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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  October 30, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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- period. protein shots from 5-hour energy. great taste. 100 calories. 21 grams of protein. right now on justice. >> this is the biggest political scandal since watergate. >> just when you thought the fbi was done with hillary -- you know how that old saying goes. >> it isn't over until it's over. >> but is the ninth inning move a fair one? here tonight, trump campaign chief kellyanne conway. rudy giuliani. and all all-star line-up. plus my opening. you'll find very surprising. >> despicable what the press is trying to do to donald trump. >> i go to florida for an exclusive sit-down with trump's daughter-in-law. as she gets out the vote for the
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republican nominee. >> coming through and they better get out of the way. >> the justice train is ready to roll. and we're starting now. breaking tonight, hillary clinton responds to the fbi's reopening of her case. hello and lock it justice, i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us. we'll hear from clinton and donald trump in a moment. plus rudy giuliani is here and his trump campaign manager kellyanne conway. first my opening statement. jim comey's announcement that he would begin looking into hillary clinton's e-mails after he announced on july 5th he was
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done with it. the most hotly contested presidential election of all time. the disgraces and politicizes the fbi. and now you know not son-in-law long standing justice department policy, the director of the person that he works under, the attorney general. but even more important, the most fundamental rules of fairness and impartiality. ten years ago, when i was the republican conservative candidate for new york attorney general, and the home stretch of a statewide campaign, the justice department and the fbi violated their own policy against making public statements
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that would effect an election and announce to the press that they were opening an investigation of me. it was mean-spirited, and of course, nothing came of it. except the adverse publicity cost me at the polls. what was done to me in 2006 was wrong. and what happened to hillary clinton yesterday was equally wrong. the justice department and the fbi's policy to not comment publicly about politically sensitive investigations within 60 days of an election exists for a very important reason. announcement so close to elections have an impact. now this nation has already gone through an exhausting and traumatic campaign season. the fbi director should not now be front and center. one of the most revered agencies
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in our nation's history, now seen as putting it's finger on the scales of justice should not now be front and center. so why did he do it? some say comey didn't have a choice because he said to congress that the investigation was over. wrong. i read that testimony. others suggest a mutiny that the fbi was under way because the investigation was never real. maybe he feared local police involvement, the new york city r police department in the pedophile investigation on the huma abedin, anthony weiner computer might have leaked that the first investigation simply was not thorough ly investigate. maybe he felt guilty and needed an second bite of the amsz. 11 days before an election? how is it that he sends a letter to congress? he could simply have gotten a
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ranking member of the committee and that member's deputy and told him, and then said, if this gets out, i'll know that you did it. but it doesn't matter now, had comey done his job in the first place, had he done a real investigation, had he issued one subpoena, saw one search warrant, had a grand jury be impanelled, had he and the doj not granted immunity to every tom, dick, and harry and huma and everyone else that walked through his office and not destroyed the laptop of those without clearance to handle our nation's top secrets we wouldn't be in this mess. now hillary hillary clinton should have been indicted a long time ago. she and bill's scandals have done nothing but soil this great nation's image. it's long past time for both of them to start paying for their wrong doings. and on tonight's show, we're going to talk about how the
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clintons have, again, brought us to the precipice of a constitutional crisis. the reality of a presidential candidate under investigation by the fbi. and what happens if she is elected and then indicted? who can pardon her? can she pardon herself? and if not pardoned, can she be impeached for a crime committed before she was in office? thanks to the clintons, here we go again. and that's my open. tell me what you think on my facebook page or twitter. #jud #judgejeanine. and joining me now, donald trump's campaign manager, kellyanne conway. good evening. >> hi. you're on fire tonight. >> well, you know, this is just -- this is hogwash. this is not the way it's supposed to be done. and as far as i'm concerned, there are rules, we are a nation of rules, and that's what donald trump is all about. a nation of rules. >> yes. >> and you don't dance like
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this. it's just -- it's not right. what do you think of what happened? >> sounds like you're upset with jim comey for the first place which is a point that donald trump has been making for many, many months. >> right. >> and yesterday for comey to come out, i guess he thinks there's something big, he didn't want to go down with the ship frankly. we hear the rumors from people being unhappy at the fbi with the conclusion that he ultimately reached. with others saying that he set a public standard in july when on july 5th he could have just said, issued a statement and we never had to see him. he went out of his way to publicly undercut his own conclusion by saying she was careless and reckless, then justified before congress, and undercut his conclusion that much further where under oath, a place where many clinton people will never be, jim comey talked about how it's not dlaekt she had one device, she had 13. they smshed the devices. she had national security information being exchanged, she didn't recognize that c meant
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confidential, you don't have to be a secretary of state of state to though in a, we all know that. he undercut in a very public way. but, you know, i think the last part of your statement is particularly -- is the one that america could focus on now before the election. which is do we really want more of the never ending clinton scandal? do we to want take the chance to put somebody in the oval who then will bring us all through continuing nightmare? we is that true when richard nixon was elected. then the awful nightmare of watergate afterward and you know what happened, but, the fact is, the undecided voters right now, they've decided they don't want to vote for hillary clinton. there's nothing they're going to learn about her positively in the last ten days that's going to say, i don't think she lice, i like her, i do trust her. this doesn't help her moj the undecided voters, many of whom are independents, twice as likely on the average voter right now and independenty why? independents call themselves independents because they refuse to pledge allegiance to either party. they declared their inbegins.
