tree to the right. see the water level, where it was? well, it's going down. ever so slightly. you can see where it was, and now you see where the level currently is. this is a very gradual process, with the way. local officials tell us it could be weeks before this water totally recedes. because the river back there is still about ten feet above major flood stage. the water rescues also continue in many areas across the state. we met up with dorothy and mike here, an elderly couple, who had to be taken out of their home by boat because the water came in so quickly. >> we have been here since '68 and never seep -- seen it this bad. the first time we have had to evacuate. >> reporter: many residenters staying with family members in the year. for people with no place to go there are shelters set up, and people are being taken in there, john. >> for the north of you, conditions have deteriorate as
12:26 pm
well? >> reporter: yes. think of it this way. there are three porges of texas being impacted. the south part, now down here near houston, then central texas, up near austin, then north texas, up in dale dallas-fort -- dallas-fort worth, and watch this. >> get out! get out! get out! >> get out! >> can you imagine? that was in grand berry texas, near ft. worth. amateur video capturing two people escaping from their suv just before it was almost too late. tens of thousands of texans have been impacted and then add the five soldiers who lost their lives from fort hood, that brings the total number of people to at least 11 who have lost their lives in the last week, john. >> doesn't take much water to wash those vehicles right off the roots. casey stiegel. thank you. team fox coverage continue.
12:27 pm
chief meteorologist rick reithmuth in the extreme weather center. when it will end? >> not in the short term. it will end by, say, monday, at least across a lot of texas. the most part. there's this upper level disturbance right here, continues to spin. it's not moving very quickly. nothing has been able to move it out of the area. west texas, you're dry. and i will say the heaviest of the rain, instead of being over the houston area, has moved farther east now, around parts of louisiana but we still have flooding going on and flashflood can flashflooding going on. so a lot of areas dealing with it. this river that case was just talking about, and we have had flooding rains across areas of the north and all of the water has to drain in that water shed and then the heavy rain. this was a week ago. but some areas about 20 inches of rain. a lot of texas under so much of that. this is going to finally move off towards the east a little
12:28 pm
bit. it's going to take a while for this to happen. this is a future radar. it starts to move to the east but we have the front that develops here and that is what is going to push that, in sunday morning, we still have the rain across east texas. by sunday night, finally it does move out. now, the heavy rain will be across louisiana, towards mississippi of the weekend but this area of east texas, some spots, maybe another three or four inches of rain and that's why we're going to continue to see that threat for some additional flashflooding. john, i want to tell you, tropical season, hurricane season, began on wednesday. we had a tropical storm bonnie that impacted us last weekend across the eastern coast of the u.s. now we'll start to watch a system across parts of the western gulf -- excuse me -- western caribbean. by sunday night, monday, tuesday, this disturbance will be in the eastern gulf and might see some tropical development out of this. either way we'll see maybe some areas, seven or eight inches of rain across florida, sunday
12:29 pm
night through tuesday or wednesday and that's going to cause flooding across areas of florida. we'll continue to track it. can't say if it's going to fully defendant into a struggle system but the moisture will be in place and cause problems. >> keeping e -- keep watching. thank you. cameras catch an amazing rescue at sea. wait until you hear how long a navy vet lost at sea had to tread water. also, schools across the nation are starting later in the morning and doing it on doctor's recommendations. >> this is really based on the fact that we think our teenagers are not getting enough sleep. >> coming up, the great american science project. schools testing the theory that a better night's sleep means a better day for students. we asked a group of young people when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving
12:30 pm
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>> i'm lea gabrielle and more headlines. we're learning more about the blue angels pilot who died when
12:32 pm
his jet crashed during a training flight near nashville. relatives of the captain said he wanted to fly ever since he was a kid. he is from durango, colorado, and was married with two children. take a listen to reaction from witnesses moments after the crash. >> no, no, no. god bless his soul. >> the navy reports it is investigating that crash. the coast guard rescued a former navy pilot who fell out of his boat and spent 20 hours treading water in the gulf of mexico. video shows a rescuer jumping into the water. the man says his navy training helped him survive. the seven-year-old boy whose parents left him in the woods to teach him a lesson has turned up safe. he had been missing for a week in japan and official says he took shelter in a military hut. the news continues with john scott after this.
