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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 24, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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was a real -- well, you know. no, just kidding. we love dana, who is really jasper's mom. you can see he's well-read, he's interesting and really is america's dog. go buy this book, express love for jasper and his mama. see you tomorrow. ♪ >> and this is a fox news alert. a bombshell new report by "the national enquirer" details how bill and hillary clinton allegedly utilized the services of a political fixer for over a decade. a story you only will here tonight on "hannity." you will hear from interested yana governor mike pence, trump campaign manager kellyanne conway. first, after a 16 month investigation, the national enquirer explains how the man they called mr. fix-it helped cover up the clinton scandals. this man's story is compelling, but the magazine alleges in 1994 it agreed to drop a story about bill clinton in exchange for
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special access to roger clinton's wedding featuring his pregnant girlfriend. the national enquire he wrote, quote, in vetting this story of almost two years of investigation, we were confident in the credibility of jeff roven after reviewing his handwritten diaries during the relevant time period, fax, memos to white house bearing date and time stamps, pay-off ledgers and independent verification of four other sources who confirm his involvement in the clinton operation. we did reach out to hillary clinton, her campaign, and former president bill clinton's office multiple times, and neither, shockingly, provided us with a statement. it is important to note that fox news cannot independently verify this story, but tonight for the first time ever this man's identity is being revealed. joining us now in a "hannity" exclusive is novelist and reported former clinton fixer jeff roven. how are you? >> sean. >> very nice to meet you.
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how did you meet the clintons? >> i've been interviewing celebrities since i was 19, and the editor of "the enquirer" at the time david parrell, a good friend of mine, said, hey, i have a bad story about somebody you just profiled in "ladies home journal." i said, if i can get you an interview, would you bury it? negotiations followed, but that began a decade's long career as what dylan howard, the current editor -- >> i did talk to dylan about your piece and i will get to that in a sec. a plot of people hear "national enquirer." let me put up a few stories that the "national enquirer" broke that were broke by them. they broke o.j. in the shows. they broke the john edwards love child scan ald, first the girlfriend and the picture of the baby.
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the story they broke also was jesse jackson's love child. the story "the national enquirer" broke fist and correctly world exclusive, the woman at the center of tiger woods' cheating scandal. then story they broke and correctly, gary hart asked me to ma marry him with photos. they went after conservatives, rush and some other stories. so people attack it because it is a tabloid, but they have a pretty good track record. >> david parrell, who ran the team's investigating most of those stories is a journalist's journalist. you may not like the material, but ironically it is so heavily vetted because it is so controversial, it is probably better vetted than most of the stories in other media. >> well, i went through with your editor everything that you had. you do have ledgers, you did have the faxes with the letterhead and the time stamps.
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the clintons know you. they're watching now. they know who you are. they know you fixed things for them. tell us about how you got in the business with them and what you did. >> i was fixing something, i really don't like that term but there it is. i was fixing something for an actor who was in their inner circle, and that was how i was engaged. now, it was that simple. i also as a ghost writer for tom clancy met generals and under secretaries, i knew where the back doors were in washington. so there were different ways to deal with things. >> you knew when bill clinton and hillary clinton went on "60 minutes" and they denied gennifer flowers, which eventually he admitted to in the starr report that he was lying. >> yeah, i thought it was going to be pretty easy when i first agreed to do it because you had paula jones, gennifer flowers. i figured, okay, we're done. we weren't. i would say that david parrell's
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files, and i know dylan and his team have their own files, but david's files were massive. i mean we're talking canterbury tales massive. the reason that i agreed to participate in this process now was not an easy decision because i don't like -- >> why did you? >> because dylan showed me the article. there were names in there that i didn't feel should be in there, friends of mine, confidential sources he didn't realize were confidential. i said to him, okay, i will participate provided i can compare your article to my journals, take out these names, and, most importantly, and this is going to have the auto of hypocrisy considering the article itself, i wanted to write an editorial condemning the salacious of reporting now. the "new york times" has been the "enquirer, and the
