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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  September 10, 2016 9:00am-11:01am PDT

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you kneel before the flag. you should stand up and pay homage to your country or get the hell out. have a safe weekend, everybody. see you on "the five." major fallout for hillary clinton after calling half of all trump supporters a, quote, basket of deplorables. it happened in a swanky fund-raiser for lbgt donors. and donald trump pouncing on clinton's comments calling it so insuggestilting to amazing hard-working people. and as we mark 15 years since 9/11 this weekend, we'll talk to top republican and democrats in the house of representatives about how safe we all are.
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good saturday to you. nice to be with you. nice to be with you at home. i'm leland vittert. >> i'm liz bate prann. elizabeth prann. we begin on the campaign trail where donald trump's supporters are hoping mike pence will energize conservatives. >> mike pence has been speaking for five to ten minutes saying he's a christian first followed by other titles. that's very similar to what donald trump said here yesterday. he said here, and he promised the christian conservatives in
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attendance that he would cherish, protect and defend christian values like never before. now trump did avoid hot put top issues like abortion and same sex marriage, but he did promise to repeal these things. >> all religious leaders should be able to freely express their thoughts and feelings on religious matters. and i will repeal the johnson amendment if i am elected your president. i promise. >> reporter: now last night donald trump was down in pensacola, florida, and made headlines for saying that if president, he would order an attack on the iranian boot if they harassed the navy. trump was referring to the incident in when iranian boots
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harassed the strait of hormuz. when he's president, if he's shot out of the water, that is getting a lot of attention today. and that is really the latest round in what has been a very bitter battle this week over national security between trump and clinton. now today trump will be in st. louis. he's attending funeral services for the conservative activists and he has been been receiving a lot of applause at the voter summit. >> thank you, kristin fisher, we appreciate it. the clinton campaign is frantically trying to clarify calling some of trump's supporters a basket of deplorables. mrs. clinton made the comment twice on the record and on camera at events. here is more only the damage control spin and there's a an
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awful lot of spin today, brian. >> hi, leland. hillary clinton made the comment at a fund-raising effort here in new york city last night in front of the lgt donors that was headlines by barbara streisand. about a thousand people attended and she raised $6 million. she was talking about trump supporters and said, half of trump supporters feel like the government has let them down and they're desperate for change. and it doesn't really even matter where that change comes from. but listen to how she described the other half of trump supporters. >> to just be grossly generalistic, you can put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. right? the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamaphobic, you
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name it. >> #deplorables is now trending. donald trump firing back this morning tweeting, quote, wow, hillary clinton was so insulting to my supporters. millions of amazing, hard working people. i think it will cost her at the polls. the clinton campaign spokesman nick merrill defended her comments referring to those supporters at trump rallies, not necessarily overall voters for trump. merrill tweeting, obviously not everyone is supporting trump is part of the alt right, but alt right leaders are with trump. he also tweeted, and their supporters appear to make up half his crowd when you observe the tone of his events. the trump campaign is now demanding clinton apologize. meantime, clinton running mate tim kaine went after republican vice presidential nominee mike pence who said this week russian
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president vladimir putin is a stronger leader than president obama. >> that irrational hostility toward president obama which started the very first day of his term from some of these people, is unpatriotic and we've got to call it out! if you can't respect the office of the president of the united states as a united states citizen and want to go around praising a dictator, you need to be called out as unpatriotic. >> all this, leland, as the clinton campaign is shifting their strategy to a more positive campaign message. >> more on that with daniel helper who covers the clinton campaign later on. brian llenas, thank you so much. the commission on presidential debates today shot down a request from media matters, a hillary clinton supporter, david brock. he wants our own fox news sunday host chris wallace to be removed
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as not rthe final moderator in october. he says it's a glaring conflict of interest that roger ailes who resigned from fox news in july simultaneously provides advice to donald trump while serving as a paid adviser to fox news chief rupert murdoch, debate moderator chris wallace's boss. the commission on presidential debates says this, dear mr. brock, we are pleased with our selection of moderators and are confident they are do a good job. leaders of the u.s. and russia are hailing a break through deal to end the misery in syria. it includes a deadline to end hostilities by sundown on monday that triggers the delivery of humanitarian aid. it will include a new military partnership targeting the islamic state militants and new leaders on forces loyal to president bashar al assad. u.s. secretary of state john
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kerry says this could be the best chance yet for finding peace. >> today we are announcing an arrangement that we think has the capability of sticking but it's dependent on people's choices. and we expect other supporting countries will strongly encourage them to do. >> the reasonable powers, turkey, iran and saudi arabia will be key to be in compliance by all sides including the u.s.-backed kurdish forces fighting assad. the five-plus years of civil war in syria have left an estimated half a million people dead, entire cities destroyed and a mass exodus of desperate refugees. south korean officials say the nuclear test by its communist neighbor to the north was the most powerful to date. a sign they say it is weaponized capability and, quote, a considerable level.
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in the south korean capital of seoul, protestors called for stronger international sanctions against north korea and demanded its leader leave office. good luck with that. friday's underground nuclear blast in its fifth such test created a 5.0 seismic event. experts believe the north may be very close to the point it can arm short-range ballistic missiles with a nuclear warhead. ♪ you can see their bagpipes echoing through the streets of new york city yesterday commemorating the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. thousands of bystanders looked on as bagpipers from the new
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york city police department marched in remembrance of those who died in the attacks. organizers scheduled the parade for friday to avoid sunday's official memorial service marking 15 years to the day since the twin towers came down. we're going to have extensive coverage of all the commemorations tomorrow. so stay tuned right here on fox all day. a lot has changed over the past 15 years. we've delivered devastating blows to the al qaeda leaders that attacked us on 9/11. we have delivered justice to osama bin laden. we have strengthened our homeland security. we have prevented attacks. we have saved lives. >> 15 years now after 9/11, is america really as safe as the president makes it out to be? bigger question, are we focusing on the right threats to our country? we reached out to both sides of congress to weigh in on this. let's begin with south carolina congressman, member of the house and armed services committee, joe wilson. nice to see you, sir. thanks for being here.