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a man in ohio says he jumped at his daughter's killer because the murderer shot him a disrespectful smile in court.
12:35 pm
[shouting] >> happened in cleveland yesterday. a judge had just sentenced michael madison to death for killing the man's 18-year-old daughter and two other women. the father's name is van terry. prosecutors say madison mutilated his daughter and the father says he was thinking of her when he lunged at the killer. >> how he mutilated my child. how you cut my child. and you did all this while my child was still alive so you caused me baby great pain. >> officers dragged him out of court after he jumped the table. prosecutors are reviewing the situation. terry said he did what he thought was right and is okay with facing charges if officials file them. a woman in idaho sped up her suv as it plunged off a cliff yesterday, killing her and her three kids. that's according to a witness who says the mother did not try to brake or slow down before going over the edge. it happened at a reservoir
12:36 pm
outside boise. sheriffs official said the suv fell 70 feet and ended up 40 feet underwater. investigators will look at the wreckage to see if there were mechanical problem and whether this was a medical emergency or intentional act. deputies found no skid or brakemarks where the suv went off the cliff. may was not a good month for people trying to find work. according to the labor department. employers hired just 38,000 people last month. that is the fewest in more than five years. at the same time the unemployment rate dropped from five percent to 4.7%. the lowest since 2007. you would think that would be a good thing but the department reports nearly a half million people simply stopped looking for work so officials do not count them. the fox business network's peter barnes is live in washington. dig into the numbers a bit more. >> reporter: john, one market analyst wrote their clients bluntly of the report, wow, that
12:37 pm
sucked, and with the low payroll number in may and with the labor department revising job creation for march and april down by 59,000 jobs, economists at barkley's bank are getting wired and saying when job growth drops the risk of recession grows. job creation was weak across the economy last month. sectors cutting jobs included construction, down 15,000. manufacturing, down 10,000. information services lost 34,000 position because of the strike at verizon which has been since settled. sectors adding jobs included education and health services, up 67,000. retailing up 11,000 and professional services up 10,000. >> so, what are the candidates saying about this report? >> well, the jobs report immediately fired up the political sector. donald trump said it was a terrible bombshell report.
12:38 pm
no comment yet from had gone hillary clinton but a former top economist for president obama says it could hurt her. >> if the economy is slowing that will be tougher for hillary clinton because it will be tougher for the incumbent party. >> other economists said the report also makes it less likely that the federal reserve will raise short-term interest rates again anytime soon. john? >> thank you. lots of students are no doubt staying up late these days, studying for final exams. even without that added pressure, doctors say there's going evidence that middle school and high schools across the u.s. start too early for kids to get the sleep they need. so as shepard smith reports some schools are starting classes a little later. >> mainly the impact is that the morning struggle to get the kids out the door and into school on time has been less stressful. >> we saw evidence of that at don's ferry high school in new
12:39 pm
york where administrators pushed back the first bell. students say an extra half hour of sleep has helped them remain focused. >> the later bell schedules help that. i'm more aware. >> one parent, a school board member, says the idea came down to common sense. >> our start time, which was 7:38, was awfully early, and in the last four years more and more literature was coming out talking about adolescent sleep schedules. >> the snores for disease control and prevention published a report showing the average start time for public high schools in the u.s. is 7:59 a.m. but the american academy of pediatrics recommends starting classes no earlier than 8:30. suggesting the natural sleep cycles of teenagers make it difficult for. the to fall asleep before 11:00 at night. >> they're overscheduled, stay toupe late studying and unfortunately have to get up early to go to school. >> doctors say teens should get about nine hours of sleep.