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they don't like washington. they hate politicians and hate exactly what you described. >> but those independents, haven't they already convinced -- aren't they convinced that look she was brong with the e-mail thing, and nothing that jim comey did yesterday is going to change their minds? >> if this were true, her trust worthy and honesty numbers wouldn't have gone up. >> they are now what? >> they're strike that feoffic. some polls, 63, 64%. majority of americans don't like her they say. i sympathize, but it's a higher number on those saying she's not honest. 15 points higher than the day she announced. so him, jim comey decided quote not to prosecute her did not help her. and i would pause it to you, everything he said in and around that conclusion undercutting his own conclusion also did not help her honesty and trust worthy numbers. >> and it was clear in congress, he was torn to shreds. i was embarrassed for him as a
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prosecutor. i was embarrassed for him. how should donald trump handle this? >> the way he's done it yesterday and today. he's had six rallies in five different states. five or six different states. and each time he raises it, he says there's breaking news, you may have heard they have reopened her -- they have a separate investigation and mentioned huma, anthony weiner. >> i want to stop you right there -- he's always ahead of the trend. >> i'm telling you right now. >> listen, i want viewers to know. i'm going to ask for that sound. >> then he moves on. he spends a couple minutes on this, and then moves on. our message is what it has been. the whole week we've been trending in the polls. >> we have the sound. >> her number one person, huma abedin, is married to anthony weiner. who's a sleaze ball and a pervert. i'm not saying that, that's recorded history, right?
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i don't like huma going home at night and telling anthony weiner all of these secrets. okay. >> talk about precious -- how dare she say the guy doesn't have good judgment? she's got horrible judgment. she gives her assistant, whom by the way isn't entitled to is have classified information who is living with this dirt bag pervert pedophile, alleged pedophile to those of you offended, he has access to that, and then she says, i have the judgment. are you kidding? >> i remember in a day explicit and i remember having conversations with other senior staff members and mr. trump where he raises this. he's always ahead of the curve. >> three months ago. >> he put immigration, trade on the map when others wouldn't talk about it. he says things and then people see they come true. i wanted to say something, he's not pushing this too far and the reason is people will make up their own minds. they see her team on total defense today and dead yed. and what did clinton and her team do today?
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they shot the messenger. they had a hit job from stem to stern on jim comey dead. it's his fault. and i'll tell you, it's the fbi not the rnc, not the trump campaign doing this, why when they don't have the vast right wing conspiracy of the republicans to blame, they're out, they're completely out of sorts because now they have to attack someone who's supposed to be independent and nonpartisan as a partisan hack. the other thing i want to say, if you listen to trump's message, it's clear, he's still talking about renegotiating bad trade deals, creating $25 million jobs and very much on obamacare. quoting the increases that are going to affect you in your state. these are winning messages. you see the abc news washington post poll -- >> two points. >> minus 12, now it's two. i think it'll trend our quick . it is the end of campaign, do you expect them to dump something big on you? >> oh sure. >> you're ready. i can see it. >> they'll try to do that again. we're never surprised. you're dealing with donald trump. we're accustomed to it. i think what yesterday proved
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is, we're the ones with the thick skin and the broad shoulders. people have counted this guy out from day one. don't bet against donald trump, he's going to win. >> kellyanne conway. we know how busy you are. rudy giuliani about to join us. first the candidates as they each reacted to news about that investigation. >> it is pretty strange, it's pretty strange to put something like that out with such little information right before an election. in fact, in fact, it's not just strange, it's unprecedented. and it is deeply troubling. and so, we've called on director comey to explain everything right away, put it all out on the table. >> hillary has nobody to blame but herself for her mounting legal troubles.
