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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  October 19, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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already. >> there is carl cameron. >> we're excited to be there in just 20 days as we continue our coverage here from las vegas. stand by. >> fox news alert for you now. the third and final presidential debate is in the books and the debate went heavy on the issues and policy early on. the question, will it have any impact on the polls? what about accusations that this election is rigged? good evening, everybody. i'm megyn kelly. >> i'm bret baier. i was a fiery debate from the moment it started that hillary clinton and donald trump walked on the stage. body language was clear.
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they did not shake hands. they remained on opposite sides of the stage. they witnessed a 90-minute slug fest. the candidates hit each other on economy, debt control, foundations, wikileaks. >> women issue as well. the spin room is buzzing. first, to the issue that dominated the deadlines. mr. trump's allegations that this election is rigged. tonight he was asked directly if he will trust in the american electoral system, no matter what the result is, on november 8th. watch. >> you've been warning at rallies that this election is rigged and that hillary clinton is in the process of trying to steal it if you. now, i want to ask you tonight, do you make the commitment that you will, absolutely, sir,
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accept the results of the election. >> i'll look at it at the time. >> sir, there is a tradition in this country, one of the prides of the country is peaceful transition of power and no matter how hard-fought a campaign is, that at the end of the campaign, the loser concedes to the winner. are you saying you're not prepared to adhere to that principle? >> i'll keep you in suspense. >> that is horrifying. that is how donald thinks. >> bill burton is with us and so is former reagan education secretary bill bennett. we begin with jason miller. >> no one conceded an election.
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nobody wants an al gore. concedes and then unconcedes. >> in the conceding. will you accept the results? win or lose? >> he was looking to put those who might want to commit voter fraud on notice, that we're going to make sure we have honest and fair elections, that is what he is doing. >> he wants to make sure we have honest, and fair elections. it's leverage. that is what mr. trump is saying. >> against whom? >> those who would commit voter fraud. >> how will he exercise that leverage if he's displeased with the results? >> you want to go make sure the people know they're going to be watching and make sure the election is certified and conducted honestly and then, we'll address it after that. here is the thing. we're going to win this election. we believe tonight was a great shot in the arm for the campaign.
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with three weeks to go, the energy heading into the election, we feel good. this is easily his best performance. really took hillary to task on her failed record. she had no answers for her role on destroying the middle east and on the clinton foundation and her campaign's role in inciting violence within our rallies and events. mr. trump laid out his man for how to make america great again. >> at this point, it's adding more people. adding independents and did -- disaffected republicans. i had a senior telling my, not accepting the election is like napalm for independents that were leaning toward you. >> i think the count story looking for a good leader and mr. trump is making the case for why he is that leader. i understand democrats, their heads are exploding tonight. they want to go about this
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because their candidate did poorly in the debate. hillary did poorly. mr. trump, fantastic. so look. we think mr. trump did great. >> why did he say he doesn't know any of those accusers? we know he does. >> well, all of these accusations, 100% false. there hasn't been evidence. >> there has been. evidence would be a testimonial by somebody who heard the story at the time. "people" magazine presented witnesses that say they told them the story 10 years ago. >> the butler said it didn't happen. >> the butler was in the with them in that room the entire time. he walked into the room, he didn't see anything. that doesn't disprove anything. >> these people didn't come out when mr. trump was running "the apprentice". they can't come forward when he announced. when he won the nomination. >> they came forward after he said he likes to grab them by the crotch and denied he'd done it. >> they came forward, with
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effort of swinging this election. >> jason, eric trump is speaking to eric hummer. >> he did a great job. he brought the case to her. he talked about many short comings, frankly, moderators won't talk about in the past he talked about tonight. i think he brought the case to her and how america has been bailing and left behind. it's left many citizens behind. and we need to get our country back. we need to get our deficit in control and we need to take education back. we have to stop the really bad trade deals that put our country at a huge disadvantage. we have to bring jobs back to our nation. >> what is the intention of not answering a question about a fair election in america this year? >> when you look at the main stream media, the way they've been covering this election, none of it has been fair. >> we do have bad things with wikileaks. you have a major campaign making fun of christians, making fun of
