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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 1, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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election, "special report" sunday 8:00 p.m. don't miss that. "on the record" with brit hume starts in four seconds. ♪ ♪ thanks for watching. have a great weekend. i'm megyn kelly and this is "the kelly file". tonight, the clintons have a disstarted past. we'll be the very bright and clean future. >> donald trump continues to call out hillary clinton for her long history of corruption. newt gingrich is here. plus while the clinton campaign try to paint trump as a sexist, tonight you'll meet three women ho w who say that is a flat out lie. >> and they're hammering the mainstream media for their biassed coverage. governor mike huckabee and sheriff david clark respond. all of that plus campaign manager kellyanne conway and the
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fives are all here. "hannity" starts right here welcome to the a special edition of "hannity" road to the white house. donald trump continue to hammer hillary clinton for her long history of corruption and scandal. watch this. >> the american people have had it with years and decades of clinton corruption and scandal. corruption and scandal. and impeachment for lying. impeachment for lying. remember that? impeach. they're tired of the lies, they're tired of the trivial politics, talked down to and looked down upon and treated like second class citizens and they're phenomenal people. you have phenomenal people. the clintons are the sordid past. we will be the very bright a >> here now is former speaker of
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the house, fox news contributor newt gingrich. i'm getting different feels from people, especially as it relates to the alicia machado issue. should trump go back to the main focus which is the economy, corruption and scandal like he's just doing this and stay off of any of the side issues that hillary is trying to drag him into in. >> i've been trying to think about his style. as you know, i'm very fond of him. i've worked hard and i think it's vital for the country that he win and that hillary clinton be defeatedds of syrian refugee.
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the big issues he's going to win in a landslide. but if he stays down in the mud, the clintons are the best mudders i've ever seen and they'd be perfectly day misthe
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because they know how to survive in mud. >> it's interesting to point out. as we've seen -- i guess it is frustrating on a lot of levels because the clintons have all of the bimbo eruptions, all of the smearing of women, all of the money from saudi arabia and countries that mistreat women, kill gays and lesbians. the double standard is frus tra frustrating. he's the candidate. that's something i would say or you would say, i the tack show house and you the former speaker. >> he has to present to the country for the next 39 days a methodical strong clear vision of making america great again to use his own slogan and he needs to spend a lot more time preparing for this next debate. because he only had lester holt in this last round. when you get somebody who is as opposed to him as he's going to
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have when they have that town meeting, anderson cooper the united states and that's very different than just being a candidate. >> in many ways he had done that, especially in the and whe
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think he's capable of being president. >> in other words will he make the adjustment. look, as far as i'm concerned,
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hillary, she shot every bullet in her attack gun against donald trump and he left a lot on the table, especially about e-mails and servers and lying and dishonesty and benghazi and obama kaye and iraq and syria and isis and vetting refugees and immigration and the wall. there's a lot left here for him to bring up.
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refrained the media and got to the topic i wanted to talk about, not the topic they wanted to talk about. >> you are one of the best debaters out there by far and i.d. led to a lot of success. you won an important primary in south carolina as a result of those debates. it is important -- for me, this is so substantive and the differences so profound. it is kind of sad on one level that if hillary can robotically memorize lines written by others and deliver them because she's been in politics, as you pointed out the other night, 46 years, not 30 years. that somehow that's viewed as presidential. and if somebody looks at that as sur purrful house, we'll ignore the vetting of shis, which their
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issues are deeper and profound. hillary is willing to gamble the lives, trump is not. but people would be more interested in the stylemedia, sn
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enormous margin right now. >> thanks mr. speaker. appreciate it. coming up next on the special e dit dition of "hannit" >> vote for mr. trump. he is the greatest man i have ever met. >> clinton campaign is trying to paint trump as sexist but our next guest says that's 100% not true. plus, donald trump continues to pound the campaign trail today. he was in the great state ofmy mu. we're going to play highlights and we'll speak with trump campaign manager kellyanne conway. that and much more straight ahead. before i had the shooting,
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i'm robert gray. now back to "hannity." he is the greatest man i have ever met. his heart is made of pure gold. he saved me in so many ways and changed my world. yes, he gave me a lot of gifts in my life, gift of compassion and showing my son how to pay it forward. but above that, if this man
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becomes president of the united states of america, he is going to give me the best gift ever, and that is i'll know that when i leave this world i won't be here to watch my son grow, but i'll know that he is going to grow up in a country that is safe. >> welcome back to the special edition of "hannity." that was melissa young in april giving a heartfelt endorsement of trump while she fights for her life. joining us now to explain, former trump international vice president is with us, former miss california usa and the woman you just heard from, former miss wisconsin melissa young. melissa, you're really fighting for your life even still. i had the honor of meeting you myself. >> yes, sir. >> tell us the story about you and donald trump and your health. >> yes, sir.