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"enquirer" has been the "new york times," so we have to set the world right side up again. >> your job was to hide the scandals. you're saying they had an open marriage. you're talking about hookers, you're talking about dirty trips, buying off journalist and much more. why don't you give us specifics? >> well, again, let me qualify that by saying these are dylan's words. one of the reasons i wanted to come on your show -- >> is there anything that's not true in what i said? >> no, no. one of the reasons i wanted to come on your show is to put things in a little let hyperbolic way perhaps. >> a little less sensational? >> yes. >> you don't think paying off people and having an open marriage -- >> to me it is not my business or anybody else's business. >> you're libertarian in terms of people's sexuality, it doesn't matter to you? >> my personal feelings were irrelevant in this. it was a matter of, look, when you're at the white house and turn a corner and there's the gilbert stuart picture of george
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washington on our money, when you walk in the rose garden with your wife, you get seduced. you want to protect the people helping you have that access. >> and that happened to you? >> to a degree, sure. i was only the periphery, can you imagine what happens -- >> how many times were you in the clinton white house? >> twice. i would say twice. >> okay. what about -- one of the big issues i think matters, hillary claims she is a champion of women's rights. you have -- i assume this came from you to harold dickeys, a t of redactions, about how to smear monica lewinsky. >> actually, that particular document came the other way around. >> it says to mr. ickeys from -- >> yeah, the from was one of the reporters we hired to dig into monica's story. that document -- >> and they were out to smear her in a major way as nuts, emotionally unstable, emotionally needy, all sorts of dirt. >> here is the irony of this. that document has been in the
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file of the tabloids for 20 years, because i was told, send this to your contacts, see if they can dig up more information. and i'm only glad that i got to apologize in person to monica. >> you did? >> yeah, i did. >> where? >> she became my neighbor in new york in one of those cosmic, karmic ironies. >> wow. you told her what you did and who paid you? >> well, i -- >> you say you never got paid. you never got paid? >> i never got paid for this, no. >> why would you be a fixer and not get paid? >> because i was working with people that were involved with them -- >> but you got money to pay off other people? >> correct. >> who gave you the money? >> not going to get into that. those were some of the names i wanted out of the original article. >> there were certain people that would give you money. were there ever threats if you either knock it off or wheel 'break your legs? >> no. it was -- >> not necessarily from you. i watch a lot of movies. >> yeah, yeah. well, i mean -- >> or was it all bribery? >> it was all bribery, but it was more --
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>> pay offs? >> yeah, because you have to -- >> and was there a -- sort of a threat, a subtle threat given? you're going to shut up now, anything like -- well, that's a fair question. >> no, it is absolutely a fair question. but the trick of the -- or the trickle up nature was the tabloid sources i would pay would then go to their sources who were invisible people like limo drivers, hotel clerks, wait staff, security guards who would see and hear things and tip them off. it went from that group to the reporters to me, and i had to make a decision about how to deal with it. most of the time it was just money, there never had to be any threats. >> what was your contact -- you're saying the clintons directly knew what you were doing? >> i spoke to hillary on two separate occasions about certain things. now -- >> can you say what they are? >> i would rather not at this
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point. >> this is a big part of the question though. >> yeah. >> this would be important. >> i spoke to her at the roger clinton wedding. >> where the "national enquirer" had exclusive access. >> yeah. >> boring down said it is not true. >> we had exclusive, complete access. i saw maureen filed a story in the "new york times" -- >> right. >> -- you have to remember every time i saw hillary, i was bringing bad news. the messenger got shot. >> did she have the infamous temper we read about? not with you? >> i wouldn't say there was a temper. there was a steeliness. >> a resolve to fix it? >> yeah. >> would she tell you specifically, you fix this? >> she said she wanted it fixed. >> i tell you what, we have to take a break. we will come back, and we'll have more. in is a pretty incredible story about coverups and, well, about a life of the clintons that they
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obviously don't want the american people to know. we will continue with jeff roven. he is known as a fixer, this is a "national enquirer" bees, and also coming up project veritas released a new video appearing that hillary clinton ordered a politics plan to try to damage donald trump. kellyanne conway here tonight. later donald trump's running mate, indiana governor mike pence here. that and more straight ahead on "hannity." or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions? your personal success takes a financial partner who values it as much as you do. learn more at
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>> i'm kelly wright. good evening. here is what is happening. early in-person voting is under way in the battleground state of florida. polls have shown a tight race in the state between hillary clinton and donald trump. a florida victory is critical to trump's hopes for capturing the