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her criminal action was willful, deliberate, intentional, and purposeful. >> joining me now with reaction, former new york city mayor and former 2008 republican presidential candidate, rudy giuliani. good evening, rudy giuliani. oh to get you here on a saturday night, thank you, mr. mayor. all right. let's hit it. surprised? >> yeah. absolutely. i mean, jim was an assistant u.s. attorney who worked for me. >> right. >> for three years, i trained him. i have great confidence in him. i think you worked with him, he's a straight arrow. i was shocked back in july -- >> both of us shocked. blown away. >> there were -- in fact i was shocked that he laid out almost a prosecute tomorrow memo. >> he laid out a people are fascia case and came to the conclusion that he shouldn't come to, the justice department to that she shouldn't be indicted. that's not his job to make that
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decision. >> so he makes this -- >> did you hear what i said in the open? sno subpoena, no grand jury, and panel, immunity -- >> it does underscore our complaint about his decision originally. >> exactly. >> which is, you didn't do an investigation. >> exactly. >> certainly, those facts warrant presenting it to a grand jury. at a minimum. >> yes. >> at a minimum. >> why now? what's cooking now? >> i don't know. i'm not the fly on the wall i mean, i'll tell you, it's a very bad strategy that the clintons are following. which is to challenge him. don't say to him, put out all the evidence. >> here's the thing, loretta lynch, you know that lovely woman who met with bill clinton on the tarmac -- >> i think the fifth amendment the other day. >> she took the fifth amendment over the $7 million ransom deal. oh my god. >> i know, enough with this attorney general, but anyway, i just a whole hour to talk to
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you. so loretta lynch says, look, comey, we don't want you to go out there and reopen the case or at least announce that you're reopening it because we're within this -- >> it thought loretta lynch was this case. >> you and i both. clearly, but -- >> by meeting with bill clinton in what you know had to be -- i know what happened and you know what happened, they met together, loretta lynch told -- clinton was probably annoyed wanted it over with. she said don't worry, it'll be over with in a week. in a week, over the weekend they interview her fwop days later, the reports were in. had been written two weeks before. >> not only that, within a week of that, hillary clinton comes out and says if i'm elected, loretta lynch will be my attorney general. if this isn't corruption it doesn't exist. let's talk about the fact that lrge supposedly recused herself, never did. now she's upset with comey. and she sarah yates or whatever this other person's name is. sally yates. >> comey can't get a grand jury
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without loretta lynch. coe my ain't going anywhere. >> well, this will still be open after the election. and i would think that no matter what -- special prosecutor should look, if you want the fair results. >> yes. >> special prosecutor should be appointed and a special prosecutor, nonrepublican, nondemocrat should redo this whole investigation. >> you no e obama's not going to do that. obama should be required to promise that he's not going to pardon any of these clinton incorporated -- i think it's a racketeering enterprise. >> i said that two years. it's an organized criminal enterprise. >> this is -- again, after i whole bunch of statutes -- >> you and i do. >> racketeering, clinton. i think it was one of the this is clinton. >> but he gives the speeches. put the money in the pocket.