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you're correct. i am fighting for each and every day. and what happened was i stood on his stage when he owned the miss universe organization, i competed in the miss usa pageant in 2005. many years later i became ill and really in the darkest days of being sick in the hospital -- i have never told him this personally. but that morning the priest had come and read me my last rights. and that day an envelope was delivered to my room. it was handwritten by plch trump. when opened it was a letter saying to the bravest woman i know. she wanted me to keep fighting. and in that moment it sparked something in me that i realized like my purpose is to fight and i need to get up and fight. and he really sparked such a
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wonderful -- >> you have an 8-year-old little boy and your ulness, your doctors say -- >> i do. >> you're fighting every day for your life. what is the prognosis that they're telling you? >> right. correct. there is no cure for me. my heart is now in the condition of a 90-year-old woman. and since the message is coming from my brain, the part of my brain that controls my nervous system, all of the automatic functions that we don't think about, heart rate, blood pressure, all of those things, digestion which explains the tube i have here, that part of my brain shut off like a light switch. i cannot get a new heart because it will send the same message to a new heart. so i have a heart in the condition of a 90-year-old woman and i am fighting each day. and i just had a blood clot removed less than 48 hours ago from my chest and i'm here today
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because until my last breath i will use this voice to speak up to talk about who mr. trump really is. it is so important that this side of the story is told. >> let me go to you, carrie. >> he's the most wonderful man i have ever met. >> it's a deep story. you're in our thoughts and prayers. thank you for coming on. >> thank you for having me. >> carrie when you were under fire, and you were under heavy fire. i remember you told me at one point there was only two people in your universe that stood up for you as the world turned against you and one of them was donald trump. >> uh-huh. yeah, it's good to be with you sean. thank you for having me on. melissa is just such a woman of courage. she truly is amazing and her bravery is so inspiring. thank you, melissa. >> thank you, carrie.
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>> donald trump is one of the only people that stood up for me and defended me. i'm so tired of the nonsense and the attacks against him. they're so december trasperate they're going to go to all length to try and destroy this man. this is a smear campaign to distract people from the real issues. this is the type of man -- listen to melissa and her story, listen to my story. he defended any. he stood up for me. he didn't have to do that. he took every one of my personal -- >> he defended alicia machado. >> right. exactly. >> he said it's a very tough position. we're talking about beauty contests here. >> right. let's put it into context here. let's not forget, this is a beauty contest. a contest that hypes up how women look and part of it is walking on stage in a bikini and
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god forbid some women might need to shed a few pounds and some women might need to gain a few pounds. >> my doctor called me fat a few years ago and i started working out and i lost a few pounds. >> in 20 years you should come forward and say something about that. >> i'm going to call him out on national tv. >> you're in a different position because you work for donald trump and you worked on his biggest projects, one of -- you were vice president and you hear these attacks. what do you say to people because you know him. >> well, first and foremost, i want to say to people to listen to amazing inspiring women like melissa. i can relate. she's truly just a beautiful woman inside and out. but she's such an impactful inspiring woman. based on my experience, i worked at trump international from 2003
2:21 am
until 2007. i can tell you that he's a very tough businessman, but he's very fair. he gave women the same opportunities that he gave to men and you had to prove yourself. you had to work really, really hard. >> and carrie, when you compare how hillary and her husband treat women and the media doesn't cover it. and you know, i'm going to crucify jennifgennifer flowers monica lewinsky, a narcicisstic looney toon. that never gets covered by the media, paula jones et cetera. >> she spent over $100,000 bullying these women who didn't deserve it. if she's such an advocate of women and their rights and supporting women, why was she tearing these women down. she should have been believing their story, like she says we all should.
2:22 am
>> thank you for sharing your stories. melissa, you especially and all of you, you're in our thoughts and prayers and we wish you the very best every day and the best to your son also. we have highlights from donald trump's rally earlier tonight in michigan. his campaign manager kellyanne conway will join us next. first lady michelle obama has been trying to rally hillary clinton supporters. but what does she really think about her. more on this special edition of "hannity."