12:40 pm
but a 2006 survey found that on school nights only 35% of middle schoolers, and nine percent of high schoolers, actually slept for that long. >> we do know that with school whose start team times are later, the kids do better. teaches hear already stated in different studies their kids pay better attention, homework is turned on n and we know families that their kids seem less depressed and less anxious. >> clearly this is an idea whose time has come. >> new jersey's department of education is considering whether to require schools to start after 8:30 in the morning. but when a politician is pushing for the plan defended his idea at a recent public hearing, no one showed up. >> when there's public meetings, mostly it's people coming out complaining about things. there's nobody here to complain. so, for me, that's good right now. >> new jersey would be following a national trend. according to a group advocating later start times, hundreds of schools have delayed the start of classes in recent years and
12:41 pm
students are give it high marks. >> it's going well. i hope they keep and it i hope other schools do it. it's very helpful. >> for knocks news, shepard smith reporting. >> there have been reports of logistical issues among districts pushing back schedules, coordinating buss and afterschool activities. the school in new york shortened each class by a couple of minutes but still ending the day 15 minutes later than before. the former cop just convicted of trying to hire a hitman is now losing his pension. so why has he been raking in the money for years when he was already convicted of killing his wife? plus, potential breakthrough for stroke survivors so stunning doctors say it had a wheelchair bound victim walking again. that's ahead. you're late for work.
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his pension. the pension board voted to cut off drew peterson's payouts which amounted to $80,000 a year. it comes of a jury convicted him in a murder for hire case. he has already been behind bars for four years for killing his wife. he has been getting his pension the entire time he has been in prison for murder. his pension went to support the children of stacy peterson who went missing in 2007. >> muhammad ali's condition is more serious than the previous problems put him in the hospital. they say the 74-year-old is fighting respiratory issues in a hospital in the phoenix area. on top of that he also has parkinson's disease which is making things more complicated. a spokesman says the former heavyweight champ is in fair condition and that the expectations are for a brief stay. ali has been in the hospital
12:46 pm
several times in the past years, including last year, when doctors treated him for a severe urinary tract infection. esearcher from stanford university say they injected stem cells directly into the brains of 18 stroke victims and the results stunned them. the procedure reportedly restored major motor function in seven of the patients, even helping one in a wheelchair walk again. scientists say the treatment could potentially help doctors better understand traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and even alzheimer's disease. let's bring in dr. raj, an assistant professor of medicine at nyus medical center. this is very exciting news. the weird thing is that doctors tried this procedure but they don't know why it seems to have worked in almost half the patients. >> it's quite remarkable. they're not exactly clear about the mechanism of it. they did inject stem cells
12:47 pm
directly into the brain and many recovered motor function. they don't think the still cells turned into brain cells but activated the brain to repair or regenerate itself. we used to think answer you have brain damage you can't repair brain tissue and now they're saying potentially you can. >> here's some of the proof. there's video of a woman who had been basically locked into a wheelchair after a stroke, and she is up and walking again after this treatment. >> absolutely. what is particularly striking is some patients had their strokes three or five years before the study was conducted. so we really used to think years out you won't quote recovery, and here we saw people walking who never had been able to walk since the stroke. >> typically you have sixths -- six months after a streak to see improvement in motor function and if you don't dirk. >> probably got not going to get it.
12:48 pm
you don't expect to see improvement. >> these are stem cells injected into the brain. where do they come from. >> from adult donors from bone narrow so nothing to do with embryos or umbilical cords. >> they're going to be trying a bigger experiment with more patients. >> 150 subjects. they hoch to get result tuesday the next two years, definitely prompt missing, but seven -- it's a very small number so like to see it rip mix indicated. >> a mall number but huge improvement in motor function. >> this is really causing a lot of stir in the neuroscience world and is very exciting and hopefully can be rep -- replicated. >> there are seven million stroke victims in the country, alzheimer's even greater than that. >> any condition where the brain has been injured or brain cells
12:49 pm
have died, you could be helping tens of millions of people. >> dr. raj, thank you. >> thank you. >> the sight site of america's bloodiest battle in the iraq war is now at the center of what is expected to be one of biggest fights waged against the islamic state. iraqi forces say they have the areas surrounding fallujah under control but there's a big problem. thousandsthousands of innocent e still inside the city. details next. after a long day,
12:50 pm
dave stops working, but his aleve doesn't. because aleve can last 4 hours longer than tylenol 8 hour. what will you do with your aleve hours?
