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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  September 6, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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let's say thank you to gander. ♪ bill: good morning. a national poll showing donald trump in the lead. both candidates storming battleground states with only 60 days left until election day. martha: welcome back. bill: did you miss me? martha: maybe a tiny bit. it's a back-to-school moment. it's go time for the election, and it may be according to these
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numbers a bit of a new race. the latest cnn poll has donald trump in the lead over hillary clinton. it's the first national poll with trump on top since the days after the republican convention. bill: both candidates holding news conferences on their respective airplanes. hillary clinton has not held a press conference in 265 days. >> i take classification seriously. the fact i couldn't remember certain meetings, whether or not they had occurred doesn't in any way affect the commitment that i had and still have to the treatment of classified
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material. >> it's shocking to see what's going on. martha: clinton on the campaign trail, john roberts is live in virginia beach, virginia. you got some good news for his campaign? reporter: there is high fives all around with the new cnn poll showing him leading hillary clinton 45-43. that's among likely voters, and that's the most important voting group. among registered voters, she still leads by 3. but that's down from an 8-point lead at the end of july. so she has lost 5 points anothing registered voters. his lead among independents nationwide now 20 points.
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he has got a big event in virginia beach. it will be a military event. he announced he has the support of 88 retired flag officers from all four branches of the military. they wrote a letter on behalf of donald trump, saying they are throwing their full support behind him. donald trump saying, it's a great honor to have the support of so many distinguished retired military. all of this with the big labor day kaik kickoff heading towards the first debate at austin university september 26. donald trump said he will attend all three debates. that the only thing that would keep him away would be natural disaster or a hurricane, the likes of which went by here last
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week. martha: in terms of the mexico trip. he got heat an got praise. but he insists in the end he won the high ground. reporter: a lot of the criticism was donald trump came out of the meeting saying we didn't kuls the wall. enrique pena said i told him up fond we are not going to pay for the wall. donald trump claims they were not going to discuss the wall during that meeting. here is how he responded to all of the criticisms. that during that meeting he choked. >> i don't choke. she chokes. she is responsible for so many bad things that happened to our country, including the signing of nafta by her husband who drained our country of jobs.
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i have been given a pluses for the job i did in mexico. mexico will pay for the wall it was discussed that it wasn't going to be discussed. reporter: donald trump is going to talk military preparedness and in greeneville, north carolina he will go hard on hillary clinton. he will discuss why hillary clinton would not qualify for a security clearance. martha: lots going. thank you, john. >> byron york, chief political correspondent for the washington examiner. byron, the new poll reflects what we found about a week ago. the question is why. why do you find this race is tightening? >> i think there are several reasons.
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hillary clinton has had a bad few days. ed the f.b.i. report was issued on a friday before labor day, but still it goss out there and it's not good news for hillary clinton. and hillary clinton has been out of sight. she has not been campaigning. she spent most of august fundraising in the homes of the super wealthy, snaight guest house of steven spielberg in the hamptons and not on the trail. with trump it appears that that much criticized speech he gave over immigration in arizona last wednesday was not received as badly by the voters as it was by the critics and pundits. >> on that f.b.i. finding. some of this is unbelievable. clinton could not recall training on handling classified documents. did not understand the "c"
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markings nenlt confidential. did not understand drone discussions were classified. used 13 mobile device and two of them were destroyed with a hammer. >> there is no good news. the hammer thing is the detail that people remember. her aides destroyed the blackberries with a hammer. it's clear that clinton's team actually destroyed emails after -- not before -- after there was a subpoena for them in march of 2015. the "new york times" march 2 of 2014 reported the existence of the secret email system, a couple days later trey gowdy issues a subpoena or anything related to benghazi, then after that a lot of emails are destroyed. that's the kind of story there
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has to be a lot more details to figure out. bill: she was asked about this on her plane yesterday and said this. >> everything i did at the state department i did in further afurtheranceof american securit. the state department said there is no external influence. i know that to be a fact. the people who worked with me were devoted as well to pursuing the foreign policy that the obama administration set forth. bill: how are voters going to react to that. >> that's the most basic defense you can make. my heart was in the right place. perhaps that will work with voters. one of the problems about the f.b.i. report is to understand what's going on, you have to get way down into the weeds. a lot of voters are not going to follow you there. so it's entirely possible hillary clinton could say there
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was this problem and that problem. but i was always work on behalf of the united states. that's always my top priority, and it will be so as president of the united states. martha: hillary clinton and donald trump both spent labor day campaigning in the all-important battleground state of ohio. trump is there in the background briefly sitting together on the tarmac in cleveland. the newly dubbed hill force one landed an hour after trump force one. bill: you have this huge country and on the same runway at the same time said it, it will get a lot of attention. and hillary clinton raising
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eyebrows with a couple coughing fits. she brushed it off blaming it on a new form of allergy. >> i have been talking -- every time i think about trump i get allergic. bill: trump's campaign manager fired back. she said finally spent a minute with them, hillary has a nearly 2-minute long coughing fit. martha: you would have thought she would know not to put the microphone in front of her mouth. but she had a tickle. once again. bill: you have a debate less
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than 3 weeks away. you have to think all the stuff we are discussing will likely come cup, especially with regards to the server. onward we push. martha: another travel nightmare blamed on a computer glitch. president obama with a rough time overseas. two incidents having critics saying the united states has once again been snubbed by world leaders. bill: now questions about what some call donald trump's changing position on immigration. >> he didn't have the energy to go to loo, and she didn't have the energy to go to mexico. she should have gone to mexico and louisiana. you do all this research on a perfect car,
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energy lives here. heyyes, dear. you're washing that baked-on alfredo by hand, right? yes, dear. dish issues? cascade platinum powers through your toughest stuck-on food. so let your dishwasher be the dishwasher. this turned out great. cascade. martha: a violent attack in afghanistan. the attack began with a car bombing, then gunfire ensued. earlier people were killed in a car bomb blast outside the afghan ministry.