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well come back to the special edition of "hannity" road to the white house. earlier today the gop hopeful was in michigan and held a rally. here are some of those highlights. >> we're going to win the state of michigan. we're going to win the white
2:25 am
house and it's going to be an awfully good november th. that evening is going to be a celebration. it's time, by the way, to rebuild detroit. we're going to rebuild detroit. it's time to rebuild michigan and we're not letting them take your jobs out of michigan any longer. and it's time to rebuild the united states of america. we're going to do it, our country is going to be greater than ever before. we're going to be the smart country again. the people of this country are tired of the lies. they're tired of trivial politics. they're tired of being talked down to, looked down upon and treated like second class
2:26 am
citizens. this will finally be the year that the american people say enough is enough. >> and a brand-new national fox news poll just released today shows in a four-way matchup clinton and trump are neck in neck. there's a three-point difference in the margin of error. joining us now is kellyanne conway. good to see you. >> hi, sean. >> one of the things that newt said that i thought was pretty smart enlightening bright guy, i understand mr. trump's frustration with an abusively biassed media. they're never going to tell the story of the smearing, the slandering, the besmirching and the bimbo issues. there will always be a double standard. and what he's suggesting is that mr. trump subordinate his personal messages to the larger message, here are our differences on supreme court justic justices, on vetting ref agr itn
2:27 am
build a wall on obamacare. what do you think? >> i agree completely. hillary clinton cannot run on her record. she can be held accountable for the unremarkable record in the united states senate. there are three bills passed with her name on it. i know she sponsored other ones but ooh go and look at the information. she has a checkered record as secretary of state. so if you actually make a contrast between her views and yours, her vision and yours and you hold to account on women, sean, how many thousands of women have donald trump employed over his career. they've been compensated, they've been respected, they'll elevated throughout the ranks of the trump corporation, many of them. they occupy some of the highest level. >> we just had some of the women on that have either worked for him or that he's treated so nicely. it's a very different story that
2:28 am
the clintons will spin or the media will spin. >> as everyone knows, watch what i do, not what i say when it comes to how you treat people. and the point is that he has been very good to women throughout his life as a nonpolitician. secondly the clinton foundation takes money from all of these countries where women and girls are not treated with respect. they don't have basic rights. millions of dollars have gone to the clinton foundation. i think the frustration is all of the incomplete coverage. we don't hear anything about the five people who have taken immunity with connections to the fbi investigation of the e-mail scandal. cheryl mills took immunity an d acted as her own attorney. take the case, take the issues set to hillary clinton and you win. that's also why she didn't really talk about issues the other night when she got the mike phone. she got through that five or six point checklist of things she wanted to make sure she was going to say.
2:29 am
they're there to talk about issues and she's yelling squirrel and making a bill deal of it afterward. >> at the end of the day i think people are going to look at, okay, the economy is not good, 12 million more americans on food stamps, 8 million more in poverty, the worst recovery since the '40s, lowest how many ownership late, that is huge. and then if you look her record in benghazi, syria, iraq, afghanistan, supporting the muslim brotherhood in egypt, china's ak biggss, north korea's nuclear ambitions, nothing has been solved. that was a good point that donald trump made the other night at the debate. it seems that the media wants to stay focused on the former miss whatever that threatened to kill the judge. that lady. >> and sean, look, when donald trump did say at the moment, a
2:30 am
very strong moment for him and something that won't change between now and november 8th. who represents the past, who represents the future? who represents change and who represents more of the same. if you're one of the 70% of americans who tells pollsters you want to take this country in a new and different direction, your choice is clear. i'm struck by your new fox poll that the ballot is still tight. if you listen to the pundits about monday night, she should be at 8 2% and she's not. she's still well below 50%. because people already know. her their mind about her representing the status quo and having a checkered and underwhelming record, that doesn't change during a debate. the other thing that struck me on the attributes and who can
2:31 am
