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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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interview. that's it for tonight. see you monday. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm chris wallace in for bill o'reilly reporting tonight from washington. thanks for watching. let's get right to our top story. president-elect trump's victory tour and democratic bitterness. during the first stop in his thank you tour across the country last night, mr. trump laid out his vision for america's future. >> we will partner with any nation ha is willing to join us in the effort to defeat isis and radical islamic terrorism. to keep our nation secure from terrorism and extremism, we will suspend immigration from regions where it cannot be safely
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processed. we will construct a great wall at the border. [cheers] we will finally end illegal immigration. have to. >> meanwhile, at a forum at harvard university last night where are officials were supposed to calmly discuss the election. emotions between the two sides were still raw. >> if providing a platform for white supremacists makes me as brilliant tactician i'm glad to have lost and -- give me a minute, david. >> i would rather lose than win the way you guys did. >> no you wouldn't. no you wouldn't. >> absolutely. >> yes. that's right. no you wouldn't respectfully. you think i ran a campaign where white supremacists ran a platform you look me in a face and tell me that. >> kelly, it did. >> joining me marshall blackburn also a member of the trump transition team. congresswoman, we will get to the harvard dustup in a moment.
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let's start with mr. trump's speeches last night. it seemed to me there were kind two of speeches. there was the one on the teleprompter very uplifting, laying out an agenda for the next 100 days of his administration but then he was ad-libbing, zunting himself with a different speech in which he bashed the media, talked about the dishonest reporters. he jabbed governor kasich of ohio for supporting him and openly crowing about his victory over hillary clinton. have you ever seen a president or president-elect act like that before? >> i think mr. trump was so excited to be back out on the campaign trail if you will and back out with people who have stood with him and supported him and, chris, have really believed in him that he is going to help open the door to jobs growth. to national security and they truly are focused on picking up and carrying
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forward and doing their part to make america great again. they're excited about it i have never seen such enthusiasm. >> and what do you think of the agenda that they laid out for the first 100 days? it's a lot he is putting on the plate of you guys in congress. >> i think we better be sending some geritol to the senate and we in the house need to eat our wheaties. we are going to be working a lot of hours. we better get the stamina going so we are ready for it it's going to be great. >> let's talk about that harvard forum last night because washington is still buzzing about it as you know, this is a tradition. every four years, no matter how tough the election, the winners and the losers of the two campaigns get together. and they kind of analyze a lot of people there from the institute of politics at harvard to talk about what really happened. but this thing was really kind of a food fight. >> yeah. >> and the clinton people basically accused the trump people of using racism to win. your thoughts?
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>> i thought that the attacks that came at kellyanne were just really inappropriate to go in there and cast that kind of language against millions of people that came out and voted for donald trump, people that have not voted in years that showed up because they are tired of wage stagnation. they are tired of limited opportunity. they are tired of overreach. >> congresswoman, do you think that democrats get why they really lost on november 8th? >> i don't think that they yet understand. they completely misread the mood of the american people. and they thought the american people wanted more of what barack obama and the obama economy had given them and, chris, they wanted less. they wanted change. they wanted to be rid of this. and you have some political tacticians that really misread the american people and a candidate in hillary clinton who is not likeable. and so they missed their
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mark and they're very bitter. they are trying to justify. i think when people start trying to justify what happened in the situation and blaming others or circumstances other than themselves, you know, they know that they did not prevail. they know that they didn't do the job that they thought they were doing. >> congresswoman let me just get into one last issue with you because the president-elect surprised not only the crowd but also some of his top advisors. he announced that james mattis is the retired general is going to be his secretary of defense. what do you think of mattis and what do you think about the issue of civilian control of the military? because is he going to be the first general since george marshall back in 1950 to run the pentagon. >> that is right. and the pentagon is rife and ready for reforms. we all know that and in james mattis you're going to find someone who is going to listen to the commanders in the field and to the troops
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and what they need. i have talked to marines who have served under his command and, chris, i have got to tell you, they are really excited to know that mad dog mattis is the one who is going to be overseeing what is happening with the active duty military. they are really -- they trust him. they like him. he has been out in the field with so some of these guys. he will sleep in a pup tent. he will eat rations. he will stay with them. >> congresswoman blackburn, thank you so much. thank you for your time this evening. >> good to be with you. thank you. >> always a pleasure. next on the rundown, democrats doubling down on their resistance to president-elect trump. have they learned anything from the election results? stay tuned. ♪ ♪