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>> idea you set up the server? you have something to hide. >> oh yeah, and destroy the evidence like the mob. >> of course. >> including banging -- >> with a hammer and bleachby the and all of that other lunacy. most interesting is, do we know if they were given complete immune fip. >> i haven't seen her name in the immunity list. i don't know, she might have gotten immunity, maybe not. >> sheryl mills, did she? >> partial immunity. i'm not sure i know what that means. >> did you know sheryl mills that did that charity work with the foundation, there's the wall between the state department and the foundation, one of the korean companies that invested in haiti gave money to the foundation and gave money to one of sheryl mills' companies? >> the foundation -- >> everybody around them was making -- they're pigs at the trough. >> when they say thing likes we did good work in these
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countries. the money in those countries is going to their donors. like haiti for example. some of the money went to one of hillary's brothers. i mean, so this isn't like the red cross. i mean, this is -- >> you donate to the clinton foundation. you get your favors, then you get your contracts. you get your money back. >> the nigerian. who gave them 5 million, 10 million to the initiative and to the foundation -- >> made a fortune. >> made a fortune and he has the land deals in nigeria, boko haram who's supposed to be the art of that. >> without a doubt. do you think comey says anything in ten days. >> challenging ce ining comey e this. >> do you think he says anything? >> i think so. >> i think not. i think he's going to stick it right in their face. they shouldn't be wishing for
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this. comey didn't do this because there's nothing. one thing he is not, is unintelligent. >> oh, he is a smart man. that we know. >> whatever caused this -- >> got to go -- >> very serious. >> mayor giuliani. america's mayor, thanks for being with us. and we're just getting started. cpac chairman, democratic strategist, mary-ann march issue are ready to beat it out. first former assistant director of the fbi is on deck and he's fired up about jim comey. and how it's going to affect the case. justice rolls on. stay with us.
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crash. now back to justice with judge jeanine. developing tonight, less than two weeks until election day. and a major announcement from the fbi has rocked this race. so, could the fbi's new review of hillary clinton e-mail investigation deliver donald trump the presidency? let's ask my all-star panel. matt and democratic strategist and principle d square mary-ann march issue. i'll start with you, quick, does it deliver it to donald trump? >> no. i think all of this and everything else is already factored into everybody's vote right now. when you look at the early voting that's exceeded every record prp that's good news for hillary clinton no matter what james comey did on friday. >> do you think the early voting
1:35 am
benefits hillary clinton that all the enthusiasm that is, you know, brought out this historic early voting is because of hillary. and what do you say, matt? >> first of all on the polls, there's about 5% of people who are still undecided. and there's about an 4 or 5% that go with donald trump and then when they hear or see something they don't like, they drift away. and we're that the standpoint where they're coming back to him again. when they come back to him and if they're undecided at that point, you're run for office, if you're undecided this late in the race, do o you go for the incumbent and the challenger. who's the challenger? it's donald trump. he has a very good chance to get the undecided voters. this was tightening before friday's announcement, my lord, what's going to happen tuesday or wednesday when we get the polls after this announcements have taken place. >> that's why i said, you know, i said to kellyanne conway, is there a big dump coming? i mean, wikileaks, they keep dropping stuff left and right. and mary-ann, i mean, are you guiles going to dump something on donald? you've got ten day us, that's
1:36 am
like a lifetime in this race. >> let me pushback on one thing matt said, donald trump hasn't brought all the republicans back. he's still at least nine, ten points short on that -- >> no. >> i think he's like five. 85 -- >> number two, i would say i expect a surprise every day for the next ten days. i don't know what it is. no one would have predicted friday. but i think somebody's got something on somebody every day for the next ten days. >> okay. but let's kind of stay with this jim comey thing. do you think, and there's, you know, everybody feels different way that comey's going to be forced to say something? >> i do. i do. i mean, i think james comey decided back in july when he couldn't indict her in a court of law and he didn't have the evidence to do it, that he decided to indict her in the court of public opinion. and we've seen that every step of the way up through friday. and that's really shameful. he's broken every single policy, procedure, and rule associated with this investigation and elections and everything else we've seen because he decided to do that press availability back
1:37 am
in july. and he's dug himself a hole deeper every day. >> i take issue with that mary-ann, the attorney general left it up to james comey. because she messed up on the tarmac meeting with bill clinton. so she said she was going to leave it in his hands. and what he did was he came out and did what the attorney general, his boss asked him to do. and by the way, you know, he just laid out what the facts were. no one is saying that no, she didn't have all those -- >> he did more than that. >> judge, where was the grand jury? he decided to not -- i don't think he was serious. you're the lawyer here -- >> loretta lynch was never serious. she wornt wouldn't athrow -- for all my viewers, i don't care what you're hearing, only lrge could have panelled a grand jury. jim comey can't. >> wait a minute, that's wrong to say he didn't have enough for a grand jury -- >> they did. >> they decided, politically, and jim comey either got a phone call or saw the smoke signals
1:38 am
and i've worked in a white house before, and he did what he thought his bosses wanted him to do. and now jim comey is looking at the scenario of all these wikileaks, all this smelly stuff, including the $500,000 check that was written to one of his associates at the fbi's wife who ran for the state senate and he realized, my lord, my reputation now -- >> the fbi's reputation -- >> that's right. mary-ann. >> here's what i think happened. i think comey wanted to indict her. and i think everyone who worked on this went to him and said there's not enough evidence, didn't do anything wrong. it's a slam dunk, no indictment. and he decided that he was going to go out and all but indict her publicly. he didn't have the evidence to do it, so that's what he did. that was unprecedented. that availability he did has never been done before. then he released the 302s and now unfriday, without any information to anybody claims there are e-mails throughout. it's time for him to put up or shut-up. he's dug himself a hole.