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>> honored to be with you. >> you think about this and for so long since 9/11 we focused on al qaeda, osama bin laden, now we are focused on isis. is that the right focus or should we focus on iran, china and russia? >> actually, to me the direct threat or islamic terrorists, we should be focused on that. and i'm particularly concerned that the president is wrong. there is a greater spread of islamic terrorism today than ever. across north africa from algeria throughout the middle east, throughout south asia, all the way to indonesia and to the philippines, the american people are at risk and i sadly say that wherever there's a safe haven for islamic terrorists, we need to act and protect the american people. >> i understand the idea of stopping the radical islamic terrorism. my question is, what is the
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threat to america now? is it north korea with nuclear weapons or guys running around with pickup trucks in the middle east? >> well, the direct threat, again, as we have seen in san bernardino as we saw in orlando, aren't the islamic terrorists. but i'm glad you brought up indeed, sadly, the consequence of north korea. i am one of three members of congress who has visited pyongyang. it's a disaster for the people who live there and is heartbreaking to see people live under the conditions of the communist dictatorship. to avert attention, what we have is a dictatorship that has put the people of south korea and japan and america at risk. and the president is not taken seriously. he's said we would not allow north kree dwroo become a nuclear country. well, they are. and it's the same thing as the red line in syria. the president is not taken seriously and the american people are at risk. >> there's a lot of american presidents who said they
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wouldn't allow this -- every time there's a massive provocation by pyongyang, he gets up to say there are more sanctions and we'll work with our international partners. and they don't seem to care because it emboldens them. why do you think that is? >> because they don't take it seriously. the way to respond is peace through strength. if we have a strong military, that would chill the dictator in pyongyang. so we need to rebuild our military. we need to understand that it's strength our enemies around the world understand. and we need a strong military to defend our families. >> the interesting tweet from the wall street journal, this is
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interesti interesting to note. why do we assume a north korean nuclear test is not also a iranian nuclear test? with the we do not hear about them joining at the national security council. >> the president provided $400 by ran some, which now is $4.7 billion. this puts the american families at risk. it's a -- by this being cash, gold, silver, whatever it is, it puts the american families the at risk. it is utterlien conceivable, the failed legacy of barack obama for the american people. >> one has to watch if any of the cash ended up in north korean hands. obviously, they have something
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very important that they want. thank you for your time. >> thank you very much. joining us to provide insight from the other side of the aisle, fellow member of the armed services committee and congre congressman, james, talk about the threat of islamic terror spreading across the globe. do you think it is something wholly considered to be concerned about and we are. >> we are working very, very closely with allies around the world, indonesia, philippines, wherever these groups may be raising. we have to be theying attention to russia.
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and then when we have a presidential candidate who wants to move away from nato, that is a big, bad deal. we cannot signal that we are going to back away from nato. we are going to allow russia to push any farther. obviously, they have taken over -- >> of course the american people want to know how congress is s disseminating resources. >> we have to be very smart and very strong, just to be strong is not enough. you have to be -- as we are in
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all the countries, they have to be concerned with north kree california's nuclear program. with regard to iran, we did successfully back iran down from their nuclear weapons program. now that has been successful thus far and every sign is that they are not moving at all. >> before we get to iran, you said the word strong, and we heard your colleague, congressman wilson, use d term the /*s like safeguarding the american people. he also wants to lead the international community in responding to the threat. what does that response look like? because we know north korea has an arsenal of weapons and are sanctions working? >> well, first of all, let's recognize that the united states
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has the strongst military in this world. it is an extraordinary group of people. i get upset when a certain presidential candidate demeans the american military. i'm on the armed services committee. mr. wilson is also. while we may find that there is some differences in how we approach it, there is no doubt that the american military is the strongest and the best ever. and they are also strong and present in south korea. how do we go forward with north korea? it is a very difficult situation. it's one that bill clinton dealt with, george w. bush dealt with and obama dealt with. we are not success fful if we cannot stay with it. we cannot work alone. we have to work with the other countries threatened by the current as well as the potential nuclear weapons of the future.
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and so that's what the president is talking about with diplomacy and working with others. we did the tour and then there is some indication it continued to secretly continue development. >> i wish we had more time and would be able to have you back to talk about iran. in the meantime, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. as americans remember the victims of 9/11, chris wallace interviews the man peaked with keeping our homeland safe. check your local listings for air time. just into the fox news newsroom. mike pence firing back at
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democratsic presidential candidate hillary clinton when she called trump supporters, quote, baskets of deplorables. pence fired back in his speech at the value voters summit. >> at a big fund-raiser in new york city, the millions of americans that are supporting of my running mate were described in the most deplorable terms. it's extraordinary to think of it. they are not a basket of anything. they are americans and they deserve your aren't. >> that was mike pence. donald trump fired back at clinton earlier today calling clinton's comments, quote, so insulting. more on this with daniel hopper of the new york post. coming up after the break. and speaking of what is coming up after the break, you talk about being cool under two
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minu minutes. plus, we're getting a look at the numbers that vice presidential mike pence leases with his tax returns. they may survive you. and we have fiery comments from donald trump. >> the only thing she's done well, and she'll go down in history for it, i have to admit, is getting out of trouble with the e-mails. that's the single greatest achievement of hillary clinton. i'm terrible at golf.
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that's why we want to make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all we should fit into your life. not the other way around. it was a dangerous and terrifying notes for folks in illinois as four confirmed tornadoes ripped through the area. police say no one was hurt but at least one farm was leveled and several buildings damaged as the twisters touched down just before dark in champlain, vermillion and clark county. and as brian llenas reported
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earlier, the clinton campaign is frantically trying to change their assertion that half of donald trump supporters are racist haters. but clinton said it twice on camera back-to-back days. take a listen. >> to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of trump's supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. right? the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic, you name it. i say you can take trump supporters and put them in two big baskets. they are the deplorables, the racists and the haters. >> the clinton campaign is trying to spin her comments saying she's only talking about half of the people who show up to trump's events, not half of the people who plan to vote for trump. let's bring in daniel hopper for
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th. wow. the clinton campaign seems to be walking this back pretty quick. >> yeah, look. if you take the numbers, you can estimate 100 million voters and donald trump is polling at 40%, so half of that is 20 million voters, so it's one thing to go after donald trump and call him a racist, which she has done publicly. it's another thing to say 20 million americans are racist and that is where the problem comes in. take a look at the graphic and where her speaking is at the elite fund-raiser knocking americans. in front of it, it says stronger together. the problem is it contradicts her central message in her campaign. i think that is where the issue comes in. >> we'll get into the weeds here. hillary clinton is the most scripted candidate we have seen in a very long time. she's the most controlled candidate we have seen in a very long time. many will tell you on the stump and as she tries to ad-lib through things, it always ends
9:28 am
in disaster. mostly in a disaster. so this line was vetted. did nobody in clinton world go, maybe we don't want to call 20 million americans racist? >> i think they just didn't really think about the implications of calling the supporters, again, she gave a big speech calling donald trump and some of his top advisers and top supporters at racist. that's one thing. you are talking about a couple people, you can say, i want to bring american people together against the forces. it may not be good tactics or we may not be accurate, whatever. but talking to the people like this is where the problem comes in. and i think it is insulting to certain people and certain supporters. and perhaps, i think more importantly, electorally, politically, at this point it causes her to be on defense really at a time when she needs to be on offense. really at a time when donald trump seems to be gaining ground on her and gives donald trump a huge opening to try to run away with this. >> you said that donald trump is gaining ground. if you look at the polls, whether it be state by state
9:29 am
where it matters in the electoral college, he's gaining in polls like ohio and florida. you also look at the polling nationwide. he's definitely closed the gap since august when it looked like this was going to be a landslide. the question is, are the best pollsters in the world worried about it? or do they get nervous internally? >> last week hillary clinton addressed -- she addressed the press four times, i think, the last time being on friday afternoon 5:00. she tried to look presidential after her meeting with national security advisors. and only does that if she thinks she's losing or needs to change the message. if she wants to be out there, i think it's a defensive maneuver they are going on offense this early sets them back and overshadows all the gains they had and gives and opening to donald trump. >> "the washington post" headline, dems wonder and worry why isn't clinton far ahead of
9:30 am
trump? and also this tweet from eric trump on the other side of this issue, eric trump posting a picture of one of his father's rallies. we don't have the picture, but it was a picture of a huge rally with tens of thousands of people in an arena with a #lookatallthesedeplorables. that's not the message to send when you say we're all stronger together. >> and if you listen to more of her message, she called them irredeemable. that is worse than deplorable. it is one thing to be deplorable, you can be redeemed and coming back. but she's writing off a quarter of the electorate at least. that's the problem. and she's tried, it's weird, because it so contradicts her message. the last few weeks she's been trying to say this guy is so divisive and a bomb thrower. we need somebody that everybody can get behind. and then she goes after this number of people, that is again the problem here. >> and now they are trying to spin it.