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>> to become a certain season you will have to go out and come back in, you will have to get in line. we'll get the bad elements out. we get them all out. we secure the border. we stop the drugs from coming in. bill: there is trump. he appears to be hammering out his immigration policy. a.g. delgado, senior advisor of the trump team. what's the policy. >> immigration is a very complicated complex issue so it can be confusing. but mr. trump's policy has been consistent. the remarkable speech he gave in phoenix is a real pathway to legalization will only be available to folks who leave.
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right now what mr. trump is rightly focused on is immigration enforcement. bill: five days ago he was out of it on his position. in phoenix he said the conversation will be had about what to do with those who remain once we put our enforcement policies in place and once we built the wall. he said in phoenix that conversation will be had at a later date. and enforcement, there has been the wall, then we have that conversation at that date. consistent with what you see. martha: our latino poll found support for hillary clinton at 66%. only 20% for donald trump. can he win with that number? >> i think those numbers are different from what i have seen in other polls. a recent gallup poll has him at
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29% favorability. what's interesting is 20 points lower than barack obama got in his last election. the media story, what is hillary doing that hispanics are turning on her and she is losing so much of the democratic ground the democrats have. bill: h.a. times, the final sprint of the presidential election began monday with abundant clarity about what will dominate the next 63 days. defining donald trump. what is his strategy? >> continuing to hammer home his message to the american public about jobs, the economy, safety, a sound immigration policy and highlighting, this is a bimary decision, given up a great job to run for president. hillary clinton should by any measure be disqualified from
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office because of the way she handled classified information alone. it has disqualified others. bill: we'll talk to karl rove about how to prep for the first debate. what is he doing to prep? >> he has the best advisers. in trump is not a politician. but hillary clinton is a seasoned politician. mr. trump's strength is speaking directly to the american public on his heart to the issues that matter most to the american public. it's not something anybody can teach you. it's something that comes across. bill: that's sort of dangerous if you go into a prize fighting match here suggesting he doesn't need much prep. >> in this debate you can't hide from your record. donald trump has a tremendous record to bring up.
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where you have a 6'8" man against a lightweight is how i would put it if you want to use that analogy. martha: it's being called a shocking show of disrespect towards president obama. the president of the philippines is apologizing for the name that he called the president of the united states. we'll tell you what happened there. bill: hermine is causing problems for folks along the east coast. is she done or is there more to come? >> mother nature whipping up. the waves. we love narragansett and the tower. just love watching the ocean.
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bill: a fox weather alert. hermine is weakening, but parts of the northeast can still be hit with coastal flooding and high waves. much of new england remains under a tropical storm warning this morning. martha: president obama continuing his final tour of asia. he's now in laos. the president of philippines says he's expressing regret for the harsh words he used against the president after the united states criticized the new president's human rights record. he says he's been killing drug criminals in his country. the meeting between the two leaders is now off.
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donald trump tweeted this. china wouldn't provide a red carpet zairi stairway from fir force won and philippine's president called obama quote the son of a whore." terrible is how he punctuates that most recent tweet. is there any talk now of rescheduling this meeting perhaps? reporter: the white house says president obama will likely see the philippine president during the summit. but there is no expectation of and rescheduled meetings after those comments earlier this week from the philippine president. he was asked about president obama bringing up human rights concerns after the brutal execution of a philippine drug
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war that has killed many. given those comments the president of the white house say probably it would be better to hold off on this meeting tbawls those comments would distract from the important business. he given the important issues, given a meeting where we'llf cod not strike us as the most constructive way of approaching a bilateral meeting. reporter: china's aggression in the south china sea. the u.s. is providing the pill teens with tens of millions in military aid including the expectation u.s. will station troops there in the next two decades. bill: hillary clinton has defended her position as secretary of state and use of a
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home server. why did her staff take a hammer to some of her devices?
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martha: "the washington post" this morning said bill clinton made $18 million for being the head of a college that wanted funds from the the. >> there is no ex terng
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influence. martha: a former deputy staff secretary to president bill clinton and rich lowry. we see the issue keeps bubbling up. reporters keep digging into the. but to make $18 million as an honorary chair for a for-profit college is a nice piece of change no matter how you look at it. and to have it highlighted saying this is a friends of bill's, make sure he gets a good seat at the state department function. >> it's a lot of money. it's less than 1% of what donald trump has made the last few years. martha: those weren't government-fade positions. those aren't even apples and apples. you are starting with a premise
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that doesn't make sense. >> as with the associated press story, this story runs the same narrative. oh, my gosh, there is a connection. apparently what hillary clinton said to her aides, this person is a friends of bill's. this is someone she seated. was there a decision made in that person's favor? but the pattern is holding. we'll see this throughout the fall so we should get used to it. at about the same time this story came out. we finds out donald trump had to pay a fine to the irs for allegedly paying a bribe to someone investigating his school in florida. we finds out here is why donald trump is not releasing his taxes. donald trump is not releasing his taxes because of hiding stuff like this. he apparently illegally gave a
6:33 am
contribution to the attorney general of florida. >> if there are any for-profit colleges watching this segment. i'm available as honorary chairman. it's the best job in the world. this is all part of the same stew. just getting access to these high-level meetings and conferences and whatever else they were is priceless to these sort of people. all of clinton's speaking fees, the consulting money, all of it is caught up in the foundation and hillary clinton's status as secretary of state is impossible to disentangle it. we have seen email after email and we'll continue to see all the way to november where the clinton foundation had direct access to hillary clinton's right hand as secretary of state and huma abedin.
6:34 am
if you don't think that was wildly inappropriate, you need to taketh thinks 101 and pay close attention. martha: releasing the tax returns for donald trump remains an issue. he will be asked by the. it's up to the american people to decide which ethical issues they think carry more weight. i want to get your take on another issue. smashed blackberries with hammers, david, and bleach bit seems a pretty dramatic way to get rid of stuff that's inconsequential. >> i admit to cringing when i read that in the press. but as a lawyer, let's go back to the old days when there were no computers. if you were to produce documents you could make copies and what you did with the filing cabinet didn't matter.