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evangelic evangelicals -- >> i understand the point you're making. the question is about whether or not the election is fair. what is the answer? >> i certainly with main stream media, i don't think the election is fair. you see voter fraud out there. there is no question voter fraud exists. there are dead people on the voter rolls and you have to take care of it. we're better than that as a society. you have to take care of it. my father will do that. >> thank you for your time, eric trump, thank you. bret, megyn back outside. >> want to resume on trump and the women. another thing he said is that he denied that he had ever suggested these women were not attractive enough. here is the denial tonight. and another sound byte therefore. listen. >> he said he could not have done those things to those women
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because they were not attractive enough for them to be assaulted. >> i did not say that. >> sir, her two minutes. >> i did not say that. >> he -- he -- >> look at her, look at her words. you tell me what you think. i don't think so. i don't think so. >> when you looked at that horrible woman last night you said "i don't think so". i was sitting with him on an airplane. and he went after me on the plane. yeah. i'm going to go after. believe me. she would not be my first choice. that i can tell you. >> these accusations are -- >> no. no. stay on that. he denied that he disparaged their looks when accused of harassing them. >> he was talking about their words, megyn. >> look at her? >> talking about her words. it's absolutely false.
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>> why did he say when you look at her, you saw her, you knew he i didn't do it. >> because it wasn't credible. >> you can tell from her face that it wasn't credible. >> people want to see the leader that is going to get country back on track. they're not talking about this, megyn. >> his attitudes towards women matter because he's struggling with them. my question is is that going to help him? he wants to win. why do anything to alienate the female voters? >> he's not alienating female voters. mr. trump laid out a reason to vote for him. i didn't see that from hillary clinton. hillary clinton attacked. she dodged and weaved. and more-liberal reporters said she couldn't answer questions. it was a fantastic debate
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performance. >> what did you think of chris wallace. >> chris did great. >> fair and balanced all the way around. >> you always know what you're going to get with chris. >> right. he treads both sides. >> one point targeted the clinton foundation and how donations have been spent. watch. >> i'd like to ask you right now, why don't you give back the money you've taken from certain groups of people that treat certain people so horribly. you look at the people of haiti. i want to tell you they hate the clintons. because what happened in haiti with the clinton foundation is a disgrace. and you know it. and they know it. and everybody knows it. >> secretary clinton? >> very quickly, we, at the clinton foundation spend 90% of
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all of the money that is donated on behalf of programs of people around the world and in our own country. and i'm very proud of that. we have the highest rating from the watch dogs that follow the foundations and i'd be happy to compare what we do with the trump foundation which took money from other people and bought a six-foot portrait of donald. who does that? it was just astonishing. >> bill burton is a former white house deputy press secretary for president obama. bill, at that point, secretary clinton seemed to bid on her heels whether she's going to answer the pay for play direct question by chris wallace. >> i don't think so. i think she's on good footing. the thing that republicans hate is that what it does is that it takes money from the rich and gives it to the poor. there is a problem with that on the republican side. >> no.
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not true. >> nobody financially benefited from it. it's gone to benefit of millions of people around the world. so i think hillary was on very solid footing on that question. the problem for donald trump is that he wanted to make hay with that question but headlines will be how he won't concede if he doesn't feel like the election goes the way it ought to go. >> we talked about that. that is going to be a lot of news in a lot of news organizations and it is a big moment in the debate. but the question i'm asking you is why not get to the answer pay for play? and why not spend all that time saying what the clinton foundation does on the percentages. she didn't answer the question. right? >> because there is no pay for play. when the money goes out to groups and individuals that are
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actually doing good, all over the world, they have made -- >> donors get the contracts. >> millions of people. >> all of the contracts have been fairly awarded. they go through a process within the different aid departments to make sure they're fairly awarded. the russian government decided there was an e-mail they wanted to release to try to influence this election doesn't mean there is pay to play. people need to remember the clintons do not benefit from the clinton foundation. the people who benefit are receiving the aid. the millions upon millions of dollars of aid the clintons bought to people around the world. it's a phenomenal organization. >> you have to canseed.