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270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency. early voting by mail has been under way for weeks with nearly 1.2 million floridians mailing in their ballots. u.s.-backed iraqi forces advancing into two villages near mosul on monday. a pentagon spokesman says fighting is getting more intense as they push closer to the isis-held city. the offensive is expected to last weeks, maybe months. mosul is still home to more than one million civilians. that's a look at news this hour. i'm kelly wright. back to "hannity." >> welcome back to "hannity" as we continue with novelist and reported former clinton fixer jeff rovin with us. smearing happened, money was paid, orders were given. you were to go out and damage the reputation of people like monica lewinsky? >> i didn't personally go out and damage it. >> part of an effort. >> but the -- it was a team
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effort, yeah. >> got it. this was an open marriage with the clintons? >> so it's been said. >> well, wait a minute. that's hedging way too much here. >> no, i mean -- >> that's what the piece says. >> look, if screaming is to be taken as validation, there were harsh words behind closed doors that we all heard. >> and their effort was to destroy monica lewinsky, destroy her? >> that was the original concept, and i have to say that as this proceeded, because the president kept insisting there was nothing there. and ultimately, again, this may sound strange, to his credit he's the one who put the kabosh on using any of this material. >> also claim that, in fact, hillary did in fact have a romantic relationship with vince foster. >> that -- you know, that was pretty much of an open secret, where in our circles and, you know, the order to intervene
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with the press for at least a half hour after he committed suicide -- >> will you let the media look at these ledgers, 24 years worth that i guess you handed over to dylan, the years worth of notes and calendars or the ten-year period, will you let the public, journalists see that? >> i would have to think about that. certainly -- >> the things that dylan saw that put this piece together? >> yeah. it required me to be there to interpret a lot of, you know, my shorthand. >> sure. >> but the fact that my dates lined up with his dates and his information was what was important. >> it is interesting, because one of the worries of the clinton campaign -- and we saw this in wikileaks and john podesta and in particular his relationship with this woman that the secret service has labelled the energizer and the subject line read julie, which is her real name, and saw her picture in the enquirer, podesta
10:17 pm
wrote to cheryl mills obtained by wikileaks, probably need to revisit the whitehaven conversation, that seems to corroborate. >> that's my point. "the enquirer" has its own independent resources. again, i have to stress i came forward primarily to protect the people that i worked with. >> what is this tape that "the enquirer" had that you came in and got and you traded off special access to roger's wedding, what is that? >> i was alerted to the fact that there was an audio tape from an answering machine involving -- in which the president's name was invoked, the liaison with a young woman was recommended or suggested, i forget which, and as soon as we found out about that we wanted it to be killed. it had been offered to "the enquirer." i called david parrell and he said, well, if you have something more news worthy we'll consider it.
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i went back to my people with that, and we decided the wedding was probably more news worthy. >> how much reporters were paid off to kill stories for the clintons? >> again -- >> that you know of. >> they were -- they were paid to soften the stories. >> or kill it. >> they eventually got out in diluted form, but we had i think five primary tabloid reporters, the enquirer, the star and the globe, that were watching out for everything that went on editorially. >> did anyone pay to get a story killed? >> pay? >> did you pay to get -- they're writing a story about you, could you go to them and say, i'll give you x dollars, kill the story? >> we'll find out tomorrow, but i don't think so. >> are these prominent? is it the "new york times," abc, cbs? >> no, no, no. >> these are tabloid reports. >> what would happen if we got winds from the tab loids, chances were good it would end up in one of the mainstream newspapers or magazines, we
10:19 pm
would contact one of the people and say, this isn't true, don't run it. >> final two questions. what do you want people to take out of this? in other words you say you're libertarian, you don't care about people's private life. this is pretty salacious stuff. what do you want people to take out of that? >> it is a stinking business, a rotten, stinking business. >> the clintons stink because they hire people like you to kill stories? >> no. >> or are they smart? >> it is absolutely necessary unfortunately. >> for them? >> for everyone. i mean if you've seen weiner you know what i'm talking about. >> right. >> the main appeal of this to me and the risks that i am taking professionally to do this, i don't know what's going to happen to the tv series based on my novels. they could die tomorrow. >> right. >> the important message to get out -- and you've said it yourself -- is the election is too important to focus on the salacious material.