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people spend less time lying awake with aches and pains with advil pm than with tylenol pm. advil pm combines the number one pain reliever with the number one sleep aid. gentle, non-habit forming advil pm. for a healing night's sleep. of a paragraph in the impact segment tonight, how will congressional democrats deal
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with president trump? congressman like louise luis guz may hostile preview. >> i cannot go to this inauguration. he continues to spew hatred, bigotry and prejudice even after he said he was going to bring us all together. he was going to unify us. but he is not. he continues to spew this kind of just hatred. >> joining us now with reaction, delaware democratic senator chris cuns. let's start with those comments from congressman gutierrez. first of all, do you think that's appropriate? do you think many democrats will boycott trump's snawrgs and will you. >> chris, i'm planning to go to the inauguration. i think regardless of how you feel about the election or who won, we owe it to our nation and to the world to show that we're going to participate in the orderly peaceful regular transition of power that has happened every four years throughout the entire history of our republic. i think this is an important moment for us to show our
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country and the world that democracy works that we embrace the outcome of the election and the chance to work together across the aisle. i choose to follow what i think has been the example of poet president-elect trump in his victory speech on the night of the election and then president obama and secretary clinton in saying we all look for president-elect trump to be successful. >> i applaud you for your consistency but not all of your fellow democrats are being so consistent and, you know, i remember i was the moderator of the third debate and i asked mr. trump whether he would recognize the rules of the election and he said i'm going to keep new suspense. hillary clinton said that was horrifying. people, democrats, liberals, said they were horrified about citing the peaceful transfer of power. now though that it is trump who is the president, not all of them are sticking to that principle. >> well, i think what concerned folks in that debate with that i will keep new suspense was the possibility that trump if he were unsuccessful in the election would contest it not through legal orderly means but would refuse to
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accept it. >> but now you have got the green party calling for recounts in three states. the clinton campaign saying they are going to participate. isn't this hypocrisy? >> i think what's different there what's distinguishable is that jill stein, who is the presidential candidate of the green party let's be clear. >> right. >> is following a legal process to file contest against those three states, elections, and asking for a recount. that's quite different from saying you refuse to accept the outcome. speaking from myself, i accept the outcome of the election. i think it's clear that secretary clinton won the popular vote and that donald trump won the electoral college and he is going to be our next president. and i think we need to move forward past this election. >> what do you think of moving forward what do you think of the trump agenda as he has laid it out so far? especially the carrier event yesterday in indiana on this issue of really being tough on companies leaving the united states? >> well, there has been some criticism of that. i think the editorial board of the "wall street journal" said from a sort of conservative economic policy
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perspective that they don't want the president job owning specific companies. but i will tell if i had family that were working at that carrier plant i would be pleased that there jobs were for now saved. what i would like to see is us coming up with a concrete bipartisan agenda for strengthening manufacturing in the united states. and if we focus on improving infrastructure and improving the skills of our workforce and making our country more attractive place for investment, i think there is a place we can grow manufacturing employment. >> one more issue, what do you think of the choice of the retired general james mattis for secretary of defense. will you vote to give him the waiver because he has not been out of the military for seven years? will you vote to confirm. >> i was very encouraged by his nomination. i have talked to a number of friends marine corps veterans who know him from service and said very positive things about him someone who reads a great deal. served more than four decades in the marine corps and has personal experience both as a combat commander in afghanistan and in iraq and is knowledgeable about the challenges that we face. >> role quick, do you have a problem giving him the
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waiver. >> i understand some of my colleagues are raising a question about civilian control of the military. it's been more than 50 years since we have given such a waiver. i'll consider it. but i think it's important that president-elect trump surround himself with a national security team with the kind of experience and character and success in the battlefield that general mattis has demonstrated. >> senator coons, thank you, always good to talk to you. >> good to be with you. >> up next the trump and clinton teams get fired up over the media but for very different reasons. that report moments away. ♪ ♪ constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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5:18 pm