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and there are question that's were not addressed in this debate. >> there are questions, a lot of questions that were not addressed in this debate. there should have been questions about education. that is not a hot issue. donald trump wanted to talk about malik obama. i don't think anybody thought he saved his debate performance tonight. i think donald trump is like, meandering in this debate. >> inciting violence, it's disgusting what has come out. if you look at wikileaks, the way the other campaign talks about other americans now, it's evangelicals, then, african americans, then needy hispanics.
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all these things have come out. >> democrats are the lives you're trying to drove voter turn out down by going more and more negative. is this truth to that? >> we have tapes now that came out today or yesterday saying we're busing people in, we're breaking the law and we're not going to stop now. where is the outrage on that? high-level people committing fraud. where is the outrage? i don't see it. it's only outrageous if you're a conservative and you do something. >> i know you believe your father won tonight and i know you believe this was better than debate number 1, 24 days ago. what did you tell him to change tonight? >> i didn't tell him to change anything. he hasn't spent his life to be on a debate stage like a career politician. he spent his life creating jobs, building things, doing things to benefit american workers.
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he's learning. and imagine if he'd been doing this for his whole life, he's been the greatest politician in the history of the world. he's been speaking with real americans from day one. he's not talking at them, he's talking with them. he wants all americans, guess what? unlike hillary clinton who has got gotten rich being a politician, he hasn't. this is only a step down. he wants to make sure that all americans, all ethnicities and back grounds have the same opportunities to do what he's been able to do. >> donald trump junior, thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> megyn? >> bill, thank you. as you just heard there is a moment tonight when donald trump raised issue of how democratic operatives have been caught on tape. you heard donald trump junior taking credit for the riots. donna brazil, the current head of the dnc is with us next on that.
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>> wikileaks said horrible things about you, and boy, was he right. bernie sanders said you have bad judgment, you do. >> well, you should ask who bernie sanders is supporting, as he campaigned for me for
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president. >> our next guest believes donald trump did as well tonight as in the second debate but did he do enough to help them win in november? joining us now is bill bennett. >> democrat ownership is bad for education. i think trump did well. he knows the connection between the two, which is good. conventional wisdom is this horrible thing, and he'll wait until after the election to decide. there have been a lot of challenges. and al gore said he wanted a
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recount. so why not wait until the day after? that is ridiculous. and chris said he pushed trump hard on the nine women. okay. fine. he said now, i want to talk to you about bill clinton. that is not allegations. we know what happened. there is a hatred -- >> that is an affair. to separate out his affairs that he had from sexual assaults which he denies. >> yes. with a woman intern while president of the united states. >> i did not offer an excuse for it. just offering a distinction. >> in terms of nasty woman? is she nasty? yes. is she a woman? yes. >> what about the fbi documents?
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>> she didn't answer. you know what is interesting? he said hillary ordered these people to start the riots. and maybe democratic operatives did but she has no answer to that. on wikileaks she said the russians did it. did the russians make you say it? >> what did you think third term partial birth abortion? >> i thought it was very smart of him to go to partial birth abortion. she made the rhetorical point, i talked to women, and the response is we should talk to the babies that aren't born, but unfortunately, we cannot.
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>> she was talking about toddlers and gun life crowd. what about the babies in womb? >> and the numbers in terms of children aborted compared to toddler who's mess with guns are many, many times. >> over all perception, do you think it was his best debate, and do you think it changes dynamics? >> i don't know. unlike everybody else that comments. i don't know what the american people will do. i think issues are important ones and i think fundamental question is do you want change? i think most americans would say things aren't the way they should be. >> great to see you. >> thank you. >> did you win last night?
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>> huh? no. i took my wife to dinner. >> that is a win. >> win. nicely done. >> donald trump tonight defending his past comments on vladimir putin just as he assures americans that he does condemn hacia against americans. watch. >> no respect for this person. >> well, that is because he'd rather have a puppet as president. >> no puppet. no puppet. >> it's clear -- >> you're the puppet. >> it's cheer you're will owing to bounce the putin line, break up nato, do whatever he wants to do and you continue to get help from him because he has a very clear favorite in this race. >> do you condemn interference by russia in the american election? >> by russia or anybody else. >> do you condemn their interference? >> of course i condemn. i don't know putin.