6:35 am
the certification occurred. tens of thousands of documents produced. i think hitting your blackberry with a hammer is weird. but it's not out of character. martha: we got this information and we were requesting this in a serious way as were many journalistic institutions. we wanted to see what happened when the f.b.i. interviewed hillary clinton. what we found were some interesting things including the hammer to the blackberry. at least 40 times hillary clinton said she can't know, she didn't recall. >> the idea she didn't know what the "c" meant and thought it was alphabetizing paragraphs a, b, c
6:36 am
makes no sense. now the records are slowly dripping out in the midst of a hard fought general election battle. this is one reason she is slumping and even in the cnn follow, falling behind donald trump. the story is so corrosive of her honesty and trustworthiness and apparently is never going to end. >> the poll also included two independent candidates for president who will not be appearing on the ballot. if you run polls who you want for president. hillary clinton and donald trump are your only two choices. >> it's been tightening up. >> it's tightening up. donald trump's self-inflicted wounds criticizing a gold tar family after the convention are his own and he has to own up to it.
6:37 am
but it only extended hillary clinton's bounce. now it's post-convention and if we look at the electoral map, donald trump is in a terrible hole. and larry sabato from the university of virginia point out that if the election were held today hillary clinton would win over 300 electoral votes in a landslide. >> when the national polls tighten the states begin to look different. she is radioactive. >> one swing state where donald trump has -- my friend. martha: thank you very much. we are all anxious to see a new round of swing state polls. that will be an interesting data point with 62 days to go.
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bill: british airways, passengers around the globe, a computer took down the airlines' check-in system. >> it went down around 5:00. we have been in line for 3 hours. they offered us cold water and chips. and they apologized. bill: more delays at london i airport. protesters from black lives matter blocking the runway, challenging the expansion plan at that airport. what's going on with the glitch? >> we'll start with that. we just spoke with the british airways official. they say the glitch is solved. things are back to normal. yesterday's huge problem affected u.s. passengers on
6:39 am
british airways flight check i bound for the u.k. and various american and canadian airports. a massive computer failure. resulting in delays, cancellations, and as you heard, there were some complaints. there were ripple effects in mexican airports and in london this morning. b.a. has had other glitches like this, but so have other airlines like delta in the past couple months. high-tech failures a big problem for the whole airline industry. >> they have a problem with a protest, ways that. >> this is a disturbing one. let's set the scene. london city airport is if you know the new york city area, very similar to around la guardia airport. small, close to the center, on
6:40 am
the water. well, fewer than 9 people, 9 people were able to shut down this key airport in london for about 7 or 8 hours. they got on to the runway and chained themselves together. they got there via a rubber dinghy across the thames river. a lot of questions are being asked about this one in these high security days. martha: it's officially crown' type for the presidential candidates. just under 3 weeks to go before hillary clinton and donald trump square off on the debate stain. september 26. who is going to have the upper hand going into the showdown. >> i think i'm preparing -- i enjoy the debating process. >> are you doing a lot of prep work?
6:41 am
>> i am doing some. i have seen people do so much prep work that when they get out there they can't speak. to next-generation fighters... ♪ to landing an unmanned vehicle on a carrier for the first time in history. just wait till you see what's next. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman
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martha: conservative icon phyllis schlafly has passed away at 92. she led traditional religious women in opposition of the equal rights amendment. she passed away in her home in st. louis. bill: 62 days away, we'll bring in the billboard and karl rove. here is karl rove, the former chief of staff to former
6:45 am
president george w. bush. if trump is at 163 and a deficit to clinton at 217. what does he need to do to win? >> he has to play defense in arizona and georgia and north carolina, all three which were carried by mitt romney in 2012 and he needs to win those states to have a shot at the white house. the most critical state is florida. if hillary clinton carries the states the democrats have won in all six of the last presidential elections. florida is a critical state. bill: i want to show you another thing coming up in 20 days from now. these are the debates. here is the schedule.
6:46 am
september 26, me hempstead, new york. then st. louis missouri, then 10-19, las vegas. you have a vice presidential debate on october 4. how do you see this one, debate number one shaping up. >> typically debate don't have as big an impact absent the 1984 debates where reagan afford stumble and he began to drop in the polls it was the third debate where he made the famous line against mondale that he wasn't going to use his opponents youth and inexperience against him. other than that the debates have tended to reenforce the pattern that's already there. these people are high stakes.
6:47 am
and something could happen particularly in the first debate that upsets this race pretty dramatically. normally debates don't. this debate could. bill: there will be intense analysis on that debate. here we are in ohio. clinton leads trump by 4 points. and in pennsylvania she has a bigger average. the real clear average when you throw all the polls together and put them in one pile. she seems to be up 6 points. but you are taking us to florida. how can you go to florida when you see numbers like this. >> let's use the real clear politics average. what you are looking at in all these states is this race tightened since the first of august. we had a convention bounce for her.
6:48 am
she was leading nationwide by 7.1%. she is now at 3.3. we have seen this nap the major states. the real clear politics average is a trailing measure, not a leading measure. because it includes average of polls over the last two weeks it tends to show more of what has been as opposed to what is coming. let's take florida. the most recent poll shows a 2-point lead for clinton. but if you look at the other two polls. one shows a 2-point lead for trump, and a 1-point lead for trump at the chamber of commerce. but those are subsumed by the earlier lead by clinton. the same in virginia which was thought to be out of play. bill: the cnn poll that came out today be he leads independents handily.
6:49 am
it appears republicans have come home. that seems to me he's closed the loop on that with 90% of republicans supporting him. >> independents have been volatile moving from one side to the other. we ought to step back and take a look at the average of polls. the pattern is this. since the end of july, the first of august, this race has tightened. and we are back to where we were as we went into the conventions in july and we are likely to have a rocky couple weeks here ahead potentially with the debates being a big inflection point. bill: hope you had a great labor day weekend. martha: an iconic rock did not have a great labor day weekend because it's no longer standing. watch this. officials first thought this
6:50 am
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bill: former quarterback johnny manziel is going back to school. he won the heisman trophy as a freshman and went on to play for
6:54 am
the browns. he was arrested for assault with an alleged incident with his ex-girlfriend. martha: it's back to school it's a big day in everybody's house. did you hear that, boys? time to get serious. summer is over. but for some students there will be less studying at least at home. a growing number of educators and parents are questioning the value of homework. now students at one local mississippi elementary school are lucky ducks. what is the thinking behind no homework. >> don't you feel you have been lied to? it seems like a dream come true for some kids. this school has banned homework. but there is a catch. this school as the lowest test scores across the state.