10:20 pm
>> that raises my last question. who are you voting for? because obviously people are going to wonder. are doing this because you like donald trump? >> i'm not doing this for or against any candidate. i'm doing this hopefully to -- >> to level the playing field? >> level it, and i hope that this stuff is so unpalatable that we just stop. i mean i know that's an absurd dream. >> it sounds like you like trump though? >> i like trump, sure. >> who are you voting for? >> one of those two. >> all right. thank you for being with us. >> thank you, sean. >> appreciate it. coming up next, project veritas out with a brand-new undercover video appearing to show hillary clinton in fact is at the center of this sinister plot to try to damage donald trump. trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway here with reaction. also later tonight. >> we're going to suspend immigration from terror-prone regions where vetting cannot safely occur. donald trump this weekend unveils his contract with you, the american voter, during a
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major speech over the weekend in gettysburg. trump's running mate, indiana governor mike pence is here as "hannity" continues tonight on this busy news night. ♪ s something new has arrived. ♪ uniquely designed for the driven. introducing the first-ever infiniti qx30 crossover. visit your local infiniti retailer today. infiniti. empower the drive. and like any skill, credit is a skill. you have to learn to walk before you can run. getting the experian app for free is a great place to start. it gives you access to your experian credit report alerts about changes in your credit... and customer service support to help answer your questions. so you can learn to be better. start building your credit skills today for free.
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whether it's connecting one of or bringing wifi to 65,000 fans. campuses. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink. welcome back to "hannity." so project veritas is out with a brand-new undercover video tonight that appears to show democratic operatives admitting hillary clinton herself is responsible for dirty politics plan to try to attack donald trump over his tax returns. now fox news, as we've been telling you, we have not independently verified what is seen in the video but it is beyond shocking. take a look. >> originally we were going to do -- we were going to do a whole [ inaudible ] -- >> been done, yes. >> i agree it sounds good. it is much easier -- the guy who has done this other [ inaudible ] thing had this other idea, and he had to put a
10:24 pm
candidate, hillary clinton, the future president of the united states who wanted ducks on the ground. by god, we can get ducks on the ground. >> oh, wow. >> we reached out to all of the people in groups referenced in the video. we didn't hear back. also tonight the "wall street journal" is reporting that a super pac for major clinton ally, virginia governor terry mcauliffe donated almost half a million dollars to the state campaign of the wife of andrew mccabe, the wife of the fbi's deputy director who oversaw the investigation into the e-mail server. here is kellyanne conway. we established in the earlier project veritas videos the money goes from campaign to dnc to this democratic group to people fomenting violence and planning wide-spread -- you know, plotting, planning and scheming
10:25 pm
wide-spread voter fraud in this election cycle. in the third tape it goes directly to hillary herself making the decision about how this out side group, thesage staters, exactly what they're to do. now i would like to know what did she know, when did she know it, did she know about the fomenting of violence, did she know about the scheme for major voter fraud? are these fair questions? >> they're very fair questions, sean. there's a pattern of conduct here that is destroy your opponent. i heard nothing in these tapes at all about how hillary clinton is going to explain obama care 3.0 and all of its merits, how she will defeat terrorism, how she will get 94 million people out of the workforce into the workforce, help millions of men and women and children in poverty and not insured. it is never that way. it is always the cesspool of the politics of personal destruction. if you don't hear in the project veritas and see it in the project veritas videotape, go to
10:26 pm
a swing state with me sometime, friend, and turn on a tv because it is all over america, attack, attack, attack. you know, we're old enough to remember last month hillary clinton saying, when they go low we'll go high. that lasted a hot minute. i mean they've been going low ever since. these tapes just prove it. >> what do you make -- >> other thing i want to mention very quickly that donald trump is out there talking about the rigged, corrupt system. when he talks about the rigid corrupt system, he is talking about the forgotten man and woman, and these tapes and these revelations show what he means, that the rigged, corrupt system means the little guy gets left behind. donald trump, who the mainstream media and the moneyed folks and the entire political left don't want to be a legitimate candidate, don't want to win. they will stop at nothing to try to destroy him. they don't want to debate on the issues, they just want to destroy him. when he talks about the rigged, corrupt system, people see. i think it is a reston ant
10:27 pm
message because people see everything is unfair. >> for donald trump to win, he must win florida, he must win north carolina, he must winnow high owe. that's assuming that utah, texas and georgia is not in play, as summer is suggesting, which i don't believe they are. then he has to win new hampshire, he has to win iowa or new mexico instead of new hampshire, and then he has to take nevada, take arizona. for him it has to be he has to run the table. >> you're one short. >> which one? >> well, then you need maine too. >> maine congressional, too. i can't forget that, too. >> that's right. >> that's key to 270, you're right. what i mentioned is 269. >> otherwise it is 269, and then it is speaker paul ryan decides i think who -- >> yeah. he would probably pick hillary. >> no, he would not. he would pick -- >> really? >> mr. trump and governor pence. >> i will believe it when i see it. >> here is the thing, we're not taking our chances.