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
heavy fighting today for one of the islamic state's last strongholds in iraq. fallujah. thousands of independent people are still holed up inside and iraqi forces say it's slowing down their attempts to advance on the ski city, -- the key city, preventing the coalition
12:53 pm
from carrying out more airstrikes. hundreds have managed to get out. fallujah has been under the control of terrorists for two years in 2004 this city was the site of the bloodiest battle of the iraq war where more than 80 american troops died. meantime we're learning more about the savage acts through which isis terrorizes put their victims. in an interview a woman who says she escaped from mosul claims the militants used to marry and divorce women several times a night, in order to justify multiple rapes. catherine herridge has the news from washington. >> reporter: fox news reviewed a interview and transcript proceed bid i an advocacy group. the president says the woman in her 30s was sobbing and shaking throughout the discussion. >> show wanted her story to be -- she wanted her story to be heard so we asked the united states to do what is best to
12:54 pm
stop this genocide. >> reporter: after the terror group took control of mosul the woman said her husband disappeared. she left her two older children in the care of neighbors and along with a new baby began searching for him and he was identified as clip and repeatedly abused. >> interpreter: if he got bored of me he would trade me for another girl. what wedding? for them it was aing we but what kind of wedding is this? >> reporter: the woman whose identities being shielded said that she was, quote, married or divorced as many as eight or nine times, just in one evening, to justify the rapes. >> we're learning more how isis justifies selling women and kids. >> reporter: u.s. government officials say isis believes slavery is sanctioned by their interpretation of sharia law and minorities are singled out. in another section of the interview the woman describes
12:55 pm
her captors sick fascination with her religion. >> interpreter: i was with them for this while and they had me whenever they would desire it. especially this one, farook, who was obsessed with me and he would say, i'd like the people of jesus. >> reporter: this flier appears to be an isis price list for slaves. fox news could not independently verify it's awe authenticity but experts say it was consistent with other fliers distributed on the ground by isis. the highest prices are demanded for the youngest victims. in this case children between the ages of one and nine and list evidence under subject lines such as merchandize and spoils of war. on the iraqi woman who escaped from mosul, she said that fighters had converted the schools in that city to what they called schools of death which is where the rape camps're established. >> stomach turning stuff.
12:56 pm
>> it is. i'm sorry to say. >> we'll be right back. we've be. hello welcome to holiday inn. the hotel becomes our mobile office. hi. holiday inn is an extension of our team. the boutiques are just right over here. good afternoon betsy, your samples are here. it's so great to know that there is a hotel like holiday inn that we can count on. lets do it! we work with manufacturers that employ veterans. oh wow! a hotel looking to help small businesses succeed is incredible. now members get more savings with your rate at
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>> everybody has a dream. some want to visit all the major league parks and in bellevue, washington majors wants to eat chipotle every day of the year. he plans to keep going until he passes the one-year mark. he says he is doing it to show people they can eat what they want and still stay in shape. cunningham ran into tea a problem when the local stores closed down but of an e.coli scare but figured out out. he drove to canada. >> our friends down under have come up with a plan to save wives, specifically people who can't bother to look where they're walking, officials in sydney will try out in-ground traffic lights. the pavement lights turn red when it's too dangerous to go so you can either look out for the
1:00 pm
lights on the ground or maybe just get off your phone. i'm john scott in for shepard smith on this friday. "your world" is next. stuart varney in for neil cavuto. have a great weekend. >> a big jobs jolt. just as the elects are heating up. 38,000 jobs added in june. that is the worst showing in nearly six years. what is driving the slowdown? and what damage could it bridge to the campaign trail? we're on it. >> now to redding, california. donald trump, about to speak. it is his first appearance since a group of angry protesters attacked trump supporters at a rally in san jose. americans attacked in america by a mob with a foreign flag. later those protests cornered a young woman wearing a trump shirt. she was