6:55 am
so they are extending the school day by two hours, hoping more instructional time will alleviate this issue. this is a pretty sizable growing trend among many educators and schools across the country. bus new research suggests homework doesn't really help kids after all. saying it might cause more confusion and frustration than any added benefits. so i wish i could turn back time. martha: i remember a study a couple years back that said you should have 10 minute per grade. a first grader just 10 minutes. i think the trend in this country was way too much homework. you literally can't absorb that much information every night and have it pay off. >> duke university study shows that homework doesn't necessarily benefit younger students. but it does have some benefits
6:56 am
for high school aged kids. and you have to think about what benefits we are talking about. it does instill some positive values like time management, and working hard and things like that. >> it's a little bit longer day rather than homework has those kids repeating information over the long run. '. >> other than that, who cares. bill: exclusive details on hillary clinton, how her staff tried to control the benghazi hearings. hearings.
6:57 am
. .
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martha: brand new revelations today about hillary clinton's benghazi testimony in 2013. newly-released emails show clinton's team managed to manipulate the senate hearing with direct assistance from the panel's democratic chairman. big story this morning. welcome, everybody, to brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. and you are? bill: bill hemmer still. martha: yes, i remember you. bill: almost forgot. hillary clinton facing uphill battle on trust and apparently clinton advisors apparently stage managed her first hearing on benghazi, feeding specific topics she wanted to talk about to the chairman of foreign relations committee. martha: how about that? mike emanuel in tampa covering the clinton campaign. we begin with catherine herridge who join us in washington with more reporting. good morning, catherine. reporter: these emails were obtained by citizens united including looking for emails
7:01 am
from chelsea clinton and her motherrest aides n this email from january 2013, her gatekeeper, phillipe rina writes chelsea on update for the senate relations committee. she uses email address, diane reynolds at clinton the email we wired that menendez would provide opportunity to address two topics we needed to debunk, actions and whereabouts on 9/11 and email from chris stevens about moving locations. that is a reference to ambassador chris stevens who was among three others killed in the 2012 attack. first question out of the gate from senator menendez covers both of those topics. >> can you give us your insights on the decision-making process regarding the location of the mission? as part of that, can you also in your response, you touched upon it in your opening statement, but what actions were you and
7:02 am
your staff taking the night of september 11th, and into the 12th. >> first are you're right, mr. chairman, there was an ongoing discussion. reporter: this morning citizens united who first obtained the emails said in the statement, quote, this email chain provides a rare behind the scenes look which benghazi related issues the clinton camp had concerns about going into secretary clinton's january 2013 testimony on capitol hill and what they had apparently plotted out beforehand with a democrat committee member. we asked the clinton campaign and senator's office this morning if there was coordination between the two groups in advance of hearing, what was meant by the term wired, and how the emails are in any way consistent with the principle of independent oversight for congress. when we have a response from either party we'll be sure to bring it to you, martha. martha: look forward to that. catherine. thank you. bill: latest evident mail revelations come as we head into the homestretch of the general election campaign. brand new poll from cnn showing
7:03 am
anybody's game with donald trump leading hillary clinton in this poll, 45-43%. clinton meanwhile slamming trump's recent meeting in mexico saying that he choked in the first face-to-face meeting with that country's leader. >> it is clear that he went down with a mission. it has been the mission of his whole campaign from the very first day, to demonize immigrants, to call mexicans rapists and criminals. to do everything he could to stir up all kinds of bad feelings about hard-working people, and he didn't raise it. so he did choke. >> i don't choke. she chokes. look at deal she made responsible for some bad things for our company, including signing by her husband of nafta which drained our country of its jobs. bill: wow. senior political correspondent mike emanuel in tampa, florida, where clinton expects to hold a rally. let's start there. good day. reporter: good morning to you. hillary clinton will talk national security here in tampa.
7:04 am
you can expect her to say that donald trump does not have the temperment to be commander-in-chief. closer look at that new cnn/orc poll reveals trump with a big 20 point lead with independent voters. trump has edge who would be stronger leader, 52% to 42%. clinton has 20-point lead better temperment and five point edge being better to handle commanderrer in chief. she has new campaign plane and when she took reporters, if she understands classification of u.s. government information after what she told the fbi in her email probe. >> i went into the state department understanding classification. i take classification seriously. the fact i couldn't remember certain meetings, whether or not they had occurred doesn't in any way affect the commitment that i had and still have to the treatment of classified material
7:05 am
reporter: no surprise when reporters got a chance to ask her questions, clinton was asked about the ongoing controversy with the clinton foundation. >> do you feel you contributed to the perception there were these blurred lines between the state department and clinton foundation by having several employees who seem to go back and forth between the two? >> no, i don't, nancy. look, everything i did at the state department i did in furtherance of america's interests and our security. the state department has said there is absolutely no evidence of any kind of external influence. reporter: clinton will be here for a rally at the university of south florida, home of the bulls, trying to win a critical part of this battle ground state. bill? bill: mike emanuel thanks, in florida today. thank you, mike. martha: bring in steve hayes, for more on this, senior writer "weekly standard" and fox news contributor. steve, welcome.