in play. and then you turn on the television like two minutes later donald trump has won texas. you know. [cheers] these are very, very dishonest people. >> on the other side clinton campaign manager robby mook had entirely different take during a forum at harvard university about the election. >> i think when you compare head to head the media was by and large not covering what hillary clinton was choosing to say. they everywhere, again, treating her as the likely winner and they were constantly trying to unearth secrets and reveal and expose so that the voters who were likely to pick her could be positive in their choice of choosing her as our next president. >> the frustrations on both sides are clear but is either right? joining us now to break this down, carlos watson, editor of magazine and flap
5:19 pm
chairman of the conservative union magazine. one of the main points that the clinton campaign made at that harvard forum was that donald trump was appealing to white supremacists. but he got 672 million votes. are there that many racists in this country. >> i don't think there are that many racists. i would be nervous if there were. i think we all would be there is a reason why david duke said congratulations. >> are you responsible for every person who supports you. >> i think it was meaningful and meaningful animater of the campaign. disappointing trump didn't do a stronger disavowel of it part of the critique that you hear is what happened the lead up to it the birtherrism that you saw for multiple years wasn't helpful. when all was said and done that wasn't why hillary lost. >> we will get to why she lost in a minute. but, matt, the clinton camp make makes the point that trump mainstream, the alt right mainstreamed
5:20 pm
anti-immigrant. anti-minority white nationalist. do they have a point there. >> no. it was hillary clinton who did it in her famous speech where she talked about the alt right which as a conservative leader was the first time i had ever heard what the term was. and then i find out it comes from a splinter group that has about 200 followers. the biggest mistake she made in this campaign, chris, she had a disagreement with the person opposing her in the republican party on a number of issues. she started to attack voters. she called all of us who were supporting him. we didn't know were we in the basket of deplorables or were we not? we racists or haters? are we not. when she took after voters there were consequences for that. that's one of the reasons why she lost. >> all right, carlos, the clinton folks say they agree that wasn't the only reason that they lost but that they say she lost because she was a woman. they say she lost because we in the press overcovered the email scandal. they say that she lost because of the interventions by fbi director james comey. shouldn't they being will to
5:21 pm
her failings as a candidate and their failings as a campaign organization? >> they should. but, let's be clear on this. >> but they're not. >> i mean, they are and they are not. even president obama is telling them that she should look a little bit. look, she won by 1. a percentage points absent the comey letters she wins by 67 or 7 points. what my other friends may be honest to say. one candidate wins. manage to lose not one pivotal state but by three all less than 100,000 votes. that is so unlikely. that's the equivalent, chris. when the undefeated new england patriots lost to the new york giants. when some guy caught a ball on his head fourth down. >> they won the super bowl. so unlikely before all of the -- not at all. here's the thing there are consequences in life. and there are winners and their are losers. we elect presidents who get 270 electoral votes. california is a way where
5:22 pm
democrats get lots of votes. >> yes, california is where aplace where democrats get a lot of things on the popular vote. hillary clinton was probably one of the weakest presidential candidates we have seen in a very long time and she showed it over and over again on the campaign trail. >> wait, wait. electoral college is the electoral college. if you want to make a popular vote i guess donald trump would have campaigned differently spent a lot of time in l.a. and new york city. >> i love all this rescissionist history. >> we are doing the revisionists. >> president-elect trump a month ago was complaining about the electoral college because he reasonably. >> your vision now on your side. >> don't put that on my side. hillary clinton was a mitt romney, al going, middle of the road not a great candidate. i agree with you. i wouldn't call her weak but i would call her not terrific at all. donald trump got a lucky streak. poker straight. wisconsin, pennsylvania and washington. >> let me switch to one i
5:23 pm
wanted to talk about. both media blasted last night in his thank you tour, mr. trump talked about the dishonest media he got the crowds booing at reporters in the hall. it was kind of funny there. not any concern that when he becomes the president. one see a steady stream of this. couldn't this be potentially threatening to the mediaened and role they play. >> you know this because members of the media remind us it's not the media all different kinds of media left-wing media and conservative media i think if you ask the voters across the country in poll after poll. they do think the mainstream media is skewed left. they did think the coverage skewed positively for hillary clinton. if you look at sec reports on made by journalists and media over 90% for hillary clinton. i think it's clear many, many people in the media vast majority who are. >> onlynn question we have about 3 30 seconds here. do you think it's
5:24 pm
constructive for the president of the united states to be bashing the media for the next four years. years. >> no. i don't think it is. i think they should take them on when they're wrong. they have been wrong plenty of times. one of them was the coverage of this campaign. >> let's give trump a little bit of credit because, again, he had -- he called his own newspaper, right, the twitter, the 16 million followers and what no one talks about he used it brilliantly. no matter what you say he used it brilliantly. >> on that rare moment of accord thank you. when we come back, president-elect taps retired marine general james mattis for secretary of defense. he is the right person for the job in that debate just moments away. ♪ ♪ hi hey you look good. thank you, i feel good. it all starts with eating right.