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>> the guidelines don't allow him to talk about a pending investigation. anyway, matt and mary-ann, we're just getting started. why do protein drinks taste chalky? then get worse? introducing protein shots from 5-hour energy. protein shots from 5-hour energy are smooth and tasty, and still deliver 21 grams of protein with 100 calories. they're great for workouts. so great that if you don't get up to fifteen percent more reps, more laps, more distance, we'll give you your money back - period.
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back with the panel. cpac chairman, matt and mary-ann. so, mary-ann is making the point that comey is pretty much a republican shild. >> i didn't say that. >> this is what the clintons are going to do next. this is what they do to everybody. they liked comey before being a republican because they said even a republican wouldn't to want go after the democratic nominee couldn't see wrong doing. now, that the republican looks to be doing something to harm the democratic nominee, there's all these stories and inferences
1:44 am
that oh, he's just a republican who's trying to harm hillary clinton. i will tell you from someone who worked in the white house, when he was picked for the department of justice. he was not picked because of his republican pedigree because he didn't have it. he was picked because they thought about hn able prosecutor. >> is he a republican? >> if he is, he doesn't have track record? >> is he republican? do we know? >> we don't know. >> well, matt, i think i saw you claim on another show that he was a democrat. so obviously you've changed that. >> no, i have not changed that. >> my point, my point -- >> in virginia where he's from, there's no party registration. you have to take his word for it. >> my point in all of this is that every step of the way, james comey and i was critical of him about his press availability back in july. he has done everything an thit call including this doing this as close to the election as it is. i give you credit in your opener for saying that very thing. that's my problem with comey. and it has been all along. >> all right. but let's talk about where we
1:45 am
are now. now, the department of justice guidelines say 17-530, disclosure of information concerning ongoing investigations that the department shall not respond to questions about the existing ongoing investigation on evidence. ten days. everybody wants him to say what it is. hillary does, the democrats do. >> mike pence. >> mike pence wants him to. what should he do, mary-ann? >> put it up. put it out there. go ahead. i mean, i can't -- you're a lawyer, i'm not, thank god. i can't believe someone hasn't looked at the e-mails to brief him and say he decided he had to do this. they've had to look at these things. >> whoa, whoa, whoa, let the voters decide. let the voters decide. >> huma and pedophiles computer. >> that's right. >> so it's pedophile having access to information that huma had and that she should not have had anyway. >> hillary clinton was under investigation for mishandling
1:46 am
classified information. so things that should be revealed is was there any classified e-mails or information on that server. that's what it is. >> or was on the server and huma had an e-mail with her husband. >> mary-ann, i appreciate it, the straw dog is to step up here that there's no wrong doing if there's not confidential or classified information. and that is wrong. there could be that in these e-mails. probably going to see communications with huma abedin that breaks what he said under oath to the fbi. there are serious questions here. >> wasn't under oath. >> okay, but it was contrary to how she testified? >> what she told him. >> does it raise a question -- >> matt, that's separate. if james comey was going after hillary clinton on this, and they reviewed the e-mails, and if he's reviewing this investigation now, it's base on the those matters. nothing else. period. >> you're wrong. >> you don't know mary-ann. the first thing we don't know if james comey has reviewed all
1:47 am
this information. the fact is that they found this information, and it's going to be take time to go through it. >> we have to go guys, we're out of time. >> one last point, reporters are going through the wikileaks e-mails faster than you're telling me the fbi can't do that. come on. >> oh please. >> here's the deal. there was another computer not handed over. handed over. obviously there's a real problem
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i heard from women all over the country. we've been in north carolina, ohio, pennsylvania, florida -- >> you're talking swing, we were just in virginia. women are concerned with national security, they're concerned with the future of their children. and they know that donald trump is going to protect this country, he's going to bring jobs back, he's going to get this economy back up and
1:52 am
running. he's going to make our educational system is ranked better than 30th in the world, which it is right now. and they know that this is a man who gets the job done. if there's anything you can say about donald trump, his track record will show you, when he says he's going to do something, he does it. and they know they can trust them. >> do they ever ask you about the allegations that the -- you know, that we're hearing about over and over in the press? >> i've got to tell you, every woman that comes up to me says, we don't believe it. we don't buy it, we know what they're trying to do to him. we love him, this is our man. they really do not ever bring it up to me. if they do, they say it's despicable what the press is trying to do to donald trump. he's a good man. we know we can trust him. we know these are all blaloney, bogus allegations. >> i know donald trump, the father. i knew father as he was raising eric jr. and ivanka. but you know donald as a grandfather and father-in-law. what's he like?