7:06 am
good to have you here this morning. interesting information with the benghazi report that menendez was basically wired to questions they wanted to have asked. what do you think about that, steve? >> well, it is interesting. it is interesting because we're seeing what happens behind the scenes. not necessarily shocking that democrats in hillary clinton's camp were working, coordinating with democrats on capitol hill. anybody who watched the hearings live in real time understood that the democrats on capitol hill both in the senate and in the house were effectively just doing her bidding and setting her up with softball questions. it is interesting to see the stage directions you don't often see. martha: neither one of those questions were not things you would expect to be asked during the course of that benghazi testimony. let's take a look at some of these polls. we did see a labor day tightening which a lot of people predicted we would see. the unfavorable numbers which are the biggest bugaboo for both
7:07 am
candidates, hillary at 56% unfavorable now, slightly higher at donald trump at 54. neither are numbers to write home about, steve. >> that's for sure. corresponds with the polling that we saw last week that 44% of the americans think both candidates are terrible candidates. i think that is what we're looking at going into the final stretch from labor day through election day. it has to be said, reince priebus got a lot of grief that hillary clinton and donald trump would be essentially tied at labor day. he got that one right. a lot of people will have to look for an apology. martha: forward mode, with policy speeches the trip to mexico, prior to that the trip to baton rouge. it is not about the press and him being attacked anymore. she has basically hung back during that period. i wonder what we'll see from her going forward, steve?
7:08 am
>> i think it is more of the negative reporting we've seen on hillary clinton than donald trump being you know, a better campaigner. he certainly caused himself less damage over the past couple weeks i would say but really what we've seen is a torrent of reporting on hillary clinton, not necessarily because she is getting tough questions as the press gaggle that you played a clip of just a minute ago suggests. she is not getting i think hard questions but she is certainly been the subject of some additional reporting, and additional disclosures by groups like "judicial watch" and citizens united that are making clear behind the scenes just how awful this email controversy and the foundation controversy is, really filling in gaps. everybody understood there was this sort of pay for play attitude between clinton's team and the clinton foundation but we're seeing now the details of that and exactly what that means and the revelations that we got by the disclosures by what
7:09 am
happened in the fbi investigation are in some cases just jaw-dropping, particularly as it relates to some of her top staffers like chairman mills, her chief of staff. martha: one last one. you don't think the trump campaign has improved? >> no, i think they have had a better couple weeks, i do. we heard forever this is pivot and donald trump will be the new candidate. i don't think this will be a new candidate. i expect we'll have additional controversies from donald trump down the road. he has been better than he has been for several weeks before this he has improved. he caused himself less trouble, but she's really had a tough three, four weeks here. martha: steve, thank you. good to see you. >> thanks, martha. >> ten minutes past the hour now. brand new poll today showing donald trump in the lead but will the mainstream media give him his due? howard kurt is looking at all angles on this we'll talk to howie live on that. martha: one world leader uses some really choice words to describe the president of the united states.
7:10 am
while another country snubs him as he lands there at the airport. is the world losing respect for america? john bolton takes that on after this. [inaudible conversations]. >> this is our airport, okay? [inaudible conversations].
7:11 am
7:12 am
7:13 am
7:14 am
bill: isis claiming responsibility for a deadly car bombing in central baghdad. that bomb set off in a parking lot in busy commercial area. it killed 12 people. the attack comes as iraqi security forces and u.s.-led forces get ready for an offensive in nearby mosul, one of the terror army's last strong holds in that country. ♪ martha: president obama's final trip to asia as president has gotten off to a bit of a rocky start. chinese leaders are being accused of deliberately snubbing the president by not providing a staircase for him to exit air force one in the usual way from the front of the plane. instead, he had to go through the backdoor because the staircase they rolled over would only accommodate that one. then there was this. newly-elected philippines president, rodrigo part-e, calling president obama, basically an sob. here are perhaps signs the united states is losing some
7:15 am
respect in some corners of the world. john bolton, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, fellow at american enterprise institute and. >> glad to be with you. martha: these over all things, first one may be smaller than the second one, do they matter, protocol and issues and way people arrive and who greets them at the airport, they send a strong signal in diplomatic language, do they not? >> i think they are related in the spence that people see obama coming to end of his term in office and see him increasingly weak leader from their various perspectives. i would make a distinction what happened, what the chinese did and what the president of the philippines did. it's a calculated insult not to have the right set of stairs ready for the president of the united states. what i don't really understand is how the american advance people, the secret service, whom offer, didn't have an alternative set of stairs or somebody didn't say, this plane
7:16 am
isn't touching down until the right set of stairs is there. it was intended not just to humiliate obama. it was intended to send a signal across asia where this kind of thing gets a lot of attention. this is how they can treat obama and get away with it. the president of the philippines is little bit different. martha: hold off for that on one second. play this little piece of sound, a white house aide arguing with an aide from china on the tarmac and it just gives you behind bee scenes flavor for what it was like on the ground. martha: he is yelling at her. she is the white house aide. we don't know who she is, or who he is in this case. they're going at each other this is our country, this is our airport. final thought on that.
7:17 am
>> there's a chinese phrase for that. it is stuff it. that is what they said to the president of the united states. martha: i didn't know that was a chinese phrase in origin. >> that is an old chinese phrase. martha: let's move on to the philippines where things didn't go much better. it is pretty well-documented this morning the president of the philippines called our president an sob essentially. >> yeah, well i think here, this really was a kind of a misstep by the president of the philippines. intentional, sure, he said it in tagalog which is national language of the philippines. he basically recanted it. president said the right thing. you don't go into a meeting, i think the phrase may have been worse than sob. but, it has implications because we need a closer relationship with the philippines precisely to deal with belligerent chinese territorial claims in the south china sea. they're saying this morning,
7:18 am
actually this evening, asia time, monday night, they will try to reschedule the meeting. whether they can do it on this trip, i don't know. i think this is more as the president himself said, that the president is pretty colorful guy and i wasn't speaking with diplomatic protocol. that's for sure. martha: interesting. it does appear the white house you say had the correct response to make it clear this was not a setting environment where you want to sit down, as you point out he recanted that comment. we'll see where that goes. very important relationship as you point out. ambassador bolton, thank you very much. >> always glad to advise on protocol. martha: tagalog. who knew. bill: 18 past. fallout continues from the fbi investigation into hillary clinton's server. one writer says americans are overlooking for one of the more serious parts of this controversy. we'll tell you what this is all about. martha: las vegas officers searching for a murder suspect who slipped out of police custody. how he was able to escape the
7:19 am
the interrogation room. >> this is not something that happens, hardly ever. at least in the time that i have been here. i don't ever recall an incident like this happening. baseball ba]
7:20 am
7:21 am
7:22 am
martha: officers making a stunning discovery while searching a home day care center in connecticut. they found 600 marijuana plants growing in the backyard. early childhood inspectors visiting home for routine check, said, hmm. owner wouldn't let them see back of the property. they got suspicious. so they brought in the police. >> 8:00 a.m. through midnight, saw police officers. >> then we saw the dea. we thought it was something fishy. we had no clue. martha: had no clue, she says. police finding a million dollars worth of pot plants, according to them.