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serious allergic reactions may occur. see me. see me. see me. on my way. find clear skin... and a clearer path forward. for a different kind of medicine, ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. >> live from america's news headquarters i'm trace gallagher. jurors at the trial of a former south carolina police officer are getting the weekend off. they have been deliberating the fate of former north charleston cop michael slager for three days but cannot reach a verdict. he has been accused of shooting scott during a traffic stop. he could not vote to convict slager not about to change his mind. jury foreman said he thought they could still could reach unanimous verdict. ththe incident was recorded on cell phone video. the trial of roof expected to begin next weekend. accused of killing nine members of a prayer group
5:29 pm
being predominantly black church in charleston last year. jury selection in that case ended today. i'm trace gallagher. i will see you back on the kelly file in 30 minutes. right now it's back to the o'reilly factor. ♪ ♪ >> in the personal story segment tonight, donald trump's pick for secretary of defense. last night at his rally in cincinnati, the president-elect put his shomanship on display by making a surprise early announcement. >> we are going to appoint mad dog mattis. [cheers and applause] as our secretary of defense. [cheers and applause] but we're not announcing it until monday so don't tell anybody. >> general james mattis served in the marine corps for more than four decades. has the reputation of a
5:30 pm
general's general. he is the right choice to run the pentagon? joining us from little rock, arkansas general wesley clark. normer supreme allied commander of nato. and from miami, ambassador nancy sotoberg. advisor for president clinton. so, ambassador sotoberg is mattis the right person to be secretary of defense? >> the president-elect has the right to choose anyone he wants. there is no better general's general than mattis who has served our country with enormous distinction. but i think the question is you have to look at this as a whole team. he has got basically filling -- like a football team full of linebackers but you have got a general that is now in the national security council and at the pentagon and none of them have the deep policy experience that donald trump is going to need. so we strategic thinker guy
5:31 pm
world affairs just as importantly to think about the kind of military we need to face the threats of the 21st century? >> i think jim mattis is outstanding choice. i will tell you why. first i do think he is a strategic thinker. he does see the big picture. is he well aware of russia and the big problems of russia. president-elect trump needs someone like that who can really understand the big picture. in his recent testimony, he called for a national strategy and so it's more than the middle east. but he is experienced in dealing with policies at the combat and command level and
5:32 pm
executing those policies. you need somebody who can work policies all the way down to the execution level. i do agree with what nancy sotoburg says about needing policy expertise. that policy expertise comes in staff members members at the national security council staff and also at the pentagon. the challenge for general mattis is to take his big picture view and make sure that all the peers and commas and colons in the policy papers support that big view. >> ambassador, let me bring you in. your response to that particularly in this question of reforming the pentagon, creating the kind of military we need for the 21st century. does mattis have the credentials to do that? and specifically on this issue with the waiver. because correct me if i am wrong is going to have to pass a waiver since he hasn't been out of the military for seven years. do you envision any problem in congress doing that and mattis getting through? >> >> three points on the first one i think mattis knows the
5:33 pm
pentagon on the inside and out. somebody who knows how to make those decisions. he has that done. on the question of the waiver, i think he will get this waiver. donald trump controls both houses. he may need to get the super majority to get the waiver through. on balance, people are going to have a problem with his if you are years versus seven years out of the military. they are going to give the president the team he wants. that's his right and that's what you get when you win the election. i think the bigger question is what kind of team is donald trump building? it's very odd to pick your u.n. ambassador before you have picked yourselves. we have two generals in the mix here. and we still don't know who secretary of state is going to be. general petraeus is in the short list by all accounts. so he could have three generals in the key three posts here. my concern, and i think every -- all americans want donald trump to succeed as a policymaker. we have got huge issues coming on here. and these are some of the tough problems. cyber, isis, libya.
