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  FOX Friends  FOX News  July 28, 2016 4:05am-4:07am PDT

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new york billionaire, on the stage for another billionaire, that was hypocrisy at its finest. >> i talked to him over in scranton, pennsylvania -- >> trump. >> trump. after watching the rnc and talking to cory booker, they go back and forth that trump doesn't like hispanics because of his border statement and doesn't like muslims because of the ban all muslims and john mccain isn't a war hero. rapid fire, true or false, about how you run your campaign and the most controversial things you have said over the last 12 months. here's how it went. some rapid fire controversies, every time someone brings up a column, so you can clear the record. is john mccain a war hero or not? >> yeah. >> that reporter that you didn't like what they wrote, they said you mocked his disability. >> yeah, i didn't. i didn't know what the reporter was. he was groveling because he wrote a good story -- excuse me, i'll get it straight for you. only for you.
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he wrote a story, it was a great story for what i was saying because i said dancing on the streets or dancing on the roofs or whatever. he wrote a story, sort of indicating that i was right. and then all of a sudden, that was many years ago, that was when it came down. then all of a sudden, he took the story back, he was groveling. he didn't know how to answer it. he was trying to say that the story was wrong. i had no idea what he looked like. he said he met me and i knew. he said i met him in 1908s i had no idea. i spend millions of dollars for those with disability, do you think i'd do that? a man that was groveling, he have trying to change a story he had written many years before so it worked out badly for trump. so i do that and they said i was
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mocking his disability. i had no ideas he disabled. he said i met him many, many years ago. i have no idea who he was. >> you said -- true or false. all central americans or south americans who come across the border are drug dealers -- >> i didn't say all you know that. i said they come across -- in many cases they are drug dealers. you -- >> but not in all cases? >> of course not all. do you think everybody is that way? i didn't say that. >> banning all muslims you have said -- >> we're going to territories. we'll see. we're going to territories, we'll list the territories also, but there are certain territories that are very, very bad. very, very bad. i don't want them in this country. we're not going to let people from syria come into the country and who knows what's going to happen when i look at france with the priest, when i look at all of the