handle the positions better. these two nominees are tied. most of those in your poll, they're within the margin of error or close to it. this is a real contest. we have a lot of day to go. she practices for a moment. donald trump is out there on the strump. today in michigan, people stand in the pouring rain for hours to get into his rally and then he talked about her globalists policies and the fact he's got a patriotic message to make america great again. it will come down to that again. >> i agree with that. i know you're working hard. as always, thanks for taking time to be with us. coming up, michelle obama has been hitting the campaign trail for hillary clinton in recent days but you might remember this. >> and my view is that if you can't run your own house, you certainly can't run the white house. can't do it. >> ouch. back in 2007. well a lot of people one,
2:32 am
including myself that was michelle obama taking a shot at hillary clinton. later tonight, sheriff david clark, former governor of arkansas, mike huckabee is here to react to the liberal media's bias and the bad treatment of the trump campaign as we continue on this special edition of "hannity." ♪ before it became a medicine, it was an idea. an inspiration. a wild "what-if." so scientists went to work. they examined 87 different protein structures. had 12 years of setbacks and breakthroughs,
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2:38 am
their lives. hillary has spent her entire life bringing people together because she beliefs every child has a chance to succeed. she believes in our kids and will fight for them every day. that's why i believe in her. >> now has michelle obama always thought this highly of hillary clinton? >> one of the important aspects of this race is role modelling what good families should look like. and my view is that if you can't run your own house, you certainly can't run the white house. can't do it. >> all right. joining us with reaction, fox news contributor and author of "putin's master plan" doug schoen and kimberly gill foil. i think it's clear to say if you
2:39 am
can't be in the white house because if you keep keep your own house. which michelle should we believe, the one then or now? >> irony. >> bimbo eruptions. >> unbelievable treating women abusively. and then this is somebody who people are supposed to look up to and admire. this is somebody who would put the oval for sale like they did with the clinton foundation. getting involved in businesses that have stay sponsored of sharia and countries that commit silenie violence against gays and minors. >> on first glance i know as a political strategist you would probably say stay focused op the issues. >> absolutely. >> here's the problem for the clintons. every time they think they're scoring on the issue, it boomerangs back because now
2:40 am
paula jones is talking, now we bring up saw day arabia and mistreatment and the money they gave to the clintons. >> i was one of bill clinton's closest advisers in the white house during the lewinsky scandal. people care about their lives. you and i have talked about this. if donald trump wants to run against alicia machado and not hillary clinton, i can tell you whatever your feelings about the secretary of state, she will be our next president. and i can say for those who want donald trump to be president, talk about the economy, talk about corruption and change most of all and get off of this stuff because it doesn't help donald trump. >> isn't it the type of thing that people like i would bring up, as a talk show host or kimberly gives her opinions
2:41 am
every day. isn't it more of what we would do to bring context to people rather than a candidate? >> absolutely. what you and kimberly talk about. and i'm happy to talk about it. but let me be clear -- >> on an opinion show. >> i'm not a journalist. they keep writing i'm a journalist. i keep telling them i am a talk host. >> but you're a strategist to understand that no matter what her vulnerabilities may be, if there's an election to be won you win it by talking about the issues that people care about. >> he pivots back. do you agree with that in. >> look. he's so strong on the economy and jobs, creating infrastructure, restoring safety in communities on national security, there's so many things that you can hit hillary on and the polling shows she's weak kneed when it comes to the e-mailing scandal. don't get distracted by the other issues. i get it.
2:42 am
he doesn't let anybody land a punch, always wanting to counter punch. >> let his team surrogates, the talk show hosts who have strong opinions like us and doug, we can give opinions on that. at least that would inform. i do believe there's an entire generation that don't know paula jones story. i mean exposing him, groping, fondling, grabbing, kissing against her will, al gaigs of rape and more importantly the smearing that took place afterward. >> my best advice is that the trump campaign should talk to millennials about the economy, the weak economy of barack obama and not get into these extraneous issues which really don't concern how people are going to vote. >> excellent advice. she doesn't have a strong economy to fall back on. >> she doesn't. >> good to see you both and appreciate you being here. coming up next on the special e dit of "hannity".