5:34 pm
you have got syria and trade issues. the broad issues. and he needs people at the very top who have really been in that seat making those policy decisions. so i hope he brings on someone as the deputies to these men and also as secretary of state. he has got that deep. someone like a stephen hadley who served with george bush. and it's odd and this process is nothing but odd. but usually you would look at your team on balance before you announce pieces of it so we will see how it works out when it's all announced. >> are you troubled at all by that, general clark, the idea that this is being done piecemeal and that the secretary of state seems to be the last piece of the puzzle and between mike flynn, retired general, who is going to be national security advisor and general mattis, have you got two guys who are really tough about iran. are we sending a message to tehran in all of this? >> i hope we are sending a message to tehran. and of course, mike flynn is a spark plug.
5:35 pm
i mean, he has got a lot of energy. he wants to get things done. he is in a very difficult position in that national security council position as nancy soderburg was saying. treaties, laws. you have got to read the fine print and do it in a way that serves the president. you have got to get good, strong, second supporting players in those positions. as far as the announcement is concerned, chris, you know, donald trump has shown he really knows how to handle the media and public opinion. and his announcement for jim mattis yesterday in cincinnati was masterful the way he did it now, mattis has a lot of -- he has a lot of power inside the republican party. he is well-known. he was a strong pick and so there is a message in the way this is being released. i suspect trump is not releasing the names in the order that he knows them. but is he releasing them sort of from the po bottom upuid
5:36 pm
support. this is shomanship. >> if it's shomanship it's pretty good shomanship because he has gotten the nation's attention. ambassador clark and ambassador soderburg thank you for joining us tonight. >> my pleasure. >> carrier job. critics claim major government overreach into private business. we'll take a hard look at that moments away.
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thanks for staying with us. i'm chris wallace in for bill o'reilly. and in the factor follow-up segment tonight, donald trump's deal with carrier.
5:41 pm
mr. trump is hagel the agreement that will save almost 1,000 jobs as a triumph. >> united technologies and carrier stepped it up. and now they're keeping actually the number is over 1100 people, which is so great. which is so great. companies are not going to leave the united states anymore without consequences. not going to happen i will tell you right now. >> but the deal is not sitting well with some free market advocates. >> i think this is the worst economic speech by an american politician. [ laughter ] 1984 walter mondale promised to reverse reaganomics. sloot worse speech. the idea that american corporations are going to have to try to make business decisions not based on the fact that we have created an ideal environment for economic growth in the united states but out of fear of punitive actions based on who know what is
5:42 pm
criteria exactly from a presidential administration. i think that's absolutely chilling. >> joining us now from denver, former georgia congressman jack kingston senior advisor to the trump campaign. with us in washington daniel eickenson. daniel, let me start with you. do you agree with that fellow from aei and are you troubled by a president trying to push companies either through carrots or sticks to make, in effect, political decisions and not economic ones. >> yes, i think it's a very bad idea. i agree with the fellow aei. it depends on foreign investment and u.s. investment. much better ways to keep companies here to persuade them to stay here. how about rolling back some regulations. reducing taxes. there are other ways to introduce -- to incentivize companies to stay here. this just invice politics to enter into the determine nance of investment location decisions. better to have economic
5:43 pm
determinants than thinking who do you know -- it's very bad idea. >> com, i assistant it's great, just great for 1,000 workers in neend who have going to have a very merry christmas and symbolically a message for trump to to say i have got your back. doesn't the market work best when companies make decisions about what's in their own best interest, not in some politician's idea of their best interest? >> well, i think it does. but i think it's a winner from a macroand microstandpoint. from the macrostandpoint businesses are always betting on the come. they are betting on the future that this administration is, in fact, going to increase maybe a more pro-business policy such as less regulation, getting rid of dodd frank. getting rid of obamacare. lower taxes. all the stuff and lower energy costs. all the things that businesses want.