1:53 am
>> he's actually more normal than i ever thought possible, to be honest with you. it's intimidating anytime you're introduced to your future in-laws or who you think could be your future in-laws when their last name is trump, that extra intimidation. but the first time i actually met donald, i was pleasantly surprised by how personable he was, how engaging he was with me, how down to earth he really seemed. and he's a fun, funny guy. you've known him for long enough to know that. i'm always impressed, especially, at family dinners and thanksgiving, christmas dinners, how he involves the whole family. he's a great story teller. we really do have pretty normal, exciting, fun, family dinners. and i love it. >> does it frustrate you when you listen to what's going on in the press? >> it's always frustrating. it's lies. and donald trump is a man who has always cared about family. and every event, he wants everyone to be involved. at thanksgiving, we always have
1:54 am
the extended family there. both of his sisters and their families are always there. and we have a large table, for sure. but that's how it should be and that's how he wants it. >> a few minutes ago, you were talking about your husband, eric, and the fact that he was 22 years old, he actually started a charity foundation. i mean, what kind of a man is eric? >> oh, my gosh, i feel so lucky to have eric trump as my husband. for so many reasons. one of the first things that really impressed me was the fact that he is so extremely down to earth. there is not a pretentious bone in eric trump's body. and you know, like you heard, this is a man who felt like the world had given him so much, at such a young age. at 22 years old, eric said, i really want to do something good in the world. and he started the eric trump foundation to help kids with cancer. and in fact, he's such a humble guy, that when i first met him, i didn't even know about it. he started it the year before we
1:55 am
met, and it was almost like he didn't want to toot his own horn to say, look what i did. he's such an incredible person. i feel so lucky to be married to such a great man. >> and you know, on the show, i remember him saying that 100% of the proceeds go to the kids. >> it's very important to eric. the eric trump foundation is something he always worked so hard for. he works his hardest at the eric trump foundation. and i've seen him negotiate for cents off of a price, pennies off of a price, just because he knows that that's a penny more that could go to the kids of st. jude. and it's really disappointing to see how other charities out there are run. and i use "charity" very loosely, because we see the clinton foundation, and it's disgraceful that they could be categorized in the same space as the eric trump foundation, because that is so despicable the way that they have run things. they have a 99% expense ratio. no one even knows what their
1:56 am
money goes to. and eric works so hard to keep the money going directly to the kids and that's how it should be. >> big news about tomorrow ni
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that's it for us tonight. tune in tomorrow night for a special sunday edition of "justice" at 9:00 p.m. eastern. among my fellow guests will be eric trump and general mike flynt. remember, friend me on facebook, follow me on twitter and at
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instagram on judge_janine. we'll be here tomorrow night. greg gutfeld is next. heavily here in the coming days. >> i am jon scott. thanks for watching. >> this is a fox news alert. i am bret baier bear. breaking story. the fbi is looking at new e-mails from the scandal. we are ten days although millions of americans have voted. donald trump and the republicans are staying she is unfit for the presidency and saying another shoe could drop. clinton's camp is livid and demanding that the fbi should put up or shut


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