10:28 pm
you laid out the map, and we have a couple of other states we're being very competitive in there. watch where we deploy our assets, mr. trump and governor pence, where we're up in paid advertising and trying to leverage other opportunities. look, every time somebody tries to apply congressional principles to donald trump, they're wrong, because this is a guy who has defied convention from day one. i believe people are making up their own minds. they won't be told, just as in the primaries, they won't be told who can win, how to think, who to vote for, what to believe. the race is over. the race is not over. give people their voice and vote. it is not up to you or me or anybody in clinton world or the mainstream meet ya'. their responsibility is to cover the election, not tilt it. it is up to the voters. they deserve to stand in line and express their vote. the people who stand in line for a trump rally, 10,000, 15,000 strong, they're coming out to vote. >> and the 400 that show up at hillary's rally, i assume they'll vote, too. >> it is like a professor's lecture, not a rally. >> i know. coming up next tonight right
10:29 pm
here on "hannity." indiana governor mike pence joins us. later tonight -- >> without the media, hillary clinton would be nothing. they're disgraceful. >> donald trump, he takes on the liberal press after evidence of collusion between the media and the clinton campaign appears. we're going to show you the latest example from wikileaks. that and more tonight on this busy news night right here on "hannity." ♪ latest example from wikileaks. that and more tonight on this busy news night on "hannity."
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♪ and welcome back to "hannity." we're only 15 days away from election day, and this past saturday in gettysburg, pennsylvania donald trump laid out what he will do in his first 100 days in office and his contract with you, the american voter. here are some of the highlights. what follows is my 100-day action plan to make america great again. a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members of congress. a requirement that for every new federal regulation, two existing regulations must be eliminated. we will cancel all federal funding of sanctuary cities. we will begin removing the more than two million criminal illegal immigrants from the country. these are drug dealers, gang heads, gang members, killers. we're going to suspend
10:36 pm
immigration from terror-prone regions where vetting cannot safely occur. fully repeal obamacare and replace it with health savings accounts. >> all right. joining us donald trump's running mate, indiana governor mike pence is with us. governor, good to see you. this actually goes deeper than 10 things. >> good to see you, sean. >> this is about 28 specific promises. i want to give you an opportunity to outline it for people because, you know what? we talk a lot about non-substantive issues and i figure it is a good opportunity to talk about, you know, how we're going to get the country moving again, economically, foreign policy, protect the homeland. >> well, sean, and i appreciate the opportunity. i think what donald trump laid out in gettysburg is really what this election is all about. it is a choice between two futures. never in my lifetime have i seen a more dramatic choice between the policies of hillary clinton who wants to raise taxes, have open borders, continue the kind
10:37 pm
of trade deals that are costing jobs, hollow out our military, walk away from the high ideal also of the american people enshrined in the constitution, and donald trump who you heard layout that plan and the way that he's been laying out for months, a plan to make america great again by rebuilding our military, ending illegal immigration, cutting taxes, repealing obamacare, having the kind of trade deals that support jobs and having appointments to the supreme court of the unid states that uphold those constitutional ideals. those are the big issues. that's the big choice, but i have to tell you at rallies here in north carolina today that it is the enthusiasm for that agenda, the enthusiasm for donald trump's vision to make america great again i think is driving us toward a great, great day on november 8th. >> you know, for a republican to win, if we look at historically, you have to thread the needle. you have to win north carolina, must win. you have to win florida. you've got to winnow hi ohio.