5:44 pm
this administration is promising. and we're seeing it every day with his appointees from the treasury to the commerce to everybody else. >> but from a microstandpoint, is he delivering a policy that he said, you know, is he basically saying we're connecting with middle america. we're going to change the rust belt. and this is nothing more than what cities do what they fall all over themselves to get sports teams in and build stadiums. it's what states do when they are trying to get a big manufacturing plant. it's $800 a job over 10 years. >> let me pick up on that though. i don't think anybody would question the idea of creating a more favorable business climate as you say lowering tacks, regulation. at least nobody on the conservative side would. but, trump is talking about something more. is he talking about getting getting very tough and punishing and saying he is going to make it very hard. punitive taxes. tariffs. that's would sound like the kind of industrial policies
5:45 pm
conservatives hick you would get heart burn over. >> as long as he is balancing this with better regulatory environment. getting the tax burden off businesses. tried to do. talking about reoperating rere g money. see if can build it here and buy it here. that was in his speech last night. i think he is being fairly consistent right now. >> let me bring new for a quick answer. some people are saying there are other priorities here and that it's not just the market. there is also the question of equity and with the working class falling further and further behind that a president needs to think about other things. obviously, is he going to try to grow the economy but he also wants to protect jobs. ad hoc solutions like this will take him a full four years to make a dent not that we would want him to do
5:46 pm
that. better idea to have policies that attract investment and keep policies here. zats is twice as much as in china. those policies need to be enhanced so that we continue to attract and retain investment in the united states. we don't need to do this on an ad hoc case-by case basis. >> thank you both very much. quick reminder bill's new book "killing the rising son and kids book give please a chance topping the best seller list. copies are available at bill o' make excellent christmas and hanukkah gifts. new report reveals almost half of aliens are making it across the border. here to analyze right after this. all finished. umm... you wouldn't want your painter to quit part way. i think you missed a spot. so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? aleve, live whole not part. painter: you want this color over the whole house?
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in the second unresolved problem segment tonight, stopping illegal immigration. according to a department of homeland security report obtained by the center for immigration studies, almost half of the ul legal aliens crossing the southern border in 2015 got through were were not caught. joining us now, geraldo rivera. what do you make of that report. according to dhs, they have number, approximately 54% were apprehended, through. >> i don't know how they estimate the people they don't share at the border. but the center of immigration studies in my view is kind of like the breitbart immigration think tank. that manipulate the numbers to achieve a desired result. the desired result in this case
5:51 pm
is to bring alarm to the american people about -- >> but it was just reported by the center. >> i grant that it is a homeland security study. my point is, how do you know who you didn't catch? it's totally an estimate. i think the real head line is that illegal immigration is declining. it peeked around 2009 to 2010. it's going down. we've got to just over 11 million now. mexico is not sending its families the way it used to. it's much more central american and they are economic refugees look for a better life. >> geraldo, i want to fif ygive some numbers that come from dhs. they've stopped 408,000 people just so far this year and we still have another month to go. 408,000 from trying to cross the border. they've caught them.