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i never met putin. this is not my best friend. if the united states got along with russia. won't be so bad. putin has outsmarted her and obama at every step of the way. >> joining me now, co-host of i'll tell you what here on fox, on sunday, 5:00 p.m., chris stire walt and howie kurtz. >> you're a puppet. >> i know you are, but what am i? over all, your thoughts? >> not exactly lincoln douglas there. look. i think donald trump deftly spun away from barack obama and he said i didn't come up with the idea for the wall. you wanted the wall. don't blame me for the wall. i don't want to deport people. obama deported people. he was unburdening himself and
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showed political aptitude. that is good. unfortunately for him, he said the thing about the elections and that is going to blow up everything else. >> as -- howie, just looking now. "wall street journal." trump says he won't say if he'll accept election results. politico, i'll keep you in suspense, you name it. washington post, usa today, that is the headline. >> i know they went over this in debate prep. they've been saying no. no. we'll talk about the unfair media. until that moment i was typing, trump is having his strongest debate of the three. he is solid and going toe to toe with hillary clinton. she had difficulty on questions on partial birth abortions, wikileaks so forth. >> can you just explain why that
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is such a deal? >> what do you mean? >> student of electoral history. >> the french have had six republics in the time we have had one. keeping a republic is damned hard business. in the united states, i couldn't help but sit and think i watched these two people on screen, you're a puppet, you're a puppet, i thought about marines dead, and what sacrifices americans have made for all these times and at the center of all of it is the peaceful transference of executive power. that is the corner stone. a civilian controlled military that answers to a civilian commander in chief and peaceful transfer of power. >> what if there is voter fraud. >> he's losing by eight points. there ain't that much voter fraud. if the whole country was chicago
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there won't be enough voter fraud to do that. >> i'll keep you in suspense is the argument is too flippant for what we're talking about. >> it sounds sore loserish. fine to bash the media and go against the establishment. and hillary clinton had a good come back, including the funny line about the emmys. >> i thought you can see that this was a fox news fair and balanced debate for our critics. that doesn't mean a conservative debate. i means somebody who offers grit for the mill for both sides. who doesn't just pursue a d dogmatic, left wing, and that is good, you should tick off both sides, then, you know you're doing well. but what do you think? >> something to criticize chris wallace, it was masterful the
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way he crafted those questions and brought up topics when partial birth apportions or things we haven't seen. he would come back with a zinger for trump. i'm following him on twitter. and chris wallace, big winner tonight. >> great. he did great. final thoughts. did this move the needle? >> chris wallace is a stud duck, right? we'll take you to the farm. and 2, and 2, final thought is that this probably expects it will confirm to having hard core for they're making the right choice and doing the right thing. 20 days to go, trump needed to move the needle. he didn't change the dynamics of the race. they both played to their races.
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that is not going to reset the election. >> what he said. >> head of ap this, is how it reads. chris wallace worked hard to keep the debate substantive with tough questions to hillary clinton and donald trump. says a lot. charles krauthammer is a syndicated columnist and fox news contributor. charles, your thoughts on the debate? >> consensus is right that chris wallace is a big winner. that was the best moderator performance i have ever seen. he actually conducted a substantive debate, which i don't think anybody has been able to do in this cycle and did it in a way that allowed them to
8:32 pm
have long discussion was out interruption. as for candidates, trump had a really good night, but here, consensus is right. he blew it up by a totally wrong answer on accepting results. in some sense, i almost admire him for it. this was not a gaffe. you say something off the cuff and it's what you think, but it's wrong. you know that he had been coached on this. you know that his vice president said off course, we'll accept the result and campaign manager and daughter. you know he's convinced this is something you wants to take a stand on. this is political suicide. what is his path tonight? to stop the slide. the slide had to do with people who are grudgingly going over to
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clinton. who don't want to, who have held down for a year. but for three weeks said i can't have trump. this is his opportunity to show them. if they can change their views on trump, to make him less toxic and acceptable as president, and less radical, yes, they want a change agent. but they don't want a radical that will challenge foundations of the republic. you're going to change washington etc. but you don't challenge the legitimacy of an election and holdup the prospect of actual nonacceptance. and when he did that, i think it was a terrible mistake. >> this was donald trump channelling chris bannum.