9:31 am
we'll see if that sticks. daniel, thank you for the time. appreciate it. liz? great interview. still ahead, both campaigns are waging war in southern battleground states, why every vote is up for grabs in virginia this november. remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right. we are all in for our customers. ♪ [engine revs] ♪
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indiana governor mike pence earned small potatoes compared to the net worth of his running mate donald trump. pence released ten years of tax returns yesterday. the problem is, will donald trump follow after? he didn't take very long, did he, gary? >> no, he did not. donald trump did not pick mike pence for his money. over the past month pence released the talk about his documents. between 2006 and 2014, the
9:36 am
former governor of indiana earned a relatively modest average of $160,000 a year. and went on to donation an average of 10% of his annual income to charity. well, now the trump campaign is trying to capitalize pence's tax returns by contrasting them to bill and hillary clinton. saying in a statement, these tax returns clearly show mike and karen pence have paid their taxes, supported worthy causes and, unlike the clintons, the pences have not profited from their years in but lick service. but the release of pence's tax returns races the issue of donald trump's tax returns, which he has not yet released and repeatedly dismissed the issue of any kind. explaining he can't release them until the irs completes the audit. this week he repeated that answer but then said he could treeless them immediately under one circumstance. >> nobody cares about it except some of the folks in the media. but just so you understand, i'm
9:37 am
under routine audit. when the awe audit, in the meantime, let her release her e-mails and i'll release my tax returns immediately. >> despite trump's insistence voters don't care about the latest issues, the latest fox poll say 60% say he's hiding something in his tax returns. and that pays into the record unfavorable numbers we're seeing for him. now what matters in what is yet to be seen is whether or not this will impact him come november with the voters. >> garrett tinney, thank you. both hillary clinton and donald trump have their sights set on virginia. a state which was until 2008 a republican stronghold in presidential elections. now virginia's 13 electoral votes are in play. here to weigh in on the campaign, tommy mcneill, sea
9:38 am
capital reporter in richmond, virginia. tommy, thank you for joining us. the more research we have done in virginia is fascinating. because like we mentioned, it had historically been a red state and then a blue state. and now this year it's up for grabs. i want to put up an emerson poll where we can see clinton is slightly ahead to some of the local polling, but if tropical storm was going to spend more than $2 million on ad campaigns, i'm curious about the groundwork from the candidates that we're going to see. >> donald trump is going to focus on jobs and the military community. virginia's a military state, especially in virginia beach, the hampton roads area. hillary clinton, secretary clinton is not gaining much ground in that area. so he's going to focus on that. in addition to that, where i think hillary clinton is losing ground is in southwest virginia. why? that's coal country.
9:39 am
and it's economically distressed. all though virginia is doing well when it comes to unemployment figures, those areas are really taking it on the chin. and the current administration is moving away from coal production. that area is looking for someone to solve their problems. so donald trump is turning to that group hoping that they'll move in his direction if they haven't already. >> is the spending time there? is she even trying to get that vote? or are you not seeing her presence there? >> to my knowledge, i have been to one hillary clinton event. i have been to two donald trump events. and whether it is mike pence or donald trump, they have made more attempts to grab virginia than hillary clinton has. senator tim kaine has been making his way through richmond, his home city. he's been making his way there. and i suspect we'll see them there more in the next few weeks. >> when we look at the grand scheme of things, some of the
9:40 am
swing states are very important, but this year more so than ever, arguably. is there other states that virginia mirrors? when we look at the electorate, what are the voters looking for? and does that -- do other states look like that as well? >> i think when you look at virginia, when you look at northern virginia, there's an ongoing joke northern virginia is its own state. you have northern virginia, central virginia and western virginia, southwest virginia. and you've got rural virginia. and when you look at it as a whole, that's a representation of the entire country. so if you are talking, if you want to know what the people are thinking, you want the gauge of what virginias are thinking. >> the state of virginia will be won or lost in the part of northern virginia. why is that? it's a small demographic and what do those voters want? >> north virginia is a democratic stronghold. without northern virginia, and in many instances, most
9:41 am
democrats probably wouldn't be able to hold virginia. i believe then president obama in 2008, he did several smart things. one, he came to virginia. two, he talked about using virginia as kind of an example of how he would run the entire country. three, you had tim kaine, jim webb and mark warner he was vetting as potential vice presidential candidates. in addition to that, he doubled down by making tim kaine the dnc chair. so he showed that he had some interest in virginia. and i think that is what got -- >> it paid off. >> i wish we had more time. tom mcneill, it is really interesting as we break down the states because there are nuances that are fascinating. and the candidates have to please the voters. thank you so much. we appreciate it. leland?