5:52 pm
that's up from 331,000 of last year. that doesn't sound like it's declining. >> the border patrol is twice as large as it was in 2007. i'm not suggesting there's and ebb and flow of humanity across the southern border. my whole crew said has been to preserve the lives and the livelihoods of those who are here and have been here for many years who are law abiding, family people, children born in the united states. i think that the big headline with the incoming trump administration is what the president-elect intends to do with the so-called dacca students, the dream act students who have been given reprieve from can pdeportation. >> in 2012 when obama was running, he referred to the dacca act so that children when
5:53 pm
they cam into this country illegally, when they were children, they were deferred for deportation. trump said he's going rescind that order but now lindsey graham says he wants to continue the action as legislation. is that a good idea and what do you think of the chances? >> i think it's brilliant. i would love for it to come from the republican majority. i think jeff flake from arizona would get behind it, maybe the republican senators who backed immigration reform when it was political viable will get behind the act. it's the right thing to do. people who came as children through no fault of their own, who committed no offenses other than thaeir mere presence here. what are we going to do? is president-elect really going to authorize people going house to house to find out where is the undocumented immigrant teenager. i think that the united states
5:54 pm
has far more urgent priorities to deal with. >> and one thing that would be good, at least it would have an act of congress and not executive action. >> i agree on that. the race for the secretary of state and a new list for president-elect trump's supreme court nominee. ed henry joins us with inside details right after this. ♪ when it comes to heartburn... trust the brand doctors trust. nexium 24hr is the #1 choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. for all day and all night protection... banish the burn... with nexium 24hr. (vo) it's the holidays at verizon, and the best deals are on the best network.
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but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. in the back of the book segment tonight, trump team intrigue. speculation is swirling about president-elect trump's short list for secretary of state and supreme court nominee. chris christie is making a push to become the need head of the national committee. joining us now with insider details, fox news chief national correspondent ed henry. let's start right away, the big drama, secretary of state.
5:57 pm
what do you know? >> what people inside the transition are telling me that before he had dinner with mitt romney the president-elect was telling insiders that he was leaning towards picking romney and his remaining question is could they work well together. it's instructive in this interview with our own ainsley earhardt the plekt saresident-ed a great dinner. it's likely to be mitt romney. chris christie, first one to back president-elect. he's out as transition chief talking about a new job. >> he wanted to be a cabinet secretary. doesn't look like it's in the cards. his people are now pushing to get him to be the republican national committee chairman, kind of an outpost but look, reince priebus is going to be the white house chief of staff. there's some power there. a lot of trump insiders are
5:58 pm
saying that want a woman in that job and also in the white house press secretary job. they want the face of the party to be a female face. donald trump did better than expected with female voters but still have problems there. kellyanne conway potentially at the rnc because she's effective as a spokeswoman. >> finally the really big pick, this's that supreme court nomination, obviously merrick garland, obama's nomination is going nowhere. do you get a sense with all of the fuss over the cabinet he's gotten into this at all and if so, how close. >> they know they got to hit the ground running with this. the pick has to come early. number two, people close to the president-elect tell me he realized this may give him some running room if he picks a real conservative and keeps the right happy, he can do some deals with chuck schumer and maybe not go so hard right on those issues if he gives them the pick they
5:59 pm
want. >> i don't know if people really know, three or four names. >> they are not giving us anything on who they are. i do think it's been narrowed down from people inside the transition but they're giving us nothing in terms of the actual names. >> trump told hannity last night he wants a constitutional originalist. that sounds like he want another an to nin santonin scalia. >> you heard that in the debate. very bottom line is this is where trump insiders see him moving more right. as you know, in the early parts of the transition he's tacking more to the middle. >> and are we going to get a secretary of state next week? >> that's coming pretty soon. >> really? >> he wants to get the cabinet done before christmas. >> you're got to have your christmas vacation in mar-a-lago. i'll see you here on fox news sunday, we'll talk with
6:00 pm
kellyanne conway and jill stein pushing for recounts in three states. i'm chris wallace in for bill o'reilly. he'll be back monday. please remember, the spin stops right here. breaking tonight, it was all out war, staffers from the trump and clinton campaigns clashed publicly and poignantly 24 hours ago. and it comes as we see new signs that the democratic party itself may be coming apart at the seams. welcome to "the kelly file." trump campaign manager kelly conway and jennifer palmieri were some of the participants in a forum last night where they traded vicious barbs. palmieri suggesting that the trump campaign was based on a