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>> until that, i thought he was winning the debate. this is the first time he's won on points. on logic, being able to make a case, bringing up stuff. and he has had a lot of new material. much ignored by the main stream media over the last three weeks and he got a lot of it in there. especially when bringing up the wikileaks stuff. she walked into a trap saying he encouraged violence at his campaign. a terrible mistake because the obvious answer is how can you say that? it was instigated by your own people. he was nimble and relaxed. in the beginning he was so soft spoken i thought he should have had a drug test. there were a lot of interjections i thought were bad and sort of diminished him on the temperament issue. until then, i think he could have walked away with a win. unfortunately, as you read, all of these headlines, that is not
8:35 pm
how it's going to be seen. nobody remembers -- >> sorry go ahead. >> it's interesting this process started with donald trump and that first debate in cleveland in august of last year. the very first question was raise your hand if you pledge, you know, just to not -- >> to support the nominee. >> right. and he didn't raise his hand. >> i thought that you're right. >> the same kind of thing. bill bennett is saying we're going to make too much of a deal out of this. he's saying i'm not going to make the decision until the election comes. >> i think you're right. it reminded me of that. he must have been thinking remember, he got booed. you asked a question and remember, he got booed by the audience. nonetheless, he began to shoot up in the polls. it did not cost him as most of
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us thought. i'm sure his calculation is that it's going to help him. i don't understand that, but i do think he said it out of conviction. he says i'm not a loser, so if he does lose it's gt to be something else. i think he's miss calculated here and it will likely show. >> charles krauthammer, thank you. >> a new controversy two days ago, it became a major moment tonight when donald trump confronted hillary clinton over new allegations that democratic operatives potentially coordinating with the democratic national committee and clinton campaign paid agitators to incite violence at trump rallies. watch. >> if you look at what came out today, on the clips, where i was wondering what happened with my rally in chicago and other rallies we had such violence. she's the one that caused violence. they hired people.
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they paid them $1500 and they're on tape saying be violent. cause fights. do bad things. >> joining me now, donna brazil, thank you for being here. so people involved in that campaign to incite violence at the trump rallies had been provoked by the folks looking for a fight say that this was in direct coordination with hillary clinton's camp and with the dnc. he said this is how it works. the hillary campaign, the dnc. our group paid the group and that is the group that puts, quote, executes the expletive on the ground. >> that contact, first of all, that contract based on my knowledge, i became chair on july 28th. the contract allegedly being referred to was not signed until
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june 2016. i think all of that evidence is out there. when you're having a convicted criminal, sneaking around your office with imposters that are trying to grab -- >> are you he said he stopped at videos as before, gu again, going back to so called contract that you mentioned, bob's contract according to the records i was able to pull at dnc was not signed until june, 2016. >> just to get viewers up to speed -- >> i'll just tell viewers who we are talking about. one second, donna. i want to get viewers up to speed. bob creamer was the head of democracy partners. this is one of the groups that committed these acts. he's the man at the white house 342 times and met personally
8:39 pm
according to records with president obama in some fashion over 40 times. he's been dismissed but he's saying there was coordination with the dnc and this is a very well-connected man. he's a convicted felon for fraud this, is not an honest person. yet, you were working closely with him, the dnc. >> well, bob kramer, i went back to the dnc the other day when this came up after we learned we had a trespasser, a convicted criminal, sneaking around our office, posing as an intern, and i asked for the records of mobilized to be produced. bob, this is -- bob contracts with mobilized his group was signed in june to help us with building rallies across the country, meaning democratic rallies. so, what mr. trump was referring
8:40 pm