2:43 am
>> how dishonest are these people. unbelievable. >> donald trump calling out the mainstream media for their abusively biassed coverage. we'll check in with sheriff david clark and former governor mike huckabee. they are here next constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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welcome back to the special edition of "hannity" head to the white house. this week media has bng trashing donald trump and in return trump fires back. take a look. >> oh, is the media dishonest. how dishonest are these people. how dishonest. unbelievable. not all, not all, but a big big fat percentage. our campaign is taking on big business and big media and big donors. we're taking them on for you. the failed politicians and the arrogant media don't want me to talk about the crime and the violence that's happening in this country. we're trying to disrupt the collusion between the wealthy donors, the large corporations and the media executives who are among the most honest people anywhere that i have met. >> joining us now with reaction, former 2016 republican
2:49 am
presidential candidate mike huck booek as well as milwaukee sheriff, david clark. governor, you've dealt with a corrupt media, sheriff you've dealt with a corrupt media. it's all true. but as newt said earlier in the program, you've got to factor that in. it's just a reality that' never going to change, right, governor? >> that's exactly right. you wake up every day and the first thing you've got to do is look in the media and say, the media will never be my friend. donald trump has to understand they're never going to be for him, always going to be against him. but it doesn't hurt him with the people. most people don't have any faith with the media. they have the lowest approval rating than history. the people don't trust the media any more than they trust hillary. what he said in that clip he played, that was exactly how to play it. tie to media to the same frustrations that people have about the way this system is
2:50 am
rigged. don't dignify them. don't give them play place by giving too much attention to them because they don't deserve that kind of attention from him. >> and sheriff, look at the death and destruction in obama's home city of chicago. you know, there is something really radically wrong that a president will talk about cambridge, trayvon, ferguson and baltimore but ignore 3,000 shot this year, nearly 4,000 killed since he's been president in hiss own hometown and nobody in america knows their names. isn't that a media that goes with the president's narrative, ignoring real death and destruction, not telling the whole story? >> sure. they're covering for him. pay no attention they're coveri him. the liberal main stream media is dwindling into irrelevanty. these rags realize this is their last stand to have any influence over the american public as it
2:51 am
relates to presidential politics and donald trump, it's a thing of beauty, continues to play the employer strategy of mohammed ali rope a dope. the media is pounding away, throwing everything they've got like george foreman does and every once in a while, donald trump looks up, smiles, and says "is that all you've got"? donald trump is going to win this election and liberal main stream media are scared as hell. >> governor, that becomes a strategy for donald trump. there are deep, profound differences that will have a dramatic impact on this country bases on who gets elected from vetting refugees to lowering taxes to energy independence, to education. these are profound, deep
2:52 am
differences. to what extent does donald trump have to balance that agenda and point out the change he's offering versus dealing with falsehoods and attacks? >> well, i think he's got a focus on the differences that he and hillary clinton both bring. look. one of the things the president does is employ people and appoint people. who will hillary appoint to epa? what will they do to the fossil fuel industry? to the cost of a tank of gasoline and heating oil. of a cost of natural gas. that is going to be a huge difference. who is going to be a champion for people, getting manufacturing back that pay decent wages? who is going to protect the home of our country against people coming in who are not vetted? who is really going to enforce our immigration laws? those are the things that donald trump -- >> so comparing and contrasting of what the future will look
2:53 am
like under her and under him. that is key? >> i think it's absolutely the key. if he just continues to pound away at that, look. it's a very obvious that there is a difference between hillary clinton having used government as her own atm to take cash out doing favors for foreign governments who in turn gave money to the clinton foundation, corruption is rampant. in addition to dishonesty, it's the philosophical vent she comes with that could be devastating to this country and to the deplorable, and irredeemable people that she has no respect for. >> you're deplorable. we're all a basket of deplorables. sheriff, you're in the basket with us. >> yes. donald trump created a great vision for america and will make america great again. every american can see that and envision that. he's talking about defeating radical islamic terror and talking about reducing crime and
2:54 am
violence, but in the american ghetto, and talking about kick starting this economy to put people back to work, again. those are things that affect us here at ground level. i know the beltway, the bubble and beltway, those people disconnected the congress, the washington politicians, the media leaks. they're all disconnected but we know what we want and it's donald trump's vision for america. >> thank you both for being with us. when we come back we have a very-important question of the day. this special edition of "hannity" continues, straight ahead. i had so many thoughts once i left the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my wife... ...what we're building together... ...and could this happen again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? i spoke to my doctor and she told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots test test test test test test test test test test
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time for our question of the day. should hillary clinton apologize to her husband's accusers? why? for the way she treated them and her surrogates treated them. go to sean hannity and let us know what you think. we'll be [national anthem] ♪
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[national anthem] ♪ ♪ ♪ good morning to you. it is saturday, october 11th. wow, it is october already, 2016. i'm abby huntsman. fallout from the first debate as donald trump has one question for hillary clinton. >> can you promise that not one of the five people who were granted criminal immunity will ever be allowed to serve in a clinton administration? >> wow, complete coverage of the presidential race and where it stands. that is straight ahead. >> and out of the campaign trail, hillary clinton begs for millennials to vote fo


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