9:42 am
coming up, a judge rules an oil pipeline on sacred native american land can go ahead. so why is the government now saying not so fast? and you might say you want to see this. and this -- ♪ [ crowd noise ]
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at yes, that is an suv dangling off the side of a parking lot with one high-tension wire. it happened friday in austin, texas. when the driver reported his toyota 4 runner wouldn't stop when he tried to park it sending him over the side of the
9:47 am
building. the man somehow, i don't think we have video of this, but was able to escape uninjured into the parking garage. then the fire department came out to lower the suv to the ground. looks like elizabeth prann trying to park. >> well, you know. a native american tribe is losing its battle with the governme government. tensions are still very high. will carr is joining us with reaction from l.a. hi, will. >> reporter: hi, elizabeth. there have been tense moments between the native american tribe and the pipeline company recently. on friday there was a lot of back and forth. at first a federal judge gave the pipeline project the green light. then the government stepped in and the army and departments of justice and the interior suspended construction on part of the pipeline while the army reconsiders if the project
9:48 am
should move forward. the tribe called that a game changer in the decision coming after we saw and heard in audio clips you're about to hear a violent standoff just last week. >> we call them scare tactics. they're packing up and leaving. they're packing up and leaving. scare tactics. scare tactics. all of them. you all are scare tactics. >> the standing rock sioux tribe is considering this the latest battleground against climate change. the tribe says they will destroy ancient burial sites and they are vowing to stop construction on the 1200-mile pipeline. thousands have shown up to protest in recent days. on friday the governor call in the national guard to keep the protests from getting violent. >> i encourage everyone who demonstrates against the dakota
9:49 am
access pipeline project to do so in a respectful and lawful way. >> reporter: the oil company energy transfer partners has not responded to e-mails or calls for comment but has previously said the pipeline will create jobs, pump millions into the local economy and provide safe, reliable ways to transport oil across the region. now the government has asked the company to voluntarily stop construction on parts of the pipeline. at this point, elizabeth, it's unclear if that will actually happen. >> all right. will carr reporting live, thank you so much for updating us on that story. >> you get. coming up, the mars rover sends back new images of the red planet. it is the last stop before the rover moves on up to higher ground. ♪ is there life on mars (announcer vo) that's right, keep rockin'.
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one of the hottest new phones out there may be too hot to handle. the faa says the samsung galaxy note 7 shouldn't be taken on commercial airlines.
9:54 am
other agencies saying phone owners should power them down and stop using them all together because as you can see on your screen they can spontaneously come bust. a florida family said their phone over heated and destroyed the entire car. korea based samsung is voluntarily recalling 2.5 million of the devices with lithium batteries two weeks after the model was introduced. i know it was you -- your husband has one and he got a text message saying not so much. >> it says for your safety, samsung and the consumer product safety commission strongly urge you to immediately power down and stop using your samsung galaxy note 7. >> did he comply? >> absolutely not. absolutely not. >> and he's on an airplane a lot. >> correct. correct. >> all right. well, you know. >> but if you have one, you probably got that text message so i don't need to tell you that. >> there you go. all right. look at these stunning new photos of the red planet. nasa's curiosity, mars rover
9:55 am
snapped detailed images showing rocky terrain and hill formations. the pictures are from the rover's last stop after a month long tour of lower elevation before it moves to higher terrain. researchers hope to better understand how the current landscape was formed by exploring the topography. and this is interesting. there's actually two rovers on mars. one has been there for almost 11 years. and curiosity has been there for about three. >> also a nice place to go hiking. >> they're getting their workout. >> out in utah or something like that. we're going to do our producers a favor and go to break early. you. still ahead, the brains behind the private clinton e-mail server and now they're preparing to testify before congress about those missing e-mails. we're going to talk to a key member of that house committee and this -- >> worsening. we've got details on how they plan to stop the spread of second mosquitos before the
9:56 am
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donald trump goes after hillary clinton for dissing millions of his supporters. americans she calls a, quote, basket of deplorables. we'll have the choice words from trump's running mate mike pence. plus, brand new hearings this coming week on hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. we'll talk to a top republican on the house oversight
10:00 am
committee, congressman ron desantis of florida. hillary clinton and donald trump are building long lists of retired generals. each supporting their campaign. we'll ask one on either side why they think their candidate is best to handle our national security. welcome back for an hour two on this saturday. nice to be with you. i'm leland vittert. >> i'm elizabeth prann. donald trump taking a reprieve from the trail today. instead the republican presidential nominee will pay his respects to the late conservative icon phyllis shahly. at her funeral running mate mike pence made their case here in d.c. our own kristen fisher is there. what did governor pence say about clinton's most recent
10:01 am
comments including the term basket of deplorables that she said about trump supporters? >> well, liz, mike pence came out very hard against those remarks. he said that he hasn't heard that level of disdain for americans since then candidate barack obama in 2008 when he made those comments about americans clinging to their guns and religion. mike pence then went on to say that he believes that clinton's comments, lumping a big group of trump supporters into that so-called basket of deplorables should be denounced in the strongest possible terms. listen to this. >> so let me just say from the bottom of my heart, hillary, they are not a basket of anything. they are americans and they deserve your respect. >> now, after pence's remarks they actually played clinton's comments in their entirety up on the big screens here. she was booed.
10:02 am
the person speaking said sorry to play this to you right before lunch, so a lot of people here really outraged and anded by those remarks. >> yesterday we heard trump really stay away from some hot button issues like abortion or same-sex marriage. but are you seeing the same from pence? is he staying away from those issues? >> no. pence did not shy away from those issues. he especially talked at length about abortion. and he said that everyone on the republican ticket, the republican presidential ticket, is pro-life, especially donald trump. he said that if donald trump becomes president from the days of federal funding for planned parenthood are over, he also addressed one of the most important issues on the minds of many conservative christians that are here for the values voters summit and that is who will replace the late justice antonin scalia on the court. mike pence assured them today that trump would support someone that would continue scalia's legacy. >> we see mike pence today.