7:23 am
inspectors have closed that day care. bill: unbelievable. wow. fox news alert. a manhunt underway in nevada after a murder suspect escapes from jail. police say alonzo perez waited until an investigator left an interrogation room. twisted his handcuffs until they snapped and fled in stolen pickup truck. william la jeunesse live in l.a. and latest on search for the suspect and how he pulled it off, william. reporter: he is not houdini but a murder suspect. he escapes from a set of shackles inside a locked interrogation, inside of a policetation and steal as truck. they picked perez up on friday morning for a man who, he shot a man for failing to hold the door open for his girlfriend at mcdonalds. he twisted the handcuffs until though broke and for obvious reasons they are not saying how
7:24 am
this houdini did night this is not something that happens hardly ever, at least in the time i have been here. i don't recall an incident like this happening. reporter: he walks out of the police station. nobody notices. goes a few blocks away where he steals a truck from a rental car company. police found the truck but have not found perez. bill: does he have prior incidents, william? reporter: i don't know specifically all his priors. what we do know from some new surveillance tape and there was an investigation here, that he does have a bad temper. a few months ago he gets in an argument with his girlfriend outside after motel. when the motel manager refuses to let him in, perez unloads his handgun at the manager's office. >> now knowing that he is actually killed a man, and at a local mcdonald's, and, broke free from handcuffs and everything he is probably not going to go out without a fight.
7:25 am
reporter: perez is wanted for shooting 31-year-old mohamed robinson after he didn't hold the door open for his girlfriend. an argument ensued. perez shot him according to witnesses. robinson was on a break from work. leaves behind two daughters. presumably perez is walking around with a new set of bracelets. bill: right on. william, thank you. more news when we get it. the manhunt continues. william la jeunesse in los angeles. martha: donald trump getting a bit of an edge over hillary clinton in new national polls that came out fresh this morning. will the media get him credit for his advantageous position at the moment? howard kurtz will analyze that next. bill: off the coast of north carolina, there is new video after second world warship wreck, showing how close the battle came to our shores. fascinating stuff. hang on.
7:26 am
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martha: radical preacher in britain sentenced to five 1/2 years in jail for encouraging support of isis. he is one of britain's best known radical islamic preachers. his followers have been linked to numerous plots around the world. the london-born, 49-year-old cleric was convicted in july using online lectures and messages to encourage support for isis. bill: back now to one of our top stories today. there is a brand new poll out giving donald trump a slight lead over rival hillary clinton. new cnnn poll showing trump edging out clinton 45-43. but is the media giving him credit. howard kurtz. host of "mediabuzz". have they? >> this is low process. showing donald trump with
7:30 am
2-appointment lead of fox news voters. "fox news poll," hillary clinton 2-point lead. both within the march inof error. even clinton ahead in battleground states and some by slim margins, race is tightening after double-digit lead. why do many pundits act like trump is real long shot and clinton practically a shoo-in. "politico" ran two headlines. number one clinton advisors to prep for a landslide. number two, inside trump tower facing grim reality with trump campaign described as teetering, quoting threatening to collapse. judgments seemed rather premature. tightening polls come as trump is reaching out to african-americans but hasn't been able to break through a wall of media skepticism as we saw this weekend when trump visited a black church in detroit. >> i fully understand that the african-american community has suffered from discrimination, and that there are many wrongs that must still be made right.
7:31 am
>> "new york times" said it was uncare tickic step who campaigned as president for blunt provocateur. some commentators say this isn't really about the gop winning more african-american voters. >> do you think he was reaching out to white voters yesterday? >> absolutely. he is in a black church. he is there clapping and swaying. look he is not racist. he is there with black people. >> others seem puzzled by trump's efforts or dismiss him for idealogical reasons. >> he comes into the church and word choice donald trump used, sounds as though he wants to be a savior. >> this sin sult to our intelligence to come to us acting saying we ought to come together but not saying how that is going to bridge, bridge that gap is insulting. >> fair for the press to point out that trump hadn't appeared before a black audience in the past. battled allegations of housing discrimination decades ago and
7:32 am
once embraced birther movement questioning president obama's citizenship but are the media setting bar impossibly high. if journalists don't credit trump trying to reach out to black voters that feels biased. see some of the same things in the polls. bill: you wrote a piece why are many pundits still convinced that trump can't win. you referred to two headlines you read about in the piece in "politico." does a poll like we just showed from cnn change this? >> eventually it would change it. i see the media as a lagging indicator. after the two conventions and when hillary hat 12-point lead early in august. everybody in the news business, i should say almost everybody, became convinced she was going to win. and it would be almost impossible for donald trump to make up the gap particularly in the swing states. now the polls are tightening as they often do but the media are lagging behind. couple more polls from one we saw with cnn at least even, a couple of points, trump ahead by two, three, four points, the narrative will change.