to, i'm sure it will, you'll see the result, that was something that happened months ago, and i have no evidence and no knowledge of that. mr. creamer stepped aside. he did not want to be a distraction that he is at this point. i just witnessed the third debate. i went to all three and i thought hillary did a fantastic job. i thought not only on the mark in terms of substance, but donald trump had an opportunity tonight to tell the american people he would not allow any foreign government to undermine our political process. donald trump said in a democracy, voters can decide, he alone will make a decision whether or not he will accept the result. it's the citizens. it's the citizens. i feel strongly about it. you feel strongly about imposter walking into our office, trying to get staff people to owe do x and y and come up with this
8:41 pm
video. i feel strongly about the right of every citizen to vote, kelly of. i want to make sure every american has the right to vote on election day. >> i said nothing about my feelings. this is about a controversy erupting to the point i wasn't the one who fired these two staffers so they believe wrong doing. >> they stepped aside. >> whether obtained improperly or not, but no one, so far has come out to challenge legitimacy of the tapes put out by james o'keef. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> you say the tapes are falsified? mr. o'keef enjoys falsifying records. >> but in this indication? >> kelly, we're at a presidential debate. donald trump made ridiculous claims tonight. >> and now you're dodging. >> i don't play dodge ball,
8:42 pm
honey. i play basketball. he tried to score on misinformation. he's trying to score on information obtained illegally. >> you say you play straight up, but very to ask you, because -- >> i do. >> you're accused of receiving a debate question whether a cnn town hall where they partnered with tv 1 that you had this question on march 12th, that verbatim, verbatim was provided by roland martin to cnn the next day. how did you get that question, donna? >> well, kelly, as i play straight up and with you, i did not receive any questions from cnn. >> where did you get it. >> what information women you provide me to allow me to see what you're talking about? >> you've got the wikileaks showing you messaging the
8:43 pm
clinton campaign at the marc march 13th cnn debate. >> as a christian woman, i understand persecution. your information is false. what you're -- well, for suggestive e-mails were stolen. you're interested and you're like a thief that wants to bring into the night the things that you found. i'm not -- >> donna. cnn's jake tapper said this was unethical. someone was unethically helping the clinton campaign. he said this is very, very upsetting. >> i love cnn. >> this is jake tapper. my understand is thatting the e-mails came from roland martin and said this is very upsetting and troubling. that is your old colleague at
8:44 pm
cnn not megyn kelly. who gave you that question? >> megyn, i'll say it on the record. i'm not going to try to validate falsified information. i have my documents. i have my files. thank god i have not had my personal e-mails ripped off from me and stolen and given to some criminals to come back altered. i have my records and files. and as i said repeatedly, cnn, i never received anything. if i had a blank paper that would be the end of this conversation. i never get documents from cnn. >> your e-mail said sometimes, you receive the questions in advance. cnn is saying roland martin gave them to you. and they were provided to hillary before that town hall. >> well, anybody who knows me
8:45 pm
and there are a number of your colleagues know me very well. i know how i play it. i know what i do before every debate and every show. until i do my home work, i communicate, i talk. but i can just once again let you know that as far as i know, that cnn has never provided me with questions, never, nada, sorry. >> in that e-mail, you offered the exact question one of the moderators then proposed the next day. >> so, my reference back to you, ma'am, with all respect and i respect you greatly -- >> and i respect you, too. >> the validity of those e-mails if i can only tell you one thing, as you know this episode is under criminal investigation. i can tell you a lot of those e-mails i would not give them the time of the day.
8:46 pm
i've seen so many doctored e-mails. i've seen things that have come from me at 2:00 in the morning. >> i understand that. i appreciate that. >> we have -- this has not been verifie verified. let me just tell you something. if there is anything i have, i will share it. i don't have a agenda to smear anybody. i do believe that you do a great job. >> all the best to you. >> go to russia. >> still ahead, hillary's supporter, mark cuban, and a must see after debate that was something else.