10:03 am
have we heard anything from trump? is he on the trail today? >> trump's not on the trail today. he's actually in st. louis to attend the funeral for the conservative icon phyllis schlafly. last night he was in the big battleground state of florida. he was in pensacola. he made some comments about iran that are getting a lot of attention today. you remember that recent incident in which -- several iranian votes harassed a big navy destyer. trump said if president those iranian boats would have been shot out of the water. listen to this. >> with iran, when they circle our beautiful destroyers with their little boats and they make gestures at our people that they shouldn't be allowed to make, they will be shot out of the water. okay? believe me. >> so the clinton campaign would say it's those kinds of comments
10:04 am
that prove that trump is unfit to be president, while trump supporters say it's that kind of strength that's exactly what they want to see in their next commander in chief. liz? >> kristen fisher reporting live. thank you so much. despite hillary clinton calling a full half of trump supporters, quote, deplorable, at two different events, her campaign is now spinning it to say she really didn't mean what she said. ryan innis live in new york with how her campaign is explaining those words since she has the day off. >> hillary clinton made a comment at a fund-raising event hosted by lgbt donors headlined by barbra streisand. a thousand people attended. she raised $6 million. now, listen to how she described half of the voters, trump supporter, as those who really feel let down by the government but listen to how she described the other half of trump
10:05 am
supporters while she was at this event. >> to just be grocery generalistic, you can put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. right? the racists, sexists, home m h o homophobic, you name it. >> now, #basketofdeplorables is the top trend on twitter in the u.s. the comments starting a twitter battle between both campaigns. clinton campaign spokesman defending her comments indicating they were referring to supporters who show up to trump rallies. not the overall voters for trump. nick tweeting, quote, obviously not everyone supporting trump is part of the alt-right but alt-right leaders are with trump. he further tweeted, and their
10:06 am
supporters appear to make up half his crowd when you observe the tone of his events. now, trump campaign manager kellyanne conway directly fired back, tweeting, quote, nick, it's simply untrue. come to an event. talk to real people who aren't donors, or better, have hillary apologize. the trump camp is using her comments to mean that she called millions of hardworking frustrated americans as deplorable. something that clinton camp is denying. leland? >> we've seen mike pence fire back about that. as you pointed out, a twitter war. give us a sense of this event, bryan. you had the huge blowup that happened over her deplorable comments and other newsworthy stuff there as well. >> right. well, you know, this was an eight to nine-point lead in the polls and now it is increasingly competitive race. two or three points now. her lead has narrowed. and she warned her supporters last night, not to get complacent. listen. >> there are only 60 days left
10:07 am
to make our case. and don't get complacent. don't see the latest outrageous offensive, inappropriate comment and think, well, he's done this time. >> perhaps she's taking her own advice. this week the campaign said they are shifting their strategy, one that is less about trump to instead concentrate more on clinton and what she can positively do for americans. some big speeches are lined up later this month. just about that. leland? >> bryan llenis, live in new york. thanks, bryan. >> no problem. after a long congressional recess the house oversight committee is coming backswinging on hillary clinton's e-mail use as secretary of state. the committee is on track to hold three hearings in six days on the issue. democrats say it's a partisan witch hunt before the election. though no minority committee member accepted our invitation to come on this show and
10:08 am
explain. we did get an acceptance from republican committee member such as congressman ron desantis. he degrees with the claims and he joins us from florida. thank you for joining us. i want to start with the headline wes learned this week that a second man involved with hillary clinton's personal server was given immunity. how does that affect your investigation going forward? >> well, it's interesting. as you read through the fbi reports, and of course they're riddled with redactions and things the fbi didn't give to us. one of the hearings is just simply to get to the bottom of that. but if you look through that there was a "new york times" story in early march of 2015 about the existence of this server. the next day or shortly thereafter the house ben gas zi committee issued subpoenas to platt river networks to preserve this information. a couple of weeks later you had technicians from platt river networks meet with cheryl mills, hillary's chief of staff at the state department, and her
10:09 am
attorney, doug kindle, and then the next day, two days later, the e-mails get bleached bit and wiped off the server. and so, yes, giving immunity but why did the fbi not drill deeper into that? that witness, according to the fbi files, claimed attorney/client privilege related to this conversation with cheryl mills and douglas kendall. he was not represented by them. i have no idea why they would have accepted that as a reason for him not to talk. if you give somebody immunity you would expect them to provide all the facts. >> okay. you have a busy couple of weeks coming up. you have three hearings scheduled. a lot of americans may be feeling fatigue from some of these hearings. what are you hehoping to learn? >> well, first of all, i think a lot of americans are also frustrated that people in the military, they know, people who have served in the government that had they handled top secret information the way secretary clinton did they would have lost
10:10 am
their careers and probably would have faced federal prosecution. it sticks in the craw of a lot of people and as somebody still in the navy reserve i have a lot of fellow navy folks who feel the rules are not being applied the same. i think that's important. i think what we want to find out is why is so much information being redacted. huge binder full of stuff. huge redactions. so that's not really -- not of this is classified. just redacted for other reasons. then we do need to get to the bottom of why was that server wiped clean mere weeks after a subpoena was issued to preserve the documents? i would just say if an individual out there was a subject of a subpoena from the congress or from the federal government and then a few weeks later they destroyed the documents that were requested, they would -- you would have a ton of bricks fall on them. >> okay. there is two sides of every story. we did invite your democratic colleagues to come on the show and they declined or they didn't want to appear.
10:11 am
so i do want to play or read a sound bite -- excuse me, read a quote from representative elijah cummings, he is one of your colleagues and he released in part just yesterday. this is the first time during my 20 years in congress that i have witnessed the oversight power of this committee used in such a transparently political manner to directly influence a presidential election. the committee has been using taxpayer dollars to target secretary clinton in an effort to damage her campaign for president. your response to that. >> well, i would say we're defending the institution. when you have subpoenas being issued from a congressional committee, in this case the benghazi committee, and mere weeks later you have that information that was ordered to be preserved, wiped forensically wiped off with a program bald bleach bit, that is concerning. and bottom line is the timeline is something that would raise suspicion in any other instance. and so i think mr. cummings, with all due respect to him,
10:12 am
he's being the good soldier to run interference for secretary clinton. for me i just want the law followed and i want people treated equally. it doesn't matter if you're secretary of state or e-1 in the navy. that's what really motivates me to get the truth to the american people. >> congressman desantis, i wish we had more time. come back after you have those hearings. >> thanks. >> leland? another syrian cease-fire takes effect monday night but it is a broken record to the syrian people living through five plus years of civil war. many saying there is no reason to think the latest cease-fire matters unless syria or russia -- and russia face real consequences if they break it. our john is live in mideast bureau with details on the accord. hi, john. >> hey, leland. broken record, that's a good way to describe it. other descriptions as far as this goes, turning point,
10:13 am
possible breakthrough. but again, it really comes down to whether both sides, sir syria's regime and the opposition forces adhere to this truce, adhere to this deal and are willing to hold their fire. we've seen in the past including in february a possible deal fall apart after only a few days. that said though, early this morning secretary of state john kerry and his counterpart russian foreign minister sergei lavrov announced the agreement in geneva. there are several main points. i'll go through this. the plan will begin with a cessation of hostilities. basically a truce to hold fire to start at sun down monday in syria. syria's government must stop its air and ground attacks on rebel held areas and russia will really ultimately ensure that syria president bashar al-assad adheres to this and assad has apparently said he is willing to comply. this deal would also require unrestricted humanitarian access
10:14 am
to aleppo and other besieged areas through demilitarized zones. if the truth holds, for seven days the u.s. and russia would begin an unprecedented joint military and intelligence operation combating isis and the al qaeda affiliate in syria, formally known as the nusra front. it's one of al qaeda's affiliates. one of the problems in the past was confusion over legitimate opposition forces that were included in the truce and extremist groups that were still really considered fair game for attacks by the u.s., by syria, and by russia. so while this agreement is being called a potential breakthrough, a possible turning point, leland, there's skepticism and concerns in washington over it that were raised and really delayed this agreement last night about the sharing of intelligence and military information between the u.s. and russia. and then ultimately again as
10:15 am
mentioned, this broken record aspect, doubt whether both sides will even adhere to it. we'll see this fall apart after only a few days. once again, by the way, fighting continued in parts of syria today. leland, back to you. >> the russians and iranians have not exactly proved to be honest partners as of late. john huddy, appreciate your time. thanks, john. >> sure. it's one of the five pillars of slam, the hodge, or pilgrimage to the holy city of mecca in saudi arabia. offering this amazing visual display of faith and humanity. more the 2 million worshippers are expected to begin their personal journey on saturday. earlier in the day, thousands gathered here at the city's grand mosque, home to the shrine, the muslim faith call on all abled bodies to make the hodge hajj at least once in their lifetime and retrace the steps of mohammed. the zika threat continues to
10:16 am
grow in miami beach as planes spray insect side. will congress finally act? and hillary clinton says she won't commit american troops to fight isis on the ground, but surprise, surprise, they're already there. two general, one backing clinton, the other backing donald trump, weigh in next. speaking to the election, will georgia break up the deep south sea of red this election? it is possible. we're going to talk to one atlanta-based political insider on the prospect of turning blue. start the interview with a firm handshake.