7:33 am
bill: that phrase you used a lagging indicator in the media. have you always felt that way? have you seen that pattern before, howie? >> i've seen it to be more pronounced in this campaign, remember all the same political analysts, most of them i should say, absolutely convinced donald trump could not win the republican nomination. even other stories, often country is and public are ahead of press and press has to catch up because we tend to cling to the other narrative working and somebody bongses us over the head, what about the new polls. i think you will see a change. bill: listen, don't get hit over the head. howard kurtz in d.c. thank you very much. >> thanks, bill. martha: programing note to tell you about, greta van susteren has announced that she is leaving fox news channel after 14 years at the network. fox news says it is grateful to greta for her many contributions over the years and wishes her continued success. senior political analyst brit hume will take over the
7:34 am
7:00 p.m. slot throughout the election, and that is very good news indeed. this fox news alert for you, police in afghanistan killing three gunmen who attacked an aid organization overnight in kabul. the gunmen stormed the building after a suicide bombing attack. the attack coming just a day after separate bombings killed at least 35 people near the country's defense ministry. conor powell live from jerusalem with the latest on that. conor? reporter: martha, it has been a bloody and violent in kabul afghanistan. it happened at carry international, a group that works on poverty a alleviation in afghanistan. three insurgents with guns tried to storm the building. 11-hour gunbattle ensued. all the care international organizations employees were
7:35 am
rescued by afghan forces but six civilians were injured in the 11-hour gunfight. this follows a pair of twin bombings, car bombs that went off outside minister of defense earlier in the day. 35 people killed and more than 100 wounded in the two blasts t has been a violent few weeks in afghanistan where two weeks ago, the afghan, american university of afghanistan was attacked by gunmen leaving several dead there. this all comes as afghanistan's president and chief executive officer dr. abdullah have been feuding publicly about patronage jobs. there is concern about western diplomats and military officials about the inability of the afghan government to focus fighting taliban but instead bickering over political appointees, how to run the government as opposed to battling the taliban. there is division, and a lot of strife in afghanistan's capitol, kabul. that really does have the
7:36 am
western governments that have supported this afghan government, martha, for a very long time, very concerned about the growing strength of the taliban and whether or not this afghan government will in fact be able to battle it. martha: conor, their very much. bill: tough stuff. 25 minutes before the hour. so many questions remain surrounding hillary clinton's private email setup at the state department but is the most disturbing part of the entire controversy being overlooked? we'll tell you what that is in a moment here. plus there is this. >> dude, holy [bleep] >> got him. martha: that is historic rock formation and those guys thought it would be fun to knock it over. the police are now investigating >> dude, holy [bleep] searching for a great used car?
7:37 am
7:38 am
7:39 am
can you help? start with the millions for sale at the new! show me cars with no accidents. that's awesome. plus you get a free carfax® report. start your search at! the hip-hop artist, sean p. diddy combs talking politics and president obama's time in office. he has been politically active for number of presidential
7:40 am
cycles but he was on msnbc saying the president has shortchanged the black community. >> this is politics. you put somebody in office. you get in return the things that you care about for your community. i think we got a little bit short-changed. that is not being knocking the president. a lot of balls juggling. he has done an excellent job but i think it is time to turn up the heat because the black vote is going to decide who is the next president of the united states. >> that's right. bill: combs encouraged black voters evaluate both candidates closely and quote, hold their vote. we'll watch that story. martha: meantime, hillary clinton defending her private email setup at the state department, or at home, rather, even with the controversy still unfolding a new "wall street journal" op-ed today by bill mcgurn says the overpeople are overlooking the most disturbing part of this whole thing he writes. part of that says this, quote,
7:41 am
it isn't so much that mrs. clinton set up a personal server so that she would not be accountable the way normal political appointees are held accountable, it is that no one in government stopped her. louise mensch founder of website, heat street and julie roginsky, democratic strategist and fox news contributor. welcome to both of. >> you good morning. martha: a strong piece by william mcgurn in today's "wall street journal," the fact that there were two i.t. people tried to speak up about the server and said, hey, this is this is not the way it is supposed to work and they were told to hush and never speak about it again in the report. what do you think of bill's overarching point. >> you worked with mps, this happens all the time when people don't want to speak up to the boss. where you're told to do what the
7:42 am
boss wants, whether it is industry or in politics or in any other walk of life, for the most part, what the boss says goes. if this is what you're outrained about, i don't think by the way somebody opposed to what he did with emails this is the most outrage just part. this is unfortunately where the life works. you don't gain say the boss, whether you like it or not, especially in washington how it works. martha: sad situation. he talks about the irs, the fact there is still no accountability for groups that were targeted by irs, that nobody lost their job over that. he talks about the justice department and loretta lynch and her meeting with bill clinton on the tarmac. louise, you watch government from the inside in great britain. what is your take? >> i never thought that hillary clinton would be prosecuted because at the end of the day somebody had to ask this very obvious question. if it's a crime to do what she did, then the president knew about it. the moment the fbi swooped on her, they would have had to ask the really difficult question, obviously president obama knew
7:43 am
this was going on. it goes right to the top. and that is why we can see such egregious abuses as being there, same plane with bill clinton yet nothing happens. they want to call the clintons, teflon clintons. i think it is teflon obama. irs, va, now this. nothing sticks to him. is there any universe which the president didn't know what secretary of state was doing? he knew. >> in fairness she is in foggy bottom. she has her own operation going. this is hillary clinton. this is not defense of her. this is defense of him. she has her own thing going on. why would barack obama think, contemplate she would have private email server in the basement. first of all i don't think he actually emailed. even if that is the case how would know private server. martha: he held on to his brac berry. >> thousand did know it was private server.
7:44 am
martha: because the email address was hrc. >> how does he know it wasn't run out of the state department? you're making assumptions about him. i'm not defending her behavior but no way barack obama is thinking about i.t. components any of his cabinet. martha: all i'm saying this piece, by bill mcgurn raises the these larger questions about why each one of these investigations eventually got cut off at the knees and as louise points out, it raises an interesting.maybe why. >> nothing is getting close to the president and that's why none of these investigations ever stood a chance. >> look if you're bill mcgurn, i fully respect he may be somebody, if the head of his organization very top, boss of bosses says to him, bill mcgurn, i want to focus on this or that he will agree, resign, i am out of here. most people don't, whether we like that or not, it works that way in corporations f your boss tells you to do something you typically do it. that may not make awe good person. >> america deserves better this
7:45 am
is law enforcement. let's uphold the law. president oath to the constitution. if you are, the fbi, if you're sworn to uphold the law you have to be brave. nixon, one thing happened to him and the imperial white house of obama, he can do anything he likes and get away with it because we can not trust our top law enforcement officials to enforce the law without fear of -- >> talking about two different things. talking about the fbi and what i think he is talking about in this editorial people who work for her, her staff. martha: he talks about all three. talks about the irs, talks about the department of justice and let me go back to one point here. there is very important distinction needs to be made between corporations and between united states government. corporations have a fiduciary responsibility to shareholders. that is a very different situation than the taxpayer who, to whom the responsibility is held. and the taxpayer is the person that needs to be answered to. you don't have that ability as part of the government to completely cut people out. >> it is depressing.