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welcome back to las vegas. immigration has been around donald trump tonight with both candidates exchanging attacks with the issue of a border wall. >> when it comes to a wall that donald talks about building. we had a meeting with mexico, didn't raise it, he choked. >> hillary clinton fought for a wall in 2006 or thereabouts. now, she never gets anything done, so naturally, the wall
8:51 pm
wasn't built. but hillary clinton wanted the wall. >> joined now by nick wall, no relation to the wall, attorney and donald trump supporter and mark cuban, billionaire and hillary clinton supporter. mark? >> he disowned american democracy he said he would not trust the outcome of the election. that blew the debate for him. i thought hillary clinton did well. she answered the question asked with depth and certainty. and it was on open book and she should have done it. >> what about that, david, about that moment that seems to be bleeding in the papers and online about not accepting or not getting the results of the election. >> you know, i think he wants to wait to see whether it's super close. could there be another bush v gore? could there be something akin to
8:52 pm
the hanging chads? i don't know. he's not willing to concede anything yet because that is the way he is. mark has probably the same character traits. >> no. >> somebody said, you accept something you don't know all of the information -- you don't do it. >> the american election. >> vladimir putin says the american election is rigged. you cannot trust the outcome of the presidential election. what do we say? >> do you know what i thought was powerful tonight? donald trump needs to get on e-mail saying you changed that. >> we're talking about the substance and the debate. every time -- >> talking about -- >> hold on. every time something wikileaks exposed was brought up, but oops there was a wikileaks sting she made to a bank saying her dream is open borders paradise. russia hacked e-mails.
8:53 pm
it's not a substantive response. >> you do see that moment is going to trump perhaps the good moments donald trump had. >> we don't know it. if russia did hack those e-mails they exposed things the american voter has the right to know. whether this corruption is taking place and whether hillary clinton says one thing to banks and voters that is important. >> meredith macgyver should release those e-mails for donald trump because the american people have a right to know. >> absolutely. >> mark? >> let me ask you. you know this electorate is hungry for authenticity and something different. it's this businessman approach. you would approach something. do you think that hillary clinton got across what she needed to get across on that, considering this electorate? >> she. >> is she going to convince a
8:54 pm
hard core trump voter? absolutely not. they knew the topics. she gave a complete answer. you knew where she stood. >> i heard you say steve bannonis the big winner. >> without question. >> when donald trump creates conspiracy theorys who benefits from that? it doesn't benefit his campaign. but november 9th, bretbart news is going to say we were there. we know what happened. >> there is no substance. >> the big winner is breitbart. >> i know -- >> he's a smart guy. >> can he change the map? the momentum? >> i think he can. this has been so volatile. five days from now, it can change 4, 5 points.
8:55 pm
trump could be back in it. three weeks from now is the election. i expect mark to pivot back to trump so we'll see. >> are you going to run in four years? >> no chance. >> eight years? >> no chance. >> maybe when i'm 93. >> mark, david, thank you. >> thanks, guys. >> we'll be right back. don't go away. want longer lasting heartburn relief? try...duo fusion duo fusion goes to work in seconds and lasts up to 12 hours. tums only lasts up to 3. for longer lasting one chewable tablet try duo fusion from the makers of zantac
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>> that wraps up our coverage of the post debate, the final debate in this election season. i will say this debate is about policy and it's about, you know, the back and forth for voters to make a decision. when chris introduced the debate, and said i'm chris wallace from fox news, i got some goosebumps because 20 years later to see that happen was a big moment for this channel. and we were all proud of chris and the work he did. >> amen. and it's been, you know, fox
8:59 pm
news is the number one most watched cable news channel of all, but a lot. they have not picked a fox news moderator besides that fact, ever. it's been a long, long, long primary debate season. >> very long. >> to see it culminate and see a colleague doing well, and even oprah winfrey is praising chris wallace. >> you have oprah on your side. >> we're excited in 20 days to have election coverage in a brand new studio and we have a lot to cover. >> all of the bells and whistles. you won't notice the brand new studio like i just like it better. they look better and sound better. give me another glass of wine. >> do you know where sean
9:00 pm
hannity is? in the pool. but he's got continuing coverage. >> he's the happiest man on television. >> take care. >> it was a very good night for donald trump. laura ingrahan and many others are here with reaction to tonight's debate and showdown and we'll have highlights of the big moments but first, right after the debate and candidates stepped off the stage we spoke with donald trump junior. take a look. >> joining us now is don trump junior. how


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