10:38 pm
hopefully new hampshire and new mexico and hopefully put other states in play. as you look at the electoral map and the poll numbers, it has you close in a lot of the swing states but down in some of them. >> right. >> how do you interpret that? do you think there's a brexit effect? do you think there are people that won't admit they're voting for donald trump? or do you believe the polls? >> well, you know, the only poll that matters is going to be finished on november the 8th, that's first. you know, there's a couple of national polls, rasmussen and investors business daily that have us leading. in north carolina just today fox reported we're only down one here in north carolina. i have to tell you, abraham lincoln said believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see. what i'm seeing on the ground here in north carolina, what donald trump and i saw in cleveland on saturday night, him in naples today, in florida today, there's an enthusiasm on the ground like i've never seen in my lifetime.
10:39 pm
i mean people are coming out, some of whom have been -- >> i think the early vote numbers -- >> who have been disappointed in politics for years. >> i got a chance to see early numbers in ohio, florida, and democrats are down half of where they were in the campaign in early voting in 2012. how do you interpret that? do you think the crowds are a sign? do you think that translates into an enthusiasm your campaign has, hillary's small crowd shows a lack of enthusiasm? >> well, we're watching that and, you know, you're seeing some evidence even in the state of ohio that kcounties that barack obama won are significantly down, counties mitt romney won are about where they were four years ago. i have to tell you, the biggest evidence to me -- i was in circleville, ohio on saturday, my family and i were campaigning at the pumpkin show. you would have loved it. there were probably 20,000
10:40 pm
people in the streets of circleville. we had to get out of the vehicles because so many people were cheering us on. they handed me a microphone. i said i was going the see the next president of the united states in cleveland that night, and literally 20,000 people cheered. this was just a wide open, public festival. there is an enthusiasm among every day americans from people, every walk of life who just know we can be stronger again and know we can be more prosperous again. that 100-day agenda you started our conversation with i think gives people a place to go and hopefully it also gives some republicans a place to go who aren't quite there with us yet. i mean i said today in north carolina several times, it is time for republicans to come home. we've got support from independents, support from many democrats, but as you've said many times, sean, it is time for republicans to come home and come together, elect donald trump, reelect republican majorities in house and senate and turn this country around. >> if they don't do it, they
10:41 pm
will get the hillary clinton they deserve, if they don't see on the one issue of vetting refugees, cutting corporate tax rate, energy independence and eliminating obama care, if they can't see the difference at this point they're a lost cause. let me ask you, donald trump has taken heat over talking about a rigged election. i would argue the republican sustainment, friends of yours like paul ryan, have been against him. i would argue that the democratic establishment is against him. we now know through wikileaks the media has been colluding with hillary. but they're acting as though this is the first time it has ever been said. let me play barack obama in '08. listen to this. >> i just would like to know what you can say to reassure us that this election will not be rigged or stolen? >> well, i tell you what, it helps in ohio we've got democrats in charge of the machines. i come from chicago, so i want
10:42 pm
to be honest. it is not as if it is just republicans who have monkeyed around with elections in the past, sometimes democrats have too. you know, whenever people are in power, you know, they have this tendency to try to, you know, tilt things in their direction. >> oh, so democrats have talked about rigged elections, too. he's basically admitting to it. >> well, i got to tell you i saw -- i saw on twitter the other day a montage of sound bites of obama and clinton and all of them used the term rigged. look, by the way -- >> it was probably on my show. yeah, but go ahead. >> it probably was, probably was. but what donald trump is saying, certainly voter fraud is reeling in polling places in pockets around the country, and in the next 15 days people ought to be willing to respectfully participate in the process to ensure the integrity of the vote. when donald trump says rigged
10:43 pm
system, it is just as much being rigged by a media that's trying to write stories in the last 48 hours to suggest this election is over. i mean the collusion that now we see in these e-mails where you had reporters checking with hillary clinton's campaign chairman whether or not the article they wrote was good or how -- i mean this is the kind of rigged system that's been benefitting the favored few, a liberal political class in washington, d.c. >> well said. >> i think it is the center of donald trump's appeal. they know when he becomes president of the united states he's going to get up every day and fight for the american people. his only special interest will be them. i have to tell you that i think
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