7:46 am
ordinary people looking at this show are going to be depressed recite scandal after scandal. has anybody been held accountable? head of the irs taking the fifth in front of congress, has anything happened to anybody? no. because nobody is allowed to get near president obama and that is okay, he is enlightened self-interest, looking out for himself. white house is looking out for themselves. the real scandal we can't america's top law enforcement officials to do their jobs. >> i don't agree with the way washington works. when you work at capitol hill there are separate elevators for senators and congressman you little people you and i, staff can't. when you have hierarchy in washington people put on such a pedestal if you're secretary of state, congressman, congressman, and you're treating like -- martha: it may change. >> of course it should. i hate to say it.
7:47 am
it will not change under any party. the way the system is set up. it is awful. martha: you have to raise holy hell when it is all happening and we can't stand by and just say that's okay as american citizens. >> i don't think it is. >> we have to ask it be held to the highest possible standard. that is what it is all about. >> don't disagree. martha: thank you very much. great having you both here. bill: we've been tracking, martha, the movements of trump an clinton. donald trump an hillary clinton. moments ago hillary clinton getting back on board her brand new plane. call it hill force 1. 737 i do believe. it debuted yesterday she brought a number of national reporters on her tripp to ohio. she came back to the plane and spoke with reporters 25 minutes. according to the readout. had a cuffing fit, excused herself and came back to answer more questions. today she is headed to tampa, florida. if you recall the segment with karl rove an hour ago, how dritt
7:48 am
call for donald trump in the state of florida, 29 electoral votes and trying to get to 270, how do you find a path according to the map and the math. clinton will go to tampa today, which is the far western edge of that interstate 4, i-4 corridor where you find a lot of votes, both republican and democrat. a critical part of the state to win if you care to win the rest of florida. hillary clinton back on board. we'll let you know how the trip goes with tampa, florida. want to bring jenna lee, my colleague, for what is next on "happening now" for a quick preview this weekend. how was the weekend? >> pass ad sign, 111 day till christmas. 62 days until the election we're talking about, bill. unofficial end of summer with labor day kicking into high gear. brand new polls putting donald trump ahead since the converges, in some polls. we'll talk about the
7:49 am
overdiagnosis of adhd in america. good for the start of the school season. new round of with the united states. new round with russia. we'll finish off this, bill, with creepy clown sightings in the south. have you heard about this? bill: okay. >> yes. why the range of different stories during the next hour of "happening now." you don't want to miss it. bill: we'll be there. see you in 11 minutes. okay. see you, jenna. bill cosby back in court. will he face trial in one of many cases against him? we're about to find out that answer.
7:50 am
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bill: we mentioned this a moment ago. hillary clinton apparently on board the plane came back to speak with reporters. this happened just a moment ago. why don't we drop in here and pick up the first question or two and see where, we'll see,
7:53 am
where the topic de jure went today on board. >> later. jenna convinced me i need to. [laughter]. >> yesterday, we weren't so bad. >> it was great. i love having the plane of the plane makes everything so much easier. that is what we used to do in the state department all the time. it was just so simple. everybody on one plane. i will come back in about an hour. better. now the -- [inaudible] that is not going to work. >> how will you manage that? >> it is not going to work. hopefully tomorrow i'll be fine. >> is there anything like that? >> i just upped my antihistamine [inaudible]. as i said -- [inaudible]
7:54 am
-- last couple days. disappeared. there is a long, video record someone is compiling right now. oh, yeah. going back decades. >> -- allergic to -- >> i'm allergic to him. that is. >> [inaudible] >> i didn't feel anything. >> [inaudible] >> i have seen it before. -- flown all over the united states. it is usually where i'm about to take off from or land. i've never been on it. >> what do you think about the -- >> we'll come back. >> we'll come back, guys. good morning. >> good morning. bill: so, in what amounts to a good morning and hello, she says, regarding her health, she upped her antihistamine after two coughing fits just yesterday.
7:55 am
and a reporter asking a question how she felt seeing donald trump's plane on tarmac in cleveland, ohio. another question how you're feeling and cnn poll she chose not to answer. update as air force one headses to tampa, florida. martha: wee will come back in an hour to answer questions. we'll watch that. meantime race to the finish, folks. this is game on. donald trump and hillary clinton beer -- gear up for the final stretch. 62 days until the election and nonstop until that moment. we have brand new polls that show a new leader when we come back. i was diagnosed with endometrial cancer. stage four cancer. and i was shocked. the plan at that point was to start chemo. every three weeks i would get my chemo infusion. it would work for a few months then would quit working again. my oncologist ordered the genomic testing. if they've exhausted all of our standard agents, then
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7:59 am
cosby expected to be at court at 1:00 p.m. right behind me. could be a quick scheduling hear to go set a trial date but also a chance that attorneys could argue over the possible admission of a recorded phone call between the alleged victim adrienne's mother and cosby in 2005 shortly after cosby sexually raped. i know that this is a beep. because cosby knew that he was being recorded that should be admissible in court and we are going to have to wait and see. cosby charged with three counts of aggravated, faces 5 to 30 years in prison. >> thank you, rob. we will be watching. >> big welcome to rob, brand new on board here, welcome, rob, more to come. you will see me at 3:00 o'clock.
8:00 am
i hope you have a great day, until then. >> you're vacfrom vacation and working hard. put it back to work. we will see you later today, bye, everybody. >> labor day is over just in kind you were wondering. the race for the white house is heading to the home stretch, can you believe it? the election tightening nationally as hillary clinton and donald trump hit battleground states very hard. hello, i'm jenna lee. john: i'm john scott, clinton and trump in a virtual dead heat in race. trump is up by 2 in margin of error, first lead in the national polls since the republican convention. that survey is a reflection of last


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