10:17 am
10:18 am
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10:20 am
assassinate president ronald reagan john hinckley jr. is on his way out of a psychiatric hospital for good. hinckley was found not guilty by reason of insanity and has since lived in a washington, d.c. treatment facility. president reagan and three others were injured in the shooting outside d.c. hotel in march of 1981. there was the fatal moment or what could have been a fatal moment. the judge ruled the 61-year-old hinckley was not a danger to himself or the public. he's already been spending 17
10:21 am
days a month at his mother's home in williamsburg, virginia. a story we've been following. mosquito sample in miami beach tested positive days after the senate voted down $1.1 billion measure to fund the zika fight. they sprayed ood round over the atlantic ocean and miami beach area. the next round is scheduled for 6:00 a.m. sunday morning. four mosquito samples have tested positive in miami beach, that's where tourists and locals usually pack the sandy coastline. it's causing a health and economic concern across that area. the latest sample is from the t miami beach. we know governor rick scott will be lobbying congress for additional funds next week right here in washington. a little history for you as we continue to look at
10:22 am
battleground states this election. the last time a democrat carried georgia in a presidential election was 1992. then arkansas governor bill clinton narrowly edged out republican president george h.w. bush. fast forward 24 years and the peach state is back in play. the most recent poll from the atlanta journal constitution shows hillary clinton up four points on donald trump. that was taken a few weeks ago though. let's bring in andrea gillispie at emory university in atlanta. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> do you think this poll rings true? >> i think it rings true for a couple of weeks ago. i think as the national polls have tightened, internal polling that's been done in georgia has likely shown the same type of tightening in the race. i would expect we're still going to see a race within the margin of error but we might see donald trump on top by a point or two. >> in politics as in most things in life you can just follow the
10:23 am
money and there's a lot of money from the clinton campaign heading into georgia. they must really think this is winnable. what's changed in georgia from '96, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012 when it was reliably republican. why the switch now? >> the clinton campaign has invested some money in the state at the urging of the state democratic party. some of this is actually a long-term game. so the democratic party of georgia is looking at changing demographics in the state and hoping that in the long term georgia becomes more competitive for democratic candidates. and thus they've been able to convince the clinton campaign to invest resources, personnel in the state. >> what are the demographics changing? how is georgia morphing? >> you have a state that's 30% african-american. in 2014 they comprised about 30% of the overall electorate. you also have a growing asian-american and latino population and these populations are also trending democratic
10:24 am
nationally. and in addition to that, you have urban whites who are coming in who may not be from the south and who may be inclined to vote democratic in elections. >> as we have said all along, elections are about turnout. to that end, does the clinton camp have any offices there? has trump opened offices to drive the rural vote there? >> in metro atlanta in particular, yes, both campaigns have opened offices in the state. i think it's notable that clinton opened her campaign offices in the heart of the african-american community. so she's definitely going to target that community with voting turnout and outreach. >> give us a sense as you're there on the ground, obviously in 2008 barack obama made a real push, he thought he could make a run at georgia because of the african-american community. he was the first african-american who would be elected president. is there that kind of excitement there among the african-american community in the deep south for hillary clinton presidency? >> so, definitely if you look at the primaries, african-americans
10:25 am
were much more inclined to support hillary clinton over bernie sanders. if we look at national polls and we look at focus groups there is still this concern that hillary clinton is not going to be able to generate the same type of enthusiasm that barack obama generated. in the next couple months she's going to have to redouble her efforts to reach out to african-americans both inside and outside churches i might add in order to be able to ensure that she gets the same type of robust turnout that barack obama got. >> quickly. you talked about african-american churches. we saw donald trump visit an african-american church last weekend. how do you think that played there inside georgia, inside some of the black churches across the state? >> frankly, i don't think it resonated particularly well within the state. the trump campaign has to cob tend with racial rhetoric, rhetoric perceived to be offensive by many african-americans and you can't marry offensive racial rhetoric with showing up at african-american venues and expect that that's going to turn around many african-american
10:26 am
voters. so donald trump in order to make a serious play for african-american voters is going to have to apologize for some of the comments that he's made. he's going to have to stop ruse using racial code words like law and order and he will have to provide a substantive track record about what he wants to do to improve the lives of african-americans beyond what he's done with respect to choice. >> we'll see what happens and how it affects the voter turnout there in georgia. professor, thanks for being with us. it's fascinating. >> the thank you very much. >> thank you, ma'am. liz? still ahead, pulling the plug on sanctuary cities. does money hold the key of ending the flow of illegal immigration? and they say you have to know your enemy to defeat them. retired generals are picking favorites in this hotly contested presidential campaign. >> and on monday we're going to where 88 -- 88 generals and admirals. i didn't even know there were that many. i think it wouldn't be that
10:27 am
many. on monday we're getting 22 more. >> earlier this week 95 retired generals and admirals endorsed me for president. and in the past 48 hours, another 15 have joined them. ugh. heartburn.
10:28 am
sorry ma'am. no burning here. try new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they don't taste chalky and work fast. mmmm. incredible. can i try? she doesn't have heartburn. new alka seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief.
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the november election is quickly becoming a military brass knuckle showdown to determine who will be the next commander in chief. retired jeps and admirals this week lining up behind their preferred candidate. so we're going to speak with both sides of the aisle. we'll begin with retired marine corps who is standing with hillary clinton. thank you so much for joining us, sir. >> thank you. >> first and foremost, i want to take a step back. we heard both candidates this week, and this list could be updated, trump had a list of about 88 former sick tear of state hillary clinton had a list of 95. i want to ask you about these
10:32 am
very respected voices getting involved in the political land skip. did it help or hurt the conversation? >> well, i would say as a general policy matter, first let me say to you, elizabeth and your husband darren, thank you for what you do for our mill tar and troops and uso. it's deeply shated thank you. >> as a general policy matter it would be preferable if retired admirals and generals didn't have to get involved in the national political campaigns. but that bridge was crossed when president ronald reagan was running against jimmy carter and he put together a long list of generals to talk about jimmy carter's, he thought weak positions on the fence. and it's been a staple of presidential politics ever since. i don't think we can cross that bridge back. as far as i'm concerned, i'm an independent. i'm not a registered democrat or republican, never have been. i vote for the person not the party. and i came to my decision independently and based on looking at the candidates and deciding who i thought would be the best commander in chief. >> what made you come to that
10:33 am
decision? what was the selling point? >> the selling point was a number of things. one, i think when it comes to national security and foreign policy we need to go back to what worked during the peak of the cold war and aftermath of the fall of the soviet union which was approaching it on a y bipartisan basis. old saying is that politics stops at the water's edge. i believe secretary clinton and senator kaine would go back to the bipartisan way of dealing with that with. i feel when you look at people that you want to promote to the highest positions you look for the best and fully qualified, you look at their experience, po performance, future potential. i do believe she's the best and fully qualified. >> do you trust her? are you please with the iran deal in light of what we're seeing in north korea? do you trust her as commander in chief, especially with what we've seen her do in the past and then considering we could have a threat going forward? we do have a threat going forward.
10:34 am
>> we certainly have a threat going forward. i would say in my mind the world today is more dangerous and more unstable than it was in the peak of the cold war where you had me deter rehns thrents that work. i think she's better equipped to deal with the complexities of the modern world. north korea, extremely dangerous situation. as a marine commander, commander of the 4th marine division. we had a key role for north korea. i've been to the dmz and seen the intelligence. there's a lot of steps we need to take. we might want to look at accelerating the deployment of the high altitude air defense missiles. we certainly uought to see chinese loopholes, selling tremendous amount of goods to north korea. north korea is still exporting raw minerals. they still have tens of thousands of north koreans working overseas putting money back. and then finally, you know, we could choke that down but you're dealing with an unpredictable, unstable, and paranoid leader
10:35 am
and they kill thousands of their people every year. so we've got to deal with them in a very clear and unambiguous way. we've got to focus on ensuring -- >> you think she can do that? >> absolutely. >> we don't have much time left. you said that you do trust her in that position. what is your response to critics who say, listen, the middle east is in more turmoil because of her policies and under barack obama? that's going to be more of the same. >> i don't agree with the premise of your question. i would say the middle east has been in turmoil for centuries. i think that if you talk to the current chairman of the choijoi chiefs of staff, he's been impeccable since a junior officer, objective, independent individual. we call him fighting joe. tough customer. he says we're making progress in the middle east. we've got to go the long steps and defeat isis. no question about it. and to do that we've got to close and destroy the enemy. and i think our military is prepared to do that and i think secretary clinton and senator
10:36 am
kaine are prepared to do that as well. >> excellent. thank you so much. >> quite welcome. glad to be here. yeah. >> leland has the other side of the aisle. >> good. >> for that other side one of those leading the charge for team trump retired army lieutenant general william boykin. he likes trump's plan to relax the rules of engagement on the battlefield. joining us from the voter values summit. a man often called a close combat legend with very good reason. general, we'll start with this. as you sort of gotten your support behind donald trump, how have you gotten over the issue that this is a man who has no military experience, no political experience, no foreign policy experience? >> well, first of all we don't have a choice of anyone that has military experience. certainly hillary doesn't. but i think more importantly, what we're looking for is someone that has been consistent in their belief that america's military has to be restored. our military is in, i think, in
10:37 am
rapid decline right now for a variety of reasons, budget cuts, social experiments, infringements on first amendment freedoms, hurts recruiting and retention. and donald trump has given us a very solid pledge that he understands the issues and will make a concerted and sincere effort with the advice and consent of his generals to restore military readiness. that's what we care about. >> he called the generals though rubble recently. do you agree with that comment? >> oh, look, there's no question in my mind what he was saying and i agree with him. i'm glad he said it. i have been saying that for quite a while. and what he's saying is that under the obama administration, the generals' advice has been ignored. the generals have been put in compromising positions, forcing them to support things that nobody below them, nobody in the military even believes these generals really endorse or support but they're compromised
10:38 am
as a result of having to support policies that are not in the best interest of our military or in the best interest of military readiness. the military's mission is a single purpose mission, to fight and win wars. that's all. >> jennifer griffen has done incredible reporting related to just the issue you talked about about readiness. planes not ready to fly. squadrons unable to fight if they need to. that's one part of being the commander in chief, getting the military ready to fight. the other part is actually being the commander in chief. take a listen to what donald trump said he wanted to do with respect to iran. >> by the way, with iran, when they circle our beautiful destroyers with their little boats and they make gestures at our people that they shouldn't be allowed to make, they will be shot out of the water. okay? believe me. >> as you know, sir, easy to start a war.
10:39 am
hard to end one. is this really a man who is ready to have his finger on the trigger? >> yeah, let me ask you, you know, do you think that that offends the majority of americans? americans want to be bin winners. we have not had a winning strategy so i think in terms of my response to that, look, we need to stop the iranians from doing what they're doing because they are humiliating america in the eyes of the rest of the world. i don't want to start a war and i don't think donald trump does at all but we can't -- >> if you start shooting at iranian boats who are obviously trying to provoke the american military, that gets us a lot closer to war, doesn't it? >> well, that's a calculation you have to make. but the question is, how long are we going to allow them, you know, and the russians as well, to provoke us before we're going to show the world, as ronald reagan did, that we're not going to accept this. we're not with this. remember the gulf incident where the libyans would come out and
10:40 am
chase our airplanes out near our carriers and ronald reagan said next time this happens, chase them to the hangar. that's when we shot down two libyan jets. i see the same thing now as being certainly one of the options with regards to what donald trump is talking about. we need to let them know that we're not playing. there's a new commander in chief in town, is the way i would approach it. >> we know that ronald reagan did that to the respect to the iran yansz and many credit that to having the iranian hostages release as he took office. general boykin, appreciate your time and your service as well. thank you. >> thank you. >> all the best. liz? after the break, a tragedy reignites in the bay over sanctuary cities. why one state blames the administration for an accident that cost lives. that update still ahead. basically prohibits our law enforcement agents from taking dangerous, potentially dangerous criminals off of our streets.
10:41 am
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costly are pairs are not keeping the bikers from the open road. 100 riders set off today on a 3,000-mile cross-country motorcycle race. the catch? the bikes are all vintage. each one is over a century old and a can cost upwards of $200,000, just to buy one? oh, my. i had to read that twice. that does not include restoration. >> we heard what you are doing and we will all have problem more or less in fixing the bikes and keeping them running but we can't explain why we are doing that. maybe we are -- >> the winner receive astrofy and serious bragging rights. again, 200,000 bucks. >> again, wear a helmet. all right. moving on.
10:46 am
congressional lawmakers frustrated with so-called sanctuary city policies that hinder immigration enforcement are finally speaking a language local politicians understand. money. fks national correspondent william tells us the feds are threatening to withhold a lot of money if the locals do not change their ways. >> i believe that there's a movement inside the administration to continue its current path of allowing people? this country illegally to are we main. >> louisiana's top cop is in the high profile battle with the justice department over sanctuary cities. a fight that escalated last week after this bus hit a fire truck, killing a chief. police charged the driver, dennis rodriguez, on duran illegal immigrant, with homicide and driving without a license. an offense he had been cited for multiple times. jeff landry claims new orleans sanctuary policy protected
10:47 am
rodriguez from being deported. >> basically prohibits our law enforcement agencies from taking dangerous, potentially dangerous criminals off of our streets. >> reporter: new orleans sanctuary policy was mandate bid the u.s. justice department in a 2011 consent decree. it says, police shall not investigate an individual's immigration status. shall not assist immigration enforcement, and they are not permitted to support any i.c.e. request or operation. problem is the department's own inspector general recently concluded that policy violates federal law which says, no city may prohibit or in any way restrict police from sending, receiving, or exchanging information with i.c.e. we asked attorney general loretta lynch about the conflict. >> we do not view that decree as advising the city in any way to disregard the immigration laws. >> reporter: while lynch didn't directly answer the question the inspector general did. concluding new orleans sanctuary policy and others like them are
10:48 am
illegal, forcing the d.o.j. to recently warn that sanctuary cities risk losing federal grant money if their cops are not allowed to cooperate with i.c.e. the top ten shank chew rare jurisdictions received $350 million in federal law enforcement grants in 201. despite the finding no one expects this administration to either crack down, that is likely up to the next president. in los angeles, fox news. coming up after the break, did president obama's martha's vineyard vacation affect the timing of a hostage rescue mission in afghanistan? we're going to have new details coming up. and unearthing a moment of joy beneath the rubble 16 days after a devastating earthquake. i thought i married an italian. did the ancestrydna to find out i'm only 16% italian.
10:49 am
so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about.
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10:52 am
we are learning more about a hostage rescue mission last month in afghanistan that failed to achieve its goal. operators from the navy zeal team 6 were just minutes from jumping out of their plane above afghanistan when the abort order game. they returned to base and tried that daring hostage rescue mission again the next night. it failed. multiple sources say those 24 hours allowed the taliban
10:53 am
terrorists to escape with their american hostage. a senior administration official pushes bachteling fox news the president approved the rescue mission quickly and we quote now. the president authorized this mission when it was presented to him with the careful review and recommendation of his national security team. soon after, the pentagon submitted their request. the american professor was kidnapped along with australian colleague near the campus the american university of afghanistan in kabul. sources say the s.e.a.l. team six group arrived in time. sources disagree on the reason for the abort. one side to discussion the national security council is relates to the notifying hostage's family before a rescue takes place. another source says disagreements about the quality of the intelligence led to the delay. after the abort the team returned to base and waited for the next night. this time they jumped, attacked the target, killed seven but did
10:54 am
not find the hostage. interviews with people on the ground indicated the hostage had been moved just hours before with one source personally briefed on the mission by those returning saying it had the team been allowed to jump and carry out the first mission the american professor might now be rescued. certainly this is not the end of that story. >> so fabulous reporting first and foremost but secondly you're saying that the delays are acknowledged but they're very different reasons? >> the delays by sources are acknowledged. the white house on the record won't comment about even if there was a delay and it goes to the issue of how many members of this special forces community feel like they're being micromanaged by the white house. on the other hand, one person's micromanaging is another man's change of command. >> thank you. and after the break -- >> this is big tex talking to you. >> howdy to you, sir. ahead, we're going to tell you about this statue and why you should care.
10:55 am
hello. i'm um pemmaraju. we're going to talk to lieutenant general jay againer, a trump supporter about their rue views on who can best lead on national supreme court. i p plus, 9/11 victims family can now saudi arabia and u.n. ambassador and john bolton ways in. all that and much more comes up at the of of the hour. don't miss it.
10:56 am
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10:59 am
m. in italy, sounds of life and amazing discovery. 16 days after a devastating earthquake killed 300 people, officers heard a faint meowing. they pulled him to safety and to an animal hospital where he is reported to be in critical condition. unbelievable stuff. a 96-size boot. he's quite large. >> beloved state symbol officials are making an exception to the phrase don't mess with texas. he's called big tex, 50-foot statue displayed at the texas stay fair who waves and occasionally talks. organizers are redoing his traditional outfit adding a memorial blue and yellow ribbons to honor police officers killed in july. noteworthy, the nfl said no when the dallas cowboys wanted to
11:00 am
have the same kind of ribbon on cowboys helmets. >> i didn't know that the interesting. that's it for us here in washington. america's election headquarters continues from new york. great to be with you. . and this is a foksz news alert. hillary clinton is facing a major backlash from republicans after opening up is a new and biting line of attack against opponent donald trump and his supporters. welcome to a brand new hour of america's election headquarters. i'm uma pemmaraju. the democratic nominee firing up the trump base with this. >> to just be grocessly general h istic you can put half of trump supporters of what i call the basket of deplorables. right? the racist, sexist,


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